2017 Predictions for Video Games

We're off to a good start.
Let's hear your predictions for this year.

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All of them will be shit

I predict Persona 5 will be okay at best
Zelda Breath of the Wild will be better than SS and TP

Every game you look forward to will be shit.


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How is Smite dead I people keep posting about it but I've seen nothing.

someone will reply to this bait


One step at a time.
Hopefully game size will drop back down to what it was ~4 years ago, seeing as gameplay and visuals wise nothing much has changed

Only incorrect thing you said was Linux.
Everything else was correct. PS4 will keep selling too fucking much, Switch will be a flop and Mark will keep "video game" threads like Waifu Wednesday it's literally 4am in disguise up.


Can you provide source? I'm really lazy and want to nut.

You expect devs to do a better job? You must be new filesize is what it's at because it is not what the lowest common denominator allows. If PS4/Xbone had 200GB discs that is how big games would be.

SNK revives Samurai Shodown

That won't happen since japan is eating it up.

Hopefully, yeah. They were doing fine like 4 years ago.

What's on the horizon?

I got u flim flam


4 Years ago the 360 was the lowest common denominator and it's discs allowed a maximum of like 8GB filesizes are not going to get any smaller.


Those gooks will buy anything Playstation or Nintendo. Just Japan isn't enough to secure a success.




Ace Combat 7

no thanks

Harambe and Doge skins.
Instead of balance changes, new Gods or new maps/gamemodes.

Problem was Titanfall. It popularised the uncompressed textures and music meme.
Even the 360 version was fucking hueg.

But Facebook lost the same amount.
Hopefully they start having a petty fight and lose more money.

Guys listen
listen guys
guys what if..
guys listen, what if
what if skyrim 2 is good

I got you fam!
jerking off to japaneses cartoons is degenerate

I want Zenimax to stop trying to make Elder Scrolls and Fallout games

Their sales alone are enough to prevent it from being a flop, look at the 3DS sales. Even if the switch doesn't sell well in North America or Europe, it will just end up as a more successful Vita in japan and end up with a normal life cycle for that region.

Persona 5
Neir automata
Splatoon 2
No more heroes 3
my brother is getting horizon zero dawn, so i'll see if its trash or not

Bethesda are the ones that keep making them.
Zenimax doesn't care, so long as they get shekels. If any company is at risk of making a game that doesn't make a profit day 1, it gets the Prey 2 treatment.

I fail to see how is this supposed to be a good thing.

Masturbating is degenerate tbh, we should all flagellate ourselves and strive to form a platonic relationship with the idealised version of a woman who doesn't actually exist.

This kills the boner

Literally all it would take to get me to buy a switch.

Going to throw my hat in the ring with Ruiner.
Also, if there's not one pleasant indie surprise, I will give anyone who predicted otherwise $20.

That's not a true statement, Japs will buy handhelds, the 3ds Has almost met the PS2's Japanese lifetime sales, handhelds is what sells in Japan and Switch will sell well in Japan because they love handhelds, that and the Switch will have all the games that the Japanese market eat up in it's lifetime, it's a guaranteed success, I estimate at least 20 mil in Japan alone.

No confirmation on Bannerlord
No confirmation on Octopath, but I suspect a Q4 release this year.
New SMT just entered development not expecting release until 2019 at the earliest
New No More Heroes just entered development not expecting release until 2019 at the earliest
Guerilla aren't going to magically release a decent game out of nowhere, HZD is going to be shit, I've watched 2 hours of gameplay and I'm not seeing anything but Guerilla's cool concept artists doing a good job.

Prey 2 was destroyed because Humanhead didn't want to put up with Bethesda's well documented bullshit, basically it goes like this.

Oh, no, don't fall for that; Zenimax and Bethesda are the same people.

It will be a great yeah for Falcom games on the West.

I haven't heard of this. What happened?

They lost the lawsuit to zenimax and had to pay them 500 million.


500 mills is chump change to these people, isn't it?

Well on the bright side the VR meme that casuals believe in are gonna be salty for the next few weeks. Dunno what they expected when they tried to sue one of the the most corrupt and jewish companies in the industry.

It's a quarter of what Facebook paid for Oculus after everyone yelled at them because Palmer Lucky backed Trump. Not to mention that Palmer fucking up is apparently why they had to pay the 500 million.

never change jewboy

I honestly don't know where the image originally came from. But its not loli if its got cow tits :^)

Oppai Loli is still loli.

