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Expect them to picket for 1 hour, gotta save that Golden voice.

this thread will never get 700 posts


Archive.is is taking long to archive the last thread, going for the back up in wayback.

Good evening, anons!

Is there any happenings? That usually bring archive to it's knees

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Previous Thread Recap.
The "Video games can teach" article was an early sign of Gamification being pushed from 2006. (Also should look up some info on the previous ESA president, Doug Lowenstein)
It’s good to hear a respected group say that video games are not a blight on society, said Lowenstein, whose group represents U.S. makers of video games.
Common sense tells us that a medium so basic to the lives of these ‘millennials’ has potential beyond the living room,” Lowenstein said. “We would be crazy not to seek ways to exploit interactive games to teach our children.
The potential is enormous, agreed Don Blake, a technology analyst for the National Education Association, which represents teachers and other classroom professionals.
They were planning on doing this…

Obligatory Gilda post.

Have some music while the thread gets going

With that out of the way, I will now pass out and sleep.

So it's the next year they went all out. Oh…. That must have been the catalyst on how in 2007, they start coming out of the woodwork.

Have some IRL shitposting of the toppest tier.

thank mr bakr

Milo's book sales are up over 12,000% since the terrorist attacks in berkeley.


False, user.
It went up 50000%
No I'm not kidding

Does the form of benis give us the concept of memes just as the form of good illuminates our reality?

I thought it was already among bestsellers, is there something wrong with their numbers?

Holy shit

update on that canadian guy that got buttfucked in the name of feminism


No idea, that's just the latest I saw from someone on twitter, so take it with a grain of salt.
Moreover, Milo is literally invited to the White House.
People overall were also claiming that Milo was going to give a list of illegal immigrants to report publicly and that's why it's good that people rioted. The source is literally named "reliable sources". From a tweet. No joke.

dude just officially caked milo a white supremacist

if that's not libel i don't know what is

d-damage control!

Never EVER just eat a snickers for dinner
its super gay

Eat an actual meal, you need it

Na ill eat tomorrow
I drank some milk also so thats like food

Suffer not the goon menace, Keks light shall protect you.

This is like the 4th time someone has called Milo some combination of WN/racist and then apologized

This scumbag deserves death. Plain and simple. Death. Declare him a terrorist sympathizer, and hang him up by his testicles.

how are you not starving?

Never EVER eat custard tart flavoured ice cream for dessert. It's super delicious


I like 2017 so far

Defunding intensifies

Well, I guess we just found out the best way to start paying off the national debt.

that's considered a fetish in some places

No really it's about equality guys honest.


It's refreshing having an American president who both gets it and doesn't ignore the left's temper tantrums like Obama did.


Why is everyone going full retard?

Punch a feminazi when ?
Oh wait…

So while Gators are peacefully jerking off to their porn of choice and getting slandered in the media left and right, social justice protestors go around causing carnage and inciting violence over in Berkeley yet silly goobergators will always be viewed as the bad guys. And of course the politically motivated media will find some way to blame this on Trump/Milo. Just lovely.

Wahhhh, we aren't getting our way! Wahhh wahhh someone we don't like is giving their opinion at our university! Let's tell him to get fucked and incite some riots that'll give him news coverage for free. That'll teach him to speak here again!

Full panic going on. This is also why it is going so much out of bounds against Trump.

Get a coffee and watch the world burn while doing your part. This is weirdly fun to do.

isn't Del Toro the whitest Mexican alive?

We really are fighting the entire system. The entirety of the media, the hollywood establishment, the world's top elite, the whole tech sector, entire governments from all over the world. Main stream medias from all over the world. Every single rich and powerful group on the globe is against us.

It wouldn't be fair otherwise.


this guy dared to criticize someone who was crying about the "punching anita" game and look what happened to him

Prominent anti-gamergaters have already made their views very clear.

Sarah Nyberg said as much.

isn't it blowing it a bit out of proportion?

I guess they just take the numbers of a week it sold bad and are now comparing it to the new numbers. Because I doubt one of the top 10 books are going to rise by 50000%. Because I remember reading similar numbers last thread.

Come on you should know their motto by now.
"It's okay when we do it™"

That whole paragraph was literal diarrhea.

And by some places you mean this place? I am pretty sure that a shitload of people in Holla Forums are into it.

Not really. This is literally the people and the republicans against the whole world.


I think this is appropriate.

I've been thinking about Milo's twitter ban. His punishment was far more severe because he mocked a celebrity. Celebrities are the sacred cows of twitter that keep them operational. Remember back when twitter started. If you asked someone why you should care about it they'd say how you could follow celebrities and hear what they have to say. Twitter knows if the celebrities leave, everyone else will.

I wish

Some republicans. Cuckservatives are still a thing.


I'm going to enjoy watching the army curb stop these degenerate into pulp.

here we go again

>>>Holla Forums9129881

Rei did nothing wrong.

Milo made it to open TV news on HUEHUEHUE, where he was described as an "extreme right" "and "ultra right" editor. We did it, GG!

The brave honorary womyn of gamerghazi found Milo's dirty secret, he may or may not have been planning to perhaps "target" innocent undocumented brown people during his talk:


I bet you all feel super embarrassed for defending him now.

Definitely not. But her being bullied is fun.

When is he gonna become Super Saiyan Blue right ?

and now we watch how a lie is spread. That white genocide professor made it up on twitter citing 'reliable sources', now ghazi picks it up as truth, next it'll be added to Milo's wikipedia page, then people will cite the wikipedia as if it is fact.

using archive.org because .is wont save it.


Don't use the rainbow faggot transformations in the shitshow that is Super, it's Supreme Maximum Overright.

Trump needs to enforce a fat tax, Make America Healthy Again.



Accept it or not, Super is canon until the next time they'll pull a GT.

How? If he wanted to out illegals, he would do it to the proper channels. Mind you, we are talking about reporting a crime.

Look, Satan, we all know you are still working for Yahweh. Lucifer was the traitor, you are just a prick.


Check mate nazis

you guys are forgetting that GAE wasn't even the primary victim in this: a kid in Canuckistan made a punch Jack Thompson and punch Anita game in flash. Guess which one people got excited about?

The ==turbo cunt== STEPH GUTHRIE seized upon this like a good little reality distorting retard and decided that a piece of shit fictional click to punch game was a THREAT TO WOMEN EVERYWHERE and doxxed the kid that made it and encouraged her fucking mob of sycophants and bootlickers to go after the kids job, family, and reputation.


GAE basically told her, maybe we shouldnt be doing this shit and steph literally got triggered so fucking hard that she cried to the police and ruined a guy's life AND WILL NEVER BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE. The best thing we can all do is never forget her stupid fucking name and remind people every time that she lied in front of everyone and wasted tax-payer time and money trying to get a guy thrown in jail for posting shit she didn't like on twitter



Unconfirmed but hilarious if true

Not if you play SMT, in which Lucifer was YHVH's controlled opposition and Satan openly challenges YHVH once you do.

I've seen Del Toro re-twitting The Mary Sue. Twitter was a mistake.

We really live in a patriarchal society.

This is why the Japanese games industry is superior.


It's so funny seeing all the salt the guy in pic related poured over the election results

Did you see polygon try and play nudoom?

Apparently Joe Rogan's podcast with Alex Jones where they talked about pizza gate for the first half hour was removed from iTunes.

You silly goose, don't you realize that the talk was Milo's only opportunity to report those illegals? just admit that the peaceful self-defense protests saved thousands, nay, MILLIONS of brown people from getting literally genocided.

Well he doesn't sound like a Nazi, but only because he's not making any sense at all.

Yup, just confirmed it.

Super checked




Bam Margera really let himself go

this please me, thread will not be saged

Checked doc.




Religion of piss strikes again.
I tried archiving the link but it isn't working for me, It stuck endlessly loading.

Bloggers in twitter are going insane with that bullshit "my rumored sources" waiting on the articles with that bullshit.

Well the australian videogame review show Good game has been cancelled.

I'm talking about Christianity, which did have some differentiation, but is really fucking muddled, iirc. At one point it was claimed that Samael, an angel associated with death, was the original name of Lucifer, who had Satan stapled onto his name. SMT was clever about Samael's design by making him a winged serpent.


Good riddance.

Wow, so Putin's agents even went as far as impersonating as the tolerant peaceful religion of piss, and doing a false flag hacking attack as the never violent follower of islam. Oh those russians. :^)


Fucking finally

I was going to berate you for using your power for destructive shitposting instead of accelerating a purge of cancer/rebirth of both video game industries, until I clicked the latter's image

If they're indeed making a move on archive.is just after their Berkeley protest backfire, I can't wait to see how low they're willing to go. How many will dare to make people disappear like with McGee's sister? To say nothing of pedowood/pizzagate.connections on top of that. If Trump's going to tackle that eventually, we're going to see some real shit.


I recognise that cuck on the right, didn't he do a goobagabber video on youtube?


And closed

i once ate nothing for a meal because i wasn't hungry

There's a reason why people love Kaneko's demon design and accuracy to the mythos is one of them.

>>>Holla Forums9129881

Some good news if true


Someone made a Pepe with SK characters riding on the back.

Just letting you know.

It even got retweeted by fucking Kenichiro Takaki himself.

Wow that show went to shit, I even went to the Producer and told them off, when they covered GG and they told me to go make my own show, then blocked me.

Funnily enough the producer had a lot of ties to DiGRA australia

Was best girl included?

No, just the heroine and that blond girl who loves to grab tits.




