Games to play with your smaller brother/sister / nieces / newphews/ kids

Games to play with your smaller brother/sister / nieces / newphews/ kids


Podesta please go away

unteralterbach thread


Now leave

just fuck them. do it before they're 12 or its too late.

Cave Explorer

You turn it on for the kids thinking they'll have a fun time, only to watch them die over, and over, and over again from touching goombas and falling into bottomless pits. which is actually amusing to watch

I don't want to ruin children and turn them into autists. I think something more co-op is better, instead of "here's a sandbox now fuck off"


You can play Minecraft CoOp on Consoles or LAN

play UAB while ERPing the sex scenes with them.

Why give them Minecraft when Terraria is better?
Why give them sandbox garbo instead of co-op platforming where they can get good 101 ?






Please do not sexualize the children. I'm getting triggered. they're beautiful and pure and are not for sex.

Now please post more cute yet high quality games. The SNES Disney platformers by Fujiwara come to mind, except not all of them are co-op. I know Mistery of the Circus is.


just fuck them while they play. they won't even notice that microdick of yours going in and out their cunnies

You sick degenerates.



I'm glad all the not-newfags found a thread to meet up in. We should do this more often.

should have some children in hot lingerie the next meetup


Mario Kart?
Be sure to beat the little fucker to a pulp and make him cry all the way home.

Kids are so stupid, you can beat them without drifting or mini turbos or shortcuts or items.

Play Terraria with them instead.
Minecraft by itself isn't bad if you keep them away from youtube celebs and public servers. Just get them to build buildings and mechanisms and pixel art and that shit.

Exactly, that's why they're idiots and they'll never learn unless you make them cry. They will only get stronger through pain, suffering, and disappointment and, as a responsible adult, it's your duty to provide that for them.