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first for benis




'nother round, let's go.

Feminine benis.

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faggot marche is right. stay on target.




seriously guys, these kuk comics are retarded as hell. The guy who creates them spanish or something?


I believe he's a BR.

Hey guys, did I miss any new Gilda pictures in the last week or two? Between the riots and digging on the ESA these threads have been moving too quickly for me to even keep up.

that's even worse. Spanish speaking people are always retarded. Portuguese is basically the same.


Did Ian Miles Cheong fuck up here? Comments are telling him this is actually a joke article and Kotaku already reviewed Resident Evil 7 last week.

That's not marche, but he's right anyway, derailers never help. Also nice trips.

This guy reminds me of the spaghetti king back in November of 2014.

What do the kraut comments say?


you mean in the second pic? The guy says it's retarded and a government full of woman is not necessarily better than a government full of men. He says people should be hired by skill, not gender. And journalist who wrote that article is salty.

At the very least, he makes decent lewds.

In the second pic?

SPIEGEL ONLINE: And we think: If the picture apparently is so pointless, you put quite an amount of effort into commenting it.

Holy fuck are they salty.

that is the best picture you came up with? Because I wouldn't consider that one good. Not saying it's bad, but it is just another lewd picture, nothing special.

Eltonel you are a true gentleman, may you find nothing but happiness.

Previous thread recap.
The search continues…


Her mouth is on the side of her face.

He said decent, not good.

What I want to know is, what exactly is the end plan to paid demonstrations, paid articles, paid editors, paid website owners, paid youtubers, to all say Trump is literally Hitler? Plus they keep ratcheting it up every time, just increasing the chance people who were drinking the kool-aid go… "wait…what?"

Not only is it driving moderates away from media and other places usually considered trustworthy, but it also makes Democrats/Leftists, look crazy. And elevates the image of the right and GOP.

They won't be able to convince everyone to turn on Trump, otherwise he would've lost the election already. Trump still has the power to put boots on the ground in some case antifa attempts to actually storm a state building.

But thats unlikely to happen since if they actually seriously attempted something drastic, things would be investigated and the protesters would spill the beans on where their money was coming from.

Might try asking plebbit, someone there might have the 2007, I gave youtube a check and could only find recent videos.


He's getting better over time but his comics are still pretty garbage tier

My thought exactly. It's like the author (or the comment section scrubbers) can't even spell professionalism.

spaniard, yes. like eltonel. they probably met each other and didnt even know at some point in some con.

what's up with those open back sweaters? A few threads ago I see a anime girl on the toilet taking a shit in her open back sweater, saying its cool because she can use the toilet without taking it off and now this shit is everywhere.

It's the new "Keyhole sweater."

A new jap clothing fetish, it's called "Virgin killer sweater".

for the love of god someone tell me they investigated and figured out this shit was staged. I refuse to believe people can be that ignorant.

dont fucking word police me you fucking retarded faggot
disgusting does not mean ugh gross in australia it means fucking disgusting

fucking kys

I didn't even look at it that closely, I don't like dark skinned woman, especially not those with short hair.

I really like the mexican dude who did those cool Newgrounds animations way back in the day. There's just so much visual bullshit going on in each picture that it seems really natural.

A lot of them are missing punchlines and it seems like he's trying too hard to fit in. But he's a good artist when he puts time into it. Only there's such a drastic difference in quality that it's really too obvious when he's rushing. Boy must that feel shitty if you pay for a comission and it's obvious it was a 15 minute scrible.

Calm down Marche, go hotglue your galko figure or something.

clickabit as its finest

that's the retard that grab whatever game and then just go on a tangent and write fanfiction instead of actually talking about said game. All of her "reviews" are utter dog shit


I think I found the one dark-skinned woman I can actually be attracted to.

I thought that was the majority of current year vidya journos.


it is but at least some of them try half-assing something about the game they are reviewing every one or two articles; she's retarded shit 100% of the time

As shitty as Kotaku is, Ian jumped the gun here.
archive.is/BYNAB - the actual review, archived on the 27th of January
archive.is/6SBtE - the NTR review, archived four hours ago

Of course, saying that Ian fucked up is like saying he's not getting his ads back, so…

Found this article where Doug Lowenstein got interviewed by Gamespot over stepping down from the ESA. It's pretty long so it might be another multi-part post.
Q&A: Doug Lowenstein, going the distance
GameSpot: Does this signal tough times ahead for the ESA?
GS: Do you remain an active president for the next two months?
GS: Come March 2007, do you sever all ties to the ESA?
GS: Speaking of a successor, what kind of person do you think is required to fill the role of ESA president?

GS: Twelve years ago the IDSA was formed in response to growing political pressure on the industry. Today, the industry still remains the object of the same political pressure. Why is progress so darn difficult in terms of taking some of that pressure off?
GS: I don't mean to imply that. I think you can carry the question. Even assume that's implied.
GS: What do you see as the biggest challenge for tomorrow's ESA?
GS: Can you elaborate? Accessibility. What's that all about?

Holy fuck I missed an entire bread.

How the fuck is Horseshoe Theory progressive?

GS: How were you able to put up with the vitriol of those who attacked, and still attack, the ESA?
GS: You know, there's so much sizzle surrounding the challenges you've faced as ESA president, it strikes me as a curious direction to go, finance.
GS: OK, how about this: You're going into finance, are you going to miss the sizzle of entertainment?

GS: Was it easy to leave the ESA?
GS: You're getting sappy, Doug.
GS: I will.
GS: Good luck, Doug.
End of interview.


Is Kojimbo's latest movie fucked?

Damn that's one long log of bullshit, impressive.

You got an archive for any of those?

Good find. It got me interested in comparing his successor, to gauge and find out what general direction the ESA is going.

From that profile pic and name I'm going to guess this is a tranny



This needs to stop; everyone already thinks we're a bunch of limpwristed faggots, we don't need more of you shitting up the place.

While I was looking up more of Doug Lowenstein, I found this "Interesting" spergout from someone on Destructoid ranting on Doug Lowenstein.
Going to need to find more info this bit to find out what's going on…



One of milo's speeches attached here. Why? Well because I ignored him most of the time, everyone calls him a bad guy and I have no idea why. Last thread I asked why everyone hates it and nobody could say anything so I assume some of you don't know him either. The video is supposed to make him look bad by the way.

He's shiesty as fuck about money. But most of his logic's not too far off base.

Somehow, I prefer the old when the industry was being condemned. At least that way, the industry was able to cater purely to the consumer's enjoyment than using it as a personal soapbox.

They don't like him because he says mean things, is perfectly capable of defending his views with research, and is completely willing to debate.

It's not the video, but it appears to be a transcript of the major points of Doug Lowenstein's speech at DICE Summit 2007.
10:00 — Doug talks about his Pet Peeves.


>Next time you think about criticizing the ESRB, remember: that part of what we do is essential to your ability to continue to create the products you want to create.

If I read that correctly, is that's destructoid side of the story? Because if so, I find it hard to not sympathize with Lowenstein.
Also kek'ed at
Seems in 2006 the cancer was already forming.



Anyone give me clarifications why?
Or should I just unfollow this KiA regular?

Liberals confuse me. They want to fight the faction with the most guns in the country, the biggest guns, some tanks, as well as most of the military support and local law enforcement in most states, as well as the federal government backing them. Are they insane?

Probably guaranteed

This part is interesting:
Especially knowing what we know now that after his tenure in the ESA he went into finance.

Also, on Destructoid;

He seems to be talking about gamification of vidya. Jump to present day, present time. I'm not sure that I see that hope as bright as he did in the past. I can se why he saw it as something hopeful as he did. But looking at what has been produced and what kind of opportunists it attracts nowadays.

That which is subsidized can also be regulated. That's why feminists always look retarded when they vote for tax-funded abortions and then go out on the street holding up signs that the government doesn't have the right to regulate what they fund.

I don't people think these things through beyond LOL FREE SHIT


They don't like him because he says things against their religion… I mean narrative

Those things are almost always staged, regardless of left/right alignment.

Found a PDF of the ESA's 2006 Annual Report. The opening statement of how "The video game industry is entering a new era, an era where technology and creativity will fuse to produce some of the most stunning entertainment of the 21st Century." does not give good vibes nor the Rothschild-run Economist magazine…

Because he doesn't have a fucking job and won't be able to get free/reduced price internet anymore.
He'll have to pay just like everyone else.

This is important, read these and see what we can find on it!


Someone please tell me the violence is over. It's funny watching the hard left destroy itself, but I don't anybody to die, you know?
I don't want a civil war.
I want off this ride.

Kat a cute

Friendly reminder, it don matter, all will end, it must end, eventually the madness we call life will not be sustainable, time and space itself will dissolve, in the end there will only the the memories of us echoing through the cold darkness.

Got any more lewds like that user?



Only for the cycle to repeat again


Holy shit. Who was responsible for the ring?

The universe does not cycle, light will someday be a relic of the past, all the torches will burn out.
In the end al will freeze and be silent, it is physics, everything good has to come to an end.

I'm really getting a horrified vibe from this shit…
Doug Lowenstein: Taking Games to the Next Level (2005)
>1/3 of all gamers are women, but most of them are casual gamers. There is content with cross gender appeal (like sims, mario, etc). But we really need something more profound and fundamental — a cultural shift that tells women that games are not just for men. The game industry isn’t doing a good job of combatting “gamer shame,” the sense among many women that it is somehow inappropriate for them to be playing games.
>We need more games that are socially and politically relevant. Why can’t we make games about politics, or global warming? Lots of movies do that, and really stimulate the intellectual side of our brains.
>Katamari Damacy sold 120k units. It won great awards but didn’t do well commercially. Keita Takahashi said that he thought games need to be “a happy part of life.” How many games actually do that? If they did, how many more people, of all ages, would play games? I think a lot. That goes towards broadening the market… in my opinion. we do need games with more emotional impact.
>Emotional impact is more than “making people cry.” The holy grail for game designers shouldn’t be doing everything that movies do. The issue isn’t “can games make you cry” (like movies), but that we need games that move *beyond* today’s conventions; games that keep you up at night making you wonder if you made the right choice in the game. We need games that you talk about at parties, the same way we do about movies. And, in fact, that’s happening more and more, but it isn’t as culturally ubiquitous as it is with movies.
>I actually have a PSP, got the new hockey game for psp, loaded it up, and was totally intimidated. Losing three-to-nothing after a minute and a half. Too many buttons, too many things to figure out. It’s a basic principle of marketing: draw the consumer in and keep them. Too often, it’s a grueling experience in a game. No one likes to die over and over! Tell me any other industry where you have to buy a 200 page manual to learn how to win the game? We make games and they’re so complicated, there’s an entire book publishing industry built around addressing the problem!

>A huge problem for our industry is cultural resistance and fear. Leave aside that there’s all sorts of crappy books out there — see a 12 year old with a book and “oh boy, that’s so great that he’s reading!” But with games, we don’t feel the same way. Games are under attack all over the country. Hillary Clinton wants to ban the sale of games to minors. ~20 states are considering legislation to ban sale of games to minors. We are under attack. It’s true that some politicians are certifiably extreme on this issue; some are exploiting media violence concerns for political gain. Our position is that all of these proposals are unconstitutional and not justified by the science or the reality of the market. There aren’t hordes of 12 year olds buying grand theft auto — most of the time, little Johnny got it from mom and dad (and that’s federal data, not industry hype.)
>Controversy is fine, and I hope we have stuff that always pushes the envelope, but I don’t think it helps when the perception is that our industry is producing nothing of value. There is a wealth of things going on (serious games, games for health, etc) that will eventually create more acceptance for video games, but it’s going to take time.

user are you on drugs right now?

