Beat 'em Up / Brawler Thread

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Beat 'em Up Thread
So which one is your favorite and why Holla Forums?
Which ones haven't you played but really want to?
Have any recent ones come out that are any good?

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Is Double Dragon 4 worth it? Or should I wait for a sale?

Mighty Final Fight because of the art-style, tight controls, kick-ass music and great bosses
Streets of Rage Remake
RCR Underground? Or maybe it hasn't come out yet

I heard that it wasn't very good.

Don't pay for it, it was just a glorified hackROM with horrible level design and poor pace. Just pirate it since the game is hella small anyways and ArcSys are shit.

its garbage that has constant issues with screen tearing.
Maybe worth $5 at best

D&D shadow over mystara
AvP arcade
Double Dragon 2 on NES with Controller Fix
Double Dragon Arcade
TMNT turtles in time
Sengoku 3

Streets of Rage Remake. I enjoy the speed of the game. A lot of side scrolling beat em ups can be slow at times, but Streets of Rage Remake isn't, because, not only does it let you dash, it let's you dash diagonally as well (most only let you dash horizontally). It also retains the Streets of Rage series' emphasis on grappling and helps this by adding the Streets of Rage 2 down+attack while in the air, which get you close enough to toss the enemy. Playing this game on mania is just too incredibly fun due to how crazy and fast it is. The different paths, giant cast for a beat em up, store, extra modes, etc., are all just the cherry on top.
I'm not really looking to find any more beat em ups right now
Mother Russia Bleeds is okay.

Does River City Ransom count as a Beat 'em up?
I suppose it does but it's a rather atypical one, isn't it?

Yes, of course it does. It follows a mostly non-linear design and has RPG elements but still is a beat em up.

Alright, thanks for the feedback.

Mitsuhiro Yoshida & Yoshihisa Kishimoto made Double Dragon in an attempt to westernize Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari. So yes its THE beat em up. The only gimmick is that it used Kunio charters. Renegade the prototype game for Arcade is garbage unfortunately.

Some runner ups would be, Golden Axe Revenge of Death Adder, Shadow Force, Armored Warriors, Captain Commando, Ninja Baseball Bat Man, The Combatribes (Double dragon Clone), Asterix, Battle Circuit. I might also add Final Fight to that list but its a bit limited in terms of move sets. The best beat em up tend to have grabs or other ways to combo or avoid damage and those types of games with a bit more in-depth combat are rare. Hell Dragon Crown would be in my top 10 if not for the point and analogue click mechanic for casting runes, opening doors and collecting treasures getting in the way of the combat. The analogue just sucks the fun out of Dragon Crown.


Is that Duke Nukem and Dick Kickem?

To answer my own question

Ninja Turtles Arcade, specifically the NES version. I played the hell out of that game back in the day.
All three of the Sengoku games, also Ninja Gaiden arcade.

What would you guys say is the best Kunio-kun game?

do 3d ones count like god hand and yakuza? i feel like there aren't enough 3d action games with focus on hand to hand combat since that area tends to have more weapon based fighting

I didn't even know there was an entire series of these games until I just looked them up. Apparently a soccer game among them too.
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Demolish Fist
Undercover Cops
Final Fight

Also a question for Sengoku 3, are combos really worth trying to do. It seems that it is more effective to just throw weapons all the time.

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To get back on track a bit, I came across this game the other day while researching arcade games. It's a brawler in the Karateka style.

They are all pretty great games too.


And they're still making them, holy shit! Looks like I've found a new series to play through. I'm going to have to learn Japanese.

This is a brawler? I've been seeing threads on this game for the past several weeks but I never bothered to see what it was about. I'll have to check it out.

Don't bother, Natsume translated one of the newer Kunio-kun games and released it for 3DS eshop and retail.

Let It Die is a loot-heavy beat-em-up with some dungeon-crawling / RPG elements, basically.

The combat is stamina-based, but the stamina gauge is displayed directly on the character so that the player's attention isn't divided (much).

Focusing on a single object of motivation at a time is good and all, but the profit of learning a language is lifelong.