I do want to try a game eventually after watching a playthrough of Valkyrie Drive and seeing how fun that action looks, but despite knowing their names I can't say them yet because of this autism about familiarity.

Waste of bandwidth.

So best girl WAS included

So can someone explain to be who these guys are and what they won?


The idea at least is wonderful.

Are they trying to do meme warfare again? They really have learned absolutely nothing.

They probably think that smashing windows and attacking random people counts as progress


Chaos and violence, and the suppression of 'hate speech"

Grope senran > everyone else

I have no mouth and I want to scream.

She's second best girl.


Yea, Milo is now going to the white house press briefing, his book sales skyrocketed and he is getting tons more attention overall.

Holy shit, I thought Valkyrie Drive was more lewd by virtue of explicit yuri.

More goon fear mongering, I bet nobody even asked the archives guy about it. I just emailed him asking what's up with that so we get this clear once for all. I'll update you guys when he replies back

Let's see which frog is stronger.

I request a drawfag to have Pepe gassing the wheel frog, or shoot it from behind.

I think i just got fucking cancer

Speaking about that was there any status on the guy they were beating with metal rods on the road?

On the plus side, archive.is seems to be working again.

This is the second time he has rt it

It's as if you need to be gay to be as bad as Hitler.




Remember how CON thought they were hot shit for getting into the white house? Oh how the tables have turned.

Memetic warfare engaged.

And in indifferent news Boxxy posted this.

gaming is cancer

By the way, there was a pic posted a few threads back about archive-tan in a weird looking library, she also had crow feets. Anyone got it? I need it for science and stuff.

Too bad it's not sexy but at least it's funny.

Third image made it look like a porn director simulator at first, that would have actually been interesting.

I think it will give a good insight into how hollow and meaningless being a youtube/twitch celebrity is though.

What is this haircut? What is this face?

Fuck this shit, we can't save gaming anymore. Shit is unfuckable.

Watch out for GamerGate
The public enemy of the world #1
It is the main hashtag responsible for…
☑ Being on the wrong side of history
☑ Fondling 55 eggs by surprise
☑ Molesting people in VR
☑ Plays DOOM better than Polygon
☑ Safeguards vagina bones
☑ Are the LOVELY, horrible people at 8E8ightC-han
☑ Told God check my quads
☑ Seducing AVGN to the dark side of history
☑ Turned waifus into Gamergate's worst nightmare
☑ Turned Notch into a woman hating MRA rapemonster
☑ Cuntfuses a lot of ovary-acting womyn
☑ Captured all goon territory in EVE
☑ Delivered the final leg drop on Gawker
☑ Corrupted Milo into an internet super villain
☑ Called a jew a nazi
☑ Bullied Reddit's abandoned daughter
☑ Memed life into Liru
☑ Refusing to ban Liru
☑ Uses celebrities lives as fuel for the meme magic
☑ Leg dropped gawker into bankruptcy
☑ Filled up Codemonkey's disk with shitposting
☑ Made Mighty Number 9 fail
☑ Attempted to kidnap someone at E3
☑ Hired 5 fictional toads and a fictional conman to gangrape someone
☑ Using a time machine to harass innocent localizers
☑ Gave a toddler meningitis
☑ Made it rain in London
☑ Causing the UK to leave the EU
☑ Casted the original ghostbusters as all men
☑ Keeping the MN9 booth from being set up
☑ Refused to play with Stephen Tortilla
☑ Playing Pokemon without fear of repercussion
☑ Not watching Grillbusters
☑ Talking to girls who play Pokémon Go
☑ Waging war against Ghostbusters and Leslie Jones
☑ Got Milo bampersanded from Twitter. Again.
☑ Leveled up on the DNC
☑ Barbecued worst Korea
☑ Chasing topkek from kotaku
☑ Appropriated and augmented a group of racists
☑ De-funded paranormal investigators by linking them to a suicide group
☑ Channeled the powers of love and death into misogynistic flowers
☑ Komm Süßer Troll'd
☑ Surviving for 2 years
☑ Ejected a fascist nicktator and toppled his dishonest empire
☑ More effective than New York Media, Silicon Valley and Hollywood
☑ Being Gawker's biggest enemy
☑ Celebrating their daughter's birthday
☑ Continuing to be the #1 hate group online
☑ Forced aGGros to spend christmas and new years whinging alone
☑ Owned some bitch
☑ Caught the Arby's killer
☑ Became a verb
☑ Made Pepe great again
☑ Inspired Trump's campaign
☑ Seduced the Occulus Rift founder
☑ Hacked the DNC
☑ Forced Pepe into the American school curriculum
☑ Bought 4chan
☑ Defended Devin Faraci
☑ Forced the UN to gather 800 gigabytes of white supremacy frogs
☑ Marketing of Nintendo Switch
☑ Infiltrating the emoji selection committee
☑ Hiding millions of anti-Semitic tweets
☑ Virtually raping a woman under the name BigBro442
☑ Unintentionally prepared all of us for the 2016 election
☑ Made halfchan go bankrupt
☑ Bullying a comic writer off twitter
☑ Turning S.Korea into a chinese girl cartoon
☑ Using free speech to undermine the freedom of the press
☑ Triggering Blizzcon
☑ is actually the FBI
☑ Making alternate earth great forever
☑ Creating fake news
☑ Ordering pizza without pineapple
☑ Genesis of the alt-right
☑ Outliving Castro
☑ Corrupting communist mascots with glorious capitalism
☑ Laid the groundwork for online harassment and conspiracy
☑ Glorious Winged Faggot Extraordinaires
☑ Funded the most diverse game in history, eliminating racism, sexism, and the game/animation/whatever itself from existence
☑ Being associated with white supremacist groups
☑ Spent Christmas with Liru
☑ Actually had fun for Christmas
☑ Destroyed the alt-right
☑ Became meme warriors
☑ Toxic gamer culture
☑ Weaponized nostalgia
☑ Shutting down every woman who tried to even have a forum
☑ Causing Battleborn to flop
☑ Carrying meme associations with the presidential inaugural speech
☑ Made Antifa shoot itself in self defense
☑ Set a limo on fire
☑ Taught the right wing to collectively target sponsors
☑ Sent the head mod of Holla Forums to attack Chia The Beef
☑ Revealed their leader to be grand nazi Jonathan ARYAN Jafari
☑ Shitposted an ethnic minority into existence

What the fuck is this thing?


Extinction Event when?

lets go find out. oh my god its a real person

Cam-whore that became a youtuber apparently

Last bread, archived. archive.is/XzxLc

>GG faggots are still here thinking they make a difference

Truly amazing how long you people can talk about doing something while doing actually nothing at all. It's pretty fucking hilarious actually. Any BO worth his weight would ban you all outright and send you to



That Bajo guy was never like that before GG happened, his went all out cuck. The show was doomed from the start due to the leftist infestation of the ABC (Australian Bolshevik Centre)

That lifeless expression.


That's what gets me the most, it looks like a doll. Too weird for me.



Let's not give that shitty frog any more exposition, shall we?

Seconding this, it was cancerous enough already and encouraging them to use it even more is going to inevitably lead to more cancer

Vidya is long dead user but let us salt the earth and burn the forests so SJWs die with it.

You don't want politics to boil down to cartoon meme frogs killing each other?

A teacher beat a trump supporter? Possibly a student.

That's agorist. He's a retard. Assume everything he says is full of shit.


Trump was already threatening to defund them, when he finds out a teacher was not only involved by promoting the rampage he might actually do it.
Make sure this news reaches him.

This is what happens when you let cringey cosplaying japophiles exist and no-one tells them they're fucking cancerous idiots.

They are no weebs, this is pure clickbaiting and camwhoring. I could dress up my sister as d.va and make mad dosh too but she doesn't want to.

They don't really have to be weebs I suppose just vacuous empty headed slits who shake their lycra clad ass on camera like it's got anything to do with gaming.

Is she the ultimate trigger?

I wonder if its her husbands baby?

I'm all for funny memes, it's that specific frog that is terrible. Even normalfags find it cancerous.


They aren't weebs, they are just women latching on to whatevers popular to get some sweet jewtube shekels.

Oh for gods sake, that kid is going to be fucked up

I bet you haven't even seen that time they played sonic mania.

And women wonder why they're marginalised in our society, they bring nothing to the table but ass and bitching and we're only interested in ass a couple of hours out of the day.

Del Toro has been a retard for a long while. He sperged out over how people called Rey a Mary Sue and also freaked out at that new ghostbusters flopping. Not to mention Trump winning.

Jesus Christ my 6 year old nephew can play sonic games better then that, why is he constantly jumping?

The worst part is when he gets to the secret ring that requires 100 rings to get activated, and spends a few seconds looking at it, and looking again, and jumping through it even though it's so obviously not usable… like, you nigger, just move on, you failed, that's it.

ugh this game is not cinematic enough

Polygon is now more of a joke than kotaku. That's a hard feat to achieve. I mean who values the opinion of insecure 30-something men who so obviously hate their life and jobs.

Meh, they will grow old unhappy and since they sperg out about it on social medias, we'll be watching it live.

Is she doing anything now?
I know after her Discovery vids she was enlisted for the voice of a cartoon but has it been released yet? Her personal site has been frozen for a year.

Didn't they fuck up playing the new Zelda too?

Holy shit, this looks and sounds absolutely sex so far.

How hard are comtrarian retards on Holla Forums going to shit on it?

I'm sure shes being taken care of, last I remember she was hired for the Fine Brothers to do reaction vids, so shes probably got bit work all over the the buzzfeed universe.