I'm pretty sure copious amounts of wodka is a drug. Post is still real tho, cherish your time under the sun cause all starts will die, the eternal night we must survive.

Kat a commando

I bet there were a shitton of illegals in that.

anyone got the benis archive page?

Implying this was the only universe to be created.

>>>Holla Forums9141061
Go ask Holla Forums

Hotdog or bun?

is that some weird sexual thing?

Are you implying an inter dimensional empire?

jesus christ those ads

I'm implying a universe constantly recycles itself

get a life, geek

Good find again on this one. I got and understand what he's saying in some part from a busines pov. In other part however, specifically
That one is definitely in the "for publishers, vidya as a commodity" pov and interest. Sheeit, I know making vidya is a business as much as it is a creative and technical craft. But that paragraph to me reads like a so close yet so far type of thing.

no, its just a page with the word benis in it, but i forgot that archive is compromised, never mind

Then all dies constantly, a big cycle of death. Its pretty depressing.

No 4U


GDC is gonna be interesting this year, with several vidya companies starting go full virtue signalling, gonna have to make a list, and how many fucking games do we get out of Yemen, Libya, Iraq, and Syria btw?

2 posts and you outed yourself already

Again, this "travel ban" only extends to those seven predominantly-Muslim countries right?

So… quite literally nothing of value was lost?

Who makes those fucking ads!? I've seen all sorts of ridiculous shit like "Meet the real Elsa" and feature a picture of some woman with Elsa from Frozen's head super imposed on her body! I've seen a picture of Bison from the live action Street Fighter with a headline "World's most evil dictators"! Who comes up with these and who do they think they're fooling!? Only a complete idiot would click on these!

probably a bot

Nice try shill.

There's some weird stuff out there

Come on user, don't you want to see what happens next? I swear it is so terrible and sad it will surely blow your mind.

Nice sources, here's your (you). Use it well it will be your last one


Filtered and reported.


Nice Work If You Can Get It: ESA, ESRB Heads Make the Big Bucks. (2009)
ESA, ESRB Execs Paid Like Wall Street Bankers?



From a day ago, the list is getting lengthy, also Insomniac retards too.

give me your favourite image of vivian right now




Just as I'm not getting any single good vibe from the ESA from wanting to turn video games into soapboxes & propaganda machines along with both Lowenstein & Gallagher wanting to broaden the industry with "Diversity"…this shit has got to stop.

I don't think Horseshoe theory is progressive. It's probably called progressive though since a lot of pol/lacks the past year or so think the theory is used to cull extremism/a poor attempt at appealing to moderation. "Both sides r dumb" non-committal answer type of thing.

I, however, disagree. "neutral" and "both sides" fags are often cancer but that doesn't mean the general idea behind it doesn't exist in some extent in the realm of politics. For example I would say that both left and right wing authoritarianism would lead to the same direction.

Holy fuck I understood this reference, gave me a chuckle

I want the religious right to come back. I'm dead serious, they were faggots trying to ban shit but they didn't completely try to subjugate this entire hobby to push their agenda and virtue signal all over the place their worthless ideals. I think what we have now is far worse then what we dealt with decades ago.


Jesus fucking judas, this has to be the first time I have ever seen anyone post about the show.

Off topic sage

Holla Forums hates it because they think it's an attack on extremism when it's really just an observation of the strong correlation between extremism (left or right flavored) and authoritarianism.

that can be arranged

A comment in the first archived link reminded me of something mentioned in past bread.

Someone mentioned the ECA looked defunct, as active as megaphone chan blogsite (as in comatose). I'm wondering, was it the ESA failed attempt at indie style lobbying group. Similar to indie movies or indie music that turns out to be mostly owned by larger studios or labels. Membership in the ESA is probably not cheap, they don't list the hard numbers just a contact info. That usually means expensive at least for pleb individual levels. The ECA iirc however seems cheap. As if it was more interested in getting quantity of members and interest vs membership dues.

The worst part is that the expected reach of the "religious right" was grossly overestimated.
Fuck, I met right wing god-fearing people who didn't give a fuck what video games were being played, if at all, more times than not.

The religious right was mainly Protestants with no "real" power like the SJWs have. It's much harder to push Evangelicalism in government than it is to push diversity or tolerance.
If the SJWs didn't care what video games were being played either, I don't think this thread would have ever existed.

Even then, the religious aspects of Christianity are so splintered and fragmented that to claim that
is the equivalent of holding up a sign that says "I'm retarded"

Meaning that the Protestants can't get their shit together and agree on anything?

why vergil became a reporter?

They all agree on hating Catholics.

The thing is, the SJW infestation isn't unique, it's basically just the Moral Majority 2.0: Leftist Boogaloo.

They did a lot of the same shit that the SJWs are doing now just in a different way, pressing religious folks to speak out against what they defined to be sinful and corrupting influences, shaming dissidents as not truly faithful, infiltrating positions of power so they could later team up to push their agenda in that sector (like the deal with the Kansas board of education endorsing creationism in biology class), and so on.

So no, while they didn't go as batshit as the current left is right now, they were still a considerable and troublesome puritanical influence that America is better off without.

Which was constantly, and consistently openly mocked and derided.
They were a joke from start to finish.

Currently on KiA's frontpage. This is the guy that helped boot Kukuruyo out of some host over his drawings because it was "child porn". It's rich (heh) how he's for free speech now. Also he constantly posts his site over the comics subreddits when self promotion is actually a bannable offense site wide



ur a faget


Just in case you missed it

God I hope next riot trump just sends in the troops and they open fire

took their fucking time

Something dawned on me while on the train back home, I have never seen a SJW with a real job or good career prospect. Do feeling useless leads to SJWism?


I've seen a couple, one in marketing (photoshopping things errday) and one in HR (recruiting folks for a tech comp.)
Both seemed pretty 'soft' careers.
It may just be a matter of autism user, most people can hide their power levels for any topic pretty well.

They all aim for office jobs or cushy jobs
Like game journalism for example
Playing video games and saying how its sexist
Getting paid by the word
Sounds like a dream job if they liked vidya
You will never see a sjw at a coal mine or in construction. You will never see a sjw plumber

The CEO of Intel and the CEO of Yahoo are SJWs. it's a pretty loose idea.


Isn't Yahoo getting sued by a lot of men?


Probably, I think they are rebranding too after the significant fuck ups of their female CEO.

Blogging is not a career, I wouldn't brag about it.

They are not SJW, they are using SJW for their own gains. If clubbing puppies with baseball bat was what got them what they wanted right now this is what they would be doing.

The War for "Equality" by Leftists usually means dumbing down or lowering the bar, hence you get Anti-ism shit, Affirmative Action, Education system that is routinely churning out mediocre students, and ect.

Kinda sad to see them go but they listened and believed the sjw during 2013 about quotas and look how well it turned out for them

Didn't the CEO of Intel donate to Donald Trump though?
Pretty sure the equality shit was just PR

That's why they always tries to infect well established businesses and hobbies and then stir shit and play victim until people shower them with attention/money/opportunities to excuse themselves of whatever transgression they made the SJW suffer. The only thing they know to do is infect and subvert things. They thrive on PR jobs since all they know is play on twitter and make networking shilling for friends and shielding undesirables out

What's anyone gonna do? Use AMD processors?

Just remember CEO's play both sides
Its a gamble but if one side gives them money then they will pander to that side if one side makes them look bad and puts fear into their wallets then they will listen to that side till sales prove other wise
Though look at Marvel

Like Suey Park, who removed the ability for Reddit employees to negotiate salary to "even the playing field." Who's that going to help? Oh, more money for her? And expensive speaking gigs about how she "fought sexism and 'won'?" Okay.

Maybe it was another IT company then, I know Intel gave to feminis "charities" though, shit makes no sense.


Yahoo was never good.

Yahoo was great twice in 2004 and in Japan


Wow. She was part of the reason I stopped using reddit, but I didn't know it was that bad. They call themselves progressives but destroy what the left has been fighting for since the early 20th century?

Is this true? We should spread this among the sjw circles that praised Intel over their diversity and FemFreq shilling

I don't believe you.

They are also the first on the chopping block once the budget cuts comes around. Wait a few years for the next round of layoffs for some more salt.

Why anyone would waste time to work for a shitty company like Reddit or another of those so called 'startups' straight out of California is beyond me.

Anyways, speaking of the ECA…
ECA Boss: Jack Thompson's Still Trouble
>"I did take some selfish joy in receiving Jack's email announcing his formal disbarment, but you need to understand that Jack and I have a long and quite personal history, and in addition, I must receive a half dozen emails from him a day, so this was one that I appreciated receiving. Let's put it that way," stated Halpin. "It's important that gamers, while having every right to rejoice in their karmic victory, should understand that this really doesn't diminish his ability to be a force against us. Jack's not going anywhere… believe me."
>"I read Doug's [Lowenstein, ex-leader of the ESA] reaction statement with a lot of interest, actually. As many who have been around the industry for some time know, Doug was my mentor when he ran the ESA and I the IEMA (Interactive Entertainment Merchants Association)," explained Halpin. "I believe I've gone on record before saying that one of the single largest mistakes we, collectively, made was ignoring Jack. I was certainly culpable in following Doug's lead, but in doing so we left Jack as the only voice at the microphone; we empowered him, and it was strategically unsound and, in hindsight, altogether wrong. I know that Doug stands by his decision and instead hoists the blame on the enthusiast press, but I respectfully disagree. It was the endemic media which cast the light on Jack, his misstatements and factual inaccuracies and point-by-point, systematically addressed his assertions… all the while educating their readers, and the mainstream media and public who cared to listen, on the realities of the situation. I've always felt that the gaming press was the most underutilized weapon in the arsenal when it comes to battling our detractors and it was one of the first things we went about rectifying when we launched the ECA, just under two years ago."

Rummaging through the list of donors, but the only one I can think of is Peter Thiel, usually Silicon Valley donates to both parties, but they all said no to Trump while Thiel went all in on.

Unfortunately they just jump to another company to poz it too and when they get shunned they come up with some made up bulshit like being harassed or misgendered by their former boss. Then comes someone with a job opportunity for this brave person and the cycle starts all over again

Decided to look it up again and apparently Krzanich was actually holding a fundraiser for Trump at his home, but then cancelled it after the New York Times went to ask Intel for details about the event.

Devolver digital has gone full retard for a while. They push Jim Sterling and censorship. They shill Rami as well.

2 part article on Doug Lowenstein vs. Kotaku
Part 1

Was the CEO of Yahoo. Past tense.

You only remember their decline, part of the reason that I'm a lefty is because I remember the sheer influence their sort had over my community as a child.

