Meta Thread

Let's get this shit started:

the 4AM threads are always bumplocked.

Rabbit is only tolerated because it's once a month and people enjoy it.

Waifu Threads should only be on Wednesdays and have been doing a good job on sticking to Wednesdays.

Al Gore doesn't count as a waifu, he's fucking 3DPD. Just pretend you're a 16 year old girl and fuck him at comet ping pong, you fucking faggot nigger.

LOL and WEBM threads should have a vidya OP and stay mostly vidya. We don't give a shit what you post unless it breaks the rules.

Please spoiler your NSFW images and videos.

I've been deleting more template threads, as per request.

Creating OC is encouraged.

VN threads are allowed, even though I've never read heaven's feel because I fucking hate the VN format.

That shitty fucking podcast is okay as long as they don't go overboard. it's nice to listen to while working

Honest Shilling is fine, Autosurfing is not.


I wanna hear from you on what shit to improve on. If you have any suggestions or complaints post em here.

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forced user + enable bumplock icon

gotta take a monster shit, so forgive me for the delayed responses.

I still find the bumplocking that we cant see with out a symbol annoying as fuck, but it happens to template threads. Why do you not just delete them then?

Thanks for that, cakelad. This is exactly the kind of thing the users want to hear from their BO.

Still here.

Just had too much cake.

Will something be done about obvious bait and shit threads?

This, just delete them rather than letting die slow and painful deaths.

Tripfagging without good reason should be a bannable offense.

Also noticing leftypol vs pol shitting up threads a lot more.

LOL threads are pretty cancerous in the first place, now this shit is encouraged? >>11857224

One of our newer hotpockets is uncomfortable with it since he feels he's been deleting too much. When I wake up I take care of the crap that he bumplocks.

Report it as "Rule 8: Holla Forums vs Holla Forums bullshit"

It's an issue. We know.

Oh I take that back, I didn't even notice the bumplock in my own screencap

Still should have just straight up deleted it

Thanks for getting rid of that halfchan faggot from the FFXIV threads earlier. The resulting salt has been a treat.

What are even the premise of LOL threads? I know what lol means, but I have never clicked on the threads.

Deleted :^)

This (1) and Done thing really caught on quickly. Not that I don't understand it perfectly, but when did this meme start?

I agree. We'll deal with it on a case by case basis.

They were about posting shitty comics, now they're an absolutely whatever shitposting containment thread.

Is it a fucking gurl mark? did you allow a gurl on this imageboard? What the fuck man.

Yes. I've been deleting those threads like crazy.

For OC, would you promote /art/ or other boards for improving artistic skills? or would you try to make more threads to increase OC in v?


Well Violet was a grill. But she quit due to getting married to white.

Other than that I would assume not.

That said he's new and is still learning shit. Does a good job as well. I like him.

I wanted to have a drawing contest. But money is tight.

It's just a thinly veiled Holla Forums thread

So let's enable that anchor symbol, then

Just tell the new mod to nut up, shit dog, what ever a mod does, somebody is goign to hate it, so just do it.

I thought it was just one autist. I didn't think anyone can get that mad over somebody only posting once in a thread.

I already explained the situation to him.

thats a good start, i also think a very simple template of what good applications or photoshop shit to allow people to do it.

A whole 5 people, maybe
They don't, though, and they're dying since they're more off topic than before. It's time to give them the boot.
And yet both never stay mostly vidya
Define a template thread

Also I'm gonna ask because why not: find a way to disable sage. Everybody knows post quality would go up if people didn't use it as a downvote while trying to fit in here.

Nigger fuck you, every time you make a change you just go back on it a few hours later. If you wanna do something positive then put up a big sticked and locked thread that says don't take the bait. Also lol threads are STILL cancer.

Why can't I upload my cum?

Thats good, i'm really worried about him. Most mods have to find a groove, i can't wait for him to ban me tho.

4AM did nothing wrong Soritsu may be autistic but his actions are not that of other all other 4AM posters stop bumplocking them you fat jew

He'll find a groove in due time

we have antivirus protection

Please kill yourself or make your own board

Don't listen to this poster, he's an angry skellington who wants to steal your skin to make a purse.

Stop getting triggered cause your shitty threads get sage bombed. I still use sage all the time to reply if it is off topic of the thread.

Fuck you and fuck 4am. You fags already have your own board.


This is full of shit. He ban evades, and you tell me he does nothing wrong. Its not my fault you 4 am's have no backbone to get rid of your own cancer.


It is pretty autismal, but I get the concept behind it. You want a good thread, you stick around and keep posting. You want to be an annoying twat and flood the board with pointless b8 and template threads? You post the thread then fuck off.

Enjoy your bumplock

With valentimes day coming ofn tuesday this year, can you tell the waifu wednesday people to move there day to tuesday, that might make them really happy to post in a thread about there waifu or some shit.


Fuck wolfspider, he has ban evaded hundreds of times by now and won't stop with his gay shit, ever. That is all.

hello reddit

What kinda autism is this shit.

Fuck off to your board and take Shitsu, spider pedo and that faggot who roleplays as a nigger with you.

Hey Lime, i'm sorry to hear your having a hard time. Why not just nuke the threads hes in, then make a statement saying hes the cause, make the mob attack one dude

It's always been around since we've had IDs to say someone is baiting, but it only really sprang up in the past 5 or so years as a common phrase.

(1) and done only refers to an OP who makes a thread that purposefully baits/flames anons into a shitfest.

Template threads are the same thread you've seen 100 times, but they change 1 or 2 words in it, like "Would you fuck X" or "X is shit discuss" ona popular game.

4AM posters should be forced to use user. It's getting even worse. Yesterday's 4AM was a bunch of dickheads talking about how sick they were, and the question was "favourite jrpg" while a bunch of them said "i don't play jrpgs lol" then posted about their shitty lives.
If you can't enter a thread with something more than "i dont know lol", then why bother? But of course, they're only there to circlejerk their feels.

They seem to like Ritsu for whatever reason.

Something mods should add is giving reasons on every ban/bumplock/whatever they make. If they delete the thread without telling anyone why, there's no transparency that allows anons to say "This guy is doing it wrong".

sure, I can make the request next wednesday.

You know what to do. :^)

Alternatively you make a thread with a bait OP and keep egging people on to get discussion going, it's 4chan-tier posting but I still see it happen here occasionally

That no pump a rum

I do however agree with this man fuck wolfspider, he is a pedophile queer

Oh Mark, board owner, getter of digits, and most importantly, fat kike, please have mercy on us filthy goy.

I don't support waifu threads, but it seems like they would like that. Seems like a good idea to plan in the future.

They already have their own board though.

Hey look what I found!

It seems like waifu threads have become the new /4am/. Also, what's the fucking point of Friday Night threads? Are they not just yet another excuse for off-topic shitposting?

Its not a full proof thing but usually a trend on cuckchan crossposters who shit up the thread with template shit.
There are still some good threads with (1) especially by ones who do something else while getting replies, but that shit is rare.

Its a common occurence, nothing else.


It makes sense actually, but i worry they are holding onto a sinking shit cause they like the colour.

Also your idea for bumplock reasioning would get abused. They should just write a good respone in why they got banned in the ban page.

Forgot to include this in the OP


THANK YOU Holla Forums

Yeah, I think it's a good idea as well.


They just post about video games while drunk, they alright.

I agree though, they are a dead cuckchan tradition.

Make me a hotpocket

I guess the only thing mods can do is to really look at (1) and see if its shitting it up or is just a scared poster.

Yeah I'm aware of the issue, we usually just delete the threads.

No, because that's not transparent to other anons.
If we can't see why they're deleting posts, then they can go on rampages banning people and saying "Oh that post? It was just off-topic spam!" and unless someone screencapped it, they can't say otherwise.

yeah, I'M reddit

I have to argue that waifu threads at least have a topic about there waifu, who is usually vidya or close to it. 4am threads hide behind the guise of talking about vidya, but they usually don't , while waifu don't hide it but talk about how they love a vidya person.

Its a really werid concept, but they some how have more right then 4 am.



Are you going to stick with it this time? You and I both know that there's going to be some spaz who will make a new 4am thread every time you bumplock or prune it. Keep on it, I'm usually up till 3 in the morning so I'll report them when I see it, just do your jobs and don't back down this time. That's all I really have to say about that.

Otherwise will you delete posts discussing off topic political postings? I'm tired of seeing shit about mudslimes and black inferiority in vidya threads. I realize it's hard to gauge what's political or not but I can't be alone on this. Holla Forums and Holla Forums drama isn't video games even though I'm sure a lot of Holla Forums posts here.

Otherwise Mark has been a big fat jew but he's been pretty shameless about it these past weeks. I fucking hate you faggot. keep up the good work faggot

Its on topic though and doesnt shitpost, no sense in fucking with it.

The mass deletions without a trace do need to stop. Its kinda bullshit when you look at the log and its 9 deletions by mark. You guys need to start attaching ban messages
and make them funny

You'd never played AC before? What's wrong with you?

I'd have a problem with waifu threads if they weren't a containment thread for a specific flavor of ERP faggotry, LOL threads and 4am threads encourage a more broad shitposting attitude

Get rid of that intolerable newfag sangria. He is the worst hotpocket you ever picked. We know he is Regalia nigger.

Holla Forums should be banned. Anti-GG and pro-feminists would get publicly banned in the past, why tolerate people that are basically on the same side? Holla Forums shitposters got banned in the past, why tolerate literally the same group of people when they hide behind a fig leaf of political affiliation?

They're recruiting from reddit and cuckchan to inflate their numbers, we're not going to have a board or a fucking website if you let them continue to shit everything up. Seriously, look at their board, they don't act like they're from here at all.

I see what your geting at. I agree with it, we need some sort of message to tell other people why threads get deleted.

What am I possibly butthurt over?

3DPD: Yes

2D: No

been sticking with it for the past two months.

I beat 4 yesterday and started 5. my dick is rock hard so far, although I find myself to run out of missiles easily.

How about you show us where the fuck Holla Forums is on this board?




So is it alright to report those faggots that have been spamming their twitch streams here recently? I'm not talking about that wrestling vidya stream that gets posted here occasionally, I'm talking about random joes trying to shill their personal streams

Thats an intersting concept of shitposting. Only support shitposting that dosn't dirty the room, but only the toilet.

Not important but interesting,

If you are the BO, would you be running the board in a law or chaos rule?
Neutralfags need not apply.

Stick to the rules only, and enforce your rules equally. If its alright to use rule 8 in 4am, and rabbit threads, do it in waifu threads and gamergate threads. Be consistent for fucks sake.

Better add it to the rules. Unless you're implying mods are now allowed to makeup rules on the fly as they go.

Why dont you go the fuck back to cuckchan if webm threads, lol threads and anything non-vidya is so horrible to you.

And how does an user remove another user from a thread? You get anyone can post anywhere they want right?

When you two gonna tie the knot?

Damn it mark. Outside the pointless spacing seriously just use standard paragraphs.
not bad, you're finally doing something about everything. Some thread really do need to be purged, the Switch threads can fuck off, keep it to one thread. One release day it had fucking SEVEN nintendo threads just to fucking cover that bullshit. If you're the only one moderating do so because man, you can't just have some new guy do it.

I would report them.

Deus Ex is overrated garbage.

You can't ban boogymen. If somebody is posting about leftist politcs or feminism in a video game thread they should be banned for off topic either way.

He's just going to flip-flop again because he's an indecisive autistic faggot.

Holla Forums and Holla Forums goons should be treated with the same rule sets. As for the recruiting of cuckchan and reddit, that was all a boogy false flag. It's straight up probably 7 faggots baiting people. Always has been. I totally forgot about GamerGate threads. How so are they still allowed when they have their own fucking board?

Just watch the replies to my post.

Because it's video game related

You got time till 7 comes out, move it tubby.

I would just wait and see what the thread becomes.
Like that Rage/Cringe thread we just had where it was nothing but cancer and blogposting with the OP posting blatant pasta and the only good thing about it the usual screencap reposts which was barely present and should be the majority of the thread.

Just don't go full Belka

He has agreed on nothing in this thread and previous shit he went back on. Try again.

At this point I want to see the video. Where is that shit form

No, you're autistic garbage. It has decent gameplay and a good plot.

Well fuck you dubs man. I don't know what you want me to tell you.

can i have a slice of cake?

When and when isn't politics allowed?

dubs and trips confirmed, Mark is too indecisive and autistic.

This. Seeing as Holla Forums has no respect for Holla Forums culture any more and is bumplocking 4am threads, it seems right that we be rid of the Friday night motherfucker threads too.

We're all Holla Forums and we are all Holla Forums.

stop derailing threads with this.

Obviously I'm doing a neutral run with the board. However if I had to pick between LAW and Chaos, I would just kill myself and go full white.

I'm final on my decisions with 4am, lol, webm, etc. I ain't flip flapping this time user.

Cmon now. Theyre all friends. Were the outside group.

God i hate Mark so fucking much

LOL threads were originally designed to post edits of CAD comics. whenever a new strip came out, people would make a LOL thread and then we would proceed to shoop miscarriage all over it in a multitude of ingenious ways. it was a funny thing to do because you could edit every single strip tim shat out into being about his imaginary son's miscarriage.

eventually, CAD stopped after that ridiculous saga about time traveling that ended in the church of gaming and the LOL threads became a hive for reddit, Holla Forums, and Holla Forums to shit up our board.

kill yourself. best improvement the board will ever have.

