3DS CFW + Homebrew General

>How do I get homebrew and prepare for CFW?
First, quit being such a massive faggot, and then find your firmware version below. Then see smealum.github.io/3ds/, unzip the starter kit to your SD card, and follow instructions to setup the Homebrew Launcher.
>3DS 1.0.0-8.1.0:
Find a way to load Decrypt9 on your version (MSET For 4.x or 6.x, most likely browser otherwise): 3ds.guide/get-started-(old-3ds) then proceed normally.
>N3DS 8.1.0:
You will need NTR and Cubic Ninja. Refer to the guide for instructions. After that you will be able to follow the same procedure for all the other firmware versions.
>N3DS & 3DS 9.0.0-11.2.0:
Follow the guide as normal. Soundhax is the new goto for entrypoint hax, but you can still use browserhax if you insist. Simply follow the guide linked above. Your procedure should be soundhax → Decrypt9WIP → 2.1.0 ctr-transfer → A9LH. OTPless installations for N3DS, which skips the 2.1.0 ctr-transfer, will be added to the guide again as soon as it is deemed safe enough.
If you're interested in doing a hardmod, for what ever reason you may have, a guide is available here: gbatemp.net/threads/tutorial-noob-friendly-nand-dumping-2ds-3ds-3ds-xl-n3ds-n3ds-xl.414498/ Downgrade from 11.0 with a hardmod is outlined in the A9LH Guide.

Every step where you modify your system can result in a brick. However, bricking your 3DS is a very hard thing to do if, and only if, you read every single direction and follow them exactly. This is a "retard-proof" guide, but please don't try too hard to be a bigger mouth-breathing retard than it can handle. Every step is necessary unless the guide tells you otherwise. sysNAND backups are not optional.

Other urls found in this thread:


Frequently Asked Questions
Luma3DS is the most popular CFW and supports A9LH, as well as having a number of features such as Region Free, Language Emulation, Automatic AGB_FIRM patching, Automatic flash cart unblocking, Auto-Update blocking, RO Patching (Special features for romhacks) and more.
Reinand appears to still be worked on, but the creator has indicated that they want to work privately from now on. Reinand also supports Region Free, Auto-Update blocking, RO Patching, and more.
rxTools is now out of date and lacks support for newer features as well as no longer under active development. If you have been using it previously, it is advised to switch.
All CFWs support both O3DS and N3DS.
For additional features such as cheats, save states, screenshots, and screen capture(NEW 3DS ONLY), use your CFW of choice to launch NTR CFW.
For more detailed info about each CFWs feature set, go here: gbatemp.net/threads/wip-faq-what-cfw-is-best-for-me.428509/
Do further, thorough research on your own. Ask smart questions here.
>Is updating my emuNAND safe and/or can I update on A9LH?
Yes, you should always stay up to date.
>Installing Luma3DS/Updating from rxTools
Using the links below, get the latest version of luma. copy the arm9loaderhax.bin to the root of your SD card, go into the hax folder and copy the 3ds folder to your SD. If you're using a bootmanager simply make an entry in the boot.cfg. This will allow you to load luma through the homebrew launcher.
On first boot, hold select to open the menu, and check "show current nand in system settings" as well as "enable region emulation", and if you like the gba boot screen you can enable that as well. Copying arm9loaderhax.bin does not install arm9loaderhax, this is simply where the cfw is stored.
>What's a .CIA?
CIA stands for CTR Importable Archive, where CTR stands for the codename of the 3ds, citrus. In simpler terms, a .cia is simply an installable package you can launch from your homescreen.
>What's emu/sysNAND?
sysNAND is the core system files that your 3DS uses, including the Home Menu and system titles such as the browser and system settings. emu/redNAND are a cloned version of this that runs off of your SD card instead of the built-in chip on your 3DS.
>What is Arm9LoaderHax?
Arm9LoaderHax or A9LH is an entrypoint for booting into emu or sysNAND. The advantages of A9LH include 100% boot rate, and execution before boot. If you install A9LH, you can get rid of emuNAND and load an updated sysNAND to install .cia.
The installation requires a one-time downgrade to 2.1.0 in order to dump OTP (One-Time Programmable console-specific information). A9LH does still support booting of emuNAND if need be, but the most popular option is to update sysNAND and use it.
A9LH protects from softbricking once installed, as it can load before the 3ds boots and flash a backup nand image. If you're familiar with the Wii, it's similar to BootMii or Priiloader.
Menuhax vs. A9LH: archive.is/SsDyf
>Can I upgrade SD Cards/Can I use 64GB+ SD Cards?
The 3DS can support any SD card formatted FAT32. You may format with your 3ds using emunand9 or use this to format from your PC: ridgecrop.demon.co.uk/index.htm
Yes, you can transfer your files to a larger SD if you desire. On A9LH you need only copy your files to the larger SD. If you're on emuNAND there's a more detailed process:
First, backup all your old SD Card's files, and make an emunand dump with Emunand9. Hit eject, insert your new SD card, go to SD Format Options, and do format (minsize) if using rednand. If unsure, just do format (emunand default). This creates a partition on your New SD and formats it correctly.
Restore your emunand onto your new SD card and then copy all of your files off, you've successfully upgraded your SD.
>Can I play original DS Roms?
Use either a flashcart or TWLoader. TWLoader still has a lot of issues that need to be fixed but will allow for loading NDS games and apps of your SD card. TWLoader's GitHub repository: github.com/Robz8/TWLoader/releases
>What Flashcart should I get?
The cheapest and best option is the r4i 3ds: modchipsdirect.com/r4i-3ds-r4ds-wood.html Avoid r4i-SDHCs. Their firmware is on a timer and the card will brick itself in a year so you have to buy a new one. The Menu is slow, and if you get a replacement for it it causes compatibility issues.

Disregard .3ds rom dumps - this is a format for flash carts and citra only.
Downloading roms directly from nintendo is possible, and recommended as a first approach before visiting external sources, excluding the obvious such as romhacks.
If you would like to download roms direct from nintendo's servers on your 3ds you can use freeshop: freeshop.pw After installing, open freeshop, go to Settings>Update and enter 3ds.titlekeys.com/downloadenc or visit 3ds.titlekeys.com on your computer and click the QR button, then Scan.
On your PC you can also generate FBI-Scannable QR codes by visiting 3ds.titlekeys.com/ and clicking on a title, then clicking the generate QR button.
3dsiso.com/ and 3dschaos.com/ are the most commonly used sites for finding roms.
You can search for titles on 3ds.titlekeys.com and you can view the completion here: 3ds.jdbye.com/ (Non-VC only right now) If you own a game on eShop that's marked in red for your region, consider submitting it.
>Can I dump a cart to a .cia?
Previously dumping carts was a pain in the ass, but decrypt9 can now dump carts directly to cia easily, go to Gamecart Dumper > Dump to CIA.
>Can I convert a .3ds to a .cia?
Yes, with Decrypt9 simply go to Content Decryptor > NCCH/NCSD > NCCH/NCSD to CIA.
>How does 3ds.titlekeys.com/ get keys?
The encTitleKeys site most commonly used is dependent on user submissions. If you own an eshop title that isn't available on 3ds.titlekeys.com/ you can add it yourself for all to download.
Using Decrypt9, go to titlekey options, then titlekey decrypt for your respective nand. This will dump a decTitleKeys.bin, which is different than an encTitleKeys.bin. you can submit it to the website, where it will be added.
You can create an encTitleKeys dump using Titlekey Dump. The site doesn't take these, but the file will be usable for anyone with freeshop or ciangel.
>I'm a citra user and can you tell me where to find unencrypted roms?
Not here.
Basic Utilities Pack: my.mixtape.moe/efbioi.zip This should cover most of your needs, start here for basic useful tools
Luma3DS GitHub: github.com/AuroraWright/Luma3DS/releases
Freeshop: freeshop.pw
In-depth Arm9LoaderHax information: gbatemp.net/threads/arm9loader-technical-details-and-discussion.408537/
NTR CFW: github.com/44670/BootNTR/releases 3.4 is New 3DS only, 3.2 supports O3DS. No longer in development, but still useful for features.
Virtual Console Injectors: pastebin.com/QtAQVH5T
Updated BootNTR: github.com/astronautlevel2/BootNTR/releases
A Bunch of 3DS .cia's: pastebin.com/UdL5SN04
3DSISO/3DSChaos Accounts: user: eightvee pass: veeeightbunker
Our Discord: discord.gg/ccecErB
Current OP Pasta: pastebin.com/jscrD4Qj
Last Thread: archive.is/OUKh7

