4 AM

Losing control?

Whats your favorite jrpg?

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Does hentai count?


Persona 3, Junpei a bro.

the psp ver

Morning everyone!

Playing LttP for the first time in like a decade. Pretty dang comfy. My retarded controller wouldn't do diagonal movement unless I specifically programmed it in. Which was probably my problem with terranigma too. Fucking hell.

Someone recommend me good onaholes

Shakes are finally starting to subside but I'm sleeping like 16 hours a day now. I'm told that's a normal part of withdrawal, but fuck. Think I'm gonna make up a pot of chili tomorrow for dinner, either way. Been a while, and I really like my chili.
I like FF9 a lot, but I also really like Grandia and Skies of Arcadia Legends (which I unfortunately lost the manual for years ago). Then there's stuff like Bravely Default, 7th Dragon 3, and Radiant Historia, which are all really good too. If I had to pick just one, probably FF9.

Everyone's waifu is shit.
Especially the one from your favourite JRPG.

Ritsu is also a nigger and needs to be shot.
DMX is a fake nigger and needs to be shot twice.

Yes, losing control. I can't make up my mind to support fascism, or communism. I hate both Holla Forums for loving tyrant Hitler and constant remarks about killing racial minorities, and commies for destroying societies, bringing oppression and deaths in gulags.

They all are fucking evil.

Sure why not.

Hows your day been so far user?

Yall need to check out my favorite ps1 era jrpg, legends of legaia.

Wow, I didn't know cancer cells could develop a cancer of their own.

Has anyone played FF15 or finished it? If so is it as good as others?

been puking alot of blood

I forgot my sleepy animu girl picture.

I'll throw it on my emulator thing eventually. I think my brother got the second one as a gift years ago and just never played it. Or maybe I'm remembering wrong.

Being busy sucks. I'm goin to bed, jsut droppin in to say I miss yall. Posting waifu because fuck the police coming straight from the underground.
I heard DMX was calling for me yesterday. I miss you DMX san!!!
Probably Earthbound or something. I've mostly played CRPGs. Anybody here play Buck Rogers COuntdown to Doomsday? Shits rad.

They're both shit (just like your shower)

Bit hard to choose just one, so I'll just go with these. Admittedly though my backlog is huge and there's plenty of classics I still need to play, so this might be subject to change.

Wew why are you doing that?

Wasted trips tbh

The second one is absolute garbage anyway. Its practically just a retarded remake of the first one.

At least he didn't say WRPG.

Well I'll write the first one down somewhere and maybe remember eventually.

Heaven is not of this earth. Life is a zero-sum game for finite resources. Sane people will naturally reject Leftism because it is inherently destructive. At least Nationalists are willing to stand and fight for noble and high purposes. It shouldn't be a difficult decision at all.

Hows life been fam?

What'd you do today user?

carotid artery got cut on accident
and i lost blood for like a whole hour
now i know that shigechi wouldn't have killed kira

Oh and one more thing before bed.

I have a good joke for yall fellas in 4AM:
womens rights

You know theres more than two political ideologies right? You could just be a libertarian nationalist for instance. Not the cucked libertarians though. I mean like founding fathers style libertarian.

Arms devicer then. Or Artificial Academy. If none of those are options, then Suikoden 2, otherwise Arc The Lad series, specifically, the second one, where you play as the bounty hunter.

He hates Holla Forums because they dislike arabs, and unfortunately, indians are arabs.

Why, you a minority, commie, or degenerate?

I find it funny that some absolutely stupid thing some politician from my state once said keeps getting proven true by shit like Berkeley the other day.

Fun Fact: if you kill yourselves, you won't be sick or awake at 4AM!


Did you go to the hospital? You should probably go to the hospital.

Night fam

I still haven't played suikoden 2 even though the first is one of my favorite ps1 games.

Not too bad. Woke up late (great day for sleeping today; was cloudy out) and had tendies for dinner.

Got through the Valkyrie chapter of Odin Sphere the other day. Pretty good and Gwendolyn and Oswald have a neat dynamic (certainly glad Gwen finally ceased with the daddy issues), but I'm not a big fan of the Valkyries having a general stick up their asses about men.

Holla Forums is shit because they're a tryhard skinhead circlejerk. Every other politics board is a circlejerk of other varying magnitudes though and as much as I hate pol i'll take them over commie faggots any day.

bed 4 real this time

If DMX shows up someone point him to my post because I said hi.

Night Ritsu!

I slept pretty much all day. I'm not kidding when I say 16 hours. Even when I'm out of bed I'm exhausted. Main thing I actually did was run up to the store to pick up some groceries for my mom. I guess she can't get around so hot the last few years. Got myself some soda too for the caffeine. Also watched the new Always Sunny.

yeah i got to a hospital
i ran CCleaner before i went there
i almost deleted my fucking porn folder

I think I'm the only one here who recognizes anons posting often, and thats only because I'm autistic about 4am and here every single night.

Odin sphere is that enix game for ps1 right?

You should delete it anyway.

You're autistic full stop.
Ever thought that if you stopped watching shitty anime and playing trashy JRPGs, you might be able to develop a stable sleeping pattern, thus fucking off and leaving us non-US fags to enjoy the board at your 4AM?