My grandmother was terrified of me turning into some malcontent because of what they told her about the books I had to read at school, and the school board ended up changing the English curriculum and firing a teacher and some other faculty member because she and a bunch of other self-righteous puritans protested about the corrupting influence of various stories that they thought were too mature for elementary schoolers. And that's only one such story, they did a lot of other stuff to manipulate the elementary I went to.

They did have power at one time m8, even if they ended up being mocked and derided toward the end of their run (not unlike what's slowly happening to SJWs right now, in fact).

You got it in one.

There are other reasons it can happen, of course, but what you mentioned is a major one. People who contribute little to society and receive a great deal from it often feel very guilty about it for a time, and they try to force it away through slacktivism because it lets them tell themselves that they are doing good for society, that they aren't weights on society but brave activists who are fighting for the greater good.

They get high on the idea of having the moral high ground, and so they adopt exacting and puritanical morality so that there's always something for them to criticize (and thereby feel superior) about any unenlightened folks they encounter.

Part 2

She finally left? She destroyed Yahoo and I'm not sure they can recover.

A billion dollarydoos for Tumblr, and they had to write it off.

After they promised Tumblr they weren't changing anything… Then making people's blogs unsearchable if they had one piece of NSFW content on it.

Yeah, that sure is the entirety of the nation and perhaps even the international scene. That sure is a massive conspiratorial undertaking on the scale that we've been tangling with for the past three years.
Your sense of scale is fucked, user.

They got bullied by the media, SJWs, and the Regressives, and Clinton Foundation goons, gotta say, Trump is still pissing off all the right people.

They got retarded PR shit, but waiting on the day they finally go full-cuck and self-censor all works, while virtue signalling their newly published Walking Simulator games.

Yahoo's sale to Verizon is still pending, the bitch managed to fuck up both the financial prospects of the company, and it's security with almost a billion accounts getting their info spread out somewhere in the "Darknet"

Disgusting, joking about layoffs is a big no-no in my field.



Diabetes is not taking him fast enough.

The comunity is absolutely cancer but as a platform Tumblr is actually pretty nice. Its easy to organize your posts with tags and shit and also very easy to take over any tag. When Twitter tanks that's probably where most of the masses will go

He will kill himself, this is how he will die, take a screencap of this post for when it will happen.

Bob is up with pedos on my list of people I really wish that committed suicide. He's only a waste of carbon, holy shit

For anime tiddies



I really want to wipe out that smug on his face.

Is bob still salty losing his job at the escapist and screwattack?

So it's not the first time Publishers left the ESA (Some came back like Activision, and like the ESA, bitches about Trump's "Ban".)
More E3 Pullouts; ESA President Taking Heat
Kotaku article in question.
I'd look more into it, but it's probably one of those growing pain things where a company loses money after some transitions.

[twiposting detected]
[countertrix deploying]

5 thousand hue.
On a more serious note, why the fuck is most of the vidya industry still gives vidya journos the time of day. I think I came to a similar conclusion to yours via a different road, but holy shit. The vidya industry is not without it's share of the fault for continuing to enable the journos who props up the scam artists, whether that's Thompson or Sarkeezy.

So I keep seeing this shit about how Trump has the lowest approval ratings of any new president. Is there any official poll that tracks these things or is it just polls run by news organizations?

Yeah, about that:

Good taste mate

Why it always goes back to 5G's? What's up with his presence when these things always pops out!

God dammit, user, stop reminding me that shit exists.

Shut it down


>>>Holla Forums632212

What can I say, I like my twixie.

That's what they all say, and they're usually full of shit.

It's finally happened? after the hamfisted point-blank politicization and diversity social justice shit, they finally got people tired of people pointing out Pedowood's bullshit? wew, and can't wait for them to purge all the user-reviews.



Free speech isn't free. Nothing in life is. If life thought me anything, be suspicious of anything free.

In all honesty, I don't know. Theres so many questions that need to be asked I don't know where to begin.
There's so many questions to ask, but I really don't think they're salvageable at this point…especially when they make a stinker about Trump's "ban."


Well one thing for sure we scarred off any ghazi/sjw lurking


The Berkeley riot really bummed me out but god I hope they riot again just to have their shit kicked

Let's roll.

Marketing. "Journalism" is a sham.


Amen to that.

Okay, I'm kinda curious here: are you Sethisto, or do you just a random-ass horsefucker who likes Trixie?

One thing why I love Holla Forums over 4cuck is that even if someone gets triggered over a picture the picture won't get removed and the person getting triggered over it gets laughed at by everyone and get told to leave.

Man its sad to see what happened to that site that was once something I used a lot back in the day but Moot sold out

Here is the aftermath of the publishers that left the ESA in 2008
Interesting Days at the ESA (Part 1)

The fuck happened here?

That's not something a company just does off the cuff.

Directors must of gotten triggered over people calling their films shit or maybe stranger things doesn't want anyone calling them out for their anti trump speech

No just a wandering scruffening survivor from way back on /mlp/ who really likes trixie, a lot… I totally not working on that tulpa guys.

Part 2
>But there may be more concern behind that bland catch-all than the ESA is letting on. For one thing, as two of the larger members of the ESA stable, Activision and Vivendi presumably would have provided significant sources of revenue to the group. Even more threatening is the potential loss of credibility for the ESA and the impact Activision's absence will have on other publishers, who may find themselves re-examining their own ties with the organization.
>It's possible that Activision's desire for more direct control over events like E3 led to a conflict with ESA management that ultimately proved easier to abandon than to fix, but the situation is unlikely to be that simple. Walking away from a long-standing industry group like the ESA is not something done lightly, even for a heavyweight like Activision. In light of the news that other industry majors are also dropping out of E3, it leaves the impression that the ESA is standing on some rather shaky ground.
>This could be very bad news for gamers. An imploded ESA, without a suitable replacement waiting in the wings, leaves the industry without any form of organized political influence in Washington. With anti-videogame hysteria swirling around releases like Grand Theft Auto IV and Bully while the general public is subjected to a steady stream of misinformation about the addictive and destructive potential of the medium, the lack of a unified voice speaking for the industry could be devastating.
>But one piece of good news in all this is that the ESRB will remain unaffected. A move away from the well-established system could open the door to more concerted efforts to introduce legislative restrictions against games, but Eliot Mizrachi of the ESRB confirmed that game ratings are not contingent upon ESA membership, and that no extra fees or processes are required of non-members who submit their games to be rated. Activision and Vivendi's use of the rating system should continue unchanged.

Should've made a Jackie Chan tulpa.

I remember stopping by to check in on 4/v/ a couple months after august 2014. I shit you not, someone posted a soundless webm of hentai about a guy fucking a female android in a car. an user then proceeded to say how it reinforced violence against women or some shit like that, and no one gave them shit for it. Hell, the only guy who replied to it fucking agreed with the post. It was weak.

Although I think the reddit/tumblr boogeyman can get overplayed, I think there is valid concern there. Those kinds of people slowly infiltrated halfchan and changed it over time into something awful.

Dunno, like all forums that deal with pop culture media crap is usually a pile of shit, but since 2-3 years ago, when people are complaining about hamfisted politics, shitty reboots and remakes, and crappy anualization of a single film genre, they kinda lost their patience.

Should of screen capped it user
But this was before we archived everything

So are there any anons out there that are good with editing and shopping? Gonna need your help on this one. Make Mao/Lenin as Anita Sarkeesian, then her "employees"/followers as the red guards and her brand Feminist Frequency on every flags/books in these artworks. The captions at the bottom will be yours to edit on how you want to caption it. Enjoy.

I was too disgusted at the time to even think of doing it. People complain about slow threads here, but it's a much better this way. Threads don't immediately die out which gives people a chance to revisit the thread before it gets bumped off.

I think its good the GamerGate board is slow that way we can keep the shit posting here and anything related to a topic we can post it there in full detail

I'm too autistic for that, I would probably end up reeing for months about how me painting anita on it doesn't fit the rest of the art 100% cause I suck ass at painting.

Were anymore of these made?

Seems like a lot of movers and shakers are going at them from every angle now.

That game was funded by goons and developed by a goon.

Not surprising really, they'll take any avenue they can.

>>>Holla Forums9142560

youtube memory holes and demonetize videos for any petty crap but not this one

Oh, you know, except the fact that all the windows were smashed and they were shooting fireworks into the building.

> Jackie Chan tulpa

I always see these people virtue signaling but they never do shit.

You don't hear about them donating money, offering some dumb DLC with proceeds going to refugees, funding safe zones in Syria or whatever, its always virtue signaling.

Blizzard alone could help a lot if they opened their wallets but no, I AM MAD AND YOU WILL KNOW

Stupid fucking companies, make games and fuck off, that's all we want from you.

What I find surprising is that judges have now suddenly found this higher ethical standard, which they didn't seem to have during the Obama administration when he passed executive orders and other things that the DOJ should have caught him on.

Guantanemo is still open right? After 8 years of Obama?

My guess is the lure, or siren song of big and easy money, or the lure of large quantity of people who didn't buy or like vidya as new customers. Whether that has materialized in any concrete way for publishers I'm not sure myself, but the lure itself is real.
There is one consequence that may or may not have been mentioned in the discussion. Much like the general trend of very large or very small taking up the marketplace, it's usually the middle that gets squeezed out. Without going too much into tangents the pattern seems to hold in say earnings, with middle class being squeezed out. Retail, big boxes store and dollar stores are still around but I don't see department stores doing well at all. AA studios, a garage group devs or a small single to double digit max size team, imo a lot of times some of the better vidyas came out of those size of studio and group. It might just be me, but I don't see many AA mid size studios remaining nowadays.
Still something of a growing pain maybe, and a chip on it's shoulder since interactive media by other media standards is still relatively young.
I think that one had it's roots longer than 2007, that was present back in the 90's, likely even further back but the technology at an affordable level was not quite there yet. The hidden bonus to that IMO though is that limitation forces someone to be creative whether technically or artististically. Limitations can have that positive stimulus for creativity I think. But that desire to ape movies was definitely around in the late 90s from what I remember at least.

That archived link with Gallagher in 2008, I wonder. It's possible that it was just a blip commonly experienced during any transition phase. But is the increased spending in lobbying, could it be to show the publisher membership that the dues were justifiable, because see we do a hell of a lot of lobbying for you and such.

Goddamn it, why am I now thinking of Jackie Chan only wearing one of those fucking one-sided backless sweaters?
You fucking faggots. I knew someone was going to post something that would make me dislike them at some point.

That's now how it works at ALL.

Their politics board is literally Holla Forums. Also shill bots can now rate popular movies without the users questioning it.


Bull fucking shit. They just redefine it until it's something else and then they don't have to denounce it. It's not anti-trump riots. They're just antifa having a random riot that happens to align with Trump's innauguration. Pure coincidence. Those anti-milo rioters? Just a right wing false flag. We don't have to denounce it now. All that violence to trump supporters in the lead up to the election? Just ignore it. It doesn't happen if the media doesn't give it wall to wall coverage.

One judge changes every as he gives his plan on how Bernie can still be president
Seriously these people are really delusional that they can't live with out a virtue signal

Marketing cancer aside. It's sad to see that something as basic as journalism concept 101 like w5h, or factual reporting, or basic writing skills, gets tossed aside for clickbait and yellow journalism making a resurgence.

