Emotional Crits

Talk about the times you've been btfo, rekt and otherwise completely buttblasted by people in a game.

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Holy fuck, this.
Fun to thread with, but the powerlevel cringe in any and every game is fucking intolerable.

fucking classic right there


Well, there's your problem. Try not to play, and shits great. And everything gets better the longer you don't play. Try it and be amazed. It's all good.
Have a british joke.


you need to not play on pubs, or play with oldfags instead.

I found playing with 8/v/ in the Wakfu guild pretty fun, there were no major faggots.

I lost the best printer in the server that day. Those thing are fucking expensive.

I can't even think of where to start if I were to explain all the problems I have with this.


You can start by pointing out that serious discussions, that could lead to nuanced perspectives and interesting insights, getting derailed for the sake of shitposting just perpetuates the notion that "Holla Forums is a hivemind" or that any ideas that typically go against the perceived consensus are "too scary or challenging to talk about", which itself perpetuates the idea that this place is a fucking hugbox.

I don't get it. You deserve this for being a Valvegoy.

Space Station 13 - paradise station server.

I have made black character with big afro named tyrone McMelon. After 5 minutes Admin pmed me to leave server or im getting permabanned. When i asked why he told me i have racist name. After some more arguing he permabanned me. But i wasnt mad what made me mad were his last words.

I swear if that faggot Admin was in front of me in real life i would end him.

Depends on the game.
If you play a niche game with Holla Forums, they will be bros and you will have a great time.
If you play a popular game with Holla Forums, they will be faggot teenagers that literally do nothing but spout memes.
If you play a F2P game with Holla Forums, they will be foreigners that suck and have infinite ping.
If you play a weeaboo game with Holla Forums, nobody will talk. Ever.

In Lost Planet 2 there is 4 person co-op.
There is a mission where you are all on a train going by another train and you are supposed to pick off enemies.
On your train there is a door that a lot of people shoot from.
The game has collision and grapling hooks.
If you hit a person a couple times with the grapling hook they roll forward.
I angered a lot of really shitty kids.


I want to say thank you to everyone who does this, it brings me great joy and laughter.


so, how's your first week here treating you, kiddo?


As cancer as filthy frank can be, I think this song sums up Holla Forums outside of Holla Forums pretty well, if your images are anything to go by.

Please stop calling me gay lmao (filthyfrank reference)

Kill yourself

ey, fuck you man (another reference lol)

are you retarded?

i have crippling depression
(another fine reference)

I'll take that as a yes.

I love being ironic :^)


fucking tierqueers man

He can make really fucking good music when he wants to. It's a shame that he doesn't anymore.

I've noticed this seems to only ever happen with Steam and Nintendo games.

What the fuck?

Joji is a faggot

Not related to the thread but

It is a hugbox.
Too lazy to turn on my computer for the picture I need to illustrate this.

>LP2 at all
It hurts

Not an argument, kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid.

Also, are you guys bronies or just retards who don't realize Frank hates his fans as much as you do?


I'm gonna put you down as a brony because you sound like you need help.

What else did you expect? This place is full of underage memelords and shit taste normalfags pretending to be "hardcore".

Not my rage, but

It's been years since I've had a good buttblast. I used to get mad when I was a kid and played with my brother because I was a sore loser but now nothing really gets me angry or happy anymore.

Absolutely true.
I want it to be 2005 again. Modern Holla Forums is hot fucking trash.




Bet it was the thirty-old brony faggot admin too. Called the server the hugbox when he did the usual big scary admin confrontation in PMs because I did something that wasn't too serious.
I think I did something along the lines of beating someone until they were unconscious because they were messing with my shit as a chemist.

Paradise Station is shit.


Fuck you, that's Clarke and Dawe.
It's Australian and it's actually the only fucking good thing on our national broadcaster.

Holla Forums is only fun for playing games with when it's a small group, like under 10.
SWAT 4 is an excellent example. We have fun, we fuck about and mic spam while calling eachother faggots, but then we get down to business and taktikool the place up until we get 100/100 score.

I remember you, Tyrone.

Admin in question was Fox McCloud. He's a furry who would of only just turned 18 or 19, if I recall correctly.
He's been insidious and makes everything about him and his clique of furry friends.

There's only 2 senior admins that don't hate his guts, but the best part is they are in control of the forums, git and server host, so he gets cucked half the time.
The other half of the time he gets his way, people whinge and get banned.