Weekly reminder to love your waifu/husbando or else unforeseen consequences will happen to the people that you love and hold high respect

Never forget, hatred noes not bear fruit. Except for video games of course

When I was child I already beat all the mega drive sonic games…

I didn't see it and I'd appreciate if you didn't share it. I'm a huge zelda fanboy and I don't need this disgust right now.

All I've heard from Holla Forums and pretty much everywhere is "holy shit the soundtrack sounds amazing". I don't think anyone's contrarian enough to shit on those tunes.

I haven't played tloz since majoras mask, but wasn't it already kinda fucked up? I remember a cartoonish one, after that they made a werewolf one. I haven't played any of them but they all kinda sound gay to me.

I mean Polygon's player was shit when trying it.

I think the rings are just deactivated every time because they don't want to show the special stage, Val.

This franchise says otherwise, user. :^)

Oh yeah, let's not forget that when gamers were laughing at Polygon being literally incapable of playing vidya, the clique unsurprisingly defended their own.

He blew himself up on one of his bombs while fighting a low monster.


I really hate all their defense of blatantly trying to weasel out how incompetent they are. You don't need to be good to enjoy vidya, but you should at least strive to become better at your hobby. This is especially true if your hobby involves playing games. At least try to get good at something before pretending to be an expert.

This is the mindset you create when you give out participation awards, people start thinking being told to get better at something is an insult.

You wouldn't know shit you're talking about regardless if you couldn't evebn play.

Have I been on the internet too long when anime girls smugly laughing in Japanese alone can cause a dick twitch?


Just reading the headline in the thumbnail I knew it was a John Walker piece. The man's a fucking nepotistic cuck shill if there ever was one.

See, I'm willing to give someone the benefit of the doubt it it's an obscure franchise with esoteric controls or something, but Zelda is literally action adventure 101. Not knowing how to play Zelda is pretty much unforgivable. I mean, the fucking retard has to walk five meters in a straight line, literally stop to press a button to pull out a sword, and then fucks it up and presses another button to drop a bomb at the same time, and then runs back in to the bomb to blow themselves up. How do you go to an industry event, supposedly to cover it as a professional, being that fucking clueless?

I feel like Arino is a perfect example of this.

Dude isn't the best at video games and he makes no attempt to hide that, but he loves them anyways and is always excited to see something new.

These faggots would rather complain about everything that doesn't directly suck them off. There is no love for video games in that office.

I wonder. Is that shit only found in vidya so called journalism. Does sports coverage have anything like that? I know some of them have become cancerous as well but are anything remotely that level of aids cancer ebola, the way vidya journos are.

While I'm at it, more RPS cancer.

Can someone edit this and put Chairwoman Anita Sarkeesian, her brand Feminist Frequency and her footsoldiers as you see fit? It can be a perfect OC for you guys, y'know. Enjoy!

I'm not going to blow a gasket if someone can't play vidya. Even if a reviewer sucks at it, as long as they say something upfront such as, hey I suck at this game because I don't play this genre, or I'm never good at this type of game. I don't mind.

It becomes a problem when a reviewer or "journo" clearly doesn't give a shit about the game or vidya in general, and only using it as a soapbox for something else entirely.


It's good and all, but nothing beats the vintage Lenin or Mao Zedong propaganda pieces. Can you do it?

Things actually seem to be headed that way, Satan.

Anita's influence seems to be waning. Honestly, I think we're at the point were mocking her might actually raise her profile back.

Trying to find my Holla Forums Commie OC folder, go check their OCs, you can get plenty of that shit there.

Punch Anita game, needs to come back.

I hope it involves Anita Sarkeesian edits in it.

Found this year old image and I have nobody to show it to.

And give her another excuse to do the Liberal Media Pearl Clutching World Tour?

Thanks doc


Hypocrisy will show and white knights will reveal themselves, really want them go insane on it.

I kind of agree; I think encroaching obscurity is the biggest threat to her operation right now, and memeing her further would drastically reduce that threat while simultaneously giving her something to cry about for further exposure.

more like chaotic neutral

we have an ASMR board, go ask em

this faggot needs a reality check

On some small level, he's not wrong. The universe isn't made of matter. It's made of stories.

It just so happens that Holla Forums and Holla Forums and all the rest of us problematic KKK Misogynerd Alt-Rightist types can spin a better story than a thousand of these blue-haired hipster faggots combined.

This guy's self-awareness levels aren't zero. They're in the fucking negatives.

The page has at least three regular Holla Forums contributors (bordigamin, Der Einzige and Catadmin), not sure about the rest but these three are very obvious and make a fuckhuge portion of the OC on the page

At what point, ever, has this man used facts?

I think Josh might actually be clinically retarded, as in so retarded he needs a handler.

tell that to a court of law

Josh lost all visibility when Anita kicked him out of her scam. Did we ever know why? It happened suddenly.

Is that Fiorina for Neutral Good? Heh, I doubt it after what she did to HP. The rest of it. Sheeeit, that alignment pic has gotta be a joke trawl right.

Every time this happens, I worry that we're losing proper skepticism of potential bullshit.

Because she's a stronk womyn who don't need no man to do her editing, writing or producing for her.

The courts and laws are literally just social construct though. The law is something only fascists and drumpftards nazis hide behind. We have the right side of history backing us up. :^)

Yeah, who needs lies of omission and outright fabrication? Have you seen what these fictional characters wear?


Well, I mean a story still needs to be internally consistent and logically follow.

Their stories just don't make any fucking sense. They are the pic related of politics.

Just rumors that they broke up.

It's not like she has done much, she's just funneling the money to her personnal accounts. The IRS would have a field day with her company if they bothered.



That reminds me of that one poster who kept posting Numbuh 4 alongside

So did she, she thought she could keep her scam going without him but the moment she gave him the boot she fell into obscurity faster then Ralph's pants in the prison showers.

Then remind it. Healthy scepticism is not always a one time permanent redpill.


This is pure fucking insanity;

Rumor was she kicked him out for a new boyfriend.

I'd also hazard a guess and say she wasn't liking having his name in front of all those writing credits when she was trying so hard to sell herself as an intellectual academician. Remember how many times she got called out for reading off teleprompters or litterally going on stage with a sheet of paper?

She's not completely oblivious. She knows her performances without pre-written or pre-agreed upon topics, or situations where she can't heavily edit and reshoot every line.. These things make her look like a drooling retard.

It's actually part of a longer screed

Yes, it is. What are you, retarded? If you're playing a game, you don't count your opponents attacks on you as equal to your attacks on your opponent. He kills your villagers? Well what's the difference, we're all human, and villagers died somewhere, and that's just awful! He destroys your buildings? Just as bad as if you destroyed his! He wins the match? Well, you're both just players, so either of you losing can really be said to be half of the players losing, so he's adversely affected too. And so on, and so forth, endlessly pretending to be more stupid than you are. It's boring. "M-muh laws"? An intra-ethnic system of promoting positive social behavior, not interspecies civilization glue. Recognize the objectives here. It's all a fucking game.


It…it's a right wing plot! I tell you! 4chan, 420, February 2, second month, 2+2 = 4 so 4chan! See? SEE? 4 simultaneous days, 4chan again.

A right wing plot.

It's not like is too far fetched from his character. Also it's not like this is some bombastic development, it's not imperative to archive it.


Might I add that this is a case of where you can actually ignore the retard and let him fade into obscurity. Its fun to take a look and laugh once in a while though


Also, because it's arguably worse than "we need better lies!"
These faggots have been attempting to rule by fear, through tacit threats of ruining careers, harassment, and bad press. The call what they have "facts" is just laughable, especially when he's demanding stronger emotional appeals.


Liberal professors everyone, this is who is teaching your children.


Sounds like Josh is desperate to find work as a propagandist.


This timeline just keeps getting weirder and weirder.

I don't know whether this is the best or worst timeline.

There were no links whatsoever, much less an archive.

Even if it's not important, the least you can do is spend 2 fucking seconds posting a link to show that it's real to entirely cut off the danger of proliferating a falsehood.

Its clear that colleges need a purge, remember the teacher wishing for white genocide? He didnt even get fired

He has a point about "terror attacks" tho. They're moral panics.

yeah it was obvious they were going to start pushing this after antifa played shadilay for a minute and a half during the starbucks raid.
cnn is pushing the false flag narrative also

That's kind of the point of terrorism. It's a tactic that inspires fear and panic, not legitimate military victory. There's a reason why they keep sending lone-wolf bombers and stabbers, instead of mounting a proper fighting force to conquer some midwestern town or some shit.

Also true.
Wrong. Verify then trust, don't get lazy and just listen and believe.

Apparently we radicalized Milo.

Does meme magic work retroactively?




Then at least use another archiving service so you don't put the burden on archive.is servers for something thats pretty much Josh's shitposting for attention

Okay, seriously, we have a shitload of evidence to support our arguments. Where's their evidence?



Was watching Phillip DeFranco and he already made a slight suggestion at the start of his show that the rioters might have been Trump plants to make the left look bad.

Of course

The terror attacks he means aren't what they actually do, but what their enemy think they did. You know, the usual "girl was raped and killed and raped again in the middle of an IHOP whoops nevermind false alarm".

hahahahaha fuck you blow

I don't disagree dubs. If anything I don't mind more than one archiving service for backup sake and not putting all the eggs in one basket, and throwing some shekels archive.is way is not a bad idea either. They're certainly not mutually exclusive.

Did you watch the podcast with Joe Rogan? Alex started talking about inter-dimensional satanist ayys. A lot of the shit about ayys seems believable but holy shit did he manage to outdo himself.