Both Holla Forums and Holla Forums need to leave. Faggots like to use new developments related to video games (i.e. the release of a new character/trailer/some eceleb's review or opinion, etc) as a pretext for baiting political discussion.



Politics should only be allowed if it applies. Generally speaking people force it and it's shit, the arguments are bullshit all the same.

The main idea of the hate towards shitsu is that we would be fine if he didn't namefag. If he didn't, nobody would care, but he uses it for attention.

You ask this question thinking you have tried everything, i think what you haven't tried yet is to just ignore his namefaggtory. The moment he realizes he dosn't get attention one way, he'll try another way. Shit dog, think for once.

It still has a dick you fucking moron.

At least apply the rules evenly ffs. If avatarfagging isn't acceptable in one thread then apply it to waifu and rabbit threads then. Stop being so blatantly biased.

This is how you spot someone who has never been on an imageboard before trying way too hard to fit in. The fag even has an imgur filename for his gif.

I can attest to that. I've been shitposting as both Holla Forums and Holla Forums for a few months. And the sad thing is, it still works.

True, we never know the potential fo threads, best to let them simmer to see what you get.

Only stream shill I've seen in the past few weeks was that idiot that said Dishonoured 2 wasn't an SJW dream-simulator, then we got to 350 flaming him.

There is only ever one Switch thread, except for the launch day and a few days after.
BUt that was fucking nothing compared to PS4/Xbone shill threads at the same time, then people making new ones to get away from the shills.
There would legitimately be 10 threads about both consoles at the same time for days. Switch was babby-tier compared.

Alright guys, see you next month. Same time and place?

Its alright if you flip flop, just have a good back up when you do .

This is the most likely scenario. Just self moderate and make posts you want to see others make and let the mods do their job.

Why do you think we're here? Let them have their general as it's not hurting anything. The general will come to a full stop eventually and we'll all have a farewell party.

Enforce your fucking rules evenly. If its alright to use rule 8 on rabbit and 4am use it on your fucking waifu wednesday and gg threads. Stop being a fucking favoritistic cunt.

Well fuck you too then. Those threads have been here since we first came in 2014, long before you, and theyre not going anywhere. So get used to them.

Of course he uses it for attention. Hes an attentionwhore. That doesnt mean everyone in the thread should be punished for one person.
4am often gets up to 30 uids. Ritsu and wolfspider are 2. Thats 28 other anons suffering for this for nothing.

tbh leave webm threads alone as long as they have vidya OP.

That's Ritsu trying to get others to side with 4AM, because if they don't then we'd have to remove Friday Night or WW, but we won't because only 4AM is true cancer.


I finished 4 and am currently in the beginning of five

but the guns sucked in 04. they also lack long range distance.


Sounds good man. Next time i'll bring more memes.

WW is true cancer too on the level of 4AM threads. Why not bumplock both?

< ¡ Special Move: Past the Maximum Shitposting, Beyond the Danger Zone ! >

some fucking idiot is going to believe this is a pasta.
"haha step it up xddd not so spicy as you once were! amigo" - mark, the worst bo (t/l note: body odor) not rocking cool 2ndBEST colourS like me [NOTE:::: NOT A 1:1 MESSAGE FROM THE VICTIM BECAUSE EBIN I MIGHT BE LYING BECAUSE THATS TOO S A T I R E AND U N T R U S T W O R T H Y FOR MARK]
New age of Mark: Monthly Marks of Moronic Morons at the Metal Man's Masscare at the Maniac Mansion
haha just L (now under some shitter name) fucked your bitch, xd every time, lmao shout outs to just l, for playing shitty games and somehow crushing marks hopes and dreams x100 in like 2015015010514124141414, mumble > discord forever and ever because discord is gay. and here's a new meme
You know what's a good meme?
Asuka more like
A Z O O K A is fucking stupid, marks stupid streaming and other related blunders , put this into your word filter and replace it "fquck off nigger" or because lmao you have to be some casual not to be able to use a tui/cml and/or retarded enough to use flash in 2017, like why the hell is this crap service warrants an "OFFICIAL" seal of quality sticker. The point of is apparently to "get rid of twitch cancer in my chat" but that's fucking stupid, it's like saying "I want to hear shitty podcasts while playing games" it makes no fucking sense. This is the same kind of shiling and not ebin thread with a bad game, ellelele lxdddd SHILLS MXIHAHAHAHAHHA EBIN XDDD. fucking retard kind of thinking but actualy adveritisng A PIECE OF SHIT THAT IS GAY, WHY IS THIS THE "OFFICIAL STREAM SITE", that is so full of shit every single time, THE SAME FUCKING CRAP WITH THE EMBED POP FEATURE TAHT YOU PUSHED ONTO CODEMONKEY, W A S T E OF RESOURCES and I will call you and codemonkey (he was DUMB enough to actually do things for mark) out every single fucking time. Plus fuck off wtih your stupid movie night that you do before a big event like NX/nintendoswitch event, because piss off, waste of breath. instead of bumping the 5k character limit to 50k so I CAN SHITPOST IN ONE COMPELTE FORM without having to cut everything like a sushi roll. Every god admn thing this is annoying as shit, I'm not a fucking (2XX) meme you fucking gay and even then >look at "POST OPTIONS & LIMITS" NO CHARACTER LIMIT. fucking gay.
But im going to let you off the hook mark and just blame the community like you do because thats fucking EPICICICIIC also to save some bases, "but what if I dont want to support the stream????????????" thats like saying youtube embeds are fine and we dont need webms you fuckin moron.
Reporting is not a solution, it's a bandaid
get rid of it yourself because you have the power you fucking moron, reporting it is just pointing your index finger at it but you know what's still a problem its still fucking there you asshat, wrost fucking meme out of eleven, you have a nanosecond to provide evidence to prove that reporting does work and you can't because it's fucking stupid.
"Muh culture" isn't even preserved because you're full of shit
Now lets bring it back to where the hell are mosaic threads? BRING THEM BACK, you have until fucking march because thats when we get some nice NX/switch covers. If you're raving about culture bring back the number one culture of them all, that is mosaic threads. reminder that oc is rated by content with in the oc, not posts, not threads, not memes. The quality of a content shows value of the community, both teamwork through collabration and talent through autism. Look at /bane/ and /mu/ for example, /bane/ made an animation collabration of thousands of frames being hand drawn of a particiular scene, with /mu/ with their extensive list of high quality music being created every few weeks. hell even /a/ made their own christmas collage that fucking rocks your shitty meme "ahha lets a shitpost once again!" thread. If you're just visiting Holla Forums you're fucking missing the CREAM of the crop.
Plus see this mosaic, you better believe I worked on a tile. Because I fucking did and I WANT MOSAIC THREADS BACK.


kill yourself you hypocrite kike

When was the last time a waifu wednesday thread was made outside of wednesday?

You are a fucking attention whore if i've ever saw one. Fuck you.

You're going to get your shit kicked in playing Zero, that's for sure.

That's sort of what I meant actually. Console war threads are total bullshit and should all be deleted regardless. I grew up on consoles but you don't see me cocksucking one specific console.

Acknowledge me faggot.

Did you get excommunicated for what you did on the stream?

Don't encourage the trapfags. I barely tolerate them at this point but I don't want this board being a lgbt haven like it already sorta is.

Is fecal matter a large part of your diet?

you gotta get up close, bring your nose right to their asses and pop some rounds.

We have 28 annons who do nothing then. If theres 28 of them and they meet up on a general basis, they should figure out a better way to solve the shit that 2 people bring. Shit, its not to complex, talk about it, or other people will decide what they should do.

Nigga get good, watch some footage of someone who knows what they're doing if you can't dogfight properly

Jesus man

sorry nigger, I'm jugiling cocks here.

what do you need?

haha you caught me you absolute geniuses

looks like team ritsu is blasting off again

cyclincal is gay
cyciniacl crap morelike garbage fuck off it sucks big dick, first off it doesnt make sense to spell^ and shit like this happens
nice fucking meme and its gay, might be excusable if the feature worked and web browsers aren't gay.
I remembered when we would make multiple threads back to back and everytime it hits near 700 or is dead we would make another and go. I don't like to bring up Holla Forums for obvious reasons it doesn't motivate mark to change his mind with a boogieman that attacks his valuable asset he ""owns"" which I'll get back into but they don't do cyncical gay shit because it doesn't work and they prefer archiving wholesome threads.
then you do this shit like this:

good fucking times until you get tricked with some other gay thread like I do and then its not good fucking times, its bad fucking times.
^like cyclincal, what like cycles? but it sounds like cynical? which halfsounds like cyanide? man this is fucking gay.
Dumb fucking questions that dont deserve their own thread because they're fucking dumb thread
visit /k/ aka visit a functional board with actual functional board owners, to tell you im going to draw a graph
see this, this is an actual graph with source out of my ass, literally fly to the moon and back burning like a shooting star for not having a dedicated thread. Unlike containment threads they don't contain an assload of crap only essential questions needing to be answered without fucking up the board with shit threads like recommendation threads. which also answers some stupid fucks who cant pirate make hteir own shitty thread instead of using the share thread so they can make a less of an ass of themselves beacuse holy F U C K. but then again for every dime there's a nickle or something in that line.
Webm threads and abundance of retards not learning how to make webms
make it mandatory to have the op (not just a fucking stupid vidya op, fucking retarded piece of shit) at least have some/multiple tutorials like /wx/ to making webms, and no xmedia encode is a fucking meme go die, learn ffmpeg/blender forever and ever you fucking nigger. I am sick of idiots using embeding videos, but I'm also sick of fucking retards who can't make webms and then complain about choosing to be retarded, because its $CURRENT_YEAR and webms were deployed in imageboards in like two years ago or some shit, man who the fuck cares its the fact that its more than a year old just makes me angry and not autustic angry, genuninely angry. same shit with gifs instead of apngs like come the fuck on.
3DS cfw hacking into homebrew general
because there are people who don't know how to easily hack the wii u to be a hdmi wii+gamecube+vcn64games like theres still people who think we still use loadiine lmao what year am I in, you're pretty much living in the stone age if you don't know how fucking cool the wii u can actually be. but dang dude the 3ds is comfy/10. people are raving about the switch and think the wii u sucks, when literally hdmi port sells the damn thing like holy shit, only bad thing about the wii u is that it has a gay name but the switch has a gayER name why didnt they stick with NX and speaking of NX, with no fzero is like a gamecube/n64 without an fzero. so basically no fzero no buy as some memeing mariefags will say. Remember softmodding and hardmodding/chipmodding? now its 201X and the neo kids call it "hacking".


Mom and daddy will keep his schnoz spoiled until he dies like all jews.

Made? Maybe during this past summer. Lasting? This week, hell the thread might still be up because their circlejerk is dying and they don't make bump limit.

I'm sick of the vols and mark playing favorites and protecting certain off topic threads and not others. Either it's all cancer or not. No more of this waifu thread ok but other off topic shit not ok. How can we respect the rules when you make a mockery of them constantly?

spotted the Holla Forums.

So in other words, Holla Forums in compromised? Good to know, weak attention whore kike.

Good job you fucking idiot, you got subverted into thinking of previously normal GG anti-feminist anti-SJW opinions as "Holla Forums". You're playing right into their hands and you don't even realize it. You got defanged by the lamest psy-op to ever touch this website.

yeah keep ignoring me when I say to enforce your rules equally. Cause its not like everyone else in the thread sees you do it. After all, the rules only count to the people who arent your friends or the threads you dont like, right mark?

Dont like it, go back to cuckchan. We were better off without whiners like you complaining about anything non vidya. We got along just fine before you came here.

anons cant do anything about another user. I would think the rugga spam or bui spam would be proof enough of that already.

Stickies are like wads of cum, you don't blow it on a picture of tiles because that is a waste
mark is cursed to sticky everything worthless of value and is doomed to repeat this mistake over and over until the day he has ascended from his retardedness coma, like when was the last time you thought "wow this isn't a shitposting thread thats about 8ch being down for a minute or two that asks what videogames you played and isnt filled with redundant shitposting ive heard in the past 5 years turboblasted into my ears?" the last time mark stickied something that's for sure
Rules are too long and vague, look at the fucking ten amendments for a great example
Because I know to fuck some stupid fucking retard retards are going to be "add a new rule to prevent (1) and done" because that's fucking stupid, you still haven't fixed the core rules that are literally V A G U E and/or retarded or is overwritten to the point where /a/, /k/, Holla Forums and multiple major boards (except Holla Forums its too fucking long because they fucking love GPLv2/3 and not MIT) is laughing at your ass bcecause you're fucking stupid for writing long ass fucking rules, long fucking shit is what exactly is shit health care, shit fucking trade deals (EXAMPLE: THE TPP) and shit FUCKING BOARDS.
"additional gay rules" what the fuck does that mean, am I supposed to play with them or what you fucking retard
worst meme, I came in for video games not a fucking vinyl player
you broke that rule mark, lmao. remove that and keep the "post history only contains dubs" because that actually invoke skill to get trips, dubs are fucking small fry shit.
Podcasts also known as low budget late night shows
podcasts are fucking stupid, I get playing music while playing games because the game has shit music or no music, but podcasts make no fucking sense, unlike music it takes skill and effort most of the time, but podcasts are bottom tier garabge of opinions and 100% oversaturated trash. but the main point is this shitty podcast, this specific podcast.
the SHIT podcast also known as "Substantial Horrible Idiots Talkshow" is fucking garbage, why the fuck is the stupid fucking switch dog LETTERBOXED, WHY THE FUCK IS IT NOT AT THE RIGHT ASPECT RATIO, >GOOGLE HANGOUTS, its 2 0 1 7 ! ! !
heres a brief and HONEST description of recurring (or not because im not that autistic) members of the SHIT cast
the opening host - "I play games for muh story and world and other gay shit" something like that, correct me if im wrong but you're full of shit
mugi - gay plays shitty mmos that sucks ass and to fill this up hes gay and gay and gay and gay and gay and gay and gay and gay and gay
mark - gay and shit fucking opinions, literally with every podcast theres always a fucking idiot who jumps in but doesnt back out when he realises he tricked himself into thinking "I have a good opinion that adds to the topic and im not doing some stupid edgy devil advocate meme" and limit yourself by triple chokehold your dick into the corner. somehow sometimes you're pretty ok when it comes to anything but food&waifus, but on the podcast you're fucking shit for brains
hal - gay plays rpgs and gay and gay and gay and gay and gay and gay and gay
the - gay and retard that buys imports lmao, >when you pay 90 bucks for a shit import and then lose it, xd and gay and gay and gay
woodcock - gay and gay and gay and gay and gay and gay and gay and gay and gay
andrew - HANDHELDS and gay and gay
oh yeah and they're pretty much eceleb cancer, xd remove any mention of the shit shit podcast, I have to say shit twice to note the fact that it's shit unironicly
what a fucking meme, at least this time a proper 16:9 1920x1080 1frame(actuallyitsnotlmao,itsactuallyactivestreamingofthescreenLMAO) image/thumbnail but with a gay google icon on the top right corner and drawn with a mouse. but If you think about it this isn't the first podcast, something about gg and a bunch of gays went on google hangout, circlejerked each other off and like became shitty ecelebs, the slowpokes hail these guys as leaders and shit, uh roh. I can't wait for the assfaggots episode or when you finally get an intro.