It's your fault, really

Nice try, the only difference playing with 8/v/ is that they shout NIGGERNIGGER 50 times per second.
They're both shit at video games and act like underage retards in public.

Holla Forums didn't exist until 2014, you fucking mong.

Runescape around 2005 I think. I got muted for saying some stupid shit to people. I remember being pissed off. I checked the logs that's still on jagex and I said some weird shit. It was almost Nigger linguistics, I don't ever remember talking like that online or IRL. It was so strange. Anyway, I had to let the gonads drop and just chill out on video games. It took me a long time to realize that showing others your anger lets them know they've won.

8/v/ was like 2006 Holla Forums for the briefest of moments. Then Reddit, Holla Forums and goons came to ruin my fun.

Wait, did 4chan have a Holla Forums? I thought they just had like Holla Forums and /a/ or something like that?

That's the great thing about Runescape: they keep your chat logs forever so you can cringe at your middle school self

You're not far off.

fuck off newfag

SA goon that just got out of an almost 14 year long coma detected.

That is some premium bait. I'll keep that one for myself.

I've been here since 2014, I'm about the opposite of a newfag.

I came here from reddit, not SA.

So I didn't know that 4chan had a Holla Forums, give me a break, I've never been to the site (obviously an unforgivable crime!).

Nice bait, I almost fell for it.

Get some fresher bait, lad.

It's like another Christmas.

absolutely timeless

I made this mistake with some poor user what wanted to play Terraria with me.
First problem was, it was every goddamn day. I got a message "Want to play terraria". Second issue was, all he did was spout memes and edgy shit, while cursing like some cod-playing 12year old, and linking Holla Forums shit constantly.
Thanks to him, I purged my friendslist: Only people I know now.

And we all know what happens when you play an MMO with Holla Forums

Incredibly fun and active community for the first couple of days before it dies out or is murdered by drama?

I was playing rocket league. Im decent, not a pro player by far. At the start, i was lining up a shot on their goal, my fucking teammate swoops in and misses the shot. Then he starts talking shit. Then he quits being a team mate and the 3 of them play keep away from me. Ugh. I was pissed and uninstalled. Totally booty blasted

oooh but i have to fit in, im just not amusing enough on my own and i want to be liked. -ZA WARUDO

No just lots of boyfucking

haven't played anything multiplayer for ~5 years now, feels good man

Got the image of the Holla Forums group playing Fallout 4 on day of release? Every time I ask this I never get a reply stating it even so much as exists but I fucking saw it. And as much as steamcucks try to make us forget It must exist on somebodies hard drive.

Last time was in the mid-90s playing a MUD on a BBS. Had turned off the NOSUMMON flag to do something, I forget what, and never set it back afterwards. Well, some guy had built himself a dungeon in his player house with no visible exit and a complete nullification of any teleportation magic or ability and must have occasionally tried to summon foolish people on the who list, of which my teenage self was the latest victim. So I find myself in a room with an incredibly long and edgy description about various "scary" things that were going to happen to me and the dude starts giving a long lecture on setting your options in MUDs, which I knew quite well, before promptly disappearing with me trapped. I could have probably asked an Immortal to get me out but I got assblasted from the shame of my mistake and quit the game, never to return.

i pirated fallout 4 shortly after it launched and haven't deleted it yet for some reason
honestly i'm a retard for even bothering to pirate it

do you mean the image that

I really need to read through threads entirely more often. In defense I thought it was lost forever.

i pirated fo4 later bought it when it was on sale. im not paying for any fucking dlc.

Why would you buy it? What the fuck went through your head when you supported that shit?

Are you trying to give me an aneurysm? Fucks sake.

When i saw this and i didnt have fo4 in my collection my autism went wild.

There's chat logs we can view? I can't find it with google, can someone send me a link?


Only time I ever got mad during MP to a point where I had to actually request a ban. It was from a group of swedes that would come on to a server I frequented every day and do the most unusual, pointless shit and do nothing to help the team or even play. They were basically loitering if loitering was constantly aiming down and rocket jumping in a stand still position until you died. Then you would just go back to the same spot (near the enemy base, which took a while) and do it again.