Alright Faggers

So I just got done installing A9lH for my little sister so she can get all the games for free

Now for some reason the emunand transfer guide was taken out of the official guide, so just to make sure I do NOT fuck this up

1.) I boot into Hourglass9

2.) I do an emunand backup

3.) I then restore my sysnand with the emunand backup I made + preserve a9lh

Am I doing it right?

I went right ahead anyways and everything seems to be fine

There has been an unusually long stretch since last system update and a new one

Has Nintendo finally given up on the 3DS to focus on the Switch?

Wouldn't be surprised seeing how fast they dropped the Wii after the latest Wii firmware was cracked

Also with recent Pokemon sales numbers through the roof I think Nintendo realizes homebrew and piracy really don't affect sales numbers

I just wanna tell someone, but I got me a Black Friday New 3DS, and I'm excited to hack it and replace my original hacked model, yeppers.

is it really worth the money for an upgrade?

It is, not for the New 3DS only games, but for the massive resolution upgrade that I was jealous of my friends for having.

You can also overclock your n3DS and reap the benefits with regular 3DS games. The system likely has one more good year left in it, with support tapering off over the next two or so.

If Nintendo is truly shifting away from the 3ds, I don't get why they didn't release any games for the new 3ds. Besides Xenoblade, is there any other games that came out for it? Very wasted potential.

I think Binding of Issac, but that may be outdated compared to the PC version by now.

There are some eShop exclusive games that are n3DS exclusive. Runbow, if it eventually comes out, will be the second n3DS exclusive retail game.

As for enhanced games, you could argue that Hyrule Warriors is unplayable on a standard 3DS. Poochy and Yoshi's Wooly World receives a boost to 60fps on a n3DS. It's worth buying one if you're going to put any amount of serious time into the 3DS.

You have Binding of Isaac Rebirth and Xenoblade Chronicles as "exclusives" for the New3DS, but you also get.

At least for me, the upgrade was worth it.

I already own an old 3d. I don't feel the need to pay more money and upgrade, though for someone buying a 3ds for the first time, the new 3ds is superior I admit.

It's objective fact. I did appreciate Koei making the effort to make it compatible though.


I looked it up. Its not that bad. In fact, I fucking hate the SD card slot on the O3DS because I'm always afraid its going to pop out

2DS has the best SD card slot out of the entire line up.
Also, had the better start and select buttons from the get go, instead of having to wait years.

2DS > N3DS > O3DS

I wish Nintendo sold a 2DS with the hardware of the n3DS. I would've purchased that over an actual n3DS.

I'm stuck at section V step 4 of "installing-arm9loaderhax". It tells me to select the FBI injectable .app but there are no choices and there's an error messages. I went back to the previous steps and I'm pretty sure I moved everything in the "fbi-2.4.2-injectable.zip" to the files9 folder as instructed. What's going on?

Disregard. Tried again and the proper .app showed up this time. In any case, I'm done. Now where's that newfangled freeshop?

Third image in the OP. Scan the QR code with FBI. Maybe check the URL to see if there's an updated version and then, if there is, scan the QR code with FBI.

I've been out of the loop for a while. Is there a new Freeshop I need or was that only made because of the DMCA?

Got it. Unfortunately, I either don't know or already forgot how to boot to decrypt9. Need something called "encTitleKeys.bin".

Uh, disregard this. Since DQ8 shows up I'm assuming I'm fine.

How is TWLoader progress coming along? Or is there no hope for it?

It's coming along decently. I can run my Elite Beat Agents dump and it works stutters a LOT though
I haven't had it work with 999 yet though.

I see, I wanna run Solatorobo and the MMZ collection. Hope it works out soon, or at least near the end of the 3DS's lifespan.

This post tells you how to get how to get that file though freeshop. Just go to the update tab in settings on freeshop and put in that url.

Maybe you're talking about something else, but I'm fairly certain that's what you're looking for.

I think there's a decent chance of that if they can figure out how to deal with the goddamn load times.

Think I may have borked my install. I have it set to update to the latest TWL and side NAND versions, and I may have jumped the gun on the install right-after it kicked me to the home menu. I guess I didn't let the update settle in, so now it brings up the stock error screen telling me to cold restart my system. It keeps trying to update too.

Reinstall it from the .cia and it'll stop trying to update itself, that happened to me too.

Yeah but I want it to install the latest shit without it crashing on me like this. What do?

Yeah, did that some minutes ago and a bunch of games showed up. Sheesh, I should've just waited and saved for a 32GB SD card. Now then, one of the games is installing right now. Once it's done I assume it'll be exactly as if I bought it and the 3DS won't know the difference. Now then, can I safely access the actual eShop? I intend to use the eShop to just try out the games, except not as demos. Buying them if I really do think they're worth it (although if a physical copy is available I'll opt for that). Could be handy for Pokemon games as well as some kind of longwinded save file system (I have Sun but I can get Moon as well).

You leave the autoupdates off and update it from the settings menu. You can leave the nds-bootstrap autoupdate on if you want, since the crash is when the main application tries to update itself.

You can just copy all the content over. Not sure about the actual games, but all the CFW stuff can just be copied over.

I don't know, myself. I only buy physical copies when I do buy games so I have no experience buying anything off of the eShop, pre or post-CFW. I would imagine yes, but don't try it until you know for a fact that you can. Someone in the thread might confirm it, but you can always look it up. Someone's probably asked the same question before.

Should I rely on official or un?

Just see what works for you. Mess around in the settings menu.

That info really ought to be front and center in the OP. I already got Pokemon Bank years ago but for me, digital download is a last resort if I can't find a physical counterpart at a decent price. I don't think renewing the Pokemon Bank subscription will be any issue.

Console and Nintendo can't tell the difference between a cart, digital or CIA version of a game.
You can still use the eShop, but if you access it for any reason, it will disable the DLC you have installed from Freeshop or installed from a CIA. only way to fix this is to uninstall the DLC then reinstall it, but you won't lose your saves or anything like that.

Freeshop can download demos, if you're not sure about some of the larger games.

As for a new SD card, if you're using A9LH, which you are as EmuNANDs are only for people who, like me, enjoy RxTools more than Luma, you can literally just copy paste the smaller card to the bigger card. Works 100%.

Renewing Pokemon Bank will require eShop access, which as I mentioned, will disable DLC like in Smash Bros or FE.
There are homebrew Pokemon Banks that are functionally the same as the official one. They are pretty much copy pasted without payments, nowadays.

If you really want those free pokemon they give out through the bank, though, feel free to pay.

Anyone have a .cia for Legna Tactica?