Yakuza Dead Souls gets ported to PC to "test the waters".
Battlefront 2 reboot flops after how bad the first 2015 game was.
Fallout 3 "Special Edition" leaked to celebrate the 10 years since the game was released. Millions of people feel older than they are.
Ubisoft goes into panic mode after the lukewarm sales of Watch Dogs 2 and how quickly players went back to GTAV
XBone scorpio extremely underwhelming, barely any better than the PS4 Pro. Halo 6 announced at E3.
RDR2 sells millions, PC port eventually announced a year or so down the line
More weeb games announced for PC
Capcom shows off REmake 2 this year.

Nintendo pulls a Sega and exits hardware in shame

ps4 pro and xbone S crash and burn. Cucksole market continues to decline

Trump nukes reddit for fitting in too hard

Leftists commit mass suicide

Post quality up 10000$

you really bet a lot on a dead platform

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We can only hope.

>>>Holla Forums

You forget who runs this place


How is this not a good thing.

oh, so youre just retarded

Thanks for the (you) friendo :)))))

And the usual set of surprise indie games that end up being good.

The industry kills itself through stupid as fuck and jewish business practices (it already happened with the new Deus Ex. It will happen to other games, just maybe not as bad as Deus Ex did), jews will blame it on "da racist spoiled misogynistic gamers."

We are all set free, instead we just talk about old games from the good old days and browse Holla Forums and Holla Forums.

Doesn't help that we're a self loathing society to some extent.

youre certainly free to do so but i wouldnt recommend it

1:Bethesda releases new I.P all normalfags love and Holla Forums despises because its a casualized theme park skin
2: Bannerlord releases in summer, everyone loves it. UI is simpler than Mount & Blade due to release on PS4, mods quickly fix this issue however
3: Expansion to Re7 confirms Hunk is Redfield and there is a crossover from Umbrella and RE7, with the expansion having your protag working at umbrella and taking down infestations
4: Andromeda is a surprising moderate success, but bioware gets recycled and thrown into the pit alongside the rest of the companies bought by EA. Punjabi loses his job and works as a diversity hire somewhere else
5: Denuvo continue to get new releases but continue to be cracked quickly, until diminishing and becoming a rarity among the most jewish of dev titles.
6: Something happens with Vulkan and steam probably
7: ESO goes FTP, Tor goes under the old republic, not browser
8: The VR meme loses what steam it has left, and continues to become an obscure novelty

Some of us here are already doing it. God help us.

I know exactly who runs this place.

Sounds surprisingly reasonable.

Mark is a kike so your right.

Yeah, I tried to think realistically instead of hopefully. And consider what normalfags would want in the coming year, alongside whats currently happening. Course if the civil war breaks out this year, all bets are off.

That's what happens when you put ideoglogy ahead of reality.

My prediction is shit goes even shitter while the companies start getting less money

Might not be a 2017 game
Fuck no
what is this shit

If anything weebs are the ones with better posting quality. Not to mention even better at video games :^)

but everyone thinks it will be mediocre

Zenimax isn't just Bethesda
It's also a fuck huge marketing agency

Alot of people on Holla Forums are convinced BOTW is going to be the worst zelda ever thats kinda hard considering SS exists.

M8 you have some problems

Its look good if you ask me. But I don't own a wii U nor do I plan on buying a Switch.

The only thing i worry about is the dungeon count. Why nintendo keeps releasing zelda games with less than 8 dungeons i do not know.
Seriously, the rumors are that there are 4 fucking dungeons in BOTW when the overworld is fuckhuge. Huge waste of potential and will make it have huge spaces of nothingness.

After a mediocre reception to Sonic Mania and too much corporate marketing pushing to try and make the next big budget game a success, everyone gets tired of Sonic memes and the Twitter account gets increasingly pathetic, but not before at least two more bizarrely awkward junk food promotions.

Ubisoft releases a major game with a strong, overt anti-Trump message. The press stands in unison an applauds. An obese eagle-kin sheds a single tear. Worst sales figures in the entire series history.

Switch release is successful. Fans cheer Nintendomination. Nintendo spends the rest of the year doing nothing but resting on existing announcements, showing nothing new or upcoming but Amiibo figures.

E3 comes and goes, somehow more forgettable than last year. You continue to ask yourself "Why do I even bother watching this?"

The rumours don't really say that there are 4, we just know that there are at least 4 because each giant robot is itself a dungeon.