Does Comix Zone count? If not, then pics related. If Comix Zone doesn't count, then it should because I could play that game forever. I love absolutely everything about it: The visuals, the soundtrack, the item management, the lack of cutscenes since all dialog is just speech bubbles, the name "Sketch Turner." It's a shame that the game will never get a sequel since SoA doesn't know it exists and SoJ actively hates all Sega Technical Institute games. It also doesn't help that the only other game to attempt this style of beat'em up was Unbound Saga, which was rancid shit.
Too many, but the number 1 spot on that list is Golden Axe: The Revenge of Death Adder.
RCR Underground is coming out soon and it looks promising. ICEY came out a few months ago on Steam, but it's more like 2D character action game than a flat-out beat'em up. There's always Dungeon & Fighter as well, but it's an MMO. One of the best ones since there's no pay to win shit, but it's still an MMO.

That just reminded me of MK Mythologies. I know it has a bad reputation but I enjoyed the hell out of that game. It's another one of those games that has a bit of a Karateka thing going on.
If they had only held back a little on the platforming elements it would have been fine.

I've avoided that game solely because of it's bad reputation, but I've been curious about it lately since I keep getting more and more autistic about Mortal Kombat's lore falling to shit since the reboot happened.
Thanks for reminding me to play it, user.

I've only played the N64 version so for all I know the other versions of the game might be unplayably glitchy or something.
But I can say that that I loved the version I played and beat the game several times despite the fact that some sections being absolutely unforgivingly hard. If you can make it past the Wind Temple then nothing should stop you from completing the game.

What beat em' ups have the best mobility? Bonus points if they have good grappling as well.

How do you mean? Like how fluid the character moves around on the field?

The ability to dash and fast base movement speed mainly. I like being able to move around the screen quickly.

Advance Guardian Heroes is the shit. Top notch fucking brawling, XP system, dozens of unlockable characters, made by Treasure. Treasure were on a fucking roll on the GBA. With this, and Gunstar Super Heroes, and Astro Boy Omega Factor, the GBA is not short of quality action.
Come to think of it, I haven't seen Treasure do anything lately. And checking Wikipedia, they're still around but haven't made anything this decade. More's the fucking pity. The indie renaissance should have been a gold mine for a small developer with that much talent.

I've not really played enough brawlers to give a real through recommendation. Most of them tend towards having slower methodical movement from my experience.
Sengoku 3 looks like it has dash moves so I'm guessing there are others out there that are faster paced.
Does anyone else have any ideas?

Not memeing here. I actually like this game.

No objection there. God Hand is one of the best beat-em-ups ever made.

I fucking loved Streets of Rage when I was a kid. Mained Blaze because sexy

For some reason I don't fully understand, Streets of Rage 2 never clicked with me

I'm partial to Downtown Special: Kunio-kun's Period Piece (a rough translation since I can't be assed to type its ridiculously long japanese name)

Mortal Kombat Shaolin Monks

Fuck me man I loved that shit


Certainly one of the best beat-em-ups of all time. Made by the same talent behind X-Men Mutant Academy and Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots Arena.

Can anyone drop a link for Streets of Rage Remake?

Why would you be "memeing"? It's the best 3D beat em up hand down.

Well, I used to play the shit out of these two back when there was an arcade center near my home

Jojofags get out

What happened to this genre is quite sad. Right when it was in its climax, with games like Alien vs Predator, The Punisher, Streets of Rage 2, Final Fight 3, Cadillacs and Dinosaurs, Dungeons & Dragons: Tower of Doom, Golden Axe: The Revenge of Death Adder, Violent Storm, etc, the freaking 3D era kicks in and kills in barely 1-2 years one of the main genres which dominated the arcades since 1986.

Come to think of it, not even shoot 'em ups or point-and-click adventures, genres which some feared their extinction, reached such a low point.

Good shit. Too bad late game is just nuking sit with AoEs

Dragon's Crown, Guardian Heroes, and Phantom Breaker: Battlegrounds are the only things that come to mind off the top of my head. As well as certain subclasses like Rogue or Monk in Dungeon & Fighter, but I'm completely blank on beat'em ups that revolve about moving super fast. Denjin Makai 2, perhaps?

This game would like to have a word with you.

1 result

You are my nigga, user.

Honorable mention for Knights of the Round. It's surprising what kind of mechanics started coming out of 2D brawlers right before the meteor that was 3D destroyed the genre.

In gaming with some friends yesterday, one mentioned playing a sidescrolling beat em up at a bowling alley when they were a kid while they were stuck there during their parents' league night. According to their account: it had several characters in karate gi going through chinatown, a girl, a big guy in green, and it might have had the word rage in the title. Help us out?

Oh, and you could throw vases.

Around what year was it?

The arcade version of Undercover Cop was so much better than the SNES one it isn't funny.