I think she kicked him out to have Katharine Cross take over that side of things.

I kind of want to fuck that girl tenderly while she screams at me for being a misogynist rapist

Literally all he said was that every celebrity gets hatemail! Are they really saying it's out of line for someone who was sent syringes and dead animals in the mail to say that?

I'm not even going to touch the fact that they misspelled her name as "Lesley."

What is "Bowling Green Massacre"?

The left and journalists are dishonest, news at 11.

Oh Cenk.


Is the game fun?

Sorry for being late today

You have been visited by


Good luck on love, Good Luck on Surgeries, Concentration, Smugness, a better PC, the ability to spot shills, Orchestra instead of Dubstep, an easy guide to mememagic, faster Japanese learning and Salt of your enemies will come but only if you post a pic of your Waifu followed by the words “FOR HER, THE WORST NIGHTMARE OF GAMERGATE”

Remember to always be a big guy




Are you still not a 2D lesbian yet?

"Punch X" games are low-effort attention-whoring, pretty much every single celebrity and politician in the world has their own version.


This is why all their memes are shit.

Here's something I don't understand, if the riots were an evil 4chin false flag, where does that leave all those celebrities and famous SJWs that were praising the riots and justifying the violence?

I guess they should have made a slapping game, would have more of a challenge

Holla Forums make it happen!

Oh, please.

Hes not wrong if hes secretly anti-sjw

Until that doujin when she confirms she is into Lesbian chrismast cakes isn't translated I will keep loving her as my waifu

The lack of self-awareness in that image hurts me.

these games were all the rage back in 2003

How can you be this dense.

I wonder if I can call some sociologist and ask them wtf is going on with peoples brains these days

Go to a North American College for 7 years.

We may have radicalized his views on shitposting

Because every single one of those people burning the streets down was a plant. Putting aside that burning cities down because some guy might say something you don't like is a natural leftwing reaction to their complicated feelings of self-doubt and loathing and the worry that they might actually be mistaken about something in their lives, and putting aside the fact that even Holla Forums condones what happened, are patting themselves on the back, and continue to shut their ears to the fact that the general populace do not appreciate the resulting violence and they actually have a reputation to lose unlike the nazis of Holla Forums, even if we were to pretend that the people who started the initial violence were plants, every single one of them still went along with it. Of fucking course you're going to look bad when the entirety of your mob decides to burn and loot and attack random people who you think might be supporting the people you don't like regardless of whether a plant triggered the whole thing or not.

Since you asked so nicely.

How do Aidan Gillan and Tom Hardy feel about their impact on politics today?

Learn how to embed shit, Panda.

☑ Propelled a gay immigrant to international fame and fortune

Is it okay if it isn't fiction?

Not too far off.

Ughing intensifies.

Not the panda. I just think it's ironic to still thier shit and post it to Holla Forums since they do the opposite all the time.

Lest we forget, they had no problems with Punching Jack Thompson either.

In all honesty, American antifas are possibly the most infiltrated non-governmental groups in the world. Black Block specifically probably has more cops than the NY police union does.

Fucking 10/10

it's always delicious when they attack their own

I think i'm done for the day

Antifas in Germany are openly paid by the government to demonstrate and they pay each member individually. Then there's also the fact that the German government at one point had an agitator go into a PEDIGA crowd and then throw a few firecrackers so the police would have an excuse to crack down on the protest.

he clearly said he was not with them, he became the enemy. a Nazi, misogynist, Islamophob, rapist after that post.

China has been fucked so many ways because of Mao and his followers. It's disgusting that anyone looks at what he did to his people and says "this is what I want."

Wasn't there one "national" organization in germany that was entirely made out of secret police?
They shut it down out of embarrassment.

they have no idea what communism has done. Nazis is THE WORST. And when you know what is THE WORST why look for something that might be worst, especially after hearing that communism is bad when they think is the best.

Seriously, being called "phobic" for pointing out everything wrong with mudslimes and hating the disgusting creatures needs to be disgraced.

I saw a conversation when a socialist implied mao didn't kill anyone (they just starved to death) and was against violence.
I hate people.

Sorry for off-topic, but when did Alex Jones became validated?
I was listening to him on JRE and the shit he's said isn't really wrong. Maybe the shit about there's a monolith on the moon of Mars, but the shit like "Intelligence Agency coup against Obama/Clinton" and him ranting about Pizzagate is all true.
Or maybe he was right all along and we're "waking up".

Looks like bearing made a new video on the riots
Something tells me this won't be the last riot antifa will cause
But I think this one will probably be mild compared to their next riot I'm sure

This account was created 3 days ago, has 400 tweets. Obvious troll is obvious. Why are you fags to easy?

ummm, user, REAL communism has never been put into place. The socialists' paradise is on its way, we just need to smash a few more starbucks storefronts and shout down mean old reactionaries

When the left is even tired of sjw bullshit

So who funds these groups in America? I remember someone mentioning some of the Airport protesters were from a group funded in part by soros.

I have been told German antifas are divided into two sides. One is the standard-issue anti-Zionist, pro-Palestine side, the other is pic related. I can guess which one gets government support.

Still not buying his water filters.

Oh come on you know who.

It rhymes with Sorrows

Something that never happened, but Kellyanne Conway talked about it yesterday and used it so justify some of Trumps actions or whatever.

(((A certain James Bond villain.)))

We have those retards here to, the EDL are a fucking embarrassment.

Still would take Jews over mudslimes any day.

Press Briefing's starting soon. Milo's supposed to be asking a question.

The legendary stream
Which made sjws call Jon a nazi

Who isn't a nazi these days

They went from calling people sexist/racist to fascist to nazis

How far gone do you have to be at this point to think the average joe is a nazi and america is over runned by nazis

Time to get some popcorn

On the other hand, consider how many people think the world is crawling with Marxists.


Even here in clapistan, I remember learning the effects of the great leap forward in school. They spent much less time than on the Holocaust, because "muh six million" but the fact that he fucked his people up with terrible policies should be indisputable. A friend of mine floated the idea, and I get the feeling he is right, that the goal was always genocide, but done in a roundabout manner. I also get a bit annoyed that he compared himself to Cao Cao when Cao Cao did shit for his people, even if he was still a sneaky bastard.

I severely regret not saving the archive of some conspiracy theory about how WWIII is supposed to be a war between Zionism and Islam, with Atheism thrown in for good measure, and is supposed to destroy them all. Shit like this makes me think there is truth to it.

why must this normalfag meme live

Good news the unconscious guy that antifa horde were beating survived.

What's his name? I kept googling yesterday and found nothing about him but that video.

Thank God. Dude did not deserve that for fucking any reason.

Thank god
Spread the word user

Why did they attacked him again? Other than thinking he was a "nazi"

that was it. That's the reason they beat him.

Because in there eyes if you point and call someone a Nazi that gives you the right to assault them.
Liberal logic.

And they wonder why so many people are leaving the left in droves and why they lost the election

So basically he was just an innocent bystander in the streets

I feel like that is a really terrible way to conduct tactics, especially with all the ideas of plants getting floated to cover their asses. Those idiots will believe it and start fucking each other up over the slightest thing.

Does… does he actually have contact with the man himself?
they'll still say he hates the gays though

It rhymes with "news" and "lose"

This dimension best dimension if it's the case.

There's not much to it, but it's not terrible. It's just The Sims for babies.
But I don't see how they can call it a full release when it only has 3 of the channels. I wanted to do crossover videogame make-up tutorials.

I hope he dropped some spicy memes, the butthurt from last time was entertaining.

When "Sarkeesian is McIntosh's puppet" started to catch popularity, she started damage control and downplaying their relationship – she said something along the lines of "I hired that guy for production" barely mentioning his name, implying she didn't know about him before and this entire "puppet" thing was nonsense.

When it became really obvious he was the one playing the games, he was the one writing the scripts, he was the one who revamped her image, and he was showing up on her twitter account every now and then, she finally dumped him. I'm sure revealing how involved he was in "her" operation was part of the split (after all, they would "reply" to some of her detractor's reactions in her own videos – remember the "male entitlement is when gamers are raging at my videos"?), but other factors also played (it's possible she started to realize he wanted to gain a larger platform by user her around the time he started to show up on her channel, without her appearing in the videos).

Good Game Producer

I'd rather watch paint dry.

I would rather fill out all the hr foms I still have to do, watching paint dry is eazy modo compared to that



Some SJWs are starting to deny that they celebrated and condoned the riots, have your archives ready!

If you got the links user post em

That is the most amazing reaction image I have ever seen.

If that's true then according to antifa's logic that makes them nazi sympathies.

Btw does anyone have any pictures of the riots
From trumps inauguration to the Berkeley riots
I like to post some screen caps of the tweets/comments condoning it with those pictures

The goons are in full force today it seems. At least on twitter.

How? After 10min I want to kill myself or destroy the world since we have no future.




dunno when this is from tho

A fair response to twitter.

Remember when that asian chick cosplayed as a mexican overwatch character? How come SJWs went nuts about that one but they don't jump on white girls cosplaying as D.Va? Or asians cosplaying as Tracer?

Also, watch the very last bit, that girl so obviously hates Mountain Dew and doritos. What a trooper.



Trumps press secretary is a weeb

All two of them denounce violence against leftists peacefully protesting? Maybe I'm misinterpreted her message, but only because her phrasing allows me to do so.

Asians are white in their eyes, SJW only call them "Oppresses minorities" when it suits them.


Today is a sad day.