Well, people are still saying the Trump family are stealing from the World when he became President, even when countless bullshit like this and him not getting money from big companies on his campaign trail.

Another art bullshit video jewtube promotes? they've did this for the past like 5 years? this is why webm and multiple adblocks is a must.

Blizzard does charity shit from time to time because PR, now all these companies are doing this for PR political reasons so they don't get boycotted by SJWs for "not doing enough" well the regressives will tell these companies "You aren't doing enough!" it'll turn real fucking bad.

Most of the judges and lawyers doing these whining tantrums have connection to the previous administration, GOP bureaucrats, or Liberal-Democratic NGOs, and Soros of-course.

Basically this
All they have to do is say

I pray the Berkeley riots wake people up to this shit (more so than it has already) and people that are already far gone gets whats coming to them

I love that this horse isn't banned specifically on /pone/.
Cuckchan went to shit waaaay before gg, I think /tg/ suffered the first casualties, then the incident of the /a/ on Holla Forums during the loliban, and I mean all loli, fully clothed loli even, /mlp/ followed, gg was just the drop that spilled the bucket.

Need we forget the scruffy purge
Its funny just how big the things 4chan bans ends up being
Like seriously if sites didn't banned the Zoe post then GG would of never happened
Though I'm sure GamerGate or something similar would of happened later on down the road like probably during the DNC leaks or some shit or with more sjw bs because lets face it SJW's are just a cancer on society that everyones is fed up with.
Everyone is pretty much begging for the tumor to be amputated

Its fucking insanity, he's a district judge not a supreme court one, at most he can lift it in his own state, but one fucking district judge having the power to stop an executive order? Fuck no it doesn't work that way.

Just like the punch the 'nazi' meem that is going on right now, they never learn, we were preordained to go down this road, rest is up to us.

Using an SJW term, it's a dogpile of Court orders and lawsuits, think from the Lib judges and Pro-Immigration and Open Borders NGOs, it's about 50 lawsuits.

Yea cause the whitehouse cant just field thousands of lawyers to stonewall it till the 90 days are up.

Fucking faggots, they;re playing with peoples lives.

Exactly I mean they've turned so many groups against them
Redditors,anons,bronies,anime fans and gamers ect ect
ANd they sit their picking their nose wondering why
Hell Jontron and fucking Pewds are starting to speak out against this shit because they had enough

The more I hear about halfchan after the exodus (I was too busy at the time for imageboards), the more I learn just how much more it went to shit than I thought.

It's political grand standing, they think they got more political will because the companies who would lose H1B visa workers and cheap labor, various regressive sjw groups, hypocritical politicians from the last administration being against this shit, the media, and foreign countries that benefit with an open US means they are fighting for the little people.


Well Chris Metzens wife is pretty… well y'know

I tried.

pretty goo fam

WTF do you want her loins to yern for you AS they are cooking?

That way was before the great exodus, before the great /mlp/ scuffening even, there was a whole week /a/nons were refugees on Holla Forums because anti-loli mod went fucking insane.
I'm honestly surprised the exodus didn't happen earlier, but hey, atleast you guys aren't crippingly broken like us, I not counting before /mlp/ when we were banned for good reasons, but fuck, mlpchan still has lots of the posters from our exodus.

Pretty good, user. All it needs are the red guards' faces to be edited with her employees at Feminist Frequency, colleagues like Laurie Penny, Laci Green or her male feminist allies.

Motivation is hate, adopt a skittish cow, shower her with 'affection', send her to the butcher a year later. This isn't hard.

Apologies for early shitposting but the other thread was finished too soon.

New hashtag #DangerousWomanTour is circulating, the usual insane clown posse is spreading it.

Have another.

Looks like Obama must have pleased his bosses.

Here's a quick summary of how it went, we kinda just scattered after that. 2years worth of generals broken up.

Another multi-part article, but it's one of those "Let's look back years ago to see if any of the predictions came true or not." by the ECA's president from 2008.
The Crystal Ball (Part 1)
"Digital distribution will soon kill packaged goods."
"Games will be respected soon because gamers will grow up and become politicians."

Part 2
"The anonymity of the web and online gaming in general empowers hate-mongers, bigots and delinquents."
"Gamers in the future will be even more hardcore and willing to wear the label."

oh forgot that motivation. still fucking sadistic man

Part 3
"The future of console gaming will be on one platform."
"The publishing landscape won't change. Developers will be stuck as second-class citizens in forced deference to publishers."

Part 4
"Magazines are dead, long live magazines!"
"Content is king!"
"Game prices will eventually begin to fall."

I remember that. Wasn't it a chick who flipped a tit? I remembr even SFW loli stuff was being deleted, like Yotsub& threads. Not Yotsub& porn. Threads for the manga.

See the problem with executives, they have no idea about gaming aside from marketing, its why they want to take power away from the consumer, both in the sense of the games physical location, and the power of controlling your character, which is why interactive movies are a buzzword now.

Their ideas are about market manipulation and forcing consumers to adapt or adopt. They aren't interested in preserving something like "gaming culture" which wants quality control, transparency of developers, community managers and media, and player moddable content

Eyup, that was the event I was talking about and pretty sure it was grill mod ye.

I gotta wonder how someone who so clearly either hated animu or misunderstood the rules managed to get into a moderation position. My only guess is that nobody told her that "no loli" means "no loli porn" not "no pictures of fictional little girls ever even if they're just going on wacky adventures in a popular manga"

Usually by sucking dick or providing lewds.

My best guess is nepotism, it would explain a great deal eversince the big /tg/ purge, poor fellows never recovered.

Yea 90% of mods positions in most sites is due to nepotism

Mods, like moot were cucks and not anons. All that is to it.

I remember when GG lived quietly on 4/v/ until moot sperged out, banned it from cuckchan, nuked Holla Forums, said it was a joke, then quit. What a fag.

Now he's a google lackey, his startup completely went down the drain.

the thing about power, is that the people who want it, shouldn't have it. And the people who should have it, don't want it.

Ye basically taking the ball, puncturing the reserve balls and walking home. The ultimate 'that kid'.


In lighter news:
LOL Sweden YES.

Fuck off Sweden, never mind the fact that the women pictured are part of the council that had 2 women fired because they where islamic extremists.

Trump lives so rent free in their minds that they think he invented a picture of a politician signing something with people standing around them.

Also, why are so many of them so unkempt? You have a professional job that represents your country, look professional.

Well modding kind of gets to you after a while. But 4cuck has no excuse for their mod team. Getting literal normalfags, jesus christ.

you fucking kidding me?



Even swedes themselves are sick of it.

Haven't they've been doing these PR pics of having mudslimes, feminists, hijab-wearing MPs, and somalians on their signing pics for years now?

For one thing, Sweden is still enjoying their virtue signalling while their natives who pay taxes are being bled dry while they experiment with a Multicultural Swedistan.

He was triggered.

fucking kek

Hehe, I remember that, adding feminist to anything instantly destroys it no matter how menial the task is, they will find a way.

Yep, I think a swede friend told me at this rate Sweden will have nothing by 2020

It's a possibility.

All because of a woman who doesn't even want him.

I've had some power before and I hated it. Too much stress, trying to not fuck up with it.

Q&A: ESA president in the E3 hot seat (Gamespot interview with Doug Lowenstein in 2006)
Doug Lowenstein explains the rationale behind the dramatic changes that will see the one-time massive trade show become a much lower-key conference.
GameSpot: Can you confirm the July 2007 date that I've been hearing?
GS: We've heard exhibitors complain about costs in the past. Was there a straw that broke the camel's back this year?
So, If you were starting an industry right now, and one of the things you needed to do was to find a way that you can get your stuff in front of the press in a way that's really effective, you wouldn't create E3. So we said, "Well, if that's true, then what would we create? What would we do that allows people to have the kinds of businesslike meetings that they need, that would also allow the personalized interaction of the highest quality?" It became clear to us that evolving into this kind of event was clearly the right thing to do and it was the right time to do it. We've just come through these hardware launches, which is obviously always a kind of a big part of E3, and I think it really just became almost a natural time to kind of make this decision.


GS: OK. And we've heard that some ESA members were willing to pay up to $5 million apiece in order to allow the ESA to recoup money lost from exhibitor fees…
GS: So they haven't been charged dues in the past?
GS: Have the costs and legal battles like your recent victory in Minnesota played any part in the decision to get rid of E3?
GS: It might be a little early for you to have these details yet, but do you have an estimate of how many exhibitors to expect?
GS: Do you know what will happen with the conference program and the retailer VIP program?

How long has it been now, 2½ years?

I remember JonTron going "Pro gamergate, anti gamergate! How bout he just doesn'ty give a fuck..!" on some Vine video. It's good that he's finally talking about this shit, but he was in the midst of it all in that game show thing, he knew about a lot of this shit and he kept quiet until it's "safe" now to talk about this positively, so he is a pussy.

the moors return

GS: And we heard there would be maybe an anchor hotel for the event?
GS: There are two concerns I've heard from people that I've talked to so far. One is that smaller publishers and developers might have a harder time getting noticed as a result of the redesigned E3. The other is that the industry benefited from the spectacle that would attract mainstream media and attention from the outside world.
End of interview.

People who want power often don't pay attention to the responsibilities.
Basically feminism in a nutshell 'We want all your perks but you keep all the responsibilities.'

I'm seeing that more and more often. I can't cope with having too much power. I'm already a goddamn wreck, give me any real authority and I'll probably flip my shit and abuse it. I just wanna be left alone with my things.

You all ready for "Leg Drop 2.0: From Russia With Love Edition"?



my body is absolutely ready

10 websites that are about to file for bankruptcy. Number 1 will shock you.




Huh, sound familiar to anyone? Certain game devs Kotaku made hitpieces on, perhaps? Fuck Buzzfeed, thinking they can get out of this shit unscathed.

2B is perfect


It keeps happening.

So many fucking games to play.

Nioh unlocks on the 7th, still gonna Yakuza 0 and Berseria, then this.




OK, dance thread when?

Your first 2 choices suck.

His daughters are paris/bush daughter tier with all the problems of repressed childhoods and ghettoness. This will end hilariously for all except the obama name, not that it should be worth anything.

Don't keep me in suspense

I got bloodborne, all 3 batman games and wonky playing digimon for the next while. I will pick up nioh and nier when over the next year, but not a priority.

That's because it usually takes a task generally coordinated for utilitarian purposes, in this specific case clearing roads of snow, and then tends to modify it towards what people feel would better it. Their wives might have got on the bus quicker to get home from Faruk's apartment, but that's not going to help the economy

That needs so much updating. Include trump winning, and the tpp dying.

I'm doing another playtrhough of bloodborne to soak up the atmosphere, also made a QT hunter fu, still got DS2 and 3 to go through, Deus Ex, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Bayoneta 1 and 2, Donkey Tropical Freeze and all the games I mentioned.