I'm guessing it wasn't Streets of Rage?

Why wouldn't it be? Arcade boards could always overpower the SNES.

Are there any brawlers that are better on console than arcade? I know TMNT2 has two new stages with their own bosses and enemies on the NES version and several of the other stages were made longer.

The PC Engine port of Double Dragon 2 is better than the arcade IMO. It not only has no slowdowns, but also better gameplay and animated cutscenes.

They never stopped making adventure games. Those have a consistent market.

Any Beat em ups similar to DFO without the MMORPG p2w grindfest stuff. Single player with many different classes and skills

That's not a lot to work with. Is there anything else you can remember?

Capcom's D&D Tower of Doom and Shadow Over Mystara are what DFO is based on, so it's a good place start.
There's also Dragon's Crown, which is basically D&D 20 years after with a little Golden Axe mixed in.
To a lesser extent, Guardian Heroes and Code of Princess, but those games are more about unlocking every single character model (including bosses and NPCs) for dicking around in the other modes.
Phantom Breaker: Battlegrounds. It's basically a fighting game crammed into a line system, so it's got a lot of subsystems, but the progression system is pretty tedious and every character blurs together by the end of it.
If you're looking for more of a musou game, then Onechanbara Z2 Chaos might be right up your alley. Baby's first cuhrayzee.It's pretty bland because it's a Simple Series game at heart, but it's staggering how much shit you can do in this game. While it damn sure doesn't have the same amount of polish, this game rivals Platinum in subsystems and just what your characters can do at any moment. You get four characters: each with two movesets, multiple supers, Devil Trigger, and weapon durability all separate from each other and can switch between mid-combo. It's nuts. Worth trying out at least, but I don't think it has any lasting appeal.

Post your top 5 beat 'em ups.

The hit sounds weren't as well crafted in the later ones I feel like.

Friendly reminder that we can download fightcade and play arcade beatemups online with eachother.

Two player only though.

Does Holla Forums still have a discord?

MAMEHub supports more games and players per game than Fightcade, you should use that instead.


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Undercover Cop is not bad.

That looks nice, I really wish there where more people translating PC engine and MSX2 games. Their is a whole world of emulation I don't bother with just because of the language barrier. That said its not hard to be better then Double Dragon 2 or 3 in the arcades. They where garbage. While DD 1 Arcade is a classic, DD2 was basically a rom hack of the first game (with several of the same exact levels) and DD3 was Double Dragon 3 was Pay to Win with an ingame Item shop that took real currency to buy power-ups.

I still like the Arcade over the NES version because of the art but Turtles in Time hands down better on SNES then in the Arcade.

Art style and in the arcade it took a lot of my quarters

What controllers do you guys use to play these games? Xbox 360 controller seems okay, but it sometimes fucks up when you try to double tap. The Sega Saturn controller is pretty great for these games due to how nice the d-pad is, but I've been wondering if a arcade stick would be the best way to play.

If it's an arcade exclusive game then that's probably the best choice. The only thing to look out for is to make sure the arcade pad you choose has enough buttons for a particular game.
Of course if the game happens to have a specialized or unique control scheme the only real thing to do is to use original hardware. But fortunatly I don't think you're going to encounter many beat em ups that have anything more than a stick and 2/4/6 buttons control scheme.


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The best of the genre right here

and the patch

She got quite a fame back in the early 90's. One could safely say she was the "Lara Croft" or "Tifa Lockhart" of that generation.

This game is weird as hell.

that because outside of its "weird" factor its not a very fun beat 'em up. All you can do is punch, jump and jump kick.

It's better than Scott pilgrim and significantly worse than dragons crown. It's a pretty middle of the road beat em up. Had it been released 20+ years ago it would be a different story but by today's standards it doesn't do much that blows you out of the water.


Oh how I remember its heyday

It exists only for spectacle.

Well, yeah. Kuso-ge is being kusu-ge.

I still can't explain why Sega didn't port Golden Axe: The Revenge of Death Adder to the Saturn, and instead, ported that rather mediocre Golden Axe fighting game. Seeing how good the Dungeons & Dragons: Shadow over Mystara port was, it's clear that a The Revenge of Death Adder port was completelly feasible.

the past decade's been them porting their good games for whatever reason. Maybe anyone with design skills left.

post brawlers featuring cute girls

Anyone versed in obscure Korean beat 'em ups?

Looks like there are a lot of gems to discover.