Pretty much.
I believe his only involvement was telling leftists not to break shit.

Because retardation that should really piss of the nips at this point.

This is slightly off topic and even by my own standards is kind of grasping at straws on a dead horse.

Gamer Gate and Zoey Quinn

I think Zoey may of been a successful M.K. Ultra victim. Why do I think this may be possible?

Well other than the strange media backing, seemingly endless piles of money that come her way with 0 work done (especially before she was efamous), and connections and such lets look at her behavior.

Children who are sexually abused become fucked up mentally. This can happen multiple ways causing them to shut down, but they can also become hyper sexual. When hypersexualized they will gravitate with manic ferver toward stranger and stranger sexual impulses. Sexuality becomes so flexible they will have zero problem using sex the same way a normalfag uses flattery to get things.

In the original indiefesable vid original cut that was deleted, they mention her nickname is 2 greyhound buses (her worse nick name Erin Gave her based on how many people he suspected she fucked). Some of the faces on that greyhound bus are unfuckable by low standards (Jim Sterling).

Her ex Erin has said in IRC that she had a child hood and maraige that were so traumatic that no matter how much he hated her he wouldn't go into it. Zoey (real name Chelsea) was married to some guy in the military are there is zero record of them together other than official docs.

When Zoe talked about her "traumatic child hood" which she describes as daddy worked too much and left me alone with vidya on a vice documentary. she talks about being alone in the woods in the eastern part of the US. One problem, records of her father show him raising her in Hawaii running a harley shop.

Of course there is no childhood records of her behavior. For being a creature of the digital age she has no trace before 18. There are no highschool friends who come out of the woodwork either to stick up for or condemn her.

Quinn gets into game development. I have no clue how this happens because she has no experience in writting or coding (but it may explain why she is fucking some kid who builds the stuff and is in videos with him leaning to use tools), only shit posting online and porn. Yet some how where ever she shows up free sex and government money soon follow. The crazy DOD stuff has already been dug up, but Zoey isn't the kind of girl smart enough to follow the money but somehow seems to be there everytime over and over again.

She also despite what she describes as bad relationships with her family can somehow afford to live in New York, D.C., Boston and Cali all before the internet ever knew who she was and without her having a job (other than camwhore/model) with out any roomates (who ever came forward to condemn or stick up for her.

When the shit hits the fan Zoey all of sudden in a serious relationship with the son of a weapons dealer (handler?) who has unlimited resources and fund all of her projects. He sticks with her while she is unstable and ballooning in weight, then when she gets thin again they break up… When they break up he is still with her every step of the way. He is an attractive fit dude with millions, it makes no sense for him to glomb on this hard. No pussy is THAT good.

and don't get me started on all of Fem Freqs ties and employment of Pedos…

No MSM started trying to debunk GG until all the DOD grants and funding started comming out and gaming news fucked up by copying and pasting. What if the biggest scandle of GG wasn't nepotistic fuck wad cunts acting exactly like you would expect, or sexism but a mentally unstable but highly effective asset being exposed and giving her enough money, status and fame to STFU and do everything possible to not blow her cover.

The only thing that will validate this theory for me is if Pizzagate does get exposed and her funding dries up. Even if Zoey her self says its true I wouldn't believe her because she's mentally unstable.

But this is just a theory. A poor one. Something that just clicked while researching pizzagate. Disregard if you like. I'm hoping someone will be willing to discuss this a little.

Did alt-right ever mean anything other than a collective "bigot, rascist, homophobe, sexist, etc" boogeyman?
Anyone calling themselves alt-right are idiots, honestly.

Wait wait wait, she fucked Jim Sterling?? No fucking way. And what's M.K Ultra?

It's not a new Mortal Kombat game, if that's what you're thinking.
It was a CIA Mind Control experiment.

Faschist is the new alt-right, they invent terms, use them poorly, have them stolen and used against them and then invent a new one but more retarded and the cycle repeat itself.

bunch of gov agents trying lsd on patients with mental retardation or some other handicap, sometimes they fucked them

I'm not even sure where the term came from. I'm not sure if the left came up with it or Holla Forumsacks. The left says alt-righters are all nazis, and nick spencer or whatever his name is the guy that got punched is their nazi leader…but they say everyone is a nazi. So I have no idea if this is true. They could actually be nazis and I wouldn't know because they call a bunch of people that aren't nazis nazis!


Before it got popular, yes. Then Hillary used it to lose an election.

That said, alt right was never anything coherrent, and was always an amorpheus mess.


Police had no-arrests policy.

Yeah no she didn't fuck that fat sack of lard, he's a legitimate cuckold who lets his equality fat ugly wife cheat on him.
Please don't post a picture of her i'm fucking eating.

Lets post more screen caps like this
Anyone got anymore?


Sometimes the simplest answer is the correct one

She didn't even name a right wing protest. By right wing protests she probably means shit like right win people saying shit on tv

Wew, thats some pretty heavy projecting from that bryan fellow

Allegedly. No proof and even the video implying it is down. If you ask camera girl I'm sure she may be willing to explain more.

However look at Jim Sterlings behavior and 180. Jim had also mentioned he was close with her (to the point of voice acting in a game that never came out for a game maker who doesn't use voice actors).

Jim used to shit on femcunts non stop and love the shit out of tities and such. Then Jim starts easing soft acceptance of minor feminist ideas but focuses mostly on pro consumer stuff.

Then Quinspiracy happens. Radio silence. Then he makes a shit vid saying how good the industry is now almost as if he is begging them to stop digging so nothing has to change, then finally Jim Sterling goes full Movie Bob. Turns SJW heel, defends all the shit he railed against months ago.

people argue its his wife, but how long has he been married for a visa and how long has he turned SJW heel? It doesn't add up

Isn't that the dyke who defends sharia law? the same law that would have her executed on sight.

It was more than just a bit of LSD and sex, MKULTRA was intended to be a mind control/brainwashing program for which they tried a huge variety of methods ranging from hypnosis to drugs in order to find out what works. For example one of their hypnosis tests involved hypnotising the subject and then having them go into a bathroom, assemble an incendiary device, hide it and then proceed back to the hypnosis room without raising any suspicion from the people in the area.

I just gave him a really brief synopsis

Occam's razor. The most simple explanation is that she's a borderline case who mooches off losers with low self-steem. If you see some support forum for former partners of borderlines and start reading the stories, you would be tempted to think every one of them is LW.

I don't recall this.

This is why I hate democrats.

This is what's always fascinated me about gamergate. The more you dig the more interesting it becomes. Some real cloak and dagger shit


Kuchera was another case. He used to shit on proto-SJWs, then became one. Then again, he started to turn way before GG, and he was a slimy fuck even then.

If you don't play ball, you don't get the connections you don't get the promotions.

I love how they never respond, and they just let goons do their work for them in the comments.

Kuchera and journos saw an opportynity to transcend the stigma of "simple video games reporting". They wanted more out of their job and leftist medias offered them a way.

The same argument has been used against GG. Do you really believe the government is funding infultrators in the videogame industry and all banging each other to build a secret ideological club and keep others out?

Or a bunch of gamers are sexist and slutshaming.

Digra, here is a vid of Sargon getting his shit pushed in in a debate because he gets bogged down in symantics.


One thing i've notice when it comes to the males is a lot of them have done what they accuse others of doingin the past, I don't know if they became SJW to try and hide this by drawing attention away from themselves or as some way of penance.
As for the female SJW they're just pathetic jealous cows who project their insecurities onto everyone else.

But thats just a conspiracy theory and everything labelled conspiracy theory means its not true and just crazy talk :^)

Also, just FYI, me and several other anons last night noticed a pretty large memory leak problem coming from Holla Forums, the GG threads in particular, probably because they are large and fast. If you have been noticing a lot of browser crashes lately, this is likely the cause.

I hope Code Monkey fixes it soon.

Waterfox grew up to 6gb of ram yesterday, might explain it.

Why are you wasting your time arguing with a "👏STAR👏WARS👏REFERENCE👏" SJW?
You know it's not going to listen to anything you say, the time your wasting doing that is time you could spend on stealing more memes.

You sure that's not just firefox doing that to itself?
It's in awful shape these days.

And you fucks told me I was the only one having problems a few threads ago

I'm not panda but I just thought his mocking of snoke is fucking funny.

Zelda Torrential Downpour potential discussion:
The original link- Breath of the Wild can switch to any language when you change the Switch's language- yet dual audio is not an option.
1. Get clarity if this is true (Disk has multiple languages on it- both text and audio. You could even ask NOA- but phrase it in such a way so it isn't obvious you're fishing for dual audio potential info.
Don't copy what I've written word for word. Multiple people asking the same thing in the same way will raise a red flag.
2. If Dual Audio is basically there bar the menu option- meme how bad the VA work is on release. It's a major AA title that everyone will talk about, and Nintendo can "win" good PR by patching it in later. If not, NOA becomes a little more synonymous with bad VA work even amongst normal fags.
3. Debate whether writing to Nintendo Japan is possible (translators needed) or even worth while (will they reject all foreign letters and emails- even if they are large in number or in Japanese?)

But these are not the only two possible answers. The other is the aforementioned borderline case.

Oh I have no doubt that a dirty past is an extremely common theme. Beyond all the cases we already uncovered, I can tell from contact with FYAD goons that they have the dirtiest assholes in the world, yet they now get paid to clutch pearls in the liberal media.

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

That said, my theory of Zoey being a gov operative/victim of a program is pretty crazy. It's just an idea I wanted to bounce around.