Seriously I have a lot of things memorized that these weirdos did. Often they would all find a meeting place and play pretend games if the games had no rules or system. They would run after each other in circles. Or turn their sensitivity way up and spin in circles incredibly fast. They would melee each other till they had a fraction of health then shoot at each others feet until one of them "died". The game didn't have Team Damage so it made no sense at all so they would day look down when they were shot which I would assume was them conveying that they were "dead". They would also use chat to tell each other how they were feeling like they were in a teamspeak or something. But would make no sense since because if they were in a teamspeak, and if they were in a teamspeak why would you type anything at all? They would go on like this for hours to. Confusing the whole server. Here's a kicker to all of this though. On rare occurrences when people tried to kill them they would play normally for a few seconds to kill the threat and move on to what they were doing. They weren't bad either. Not to good though.

But what pisses me off about all of this though, is that this all went nowhere. They stopped coming on because the mods were done with their shit and even though they could speak English they never did unless it was a rare situation. Whenever mods asked them to stop fucking around and play they would just speak their gross language and leave before he could kick them and come back on when they left.

Am I missing something here guys? Is there some sort of grief strat that involves heavily confusing your community until they're inevitably cock blocked by not getting an answer? Were they practicing leet strats? Or where they just proto indie devs trying to find meaning in a shooter? The game I was playing was back in the late 90's before Sweden went full fucking batshit. Honestly I don't know.

Or kidfucking, if it's Planetside 2.

I miss you, [wwew]

What happened?

Fucking murricans, counting this as a pedo results in destroyed teenage lives, you know.

GunnerNacho is playing MechWarrior:Living Legends. Go meet him :^)

HInt: She's 15 NOW.

15 - 4 = ??

That's terrible.

He wasn't 19 when he fucked the girl, neither was she 15, user.

Rewatch it, he clearly says they fucked 4 years ago and shes 15 now.

how is this a bad thing?

Do I really have to keep spelling it out?


You would go for it if you had a chance user, and you know it.

whats the name of this meme? you know, when Holla Forums talks a couple of posts and makes a collage plastering them with mspaint "stretched" portions of the posts and reaction images.

i don't get it, its not really funny. not any more or less than just posting a shot of the posts by themselves if the content of said posts is actually funny.

I miss you too, Holla Forums.

Because you haven't been here long enough.

almost 11 years now (counting the pre-cuckening 4chan years) and still don't get it.

it was never funny. why not just paste the "funny" posts together instead of making all that cropping work?

It's just what you called it, a collage. A collage is an artistic form of collecting a bunch of pictures. If you want to be autistic and document the entire thing just the way it happened, then you can go ahead and Ctrl-C/V the HTML code of the thread.
If you want it to look good, use your imagination and highlight important parts.

But realtalk, you're a giant fag if you feel you gotta justify your oldfagness to others.

I think it's funny and I've been here for 60 years. I win. Nobody cares, it works and conveys the unstable environment while cherry picking the posts that convey the tone of the thread the best

What animu is this?

going through marathon made me go in a rut in which i'm questioning wether i enjoy games at all nowadays. i didnt like it not a MP game, but i don't play those anyway.


They're called ZOOMED WORDS, user.

Thanks fuck, mass hysteria is fucking boring

Felt good

Was a fun round.

Fucking small half dead games man.

It was a few years ago now, but it was a great feeling.

That was because the hostfag wouldn't listen to anyone and just play team slayer instead of boring as shit infection minigames non stop. fuck you Jojo, you stoped the other hostfag from setting up a server with your godamn lies

I think the best and only good time I've had with Holla Forums was during ace of spades's alpha release.

Worst was trying to join their serious sam group. That was filled wtih teenagers that would ban you if you dont talk in memes.

The problem with the Serious Sam group is that it was hosted on Steam. Even then you could tell a few of the anons were desperate enough to play Serious Sam who seemed pretty chill but were unheard through the autistic faggots.

I'de love for somebody to set up a dedicated server for SS:SE but it'd probably never happen. I just want to charge the Courtyards of Gilgamesh while we scream our autistic warcry and fire lasers into the air

I'm only here to shitpost and bait tbh famalama

stop posting my pics tbh

Those pics are mine fam



when i was young and had a high pitched voice i used to play gaylo and people would make fun of me
i cri everytim

>used to

Anyone know what happened to Jojo's Youtube channel? I never finished watching his stream of Max: An Autistic Journey.

Typical Jewish tricks

wwew saved my fucking life and actually helped me not feel alone. Thank you wwew.

Ah, good times.

haha beans haha look the chicken!!

wwew lads

Oh man that's great, furries would be assblasted by this video. Also in the comments:
fucking lol

We all miss wwew but it will never be the same.