Anyone have a patched ROM with the Neo Team IF translation? github.com/TeamIf/FireEmblemIf-FanTranslation

Good thing none of the games I legitimately have utilize DLC. I'll just keep paying the $5 per year.

Anyone having trouble with DLC? I'm not using the eShop but I installed the DLC for Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice but when I boot up the game it doesn't appear to be installed. Tried both installing from the freeShop and QR installing from 3ds titlekeys.

SoJ DLC was a bit odd. When you downloaded it from the Freeshop it would fail, but if you tried to install it after it failed, it would say it was installed but fail to show.

It seems to of fixed itself, so go to FBI and delete the title "0004008c000f1400" and "0004008c0018f400". If you're using the EU version, delete "0004008c000f1e00" and

Then reinstall through Freeshop.

just installed arm9h
anons recommend anything essential I do / recommend a thread describing how to do it?
Installed some gba gamus and played them last night
tried installing a cia of DQVIII uncensored w/ the orchestral soundtrack but it was taking a really long time, it would have taken about 5 hours to install I'd imagine
anyone know why that is

Not really.
You could download custom themes, use your controller as a Xinput controller, stream your console to your computer, use a controller on your 3DS remotely (only really good for streaming to PC then using a controller on the bigger screen), run a bunch of emulators, use real-time cheats, hack Pokemon and stomp kids in online etc.

Nothing amazing in my opinion, but if that's what tickles your fancy, ask and I'll link a guide.
There's a bunch of things I can't think of, but nothing truly revolutionary or spectacular.

As for your slow install speeds, that's normal. FBI, DevMenu and BBM are slow to install. I never knew why, but might just be the 3DS being slow at reading a file then installing it.

Using the Freeshop is faster by a long mile.
If you want, though this applies more to Smash Bros than DQ8, there are a few programs that you can use that patch the game as it runs, instead of installing a seperate version of the game. Also handy for Mario Kart.

is there much lag in this setup? what would I need?

how do I get some emulators on there?is there any point when I can just use VC injects?

good link for installing custom theme?

thanks for the reply

Is poochy and yoshi on freeshop yet? Seems only the jap version is up

As much lag as any other wireless controller.
Read the instructions properly.

As for emulators, you can get GB, GBC, GBA, DOS, NES, SNES, N64 (but it's a joke), PS1/X, Atari, Amiga and a bunch of other things.

If you know what RetroArch is, the 3DS version of RetroArch runs everything the PC version can.
Using RetroArch is probably better than injects, as it runs the ROM straight off your SD card, rather than you making an inject. Helpful if you play a lot of older games, as the Home Menu has a title limit that you can easily reach.

3dsthem.es would be the place to go for themes.

Not yet, it only came out in EU/US 12 hours ago or so.
If you can't wait, and you shouldn't, it's actually pretty fun, just install the JP version; it has the full English translation built in and detects your language setting instantly.

cheers mate!

Do the jap versions get dlc and updates the same as us and eu on freeshop?

Well, Freeshop is only updated so long as people update 3ds.titlekeys.com

Now, since someone has the JAP version and dumped it, I'm going to guess if there is an update or DLC they'll dump it as well.

If not, the save file would 99% be able to work on EU/US games.

Is there any update/DLC coming for it? I can't imagine there would be, since this is just a giant DLC pack for the WiiU version.

I wouldnt know but thats one of the reasons I prefer freeshop over downloading the roms from a website and doing everything manually. Good to know the save file would still work with the other versions.

Weird question since I just noticed it.

Since I updated to A9LH by following the guide, I freeze whenever I try to access my friend code list. Any way to solve this ?

Ah, this error takes me back.
Get ready for the solution that always works but no one ever believes me on until they exhaust everything else and do it to humour me:

Turn on your console (make sure it's a fresh boot).
Open friend code list.
Leave it for 20-30 minutes.

Fixed 100%.

I'll give it a try. It of course is weird, but hey, Nintendo logic.

Thanks for the support.

It's something that only Luma users experience.

Threadly Reminder:
RxTools is best CFW.

I'm using Luma and I have a retarded question: if my SD card suddenly dies for whatever reason, will I be able to recover without having a backup of the card?

I have a q. I'm on arm9h
if i install a file w/ .cia can i update that file when nintendo asks if i want to update?

What are you playing, Anons?
Is it fun?

One hour later, still no unfreezing. Other suggestions ?

Have no friends.

That being said, registering some people who have the same games as you does have some advantages.

No. If your card dies, your card dies.
Backup your card once a fortnight/month. Just chuck it in your computer and copy the whole thing while you go to bed.
If you're super autistic about it failing, set up a sync service.

If the SD card fails, you can only hope for partial file recovery at best.

Only if the CIA was ripped properly. 99% of the time, yes, but occasionally idiots rip the CIAs and they have slight errors, meaning the update fails.
If you install it through FBI and it shows things like language, region, version number etc on the top screen, it's a fine CIA and will work on the eShop.

If the file doesn't work, use the eShop to repair the game. It doesn't detect it's a pirate copy and repairs it to perfect condition.

Having no friends is the best bet.
As for why that's failing, I can't think of much. I've given that advice to anons since last June dozens of times and they've always said it works.

Only thing I can think of is making sure Luma is updated then trying it again. Use LumaUpdater CIA.

If you're registering people for MonHun, the friend list in-game still works, I remember people saying that MonHun worked but the home menu one didn't. Not sure about other games that support friends though I can't think of any.

I mean "recover" not as in "recover all my data", I mean "have the 3DS and the CFW still working afterwards". Guess I should've clarified that.

Thank You. What if it's a game not on my region's eshop? Either a non-EU cia or an EU rom that's been (say) undubbed ?

Oh, then yes.
If the SD card fails and you use a new card, it will work.
That's assuming you've got LumaHax and A9LH, which you do.
EmuNAND users wouldn't have it so easy.

A9LH is installed to the CTRNAND, an internal portion of memory on the console.

Well, if it's an out-of-region CIA and you want to repair it on the eShop, you'd be out of luck at first. There is a way to access eShops from different regions, but I can't recall how off the top of my head. Google should help you.

If it's an undubbed CIA, the repair function would redub it and make it like new.

As I said, shit CIAs are fairly rare. I've only ever encountered a few, and they were retail only games which meant the eShop was useless anyways.

If you want, you can use something like OnionFS or SaltySD to patch the game with undub on the fly, as opposed to a rebuilt CIA. But if you've already got the patched CIA with the undub, just stick with that.
I assume it's something like FE, which means the CIA is good, else no one would use it.

Is there anything on homebrew or anything that makes the 3DS think there is an amiibo on it?

Software-wise, no.
If I understand how it works, potentially you could simulate an NFC reader being connected (for an O3DS) and an Amiibo being scanned, but no one has ever bothered to do it.

Hardware-wise, there are a few choices.
Most basic would be, and this is assuming you have an NFC reader for the O3DS or an N3DS, you can buy NFC chips in bulk and turn them into "Amiibos". 3DSISO.com has a subforum dedicated to collecting every single Amiibo, so that wouldn't be too hard.

If you want something a little prettier than grey squares of plastic, you can buy the Amiiqo, which is now called the N2.
Bit pricier than a million NFC chips (they are really cheap chips in those $20 amiibos), but looks a bit nicer. Also can hold 200 amiibos, so it's smaller in size than 200 NFC chips.

Hope that helps. I've been meaning to buy an N2 or NFC chips, but never get around to it.
There is another device that does the same as the N2, but I forget it's name.

I'm in a old 3ds and I got homebrew through soundhax and got decrypt9 working perfectly but I'm scared of doing the 2.1.0 ctransfer for some reasons:
Will my games still be there or are they will not be accessible or deleted?
Is this required to pirate games for my 3ds?