Like someone said earlier, you see the 180 changes and its real cloak and dagger shit that happens with 0 catalyst. These are people who can't take a shit without blogging about how the experience made them grow as a human being… strange that an ideological change that drastic happens out of nowhere.

Might be, it coincide with the new update 51.

Oh Firefox has memory leak problems, to be sure. However my memory scan on my tabs shows the GG thread currently at 443 mb and climbing. That is way too high. One user suggested that successive updates to threads seem to be causing a growing problem and that sounds right to me.

Well we've already had the cases of some anti-gg types being jailed for rape and such. I'm sure they are into all sorts of things.

Someone tweet him pic 1

batoto's still up. rip it before it's gone. or do you want me to spoonfeed you a mega?

Agreed, hence why I say only a theory. However with insanity madness does not have to have a reason to act. It just is.

I do find it super weird no one came foreward who has known Zoey before age 18. No one was her friend in middle or highschool and shared the common interest of videogames. No one had an old school photo album with her pic saying I remember her, weird quiet girl.

Not even a single childhood friend or child hood enemy. Yet somehow she has a vivid abusive past that keeps changing and evolving.

There is no proof to what I claim as the absence of evidence is not evidence. She does have the behavior of sexual abuse victims I have met that arent in shut down mode, but even if that is the case, she could of been abused without everything else I said.

Just an idea with coincidences. Nothing more.

It's definitely the former. I was into the SJW clique a little bit years ago. I never got hardcore into it but I was SJW-adjacent, I guess. A lot of it was because I felt guilty over things I've done. Then my life went off the rails and I barely even care if I live or die anymore, so fuck feeling guilty.


Sorry, but it's borderline retarded. Also it was Leigh Alexander who turned Sterling.

It sounds like timecube level shit brah. But at the point we're at…

Okay, I don't know why I said "the former". I haven't been sleeping well and I'm confused, I guess. I guess it probably depends on the person. It was a little of both for me.

I'm not bothered by the fact that the archive is gone so much as the fact that now I have to find an alternative place to source it.

Off topic, but was the samsung galaxy 7 the phone that was blowing up? I want VR and don't have a lot of money.

Galaxy Note 7.

He's not going to fix it until Holla Forums bitches about it :^)

I have to agree with everyone else, that concept is pretty far-fetched. Also, not all psychological cases are black and white in their prognosis, while it could be true, its far more likely she just fucks people for pity or so they "owe" her one.

Save your money friend, waifus aren't here yet.


Back when the wannabui™ spammed /furry/; we were dealing with the issue for several weeks before he spread out into other boards. CuckySky contacted them well beforehand, and he didn't do shit.
It wasn't until it hit Holla Forums that he decided to respond and do something about it.

Had the issue yesterday too, had to reboot Windows. Somehow I didn't encounter the problem with Ubuntu (yet?)

Killing the Waterfox process was enough for me.


common theory is that codemonkey's Holla Forums

What? Its a fact

Is it Wednesday yet?

I guess that makes sense, although I wouldn't jump to conclusions from a single occurrance


Professors do this so that they don't lose students/money even if they do something wrong. Getting the students arrested for their actions would be a good way to bleed a university out, but they can tell the police to stand down until their actions become too unlawful and hazardous to do so.

Lucky you. I have two laptops connected to the Internet; the main laptop is running Windows 8.1 and has 6GB or RAM. Yesterday the whole system started to get slower, I thought it was the antiviral doing its thing, and then Firefox displayed a few notification regarding pages slowing the browser down. I closed Firefox, thinking it would solve the issue, but the computer was still slow as fuck. I rebooted. It happened again an hour or two later, so I went to the task manager and saw all 6GB of RAM were used by Firefox. After closing the program (normal shut down), the process was still hogging resources in the back. The task manager being the unresponsive fuck it is when you really need it, I lost patience and rebooted again. Meanwhile, the other laptop running on Ubuntu was monitoring the GG thread and the catalog with Firefox and nothing unusual happened.


T-they were hacked! That would be what faggots say.

Like beating a man unconscious with metal pipes?

And then keep beating him while he's unconscious?

Apparently its also ok to destroy and loot property too

shoo shoo fotm goblin

Pale moon is leaking as well, but at a much slower rate it seems.


He could at least post the actual FOTM.

Anime was a mistake.

No one cares for Little Flop Academia, though.

Man Who Was Thursday?

Not a normalfag meme. a old gay/female habit that gays/women use to call older men who they view as a fuckable fathwr figure

You're all faggots with shit taste

You know what's even more ironic? By banning Milo, twitter contributed in making the fabulous faggot an even bigger moneymaking celebrity than Leslie Jones ever will.


I haven't been having trouble with the site lately, but then again, I have been using Palemoon. Out of that, Firefox, Waterfox and Cyberfox, Palemoon was the only one that could handle a shitload of tabs.

I confess I'm too much of a philistine to understand what you mean.


It was only to start a conversation.

A book Holla Forums told me about once. A brief summaryof the book: the scotland yard is sent to infiltrate a radical group and every guy but one is scotland yard. And they each have no clue who the real criminal is. The concept is funny to me.

My Vita just died

the fuck?

Battery or brick?

Best ED this season.


So I heard from the fire emblem thread that the new mobile game has headpetting in it is that true? I don't have any interest in the game, I am just curious how badly treehouse botched it. Also I didn't know Camilla was hated outside of jealous sjws and retards keep pushing the big tits=no personality meme, although it's probably infiltrators.

I thought Lo-Ping used to be a retard? What happened?

Question. Could Trump get control of Google and make it a gubernamental company if he could argue about them being enemy propagandists or some shit?

I'm sick and I'm getting feverish ideas.

Aren't there like 4-5 people who share that account?

I'm trying to see if its bricked it won't change so i guess so

Recharge it.



Don't think so since if I remember right google is not classified as an american company.

Did it shut off while updating? Can you access safe mode?

They have always been okay by me. And one of them is among the few who got laid thanks to GG.

Think about it…


That artist drew another Vivian.
bonus moon man

Suffering scale intensifies

Nope won't work at all

Its lack of games made it commit suicide.Sad!

They've stopped manufacturing Vitas for the west.
Have fun shopping for sloppy second used goods.



Too bad he is a tumblr fag who went muh Holla Forums is toxic now

Hmm this whole thread is full of goons the milo shit must of gotten them to lose it.

I still have no idea how anyone can even try to rationalize what happened at Berkeley.

Im beginning to suspect those people are from Holla Forums too

here you go:

One of the LW is probably still salty over Milo's book deal, and the berkeley chimpout making more people realizing the loony left and socjus is not only nuts but violently crazy. And the amplified streissand effect because instead of just talking on some campus, the loony left's chimpout to try to silence the faggot now gave Milo an even bigger stage.

Disliking Holla Forums does not equate to Holla Forums

But it is just Holla Forums shitting the thread up

But "violence works," right, bloggers at Polygon?

yeah that's probably what it is, I am seeing a surge of retards shitting on big tits and people who like them.

remember this from one of the previous threads?
>>>Holla Forums9122214


Wasn't the old lady that gave the hitler salute in one trump rally, turned out to be a clinton supporter? Didn't one of the dems strategist talked about hiring and sending crazy people to Trump rallies, disguised as Trump supporters to start up shit.

I still remember the leftist and clinton camp going, "we must accept the outcome of the election no matter what, this is a nation that has peaceful transfer of power, democractic rule of law, when Drumpf loses I mean if he loses teehee, we must come together as a nation and resp- WHADYAMEAN HE WON?! FFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUCK YOUUUUU!"


They really can't let go.

they made a spectacle of themselves and just like that Tyrion Lannister quote, stopping Milo from doing his speech just amplified his message more than anything

These guys are dummies

I must have missed that one, I remember where some of the people who gave the salute turned out to be jewish though.

You fucked up your link

cool link faget


prepare for bully

Pls no bully, I thought I oversaw a highlight marker



Now you fucked up

get outta here, pappy

These people call themselves game journalists, everyone.

And me as well, Billy me Kindly anons.

But its just a theory, A GAME THEORY

We can make a drinking game out of spotting vidya articles that whinedrop Trump.

Scratch that, my mistake. I was thinking of another old lady, iirc the one that claimed a Trump supporter knocked her over. Not sure if she was a clinton supporter, but let's just say I'm skeptical of her story since 5 min later she was smiling and posing for selfies and pics.

I don't wanna die!


Spoiler: it's pedantic and uneducated. Resident Evil relies on horror movie tropes, and even though those tropes were used in movies that could be interpreted in such a way they make a political statement (Poltergeist, Gremlins, Day of the Dead, Running Man, etc.), it doesn't mean that using the tropes automatically mean you wanted to convey the message of these movies. But hey, that didn't prevent the guy from writing an entire article about it.


th-thanks brote

incidentally, he has a youtube channel where he uploads his streams, and for some fucking reason he only said so now

I am too tired to write any response to this. Why do they drop the Trump name absolutely everywhere?

Using the word blackness as an extremely negative and problematic connotation and implication. Ugh. Are you kidding me, are you serious right now?! Dats fucking RAYCISS! :^)

Hue hue hue. Maddy Myers, Paste mag, capricously and zeitgeist. Holy shit mang and that's just the opening sentence.

Forgot to add; as usual people pushing this kind of shit are confusing meaning and symbols, ideas and words, intentions and means, etc.

Wow, now that image is ironic.

Is Maddy Myers the one that went on various news shows claiming that she was raped in GTA Online?