PSA to all anons reading. Goons are on Holla Forums now and they hate kek, anime and smug anime pictures, especially smug lolis. Arm yourselves appropriately and defend your home/kek from all intruders.

How will I be able to protect Trump-sempai if i'm dead?

You should, it's good. Better than 1 imo. Controls are a bit more refined and the personal connections between the pc and his family are much stronger imo. Just being a healer instead of the Soul killing rune is less satisfying. Though you have one good damaging attack, that iirc simultaneously heals your entire party. Not to mention Suikoden 2 is the one that got an anime made of it.


Somehow that brought this old thing to mind.

No, PS2 sidescrolling action JRPG by Vanillaware, localized by Atlus. It's since seen a PS3, PS4, and Vita gameplay remake. You're thinking of Tri-Ace's Valkyrie Profile.

The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky.

…tonight I decided to see how my new laptop handles emulation, and for shits and giggles I tried CEMU and RPCS3.


I don't play jrpgs, I say that in here all the time

What kinda soda?

And caffeine just makes that kind of shit worse. You need to shake up your diet or something. Probably missing some vitamins and shit.

This is a goon. It is quite telling that he has such a hatred for anime and jrpgs, when they are so ingrained in imageboard culture. Fortunately, many goons are raging promiscuous faggots and have the aids, so he's a temporary nuisance, at best.


Nah I'm thinking of something either named odin or sphere for ps1.

Its weird how many triggered sages we got out of just mentioning jrpg.

did somebody say "read a book nigger"?

get yer pfs here

If you don't play JRPGs, what are you doing in this thread? This thread is about video games, specifically your favourite JRPG.
Hell, you're the nigger that makes these threads.

I don't hate them, I'm just telling you to kill yourselves so I don't have to see this thread.

still no bayonetta 2 60fps on cemu?

Just regular cola.
Dude, my diet's the best it's been in years. I'm in withdrawal from everything under the sun and I'm pretty sure that's the problem there. The caffeine is helping for now, though. Just until I can stay up most of the day again.

Been a while.
Got engaged, moved city again, worked on an orchard for the time I was gone. Was hectic but met some interesting people and made a little bit of money. Learned first hand that we need to invade china and teach those savages to eat with their mouths closed. Also that orchards must make a shitload of dosh because holy shit this was the worst run company with the most incompetent managers I have ever had the displeasure of working for. All of the supervisors and bucket runners (like me) were about to walk off site and leave the 180 pickers for the manager to deal with all by herself on only the fourth day working with her.
Back to being a neet now though living with my hot teacher irl waifu-to-be.
Things are going alright now. The month+ of hard manual labour was enough to stave off the imageboard depression we all know so well and let enough content back up so I had lots of things to look through and marvel at when I got back to being able to use the internet reliably and play video games.
FF8 because that's basically the only one I've played. And also because I played it at just the right time to make Balamb Garden feel like home more than home does. I never really liked jrpgs over other genres. Probably one of my least favourite genres overall. FFT was good though if that counts.

I've heard there's a good fairy onahole that can be found by those search terms.

Ancap is the way of the future.

Dragon Quest 2
fight me irl

thas good fam w/ yo lap top n shit. tits is nice mayne.

You do realize that 4AM has been around for years, even back in the halfchan days, right? Certainly not something Shitsu started, even if he and Hueyposter kind of wound up being the posterchildren for it here.

I'm just saying.

Really need to give that one a go, but considering some apparent issues I've had trying to get it set up with my Vita (FC transfers over from my PS3 just fine, but the Vita doesn't even recognize I have a download of SC to send over), and that I'm honestly a bit unsure of if the prepatched undub downloads for my CFW PSP will actually transfer save data properly, I haven't yet. Plus, I've heard it's a massive time investment, and while I was thinking of giving the prior games a go first, I've heard Namco just didn't give a flying fuck to translate the Gagharv games properly.

DQ2 was pretty alright, played that on the gameboy years ago
for years afterwards i thought paladin was like a slur or something because they described him as sickly and physically weak

Confirmed for never browsing Holla Forums for a fair amount of time. I used to be somewhat liberal, more apolitical and when I discovered Holla Forums I couldn't believe what I was reading, I was flabbergasted.
I actually spent time there arguing and laughing at the stupidity I was reading, then as time went on I started to understand what they were about. They're about putting your nation and your people first. I'm way too tired to go on, but open your mind. Wanting a homogenous society is not a bad thing, why is whites can't have that but the rest of the world can?

There aren't many characters I think I could regularly hang out with and level with as well as I would Junpei. I actually felt bad at what happened with Chidori.

Quality taste as well.

You new kiddo? I ask a random question every night.

Theres a filter function you know.

Oh duh. The drugs.

Should get some of that weird monster energy drink soda. Sounds gross but probably loaded with caffeine.

Yeah yoza has that one I think but he isn't showing up lately.

Congrats on the engagement!

How are you all doing this fine night?

When's your wedding?

ye ye dat nigga was sweet af tbh but his magic was ridiculous endgame tbh fam

i'm gudl lil lizard nigga

diluvion is pretty "o.k" so far

go away fbi

4AM used to be fun, then it became all about avatar, name and tripfags.

