Tonight, we return to the field of death, and shall come out of it as men and bears

Tonight, we return to the field of death, and shall come out of it as men and bears.


Acquire upgrades. Win game. EZ MODO.

Fuck this shit

Tigger STRONK.


Gets me every time

Never again.



Okay I'm trying this for the first time, what do the upgrades do?

they lube you up so it doesn't hurt as much when your ass gets ravaged

It's been a while, but I think its power, movement speed and swing speed.

You're likely gonna need everything maxed if you want to stand a chance at Robbin.

Doesn't seem so bad, just cleared rabbit and only lost once to eeyore because I didn't know how to play

Owl and Tigger are the gate keepers. You will learn fear soon enough. That said, good luck and upgrade when you can.

Okay you know what? I beat owl, he was a whore-son cheater but I did it. Tigger, on the other hand, can go fuck himself sideways with a rusty chainsaw with his blood as lube.




Tigger the nigger always gets me

==I BEAT== Eeyore

I'd watch a speedrun of this tbh

I am gay. Accept me………….

Fuck you and your shit thread.

end yourself

What's wrong with vlc?

It runs like shit and there are tons of better alternatives

what a goy

is buying upgrades considered morally acceptable?

Okay so Tigger is actual bullshit I see


No, he protects you from true horror.

Oh man, I can't stop laughing at that gif

was the kid alright?

upgrades are a lie, they don't even make that much difference

Vai dormir user.

how can pure kangaroo mom be so vicious?


How are you supposed to beat owl? Is there some strategy to it or am I just missing something?

Oh you cheeky fuck.

MPC-HC is still the best, right?

I just go to owl. What am I up against?

That is Brazilian.

Yes I'm aware that Brazilian isn't in fact a real language.

This avian motherfucker keeps kicking my ass.


This can't be my limit. Can it?

Finally beat that birdbrain.

Believe it or not it's my first time, this fucking owl.

You yet to know true fear.

I can actually hit Tigger's balls but my aim must be off because they keep scattering to the sides.
Atleast this Tigger mother fucker doesnt't throw low energy balls like that faggot owl, half of the balls he pitched couldn't even make it out off the field.

No matter how good you get at this you'll never be good at actual baseball games.

Think of it as putting on a helmet and a life vest before attempting to wrestle an incoming freight train.

That's the shittiest "actual baseball game" out there even compared to the old ones.

Good MLB game series:
Homerun King
MBL Slugfest
MLB Power Pros
The BiGS

Good NPB series:
Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu
Pro yakyuu spirits
Gekitou pro yakyuu
Family Stadium

19/19 eat shit owl
time to ride the tiger

Tigger is easier than Owl, contrary to popular belief.
Its Rabbit with invisibility, same schtick

Why is there so much input lag?

First try and I was one strike short. The terror from beyond the veil is waiting

maybe its your computer user

Nigger you'd best be joking


I miss those and I do not have the self-drive to learn nip…

Can't even beat the fucking kangaroo. Fuck this bullshit game. It's been fucking years. Every time this shit showed up, even back on half Holla Forums, I played it and every fucking time it pissed me off. Fuck.

That's 8 user

Why would you do this to yourself.

wasn't for

That is what I actually want though since I can never play real baseball again.

You might like Super Mega Baseball. The art style for the first game takes some getting used to though, unless you're a fan of Psychonauts.

I know my limits so I've never dared to venture past tigger.

I'm giving up at Tigger.


She shows her love through force.

I was so close to defeating him too.

The browser saved you. This is your chance to walk away from this. Leave the Hundred Acre Woods, put down the bat, forget this ever happened.
Let this end here. Don't try to face Christopher Robin, The Morning Star.

Dude, in a previous run **with upgrades* i still had problems with Owl and his fucking zigzag
With Tigger it was a straight win, just have to anticipate the ball

Now, is there a way to play this shit on Android phone?

it seems kinda cheap though

Owl was pretty fucking easy, IMO. I got it first try. Now, fucking Tigger the Nigger, he'll throw balls at different speeds, angles, and invisibility. After a while you get used to the invisibility, but when he starts changing angles and speeds it fucking messes up your brain.

The kid is fine.

It's an elastic mesh ladder so kids can climb up it in different ways, and there's padding at the bottom just in case this very thing happens.