I'm set for the year pretty much, though pharm school is ramping up.

when the judge lays the smackdown on them. Until then it's just smug

Here's an interview with Doug Lowenstein after he left the ESA, 2 years later
Interview: Doug Lowenstein's Unique View From Outside The Games Industry
A "Very Different" Environment
>When Lowenstein gave what would be his farewell speech – or what could be categorized as a parting shot – at the 2007 Las Vegas D.I.C.E. Summit, one thing he reiterated was the importance of First Amendment rights. A journalist during the 1970s, he became known by game industry watchers for his outspoken fight against numerous legislative attempts that he believed would infringe on the First Amendment rights of game creators, whose commercial and creative livelihood depends on the ability to express their artistry freely. To Lowenstein, although the rash of attempts to restrict sales of video games have died down in recent times, the industry still needs to make First Amendment defense the top priority. "I personally feel that any industry that is dependent on creative expression – which at the core, are what games are all about – should allow for unfettered opportunity to pursue whatever artistic vision one may have," he says. "This industry and any sort of entertainment industry must defend this to the fullest extent possible. If there's any erosion of that, it's a classic slippery slope. The First Amendment needs to stand tall. The industry can never get lazy about defending those rights." Moves to enact laws restricting the games industry seemed to be an everyday occurrence, particularly during the final years of Lowenstein's tenure as ESA boss. The "Hot Coffee" fiasco involving Take-Two and Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas did its part as a catalyst for legislation to restrict the sale of games to minors. Several states attempted to enact such laws; all the ones that the ESA fought failed the First Amendment test.


A Relevant Association

This smug enough?

So why does Lena Dunham and Obamas mother have the same last name?


2017 is the year that keeps on giving and we're only starting february.

I wonder how many people there are at the top to keep interference going for the bourgeois, most of the Demcrats picks for various departments are still in place right?

Speaking of racy moms, Trudeau's mom was known to get around. Including with Mick Jagger.


I'm kinda happy the White House has honest to god MILFs for once. That must piss the SJ crowd who are used to crones and chicks that make Serena Williams looks feminine.

I'm really more of a siscon, but I still want Ivanka to be my mommy.

I'd better answer this.

The media is fully aware of the power it has to influence the masses. My vocabulary is a little lacking because 3am, but they're basically pulling a sort of chaos manipulation strategy.

Imagine a pot of water with eggs floating in it, still in their shells. If one of the eggs breaks, a sensor will see it and set off a bomb, killing a specific person that you want dead. You aren't allowed to touch the eggs directly, and you can't tamper with the sensor or set the bomb off yourself directly - that is against the rules. So what do you do?

Easy. You apply energy to heat up the water. When it gets hot enough, the weakest egg will boil in its shell first and pop. You have no way to know which egg will pop or where at in the pot, you just know you have to get one - any one - to do it and you win.

The media (and elites who back and follow them) is using entropy as a social weapon. When you have a semi-closed system, and you apply energy to it the entropy of the system will increase until the system fails at its weakest point in order to relieve the excess energy.

A social system is a semi-closed system. Society as a whole is a social system writ large. By "heating it up" they're counting on the "weakest link", namely a mentally unstable or otherwise compromised person or group of people, "cracking" under the increased entropy. This person or group will then release their share of this excess energy. Or from the cracked person's perspective, release the unbearable social tensions they are feeling.

That means violence. Directed at a target. Their desired target is Trump.

Very few people will "crack." A small % of the population. Of that %, most will still have enough sense of self preservation not to threaten Trump directly. All the media system has to do, however, is be patient. If they keep applying energy and don't let up, then the pbobability of someone cracking and choosing Trump as their target will approach 100% statistically. This will be a tiny % of a tiny %, but it only takes 1 to try and 1 to succeed.

They're cooking the American public to rile up the crazies in the hope that they can trigger a guilt-free assassination. That's their win condition. The eggs that crack but that don't go after Trump? They're going to destroy property, riot, and hurt other people. The media is both aware of this and doesn't care. As they've been fond of saying lately, "this is war" to them.


Isn't that boiling frog?

No, its a different system.

Boiling a frog is increasing the prevalence of a subversive idea very, very slowly such that the pace it is injected into a social system matches or is below the rate at which people subconciously normalize it. The boiling frog analogy is that if you heat up the water the frog is in slowly, it won't notice the temperature change until it is already cooked.

If anything this is the opposite - they're ramping the temperature up hard and holding it there to make the frog go crazy and jump around in the pot. Except humans aren't frogs, and humans can be very dangerous when driven crazy and pointed at a target.

The question is if the media has enough control to pull this off and manage the fallout. 1 madman on his own has almost no chance to succeed and what happens when he fails? That may be the tipping point that breaks the spell. If not the first failed attempt then maybe the 4th or 5th.

Admittedly, so far it looks like people are ready to forgive anything that hurts Trump and his supporters. But alt-media has risen far during the last years and this may be the chance

is this what they attempted to do when that guy jumped the whitehouse fence and tried giving Obama himself a letter

a letter which pretty much explained that aliens from mars are afraid we're going to kill them when we find them underground, so they're working with elite humans to keep the sub servant humans on earth, preventing us from ever unearthing them and destroying what's left of their race instead of letting it die in peace

or are you saying they are trying to get schizos to have breakdowns, to identify themselves as being schizo in the first place?

Handle what? There's nothing to handle.

Well the idea is to convince some mentally ill american person that Trump IS literally Hitler, and they will be praised as the savior of the human race if Trump is killed.

Due to the poor Mental Healthcare in the United States, as well as attempts already, a Reagan Style attempt may be in the cards.

The Elites are practically begging for it.


Is that like Ted Cruz's father being an old buddy of Lee Harvey Oswald?

Interesting how small the world is when you get into the upper echelons isn't it.

There was also the Princess Diana death, some theorizing it was an organized hit to stop Islamics from having a possible claim to the throne of the UK at some point in the future.

Again user, it only takes one.

Lets be generous and say that 33% of the country supports Trump. 33% are neutral, and 33% hate him. That's ~100 million people who hate him.

The people who hate him don't care about alt media. They're still following the MSM, who tells them A: What they want to hear. B: Keeps putting Trump up as a huge bogeyman. And C: Supports the people protesting him, even the violent ones.

Lets say just 10% of those people believe the narrative enough to be radicalized. That's ~10 million people. These are the hardcore lefties who physically go to protests, write graffiti, and tweet "this is WAR!" all over the place.

Of those 10%, lets say that 3% (very generous, frankly) are compromised. Mentally unstable, violent, or otherwise "ticking time bombs." That's ~300,000 people. This is the pool the Antifa/Black Bloc is recruiting from. People so caught up in the rhetoric and out of fucks to give that they'll take physical, violent action that has a chance of getting themselves injured, killed, or arrested never mind the injuries they do to others and property. Lets say of this pool, one in 20 actually signs up for it. There's ~15,000 hardcore of the hardcore right there. The kool-aid drinkers who beat unconcious men with baseball bats and pull old white men out of cars, beat them, and steal their car.

Out of those ~15,000 already unstable and dangerous people, 5% of them are in so deep they believe they could become a national hero, written about in the history books forever, if they are the ones to personally stop "The Next Hitler". That's 750 people.

Days, months, years of the propaganda go by. They're already unstable. They're committed. They want to be famous. Gather 750 people like that in a room. Give them a gun, or all the "dangerous knowledge" you can find on the Internet. Give them all their free time to work up to it. Give them nothing to lose.

You don't need to know which egg will crack first, or where. Only that sooner or later, one of them will. Just keep cooking.

Scared yet? Because I am. I've studied militia and protest movements for years, including lone wolves. Not studying ideologies, mind you, but science. Recruitment, strategies, funding, planning, successes and failures and hows and whys. This is how the shit works, and the media fucking knows it. This is the 5th column's ultimate weapon, and nobody but the cracked egg will bear any responsibility for it. They get away with it every time.


This is news to me.

Don't worry, I'm sure they'll blame the real culprit: guns.

Honestly, both Jim Leavelle and Oswald both have great reaction faces there.

A better example would be Tim McVeigh on the right.

The hard Right co-opted parts of the militia movement back in the 90s. They had their own media back then in the form of early websites and national newsletters. The paranoia in some of that stuff (I'm saying this firsthand) would make Alex Jones blush.

Then add the siege mentality and the echo chambers. Groups of these guys get together, fuel each others' hysteria (think the worst of Holla Forums in a board like Ghazi) and keep the drumbeat going. Some of them are outcasts with little to lose. They're vindicated by their chosen media over and over. Ruby Ridge and Waco happen and it adds buckets of fuel to the fire and the outcast groups work themselves up into a total frenzy about the government.

McVeigh was the egg that cracked first. He carried out the revenge that the hard Right alt-media and bottom-tier nutbar Patriot groups were all praying for. You can critique his ideas, his motivations and methods and see some reason - but that mental switch that says "blowing up hundreds of people is not okay" got flipped by this same process.


Better legalize and fight for pedophilia rights fast! get NAMBLA too.

it will be over.

I'll be honest, I don't want to jinx it, but the chances of civil war are nil. this entire war has been PR based. The more they act out, the more people will leave them.

The rules of the war have not changed. We do what we've always done since the beginning of this.

We show the world who they really are, they react badly, we show that as well. continue ad nauseam. We must redirect the river like a kung-fu master.

The most effective strike originates from a place of nothing, of nil thought, of zen. The attacking opponent is a fool who runs wildly and cares not for the the flowers he tramples over, the pebbles that embed themselves into his feet as he stomps across the ground, he charges with a heavy body, a broken stance, a top-heavy punch.

All it takes for a lumbering, raging brute to fall is a simple strike where it hurts most. The brute is a thing of weakness that disguises itself as a tough thug, and the strike comes from a place of simple truth.

The one thing the brute lacks. and so it shall fall, never learning what hit it, or refusing to learn. For what caused the fatal blows was not the master, but the trip and fall. And yet instead of strengthening it's stance, looking inward, it only sees outward, seeing red.

Well of course, criticizing those in power that anything bad that happens is simply the result of an unfortunate accident, is what they want you to think.

Unless those in power are upset with how things are going, then you see them start to rock the boat.

As always they never fail to be huge fuck ups.

This is scary. I want off this ride.

Ultimately you're afraid of an assassination.

Is that all? If Trump gets assassinated, take that math and apply it to that 33% of the country.

Then cut it down to about half of that 33%. If they want to make a declaration of war, take over the government, we have enough. The military won't take it sitting down either, if this goes down, there's a social nuke in play.

and they know this

If they take down the president and keep fucking shit up, it won't work the way they want it to simply due to the mass communication between civilians of the internet being in play.

This is why Trump had a parade of military. He exhibited his "trump" card. It's a message that they work for him, he's the lynchpin in his cabinet, if he goes then the rest of them have free reign, he specifically picked people he knew would give no quarter, people the left fear, that would Deus Vult like no tomorrow.

This is what sort of nuke has been set into play. If it happens, then the so called antifa "revolution" will be short.

That's true although 750 might be underestimating a bit since it's no longer just the US but all of the western world plus parts of south america that demonizes him.

I definitely think there will attempts on his life but I think they'll have slim chance of actually succeeding. They don't happen in a vacuum either. Security will be increased after each attack. I also don't think celebrities and media will keep chanting about killing him after the 5th attack. I think they'll start to calm down after they see what happens. The crazies they've riled may not but the celebrities and media personalities will be horrified when they actually see what they're cheering on.