You don't use your trip on the OP you kike.
And I'm not word-filtering "4am" because then I miss all the threads where people make fun of you.

I'm trying to let go and accept where I am at with my voice and life in general. my self-esteem is better than it was, but I still got issues to work out.


Also, no one answers whether FFXV is good or not.

Sing for us user

I just went with soda because it's cheap and doesn't need to be hot. My parents are pampering me since I'm back though and they keep bringing me Tim Horton's so I'm going to end up addicted to iced cappucinos.

I don't remember how far I got. I remember getting the girl but not how far I went after that.

Great game. I bought Theatrythm 2 just for the FF9 songs and I've put an obscene amount of time into it.

Even anime or anime reaction pics are getting a lot of flak lately. I'm guessing nu-ctr hired from something awful or some cancerous pocket of reddit. At least we're not just arguing amongst ourselves anymore, now we have opponents again.

Balamb garden was comfy as fuck. Especially when you're in the air. I love that place. That sounds like one of those weird cult groups

Cozy. I've gotten yelled at a lot today though.
Watch razorfist rant atm.

Can do anything if you try user. Dont forget those people that are better than you. Every man needs an opponent to try to overtake, otherwise you stagnate.


Who needs a JRPG

When you can have a GAYRPG so play with me and we'll


that's not far at all tbh fam but da beginning is pretty triflin backtrackin around tryna find yo cousins n shit

Meh its not a race user. You'll get there eventually. Keep at it!

Tim horton's is canadian right?

And people wonder why I always use weebshit reaction images.

Wish I could be hired as a shill honestly, I'd actually be good at it I think.

I thought these threads died and I was happy that it was finally over – now I see I'm wrong.

Tales of Vesperia


Great music too.

Only for a couple nights. Hows life been user?

It's linear, and the beginning is roadbro adventures, which quickly moves into save the world shit then railroads again into the ending. You can tell it was rushed. But i've heard it can be pretty good, so long as you dont mind slow starts.

Nah, you get flak for being an attentionwhore your spoiler is why you're the enemy you shekel hoarder
You respect your fellow anons and stay away from shilling

But jrpgs are trash.

How dare you.

We almost have all the 4am memes in this thread, we must keep posting memes.

It's just been so long that I don't remember where I made it to.

Yeah. It's huge here because it's named after a hockey player and it's Canadian. As close as we are to the US, we secretly hate you all and will buy something Canadian over something American any day of the week. Our Liberal party hit an all-time low a few years back because they tried to run with a candidate who we saw as too American. It was huge. He was so bad that it was the first time a party other than Liberals or Conservatives were the official opposition. They didn't win, but this was close to Trump levels of unprecedented.

Nice trips though.

But jrpgs are trash

I never got the undertale genesis meme, or genesis posting in general.


comfiness is the only thing the thread needs

I have seen a noticeable increase in vocal dislike for JRPGs lately. At the very least though discussion here can still happen. It's not like how rugga spammed the shit out of half/v/ years back and turned general sentiment against JRPGs and other games that tended towards anime art styling.

I miss JRPGG on half/vg/. Nothing that works as a replacement here, but I can't go back.

A paid shill for what exactly?

Isn't that a WRPG aping a JRPG, plus some other shit too? I'm just saying that in terminology, J and W just signify region of origin, not gameplay or themes.

Reminds me that eastern art sites are being flooded with images of the latest memewear.

How you can even play jrpg? Its like VN with useless long ass slow as fuck battles. Animations are always slow as fuck and to the end of the game you have seen them 6gorillion times.


Eh, sounds better than 13,

Yuo're not Luceil.

the original fully genesis licensed version was made by a jap studio but then it got shitcanned over peter gaybriel getting butthurt so tony banks gave the rights to his grand son who made the final game
but thats just a theory tbh

Thats the most canadian thing I've ever heard.

this tbh imo

Most of the ones I've noticed are pushing leftist shit to make it seem as if they are the majority.

I feel like the only Canadian that wishes he was American.


It's one guy. He's a faggot.

Yeah, I think this is gonna suck a LOT of time out of me on vacation. I can't believe RPCS3 runs Project DIVA this fucking well.

I think he actually founded it, too. Coffee's not great but you go there anyway because it's Canadian and the coffee's pretty consistent.

I wouldn't mind it right now. I don't like Trudeau.

So any of you faggots play tabletop games? I've got story to tell.

I want to kill myself, like everyone fucking else. Nothing fucking new, nothing special to see.

If you like dudes who look like chicks while pretending to like the chicks then JRPG's are for you.

Gay cat-bra man would be horribly offended if he wasnt at army camp if he saw you post that.

I'd rather make america great again. Not to mention shills are paid horribly. Might as well work a factory job.

Oh, it's you.

Simpler times fam. Simpler times.

A tumor is better than 13.

Probably called tony or something. The gayest jews are always called tony.

ur mom lol

I'm lightly into /tg/ what's up?

No, I think DA2 is in fact worse.

Recalibrate your button timing in options. Maybe you'll get a better score.

I've never been one for getting coffee while I'm out. Closest thing is I really like those shitty monster java things.

Sitting at a computer all day working would be comf though. And its really just getting payed to shitpost. I'm already doing that for free!