Clickbait and yellow journalism going full retard. Approximately 2 days after Trump's win, the mayor of my city it's cancerville, I'm behind enemy lines right now opened his piehole to declare Trump -must- now respect and embrace diversity and bla bla bla. Practically telling Trump should adopt Killary's bridge not walls bullshit, because I guess being the mayor of shittown supersedes POTUS.

Open the food section in the local newsrag to look at some recipe. Somehow a goddamnfood article name drops Trump and Clinton. Eating healthy is good, I heard Clinton likes to eat healthy isn't that great? Eating too much fast food is bad though. Hey you know who likes fast food? Drumpf.

That's probably sam maggs you're thinking about. Then again the socjus clique tend to blur sometimes.

That seems to be a common theme in socjus, doesn't it? They seem to think that policing language will somehow have a practical effect. Keeping people from saying "nigger" will end racism, and stopping deadnaming will end transphobia. As if drawing on a map will change the terrain.

On second thought, this is another manifestation of their complete misunderstanding of causality. They see black people have worse poverty indexes, so there's probably some correlation here. But they think correlation equals causation, so from atop their wisdom, they conclude that they're poor because they're black.

funny how they are not able to see it themselves.

that and the ESA,ESRB and downpour shit has been getting shills to come here in droves.

Found it. DF is one of the best things to have ever come out of GG.

They completely reject human nature, the fastest way you get a thing to happen is to tell someone they cant do something

Not this is Sam maggs

Myers is the tranny

Oh, okay.

Of course she has ties to Chelsea.

I think it goes way beyond that.
In 2016, Franchesca Ramsey made that "Is PC culture destroying freedom of speech", in this abomination, she confused the number of words added to the dictionary with your ability to convey ideas; words are "means", they are not the "goal" (the things you want to express). If you forbid anyone of speaking a specific idea, no matter how many words you have, no matter how many combinations you come up with, you are still not allowed to speak your mind.
Some people claimed the "peaceful protest" of Berkeley was "free speech". Except it's not (and if it was, it would be "hate speech"): there are multiple ways you can convey the idea that "Milo is a filthy piece of subhuman shit and his ideas are despicable" (in fact, I just conveyed that idea in this quotation, without breaking a single window or throwing a single brick). You can convey the message you don't like Milo in many ways that would not break the law. Expecting people to interpret the motivation of your riot as if it was Performance Art demonstrate they confuse symbols and ideas.
The riot would be classified as "hate speech" if it was "speech", not only because it basically means "we hate Milo and would use violent not to hear him", but also because the concept of "hate speech" requires a regulation that bypasses your right to convey the ideas you wants (in short, some ideas, when expressed, break the law; and that's why you can't express them). There are already laws punishing the actions that took place in the riot, therefore, if their riot is "free speech", it conflicts with laws put in place to punish their speech. So it's hate speech.

A simpler explanation is that she was a loner and didn't make friends of enemies. The girl no one noticed. That's why she uses her vagina to to get in with the current cool kids scene.

The few that do remember or have something of any relevance to say about her would have been off narrative so the stories wouldn't have got out. Not that any one looked for the story. You expect the journalists that covered this to actually do research?

You can't ever make me become a waifufag.

Not a tranny. You are thinking of Samatha Allen.

The only two concrete examples so far where I see hate speech is a valid thing is verbal threat, and incitement to violence. Even then I think it's rather clumsy since most laws already have something regarding threatening and inciting violence.
"I'm going to kill\beat you into a coma!"=verbal threat
"Kill All Men!"=incitement
Funny how most of the things socjus accuses others of doing, they do it themselves in spades.

I'm a little relieved that Hollywood's plans to adapt Neon Genesis Evangelion never happened, he'll just fuck it up even harder than the upcoming Pacific Rim 2.

That guy doxed himself to prove Harmful Opinion that he dox.

tweetsave link for if archive goes down

I just received a message from the Weaboo Anime Imaginary Female Union saying you should have no worry about that. No members of the W.A.I.F.U. wishes for you, err I mean they don't want to trouble you to be their 3DPD husbando. So you can sleep easy on that front.

I thought that was still stuck in development hell. Oh well. No skin of my ass if these fucks keeps flushing their own career doown just to virtue signal.

I wouldn't even prohibit the "kill all men"; I'd just wait for the first victims (dead, hurt or saved in the nick of time), and then determine the motivation of the aggressor during the trial (which then would have an impact on the sentence). I wouldn't forbid this message because it's a pretty solid warning sign:

how to learn vodka runes


eat shashliki and drink vodku

get drunk, take your shirt off, and go fist fight someone


Which is why I said it's still clumsy, and most of time redundant especially if it's in a developed country with a hopefully well developed rule of law and code system. Remember that socjus and leftards have a boner for 3rd world shithole and communist failed states though, and they take all the wrong lessons from it. They seem to have a weird fetish for being this grand peasant hero standing up against hwhyte, colonial patriarchal capitalist oppression. While wearing a 60 dollar virtue signalling t shirt from some celebretard "charity" label, that was likely made in a sweatshop. And tweeting to organize a chimpout at berkeley. But hey mang, according to their pov, it's everyone else who's the nazi, and they're the great People's Hero.

I'll try it out

I wonder what kind of pizza Johnny likes.

drink it

Rami trying to start shit with make comics great



It makes me think something else is at play here, I think deep down they don't really believe what they say and do. But they are doing it for a reason.

Possibility 1 - They have no moral compass, and say and do whatever gets them the most support.

Possibility 2 - They are covering for their own racism/sexism are projecting upon others their own foibles, as can be seen here in this example. They'll often fall back upon sexist / racist comments as soon as the opponent is seen as the "enemy". Which shows they haven't changed, they are merely masking it.

This further explains the whole "help the poor brown people" which is close to "civilizing the savage" of the 1700's

Rami is such a fucking idiot….

There's been a change of plan for me, so I'll still be using the same ID (Sorry.) Digging up all this info on the ESA reminds me of Dead Cell in Metal Gear Solid 2.
>What is he?
>Entertainment Software Association… Him?
>What happened?
>Why would they go after the video games?


If you have a twitter account send him this image, prepared to get blocked though.

Apparently the pizza's so nice he did it twice.



Kek, pretty funny actually. We had a small shitstorm in my country a while back because some negress was on holiday in saudi arabia and got raped there. She reported it and got thrown in jail for having sex outside of marriage


How fucking stupid do you have to be to "dox" yourself twice and still somehow think it's someone else's fault?

I wouldn't bother. Rami's such a disingenuous shit that he wouldn't admit that a car with air conditioning was objectively a better value than a nearly-identical car at the same price that didn't have it.

>not only that, but admitting that you doxed yourself twice, the first time to a Goon

Reading his feed, one for the /cow/boys

I'm assuming he wants fucking pineapple on his pizza, then.

Oh come fucking on.

I think they forgot the memo that Godwin's Law is supposed to be invoked somewhere down the conversation chain, not at the very beginning.

He really has gone full shitlord


I've been thinking about the larger picture of what the ESA is from the dug info. And right now there is couple of possible scenario I'm seeing.
-regarding the sark tweet that was later deleted and somewhat apologized for, that started the scrutiny. The ESA may not be outright malicious in everything, though it might be fed bad or false info. The sark tweet was not just one example, I'm thinking of that LW game mention and the retarded 'gamers today are social justice warriors'. But maybe it was stupidity and ignorance of just scanning and using the info to put into their tweets and newsletter or annual reports.

That possibility holds a faint hope of maybe informing them that socjus themed marketing, and hostile or controversial marketing is not really a hot thing in current year, at least from a customer point of view.

-bad ending possibility. Everyone drinks the socjus koolaid over at the ESA. I hope not, and being a fairly large org at least the numbers may make that an impossibility, even people with common agreed outlook have some differences no matter how small. I really hope this is not the case, because it would make everything done so far useless. But I doubt that is the case tbqh fam. I think there is still some hope no matter how faint or small.

Again, just my take on it. I think for a larger picture I want to zoom out a bit from the individuals for a second, and take another look at their graph particularly their uptick on spending amount for lobbying. Yes they are a lobbying group, but I want to see what I can glean from their spending pattern and more importantly where in terms of direction and interest. We know they are still heavy into gamification, and so is the govt and large enterprises and institutions.

You know who also breathed air and ate food?
Hitler did it.
Now I hope antifa does the opposite.


So, while going arround watching Sargon's alternative channel I remembered the black niggles that said that science was just colonization powers and that black people once threw lightnings on people, then got triggered when someone said that wasn't true.

Did she got aids already?

They don't eat food or breathe air, they breathe their own farts and eat shit.

Thats whats been said about full on kool aid drinkers for years now, might be reasonable for an individual but for an organization/company/whatever the fuck its not

Off topic, but does anyone know how to easily make cyoa images like this?
It's tedious to do it via image editing.


And that is what I want to make sure of. Let's be clear here, it's just as much a strategic and tactical move to get an accurate read on what the ESA is, what it's really thinking and where it is going. If it is full on pod people factory in there, well the ESA is quite large, have been around for quite some time, and was the one that setup the ESRB, is trying to setup IARC, has other affiliates. That is not something to just go attack attack attack over, and hope somehow it will be successful. That kind of lack of strategy is fit only for baguette surrender faggots.


How can you guys still support Orange Franco after seeing this?!??!

Germany is so fucking cucked. Left is protesting, trying to censor people they disagree with, but yes, Trump is the bad guy.

Considering how quick they managed to put a MAGA hat up in the holocaust museum id say they are slacking.