Carrying out terror-attacks is also a lot easier than a assassination. The Muslim terror-attacks in the west over the last year proves it easy to do and mostly requires will because there's very little security. But, you can't mow down the US president with a truck or just storm a building he's in with an AR. Those kinds of attacks will have a very slim chance of success.


Now is the good time for a friendly reminder then:
>To amend the United States Information and Educational Exchange Act of 1948 to authorize the domestic dissemination of information and material about the United States intended primarily for foreign audiences, and for other purposes.
You get the idea

I am attracted to Lady Justice.

So by that logic if Trump was Hitler, we should just be hearing nothing but "Dear Leader" from the news networks right?

pretty much Pence jokes aside the dude is in touch with some of pinochet's former intel people


If he had full control over the news, and wanted to create something similar to what happened in other authoritarian regimes (let's say Soviet Russia for instance), yes.

These are the kinds of laws you don't want to see put in place. Ever. Because someone, at some point, will be able to use them.

What I'd personally be afraid of is the ensuing chaos that will happen. Indeed, no way would a possible Trump assassination mean that everything becomes butterflies and roses as antifa thinks it would. It could even spell their own destruction since it would piss off the military, and even neutral parties have started to condemn them. I would be anxious though with the civil war, even a short lived one, that would occur and no guarantee of the future. I mean Pence would become the new president of course but it's a dangerous time to have a civil war with enemies abroad salivating at the prospect of an America collapsing from within and creating an opportunity for them.

Not like it actually effects me either way since I'm neither American nor living in Clapistan.

How many Swastikas are actual neo nazis vs how many are antifa trying to make it seem like nazis are everywhere?

There are people in this world who don't see this for the victim cred bullshit that it is

I thought certain people had full control of the news, just not the president.

Pence will go full Junta

Black people will stop counting as existing & gays will be outlawed & social darwinist policies begin getting passed

Pence is Trumps revenge if they kill him

Wouldn't Fidel Castro be pissed as shit his secret son is a hypercuck?

dunno what to tell you man but Castro died like a month ago

The Political Game: Doug Lowenstein shoots the messenger
>"Jack is certainly a force to be reckoned with… By being silent, we had thought that he would go away eventually, or that if we engaged him that it would only give him more of a spotlight, but by saying nothing we allowed him to be the only voice in the room…"
I think that's about enough info on the former ESA president to get an idea of what he was like and what he considers a successor to the ESA.

Atleast they actually googled a swastika this time,instead of completely fr*cking it up.


You started with "if he was Hitler". If he was Hitler, he would bring all the power into his sole hands, and would be the one taking all the decisions.

Pic related, you notice something?

I know its wrong but its not as bad as they usually are.

"Do you want me to say the 14 words?"

Anti-game activist brands ESA "criminal"
Keep in mind that Jack Thompson was a Democrat so he's lying about being a "Lifelong Republican." And at this point in time both the video game press & the video game industry regularly spit on the people who buy their shit…I don't know who is worse, they both are at fault.

You would think after the 6 million times the JIDF have done these they would have figured out how to draw at least one correctly.

Probably somewhere around 95%.

If Automata sells like hotcakes they will probably port Nier to PC.

Good evening, faggots.

Tomorrow is NJPW's PPV, A New Beginning! I'm hyped!

Automata already has a confirmed pc port they just haven't given it a release date.

I mean regular Nier.

Oh, that's neat. It doesn't specify beyond "sells like hotcakes" but hopefully this includes the combined sales of the PS4 and PC versions.

bronies should be gassed tbqh


cute nazis tbh


And she never thought to change it or ask wtf their parents were thinking. okay.

The pronunciation is "nah-zee". Nazi doesn't mean the same thing on all languages

Hell, some localizers are SJWs.
Some people who develop games are SJWs.

Either that or they're virtue signalling so hard that they took on the appearance of what they wanted to signal

Like Americans have ever been respectful to other cultures, do you know how many families changed their family names from German sounding names and "Hitler" to something else, just because they feared reprisal?

i was expecting a gondola

two strawmans in one

social activism seems predominately female.
perhaps it's a motherly instinct towards 'helpless babies', even if the baby are themselves.
the baby can do no wrong
the baby can't be at fault
the baby must be defended
how dare anyone accuse the baby
how dare anyone call me a bad person for being a mother towards this baby

or perhaps it's our education, in all the desperate suffering and wrongs of the world and not being able to do about it, priming us to grasp at any way we can do something to save the world and be a hero




I want them to say or do these things that they say right now in cities or states with no gun-free zones. I dare them and see how long they'll stand.

Harmful opinions seems to be gone. Twitter, Youtube, and pretty much every other social media related to him are kill. No idea why, I'm thinking it's some sort of gag, but could also be possibly related to the drama with that Johnny guy, you never know.

Or maybe someone hacked all of his accounts. Who knows.

Just noticed, must be death threats or major doxxing, dunno for sure.

Oh great, it's not enough to be a lonely loser with suicidal ideation, I'm now also a Nazi responsible for keeping Hillary from realizing Utopia.

I pointed out they were somewhat pozzed in another thread, and was accused of being a cuckanon and a shill, as well as a goon for using the term "pozzed".


shit you're right. what the fuck

Why is this so perfect?


They've all gone of the deep end.

goodnight gamergays

what the hell


These people all deserve to get gassed.





The cognitive dissonance of having a free speech event being overrun with violence and rioting versus an adult kiddie room with coloring books, puppies, and assorted toddler crap.

Also they are all part of gaming sites that cry about "survivors of online harassment". Time to ask their advertisers about this double standard

Johnny got v&, the plot thickens

The fuck is Johnny? Some no name eceleb that cant even get a few thousand views?

Johnny who?

Roninworks has been tweeting very recently.

Anything you faggots want to do with that knowledge?

am I slowpoke here or is Ben Swann's account getting deleted recent
feel free to bully

Wanabe e-celeb with revoltard ties. He was sperging out about HO because he retweeted a self dox that Johnny posted himself and dared HO to retweet it.


Yes they v& him after the pizzagate thing and he started posting cryptic messages on Facebook. Probably got pressured to never talk about it again

He apparently said he didn't like that.


But I don't recall him apologizing.

it's been almost three fucking years you shitheads have no fucking excuse anymore

How do I completely ruin "objectification" as a retarded bitchy buzzword?

get trucked frenchie

He outed the potential pedo friendly nature of Candid.

Oh, dear. Reality is a bitch, and even if you win you will die a horrible death either starving in the gulag, or shot for being a threat.

By masturbating to objects.
Actually worthy of note : claiming desire "objectifies" women is retarded, specifically because no one desires "objects". The mere FACT that you have desire for someone is proof you don't see them as objects. Worse : even literal objects that some twisted weirdoes online find a way to get hard over, like tile floors, are "humanized" by this desire. People give them human attributes and characteristics as soon as they lust over them. Which is the very opposite of objectifying someone or something.

Come to France and do it yourself you pussy.

The one bummed out was Kukuruyo, not Rich. That shitpiece was written right after the hugos because Rich was butthurt and wanted to lash out on someone. He never apologized because he's a disingenuous faggot that tries to weasel out of everything claiming he's not a journalist and "he just wanted to start a conversation"


Alright alright, sorry, everyone slips sometimes.

Speaking of which, why the hell isn't it a filter? Just replace "reddit" with "reddit".

You talk like he did some major scoop. Every platform has pedo groups, Candid isn't a special case. People share cp over facebook while having their personal info plastered on it. Johnny is a worse ralph-tier clickbaiter spastic

Good point user. And sorry, I billy you but I still love you.

What a faggot.




This is a really good take on the whole

Bullshit that has been making the rounds lately. I screencapped it too if anyone wants to spread it to twitter.

Neat, but I need to push that into "muh soggy knees" classification once and for all.



I don't think his banned, his twitter, Youtube and Twitch account have all been purged.
No clue why but looks like he quit, that or the idiot had one password and someone figured it out.

No, because other people's money (like donations and loans) are taken into the calculation when balancing accounts, meaning that money taken from a bank is still considered revenue even if you eventually have to pay it back.

that's not just a crazy, that's retarded.

Aw, there's been plenty of retarded movies lately. An idea being retarded has never stopped hollywood before.

Also it can never hurt to notify the IRS about it, you can still get in trouble even if you claim that it was due to human error, which I really doubt they would buy into considering they spent more than 25% extra from their revenue than they had in total. There is never such a thing as money "out of thin air", if you take a dollar out of your own wallet to pay for something instead of from the organisation, it is still present in the final calculation. So even if they manage to get away with saying "that was just an accident, goyim", they will still have to account for the remaining amount afterwards.

Wishful fantasies should remain wishful fantasies user. Yours in particular is a retarded revenge fantasy. Hollywood material, sure, but that's not a compliment.

So how do I manage to do exactly that, please?

As soon as someone claims something's objectifying, treat an object in the very same way. "Putting big boobs on a woman is objectifying" => draw huge knockers on furniture. "Choking a woman, even if she likes it, is objectifying" => squeeze a shower head's neck hardcore. Shit like that.
Don't forget to share the pics. Lots of pervs would like this.

Alright, remove the hero. But I still think a movie about a women trying to escape a city under siege by masked rioters would make for a good movie.


With the hero, it would be another dumb action movie but people like Die Hard anyway so it's fine.

Removed, it's another suspense movie where anything and everything could be out to get the leading lady. While I'm not fond of trying to cram a narrative (the agenda type, not the literary type) down people's throats in entertainment mediums, it would actually be a good way to lecture on the dangers of protests becoming riots, or extremism causing people to think anyone who doesn't immediately agree with them are the fascists they claim to be fighting against, or even that many protesters are really just there for the riots and they don't actually care about whatever the issue was supposed to be.

So he was hacked, which reminds me I need to update my passwords.

This guy is really full of himself, thinking his little Twitter rant is #Resistance.

fucking twitter

I'm not sure he got hacked or if he preemptively baleeted everything. Maybe this could be something related to Candid? Mark Kern also nuked his twitter a while ago over fear of Candid wanting to fuck him over

I'm actually started to hope they stop being arm chair activist for two seconds and try to get their little "resistance" going just so I can sit back and watch the military steam roll over them.



Shit is escalating fast on your side of the border guys. When can I expect leftards to really rebel and get shut down?

Also Twitter doing nothing with obvious call for violence will come haunt them back down the line.

Wasn't the womans name who refused to play chess in bumfuckistan also Nazi?




I only just realized, but it seems like we've finally divorced culturally from halfchan. I mean I barely, if ever, see anyone discuss the site anymore, whereas it was all people did 2 years ago. This isn't a 7chan.

Holla Forums is here to last.

I still see people complain about cuckchan refugees here on Holla Forums and on other boards

well people still tell others to go back to cuckchan, so we are not fully over it yet. And by we I mean you guys.

Guess I stick to the good threads.

You faggots have probably noticed this already, but the media is trying to have their spiteful death wish, and it might work.
Image related.

The day Trump lands blows on the media like Gawker X100, will be a joyous one. Shame that the Honey Badgers' trial has been pushed back to November.

Just imagine that it is just a flat but very muscular futa

The beard though

Lincoln did nothing wrong.

By now, I think you could tweet passages of the Futurist Manifesto and he would agree wholeheartedly.

I don't follow. Are you saying that the media is successfully killing itself or that it's going to be successful in killing something else on its way out?
Image related (to that comic).