Sorry if I sound like a fag but I'm kind of confused in some aspects of this step in the 3ds guide





2.1.0 is only temporary. After that you will restore your own firmware back. Just follow the guide closely and it will be over soon.

You back up your NAND before doing the downgrade. You reflash that NAND at the end, so all your games and your NNID will still be there. Also closing the screen fucking up the console is only on the n3DS.

If I have the newest version Luma is it safe to update my sysnand?

I've got three questions.

1. Pokemon Megamilk edition, where can I find it/ install it?

2. Is the pokemon bank compatible with pkmn roms? / are pokemon tradable from roms to legit games?

3. Anyone have the link to the NTR memory scanner/memory editor cheat plugin?

Actually taking the time to fully read the wikis and forums doesn't help when faggots only explain the bare minimum.


Anyway, thanks in advance.

Quick questions, I got a 2DS with 11.2.0-35U firmware, and I got a flashcart for DS games coming in the mail. I remember hearing a rumor around 2011 that if you inserted a DS flashcart into a 3DS it would brick the system, was that ever true or complete bullshit?

Also how easy is it to mod a 2DS and pirate games for it?

Worst a DS flashcart can do in a 3DS is not work. The 3DS has a blocklist for flashcarts, but once you hack it you can fix that.
2DS is just as easy to hack as the others. Piracy is as easy as it could possibly get, you can literally get games off Nintendo's own servers.

Yeah, these games are my favorites, I've got 300 hours in already and I'm halfway through I think?(Last difficulty, but there's lots of shit I want to make.)
Also, I'm making some nice custom quests, shit's fun.

I got an N3DS around Christmas, and I only recently got around to using it because I bought a few 32 GB micro SD cards. My o3DS could load up into my DS flashcart and run games fine, but after a few minutes it would freeze. I think the pins were becoming misaligned. Anyway, now with the N3DS, the flashcart works fine with no problems whatsoever. Now I have a question: Most likely, was this problem caused from the cart slot on my o3DS becoming worn, or is there any significant difference between the actual design of the ports between the two versions? I'm leaning more towards the former because this cart was designed to be compatible with the o3DS (it's an "R4 3DS Upgrade Gold Pro Revolution").

I haven't popped out my SD card in months

guys i'm scared, I just finished saving the configuration of luma for the first time but the screen is still black and it doesn't react when I press the start button to get to the next step.
did I fucked up?
can I still fix this?

Doesn't the guide say to just manually reboot it and continue in case you get a black screen?

Oh, I'm fucking retarded. You can't boot into Hourglass, right? Can you still boot into the Luma config manager by holding Select on bootup? If so, you probably just misplaced something on the SD card. Double-check that everything is there and is not corrupted. If that's not it, check the troubleshooting guide, it has some related advice.

I just checked an you were right.
hourglass9 was not named correctly, everything operating smoothly now thanks for the help

ive tried 30+ times to do soundhax, but it just isnt launching homebrew. what do?

Gee I don't know, it's not like the OP pasta doesn't tell you or anything

Insert game card into slot

It's in one of the pastebins in the OP. It's a pain to install, or you can google how to use SaltySD and use that.
It's a shit mod, you can barely see it save for 2 or 3 cutscenes.

ROMs? You mean CIAs and Freeshop installs? Yes, it will detect XY, ORAS, SM and RBY VC injects.
Use a homebrew alt like PKSM; it supports even DS games.

Sounds like the slot on the O3DS is a bit worn. Other than that, you may need to update the firmware on the flashcart.

Recheck that you've got the correct soundfile off the website, and ensure you've got boot.3dsx on the ROOT of your SD card.

That's to launch SafeHax and it was patched to fix that problem.

Oh, I missed one.
Never heard of it.


Nah, it works perfectly fine, except WarioWare DIY fucks up the firmware somehow and any later version of the firmware than what I have won't boot up.

Alright Holla Forums, I got my 2DS today, current firmware version is 6.0.0-12U
I haven't updated anything, register my console or claim my Mario Kart, so before I even dare to do something remotely stupid I want to know a few things:
>Any good Rasslin' games for the system ?

I'm quite scared to be honest, I don't want to see my money go down the toilet because I did something stupid

WWE All-Stars, and even then, I'd recommend getting the 360/PS3 versions, even if you have to pay for DLC too.

3ds.guide works for everything
You should be able to just copy files to the new SD card just fine.
Part of the process involves downgrading to 2.1.0, which was never made for the 2DS. Don't loiter around that part, just do it as fast as you can. DO NOT DO A SYSTEM RESET WHILE ON 2.1.0
The guide is really well written. Just double check everything and you should be fine.
Luma. Everything else can be installed later
I don't think they can detect banned games. Only instance of that was with people playing Pokemon online before it came out.

Once you hack it you end up with the most convenient hacked system ever. Freeshop has to be seen to be believed. Literally any game and any DLC at your fingertips.
Also note that one part requires, or used to require, a 3DS game in the slot. I don't know if that's still needed, but if it is go grab something first. It won't break if you don't have one, but it's better to do the hack all at once instead of having to go to the shops for a game. Get Sanic Generations 3DS, it's cheap and good.
Lastly BACK UP YOUR NAND. Copy it to your PC or something. You do it in a step during the hack, it's just that it's important. It's good to have in case something goes wrong. It's unique to your 3DS, so if you lose it you're in trouble.

You select your console and firmware version at the start of the guide.


Depends entirely on how well you can read and follow instructions. As long as you don't do anything stupid you'll be fine.

Read through the guide and don't do anything it explicitly tells you not to. Like formatting your system on 2.1.0

Luma. It tells you that in the guide.

Not really. There was a recent wave of bans for people who played Sun/Moon online before it was officially released. As long as you don't do anything fucking retarded you'll be fine.


Got it, but I'm not sure if I should follow the Browser version or the No Browser one, since the latter requires a Flashcart and the first one does not, that and I assume that doing a system update before even start the hacking process is a bad idea
Sorry if I sound like a complete retard, but I want to do this without any fears of doing something wrong

Follow the browser version. All firmware versions are currently exploitable, so it doesn't really matter if you update, but there's no reason to. You'll be updating it after you've finished anyway.

Installing CFW is easier than it's ever been and the guide's about as retard proof as it can get.

Alright Holla Forums, wish me luck

One last thing: it's okay if I made the sysNAND backup in the bigger SD card instead of the current one that I'm doing the hacking process ?

The NAND backup is the data that's in one of the chips on the 3DS. The backup just takes that data and makes into a file. You can do it on any SD card
emuNAND was the thing that requires specific cards, and was more complex. You don't need emuNAND anymore though.

If you're talking about the backup the guide has you make as part of the hacking process, you'll need that one later. It's better to do the whole process on a single SD card, unless you want to swap shit like a motherfucker in the last part.

Is this the part where I transfer all the data from the old SD card to the new one ?
Did I fucked up ?