Bethesda's has a large marketing department which handles the marketing of all Bethesda published games, Zenimax is a shell company founded by Bethesda in league with a bunch of other jews, mostly it's just Beths legal arm and and a technical management arm.

Good, i have faith in ninty to make a decent amount of dungeons for BOTW.

Switch is a massive success. Making 3rd party publishers butthurt now they have to support it

Zelda BOTW is the best game in 10 years and gets a higher meta than The Witcher 3 and MGS V.

Horizon Zero Dawn is a catastrophic blunder with boring gameplay and bioware tier writing and animations the press will damage control endlessly, even as so far to try diminish Zelda via a bunch of think pieces saying that Zelda is a good game but is anti-feminism unlike Horizon

Microsoft announces they are selling the console hardware business though staying in gaming software. Sonyggers party in the streets till it's revealed that Tencent bought it, is entering an alliance with M$ for software and Tencent has just signed every weeb game worth a shit as a permanent exclusive because they want to completely evicerate Sony. Sonyggers will be literally on suicide watch yelling "Wait for TLOU 2!" which is announced coming in 2020 because once more, Sony announced games far too early.

PC Goes from strength to strength. More weeb companies take it seriously with day and date releases while a western dev makes a huge bet and makes a game that simply cannot be done on console (Thats not Star Citizen) which will ship in 2018.

PC will become the lead platform while the Switch will take second in the market. Tencent's Scorpio hardware will start taking china and the US locking out Sony to Europe and the middle east where they will see diminishing returns thanks to a resurgent PC market in Europe

Also Neogaf closes after Evilore commits suicide due to all the money going.

I could see all of that happening this year. The only thing that's kinda farfetched is MS throwing in the towel this early. The Xbox has always been a foot-in-the-door tactic to them taking over the living room, but if they can sell it off and partner with the buyer to keep the software side of things rolling for that sweet Orwellian data-mining it's really quite plausible.

I predict that at least one big name developer will just stop catering to feminists and make a game with decent, sexy woman and no agenda pushing, and it will way better than their last ousting, and that will be used to cement the fact that catering to SJW, Feminists and LGBT is not lucrative nor healthy for a franchise.
This will be followed by feminists that got their way into the industry by nepotism to be fired for incompetence as their presence are not interesting to the developer/publisher anymore.

People are reading the data wrong. Even being far behind Sony they are still raking in dosh with software and serives (There was only about $1.5 billion difference this quarter again. For a console with no games. The users spend a lot on software for it). MS has even featured gaming as a Windows pillar at their showcases. MS are taking gaming seriously but are utterly getting skinned on hardware.

So why sell a successful software brand when you only want rid of hardware? You give it to a company that is looking to get into hardware and make sure you get a software alliance. Tencent is making small moves in China like with their TGP box (Which is Windows 10 powered) but they want global domination. That's where an alliance comes in. Tencent takes the hardware manufacturing and a licence to use the Xbox brand name and uses their shitloads of ASSFAGGOTS and Mobile game money to pump the console full of exclusives (Shared with PC because of Microsoft's deal) and release at an affordable price that undercut's Sony.

Realistically though I think MS just want to stay the course in console hardware till PC hardware becomes the defacto way to play games and makes it in the living room

I think it will go like
-Microsoft and Sony Double down on their Cable service
-Horizon zero fails, but a TV series exclusive to Sony's Cable service is marketed all over the fucking place
-3rd parties support the Switch, but mostly as releasing last gen games at high prices "Because Handheld"

-At the end of the year people are want to start complaining about the Switch's 3rd party support until they realize nothing came out anywhere else except for TV shows on the Tivo-consoles and indie steam games on PC.

The future looks bright!

>Micro$haft will try to push their Windows Totally Not GFWL Again Goys! Store as hard as they can and it will fail big time

Can't wait for this one to come out and turn out to be a worse turd than PoE.

Forgot to add.

While the PC space will become more successful than ever in 2017 and will likely dominate consoles again. It will also become more fragmented as more publishers realised that not only do they not need Steam. They don't want Steam. Ubi-Soft will inevitably move all their titles off Steam and 2K will likely create their own launcher.

Also Denuvo failing and cracks getting faster will scare publishers into moving to UWP instead. Eventually we will see the first 3rd party "Windows 10 only" game available on Steam this year.

It's not looking all rosy for PC, really.


Please no.

Tits aside, it doesn't even look like loli.