Well, we do have Trump right now giving the left a fucking mass scale temper tantrum. Meanwhile you guys have Weedman who as far as I've heard has yet to make good on the weed.

I don't, but tell us anyhow if it's good.

Ayy oh, I am surprised anyone remembers me. I have come here in like forever and I didn't post that often

Part of it is random stutter.

I'm not big on coffee either. I like the iced capps okay. They've got good soup, actually. For $6 you can get a soup and either a wrap or a sandwich. Usually I go for the chili or something like that, and a chipotle chicken wrap. You also get a bun with the soup. Pretty alright deal.

I did that before. I'm not making that mistake again.

Oh yeah, DA2 was pretty bad. I blame hamburger helper on that one.

But being paid to shitpost would ruin the reward of shitposting. It'd kill the internet for you.

I only remember you because your opinions were always so shit, and I was routinely offended. You're quite well remembered among some no doubt. You've definitely left your mark.

hey everyone

One time a rapespider sang for me on vocaroo. It was very traumatizing. A little karen did a song once too.

I agree with what you're saying. I'm worried I'll never make it to that level simply because I wasn't gifted with the genetics to do so. Much like how Kevin Hart would easily get outplayed by a 6' 3'' guy no matter how much he practiced hoops.

Nobody likes weedman, not even the retards that voted for him.

I was there when he did it. He's got a good voice despite his tendency to rape innocent kids.

Indeed. I would have never imagined back when I first started posting (let alone lurking back in 2006 if not earlier) things would have turned out as they did, both in terms of how halfchan was being handled, as well as the world on the whole. Though I kind of think that all throughout high school they did their best to keep us in the dark about the rest of the world, even in history/social studies. For example, I don't think I ever really knew that Europe was trying some faux-United States shit with their own countries as the EU until I started going to Holla Forums. I'd always thought they were just their own sovereign nations like they'd been in the past.

Remember: There is a MUCH higher quality to do-it-for-free shitposting, memery, and shilling, because the person doing so has a vested personal interest rather than there being some monetary value involved.

I love chicken wraps. Like a fast chicken salad. Never understood those bread bowl shit though.

Maybe. Better than other jobs making me hate life instead.

Hows your day user?

Then why vote for him? Was it just because every other group was just as fucking bad? A sort of "no matter who wins, we lose" scenario?

I guess it's cause bread's filling? I would only do it with a chili because I dip bread in my chili anyway.

what register have you got? Barittone or something?

I plan to. It's just hard to break the mental block sometimes. It almost feels like I'm a midget with stubby feet running a marathon against a bunch of Ethiopian runners who all have gold medals from the Olympics.

Alright, I painted some figs and made some spag bol

Final Fantasy VI.

In other news. I want to die. Met a girl on a dating site and she might be pregnant from the last guy she dated. Told this on the first day. It's like pre-cucked.

Yup I'm baritone. Tenors and countertenors tend to rule the music world, although I wouldn't mind seeing some more bass singers get popular.


was that me?

Until he practices techniques to defeat people much taller than him. Where theres a will theres a way. Besides, in my experience i've never regretted trying something, only that I didnt try hard enough.

Yeah, the red pill was big bitter fucking pill to swallow. Half the shit I thought was just a meme I shitposted about on Holla Forums before gamergate broke out. Im still surprised moot actually managed to get rid of 4chan. I always expected him to anhero.

Why not just get neetbux or work from home doing some filing work through an ssl connection or some shit?

Because people who live in cities are cancer, and our cities are what decide elections. It was designed this way, and it's what the Dems are trying to do in the US with their forced integration and refugee shit. Make cities diverse hellholes who vote for socialist parties and they will rule the country forever.

Yeah, that's the one.

Hello user

The fuck is spag bol?

Just seems messy is all.

At least it gives you examples of what to work towards.

It really depends on the kind of music you're doing.
Bass and Barittones are really common in blues, jazz or rock

I question your taste in voices sakuga.

Eh sorta, for males that's true but for females the (((Industry))) wants them with lower voices

I guess it would be okay if you had a plate or something to sit it on.

Spaghetti Bolognaise

Just drop her instantly.

Couldn't get gibs because white and dunno how to find a job like that.

Hey Lizard, hows it going

nice bord

I liked Varric…that's it.

I doing fine, how about you

I'd rather drop myself.

Not true Sopprano females are really famous on Opera and such.

So they want males with higher voices and females with lower voices? That almost sounds like it's the opposite of what it should be.

NIce digits


Yeah varric was too good for that game. Always reminded me of tyrion.

You still got time to pull out.

Why do you care so much about some random whore?

Alright Lizardmen are pretty good

Fair enough, I thought you were some weirdo who wants to be a pop singer rather than a choir singer for a second

Yeah, if anything this past election has given me a sense of gratefulness for how the electoral college works. Otherwise states like California and Jew York would control everything due to sheer population density. At least my state still votes red despite the beaner problems we suffer. "Arizona could swing blue this election", my ass.

First started going to Holla Forums for the Shekelshoah they were conducting, and now over here it's my second most frequented (maybe outright MOST frequented board) next to Holla Forums. And these days there's sadly not that many threads on Holla Forums that catch my interest as being something to invest my time in discussing, either due to lack of interest or lack of experience to talk about the games in them.