What payload are you trying to boot?
arm9loaderhax.bin is the primary Luna payload at the root of the SD
start_hourglass9.bin is the hourglass9 payload that goes in the SD:\\Luma\Payloads folder


It says that "payload_stage1 doesn't exists or file is too big"

All payloads are arm9loaderhax, just in different folders, does the arm9loaderhax.bin file exist at the root of the SDCard? If yes and you're still getting an error it could be corrupted for some reason

Yes it does
I have no idea what's going on

Also the screen resolution is weird now on the upper screen

Never-fucking-mind, I put the payloads on the wrong folder
And now it doesn't want to turn on

For a moment I thought I fucked up, but the battery was defective from the get-go apparently, it refused to charge several times. I had to get a new 2ds, and thankfully I dind't have to deal with any problems due to my attempt at hacking the bloody thing, and hopefully it's going to take a while before they find it out, but really, that was a close one

Was it turning on for a brief second and then turning off? Thats what A9LH does when it doesnt have a payload to load

It straight up died, it refused to charge afterwards and I honestly doubt it was due to the hacking process
I checked it several times and left it to charge for a while, but the Orange light just turned on and it went off after 1 min or so and never recharged
Now I have to Star all over with the new one

you are aware you can buy replacement batteries for the 2ds right

Not nearby where I live, they went out of stock apparently
Still, it's done, I got a new one from the place that I bought the first one and told them that the console refused to charge
I feel like a complete retard right now

Rune Factory 4. This is possibly the happiest and comfiest game I've ever played. It's a really welcome pick-me-up after a shitty day.

anyone have a list of must play GBA games?

I hope you guys like Yoshi.
This took me much too long, but I feel the autism was worth it.

What game?

Poochy and yoshi's Wooly World.
It's a port of the Wii U game, with extras.

Other than Chase: Cold Case Investigations, what games get fucked up by forcing N3DS acceleration/upscaling, or whatever the right term is?

I think Wind-up Knight 2 is an "exclusive" as well.
Should I ditch injects for Retroarch? Any benefits besides convenience?

I thought it can only be used with NTR CFW.

Wrong, open the Luma config menu (hold select on boot) and tick the "Enable .code for translations" bubble (I'm paraphrasing it wont be called that exactly)

NTR is only useful for cheat codes and easy screenshots now, nobody even uses it as a base CFW anymore, just as a program to switch to NTR mode for cheats

You can also use the same exact method above with Luma for easy as fuck mods for SaltySD compatible games like Smash Bros. I have an already patched code.bin with instructions for how to use it if anyone wants me to post it

Yeah I meant NTR as in BootNTR, whoops. Good to know, thanks.
NTR is fucking shit anyway. Both the program and the fetish.

>Hidden Content: You must click 'Like' before you can see the hidden data contained here.
What's wrong with this picture, /3ds/? 3DSchaos is fucking shit

Anyways, here's the data I was talking about if anyone wants it, I made my own Smash 3DS mod starter pack, I posted it in one of these threads earlier but I don't know how many people give a fuck. I wish the 3DS Sm4sh mod community was more alive its really easy as fuck now to get started

Put that in a Zip or RAR, please? Nice full house by the way.

Individual results may vary.

The link to the Drill Dozer VC inject is down, anyone got a backup?

>NTR CFW: github.com/44670/BootNTR/releases 3.4 is New 3DS only, 3.2 supports O3DS. No longer in development, but still useful for features.

The absolute latest release of 3.4 apparently works on O3DS, except for the streaming thing.

The dev lied about deleting his source code and is developing it again. Of course gbatemp and leddit moderators are aggressively censoring criticism to protect cell9's fee-fees.

Is stuff still getting released for the eShop? If so, does the freeshop update automatically or do I have to find a way to do that manually?

eShop games still get released. If you just downloaded encTitleKeys.bin it won't update, but if you linked it in the settings it will. However, people need to submit the titlekeys before they show up. Sometimes that can take a while.


The SNES9X 2005 Retroarch Core works wonders for me, even better than some injects that have sound issues.

I already have a o3ds with a9lh and whole works, but I want to get a n3ds now. How easy is it to transfer my digital save games and other crap after I hack it?

You can transfer the saves with JKSM, but you can't transfer the games themselves.

So I could just clean install a game on the new system then use JKSM to insert an old save?


For obvious reasons, stuff from the freeshop can't go into the Powersaves Pro. Are there any cheating implements for a hacked O3DS?

Just find a save editor or something.

NTR plugins.

That's a relief. Thanks.

No idea where to start on that. I just want to alleviate grinding in a few games.

So, is Paper Mario Sticker shit really as bad as they say it is?

Are there any decent Mario RPGs on the 3DS?

Sticker Star is the most mind-numbingly boring game I've ever experienced but the writing occasionally shines through as funny and the music is phenomenal. It's a living testament to that Miyamoto, Intelligent Systems, whichever it is that was at fault for a perfectly fine game getting scrapped early in development in replacement for this is smoking crack.

Mario & Luigi Dream Team is very good but also very long. People complain about tutorials but I honestly didn't notice them all too much. Paper Jam is exceedingly boring for the same reasons as Sticker Star but without the good music.

does detective pikachu work on a US hacked 3ds?

It's not worth the bandwidth to download it for free.

Luma should be region-free if I recall so yes
Holy shit I completely forgot that game even existed, and now I'm remembering they're doing a fucking film adaptation of it

I'm on luma, just finished downloading it. Can confirm it doesn't work. Just loads into black and stays like that.

You'll need a Region Free launcher then like HANS or regionFOUR. Both AFAIK are 3dsx programs, not .cia programs, so you'll also need the Homebrew Launcher .cia installed

Not necessary. If a game has region issues (most don't) you can configure Luma3DS to do region emulation per-game, how to do it is on the wiki.

New Homebrew and shit
Haven't done one of these in a while, there's been a bit of stagnation in the devving community for a while.
Probably too busy getting people to donate to their Patreons.

Anyways, here's what's new:

NDS Bootstrap 0.4.0

This is the thing that plays NDS games off the SD card. It's the backend of TWLoader, but you can use this if you don't want to wait.
TWLoader should update when you launch it next.

This update does some meme magic with the DSi WRAM and give you a bit more memory. This allowed for faster loading times and smoother framerates.

PKSM 4.2.0

As always, PKSM gets updated with a million things at once.
Brief rundown:
Everything can be edited now. You can even give things marks like native region, so you can cheese Pokemon into the Alola-only challenges. (I don't think they run those anymore, but whatever)

Also, you can use Jap and Korean symbols, and the Wondercards have been updated for injection.

Monster Hunter Generations HP NTR Plugin

Quick warning, if you use this, you're a dirty fucking nigger and need to be put down.

It uses NTR's overlay system to show a HP bar ontop of the monster. It supports multiples monsters, but only shows a percentage HP bar, not an actual number.

Only works on US versions of the game right now.

Again, if you are so casual you use this, you should >>>/leave/

LedyBot - Pokemon GTS Giveaway Bot

Here's something that neat.

It searches the GTS then instantly clones the wanted Pokemon and trades it.
Only works if you tell someone what to give up and what to ask for. You'd have to manually tell others to put up a certain shitmon and ask for a specific mon you're giving away, but I suppose it's still a neat PoC if nothing else.

Has Reddit support to find people faster, for all you newfags who just came here from Reddit and keeping asking the same question every thread.

Guide here:

Only works on the N3DS, as it requires NTR, which the O3DS cannot use while running a memory-extended game.

Hope you faggots enjoy homebrew, because I'm just about burned out on the lack of new shit and newfags asking the same questions.

Finally, daily reminder that
RxTools EmuNAND is best way to homebrew.

the pksm changelog says there is a "god mode" locked behind a button combination.
what is it?

Godmode gives you access to things that you don't normally add unless you want to make it look super-hyper-legit.

To unlock Godmode, you need to either
A) Read the source
B) Do as I tell you after I just read the source

When you're in the hex editor, use the touchscreen the tap: top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right, in that order.

can i get this anywhere else?

thank you.
is a gbatemp thread the source?
didn't see anything on github

By source, I meant the source code. I went thought the files that mentioned GodMode until I found an input that opened it.



the downloads are dead on there aswell user

All the confusing numbers that make it work. I read them all.