Squeenix fuckoff, nobody cares about your shitty fanfic.

Yeah, that template thread that was nothing but a faggot posting a figurinevof Link actually turned up pretty decently.
I'm getting sick of literal faggot derailing good threads though, I'm a fucking trap lovibg faggot and I don't need to cubtpost it everywhere.

They get bumplocked after Wednesday, retard

no its fucking gay just admit it

Hi Holla Forums

Also, smart idea making a Meta thread when all of britbong faggots are asleep. If you really want to cut down on shitty threads and shitposting. Ban UK Ip's.


Which is why it was on page 1 yesterday right?

I have to disagree with that, anons have a lot of power. If they realize that two people shit up one thread, they should move to another aread or thread to discuss. Never count your brothers out.

Yui and DMX are just as bad, and there's other anons who don't trip or namefag but everyone remembers them because they talk about the same things every day expecting sympathy.

I never visit WW. I assume it's as shitty as Holla Forums wafu threads. If it's cancerous and filled with trip/avatarfags, then bumplock should be enforced.

There's more Holla Forums users here, so they just sniff out the few Holla Forums users and bully them. Not Mark's doing at all.

The Switch threads were never really about "OMG I'm buyng one!!!", more just "Oh, this looks neat, this doesn't. Price when?"

Unfunny bans and stupid gay shit codemonkey fuck you
n e w m o r e l I k e s l o w p o k e' #also why isn't this shit in alphabetic order? fucking gay
embed was and always will be, a mistake. mp3 & opus/ogg will never be supported, I have to use webm as a container and then throw in an image for 1 frame every fucking time, you fucking moron why the actual assfuck do I ahve to embed a 1frame image just to assblast some songs, literally why, I can understand not supoprting mp3 because its gay like "mp3" that doesn't make sense but "ogg" is faster because you just press o for once and g twice.
>>>>>>>Janky ass fucking rEtarded Wankfactor moderation

Back to pizzagate, faggot.

lighten up on the vidya porn dump bans too. should i be banned for dumping 25 or so spoilered pics in a not regular thread because a few people asked? no. should that other fag who dumps their porn in fairly regularly thread be? yes.

you are one boring fuck

Holla Forums posts to you are just posts you don't like and you call them. Get over it. Or don't. I get to laugh at you either way.

I guess the only thing we can do is make more threads to talk about vidya games, or bump the threads that are good.


We'll see, also fuck you for digging into my post history looking for a reason to ban me the other day.

Yes they are, how did we fucking get so many? Didnt we have like 4 when we got here?


Who was the Brit that hurt you so much user?

the fuck is this bitch saying?

Nah. I'm fine with off topic posting, but when a huge number of cancerous threads shit up the catalog like some infectious disease, it needs to be addressed. Have your shit threads, I just think that they're way too frequent and only disrupt actual vidya discussion. If you disagree, fine. Fuck you, you're part of the problem

Yes I'm the ring leader, goy.

I dont think you realize how slow Holla Forums Holla Forums is. You have to report shit too you know.

ONE general vidya r34/porn containment thread should be allowed, to be honest. The porn boards on 8ch sort of died out.

You have the exact same inability to format text as he did.


If you have to dump 25 pics of porn then you must have incredibly low standards for porn.

Board log says it was bumplocked two days ago. I don't suppose you have anything to back up your claim?

Good. Why not continue the good work by deleting the Holla Forums sings thread, it's basically the same shit as template threads.

for fuck sake. Do MORE about the pointless threads, the template threads etc. Console threads really need to be pruned and forced into one thread at once. Like when Switch was announced we had seven Nintendo threads at once. 4chan Holla Forums ended up doing this shit but console war threads were largely ignored. please make sure only so many occur so often, I am sick to death about this bullshit.
On a related not politics should be analysed and you think for yourself if a thread should be canned or not.

You mean they random fucking accuse fags from being from Holla Forums


Marks just avoiding any questions and meme spamming. All he did was say "things will stay the same" and is just meme-ing. Whats the point of the meta, if he avoids talking about shit?

Which can then be followed to the new thread. Once again. If anons had so much power, rugga and bui would never have been an issue. Shills would not be an issue either.

DMX yes, I never see yui enough to give a definitive answer, other than hes ritsu's boyfriend. Either way an entire thread shouldnt suffer because of some cockgobblers.

are you my father?

I just notice the board goes to total shit between 3-6pm in britbong land.

almost 200 replies of mark not addressing any issues other than saying things will be the same. Fantastic. No wonder Holla Forums keeps losing people.

Are you patrician enough to acknowledge that the R30/31 are the most AESTHIC Skyline generations?

Generals are a slippery slope. Why should people get banned for dumping porn in a thread that happens MAYBE once a month.

it's all real and the jews did 9/11


Oh man, I remember that
And while this was happening the Overcuck goons were in full force.

8ch will be banned there soon enough for being haram.

he gets attention, which he desperately needs to keep living.

mark is a normalfag and cancer in this board.

Nail on the head, nothing ever gets done.

Misc crap that needs to be addressed for the last fucking time, addressed with either 100% or 0% approval, none of this "if I feel like it on a wednesday" crap
I fucking hate these 4am general + clones these shitty fucking garbage, I absolutely hate them all I fucking hate them so much, ITS NOTE VENV VIDEOGAMES< NUKE THEM , GET RID OF THEM, LITERALLY ANYTHING BUT JSUT BUMPLOCKIONG THEM BECAUSE THAT DOES FUCKING NOTHING BUT "IT CLAERLY OUT OF SITE ITS NOT LIKE ANYONE USES THE CATALOG ONLY THE FRONT PAGEXDDDDD" gamerfuel/ckfordumbfucks threads are retarded and also lol / ylyl threads arent funny anymore I've been stuck in this 10 year loop full of reskins and rehashes get me the fuck off this ride. I also hate the groundhog meme like what the fuck does it even mean, maybe I have to watch shitty movies to know certain memes.
namefags are gay just rename user to val or this fucking name; S W A M I, figuratively namefags are the worst kinds of posters, remember the best posters don't namefag, even the great (100+) kind of guys don't ever namefag.
kill every battlestations/desktop threads. Wallpapers threads > desktop/battlestation threads, not a fucking opinion it's a fucking fact.
threads related to celeb crap like gamecenter cx, like who the fuck plays the famicon other region exclusive weeaboo games, rpgs are for gays and I hate weebs. speaking of weebs is lime that weird fucking guy that leaves shitty ban messages like containing words like "OP'S WEBZONE" like im stuck in some kind of 19XX timeline? plus who the fuck is this fucking guy? what a fucking gay name, why not a good name like "fuckmeintehass69" or "fuccboi4eva"? plus I like lemons more than lime, because lemons reminds me not shitty jjjokes but becaues lemon is five letters long and lime is like 4 letters long, what's up with that?
along with the indie game crap adveritisng you did 2 years ago, where's the comeback, where's the electric boogaloo? where the fuck is it? WHERE THE FUCK IS WE SHALL WAKE / ROBOT FARMS / NOKIOROROROROWARE (aka STUDIO WITH NO GAME)??? I will say this again, WHERE THE FUCK IS IT?
OH WOW FUCKING NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING ROBOT FARMS MORE LIKE ROBOT GAY WHERES WE SHALL WAKE I TOLD THEM TO GET A BETTER TITLE ITS AN OBVIOUS EBIN PLAY OF DEVIL MAY CRY, "NOUN CONDITION VERB" GAY SHIT NAMING. I HATE FUCKING SHIT TRAILERS WITH THE MOST GENERIC ASS FUCKING GARBAGE, FUCKING WOW SPOOKY PRERENDER ROBOT WITH A 2D WEEABOO GARBAGE DRAWING "REVEALED"""""""""""""" FOR TEN BILLION SECONDS WOWOWW)W)W)00w0w0w0w0w00w0w0w GREAT FUCKIGN I FEEL COMPELLEDE LIKE A THOUSAND OF TRAILERS AND SHITTY GAMES I WOULD BE RATHER PLAYING, THIS IS FUCKING SHIT, THIS IS FOR FUCKING COTTON PICKING N IG G EGRE S!!!!!! WHERE IS WE SHALL WAKE WHERE IS IT WHERE IS THE FUCKING VIDEOGAME, WHERE IS IT ? WHER E I EI ISI SIT ? !??? ! ?!? SI IT IT?!!??! oh and they might pull the "we totally improved by making a big leap from 2d to 3d" in some random [A FLAVOUR OF JOURNALISTIC WEBSITE OF YOUR CHOOSING] article that is going to be FULL OF FUCKING C R A P ! rws is a meme game studio imo but at least they have GAMES and I actually like postal over postal 2 because it reminds me of SMASH TV and zombies ate my neighbours but real dark but not owtheedge and thats how I LIKE IT if you map firing jkl; or becuase the original controls are pretty bad. like postal 2 has some problems its not a good shooter see the apoclaypse weekend but its a good atmopsheriec simulator where you walk around and do chores in a bottled world of people going insane. I hope their new IP is a new direction in a direction with corners. come to think of games I need to find a good stealth game torival the shitshow that is lovesick: subtitle memegame, aragami fuckign sucked dick I want another sa2 none of this casual speedrun-bait garbage. Which I had a weird dream of another thief reboot becoming a game where you teleport to stealth fast, I don't know what dreams are but one thing I do know that they do come true.


I'm flattered more than anything, because you've clearly listened to most of our stuff.


I fucking hate NEW AS IN THIS FUCKING DECADE 201X, racing games so much now, like I can kick back to burnout 3/legends, outrun 2006, daytona usa 2, f zero eggs anytime I feel like because I'm not an autismo who thinks old games are somehow dead forever but every single time a sequel comes out it's is a fucking huge downgrade, unbelievable. fast racing LEAGUE has actual corners but fast racing NEO doesnt what the ufck, as soon as you pop up the minimap on NEO you instnatly realise this corner ISNT A CORNER all along, its a straight path with dips. NEO also has bombtastic rubberbanding until youre in hyperass speed because you can actually go fast and pass by, I dont mind soft rubberbanding like the ai catches up but never passes you so its until you fuck up you lose if you at the near end, but if you fuck up early you can slingshot back in but constant rubberbanding is fucking top grade a cancer. nitornic rush is like vanilla (THEBESTVARATION) cocacola/coke with clear (ATeSHTICLYPLEASING) ice and a nice steak with chopsticks to eat it because what are you a fucking gay? while DISTANCE is flat store branded soda without ice (aka sugary water, hard/soft water is better than sugary water) with some abomnation of roast beef all minced up into toothpaste droppings and you got a fancy ice cream scoop to eat it with. I hate games more than ever because RMX is coming out nad actually releases tracks with A corner(singular) what the fuck man. My coldenesneses to all that backed drift stage you will carry the weight of being a fucking retard and its not your fault, but dang dude the demo was fucking BALLIN, the music blasting ass in my ears, REAL NICE, the corners, JUST ENOUGH BUT I NEED A BIT MORE AND SOME FUN SHIT TOO but then they fucked it up with the next """ALPHA""" they're still stuck in the alpha stage for like two fucking year, why the fuck is the meme86 there? I know its the key drifting meme machine but its a teal/aqua hatchback like come on, you dont have to include the wapanese letters for lewewatchedintitald but just do a cga look for ATREHSTHESITHIISCS instead of the domintantteal/HOTpink/yelorange synthwavememe, that's all you FUCKINNG NEEDED TO DO, IT KEEPS CLOSE TO THE TWO TONE COLOURS, MUSIC WILL NOT SAVE THIS GAME, speaking of drift "no corners" stage, that kickstartered daytona-looking clone on steroids, it's dead in the waters. I fucking hate neo words or buzzwords whatever the fuck people call it; I hate it so fucking much, just describe the damn thing with multiple sentences, like I read a review about the senneheiser hd 598, ok this candian fucking short haired retard reviewed both editions, the standard edition and the special edition, this dumb fucking canada fucking retard did not EVER MENTIONED there's a braile letter "L" (three horizontal bumps on the left hand side) ON THE FUCKING HEADPHONES. (im not visually impaired / blind but THIS IS IMPORTANT) Not a single gay forum have ever mentioned this fucking braile letter, there's photos of the headphones having the bumps but ON FUCKING ACCIDENT WHICH IS INRONIC BECAUSE BLIND PEOPLE CANT SEE IMAGES, hell I'm not even SURE if it's a special edition exclusively, what I'm fucking saying IS I FUCKING HATE RETARDS WHO JUST USE ONE WORD TO DESCRIBE SHIT, that is fucking stupid I fucking hate that, here's something more related: "GREAT PACING" what the fuck does that even mean? does it mean the game isn't fatiuging throughout gameplay, it's even in duration and knows its introduction, conflict and climax and resolution? WHAT DOES IT MEAN,I KNOW YOU HAVE A LIMITED RUNTIME BUT YOU KEEP HAMMERING STUPID FUCKING SEGMENTS THAT NO ONE CARES ABOUT THIS IS WHY GAMEREALTED SHOWS ARE FUCKING DEAD I HATE ITAHITAEIHTIAHETHIAETAET!!


