Anyone here collect Arcade Boards?

Anyone here collect Arcade Boards?

I download all the games I want and play them on the mame emulator.

Yes, I have quite a few. Capcom is assholes closely followed by sega

No, I think they're cool but I'd really need to uproot my entire setup to take advantage of them. I'd buy a board if it's available, absolutely, but I'm not seeking them out.



just run MAME lmao


You can just burn a set of Phoenix Edition ROMs from MAME.

I've got an ST-V and a Neo-Geo, as well as a few individual boards.

I'm also trying to build my own, from scratch.

There are some people who enjoy playing games on their original hardware. For the rarer games that are prone to failure I agree, & yet I still want to play them even though they may break. It's quite the dilemma.

I second this, are we talking about the board just dying suddenly or actual fucking glock-nade style explosions?

Biggest bullshit Capcom ever pulled. I check my cps2 boards every few months.

There is a battery in capcom cps 1 2 3 boards. When that battery fails you have 1 hour to replace it or the data on the board is lost. on a cps3 i think you have less than a minute

There's a small battery-backed RAM on the CPS2 that's necessary for the system to function. If the battery dies, you lose the RAM contents, and the game is toast.

In fact, it remaps the registers in the video chip. You can alter the game ROMs so they read/write to the "default" locations instead, making the game work with a zeroed suicide RAM. That's called the "Phoenix Edition".

On Capcom's CPS1,CPS2, & CPS3 arcade boards exist a battery known as a suicide battery. This battery is attached to a 4kb erasable rom key that. When the battery dies this rom key link is destroyed & the entire board kills itself. This was designed to prevent people from disassembling the board & pirating the rom data on it. so if the battery dies, & they always do just like all batteries do, the entire board becomes useless.

Just go to an emulation thread lmao
and stop ruining the reputation of people who emulate, you fucking faggot.

there are replacement techniques for each one, although the newer the board, the harder the replacement. The entire board isn't erased if it dies, just the security rom. You can burn on a new security rom no problem.

Some drawfag needs to get on this.

On CPS3 you can just re-encrypt the CD image with a null key, I believe. MAME reversed all of these protections a while ago.

they do it pretty well whenever they hop into a thread like this and talk about emulation. Emulator fags will get what they deserve when their threads are shitposted into irrelevancy by crt autists and original hardware autists, because they don't know shit about staying with their own kind.

So what Kind of Supergun do you guys recommend? I'm looking for something new for my jamma setup that isn't exposed to open air/dust.

One of my favorties. One day I will die and no one will be there to maintain my cps2s

We're all gonna die one day man. None of this matters. If I weren't such a pussy I would setup a Holla Forums arcade meetup.

As long as there's an F-Zero AX machine, I'd be down for that.
But it likely won't even be 100 miles of where I live.

galloping ghost is the only place I know of that has an AX machine, & it's in the middle of fucking chicago. I don't want to be anywhere near that place.

I have a small cabinet that i can hook most of my boards to so i can transport it out in to my back yard from time to time. I play/project games on the side of my steel building.

Primal rage board does not fit in to anything.

that sounds really cool. got any pictures?

Primal Rage always has to be the weird one no matter what form it's in.

This is why DRM is shit.

No I will have to take some next time. I use a pico laser projector so when it rains or its foggy it looks pretty sweet.

No matter how hard they try it still does not ruin the fun.

I have a feeling Denuvofags are getting great ideas today.


new Blueray suicide battery coming soon. Battery is powered by light from the laser no disc in the drive no power no game

I have been looking for a Splatterhouse board for a while. That cabinet was everywhere in Germany in the late 80s

are you sure? are you sure they arent just hipsters who dont actually enjoy playing games but enjoy the culture surrounding it?

I collect jamma boards out of interest in the tech and love of the games i played and want to replay. I hope to find a way to affordably put all of my boards in their own cabinets and maybe setup a small local arcade.

well, good luck in any case.

Did you guys have a censored version with green blood or something?

If your internet dies for 10 seconds then it erases your entire hard drive.

I'm pretty interested in getting a TGM2:TAP board, but wouldn't have a clue where to start with arcade machines. I'm not interested in assembling an arcade cabinet, it'd be a computer-like system. Originally I was going to go for TGM3 but that's even more expensive and has a ridiculous amount of input lag for such a fast-paced game. It also lets you play more freely, TGM2 requires more disciplined stacking which is what I need the most work on.

i own sfex2+ mvc2 and some other random obscure naomi fighting games

i also own a super turbo board, i replaced the suicide battery with a 1000mah li-ion battery that charges while the machine is on

That's pretty clever. I don't know enough about batteries, but i imagine there would need to be more specific circuitry to charge a battery like that.

I doubt it. 80s germany is not anywhere near todays germany.

Might be nice in one of those cocktail cabinets.

I have a euro copy but is has all kinds of problems once the game idle starts running after the intro.

Also I have some pachislo and pachinko machines. When you are not spending money to play them some of them can be pretty entertaining.

Bumping this with the same question. What are some Holla Forums approved superguns?