Well, I can't think of another place they'd be. Best bet would be to make an account on GBAtemp and ask them to reup the files.

ok i will try that

if I hack my 3DS can I also pirate regular DS games on it

You use a program called NDS-Bootstrap that can play some ROMs.
It just got a major update, not sure how much better compatibility is.

If you want 100% compat out of the box, buy a shitty R4 card or similar. Most were blocked by the 3DS OS, but when you get CFW you can unblock them.

The original team had a shit-fit, took their ball and went home. So it was picked up by another group.

Main Game: mega.nz/#!jMhgDCRQ!8mUeGQuCUd2mkdLACF1pZc8EejaIIPB5lIcdX1oArkE
Update: mega.nz/#!mQU2BSBa!4m29nteXHWyhd3Nctg3Vz0T_v8yY55kZ3XxVaDl5Eq4
HK+DLC: mega.nz/#!54FCVJxL!8juLDacuVJ9dngTuLoVul4jXOll6ezxddQVuUsT1JqU


What could it mean?

Cant you always update with a9lh and it be perfectly safe?

The resolution is the same though.

I think so, but even then just a heads up for people lingering on the thought of hacking their 3ds.


Safehax is dead.

It means all un-updated CFWs are fucked, they actually added a native firm requirement this time. RXtools is officially ded.
In other news, my SD died during ctrNand transfer and now I have a brick.

At least I still have DSi downgrading.

wait nevermind it's fucked
but no 3ds systems ship with 11.3 yet so

does multiplayer work on a homebrew?

Yes. Everything works. Plus additional features and hacks in the OP.

I successfully hacked my N3ds recently, does this have any relevance to me?

also, how do I safely update my 3ds, if I so chose?

If you already have A9LH/Luma installed, you shouldn't worry about anything. You can also update your firmware like usual through System Settings, but I'd wait a bit before updating.

So what's new and a must play?

Yoshi's Wooly World and DQ8. That's about it since Pokemon.


downgrade to a version that's compatible with your outdated shit.
Or switch to luma and get on with your life.

You might be mentally retarded

You deserve it.

rxTools has been without life support for so long Nintendo decided to give it the bullet and end its painful existence. But go on, keep using your >9.5 emunand and cryptofixed cias you disgusting caveman.

this bullshit happened to me when trying to install cfw for the first time. im on 11.3 now and cant get the home brew launcher to actually launch

Play SRW J if you want some neat strategy action.

Did I just fuck myself

Well at least they still care about the 3ds. Must mean they were just working extra hard to stop pirating. So fucking happy I hacked my 2ds before this. I was waiting too long for something other then hardmod. Hope most anons also hacked their shit hefore the update, they had enough time for it

I completely missed the part about needing an internet connection just before the ctrtransfer thing. Boy I feel stupid.

I've heard that pulling the battery for a minute or so will cause it to turn on wireless. Get a second source just to make sure, and don't close the lid just in case.

I could kiss you right now thank you so much.

I feel really good because I hacked my o3dsXL Sunday.

Whenever I use the wireless sd management on my N3DS it keeps turning itself off after like, 20 seconds. Doesn't happen under any other circumstances, odd.

Well fuck me, that answers that. Battery light starts blinking red, thing heats up really fucking hot, and the whole thing shuts down. One swollen ass battery.

They sell replacements?

Doesn't look like they fixed soundhax. Also does the DSiWare trickery or hardmodding still work?

Well it's about time!


No. Don't update if you have a clean 3DS.

I find it fucking hilarious that 12 updates in a row same thing
They could have just been honest and say to fight piracy.

I still can hack an 11.2 o3dsxl no prob right? last I did was an o3ds on 10.2 a while back with arm9loader

That would imply they have that power any longer.

No issues, all mine are A9LH.

That's their euphemism and they're sticking to it.

Proof that 3DS hacking shouldn't of gotten as easy as it is now. It just lets mouth breathers into the scene who only want free gaemez.

11.3 is fucked, kiddo. You're not getting easy hax for another few months, You should of never updated.

You can buy replacement batteries from various stores. Just check on Amazon for 4+ stars. Don't know if you can buy them directly from Nintendo, though.

11.1 is hackable. Only firmware not hackable right now is 11.3.

tfw genuinely miss the friendly days of post-9.2+ downgrade threads when there weren't any fucking "install luma to fix" spergs and the only real worry was on whether or not smealum was purposefully holding out on releasing exploits (which it turned out he was)

Stupid nigger, I started off on rxtools like everybody else. Its dead, and it was always buggy as hell and required hacks upon hacks to work properly. The reason Arm9loaderhax is so great is because it patches the sysnand to remove all the security bullshit with running native ARM9 binaries, so ARM9 programs like the Luma entrypoint don't require buggy hacks to load. Its faster, its more stable, its more brick-proof because even if you destroy sysnand A9HL will always remain intact, and most importantly, its update-proof. Every emunand setup puts themselves at greater risk

Also, just a warning for people wanting to update to 11.3 for whatever fucking reason;

11.3 breaks NTR, so if you update you lose all your cheats until the NTR dev fixes it for the new firmware.

Friendly reminder You can always backup your SysNAND via Hourglass9 BEFORE UPDATING. That way you can always roll-back to it in case the NTR dev fails at fixing his shit

Oh fuck, and hblauncher_loader is also broken, because for some fucking reason it still needs a version-specific hax payload even though its a .cia program

RxTools was never a buggy mess. It only ever broke if you were a fucking moron and decided to not follow instructions and halfarsed the install.
Anyways, A9LH is even more baby-tier than LumaCFW. I couldn't care less if it's easier and user-friendly, it still invites retards in for free gaeymes who just fucking moan and bitch when things don't work, and who have no sense of how to fix anything themselves, so come here and ask stupid questions.

Before we had A9LH, hell, before we had LumaCFW, people actually understood what they were doing. Now, the hacking process is so simplified you can literally complete it in 20 minutes. People do fucking speedruns on installing A9LH. And despite the fact everything is so easy to do, people still come to this thread and ask the same stupid, benign questions every day.

Just last thread, a person asked how to fix up some DLC problems. Then the post after mine where I explained how to fix it, another idiot asks the same question. I answer again and yet a third idiot asks the exact same question. Then there's the retards who come here and ask if everything's same to update, when they've been told "yes" for the past 11 months. And that's even in the OP.

Making things easier to access just invites fuckwits in. See: The fucking internet.

I see your point. But thats why you tell the retards to eat a dick and don't spoonfeed them. The reason there are so many retards asking so many obvious fucking questions is because people have spoonfed them all their lives to the point where their reading comprehension is that of a 5 year old.
You're full of shit, RxTools would refuse to load 5 times out of 10 even on a proper setup, its just how it was, it was buggy as shit.

Well, I've tried not spoonfeeding the autists by telling them to google it, or go to reddit/gbatemp, but they just whinge then keep bumping the thread until someone answers.
What we should be doing is lynching people and having Mark ding dong them for a week so they learn.

As for RxTools, I had 100% bootrates. It has literally never failed to launch. If it did, I would of swapped to Luma.

Easier to just get other anons to help lynch the fags.

I honestly don't believe you. Unless RxTools was just more stable for New3DS' or maybe I used an older version thats since had bugs fixed or some shit

I was running O3DS with whatever the 2nd final version of RxTools was.

Mark may be a Jew, but at least we know he's not a complete redditor.
Sangria needs to be shot, however.

The leftards tend to stick to their hugbox, the rest of Holla Forums is too edgy and triggering to them. Usually when one of them crawls out of their board they stick out like a sore thumb

Let's not get too hasty.