It's not going to work, user.

I wonder what Holla Forums would be like if the mods were more like Holla Forums mods. Makes you think.

I hate m$$$ (yeah linux is my main driving os for MAXimum shitposting [[[[NOT SPONSORED BY FSF OR GNU OR LINUStechtips]]]], also to use geany but its crossplatform (soyoucanshitpostlikeme,iusedtousenano/pico I might go back into since they added a nice feature, sorry no emacs/vim for me although I should unbind caps lock to something cooler I dont evne use I actually hold shift dowN) and decent music player, I think foobar2k sucks and cmuswithgooey/mpx200k0k0k looks gay, all I just want a daemon based tui music player and moc/mocp does that ez) hteir os (windows) sucks, like their shell/cli is gay and like why does it lock from anyone that isn't an autismo+ ricing power user workspaces until windows 10?? Like what the hell and their excrusive games suck forza horizon is just project gotham racing or if you're really want to go fucking way back the shitty metorpolis game with broken widescreen, no kudos 4 j00s up the ass. I rememebered when I had to actually attack corners, now I don't because everything steers like butter, I just input a left and its easy, unless it has gimmicks like nitronic rush. I want racing games to be good again but you cant make racing games because wheels aRE 499NOWAIT699FORFLAGSHIP249FOR"ENTRY"LEVELWITHATLEAST720CELICUSDEGREESROTATION AMERICAN DOLLARS and downgraded too, thank you logitech for making shit keyboards with EXPLODING KEYCAPSTHEY'RE SO FUCKINGSHIT HOLY FUCK, mouses (IM LOOKING AT YOU G502 FUCKING RGB REHASH SHIT WITHOUT REMOVING/REPLACING THE RUBBERY PLASTIC SHIT WITH FUCKING WHALE WAD AT THE BOTTOM AND THE FUCKING STUPID DORITO PATTERN WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS CRAP WHY AM I PAYING FOR STUPID DEADWEIGHTS, FUCK YOU LOGITECH, ALL YOU HAD TO DO IS MAKE A FUCKING AMBI VERSION WITHOUT THE GIMMICKS YOU FUCKING RETARD SWEATSHOP CHINKS, LITERALLY A G402 BUT FUCKING MORE SHIT) and god awful g29 and shit advertising too like how the fuck am I suppose to know your ps4 wheel actually worked with a computer when you plaster the damn thing like a sonygger like holy fuck what is this meme? AND THE FUCKING G910 LMAO DUDE XD HAHAHA NICE KEYBAORD DOWNGRADED D O W N G R A D E D NOW WITH MORE EXPLODING KEYCAPS WITH EVEN MORE EXPLODING DESIGN, FUCK EVERY PIECEOFSHIT WHO SAYS "LOGITECH IS GOOD XDDD GET A G400S XDDD WHO CARES ITS DISOCNUTINED AND GOES FOR 399 US DOLLARYDOOS ON AMAZON FUCK OFF YOU PEICE OF SHIT AND THAT CRAP CHART FUCK YOU IN THE ASS THAT'S A FUCKING JOKE. im gonig to get a non-logiGAY wheel (might be ok) and will rock a REAL mouse/MICE that AREN'T made foR FUCKING UNFED CHINKS AND MADE FOR EUROPEAN DESCENDED HANDS HOLY FUCK I HATE FINGERTIP/CLAW GRIPPING LIKE A SNAKE REPLEATIAIN SNAKE ANSKNAEWNKEAKAENKANEKAE, FUCKING WORST GIRL I FUCKIONG HATE WORST GIRL LITERALLY WORST GIRL TIER SNAKES ARE SHIT FUCK SNAKES I HATE SNAKES THEY REMIND ME OF METAL GEAR SOLID 4 WHAT PIECE OF SHIT GAME. I AM SICK OF DOWNGRADES I AM SICK OF DOWNGRADES I AM SICK OF DOWNGRADES I AM SICK OF DOWNGRADES Also I got fucking tricked by some random wiki for lyric, to note myself to not trust others for english lyrics. I made a video about Good Game, an ABC (Australian Broadcasting Company) show avaliable on ABC2 and has also has multiple shows on ABC3 (Branded now as "ABC ME"), the god awful ABC website and their youtube channel. Good news is, or News as they used to fucking have, like what the hell happened to that segment on the main show? Good Game on ABC2 is dead, the two main hosts Bajo ">when you like hex but she doesn't like you" and Hex "Fingered in down under" are now canceled, along with their sideshows on their youtube channel, GG:Pocket (Daily garbage like Niche Gamer's trash) and GG:Well played (esports cancer that thinks osu! is a comp game) is now fucking gone. Only show left is GG:Spawn Point aka family friendly gay games and it's Bajo "Hex is gone and I haven't fingered her", Rad "Magic: The Gathering on a VIDEOGAME SHOW", Goose "I'm sick of white bearded males and I am one! [sic]" DARREN "worst everything". There's no Nich"fucc"Boy he's busy fingering with Hex on Channel 7. Uh oh, R U H O H . Good thing /aus/ is still around and I hope this country dont change the fucking date to may of 8th for a memem "le funny m8day cunt xddd" no fuck off I know your sneaky fucking tricks, don't afllirate your shit ass party founding you fucking gay. But fuck John romero saying 201X DOOM is fucking amazing without ever playing it.


this is fucking cancer!

All I'm seeing in this thread is confirmation that Mark and his vols will continue being biased fucks that will protect their pet threads and ignore everytime they are called out for applying rules unevenly and that the skyline fag is still unfunny cancer. Almost genesis/phil tier unfunny cancer.

Sounds good

I actually liked haydee for the porn possibilities. Maybe one day I'll get all the good shit and put it in one place so I can make a thread about it.


you don't understand, it must be done to protect against le bogeyman with the harmful opinions

More like, any time anyone says anything anti-liberal a bunch of Holla Forums come to shit up the threads, the mods allow it, and if you dare respond back they keep shitposting until the thread gets nuked and it's somehow your fault, so people stop posting anti-liberal anti-SJW stuff and Holla Forums gets neutered hard just because you're too big of an escapist manchild bitch to see the connection between aGGro and real world politics.

8/v/ literally exists because of an anti-SJW sentiment driving a mass exodus from cuckchan, and you're trying to tell me that it was neutral all along? What a fucking joke.

This is what Holla Forums has become.

I was here when there werent enough mods to do shit at all. Its when we got nigger sex spammed for 4 hours in the night because no mods, whatsoever. Holla Forums was actually better than, minus the nigger spam. Course that might also be a userbase thing, seeing how theres so many cancerous people here lately.

Fantastic. Great that he makes a thread to talk about board issues to get his hatless cock stroked.

P'much. He's avoided all questions, said things will stay the same and im pretty sure one mod said he'd decide to just ban people for doing something he doesnt like later on if necessary. I wish we'd just move to a new Holla Forums and leave this mod staff behind.

I enforce the rules on a case by case basis.

we would be /svidya/, would that not be the case?

he's constantly angry and autistic, but is also tsundere.

I got nothing against an user wanting to talk about the game he made and put hard hours into.

I still wanna fuck that nigger bot.

Nigger, you got to optimistic. Of course you'll have to jump ships a couple of times, but thats the case cause you talk to him. Tell him to leave and ignore him. Shit dog, its that easy but its never done.

I fucking hate PR fags.

What the fuck does Honest Shilling even mean.

shilling, but being honest about it and wanting to get feedback from Holla Forums on his or her shit game.

I cannot read this you fucning retard do you think im fucming autistic like you and i can just read this stupid shit that you clearly spent a long time writing beforehand ss clearly evidenced by the (X/7) fuck you thats not how it works

Come on faggots, don't you appreciate autismo?

Waifu and E-Celeb threads would be even easier to make.

No, you stupid fat kike. You apply the equally and fairly or not at all. Do you not grasp that mixed signals and obvious favoritism is a large chunk of why this board is shit?

That's all he's ever done in these threads.

What specifically do you mean? What differences do you notice? Personally I think the board is always shitty. Also, there's no 'britbong time' when only Brits would be posting, because all of Europe wakes up at a similar time to the Brits. If this lack of quality is real, it'd be Europe's fault and not just one country within that time zone.

Ergo, favoritism. You dont think its fucked up you're playing favorites and not deciding to enforce the rules YOU MADE for your friends and the threads you like? What the fuck should we think when we see you do this shit?

No he is boring and unfunny. He lost his novelty factor along time ago.

I think hes just slightly to autistic to be BO, like the bad autistic. I'm sure hes fine as a person maybe but as a BO unless he changes shit we are just going to keep losing users.

see this is exactly the kind of posters that should get banned, but nope, people legitimately trying to talk about a game got the boot because mark is a biased, cancerous sperg.

so kotaku writers that only moderate to control the opposition?

yeah, that is extremism, and the very annoying kind.

im not sure if that is GG, but its definitely Holla Forums

this is why I don't give a shit what Holla Forums does. This is video games. If political discussion surfaces we can flag it as off topic and remove it. Otherwise quit getting triggered at other peoples opinions.

Honestly it could be worse. People get banned from /a/ for grammatical errors.

I didn't know you still posted here. You've got a gift for shitposting. You should apply your talent to general vidya shit as well.

Considering Holla Forums mods are even less white than Mark, there would probably be even more nigger spam.

You are a fucking attention whore board owners shouldn't be using names on a ficking anonymous imageboard. Fucking Mark i mean really, using your real name? What kind of normalfag does that, you are a fucking fake weeaboo.

What the fuck happened there, the whole board was nuked apparently.


I like most of those threads aside from the 4am and waifu ones.

That is the exact opposite of muh PR, mr. Holla Forums that thinks pizzagate isn't real. You are the cucks that let GG get neutered so it wouldn't scare off the "classical liberals"

You are literally getting invaded by Holla Forums and you let it happen because you're too much of a pussy to agree with Holla Forums on something

I Love a mods, they really should post more.

I agree, he hasn't even replied to the first post, obviously the best suggestion there is.

Thats because Holla Forumss original BO got ousted and blackmailed.

Nigger that literally means how you feel about it or if you like it or not.

Yeah it was linked for a while, I think it got spammed or the BO was a bit TO strict

When is Mark going to die from fat cancer

different threads have different needs, what applies to 4am doesn't apply to Webm

the old owner left due to the constant meta shit and the new owner basically made it a Holla Forums clone.

sorry was in the shitter, the reason why we haven't enabled the bumplock icon is because we worry about people shitting up shit.

board log works perfectly.

Pizzagate isn't real you dumb faggot. Go suck a frogs dick. This is video games.

Eh at least it's faceless

What kind of events would you anons like to see in the future. v is usualy filled with shitposters adn faggots, but that dosn't mean we can't do our own shit. What fun activities could we do in the future to have fun

>implying lizard people jews can get cancer

I don't give a fuck what Holla Forums Holla Forums or Holla Forums has to say. This is video games. Not your hugbox. Fuck off to your containment board. We don't need your help.

Is there a reason why people who like rabbit rabbit threads can't just visit /2hu/ at the end of the month? Why did anyone ever decide it was okay to host some autist's Tewi roleplaying thread each month? It'd be like if some namefag/tripfag got his own attention whoring general thread and people were okay with it. Should we have a Val general now?

Banning the threads wouldn't mean they cease to exist. The people who like them would just have to go to the proper board for them.

Exactly. He outright admits hes not going to remain faithful to the rules hes made and not enforce them with people he likes or threads he likes. But for us lesser people, we'll get the boot. Why the fuck should we obey the rules if not even Mark does and he made the goddamn things?

Bullshit. You're playing favorites and you already admitted that. If you make a rule, enforce it. If you won't enforce it then it shouldnt be a fucking rule or you're not fit to moderate.


Oh boy, we're starting another Holla Forums vs. Holla Forums shitfling

Why am I not surprised. Someone post the tranny.

This attitude is how you end up with cuckchan-tier moderation.

I want to challenge other fucking imageboards/reddit again and kick their fucking teeth in video games. I want a rag tag of anons flying around as shazbots.

I wanna get a Holla Forums plays Worms Armageddon sticky going on tomorrow.