Shame /vr/'s pretty much dead here, as is pretty much any other vidya board that isn't Holla Forums.

I meant to say date. I'm going to, but I'm sick of this trend.

I'm tired of being alone, but it's turning out that they're all whores.

I think the only technique that would work would be to slide out a pocket axe and chop off the shins of his opponents.

couldn't you change this now if you wanted to?


Well there is one group of males (((they))) are happy with letting them with a low voice


I'm not singer user. I'm just some user with choir experience.
I was the only male soprano in my entire group when I was a kid, I was surrounded by pussy

Well, there's also Bethany she's a qt that would've been nice…but she's your sister.

Again, still got time to pull out.

at least she was either stupid enough or honest enough to tell you. a more slippery hore would have sex with you and convince you to lose the kingdom before plunging your sword in her sheath. Then she would guilt you into sticking around by telling you that you got her pregnant.

Maybe you should stop looking in places where the whores dwell. Have you tried a library or something gay like that? Even church. You can infiltrate their community and get involved or something.


Just like get a waifu and/or a pet.

always pull out monica even if you got a condom on tbh

Ask her whens the abortion? It'd be funny man, just do it and tell us the story.

I'd say startpage but it never finds shit.

Yeah Holla Forums kinda sucks up all the vidya related subjects, and anything else somewhat fast is Holla Forums or Holla Forumss arch-nemesis. Could always make a vr general maybe? Im sure you're not the only user interested in vr.

What about making them bend down incredibly low and fuck with their balance? If theyre really tall, make it a disadvantage.

i want lego worlds to be good

DMX's words of truth.

All the women at my church are 60 or married.

Thank you all for replies though. Going to shift gears with a stupid question. I know Chrome is botnet and all that according to Holla Forums. However, does anyone here actually browse 8 with chrome? what browser do you use?

I use ixquick because it auto proxies everything but you probably can't trust that much either.

Whats that?


You got it, the Lizardman team goes fast and hits hard

I was in a choir too, and there was times I was the only male the last of which is when I quit, though there was a pretty health male/female mix earlier in that year when the school won in the local eisteddfod


I had issues the last time I used palemoon. Such as certain websites wouldn't work. That still a problem?

Sickanon here. Its been just about 2 months since i was supposed to get my infusion. Im still not bad enough to go to the hospital, but the government refuses to give it to me. I cant leave the house because it hurts too much.
On the bright side i finished reading jojo part 6. Spoilers what the fuck was that ending? I guess that was the universe restarting for part 7.

There was a time when almost nothing would work. Even my extensions were broken. But since a recent update I haven't had any problems.

u ryt monica. sorry bout your chrones shit ngiga

why have you heard him? he doesn't sound bad at all. regardless of his personality, I don't see anything wrong with his voice.

Oh the mage chick? Never liked her. I only liked Varric. He's a sarcastic little fucker and I liked every minute of it. Everything else sucked about the game though.

Just use waterfox. Or Chromium? Not sure if its botnet too. IIRC its opensource.

Infusion of what?

How many kids you got DMX?

The only time I've ever had anything close to that was like 360 degree videos on kiketube wouldn't work.

Sorry user. Hope you get that shit done soon.

Play any fun games lately?

Dropping a weird (but still pretty good) vidya song here just because.

Unfortunately, outright vidya related generals being outside of /vg/ still seems a bit frowned upon, despite /vg/ here being pretty much dead last I checked. These days, I pretty much just lurk until someone makes a thread on something I want to discuss rather than make it myself. I mean, I'm always up for discussion on certain games/systems, but I don't want to be shitting up the catalog with an unnecessary thread on something when no one else is in the mood to talk about it. Unfortunately that can mean long periods of nothing all that interesting to post in.

Shit man, I'm trying to get in for my next Remicade infusion which is due on like the 14th, but we've been having insurance issues lately, and my doctor needs to give them a prescription for the next eight months of it, or something.

Yeah, she didn't have much time to develop, but she was the least annoying aside from Varric.

I'm mostly practicing classical, some musicals, and I'm working on a Frank Sinatra song right now.

If it's karaoke, I usually do Cage the Elephant, Franz Ferdinand, and Radiohead - No Surprises

Too irish!


autism blocks game, lego edition.
it focuses more on exploration and building instead of survival or rpg elements.

i hope they improve the building aspect and let you build your own vehicles, with more customized elements.

disclaimer: ive never played it, i just want it to meet my expectations.

I'm not irish, just a northerner

holy shit. you're right. except there's plenty of poppy songs that all sound the same that have really high black singers.

Remicade. It lowers my immune system so my white blood cells dont attack my large intestines. It causes me to bleed from my ass. surprisingly through, i havent bled yet

Euro truck sim 2 with eurobeat in the background is comfy and distracting.

Damn. Hope you get it soon.

I'll try furrymoon again, thanks.

I believe Chromium is still botnet.

I'm losing control.


Sounds kinda neat. Would have to let you build more elaborate shit so its not just knock of mineshit though.

I've been wanting to try that. Though I want a mod where I can drive just like cars in it. Would be comfy just driving around listening to music.