Godwins law also doesn't include anything about who wins or loses the debate. It just says as the length of a discussion increases, the probability of a hitler/nazi analogy approaches 1.

Is this a figure of speech or did he really do that?

Barring some crazed African warlords, Saudi Arabia is hands down the most retrograde, anti-humanist government on Earth. I hope I'll live to see the house of Saud's beaten corpses hanging in public view Mussolini-style, but I doubt it'll happen with Uncle Sam keeping watch.

Saffron Saddam
Mustard Mussolini
Apricot Amin
Titian Stalin

The question you should be asking is how could you not support him after seeing this?

He legitimately answered that question with "what if I don't like air conditioning?"

Out of curiosity, which executive orders has he introduced that affect the frredom of Americans?

Bit early for shitposting but I filled it out anyway.

So Doug Lowenstein, former president of the ESA was at DICE Summit 2007 appropriately titled ''The ESA: Past, Present and Future'.'
Speakers at DICE Summit 2007
His profile
>Douglas Lowenstein became the first president of the Entertainment Software Association (formerly the Interactive Digital Software Association) in June, 1994. Since then, he built the ESA into the most influential and important worldwide trade body representing the computer and video game software industry. Under Lowenstein’s leadership, ESA created the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB), owned and ran the Electronic Entertainment Exposition (E3), built a worldwide anti-piracy program, and developed an effective federal, state, and local public policy advocacy program. Lowenstein recently announced he would leave ESA to launch a new trade association serving the private equity industry.
I'm gonna have to look for an archive of the DICE Summit 2007 video because if the topic is Past, Present, and Future, then theres probably some key information


Jesus Christ how horrifying.

They were projecting so hard with all that "if they lose they will burn down everything!" shit.

How long until that bitch Merkel hangs for treason? Surely there aren't any people left who still defend her over there right.

Agreed. A clearer picture may also emerge if the info is compared with the spending trend of the ESA post 2007 to present.

For some reason the dice website doesn't have archive of videos only pictures, might want to try youtube.

I find it interesting on that 2007 DICE Summit website, Bioware, Insomniac Games, Ubisoft, and EA are on there (Along with the big three)

A few years ago nobody was defending her, but now that Trump won people start kissing her ass again. No idea why, I guess they are afraid of male leaders or something and try to balance it or something.

Merkel was ALWAYS bad even before the whole refugee shit.

From what I've gathered, merkel is bad but she is better than the socialdemocrat one that is full "the german people should not exist".
So as long the german people keep being cucked they will vote for merkel because "muh lesser than two evils".



aaand stopped reading there

Good morning anons. Say, if you're awesome in editing, please do so with these images. Feature Chairwoman Anita Sarkeesian, her staff/prominent followers at Feminist Frequency and the brand itself so it can be used as weapons on how demented she is. It's right here.


Are you a NEET?

Are you or sark now trying to do free crowdsourcing for her own outrage comeback tour or something?

Stop persecuting this gay, jewish, immigrant. Whilst you're at it check your privilege.

Sort of.

This was made last year and it's been effective so far. And no I'm not.

Could be valkenburger itself trying to drum up interest. I mean it has been 5 minutes that no one is paying attention to it and Milo is on TV, his book got a surge in sales and interest due to the berkely chimpout.


Whether he gets the apology or not (he won't), having the mayor come out and justify the actions of rioters threatening the safety of people attending his show is not merely "saying offensive things"; demanding to retract false accusations is not "playing the victim".

it is true that all are bad, but I'd say she is the worst. The problem with her is she is against everything. I am in a game right now so I can't really talk much, I say more later.

Remember the Austrian election?

WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaa! Look at me, my feelings are special.

God damn there is no good pic or photographic angle where batwu does not look insane is there.

You can't make this shit up.


I can't seem to find anything on Youtube regarding DICE Summit 2007…
Closest I found is this Spanish site (Which doesn't display video from me and it says its from Gametrailers)
There was however an episode of Game Head that took place in DICE Summit 2007 (Although I doubt they would say anything about The ESA: Past Present, & Future )

I just want a unbiased list of executive orders. I saw some show that listed cancelling the TPP under "bad" because it was in the making for 7 years. Fucking retards.

Knowing Milo, I get the feeling he's just doing this to piss people off more.

I don't know who this is.

ooo baby

He says exactly that right in the picture.

Take this to Kukuryo. That chorizo needs to get translated.

That's the charitable interpretation. He does seem surprisingly thin skinned at times. Like whenever an interview doesn't go his way. Being a bottom must really mess with your head, huh?


Do we have a baker btw?

could you be more subtle at least

I don't pay enough attention to him to know about that stuff. I just see him mentioned here now and then.

seriously literally who is this

Wait Antifia rigged an election?
I would ask why that wasn't in the news but I already know the answer, communism is a fucking plague.

I found this: archive.is/jbueA
But without a little more detail, not being a burger, I'm not sure of the implication nor meaning behind all of it.


Title: Still being Selected

Firing up oven ready at 700 or page 14
title: Enemy Zero Edition
Published on Jun 28, 2015

I hope so.

I dunno if I had to do "hard interviews" that asked the same questions with the same SJW rhetoric you see on Twitter every day, that's been debunked 1000 times before the person responding was blocked, I'd probably punch the interviewer right in their smug face.

I wonder what happened to her. That Twitter is dead.

Sure you would tough guy.

Baker war! Fine, you did win by 20 seconds or so, I'll do back up baking instead.

I'm not a people person

I'm out of the loop about his beef with Harmful but this guy is just some wanabe e-celeb riding the anti sjw wave. He was attacking the e-celebs that shilled Candid over it having CP (as if they have control over it)

I can't tell if you're a goon or if you miss the point; the mayor is already in hot water for demanding the police to stay put while riots were raging. He already backtracked on some things he called Milo, but if he admits Milo is not a white nationalist, Nazi, whatever, then he also admits that the riot was completely unjustifiable, that the protesters had no reason to be there, and since it is his duty to preserve the peace in his city, he shouldn't have been patiently waiting, watching the events unfold and ordering law enforcement to stay away from it.
The mayor CANNOT admit he knew Milo is not the neo-Nazi he claims he is.

Ethics Maniac Edition

Oh, so nobody important.

Even if he was a white nationalist the riots wouldnt be justifiable

No user, stop we will not shitpost about the name of the Thread again

No some salty dude having a funny meltdown, no one important.

Does white nationalist just mean nationalist who happens to be white

I think it means someone who's a nationalist but wants a whites-only nation.

So far nothing has turned up in DICE Summit 2007 videos…I did however find this old article from Kotaku talking about Doug Lowestein and how "Game Journalists Helped Make Thompson"
Frankly while Game Journos are a shit, I think the industry itself is also responsible for breeding the Thompsons.

white nationalist = alt right turbohitler nazi drumpf and possibly (absolutely) even a secret gamergator mysogynerd.
Come on it's current year +2 you should know this by now.

Someone who desires a white ethnostate.

I just want a thread about Hex Maniac the sex maniac

Its a sad day that wanting a country for your own people is considered the most evil one could be


Yeah isn't that ironic, when Thompson wanted to censer vidya journos opposed him, now SJW want to do the exact same thing journos approve.
Funny how a couple of years can change people.

What? Why would you think that? He's always been a Holla Forums faggot

I'm still maintaining my theory that Alex Jones broke when he infiltrated the Bohemian Grove years ago: he expected a decadent rich people orgy, but stumbled into an actual demon worshipping cult instead. Of course, this could be the point where (((they))) got him, and he became their controlled opposition Subject Zero.




Let me rephrase that: I wouldn't say breeding so much as the industry enables the Thompsons every time they complain that something needs to be censored like headpatting. By giving them an inch, they're only going to be bigger and demand more things get removed. That is where I fault the industry by not having the backbone to tell them to fuck off or ignore them.

Please refresh the thread to prevent premature baking



rollan anyway

That reads like a pretty good letter from Lowenstein. Too bad few in the game press paid any heed to it.
It looks pretty bad right now and this is just my opiinion. The hostile marketing and publishers becoming cancerous, especially with shit like people who are either hostile or sees vidya as a soapbox for other things hired as vidya journos, and some of those same people even get hired into the industry. ie: maggs getting hired by bioware. Seems kinda fucked when an industry hires someone who doesn't quite like the product or the industry.

There he is. There he goes again. Look, everyone! He posted it once again! Isn't he just the funniest guy around?! Oh my God.

don't tanukis have balls?

Unfortunately in today's age telling them to fuck off is likely not a practical option. Ignoring them however definitely is. Especially considering the buying power of the perpetually offended is somewhat questionable.

Balls of steel

Maybe it's a trap.

Bigger than you'll ever have.

that's pretty gay

You don't want to fuck a strong independent merchant grill with balls?



not gay if they're feminine balls


If we were on /monster/ I would have slaughtered you.

Are current year antifas that /fit/ tho'. Other than that Zyklon Ben is pretty good.

ggirls dont have dicks

Mon negri.

Or fur, or tails, or muzzles, or animal ears.


Trickster characters are the best folklore characters.

Since when did Malware start taking political stances?

the past 3 years have being pretty crazy

Yea I posted that shit too, turns out its a troll account. Still had a nice giggle though

I didn't know viruses has political leanings.

Thread is on slowdown again.







LEFTISTS HATE HIM!!! Become altgright with this simple trick!



How the fuck is Horseshoe Theory progressive?

over here

Yeah, I noticed.




Pedowood cucxican that's going over the wall so what.

Bread's past 700, loser.



No, this isn't going to work, I'm just not surprised anymore.