Nah that's bullshit, you kept saying this on previous threads, that some autist would get mad if he saw his thread got bumplocked. He could get mad if his thread was deleted too, it's a pointless excuse. You just don't want to disclose bumplocks and be transparent because it may come to light that your execution of the rules is questionable.

They're both tolerated non-vidya threads, why not?


End my suffering

Just fucking say it. Say you protect the threads you like, apply the rules only on shit you don't like, and stop pretending anything else. You are a shit BO and you fucking know it.

I just answered them you nigger

You should have seen him at the HWNDU event m8, he ain't no normalfag by any standards. Just an attention whore.

Maybe thats the problem then? Why the fuck would one thing work for one thread but not another, thats stupid. And you wonder why anons get so pissed off at you. Rules are rules, no pick and choose.

Also enable the bumplock icon, the fuck it wrong with you? Then anons would know that thread is shit or off topic
Oh yeah, because thats helped so much.

Generally speaking, yes. However I'm seeing wildly varying degrees of consistency from one edition of a general to the next.

Thats good mark, you should also listen to what this user said,

You see this in fullderp a lot, but really, we need to have more games agasint other people to show how fucken good we are.

SWAT 4 is better.
Can that get a sticky next weekend?

An autistic jewish attention whore who doesn't know how to pronounce Asuka.


How do I directly access the logs?
I can't find it
I just use 8chans twitter post about logs and change the URL from /v to Holla Forums.
FAQs give me nothing as well



Not a bad idea, although would you guys be comfortable playing a game with halfchan?

I actually asked my team about it and we were all against the idea in the end.


Get a server and we'll do it.

Well user?

Rei or Azooka?


found one!

pretty easy, go to the RULES page, at the bottom is a direct link to the Holla Forums logs

Pretty sure its in the FAQ section somewhere.

Damn it Mark you didn't even fucking read my comment. At least reply and call me a faggot you fat cunt. why are you so fat, you have more money than me and I can't even afford weights.

Will you? You sure did forget quickly about last weeks gamenight.

found another!

Mark you know damn well that 90% of the shills are not some "honest" user trying to promote there game that they "put hard work hours into". I am talking about shit like this river city ransom underground where you where banning people for calling out OP blatant shilling and the dick acting incredulous. If they came right out and said "hey this is a game I made" then I guess that wouldn't be so bad, but you know damn well that (outside of yandere dev, notch on halfchan, and a few other rare occasions) kind of crap rarely happens. What the fuck does "Honest Shilling" even mean when you defend that crap? Is the reason we had 100 Witcher 3 threads or treads about Biowares newest train wreck, No mans sky or Fall out 4? Is that also "Honest Shilling"?

I would stay away from it, but really, you should make a thread to decide that. Maybe start small and just go agasint reddit, or another group

Because hes playing favorites and hes letting his mods do the same. How the fuck do we know whats alright or not when mark lets the threads and people he likes slide and then bans people for the same? This inconsistency is bullshit.

just bookmark and board log url or copy paste it down somewhere and thange =v to =b.

yes of course nothing to see here goyim

Thats the link alright, but how do I access it outside of direct linking?

Eh, Holla Forums plays are fine for now. I was apart of the original reddit vs 4chan team for tribes. The only reason it was done in the first place was reddit called out 4chan saying that the user base only played handhelds and nintendo/ were not good at games. The rest is history.

They're both shit.

Keep your word, kike

This is the Finnegan's Wake of shitposting.

I wanted to do it tonight, but I decided on the meta thread instead.

I'm saying that if a dev wants to get feedback, and is actually part of the community, then I'm fine with it.

is this the new meme?

Isn't this dude dead now?

You got a point user, thats good. What Holla Forums plays would you like to see in the future?

Give it a couple of days, he will be died soon/

It's the blatant reality nigger. How dumb do you think we are?

fuck you mark >>>/vcollins/

Asuka, no doubt. She just needs a real to tame her, then she'll be perfect.

He just vanished, but he did say that he was going to "go dark", or something like that, come February.

*a real man

Yep, right at the botton
Thanks guy

Nope, I remember going to it multiple times to see if was updated with something regarding it.

A game I know we will never get to play.

Nigger you outright admitted further up you're going to do it "case by case" which in jewspeak is enforcing them as you like. And its blatantly obvious you've been playing favorites. Try and minimize all you want, anons arent stupid. We know what you're doing and the site is dying because of your poor decisions.

Fuck man, all i'm asking you to do is enforce your rules equally. It's not like i want you to ban anything, just ENFORCE YOUR RULES FAIRLY AMONG ALL. If you're not willing to do that then remove the rule and be done with it. This shit is killing Holla Forums. Do you really want to be the guy owning a dead board because you consistently fucked up and drove everyone away from poor management?

You will never be funny. Pull your lips off of marks mutilated jew cock.

They shut him down hard. Deleted the vids on the network channel, deleted them on his personal accounts, had all of his social media accounts closed, has his kickstarter canceled, he lost his fucking show, his website was taken offline.

So yeah, clearly pizzagate is fake news and they have nothing to hide.

Have you deleted "East vs. West" threads? They're nothing more than circumvention around Console War threads.

no problem, just do me a favor will you?

whenever mark does something fucking stupid (like the haydee thread time) screencap it, and show the world how much of a retard he is.

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we're not playing favorites dumbass, we're treating shit on a case by case basis aka assessing the threads depending on the threads actions, frequency and what the anons of the threads want.

4am became cancer so we decided in the final discussions that we would bumplock all 4am threads.

WEBM threads and LOL threads have the mostly vidya restriction so we can keep in on Holla Forums.

This isn't about what threads we like and don't like, this is about what the threads are and if they should remain on Holla Forums.

As long as the dev is open about who they are I don't see a problem with it

Stop taking the bait Mark.

Just use basic paragraphs.


Meh, I'd rather play Windom XP


cut it

with the




so if 5 people are discussing a game and 20 shitposter retards start spamming SHILL SHILL LEFTYPOL KIKE GET OUT REEEEEE you will ban the thread?





shits gonna become a narrative.

fuck you











depends on the context. we would also ban the 20 shitposter retards


so does that mean dishonest shills can get the boot? or are you going to use rule 8 forever to defend blatant out-of-town, not apart of the "culture", dishonest shilling shitting up the board?


Read my post you fat cunt. STOP











What we have right now is a bunch of people from a political hugbox pushing their opinions in places nobody wants them. If this place goes full halfchan at least we'll have video games. Fuck off to where you belong unless you want to talk about video games.

Yes, you are. It's insulting that you think anyone buys that shit you sprayed from your cake hole.

Spare me. You should want the rules applied fairly too if you actually mean your no Holla Forums shit you keep spewing. Methinks you are fine with uneven moderation as long as it gets rid of shit that triggers you.

This. Earlier today enforcement of the rules was pretty even-handed in the ffxiv threds in regards to dealing with a specific shitter.
But once it was time to make a new thread the shitposting rate skyrocketed and anyone trying to call for more even-handedness is getting called a goon.
And the vols keep dismissing every report on the posts doing it.
Shit makes no sense.

Reddit spacing is real though Mark. Stop it.

This, instead of comissioning some translations of Sindolls latest stuff he just comissioned a pic of his waifu.
He needs to burn for his sins.

"Reddit spacing" is a valid complaint; excessive line breaks make posts uglier and harder to read.

If that were even remotely true you'd have banned waifu wednesday already! And on top of that you outright said it wasnt going anywhere. On top of that, that is not how rules work! How the fuck are we supposed to follow the rules if you change them on the goddamn fly? What the rules are different because a few people complain? Do you get everyone on here complains at all fucking times about everything? I saw an user complain about another user fucking drinking water. WATER. Enforce your goddamn rules equally otherwise why the fuck is it a rule? Fuck man, why should we follow the rules if you decide to break them for arbitrary reasons we have no input on? Be consistent!

It's on

The only one reddit spacing is you, and Mark doing it to bully you.

Reddit spacing is only when you put line breaks between words, not sentences. If you can't understand that, maybe the meme isn't for you.

Ha, nothing personal, kid.

Expecting fair treatment among all anons and the rules to be applied equally on the board, which is the fucking point of rules! Is not "bait". This is a legitimate concern.

can we try to organize more events where we try and play vidya together. like battlefront I?

do you mind if you add /hgg/ to the other recommended boards. it is hentai games general and seems like something that should be up their if we already have vidya porn

will you buy us cake?

Case by case is retarded, how is shitposting in one thread fine but not another. That doesn't make any sense. This is why nothing ever changes here.
Oh and the webm thread and lol are vidya, gimme a fucking break. They are cancer and stifle the creativity of this board and invite shitposters.

err battlefront II

Yeah that is what I figured.

u triggered?

I know what you mean.


is it active?

I did, and I ate it all.

I will fuck Reddit space you.

Just use standard paragraphs.

We should set up a lottery system of some kind where anons can nominate a game they want for a weekend.
Of course, you'd need anons to be hosts, else people would just flood the lottery with a bunch of random games no one likes.

But make it random, else you'd get accused of only liking certain games/anons.

/hgg/ is fairly active, actually. It died for a while, then came back.

No, I want consistency of the rules being applied. You just want the bad naziboos to stop upsetting you.


Not that user, but /hgg/ is active mostly. Most activity is in a couple of text-adventure generals, but I consider it comfy slow.

It is above /monster/ right now.

Sure thing, kid.

He's not as bad as Val, but I really should when he posts that fucking furbait.,

I'll add it then.


Apparently its being a meme, forming a narrative and baiting someone to want a moderator to actually enforce his rules fairly among anons and be consistent, so we know whats okay and whats not. Evidently mark and his cabal of mods need to be able to break any rule on the fly because, "it might be a different situation!" or "some people complained so the rules dont matter no more!"

Is it any wonder why we keep losing users? Our own BO cant even adhere to the rules he fucking made in good faith with us and we agreed to follow.


Ban everyone.


most of us don't use Reddit nor migrated form the place. It's just clear that some people are new to the board because they are using strange formatting. As for those who do it ironically.

Consider the following:




ban tumblertale mark if ucking hate it

I mean fuck man, I dont want waifu wednesday or anything else banned, I just want the goddamned rules the BO made to actually be enforced equally without favoritism or excuses. How can I follow rules if it changes from being not okay to okay, to bans for no reason because someone complained or some other bullshit.

similarly, I don't want to have political rhetoric crammed down my throat when I come to a v i d e o g a m e s board

Trump is a cool ass nigger.

wasn't the lore that Tony Jew fucked over Phil Collins?

So, uh, what's the deal with having stipulations that can alter how a rule is applied? You'd think that people would generally consider this to be a good thing, given that it allows the people in charge of enforcing rules to use their judgement to determine if specific instances warrant a certain type of action. For instance, if one thread gets shitposted into oblivion, it may be reasonable to prune it entirely, but if another thread started out fine and then gets shitposted, it may be unfair to those who were legitimately trying to have a conversation about their topic, so a bumplock would be a decent compromise. It's all about nuance. If the general rule is, "no off-topic posting", that rule is still being enforced, but the way in which it is handled is what changes in accordance to the severity or circumstances. Why is this bad?


they're enforced

Games that could do with a multiplayer weekend:

SS13 (Dedicated host)
SWAT 4 (No dedicated)
Battlefront 2 (??)
Joint Ops (RadOps needs to be brought back)
MechWarrior Living Legends (Dedicated)
7 Days to Die (Some user has a serb)
Planetside 2, but you can only play it ironically.
Halo CE or Halo Online.
LEGO Worlds. That comes out in a few weeks and it seems like better Memecraft.
Memecraft, while on the topic.

Lore only matters to Holla Forums and Jenny is best.


Fuck off. You have your own board, use it. Trumps been pretty good to us recently.

Unless you're shitposting. Then keep it up.

Make a valid report and screencap it. Then screencap the mod logs showing them dismissing the report.
That is your only proof that they're not enforcing the rules.

A thread full of anons saying we are unhappy, we want this to change. Multiple anons saying the way this enforced is stupid, yet nothing happens.

Yeah, they are enforced. TO YOUR DISCRETION.

It's all I want. Rules clearly defined and fairly applied. Why is that too much to ask? How is it bait or memeing?

Find a new gig. No one gives a shit about that game anymore and no one has ever found you entertaining.

Why wouldn't you want variance? I don't get this shit.
There should be rules, but there should also be flexibility if somethings comfy, if somethings fun, if somethings OC, etc.
Let me tell you, this is the first time I'm posting in who knows how long because only meta-loving weirdoes post comments in meta threads.

It's impossible! It's an very imperfect system by nature because we are forced to make judgment calls all the time just like an IRL cop on the street.

For example,
In that case, I'm not gonna delete the thread. There are a lot of other cases where discretion is needed but I can't think of any right now.

it was jewish misinfo, tony actually did nothing wrong by kicking off steve "cuck" hackett
just look at this cuck shit

This is what I think about, it's like… what if halfway into a pissing dumpster fire of a thread something glorious happens?
That doesn't justify the creation of shitty threads, it justifies THAT one thread


also I'm considering doing anther meta thread this month.

I'm going to save this and put it in a txt file.

thanks user.

You described it better than I did. Fuck I'm off my game tonight.

On a "case by case basis"
t. you.
Shit man, mark. I'm on your fucking side. Most of the time i'm the one defending you in threads. I just want you to fucking use the rules fairly! All I want is for Holla Forums back on track isntead of stagnating like this and this half in half out, rules change on the fly for certain threads bullshit is killing Holla Forums. If you make a rule, all I want is for you to goddamn enforce it equally everywhere.