Whats going on in your life user?

what's the story

If the generals left, as well as the culture threads, I dont see Holla Forums surviving. We have little enough to talk about as it is nowadays with everything else gone and smaller numbers than half chan.

True. Not hard to do considering emo elf, sad blood elf, angsty brother paladin and others.

Your pull out game that weak fam? You know you're supposed to go out, not in when you pull out right?

You sounded irish.

Oh I remember you. Bleeding from your ass must suck. Happens to me when I have too big a shit, and I am not a fan.

How so?

Welcome to the club.

I actually think there are mods that add just cars to drive in. I never tried it myself though.

well he certainly is working it

Chromium? just what I've heard, that it still somehow has google collecting stuff in it or whatever.

did you do anything with it? I've had girls show interest in me, but then I freeze up 'cause I suck at talking to people.

Thanks. I still haven't heard back from the hospital as to if they can even schedule me yet. I swear, if I have to make one of my bi-annual appointments with my doctor I'm probably going to wind up in a situation like you, though the issue there is that he's become such a popular gastro doctor to see that you pretty much have to schedule MONTHS in advance to get seen now.

This was so much easier when I could get treatment right at the office and make any appointments I needed right then and there. Now I've got to get it across the street at the hospital, and they don't do scheduling there; you have to call it in and get put on hold for like a half an hour, and they seem to have some disconnect with the gastro place I was at before.

Everything in my life is getting better, except my mood.

No, I had crippling social anexiety every time I wasn't singing.

u won of dem downton abbey niggas nigga?

wut no morrisey nigga?

15/20XXX pretty gud odds fo a nigga tbh

I looked it up at one point but they all looked really poorly made and ugly.

Thats depression and shit for you. Every see a doc about it?

You shouldnt be naming your kids after the Holla Forums app dmx. You're gonna blow your cover!

Wouldnt surprise me. I wonder how they do it though, Especially if chromium is open sourced. Unless some parts are still proprietary.

True. At least now you know you got descendants no matter what too.

Not sure. I could be wrong and it's been so long I don't remember where I heard that.

nope, you're an irish

sure thing bby

Alright. Recently I've gotten into 5e. I've only ever played AD&D so I decided to play a monk. I did 4d6k3 and got 18, 18, 18, 17, 16, 14. And so our story begins. I asked my GM if I could lower a stat "lol sure why not" Make my int 8 and so our story begins.
Imagine the most naive child and that's my character.

I was curious if anyone else has ever roleplayed as a retarded character.

Yeah, right now there is like this thing between my doctor and the clinic that gives the meds. My doctor is either refusing to sign some paper they need or misunderstanding and giving them a prescription for it instead of signing the paper. I might just change doctors, but i dont know if there are any around here thay gives remicade. Its hell. If i change doctors, i might not be able to get treatment for atleast a month.

Well, driving around in just the truck minus the trailer is comfy too.

Part of it is that Holla Forums for a good while has predominantly been focused on new releases, series when they get new releases or at least news, and general (not unjustified) dislike for the current industry. And that's when people are being on topic and not just "Holla Forums is Holla Forums with a slice of vidya."

Main threads that seem to be "generals" here in everything but name have been the share threads, Vita threads, and Showdown threads as they're pretty much constantly up. And even then, the Vita threads have slowed down to a ridiculous degree compared to what they used to be (even before Henkaku came out). I have to wonder if a lot of the anons there left, and either went back to halfchan or found some greener pasture for discussion on their choice of topic .

I don't like doctors and I don't have medical insurance to see one.

Can't really drift in that though.

Have you tried like just not being sad?

Morrisey? Oh shit I didn't think he was baritone. He might be a high baritone then.

I doubt you're wrong tbh.

Irish descendants sure
But I dont sound irish

Wouldnt surprise me. A lot of the older threads are gone and anons dont act like the people we had before. I think a lot of the original anons left along the way as things got worse and worse. I wonder where they went?

Your DM sounds like a pretty nice and handsome muscular latin american man.

I'm not sad or depressed. I'm just not happy.

that sounds terrible. Did you get better?

Well what do you want out of life then?

Yeah, I'm still anxious around people but it's not crippling anymore.
I'm able to talk to people, just not girls. Not that I care anymore, I have a very low libido.

u yorkshire all day monica?

idk niggas ranged tbh fam

Sounds like you need to find a hobby or some kind of passion. You're not happy because you have no fire in life. Try experiencing things and see what clicks.

I just want life to get on her knees and suck my dick for once.

diluvion is kinda pretty in a murky sense

you don't put glass dust in my tea you potatoes!

nope I'm abit of derby and abit of new castle

Sounds like youre roleplaying fighter from 8-bit theater.

You need this

Found something to give a shit about.

I think I'm in the same boat as you. Only I still want to fuck girls when I'm not jacking it too much.

I've been trying, I can't find anything. I haven't given up, but it's troublesome.

Tea is disgusting. Coffee is better. A double/double fixes just about fixes anything.

I just eat roasted coffee beans.


You both need to stop fapping. Its lowering your testosterone. Once you stop for a week, you'll feel much better and will be able to actually talk to a girl.