Universal Windows Program, designed to run on everything, with all the problems that would imply with trying to be a jack of all trades. When it first launched there were massive problems and missing features. They've made some ground since then but UWP's are still garbage and don't have the reliability or proper .exes

Unless Steam fucks up in a major way it won't happen, Valve has become too entrenched and people can't be arsed to keep track of all the different clients. You can maybe motivate them to install two, but more than that is pushing it.

Publishers will soon realize they're gonna hurt if they don't submit to Gabe the Hutt.

I just want Denuvo to kick the bucket and for the weeb PC ports to continue, in that order.

The Resident Evil 7 port is apparently on par with the Steam version and Capcom said they are updating it with VR support whenever the Sony timed exclusivity runs out and Gears Of War 4 was probably the best optimised PC game of 2016 (Not even shilling for M$. That was fucking Slav tiers of dedication and the game ran on almost everything). It's getting there but it's still not a viable replacement for W32 quite yet.

Valve is already racking up court dates. They have an anti-Trust case against them in the EU along with the facilitating illegal online gambling case in Washington State. Along with the completely flat growth and oversaturation of the store. AAA and Mid tier publishers are going crazy.

It's not going to be something drastic like "This is Steam's final year" but there will probably be a major change by the end of the year. Either Valve puts it's foot down and starts curating or they sell it before it has a chance to implode on itself.

It's kikes jewing kikes but god fucking damn it.

Valve already lost a case in Australia and got the maximum fine (only $9m IIRC) and is the reason Steam has refunds at all now. Anything that gets Steam to be a bit less fucking shit is welcome.

All that is going to result in is a few slaps on the wrists and Valve making a half-baked commitment to put a stop to gambling.

The EU case will actually help them, since all games will get priced the same all across Europe, making Valve and the publishers even more shekels.

That's to be expected. Gaming has attracted all the costumer it was ever going to attract. It's why the AAA model is also becoming untenable, budgets keep bloating but not enough new buyers are joining vidya to justify the expense.

They're rolling out a new, shitty, UI, aren't they? And let's not forget that it was their costumers that were bitching that Steam rules on what was allowed on their store were too stringent, and kept at it until the Valve kikes introduced Greenlight and left the community to fend for itself.

This is one of those instances where the lesser evil won, because no matter how shit Zenimax and Bethesda are, they are the living avatar of Moloch that Zuckerberg is.

Killing off his attempt to corner the VR market is a good thing.

This won't stop Facebook and this would only make Zenimax stronger.

It's very likely that it will set back Facebook's VR project back by a lot, considering the court deemed the people that left had taken with them years of R&D and code.

As for Zenimax, they'll just keep being the same shit as always. One thing you can have faith in is the consistency of their incompetence.

Bethesda is never ending blight. At least, people hate EA.

I hope you're happy, saucenao had nothing, so I had to go to Jewgle and now the zionist conspiracy knows that I fap to oppai loli

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great year

This awesome game will become a meme.

How to be a faggot in space:
1) Rainbow trassers.
2)Partial armor.
4)A single tiny nuke with proximity explosion delay makes it past your CIWS.
5)Your ass is ravaged.

Please just wait a little longer.

Whoah, great prediction, next you'll be telling us Nixon, Jon Belushi and Karl Marx are dead too

The Gambling one could get quite serious because Washingon State has the toughest regulations in the country and allegedly the feds kicked that case back to the state because they want it nailed down first.

But then with the EU people expected Nintendo to get a "slap on the wrist" back in 2002 for the same crap (Price fixing and geo-locking) and Nintendo got absolutely fucked so hard that Yamauchi had to retire early.

The other problem is that, no, there has been no flat growth in gaming itself. Valve actually got left behind and had a flat year while Tencent is getting huge amounts of YOY growth on PC without mobile. Same with M$ and $ony which have had YOY growth.

That's why I'm so negative on Valve this year. They will have to pump in their Jewbucks to keep the Vive spinoff afloat as HTC have completely shit the bed as a company and are likely going to be acquired by the end of the year (Likely by Alctel or Huawei).

It's not even about budgets or AAA. Valve has repeatedly shit the bed when it comes to consumer and business policy and it's very likely going to bite them in the ass this year.

Should I call it Lucy? It flies and it has a solid 30 kg diamond for armor.

I dunno about the localization but I played it already in Moonrunes and it's pretty fucking great, especially the final dungeon and MCs ultimate demon.