There already is proof of rabbit rabbit getting banned while waifu wednesday doesnt and theyre the biggest avatarfags of the bunch. I dont even need to make a report or try that at this point.

I hope it does change. Im tired of watching Holla Forums waste away.

Same here. If mods want to ban tripfagging and avatarfagging, fine. But make it clear how many pics, no "mod discretion", and fairly everywhere. Or remove the rule. Enforce rule 7 on all threads that are foolz posting, even the ones a mod likes. Just consistency is all.

Then just play it, i wouldn't have a problem with what you are saying if you weren't namefagging but as it stands ugggjhhjb reee

Someone give me a headpat

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Fish hug instead.


im gonna give you a headbullet you kike

ban overwatch threads

No, it isn't. If you ban for say rule 8 in one thread then you ban for it in another thread. Rabbit nigger and waifu shitters don't get a pass just like the 4am avatarshitters don't get a pass. When you apply the rules based solely on whether you like or it not then the whole system and the board goes to shit. Like it is right now.

Would Quake or Unreal Tournament work?

I'm partially support of this. Judge by context but adhere to the laws you yourself placed. That being said we have rules for a reason. It's only because we're not a particularly large community that we're even capable of doing this. If you let 1 thing pass you're going to have to prepare for backlash when the next thing doesn't. I can see where that user is coming from, if this pisses off enough new people we might have trouble getting traction.

I guess we'll have to see where this goes.



Is the new UT any good?

Mark, add those two to the list as well.

It's a trust concept, yeah. At least we'll learn a lot about what the mods apparently like and dislike in the coming months.

Do you believe that no rule should ever have any exceptions?


Thank you hotpocket for being able to explain this. Marks ti up his own ass, or hes just a sperg and think"they're enforced" is an answer I'm so sick of this shit.

Fuck off, your hotpocket was more help then you were this whole thread.

We try to do it as much as possible. it's why I was flip flapping so much on the 4am shit. I made a shit decision and I wanted to make shit right, by making a compromise with you guys.



I have not played it so I can't tell you.
I was thinking more UT1999 or UT2k4 due to the ability to play many mods & have custom characters
Someone could make a 3D model of Mark and have cake as a weapon

Unless the exceptions are explicitly stated within the rule. Otherwise it is contradicted constantly by whatever vol likes or doesn't like it, if they are on their period for some reason or they just don't like the poster and decide to fuck with them. All of those things happen constantly right now.



Fuck you m8

Good point, maybe rules should be clearly started and written such that they consider all and any possible exceptions, so that anons will not be left with any ambiguity.


i love this

thank you


How would you enforce rule 8 in the waifu thread without banning every single poster in it since posting your waifu is the whole point of the thread?

Thanks faggot. You're no better.

well that's kinda impossible to do since someone will always find a loophole. Just look at the Al Gore faggot.

Damn it Mark. Stop being so superficial.

No. There is a reason why justice is blind. If you make a rule, you adhere to it. That way it is fair, and anons dont feel dejected or become disenfranchised with the rules. If you make exceptions for one, theyre now the precedant for it to happen to everyone else and when it doesnt happen people feel wronged. Rules should be meted out fairly and equally to all. It's not about friends or liking or disliking someone its about if the rule was broken, or not.

Try better man. This inconsistency is alienating anons. This shit is only going to get worse and more people are going to leave if you keep giving any inconsistency. Already its given anons the room to argue for banning of webm and others. Make no mistake, anything you do to one thread is precedent for another thread, and anons expect the rules to always be meted out, no matter the situation.

Is that CIAs arm? Is mark Bane?

Does Holla Forums need its own constitution? Not gonna lie, it would be pretty funny to see an autistic debate over a loose or strict interpretation of weather waifu threads are related to video games.

Article 1. Traps are not gay.
Article 2. (…)

Maybe rule 8 shouldn't be a rule then. Or waifu threads should go on /mai/. Or it should be a goddamn stated exception in the rule like I just stated.

You could at least try Mark. Instead of this bullshit that you say now that is nothing but a thin cover for "We ban for whatever we feel like whenever we feel like and those things will change from day to day".

Stop playing with that keyboard saitama

True enough, I guess I need to think things over. thank you user. rules can't be perfect, but I'll try to be more consistent with things.

I feel that the rules are written fairly easy to understand. We'll try to be more consistent though. like I know I got a lot of flack from the 4am shit, so if I stick with something I'm gonna try and make it final.

Meta threads = Tribune of the plebs
Senate = Council of Hotpockets
Consul = Mark

Article 3: user can never be denied his firearms.

I think we should have a Doom II server with some kind of mod rotation, i remember when we couldn't shut the fuck up about Doom, until D44M came out and ever since these threads only got like 96 posts max before dying.

There, there.


The only keyboard play is he superficial you are.


Is it? I'm not seeing it.
Instead I think a lot of people would get angry and leave if everyone got equal treatment no matter the circumstances, intentions or gravity of the situations.

People always argue to ban things they don't like, nothing will ever stop this and nothing has caused this.

Okay so what I got out of this is that we need to be more consistent with the rules. I'll try to be more consistent with things, however I'm not the only one on the team so keep that in mind. with that I'm gonna play some Ace Combat now.

I'll come back to this thread. so feel free to discuss what you want.


b-but what about airtight legal defense contracts written by teams of attorneys for multinational corporations? those guys seem to always find an impenetrable defense that is very rarely prone to any scrutiny

For simple rules, I agree, but sometimes it's not that cut and dry. For instance, if there's a rule like "no avatarfagging" then you better have an ironclad definition of the term and the specific behaviors associated with its usage, otherwise you're going to be forced into making exceptions for people who don't quite fit the mold.

Fair enough. Just keep in mind mark. Holla Forums is yours, if you keep alienating anons and we leave, we'll miss Holla Forums, it is our home after all. But Holla Forums is your land that you've been dedicating so much of yourself to as well, far more than we ever have. I'm sure of everyone here, you of all people wouldn't want to see Holla Forums die because of mistakes. And once its done, and anons are gone, there's no going back. Think on whats best for Holla Forums and help the board prosper.

Put the memes in the bag

It'd be simple enough to have a rule that's like "dont use 5 of the same character in one thread.". And if its too hard to make it clear cut, then it should not be a rule. Making exceptions on the fly creates precedent for anons to complain about their own mistreatment which fosters ill-will and anger when it doesnt go their way, or the rule ends up destroyed. Consistency should never be sacrificed as its the quickest way to turning people against mods and feel unjustly acted against.

Please please try. I feel like shits been going downhill for a while now. Maybe I'm just a doomsayer but when I speak with other anons they often share my opinion.

Nigga, Holla Forums is all of ours. Yours, mine, and marks. As much of a faggot some anons can be I wouldn't rather anyone else at my back.

Myself, if I make exceptions I try to apply the exceptions consistently if that makes sense. Sorta like how there is free speech in the US, but you can't yell "FIRE" in a crowded building.

Great, now you're making me picture Mark in all those cute outfits too.

You're welcome Mark-kun.

It's from Teaching Feeling AKA Headpat Simulator.

So you can see that it can't actually be enforced unless the whole thread is removed. Anyone who argues that avatarfagging in waifu threads should be banned is really arguing to ban waifu threads, not because of any actual problems the threads might have, but only because it's intended purpose happens to be incompatible with a rule that was made for a specific problem originally unrelated to those threads.

Exactly. Which is why I want Holla Forums to do well. We've lost so many people already and I want to see our second golden age.

If that's the case i'd say make it an addendum to the rule then. As soon as thats done it becomes precedent for other anons to want the same, and anyone who doesn't get it feels alienated because of it. Think of stannis from GOT. The man can be an absolute prick, but everyone respects him because he does not make exceptions to rules. He is a consistent man, and the times when he does break the rules usually spells disaster for him, like when he breaks his moral code to kill his brother.On top of that those "exceptions" can be seen as unfair to anons that dont know or have them, as they only have the rules to go on themselves. Like secret exceptions or rules in the government we were hearing about last year. The only way to follow rules and respect them is to know what they are and be punished when breaking them.

Ah right, with the burned girl.

I don't care if they stay or go. I think they are cancer personally but I'm not going to insist that my views be the rule for the board. I do insist that the rules we have be applied evenly and across the board. Not based off of the shifting tides of vols feelings and likes/dislikes.

Honestly I'm going to throw my two cents in on the side of pretty much the opposite of that conclusion. Consistent rule application is intellectually satisfying and obviously fair, but in my opinion it would also result in an over-moderated board.

Take for example, rule 8, which prohibits "deliberately shitting up, constantly derailing a certain thread." This is a good rule and useful to have, but its purpose (presumably) is not to actually prevent all shitposting and off-topic posts, but merely to provide a tool for tackling the worst offenders. The rule is inherently flexible (as it should be) and requires mods to make judgment calls on which posts/anons cross the line from tolerable bantz to ruining discussion. There is frankly no need for consistency there and if mods applied it across the board it would risk turning the place into an AnT-tier no fun allowed zone.

I pretty much mentioned that this wouldn't fly if we were a larger community. Stricter rules right now probably aren't for the best but as things move on it might be for the best. This is for the mods to answer though. Only they really know which method gets them more backlash.

This, really.
Every healthy imageboard has some essence of Holla Forums's anarchic spirit, if you lose too much of that you end up with shitshows like /a/'s meidos or the saga of half/pol/ and it's arguably happening to 8/pol/ as well

Maybe the whole rules paged need to be redone then, I have no idea when we got so many.

Except that that is entirely subjective and now anons will inevitably end up alienated because theyre punished or a thread they liked was punished because of this subjective rule. Rules are not meant to be subjective, theyre meant to be objective. If you do X, Y will happen to you. I mean, how can you obey rules if theyre vague enough such that it's "you can do X, but up to a certain point we'll ban your ass". Does each mod get to decide how much of x you can do arbitrarily? Do we need to try and gauge how much we can do X now before getting banned by the mod thats on right now? Why make things so much more difficult and muddied when being consistent and having objective rules is so much simpler and fairer?

Now that shit has settled a bit can we just take a breather and check all of these?

These things aren't based on feelings, they're based on logic if anything, which is why I asked you how you would solve a problem like that without any appeal to emotions or opinions and there's no apparent answer.

Different example, if someone made a thread about a specific character, and a poster or several would then continue to post images of that character while arguing about him or her, should they be banned for avatarfagging? They posted several pictures of the same character right? But really those images were as on topic as they could be so they shouldn't be banned for that.

I agree with this.

He didn't mention any rules that would need to be removed.

Do you think every court case and trial should always have the same outcome too?

If the law was not a matter of judgement, we would not hold courts headed by a judge.
What we need isn't stricter laws, but more competent judges and a better communal understanding of the reasonable Holla Forums poster standard, a variant of the reasonable man standard from which we get such things as shouting fire in a crowded theater vs. free speech.

/a/ is the best board on Holla Forums. I wish this board would take a page from /a/.

rule 8 is just a garbage rule to be honest.

I disagree.

True, he didn't say that they needed to be removed. But we have 10 ruled PLUS stipulations. I think some can be reworded and combined.

You live in delusion if you think they aren't based on vol feelings. I really want to know where you got the idea they aren't.

Do you think we should ignore a man shooting another man in the street because he dindu nuffin? Why is one person allowed special treatment over another? Who gets to decide which special concessions are made for certain people? Do you not realize rules being subjectively enforced and favoritism has lost Holla Forums over 1k users now at least? Whats the point of a law if it is given out unequally among others? Do you not realize that this happening in america is why people are disenfranchised with the law itself?

The current law system is diseased and broken because of vague laws and overreaching judges. A law is best when it is clear and a citizen knows what he can and cannot do. Anything less allows those with power to abuse those without. Do you think a law should be allowed to be subjected unevenly among others? How do you expect a citizen to obey the law if it is not clear cut on what he can and cant do and how much?

You are wrong. Its the only board that retains quality, stays on topic, keeps the political cancer out, and produces theads of consistent worth. They have every right to call this place Holla Forumseddit and mock crossposters from here. I only come here for certain threads and to get my shitposting out of mysystem.

Come get comfy with us!

People aren't alienated by the application of a flexible rules; they're alienated by discrimination. There's nothing wrong with a mod deleting particularly bad shitposting while leaving the stray smug anime response alone, the "inconsistency" is only a problem if he starts banning people just because he doesn't like them and uses the rule as justification.

Because simpler is not always better. If you have a 100% consistent rule on, for example, off-topic posting, you're forced to extremes: either all off-topic posting is allowed (in which case the board becomes Holla Forums) or no off-topic posting is allowed (in which case discussion is unreasonably crippled). The reality is that we need some sort of middle ground wherein some level of off-topic is tolerable but not to an extreme, and in order to create that middle ground you need flexible rule application.

Another facet to this which necessitates flexible moderation is "sentencing," i.e. the severity of punishment for violations. It goes without saying that worse violations deserve worse punishments, and there needs to be a system in place allowing for that.

Ideological purity is nice, but reality is more complicated than a few ironclad tenets can handle.

It is drafted very badly and should probably be re-written, but I do think we need a general anti-shitposting/off-topic rule.

they expired…

Except that the rule can simply be "do not derail the thread". at that point small offtopic discussion is allowed, but if you destroy the current threads purpose your posts are deleted. You make it seem harder than it is.
Which happens with flexible rules. If there is no variation for subjectivity with the mod, there is no room for discrimination against others without the mod banning someone unduly without having a rule to point to and abuse can be much more easily seen. If an user cant actually gauge what the rule is, how can he be expected to follow it? If your rule is subjective how do you expect me to know when i break the rule when the determinant is your personal opinion?