Nice bait, faggot

Well okay, so maybe the beard was a mistake. Lincoln did one thing wrong, then.

Harmfuru-kun is back but says his youtube channel is irretrievable.

I'm confused. Is that comic pro or anti free speech? How is the media getting its wish? Explain to me as you would a child.


That Revoltard is still going at it?

Steven crowder hijacked Shia Labeouf's live stream to do his show. At the 23:48 mark a cuban woman joins to present an opposing viewpoint. A few minutes after that a white guy comes on and starts spewing left wing garbage propaganda. Watch if you want a laugh or to get angry I'll be honest, I'm tired and I'm not real sure who argued better.

I can't tell if he's playing dumb or if he really is that dumb.

The original xckd comic was in favour of "not safe from consequences" and "not censorship unless government does it" approach and banning dissenting opinions from privately owned spaces, even if those are very much public use. Trying to compare websites to a private home and justifying no platforming and safe spaces.
This seems to be an edit arguing against this corporate tyranny by majority idea.

All this shit makes me angry, I'm going to go play some vidya.

I'm too angry to play vidya.

Play Postal, or Hatred or whatever then.

I'm nearly too, maybe fap?


Play as Not-Important in Postal Redux.

That leftist, did he get btfo? I'm not lying when I say I'm so tired I can barely pay attention.

Haven't gotten to the leftist yet



You know, at this point, I think Jed is legitimately retarded on top of being an attention whore. So basically MovieBob, except without the diabetes.

everytime he says anything stupid like this just send him this pic

uBlock is a Nazi addon confirmed.

adblock? He must be a jew

His sister looks so beaten up


Jesus christ

More like Bob Chimpman

I need to build up my anime girl reaction folder. Anyway, the fuck is this guy smoking? People are already using adblock. By default, most adblockers will block ads on every site after installation. So it doesn't matter if your site does shit. People ALREADY have adblock on either because ads simply annoy them or a completely different site pissed them off. Which means that it isn't a matter of "if I do something to piss people off, I lose money" but "if I want revenue, I need to give people a reason to turn adblock off".

Blaming anything and everything but themselves

Good to know, shame about his youtube account. I will never forgive google for what they've done to it.

Just turn off that pesky adblock goy.

Also isn't he known for being a drama leech starting shit so he can make videos on them?

So says the self proclaimed smartest man in America.

Kek. Also, anyone knows what happened to the original betanodder. I see him on the banner right now and it got me wondering.

Was he banned, hacked ? I'm not up to date.

Don't forget his wishlist.

All of his social media accounts might have been compromised, he did made a lot of enemies.

You mean the "Nods respectfully" dude? his twitter account is still set to private., Four long years as butthurt.

His twitter account is STILL protected as far as I know. If only they knew what fresh hell was waiting for them 2.5 years ago. Would they have really changed tactics if they somehow knew what would've happened ahead of time?

SJW arr not very bright so I don't think they would have done something differently.

I wonder what goes on behind that protected account, poor guy was memed too hard.

Do you think he would've returned had Hillary won and Brexit failed? Even Polytron & the Sunset devs poked their heads out again. Instead, he must be dead inside.

Nah he probably left social medias forever. Better for him, Twitter is cancer.

My body might chillin' in lack of heating and my balls are shrinking but my mind is already in summer

At least that site is burning, now.

By driving him from Twitter we spared him the hell of the current year.

He should thank us. Or at least, nod respectfully in our direction.

Saw this on facebook, decided to make it more like reality.

I wonder what will replace them once the western comic industry dies due to complete and utter stupidity?

Did they miss the part where Cap got turned into a Nazi by a magic wish box?

Was that made by an actual marvel artist? Like, is it official?

Plz tell me it's fan art

Martial law when? At this point it should come into effect.


The Superb Owl.

This would be perfect.

Captain America is a soldier. It's insubordination to defy the commander-in-chief

That fucking smug child muslim just makes me lose it
look at this faggot's fucking face
look at him
he looks like a kid at school who just bullied you and stopped right before the teacher came in, and knows if you punch him now only you'll get in trouble
he looks like he just took a massive dump in the middle of india
he looks like he just won a race to british soil with the anti-immigration police

just look at that little shit

gook have you been saying those words in the mirror like that user told you to

They don't care. They consider it "American" to wish death upon your fellow countrymen, and to hate certain portions of the population for things that they didn't do in favor of those THAT are doing things.

I was mad and now I've come down and I'm super depressed. I need cute anime girls being cute.


Not sure if want source…

Be happy there is cute animaymay grills.

playfully stab you in the back

Thank you anons

Best I can do for now, user. Stick with it. We're all getting through this.

>Really like R6:S
>Decide to give Wildlands a chance and get into the closed beta
>Somehow Ubisoft made their worst open-world game to date with the most braindead AI I've seen in a while.

Here ya go, bud.

Remember that no matter how sad you are, we are always here.

thank you for reminding, detective
but I'm too shy to do it on the mirror

Here's some more

i don't think that'll make anyone feel better.

Remember always read bkub comics when you're depressed

Everything is dying anyway. Reminder that you will see the collapse of western civilization in your lifetime

Reprints, trade paperback reprints of older issues before it went all in, double down full retard virtue signalling. Cape comics have always had their max cringe cycles, but in current year it might just be terminal. Manga is the most likely to replace it, I've already seen it compete on shelfspace at places like walmart. No one with two brain cells to rub together would buy floppy edition, aka expensive toilet paper. If someone would buy a tpb, chances are they're going to buy older reprints. Not the collected cancer compendium of current year.

Disney and WB imo is treating their big 2 comics as an ip farm, though at the rate they're going it's more like grave robbing. Which is still better than IP farming since the big 2 cape comics right now are turning out mostly retarded and deformed products that no one with any sense wants to read, let alone buy.

How was beta? Was it that bad? I heard it was pretty shit.
Feels absolutely operating

you don't need to try to convert what's already gay

I stopped reading comics well over a decade ago just because of this kind of shit. There's still some merit in pointing out exactly how badly they misused the character when they hide behind him like this, though.

I predicted a few years ago that it's a matter of time before American comics go digital-only. With how absurdly little it sells, they will no longer be able to cover the overhead of print distribution. Tho there'll probably still be print TPBs, since they can use the same distribution network as books.

she loves you, but do you love her too? Wew, I feel like a total faggot writing that.

American comics are cutting costs as hard as they can.

I saw screencaps of a recent release where all the art was badly posed 3d models with a comic filter. Colouring is being outsourced to indian sweatshops. Feminist retards with no skill are hired as writers because they're cheap.

I think at this point just as long as the comics break even they'll keep them going just to say the IP's still active.

Punch all Nazi Ants!!!
We must rebuild our society to protect the Workers! Antfa! Resist! NotMyQueen!

Or the punisher comic where the background was just composed of stockphotos


Pretty much. It's when they stop breaking even that it will get interesting.

I really wish I thought of that one sooner.

Was that the nu ironman, aka genius stronk black teen who invented and built her own armor? And by invented and built I mean it showed her stealing other peoples tech and property in the university and then calling it her own invention? That one was kinda chuckleworthy.

good job

I don't read capeshit comics, but I read IDW comics, like that star trek and back to the future, ghostbusters. I pirate them all. I haven't bought a comic in months. I found a site that lets you read them right there for free. I started pirating them right around the time I realised the whole comic industry fucking hated me and wanted me to die for being born the "wrong" color and gender. (white male) Plus the clientele of the comic shop were mostly hipster SJWs and I felt like I was in enemy territory every time I went in there.

Without a cause to feel like a victim the SJW is incomplete. They will never be satisfied and those who pander to them set themselves up for failure.



This is why I barely go outside anymore
Fucking muslims

I don't have it saved, but it was pretty funny to me at least. Because if the writers was being serious and trying to virtue signal, it went completely opposite of what they were trying to signal. iirc even one of her friend asked something like hey isn't that ya know, stealing? One of the comicfags might have it saved, it was making the rounds a while back.

are you a women?

Guys, Even though I'm happy that Trump got in and he's doing shit about the problems, it seems like the insane lefties and globalists are too big to fail, and will resort to murder to get their way. Is there any way to prevent that from happening?

No, it is the natural follow up, they will self-destruct, helped by the medias and social medias but it will done violently.

Its been about 2 weeks lad,The Right Wing Death Squads don't mobilise in a day

Nope, just a non muslim white male. Cant even feel at home in my country anymore

Its happening again

Why contain it? They can smell their death and the sound they make rattling thier cage will serve as a warning to the rest. Seriously though, every chimpout has cost them more and more credibility, if they escalate any further not even the media will be able to spin it and they're at capacity already.

and people say we got co-opted


the fuck happened

Are you kidding? What your seeing now is a group backed into a corner violently lashing out because every other tactic has failed.
The left is imploding and turning others away from them, hell don't be surprised when the next generation turns out the be vastly right leaning because who the fuck would want to associate with these leftist psychopaths.
Oh most defiantly, but it will only hasten their demise plus the people they up against are heavily armed.

A leftist chimpout at the superbowl is almoat inevitable. This has the potential to be a good day.

I'm worried that they don't need the majority on their side, all they need to do is make others too afraid to stand up for themselves, and they win.

A noo noo mouse turned into SJW beta orbiters years ago, it happened after of that Scientology shit.

Ultimately the police and others will have to intervene.

It feels like an alpha and not a beta. The story missions you do have some conversations between the characters and you just go rescue 4 dipshits that don't tell you anything. You then go to a building and kill two people and that's the end of the beta. There's side-missions, but they're just "steal vehicle and bring it here", "blow this up", or rescue this one person. The AI's fucking retarded, you can shoot an unsuppressed weapon in a base, kill a guard, and the AI will not do shit if they don't see him die. There's no penalties for dying besides a loading screen. Most of the story's are in the documents you find, making me think the game was rushed or, as some anons speculated, changed the story to be in Bolivia instead of Mexico.
The character customization is pretty good actually; there's a lot to chose from. The vehicles are hilarious in how durable they are. You can drive a motorcycle completely off a mountain and take little to no damage.

It's really gotten bad user, 8 years of Obama and globalist bullshit, they still refuse to give up and transfer power, this is like a precursor towards civil war and collapse of the West that Holla Forums has been saying, surrendering its identity and culture for some suicidal feeling of altruism. Otherwise, they really tipped their hands.

That comic is right tho. It's about economic privilege.

I'm pretty sure that account is run by that tranny Goon that posted loli images for Dan "the pedoman" Olson to find and claim that Holla Forums hosts CP.

Soros is paying anonymous. You think any original anonymous hackers stayed with them?

Late reply because I assumed everyone would get it C'mon everyone 0 points for trying

The image is related to the current situation, it isn't the current situation. If people were actually spreading free speech, then everything would be fine.
Short story, this "fake news" and "nazi supporters" thing is to spread the idea that the mob is allowed to censor things they don't like.

So it's like /k/ommando barbie doll game? I heard it's like The Division mixed with Far Cry 3. Dropped.



Division's better, actually. At least it has somewhat fun gunplay. The gunplay in Wildland is really floaty and lacks any punch.

that better not be you
cause i'm gonna friend you and we'll be best friends forever
no i'm not you'll die alone

I'd guess they make the game and AI as simple and easy as possible to appeal to casualfags, with the excuse of "b-b-but there's a super hard mode that turns everybody into bulletsponges" for the hardcore.