You're on Holla Forums, whats your favorite vidya series/genre. Start from there. I really enjoyed the phoenix wright games, so im thinking of joining the police. See what stick from the vidya you play. Whats your favorite aspects of it?

they r pretty gud specially da chocolate covered ones monica

Yeah that shit can take a while. Stop wasting time time on the internet and stuff like that. Get some real hobbies. Meet people. Travel some.

Have you tried Blood Bowl

Arent roasted coffee beans literally the roasted coffee you get in a tin and need to boil to drink?

I don't masturbate either my man, I just have a naturally low libido.
I spent my whole teenage years chasing after women like every teenager, yes. But in the end I decided to stop caring about sex and focus on more personal things, eventually my body got accustomed at my vow of chastity and lowered my libido. I heard it's what priests go through when they take the vow, so I don't think it's very uncommon.

end your self tbh

Maybe in this situation you need to fap a couple times to get your libido back up, unless you just dont care about women.

I really like the dark chocolate covered ones, but I just buy espresso beans and eat them out the bag.

I want to be a criminal. Mafia type.

Irish are known for Coffee, I mean why else would they have a type of coffee

if u get da str8 beans u gotta grind em n percolate/brew em to make coffee nigga fam dam


Nah man, I'm good. I'm studying a career and I'm able to spend the energy I wasted on pursuing the opposite gender on my future instead.
I decided to leave my sexual life to fate, in any case, it's a win/win scenario for me.

Fair enough.

Come get me, nigger. The sun has set on your tea drinking empire. The future is coffee, and Sake.

Oh ok I think I know what you mean now. Those edible beans. I had some chocolate types once. Those are pretty delish.

Yeah I got what you two meant now. The coffee treat type beans.
There is nothing wrong with irish coffee.

Yeah man, that Irish Coffee

it's nuffin special it jus gotz likkuh in it

they're also known for car bombs! think about that!

we already got you


No, I actually buy the beans you're supposed to grind up and brew. I just eat them out the bag.

I thought that was the Northern Irish

Im in america. Get your boat.

Which makes it the best liquor around. Dont be jealous cause you invented nothin.

What? They must taste foul. Why would you do this?

Don't worry, I know you did nothing wrong

Typical british.

Shower shitting SHOULD be a crime.

Caffeine and curbing hunger.

nigga i wuz kangz

Yeah, I'm one that stuck around, and looking at various incarnations of threads, there's either less people in them anyhow (a sign of how many people are interested in discussing, or at least shitposting, a topic), or the general attitude has changed from what it was in the prior years. And it's certainly a fair point of people not wanting to stick around while the site was deep in the shitter.

Who knows, maybe somewhere new that was better or worse, or maybe just back to halfchan (a friend of mine still mainly uses halfchan because it's faster, has more people, and he claims the quality there is about the same as here these days). I've honestly thought of maybe looking into how hard it might be to build a chan-style imageboard from scratch (I know some html and css from classes, but they never really delved into stuff further than that) and then being able to perhaps provide proper "ran by a long time user" management, but I don't have the funds for hosting or domains (nor do I want to even try asking for handouts, especially not after infinity never), and living in the US I wouldn't have nearly the same benefits hotwheels and jim have had in not being subject to court appearances the way moot used to, back in the "wild west" halcyon days of the site.

Good luck man.

I'm glad someone understands.

You should be a crime.

wtf I hate DMX now

day of phil when

Well, I've been awake all night, and it's almost time for me to get ready for work.

does that look i screencapped dat fam?



ye ye iktf monica

I discovered 4chan towards the end of 2007.

Ohhh, you're a cute lil chubster and wanting to get thin.

Sure ya were. Dont worry DMX, you'll always have the good music you made.

Yeah true, especially with how shitty the site got around the josh time, and the hardcore shilling as well as the exoduses afterwards from 4chan. Just not the same.
I hear rpgcodex a lot, but i cant say for sure. I only browse intermittently.
Coding a website is hard shit man, If you ever wanted to get into it just dont make it the infinitely expanding type. More expensive apparently.

Nah fam, i'm over 18.

That user is a bitch.

I understand that you never shat on in a shower to begin with and fabricated the story in order to make people realise how much of a mess their lives are

hol up hol up
huey wuz finna tell us we wuz kangz?

an irish is an irish

truly you are the worst of the thread

I am going to type something random as I have no idea what to say
Hello abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz huey did nothing wrong pepe logar sucks lion is best

Nice numbers.

It's been a decade.

Totally. For sure.

It's a shame more aren't able to see through it like you.

Does that mean a Londoner is a Brit

No Huey is Kangz, we iz da peazentz

I know things

Knowledge is power, but it's only half the battle.

I've truely fallen far. . .

Here's your (you) belrose.

What's the other half?

londoners are hipsters or mudslimes

Being able to manipulate the flow of ideas is the other half
Ie Memes masters win shit

truly you are the last of us

I am, but I don't want to be thin. I want to be muscular.

I'm actually an Autistic Australian, and I'm kinda tired
How has your day been

The Queen is a Muslim?

So which of those two are you? i know your spider often wears a fedora

How dare you. That game was shit.

Should probably be lifting weights instead of eating beans and starving yourself. Muscle cant grow if you're not feeding it protein.

I spent all of it arguing with neets and playing videogames, while listening to news of western society crumbling. So pretty comfy. How was yours?