Furthermore, should I fear retribution if I do something thats okay by the rules but at some arbitrary point that you decide, you're allowed to ban me for doing it as its left to your discretion? Already this subjective rule puts me at the mercy of someone else by their personal opinions and feelings that day, whereas a clear cut and dry rule would allow me to know where I stand and what I can and cannot do without being punished.

Your own proposed rule proves my point because it is subjective: how can you tell when a thread is "derailed" vs. one that merely contains some off-topic posts? Along the same lines, how can you tell when a post is innocently going slightly off-topic vs. one that is intentionally attempting to derail the thread? There is no 100% objective answer to these questions.

Yeah, maybe.

Maybe they are, I haven't seen any specific examples or complaints about that in this thread though, unless I missed them.

A man who shoots another man to rob him gets a different sentence than someone who killed someone in self defense.
I have the feeling you know nothing at all about passing judgement and have never had to do so.

Can you prove that this is the reason instead of all the other apparent reasons that are much more likely to be responsible?
Do you really not realize that everyone getting 3 day bans no matter the differences between their cases and their gravity is much more likely to make people leave?

Isn't it a global bump limit? Bug codesimian about it and let him ignore you to death

Games are shit because the lazy developer inserts there politics into it and you expect people not to be free to be able to share their political opinion? civil disagreements is how people come to resolutions. its actually this bullshit liberal John Rawls ideal of "Public reason" that is like putting the pot on the fire. It leads to people become atomised and despondent then blowing up and shooting up schools. In other words this pathetic desperate demand that "everyone always" behave civilized is bullshit. Moreover its often just a cop-out so furfaggot and pedofiles can shit up the boar with "vidya gaym" pornography and works contrary to what you are demanding because their is no way to enforce standards because discussion of the metaphysics of ethics is off the table by default so it gradually erode to becoming Holla Forums. God forbid someone not share your lust for poohdick.

The spirit of the law is not bad, but it needs to be worded in a way that is not ambiguous. Knowing what is kosher and what is not kosher should not depend on weather or not mark is on the rag. That said, I personally don't mind dedicated cancer containment threads like 4am and waifu wednesdays or twice a year AGDQ cyclical threads. I never participated in them but its nice to have a place where that kind of free form crap is acceptable. Sometimes shit posting is appropriate, particularly gore posting even though that would break rule 8. It was also a tool for the community to self moderate without 24/7 hot pockets. Paradoxically if the threads topic is cancer rule 8 helps preserve the cancer. It rarely helps keep things on topic and often a cancer thread can be turned into a good topic, but that would be a violation of rule 8. But being that it is enforced inconsistently it becomes a game to see how far one can push the boundaries before special little snowflakes snap and report it to the self self deprecating Jewish enforcer.

Kind of hard to take your biased word on it. I'll check it out but the best question is do they know that OPM is a 7/10 at best?


By the thread being derailed. If you derail the thread by posting furry porn and it alters into that, then the thread is derailed, if you simply talk a few posts about a small subject while keeping on topic of the thread itself its obviously not derailed. You also avoided all my direct questions to you about why or how I should follow a subjective rule. I would like you to answer how I should do that and not be at the mercy or discretion of another.

Castle doctrine makes that clear. It's also clear by the way of them initiating force FIRST. it is not left to the judge to decide the law, the law is there and any meeting is to determine if the requirements of the specific law are met to be deemed guilty or not-guilty. It is not "you cant attack someone else because its murder except if the judge himself decides its not" The law ideally makes it clear what is allowed or not allowed. Such as self defense, castle doctrine, etc.
What other reasons? List them? The only other reason I can think of is the shitty condition of the site way back, but that wouldnt account for the recent losses past that.

I don't know why I still bother coming to this shithole.

That's why we put a ton of effort into
extreme vetting
for volunteers. We throw so many situations at them to test their imageboard-sense during application.

you make a good point, I'm gonna think about it over night.

Then why are so many doing such a poor job so many anons are pissed all the time?

Their shit because their lazy. Politics can go either way. Nobody shits on Dues Ex despite it being highly political. Overall a good game with politics I don't agree with is a better game than politics I do agree with that has terrible gameplay. I think a lot of people are reaching a point now where their tired of the SJW nonsense and just want to play good games again, politics or not. Which is great for me because I was tired talking about it years ago.


/a/ takes it entirely too far. Big Meido has completely whipped out all of the life out of you fags. It's disgusting to watch you thank them for micromanaging every post you make. Banning for capitalization is fucking disgusting.

I find myself doubting that based on their performance.

No one would miss you if you left.

Anons will always be pissed.

Circular reasoning. The obvious reality is that there is no bold line between a thread that is on-topic and one that is derailed. Pic related: where does blue stop and green begin? Everyone can agree that many of the colors are obviously blue and many are obviously green, but there are also many colors in between which are debatable/both/neither. Whether a thread is on-topic or derailed is the same way: its a sliding scale and mods need to be able to competently judge when off-topic discussion has gone too far and take appropriate action.

This a perfect example of the cancer the political wall keeps out.

You should lurk some on /a/ and see what a well run board looks like. You are welcome if you can shed the posting habits this place instills.

Couldn't hack it on /a/ and got banned for shitposting I take it?

Realized I forgot to answer your question again: as for how you abide by a subjective rule, you do it the same way a mod enforces a subjective rule: by using your judgment to act reasonably within its confines.


It ends when the blue stops being represented and is now cyan. Same as thread derailments, it can be clear that when the thread is no longer on subject and is now about dog penis instead of resident evil it has been derailed. You sound more like you're trying to justify moderator power rather than actual rules.

And how is an user supposed to know how each mod responds to this rule? No one person is the same? Should I try to memorize how much each mod will accept and which wont? As an example, for the longest time rule 7 would be ignored and dismissed by lime, whereas labatagglia would ban you for 2 days for making one. Should I try and memorize every mod to make sure not to go too far with one? How can I be expected to know the limit another mod arbitrarily decides? Why are you in favor of a rule that allows a moderator power over others based on subjectivity and his personal opinion/feelings of the day instead of an objective rule? A rule based on subjectivity is easily abused by those who wish it.



Character attacks are the go to defense of someone without an argument to stand on.

I hate Dues Ex, but because I hate it I don't bother participating in threads about the god awful game. Your assumption that Holla Forums is a hivemind is false. Moreover if the game is built on story as a dynamic part of the mechanics and that story in inserts politics then that inherently affect the quality of the game. Its not a chicken or an egg proposition. Left wing politics and its inherent nihilism produce laziness. Its not the other way around (Pic related). And Yes Gamergate is fucking cancer now, but you are forgetting why people came to Holla Forums in the first place. It was to get away form faggots like yourself who enforced this "no fun allowed" rule to defend shallow left wing presuppositions and lazy sjw developers. And that is not even considering the fact that 99% of the time the whole issue of "Holla Forums vs Holla Forums" nonsense is just Holla Forums false flagging trying to cause infighting. It never ever should be an issue, if you don't like a thread or a particular posters opinion then just filter them or the thread. That is what I do most the time. I think I've reported all of 5 post in the last 3 years and two of those times where because I was just being a brat trying to piss off mark.

good then posting porn of any type, furfagotry, loli etc or talking about sodomy also should be also against the rules. In fact any topic that is not strictly about video game mechanics needs to be banned. Its the only fair. In fact to be consistent threads where games have any political message at all should be banned.

Yea the more you talk about /a/ being a bastion of a well run board the less seriously I take you. If Holla Forums is hurting, it's a good chance the rest of the community it.

You see I get about halfway into your post but I just don't care because it's not video games. If you really think politics is what ruins video games and not just a lazy work ethic then you're to far gone to see what I'm saying. You have your board, use it. It's honestly better to discuss the politics pushed in video games there than it is here at this point.

Take the image and draw a red line exactly where it stops being blue then.

Where is that? Seriously, point me to a specific line, because I guarantee that if everyone in this thread were asked to do the same their lines would not all be in the same place.

Yes, and a certain amount of that is acceptable in the interests of a board that is both reasonably free discussion-wise and not overrun by shitposting. Obviously we should strive for relative consistency from mod to mod in how these rules are applied, but they need some flexibility to do a good job. Are there going to be times when anons get their posts deleted or receive (hopefully) brief bans when they disagree and don't think their conduct went too far? Yes. Will there be times when anons do go too far but aren't punished? Also yes. These are regrettable situations that we should seek to minimize, but the system is not perfect and we cannot completely eliminate them.

We have to make a choice between being oppressed by overly rigid rules and occasionally dealing with mod/user disagreements; I choose the latter.

Only a shitposter has issues with threads staying on topic, posts not being illegible text speak cancer, and avoiding political faggotry on a anime board.

It's not a character attack. It's a well reasoned conjecture based on the normal complaints lodged agains a board that is inimical to shitposters.

The wall remains, Holla Forums. No matter how you wail, your off topic shit will never be allowed.

Proof is in the pudding. Browse /a/ for a while and then come here again. It's like night and day. Or not. We aren't hurting for new posters.

If you want to address the fundamental laziness you need to get to the root of the problem. The root of the problem is born from ethics, ethics and enforcement of ethics is inherently political. Mocking the "ethics in games journalism" was just to mock how the idea was inherently shallow and short sighted. If you know anything about programming or game design, then you know the logic is what dictates how the program executes commands. If you assume that critiquing the programing language is off the table then the game will never be fixed. Politics are just the way these social codes are enforced. There is no such thing as a hard working leftist. There is no such thing as a good game produced by someone with left wing political opinions. If you are trying to say the developers of the original Deus Ex where inherently leftist then I think you might be mistaken because the game is clearly apolitical and born form something resembling /x/ culture.

I am not Holla Forums you fucking faggot. I am just someone with an ethos. If you could see my post history I've been on Holla Forums for years. Moreover, my point stand regardless of your political persuasion. Stop trying to force a false consensus. If you like it better on /a/ stay on /a/ faggot.

If /a/ is so great, why are you here?

The wall remains indeed. No matter how much shit you fling over the next 8 years, leftism is going to get facefucked into oblivion. You have no power, your organizations will be defunded, your commie shitstains will be arrested. You had one chance to close the casket on western civilization and you blew it. You lost, forever, and nothing you can say or do will ever change that. It's curtains for you, kike.

When the majority is more cyan than blue. is when it overttakes. Exactly where I placed it. That'd be the derailment point. You're also avoiding the fact that it's much clearer when a thread is derailed.Theres often a clear point where you can see the main topic is no longer discussed because of arguments or other reasons. The other rule, which presupposes entirely on a moderators discretion is much more easily abused as it allows him to ignore the rule entirely because of "conditions".

So essentially, mod abuse of power is okay, because apparently following rules is hard. If the rules are an issue it shouldnt be a rule, not give the moderator all the power and let him do wtv man. And no, that doesnt mean ban all shitposting and anime, it relates to the thread derailment, which has a clear point where it is passed and can be challenged if anons disagree, rather than "everything is left to moderators feelings and opinions of the day"

I'm summoning the big fat jew or one of his jew volunteers

Can we have a stream of the Spy Kids Trilogy and Machete this Sunday? Machete is confirmed to be in the same universe as Spy Kids so I figured we could play the first 2 movies, then Machete, then finale it off with the 3rd one which actually involves video games. It sounds like fun, and honestly I kinda wanna see them after it's been so long. Anybody else think this is a good idea? Feel free to call me a faggot if you don't. It just seems like good timing what with the meta thread being up and all and Marks been saying he wants activities for Holla Forums.

Also here's the original posts.

Damnit, forgot pic.

Ok yea I don't care anymore.


Im not davinci, I dont have perfect motor control. The point was made, its when the blue is overtaken by cyan. It's better to have a rule than to have moderator discretion that can decide its allowed to break rules when they feel certain conditions are "okay"

I can tell. You are also political cancer who can't resist posting about it on unrelated boards and topics. Holla Forums or not (you are Holla Forums) you have no place on /a/.

Already answered this. If you can't be bothered to read a post chain then I pity you.

Typical Holla Forumsack. Just because a board dosent want to hear your endless screeching about politics and kike doesn't make them leftist. They just don't want to hear your endless off topic screeching.

You aren't fooling anybody /left/a/pol/

So you're seriously attempting to claim that every pixel to the left of your line is objectively blue, while every pixel to its right is objectively not blue? A: it's not even a straight line so that's impossible, and B: you have delusional levels of black/white thinking if you actually believe that.

Not accurate; it's just as ambiguous if not even more so.

It's not okay, it's just that not every time you get banned is inherently a mod abuse of power, nor is every time you get banned and disagree with your ban. You're once again attempting to reduce the options to extremes, either we have hyper-rigid rules or mods just do whatever the hell they feel like doing; that's simply not reality.

Since you brought up shitposting and anime though, what exactly is your proposal for a 100% objective rule on those topics?

No really fuck off. Politics isn't going to help this board. It's degradation for the past 3 years is obvious proof.

But you placed the line with your line-placing discretion, much like how enforcers of the law must exercise their own discretion when dealing with law-breakers.

So you come here to shit up the board then?
I knew /a/nons were faggots, but you've taken the cake before Mark could even get the first bite.

This board exists because of politics. Because people weren't allowed to discuss GamerGate on cuckchan. It always has and always will be, at the very least, a right wing reactionary board in spirit, in spite of the best effort of you cancerous kikes.

Never change.

This boards regulars treat it like a shitposting garbage dump. I'm just acting as the Romans do.