You surely would know a lot about Reddit I'll bet

The problem is they get called out, then they cry for help so more of them come to the thread to trying and shoo away the Holla Forums, and then the thread gets derailed.

Why even bother?

It leaves out a lot of sequels with fan translations.

Fire Emblem, Super Robot Wars, DBZ Legacy of Goku 2, and Boktai 3.

And no Mother 3. Not sure about Klonoa.

No Sword of Mana, Breath of Fire, or Dragon Quest Monsters.

And you didn't link this thread for GBA injects.


And this is a second thread, overall quality isn't as good.


Mainly for people that want the Battle Network 3 and 6 fan hacks. The 1st thread has the best quality.

Well the new system update is here now.

Also, I know I'm late, but here's the .zip
Who the fuck doesn't use 7zip? Its produces the smallest archives, it supports everything, and its free without nags like Winrar and is installed by default on many Linux distros

It also means less bullshit for the people who are technically inclined. I for one am grateful for arm9loaderhax and Luma3DS and do not yearn for inferior garbage like rxTools or anything emuNAND-related for that matter.

I do not believe you. The ROP loading stuff is by nature unstable, like browser-based hacks.

This. Although to be honest. 3DS hacking feels even more intimidating now than it did before. All I had to do was have Ironfall Invasion, or open my browser to hack my 3DS and get emunand going. Now it takes like 4 web pages to explain the entire process and massive warnings about how you can brick your system.

Gives me the jitters.

New Homebrew n shit
Quick post, only really making this for the one tool.

BootNTR v2.5

11.3 support. That's it.

RetroArch v1.4.1

Adds more support and shit the average user doesn't care out.
Runs faster, too.

Only real addition general users would care about is NetPlay being brought back. You can play wirelessly now.

And of course, switch from RxTools or ReiNAND to Luma3DS, or enjoy your bricked emuNAND.

Oh for fuck's sake I JUST hacked the thing!! How much longer until it's safe to move ahead? Also, do the BootNTR cheats work on digital downloads?

Hacked my O3DS with the usuals but I haven't a clue on how to get Luma to safely update to 11.3 without breaking anything. Assuming it's possible at the moment.

Meaning what? What is your actual setup?

Pretty much everything in the guide (Homebrew Launcher, Hourglass9, FBI, and Luma3DS), plus a few extras like the Freeshop and BootNTR for cheats (and I keep asking if the latter works for digital downloads because the cheats refuse to show up for EO4 despite having the plugin).

If you're on A9LH, it's safe to update to 11.3.
As for BootNTR not working, that's likely due to the plugin only working for a certain region (eg US) and you having the wrong one (EU or JAP).

Here are a few hints, if they work you gotta give a handjob.
Press "Select", or name is cheat.plg, either that, or name it the game ID i.e "0004000000175E00.plg"

I got the plugin from here: ntrplugins.shoutwiki.com/wiki/Plugins

The one for Etrian Odyssey IV is marked as US/EU. Might be why it isn't working. As for Devil Survivor Overclocked, the cheat menu does show up (very underwhelming) but I actually own that one physically. Pretty sure I got the US version of EO4 from the Freeshop.

Tried all of those. Didn't work. The game ID is 00040000000BD300, by the way. It checks out according to FBI as well. If the problem is the plugin, I have no clue where else I can find one that actually works.

Is there a fan translation yet? If not, good fucking goy

Thanks. I can't open .7z files with anything available on this OS.

How do I delete my old Emunand from the rxtools days from my sd card?

I'm on A9LH but I'd rather hold off on updating to 11.3 for a little while longer. Are there any problems in using the freeshop on 11.2?

Good lord dude
Thankfully it didn't leak or explode in your pocket

Ironhax was so comfy man

wew that was fast

1.) Back up your SD card to somewhere on your computer
2.) Assuming you use Windows, go to CMD.exe and type this;
diskpartlist disk
After this MAKE FUCKING SURE YOU KNOW WHAT DISK IS YOUR SDCARD OR YOU WILL FUCK YOUR SHIT UP, its usually disk 1 but your mileage may vary depending on how many hard drives you have and shit
select disk 1cleancreate partition primaryformat fs=fat32 quickexit
Then move all your shit back on your sd card

Doesn't seem so. Just used it several hours ago.

I may be a good goy, but at least I didn't pay for it.
As for .7z, what OS could you possibly be using that doesn't support 7Zip? Did you fall for the Arch meme or something?

No, Freeshop works on any version. Only thing affected by not being on latest FW is online multiplayer. You can't even do things like connect for Pokemon Shuffle.

Wincucks, I swear. How can they stand such shit.

Awesome, thanks.

My pc hard drive died with all the files from when I A9LH hacked my 3ds. What do I need to redownload/backup from my 3ds?

Back up your NAND at the very least. Power on the 3DS while holding start to get into hourglass thing, and select to backup sysnand from there. If you lose that you're fucked, so keep it safe. It's also good because if you update and something goes wrong you can restore a previous NAND and get back where you were.

so, got me a moon 3ds already on 2.1.0, how do i do any nand-related shenanigans?

damn, got under the wire with that one


so, got a moon 3ds(2.1.0-0J) and when trying to access the browser, i get the update nag, wat do

So when's CFW going to allow me to undervolt the 3ds' hardware? I want to get that extra battery life and battery life, yo.

Don't update, there's a new update you can't hack from.
Follow the appropriate thing here:

That requires using the browser though, doesn't it? He could probably cart update now or something.

I've heard of people getting around the update nag by opening the 3ds browser as fast as they can. There's also a way to delete the update. Hold L+R+A+↑+Power while booting and it'll ask if you want to update. If you say no there it should wipe the update.
Source: gbatemp.net/threads/guide-delete-predownloaded-update-spotpass-nag-sysnand-only.381489/ It says sysNAND but I remember doing this to stop the update nag back on 9.whatever so it should work.

just tried it, didn't work at all.

shit i've tried so far:
date setting: didn't work
factory reset: neither.
whenever i click the browser it goes straight to the update nag.

Windows also has GUI formatting tools you shitposting Freetard. It's just easier to write a tutorial done with CMD.exe

Say, does this new update mean A9LH is inaccessible, or at least tedious to get to for now?

Still using EMUnand seems like my best option.

You'd be retarded to think that emunand is ever a good primary option

So is it still possible to hack if you have 10. something?

Probably, if you don't get the browser nag.

Gain reading comprehension. We just had a discussion in this thread already about retards like you. There is literally several posts in the beginning of this thread telling you what you need to know

Actually, the part after the "-" is the version of your browser, where 0 means that you don't have one installed. It pops up the update nag because there's no browser and it will install it while updating. I'm not sure if it's possible to somehow install it without updating or doing a system transfer, or if cart updates actually contain the browser as well.

nice trips, guess i'm out of luck with trying this: 3ds.guide/9.2.0-ctrtransfer

So flashed my N3DS into 2.1.0 and It flashes multiple colors, hangs then goes to error screen. Theres a fix for this right?

This needs A9LH installed already, which you can't do because you're on 2.1.0 with no browser.

Implying I don't use OS X for most of the time.

This new update means nothing, as your SysNAND is on 9.2. Just go from there according to the guide.

If it ain't broke…

I would consider leaving a potential vector wide open for Nintendo to patch all your hacks while also using a firmware running off of the much slower SD slot vs internal NAND something that is very much broken and something you should want to fix

Firstly, Nintendo can't do jack shit about the SysNAND, as it's never booted. They can't send an update to the EmuNAND and force it through to the SysNAND.
Secondly, if 20 seconds, and I've timed this, is too long for you to have free gaeymez, you're probably a bit of an idiot.