Rainbow Six Vegas 2 hat decent customization too. People always say that customization and shit is optional and therefore okay to have them behind a paywall but I think customization alone can make a game good.

tell marche this is never gonna be released in the west
hopefully it will cause him suffering

Probably too haram to be released in his country anyway

Y'know whats interesting, in Australia, we have Pauline Hanson, who is our Trump in a manner of speaking, she was a shop owner that decided to get into politics.

After she got a huge amount of support in one state, the established parties panicked, and then all of a sudden she was under fraud charges, and went to jail for 2 years or so.

She came back recently and made a run for senate, talking about the dangers of Islam, in Australia, and most of the established media and politicians smear her as much as possible.

And then this happens.

If they had used Zelsius as the costume, I certainly would be pissed at it not coming over.


In Germany however…

Keep up the good fight.

firing up oven ready at 700 or page 14
title: enemy zero edition
vid embed:

I'm on standby so no need to shitpost to 700 just yet.

What a time to be alive.

Even with dubs I still want to see an archive and check if that's real or not.

Guys do you know the protester that shot someone? I think he was a 50 year old asian or something like that. He later turned himself in and claimed it was self defense. People say he is a milo supporter, you guys got any information on that?

Shes wearing pantsu

because I remember reading both of them being antifa.

I pointed to this article saying he's a Milo fan, but other gaytorgays refused to believe it because reasons, and then I fagged the thread up.


Could go either way honestly.

SJWs are only employable in HR, PR, media and feminist academia.

Look at where these people come from. What positions have they previously held?


but if he was a milo fan, wouldn't the lefties use it against us? So far I didn't hear them say anything about it.

please use archive.is.com (use archive.is)/articles/167292/milo-yiannopoulos-left-his-waiter-a-50-tip-and-an-outrageously-homophobic-note#.Rs0pxa3EX

tipgate crashes and burns.

You heard the filter, archive that shit.

A valid point.

That Seattle Times article states the time the shooter supposedly posted on Milo's FB, so assuming he hasn't deleted it, it should be findable. Problem is, the interface sucks shit and there doesn't seem to be a search engine for comments.



If we can't find the comment, then how were they able to find the comment and the person who sent it?

For those curious enough, the Holla ForumsGAs are going again
That's honestly literally the only thing I still like from halfchan left, so if perhaps some of you can bear to acknowledge those cocksuckers just long enough to watch this shitshow, they're running last year's until the new one begins


Archive: archive.is/tmH2B


Arguably, there were fewer posts and comments to search through back then. Or maybe they have an archive link.

Absolutely halel gay man


Fake news.

It's still escalating

I didn't know he quit.

Is he a manlet?


cucks were virtue signaling like mad over this.

it was obviously something not very serious.


What an amazing site with hard hitting journalism

Archive: archive.is/FYEJL

Fucking journalism, they really are at the height of desperation

Then I will call you a piece of shit for giving the publication a chance to silently remove the article a say "It didn't happen. you must have imagined it."

As reputable as Jezebel.

Twitter's censoring positive Trump posts.

Whoops, forgot archive.

Yeah, never mind the fact that he has actually told you people to your faces that he does shit purely to piss you off.

To be fair its Twitter, they want to ban every person who doesn't hate Trump outright, so they can make it look like they are the vast majority.

Have you watched most High profile lefties twitter feeds? Its them grasping at anything and everything they can to make Trump look bad.



Like… its pretty sad.

I should get a piece too. it's rather peaceful where I am, but my country is now some sort of secondary warzone so…

I love the ones where he goes "X causes 90% of Y" and then they go "WRONG, X actually causes 85% of Y". He is playing them like a fiddle

Payday 1 had president masks, you think they will make a trump mask in payday 2? I bet they are anti trump as fuck.


Doesn't moot now work at google?

There's already one

There's two. The flaming-eyes version is called "The God Emperor".

I wonder if they had a Hillary Clinton mask prepared if she ever won the election.

There's already is one. There's even a god emperor variant.

That's cool, I wonder if they try to win people over doing this. I am not going to install it again, not going to support a game with that much dlc in it.

It's pretty shit even with the DLC unlocker.

Of course, that triggered half of the community. Just showing up with the mask increased your chances to get banned on the spot.


yeah the game is total shit for several reasons, but even if they fixed everything, all those dlc is the main reason that keeps me away from playing it.

They should also do something against those votekicks, those are total cancer.

It's what they do

I want to see the looks on their faces when reality hits these fuckers hard.

They redefine EVERYTHING to suit them.

Coot is probably one or two levels away from their average pajeet coder, don't think for a second he has any sort of influence on anything over there. They brought him in because they think he can replicate something like cuckchan again but that's something that doesn't haqppen twice with the same person and it's not like its success had much to do with Coot's skill, he was just a lucky guy on the right place at the right time

Then what should I call that? Terrorism? Kinda suits, even you just make me angry instead of afraid.

And I've fucking absolutely had enough of it. Most all shit like "muh soggy knees".

The mayor called Milo white supremacist again, after saying he regretted it the first time


Good to know he's a two-faced piece of shit, then.

I'm just waiting for anyone who enjoys anime tiddies to have Nazi spewed at them literally for that alone or be accused of spreading sexual violence.

That retardation will be punished severely.

The second one in particular literally cites the ralph report at one point.

If homelessness is violence, then they are still committing violence by destroying people's livelihoods. By destroying someone's ability to pay for their home, they may well be sending people onto the streets. Not to mention them bashing people's heads with bats might affect their ability to do their job, leading to the same result.

Checkmate, Communists!

Its white nationalist and he got shit on for that but then here he goes and does this "lol not really sorry".

And by crowd he means antifa.
Also wasn't he the one who gave the order for them not to intervene?

It wasn't violence. It was a peaceful non-peaceful protest.

Mayor Quimby sounds like a more reliable Mayor and he is a fictional character.

Yea I wouldnt even give this guy a job as janitor


I forgot

This man needs to get his fucking story straight.

screenshot of the entire article


He believes that the protesters are the "victims". That it is Milo's fault for inciting them and not the College's obligation to peacefully publicly debate how Milo's words are "hateful" to begin with.
It is like a spouse abuser or bully telling the authorities that it was the victim's fault for making them get hit in the first place.

Why are burnouts just as easily triggered as SJWs?

That's fucking blackmail.

When will they switch to full-blown death threats?

I can't believe nobody has fucking checked this!!!

After the realize that mere intimidation will not work. These faggots always escalate quickly and justify their actions with flawed logic.

Here's the thread, if anybody wants to watch the car crash.

About an hour ago some sperg came in ranting about NotYourShield and it just went downhill from there.


More motivation for me to dig deeper into the ESA!





Scott Adams has always been pretty based.

Speaking of which. Thinking about what the digging, sifting, analysis and what is the goal. I'm thinking strategically and tactically, if there is any concrete goal is to distill the verified facts and careful analysis into a red pill. Because tbh, I think really that is the most practical option. Not accusations, but a solid, well thought out and well forged question or series of question, condensed and concentrated.

What, I'm monitoring the bread calm down.

It's hilarious how this backfired. SJWs won't stop demanding hugboxes, Twitter caters to them, and when Trump wins, they're basically "wtf how could he win, no one in my feed voted for trump!"

forgot to add, I'm thinking one page distillation for the main facts and question, 3-4 max for the expanded version. But the main strongest point(s) and question should all fit into one page. The goal for the distillation is not dumping 500 pages of infodump, but a small and digestible length set of key points and question that can not be just handwaived away.

Yes, it's retarded, and it's because the "object/subject" dichotomy is broken from the start, and implies a relationship between two entities that are either passive or active (which doesn't mean they are in any relationship whatsoever):

The "object" (the one being acted upon) is completely dependent, and needs someone else to do something to them to become "object". You cannot be an "object" if you don't have a "subject" acting upon you.

The "subject" (the one acting) is completely independent, and doesn't require anyone else to be there to become "subject". You can dance in the street like a Mike Jagger song and you are acting, without having any "object" around to act upon.

The confusion comes from the fact that you cannot be a "subject" if you do not act, therefore, you have (if you are shoehorned in the dichotomy like you know you will) to be an "object" because you are inactive or "passive" to the situation.

The "object/subject" dichotomy really describes what would be a "passive/active" dichotomy with the added nuance of an implied interaction between the two, even though the interaction is not required within the definition. Using the words "subject" and "object" can also be helpful to create semantic confusions that you can use and abuse to promote your fucked up concept. For instance, do like Sarkeesian and claim that the subject of a story automatically objectifies every other actor (oh, the irony) of that story; most people won't pay attention to what is said and confuse the "subject of the dichotomy" and the "subject of the story", even though the subject of a story can be an object within the narrative of that story: "Alice got her wisdom teeth pulled out". Alice is the subject of the story, but she's being acted upon within that story.

In fact, the notion of a narrative subject is really close the definition of a narrative object. In that context, a "subject" is "a person or thing that is being discussed, described, or dealt with", while an "object" is "a person or thing to which a specified action or feeling is directed". The difference between the two is that the "object" is a target (you "move" toward it), the "subject" is something you look at, but stay away from; oddly enough, in that context, the subject is the one where there's not mention of the activity, and the object is the passive receiver (while in the feminist dichotomy, the activity of the subject is an important point).

TL;DR: subject = active, object = passive – but active and passive doesn't imply interaction between the two, need to pass the blame to da menz, rework the definition with "subject/object", but keep the rules of "active/passive".

The word is already ruined in my opinion. But hey, with a little creativity, I'm sure you can use it in every sentence describing the most mundane shit: from petting your dog to masturbating.

You could say that women are the object of all feminist efforts.

Bread is of ready.


We seriously need to shorten the OP post, by the way. Lots of stuff is outdated and nobody's gonna read that wall of text

So what you're saying is…do it like this ?


Distilled further, and ruthlessly and diligently debated until all but the strongest undeniable facts and questions remains, yes.

Got it. Thanks.



Too late. Almost.



new bread
new bread
new bread

new bread
new bread
new bread




Uh-oh. Which one is the real one?

Or do I shoot both?




Already baleeted mine.

Can you not scroll up or CTRL F to see if anyone already said they were baking.

This seems to be the "real" one, uses a very old template for the bread

at least you got dubs.

Absolutely not.

what isn't questionably reliable these days?

You what mate? Is turning the frogs gay really that lucrative

At this point I don't know if this is the Red Brigades or the Red Guards?

Fuck of 8m.


I dug up on the schneid guy's history and I found something rather interesting about it.

And an archive link, just so you guys can see where it's from: archive.is/oULUy#selection-15075.1-15083.156

Pretty sure Obama hurriedly ordered it closed and pardoned all the prisoners after the elections. There was this brief stir when some of the freed prisoners turned to be exactly the terrorists they were alleged to be, and some even worse, like actual narcotics kingpins. But of course Trump saying rude things is more newsworthy than releasing actual psychopathic serial killers into U.S. cities.

Oh he didnt close the bay, he just released some prisoners who happened to be marxists terrorists and cartel leaders :^)