We came here because of the intersection of politics and vidya, dipshit.


First of all, its fairly clear when a thread is overtaken and the original subject is broken. If a thread on resident evil has devolved into a political fucking discussion on waffles, its obviously been derailed.
2: It's better to argue a mod not having the right to ban for the rule, rather than giving a mod the power to arbritrarily decide what is ok and what is not subjectively and change their mind each day. Like whats happening now with rule 8 and the rabbit threads compared to the waifu threads. And a picture as your defense wont change that.
Oh really? So its really hard to tell when a threads subject is no longer on topic when its about a video game but instead is now about porn, or some other hobby? You seriously trying to argue its impossible to tell when a topic has changed?
Kek, you're the one who said "hyper rigid rules"
as if its some bad thing to know whats against the rules or not. How can you expect someone to obey the rules if theyre not clear?
Furthermore, giving the power to mods discretion gives too much power to one person. It's better to have rules that are enforced, not moderators subjective opinion on the rule.
Once again, like the pic you try and set up a trap question. I've already said, derailment of the thread is a decent rule. The rule itself can be argued against from the merits of whether or not the rule was broken, whereas a moderator being allowed to decide arbitrarily if the rule should be enforced or ignored like we have now where it's "you can do x, but only up to a point the mod decides and he bans you" gives too much power to moderation that can be easily abused.

It exists because the mods censored us because they cared enough about politics to do so in the first place you fucking retard. I'm not saying meta discussion isn't politics and I'm not saying video games doesn't have anything to do with politics, but Katamari Damacy has nothing to fucking do with Trump and Black Lives Matter. I'm sick of you tards thinking that everybody is ready to discuss the leftist fallacies instead of Risk of Rain. Eat shit and die or go back to your hugbox. Nothing you're implying will do anything for this board other than co-op it into an extension of Holla Forums.

It's obviously how you like it. Far be it for me to spit on board culture, Jojopleb.

/a/ is the worst semi-popular board on Holla Forums by far, literally since day one, and you should be ashamed of yourself for liking that dead r/a/dio tranny shithole

too obvious

I do care about it you sperg. I just don't want it here. Holy fuck you can't strawman any harder than this.

The difference being im arguing against the ability to arbitrarily decide to not enforce rules like was said before on a "case by case" basis. If someone derails a thread to something else and the original subject matter is no longer discussed, it's obviously derailed. Giving the moderators the ability to ban or ignore the rules on their subjectivity is not a better alternative.

No, but it is up for reasonable debate. Consider several related questions from the perspective of a mod:

I'm getting the feeling you've never moderated a board/forum before or put serious thought into it, because you don't seem to be giving much credit to the complexity of moderator decision-making.

I would also like you to suggest what to do about shitposting and anime posting; feel free to phrase that question however you like but it's a valid one that deserves an answer.

And what about moderator decision making that somehow decides rule 8 is applied to rabbit threads and 4am, but not to waifu wednesday or gg threads? What about how mark says they go by a "case by case" basis. Since you're the guy with all the answers explain how that one was well done and didnt ignore the rules entirely for moderation subjectivity.

If you really cared, why would it bother you? Why would someone posting a Trump image trigger you? No Holla Forumslock would be upset about people getting redpilled on Holla Forums or anywhere. Redpilling everyone is Holla Forums's mission for fuck's sake.
When the intersection of politics and some hobby are concerned, there are three types of people.

Those that are happy to see it discussed,
Those that sincerely don't give a fuck about politics and hide those threads/filter those posters,
and those that do care about politics but are incredibly butthurt that the community doesn't agree with them, so they scream until the majority stops discussing politics.

Your attitude alone makes it clear which group you belong to.

Okay, pal. As a matter of fact I don't defend any of those things. As for off-topic threads, I would suggest setting a general rule against them but laying out specific exceptions such as LOL threads. I never argued for mere "case by case basis" application of rules or claimed that Holla Forums moderation has been perfect; I'm simply arguing for general rules allowing for a moderate level of flexibility to deal with context and severity.

Because I see it in every fucking thread you unaware sperg. I'm sick of you fucking dipshits thinking this place welcomes your retarded debates and derailing issues while the rest of us suffer. Seriously fuck off. We have separate boards for a reason.

I see where you're coming from, but I'd also consider political discussion to be mostly tangential, and shouldn't be considered more important compared to the main topic of the thread. For example, say a new game is being developed by [X developer] and there's a new trailer/interview/gameplay footage/whatever. Someone posts public information about people on the dev team that implies various things about their political ideology. That's fine, but when the that shit happens, the thread tends to lose focus on the gameplay/original topic and can shift to a fucking circlejerk about the dev's stance on this or that. That diminishes discussion. In that instance, the political discussion could be considered relevant but is also by no means necessary, unless the content of the game is deliberately pandering to a political group, and even then that discussion will be likely limited to things like the plot/scenario and character design. Shit like, "Oh, it's Ubisoft, and they're too progressive so therefore let's just shitpost about how cucked they are" is fucking superfluous when there's plenty of legitimate reasons to hate the shit-on-a-plate products that they dish out without having to dip into their pandering to "progressives"

The entire argument and majority of my posts are about this. Since you claimed you're the dude who moderated and had all the answers, i'm asking you to tell me how what mark and the mods did is okay. I defer to your wisdom, explain to me how "case by case" basis is good and its fine to play favorites based on moderator subjectivity. Enlighten me.

Did you read the rest of the post? I just answered your questions despite complaining about them.

I grow to hate you /a/utists a little more every time you post.

There is no rule about political discussion on Holla Forums. In absence of one and given the amount of politics games shove in these days it isn't reasonable to just say fuck off to another board. They made video games political and fucked with us on those grounds. I can't deny that politics have a place here anymore.

No, you simply stated you dont defend them and their moderation is not perfect. I want to know how case by case basis is alright and your opinion on the moderators playing favorites with threads and selectively enforcing the rules.

It's completely reasonable to tell somebody to fuck off when they bring up an off topic discussion about politics in a game that has little to do with politics. I mentioned before as well that Dues Ex is highly political yet completely allowed.

Video game politics is for kids. Usually there's nothing actually deep or worth discussing about it but if you think there is go for it. I'd rather talk about the merits of the gameplay than a shitty political message the game enforced.

Don't know what more explanation you want at this point; I feel I've explained my general position on moderation and rules in pretty substantial detail.


So marxist devs consistently make shitty games, and people aren't supposed to talk about the ideology that leads to these shitty teams?
Marxist devs constantly take potshots at the right, and the right is at fault for giving them shit over it?
They make
the protagonists of a
and I'm supposed to only talk about how bland of a generic WWII shooter they made with the subject matter?

Why does it bother you when people point out the political bullshit behind these games, in addition to their terrible game design?

It is completely reasonable to discuss globalism in a Deus Ex thread, up until the point where Holla Forums invites their Discord fag parade to fling shit at anyone that let their Holla Forums powerlevel slip.

Twice now i've directly asked you about this and twice now you've avoided it. Stop being a coward about this. I dont want to hear your suggestion on a fix, I want to hear about your opinion on how the mods are handling the rule 8 issue between waifu wednesday, rabbit rabbit threads and blatant favoritism.
I also want to hear your opinion on the case by case comment, not a fix for it, opinion.

It doesn't, what bothers me is when politics are brought up when they shouldn't be. Not every game is going to be politically charged, but some faggots will go out of their way to find a way to bring politics into the discussion. Yes, some do discuss political themes, but most don't, and the ideologies of whoever the fuck are not important unless it seeps into their game. Most times it doesn't. Do you think it's right to boycott a game made by someone who you don't align with politically? I don't, I'll play whatever people make, regardless of their leanings, as long as it's worth playing on its own merits alone. I'll even accept when someone throws in some attempt at making a political statement, even if that statement is the centerpiece of their work, so long as it's entertaining and fun.

Why does it bother you that some people just don't fucking care about your desire to make everything political? If you've got a point, then say your peace and leave it at that. The circklejerk is the worst part of it all, and yes it does derail threads.

If you don't care, you don't care. You ignore the politics and like what you like.
You clearly care.

No it's not, unless it's in the context to the game. It's off fucking topic. It amazes me how I have to tell you retards the same thing I tell SJW's. There's more important shit going on in the world right now than politics in video games. And it doesn't need to be discussed heavily in a board pertaining to a hobby. And just because you have a grudge against another board doesn't mean this place is your battleground. If we went into Holla Forums and started discussing why DOOM is shit in every one of your fucking threads when you just wanted to have a discussion you'd get pissed as well.

Do you really need it spelled out for you to that degree? I suggested doing it differently (setting an explicit rule on off-topic threads), so obviously I don't 100% approve of the current informal practice. I would prefer the thread policy be laid out in a rule.

As for Mark's "case by case" comment, I have now said twice that I do not agree or approve. Sage because this redundancy is getting to borderline spam levels.

Going to have to agree to disagree then.

Is this a sage on principle? You know we are 200 posts over the bump limit right?

No, you suggested a fix in lieu of giving an opinion of whether or not hes in the wrong or right, and even now you're giving political speak of
Which is a cop out of trying to give an opinion without being definitive or critical while vague enough to be on anyones side.
as well as for "case by case" all you said was you never argued for it or that it was perfect, you never stated it was bad or an opinion on whether it was actually good or not.

At this point I wouldnt be surprised if you're actually a mod but too much of a coward to state an actual opinion one way or the other. After all, you have "moderating experience" too, dont you?

At the very least just keep your autism low and consider that there are people here work like a dog and just want to discuss video games.

Deus Ex is mediocre. The story and politics are its main redeeming factor.
Yeah, like… politics. That you don't want people who disagree with you to discuss.
Holla Forums exists because a bunch of faggots got triggered that Holla Forums didn't agree with them, and is a top board because those faggots were so butthurt that they invited a bunch of cancer from reddit and cuckchan to increase their numbers. They are so mad that they would literally see this site destroyed if only the fascists lose control of it. They are the ones holding the suicidal grudge here.
Actually the occasional off-topic vidya or anime discussion I see on Holla Forums is far superior to anything I see on Holla Forums, or certainly /a/. We are happy to discuss our hobbies with people that aren't cocksucking commies with shit taste.

Nice bait.


I don't sperg out on the shit but I recognize it has a place here. Consider that filter ID has a place and a use.

That's not my point.

I disagree with politics being discussed

Yea that's why I have to constantly fucking be told in every thread I go into about how shit they are. Again you're overstepping your bounds, I don't care that you or they have a grudge, just don't bring it here. The nice thing about not wanting politics is that neither side can voice their shitty opinion.

And it;s usually said that people here have better taste in anime than /a/. That's not my point. It's still off topic and it CAN be fun for a few threads but diminishing returns has led to full on fucking annoyance at this point.

Consider that filter ID is how we got into this mess by letting it happen. I seem to remember a certain group that grew to power under the same principle of not tell them to fuck off which lead to a full on problem.

We got into the mess then by having janitors who were implicitly against the core values of imageboards, no transparency, and a constant stream of newfags who didn't know their ass from their elbow that overwhelmed the old guard. The situation is different here.

Holla Forums is annoying so you want Holla Forums to fuck off?
make 4AM and LOL and webm and every other "Holla Forums culture" thread go away first then, commie
Again, if you were an actual Holla Forumslock there would be nothing annoying about Holla Forums topics on Holla Forums. So clearly you are some anti-Holla Forums sympathizer.

At least the newfags discuss fucking video games on a video games board. And yes the situation is different but if I wanted to block an ID every time I saw political discussion that was off topic half the thread would be missing.

Political discussion is annoying. I want both to fuck off as if that wasn't obvious.

Nice "if you're not with us, you're against us" mentality. SJW's do the same thing. But even then the fact that you're trying to label me as anti-Holla Forums instead of actually trying to discuss a meta problem in a meta thread about a video game board is only proving how retarded this situation has gotten. I'll say it again. I'm on the side of video games. I didn't come to Holla Forums to discuss real world politics that has nothing to do with video games (IE: Trump, Presidential happenings, Globalism, ISIS ect) unless it's related and on topic.

Meant to reply to

After first paragraph.

I'm going to take that as a message to go to bed since it's 3AM here and I have stuff to do. Basically I'm going to take what said and agree to disagree for now. If you want to continue I'll bring it up in the next meta thread assuming I don't miss it because of work. Night faggots.

Meant to reply to

after first paragraph.

God damn I'm retarded tonight.

Video games are fucking shit these days, and the real world is fascinating. Why do you have a problem with people finding real world references more interesting than the skinner boxes they are framed around?

Holla Forums and Holla Forums wouldn't be a problem if they didn't always bring their shit here instead of to /new/ where it would at least not stick out like a nigger in an ivory shop.

>>>Holla Forums
>>>Holla Forums
Take your pick, because you sure as hell don't belong here.

go to reddit
you are cancer

1. give the board away to ANYONE else
2. tell codemonkey you quit
3. quit imageboards
4. optional: kill yourself*

*recommendations: hellium inhalation, throwing yourself off a high place, shooting yourself in the head, hanging yourself

Holla Forums is dead and dying anyway. congratulations you fucking kike


Fuck does this even mean. Poor choice of words if anything.

This is the most retarded argument and I can't believe people still spew it unironically.

11 hours later I come here to check those kosher trips

You did this, mark

Hitler did nothing wrong.

Never forget, if they can't make you say what they want, they'll make sure you can't say anything. To them, faux silence (contemporary with slow demonization of their opposite) is preferable to dissent.

We tried coexistence. It didn't work.

Sieg Heil.