I know it's inconvenient and insecure, but it's the way I'm most comfortable with for now until I have my actual new 3DS in my hands. It's going to arrive in 2 days and it was two days too late which is kinda frustrating.

You're missing my point, retard the vector is still wide open, and not everyone has their emunand setup to run at boot
You're still missing my point. How fucking dare you call me an idiot when I don't voluntarily use something worse in every conceivable way when there are better solutions out there. You have nothing to lose but your time to switch to A9LH. So yes, I would say it is indeed worth saving the extra 20 seconds


guess i'll need to get anything that installs 4.5.0 and a flashcart, any reccomendations?

20 seconds per boot means you'd lose 18.25 days of your life every year just waiting for emunand to boot.
If you only booted it once per day. I'm retarded though so assume my calculation is completely wrong until you do it yourself.

switching themes a bit: got a a9lh'd 3ds, it's safe to update, right?

Yes, you can always restore a backup of your sysnand if something does go horribly wrong anyways

That's more like 2 hours of your life every year.
If you really want to know something spooky, assuming 3 hours of playing some fucking video games every day by the end of the year that's 45 days down the drain doing absolutely nothing.

Don't get too fucking triggered over someone calling you names.

I keep it in sleep mode for weeks at a time, charing whenever it needs it.

The typical 4.5 upgrade game is Luigi's Mansion 2. That's what I bought for Gateway back when that was a thing.

You are indeed a moron. 20 seconds * 365 days = 7300 seconds. Divide by 60 for number of hours: ~2. You'd spend about that much time upgrading to A9LH, pays for itself in 1 year!

It's not really wasted time if you're enjoying yourself.

Have you tried ejecting the SD card and are you following 3ds.guide?

This. I mostly play Picross because fuck me it calms my autistic mind. But the screen is too bright, and I know it doesn't need to use all that power.

The fact that you're enjoying yourself only means the time is an even bigger waste.

No fun allowed.

Have you even checked the settings drop-down? Screen brightness can be reduced, there's even an option for "power saving mode". Obviously disabling wifi will help, and playing DS games over 3DS ones.


this is for this

Is there an alternative best-of infographic, or a new one for what's up-and-coming? Most of the pending titles on the one that's usually posted have come out (if only in Japan).

So i just updated to 11.3 and cant run hb launcher. Wat do? I need muh themes

Why aren't you using chmm for themes? Also HBL requires a special file to be able to work and it's firmware-specific, you'll have to wait for one to be put together before it works again.

I'm actually surprised there is no HBL loader through arm9loaderhax. It already takes over your system as it is, skipping the home menu would be nice.

Why did you update?
11.3 fixed a homebrew entrypoint. They're fixing it, but you will have to wait for a while.

Do what said. Install the cia.

The Homebrew Launcher Loader still needs a had payload that's firmware specific just like the classic entry points even though it's a .cia file

Not the HBL you doofus. CHMM.
You can even find it in FBI under TitleDB.


I've only ever seen the one chart.
Only other games I even know are coming out, regardless of tehir quality, are that game with Oasis in it's little, which looks like some kind of town management/dungeon crawler, the Pikmen platformer and Mario Sports Superstars, which has tennis, golf, soccer and horseriding.

its a little late but, will you get banned for playing with these online?

FE has online? Answer is probably "no", since the game servers don't check your game files.
There used to be people in MH4U who would gen in weapons with stupid high damage, then used some trick that made the game think they attacked X amount of times in the one frame. Led to people one-shotting everything and ruining it, but people rarely got banned unless they bragged or streamed it.

i already hacked my ds you fucking autistic faggot

yeah..i'll go pick something else.

I wanted to test the strength of a9lh kek

Holy shit i didnt know there was a cia for chmm. is rinnegatamante's chmm2 ver28 the latest one? I jewgled and its the first one to come up, just wanted to confirm. Thanks goyims

Could someone put Dream Trigger 3D into a QR code or something?
I don't have access to an SD card anymore so I can only get stuff off Freeshop and it's not on there.

For popular shit like BootNTR, CHMM, etc, I just get it from titledb or whatever in FBI.

How are you installing shit without an SD card?

So I've been enjoying Dragon Quest VIII. But I'm kind of pissed it took them porting over a fucking PS2 game for the 3DS to finally get a proper 3D open world RPG. Pokemon SunMo wasn't bad don't get me wrong but the fixed camera angle bullshit isn't proper 3D to me.
Are there any other games like DQ8 on the 3DS?

Yeah, DQ7

What about ones that aren't just ports of 17 year old games?

I haven't played any DQ games, but if you're just looking for 3D open world RPGs on the 3DS, there's Xenoblade 3D.

I don't have a Jew3DS

Not that I can think of. Not waht you're wanting.

Maybe the SMT or Etrian Oddsey games, but it's not really the same.

You mean the little thing you have to pull and bend so you can take out the sd card? Yeah, i always feel like it's just going to break off instead of properly bending,

is fire emblem awakening cucked? or are translations and gameplay fine

Monster Hunter, Fates, Pokemon Sun and Smash are running without any problem at all
Also, do you know where I can get the titlekeys for the DLCs of Fates ? 3DStitlekeys doesn't seem to have them

heyo, just got around to hacking a thanksgiving N3DS 11.2 with soundhack

any way to transfer saves from my old 3DS to the N3DS?

but what of your backups?
is arm9 not installed?

Mostly fine. For the USA you can't see Tharja's ass, in PAL the text is changed a bit. And some of the supports are changed a little. Could be worse, it's nowhere near Fates level.

System transfer or using the homebrew version of JKSV on the non-hacked one. You can then export and import save files.

will the CIA installed through FBI be acceptable?

this one I mean
https:// gbatemp . net/threads/release-jks-savemanager-homebrew-cia-save-manager.413143/


cool, thanks

So I got up a while ago and saw "new system update" on my n3ds.
Is it safe to update or nah? I got this cfw'd one as a gift so i don't know much

If you have the latest version of A9LH/Luma installed, it's safe to update, but some things have still not been updated to work on 11.3, like Homebrew Launcher.

thank you user kun!

Get 'em on my HOME menu, I'll call it in.

So I did everything in 3ds.guide/ and got to 3ds.guide/installing-arm9loaderhax all good until:

The 3DS doesn't boot without the SD card… (If I insert the SD card everything works) is this normal behavior or did I fuck up big time?

Yeah It's normal behaviour, the CFW stores some essential files on the SD card.

So I completed all the guide. I've heard there was a new version that is pretty recent. It is safe to update now? Or should I do other stuff first? I know it mainly fucks HBL, but am I missing anything without it?

If you have the latest version of Luma, and if you just completed the guide you probably do, it's safe to update. It also fucks NTR and other CFWs like SaltFW or whatever, but I think those are already fixed.

Fuggin' kill me.

But why? There's the SD Data Management thing and also ftpd. Or did you also forget to install FBI?

I'm very out of date with my 3DS piracy methods is all.

Forgot FTP was a thing.

Finished installing CFW in my sisters' 3DS. It feels nice, being a good brother and all.

Personally, my internet is too slow for ftpd, maybe it's the same for that user.

How do you install ftpd? does it transfer via android too?

I think it only runs from the Homebrew Launcher still. You can use any FTP client.
Why can't you use the microSD Management thing from System Settings that shares your SD as a network disk though?

it wasn't in the guide so I just downloaded it with QR in FBI

still had to pull the card for save transfers tho

I use the built in stfp but if theres an ftp cia then all the more better since i can transfer with android

I wish I wasn't too dumb to do this on my own…