At least it wasn't this.

Please take your own life. If it was a cow or a pig or some other shitty unfeeling animal, I could maybe understand, but fuck off.
Equines aren't drooling livestock, they are intelligent. They build relationships with other species, including humans, so how would you feel if your best friend chopped your dick off?
It's below nigger-tier behavior. You see videos of Sub-Saharan negroids trying to forcefully ride horses, but gelding is ten times worse than that. Stallions are the fucking pinnacle of masculine symbology. I bet you get off to emasculation or cuckolding porn, degenerate.

omg ur meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeean!!!!

You're retarded if you don't know that pigs are actually one of the most intelligent animals on a common farm.

this is a good summary
I played Joint Operations with maybe 30 people from here and we all had fun
Also some Pulsar: Lost Colony for awhile and usually every crew member was a bro, there wasn't too much shitposting and we helped new guys learn
I played Ace of Spades and enjoyed it, but then again I was a buildfag and that probably annoyed other people from here


Once got invaded by a lag lord in Dark Souls
Landed 4 consecutive hits and they never registered. But the invader is allowed to completely stop moving and instantly kill me with an attacks I never saw coming


every time

Uneducated nigger confirmed

SS13 with anons is fun if you can get over the fact that whoever hosts the server is a giant faggot.
Also playing Halo CE was the fucking bomb. I want to do another get together.

pigs are truly a cursed animal, smart yet offer nothing that a dog cant do and they taste delicious.

They can sniff out truffles.
Buddies have expensive tastes.

Get out my dude.

They're often smarter than dogs actually. Depends on the breed.

no one in Holla Forums plays video games

pony server frequenter spotted

didn't you know group-play is just a diluted version of hame cheating kiddo?

Fuck developers, the one time you wish micro transactions were in the game they fucking aren't fuck them.

holy fuck get out



Not even surprised anymore.

These were fun times. Too bad guild was already dying around time I went afk for 1.5 years army draft

He prefers making unfunny meme music for his underage filthyfrank fans and nigger rap shit for everyone else.

and when I came back from changing duty stations in the navy everyone was gone. ded gaem ded guild

And here you have it folks, this is the typical infamous neo-Holla Forums inflammatory twitter-length reply. Don't reply to these kind of users as they are only here to shitpost with snark and a thirst for (You)s

It's pretty okay when your group consists of 5-10 quakefags.

i know that feel

I have an IRL friend with normalfag taste in vidya that steamrolls me no matter what game we're playing. It doesn't matter if I've been playing it longer than he has, or if we've both just played the game for the first time, he always manages to kick my ass and sometimes I just don't know how he does it. I won't pretend I'm great at vidya, but it's infuriating that I can count the number of times I've beaten him on one hand.




SS13 can be a roller coaster of depression for some people

What keeps me going is that I know almost everybody did something stupid as a teenager at one point.

hurr durr durr we can raid you shop because it's not against the rules
hurr durr durr they're allowed to raid your shop because it's not against the rules

part of being able to exercise your rights to have fun in DarkRP is to understand the rules of the server and pissing off others to the point of breaking them

it would've been fun if everyone was given a gun and we'd get to shoot each other without being banned

And here you have it folks, this is the typical infamous neo-Holla Forums inflammatory twitter-length reply. Don't reply to these kind of users as they are only here to shitpost with snark and a thirst for (You)s

that's what almost every other multiplayer videogame is for

maybe the challenge is getting the gun and not getting banned, genius

Logic of your argument is so all over the place, that I have trouble looking from where to start.
1. There isn't much to do without a goal when you already have beaten the game, so seeking desirable guild quests is something to look out for to continue playing even more.
2. Group playing isn't something dishonorable, since there is only this much of fun you can get, until you get bored of 30+ minute solo hunts. And not everyone will start taking pleasure from speedruning if left alone with the game for too long. Also,
3. Did you even read my post? I'm against extreme monster rape with close to no actual hunting involved, be it hame or a room full of minmax no fun allowed fags, there is no inconsistency here.

You could just shitpost
instead and be over with it.

Are you not allowed to defend yourself in that shit?

This happens too fucking often for my liking.
Turbine is such a shit map.

of course i shot back but there was 5 different people shooting at me with AKs

Oh how fucking original, you copied my entire post? I bet you feel so fucking witty and smart right? Look mom, i've posted it again! Go fuck yourself nigger, you are the cancer killing this board.