My prediction is good Cindy porn.

How about suicide?

Quads will make it so


N is for N-body gravity. The whole system fucks up with your path.

Wishful thinking? The PS4 is on track to outsell the PS2 in lifetime hardware sales, and it has the highest software attach rate of any console in history m8

I'm imagining that the SJW virtue signalling is going to be taken up to an 11 now that Trump is president. I'm expecting more games will have blatant Trump strawmen villains, games will have some MUH REFUGEES morals, and maybe some of that hot new leftist meme (lol) of punching Nazis. Also expect Kotacuck articles of [pozzed dev] FIGHTS BACK AGAINST DRUMPFS EVIL REGIME type shit every time one of them does so.

Also I want to cum inside Nico

Just because people are buying your glorified bluray Netflix box doesn't mean it's a good system Sonycuck. No one is playing games on PS4




Gee i'm sure they will learn from their mistakes and make something worthwhile and without jewery


Not surprising at all.

Kek giveth and Kek taketh away.

I was responding to an user who acted like the death of the console market is right around the corner, which is objectively false - it's stronger then ever from a business perspective.
It may be the shittiest console generation of all time but it's still making money.

PS4 not the best platform. PC is, we know.
But PS4 is the best console this generation.

Video games as a whole right now is shit. At this point, you are supporting cancer just for paying for any video game. Let it all burn.

It's okay to not like PS4 but you can't just abandon reality.

Persona 5 GOTY contender


Leave shill.
You aren't fooling anyone.

Western games will cuck on, on a boring drudging pace, continuing to squander the potential set by the last millenia. Japanese games will continue to falter and behave erratically as they still think the US is populated by SJWs. Indie will continue to unimpress. Another boring year of nogames.

You can probably name a better current gen console then.




>>>Holla Forums

Just because you're third highest board doesn't mean we want you here.

It can run more 3D games at 60FPS than the PS4 and the PS4 can't play Power Stone 2 or Shenmue.

It's likely not going to be near it. Japan's already said it's stylish as fuck, but it loses a significant amount of depth from P3/P4 in the social and battle aspects and is very linear in comparison to those games. It will probably get a lot of 7/8's in the west because it's a step back for the series (Probably won't come down on it as hard as DanganRonpa V3 though. Christ what a shitshow)

Zelda BOTW and Mario Odessey are probably the lock on contenders for GOTY so far.

Lol nintencuck is projecting

I've been playing total warhammer and hitman, thanks cpy!

What went wrong with v3?

Final two chapters are terrible and the minigames are worse than 1 and 2 (Turns out they did make Hangman's Gambit worse). Nips were pissed and bombed Amazon with 1 star ratings while you could walk into any store a week after and find tons of copies in the used section. It had a worse reaction than VLR and that was already bad.

Sean Murray will commit suicide


I thought people liked VLR, do you mean Zero Time Dilemma?

Anyways that's a shame, can I just get one Danganronpa without glaring flaws? This series somehow has amazing writing and garbage writing at the same time and I just want one with no garbage in it. The closest they came was chapter 5 of DR2 which still didn't make sense since the rule of "the mastermind of a murderer is the blackened" aren't consistent between chapter 2 and 5 (which didn't even matter at the end of 2 anyways so why include it?).


Fuck. Correct. ZTD was the one that shit itself. V3 shits itself in the same manner.


You called?

hey, why haven't you hanged yourself yet, I keep telling you but you don't listen, why?


I don't think anyone called you bitch

Exactly what they deserve for oppressing the peaceful Kurds



Would you eat a cake if I frosted it with my butt?

reminder: Jews are not white

I do. And a bunch of consoles. And I still save most of my money.

You mean good Prompto porn.

Why do so many people want VR to fail? NEETs have been hyped for it for years.

Because it can't be good until it fails.


It'll deflate in a few weeks once the redditors get bored and go back home.

Heres your (you).

How's that? I think VR could be fucking incredible if done right.

Kill yourself


I don't think you will be allowed to have the kind of VR experience that you want until the kikes give up and leave.

It's useful almost exclusively for porn, but that's the one thing that they don't want you to use it for.



All consoles are cancer as such the worst one is the one spreads the cancer furthest. Using that logical Wii U being the least successful to normalfags becomes the best console in this generation.
How many copies for FO4 did it sold? Zero. How many copies of Bioshock did sold? Zero.

Hold the fuck up. This is actually going to be a thing?