Screaming about meta != pretending that I shit in the shower. If you want to see someone scream about meta and cry for attention, look at Gore. Violence

Shitposters Sans Frontiers strikes again!

ey tor

All I know of RPGcodex is that gif of some floating headless, limbless torso spinning as it pisses and shits everywhere. Doesn't really say much good about the quality of the site if you ask me. Plus, I don't think I can stand forums at this point, having been on anonymous imageboards for at least a decade now.

Preferably the era pre 2007, really. Sad thing is that I think that time could have only happened once. The internet was more free during the earlier era, halfchan was both protected by a mix of obscurity and it's reputation, and there was no reddit or tumblr to be part of the posterbase (the posterbase having grown organically, aside from the early SA-exiles, and determined what anonymous was). Then the site started getting more well known due to media and event like Hackers on Steroids and Chanology, and reddit and tumblr came into being as well and started to infest places, and the net as a whole began to be much less free. I highly doubt you could have an active chan type imageboard grow its own userbase without some not-inconsequential percentage being reddit/tumblr-tier shitters, let alone not have various groups shilling at or monitoring the place.


Like empires of old, everything hits a peak, and then slowly fall apart.

They can be very pedantic. And yeah, imageboard layouts are truly the comfiest. I love them. Theres nothing better tbh.

Fat loss is determined by calorie intake, coffee beans help me with my cravings. I eat eggs, tuna, and various types of fish everyday.

Pretty good, I did some painting

Nah not him either, I'm VP Commodore

Yeah, layoutwise they're great, and the ability to (shit)post without needing an account, or even having a name is a real boon to letting people truly speak. Unfortunate that apparently so many either have no real posterbase (anyone else that used to use overchan remember how dead a lot of sites that weren't halfchan, 7chan, or 420chan could be back in the day?) or have shit moderation.

Whos tor?

Watch out for that mercury poison eh fam? Research it. Too much fish can cause greying hair, insomnia, insanity, hair loss, etc. And fish have a lot of mercury nowadays.

What kinda painting?

Yeah, I wish everywhere was anonymous. I dont get why so many people are attached to having names and identities when theyre online. The best part of imageboards is were all anonymous right now.
Yeah, I hope imageboards dont die out in the next few years. Theyre one of the best parts of the internet atm.

I need the mercury. Anyway, time for sleep. Goodnight and good morning.

Guess i'll try and get a couple hours before starting the day.

Nite user

Yeah. Real shame is that you can't even relive those old days outside of screenshots, because the old archives that used to be used are dead, or encountered technical issues and lost content they'd had.

Embed related seems to fit the mood of this discussion.

Because they've been told to attach all their personal information to shit. Used to be that you didn't give out more information than was required, and both parents and teachers taught that; that it wasn't safe to put your information on the web for all to see. We don't live in that world anymore. Pretty much everywhere wants your information, because it's valuable to someone out there, and stupid underageb& haven't grown up with much aside from that, so to them it's just normal to have companies asking you to use your real name when signing up, or merge your prior pseudonym account into one that uses your real name.


The only one I've ever been able to play without being physically sick was dragon quest 9, and even then it was shit. I'm convinced they're all trash and no one has ever proved me wrong.



it's a top hat

shit like you, case in point!

shieeet u draw dat 1 fam?

Forgot to add
You just know that one of the priorities of Shillary, had she won, would be to shut down those Nazifrog posters on their "gutter of the internet" site who almost got Trump elected. Fuck, maybe in some other universe or timeline, that's exactly what happened.

I remember thinking it a bit dumb at the time, years back (maybe 2010 or so?) taking screenshots of certain posts on the archives that I'd found humorous. I mean, they were archived for posterity anyhow, right? Well it turned out to not be so stupid; now my screenshots could very well be the only proof of those posts having been made, that they had existed in the first place, from an epoch we'll never have back.

Sad that 8ch hasn't had a properly working archive in a long time. Much like how it was after the older archival services for halfchan went kaput, the missing years here will likely only live on in screencaps or archive.whatever pages (providing they don't get shoahed like some threads on Holla Forums have been lately, including one with video evidence of that guy getting the everloving shit beaten out of him at the Berkeley riot, and possibly having been killed).

no a lovely guy named tiger did a long time ago back on 4chan in /sft/ days

8archive came back, but I don't know how well it's working.

Far as I've known, it's still in some sort of beta test phase, and the "current" threads on it were weeks old, like it hadn't managed to adequately provide real-time capture.

On the topic of archives, I'm honestly not sure what's actually better: a site that takes in ALL data, or one that has posters/lurkers deem a thread archive worthy (and thus saving site space to archive more important threads). I've seen both used before.


I remember that being an early form of archives.

Yeah, that's what I meant. I've seen both used before.

Things will get better eventually.

they'll get worse and then keep on getting worse

Nobody cares pedo.

that it'll get worse? doesn't that go against what you're saying though and thus you should care you double pedo

Whatever pedo.

says you, pedo

How sad.

at least you realize your self there, the next step is improving your life

There's am active board you know.

You're telling me. I started a Kek worship thread not too long ago and it got derailed to shit by shills and retards. How are we going to bring meme magic to Holla Forums?