Oh how fucking original, you copied my entire post? I bet you feel so fucking witty and smart right? Look mom, i've posted it again! Go fuck yourself nigger, you are the cancer killing this board.

Fuck you

Fuck you


I like where this went.

I was playing a public versus match, rushing for the safe room while my team mates were fucking around trying get the gnome like the beginning of vid related, eventually a tank incaps them all by the time i reached safety, they kicked me out of sheer frustation even though the gnome would disappear in the next run.

I got so buttrustled, i came back in the match, blarring SCOTLAND FOREVER, made them lose the match and shat out around of 5 versions of the navy seals copypasta in their profile comments while simultaneously finding their steam group's ventrillo server and proceeding to bomb it like Curtis LeMay (Bomb's Away!).

Boy, that was a fun night.

I wasn't much into multiplayer games before, so this was the first time i was griefed to hell. This made me become a griefer myself, and then mastered it when i found Garrysmod 9.


I am the original creator of a rather spicy meme you have posted, or should I say.. reposted. How unoriginal, uncreative, and slimy do you have to be as a person to impose such an act of thievery? Can such a despicable act even be rationalized, have you no morals? I feel no anger, only sympathy for a tremendously sad human being who lives in such melancholy despair that he thieves a meme to entertain an audience of depressed, lifeless teenagers like yourself. I levy a warning upon thy; I will steal and repost all future memes that you choose to post and I will then message you a report on the karma I have gained, a preemptive strike in the likes of shoving a dog's face in its own feces. Never. Touch. My. Memes.

Guess he wasn't a bot after all!

People who autoban cheaters in Payday 2. I actually had some faggot spam my shit the other day after he found out I used the DLC Unlocker. I called him out for being a faggot and policing people for a company that doesn't care about him. He blocked me when I looked him up and pointed out he's some faggot mod for a payday group and parades around how much "he gives to the community" and told him nothing he does is productive for society.

I don't give a shit if you think piracy is stealing, but when you whore yourself out to companies that aren't even aware of you and actively "attack" people who don't want to support kike practices, you pretty much become exactly what I despise about people.

You are OBVIOUSLY a newfag. Lurk more. Not everything is a meme, you fucking normalfag.

so much fucking this
anybody who so much as references a meme vocally is the worst kind of cancer

for the record:
NO you are NOT allowed to joke with your "friends"
NO you are NOT allowed to "have fun"
be serious 100% of the time or be dead faggots


If this is a post done tongue-in-cheek I must remind you that there's nothing inherently wrong with memes or referencing them.

But if you ever heard a person's actual voice attempt to meme and didn't cringe, you aren't human.

Oh, I thought you meant the other way around OP. Oh well. I guess I on-topic post.


Memes today have the shelf life of unpackaged cottage cheese.

I'll make a thread in March or April I guess. [wwew] never lasts long, but it always comes back

Daybreak needs to fucking update their crap game so wwew can come back

Wait a fucking second, the guy talking about fucking the girl sounds old enough but everyone else sounds fucking 15, i'm sharing a board with freaking kids holy shit.

No shit. This place is infested with underage b8. Why do you think there's unironic nostalgia threads for Mass Effect and Fallout 3.

Just went back to play an old vidya game that I haven't touched in years. I haven't touched it since at least 2014 or so. It has five severs running out of what used to be 50. Of those five, only one has players and it's an EU server. So, I join. And I get banned before I even get in the game. So I try to reconnect, I haven't played this game in years and never on EU servers, so why am I banned? I try and try, and then I go to the website of the server owner. Fucking shit.
The entire server is run by an autistic German clan with a forum section with the only activity being posts going back to 2012 asking to be unbanned. The usual answer? "Don't disturb the admins, find another server!". The infractions? Firing weapons into areas where you can't see enemies, leaning around corners, and having a "bad fake-looking profile".
Knowing that I probably won't be able to play one of my favorite long-dead games with people again as that game slowly creeps toward a decade old because of two or three autistic banhappy kraut motherfuckers gets under my skin.

you've been sharing a board with majority kids for at least a year buddy. i guess we just gotta live with it


Don't play a reddit-tier game, user. If you ask for reddit you'll get reddit, but you can have great fun baneposting on a decent or niche game.

By definition that steam group has no anons, though. I said this on some other thread but it's basically the same as having a guy in a white veil claim to be part of the KKK as he preaches racemixing.

delet this