February 27th



Also I remade the thread since I accidentally deleted OP's thread since OP was being a fucking retard and replying to goons.

Well, that's one way to do it, but you should have left it dead since OP was a retard and the thread was no good.

I still want this game, and I want goons to go home. Don't they know they'll never get their tenbux back?

Sometimes I wonder how you function daily.

Those who were actually discussing video games were discussing earlier Kunio-kun and RCR titles, you cuck.


you do realise that there is only a limited amount of times you can use that excuse before the goyim finally catch on , right?

Why is everyone getting exited for an Atari game, I don't understand!

Every time.

Americanized Kunio-kun is still haram, though.

There was some faggot saying that this was an NES hackrom on the other thread, it clearly isn't and it looks better than any NES game for starters you fucking moron.

>when you first read it on pcgamingwiki because you use it to find games
this is pretty cool

You're a goon, Mark. Will I get my threads deleted if I respond to you?

There's nothing gay about sharing a sauna

You should really just remake threads more often if the OP is being a faggot/only invites shitposting and the thread subject itself has potential
So many potentially good threads ruined by faggot OPs

There was some faggot in the other thread saying that this is a true sequel to RCR, and that the new 3ds game River City: Tokyo rumble was a remake of Renegade.

A remake doesn't typically change a linear beatemup into a sandbox game.


Redditor shills get out.

I think the Americanizations are actually pretty well done at translating Japanese bancho and delinquent culture into a stereotypical 50s-60s esque American high school student gang culture, at least in terms of RCR.

Nobody said that. Also what's with your reddit spacing?

They were arguing about the continuity of RCR vs Kunio games, at best. Go back to cuckchan if you want to shill and play defense force for this game so badly, you faggot.

Proof or GTFO.

It's not a remake you retard

Maybe if you only read the last 5 posts of the thread.

But that's true. It's Renegade's japanese plot remade with modernized Kunio-kun's gameplay.
That's technically a remake, they took the same premise and remade the game with new gamplay.

The new 3ds game River City: Tokyo Rumble can't even use the name River City Ransom because this game's maker owns the english trademark to the full name.

pic related

Gameplay is completely different.

Still looks like fun

Arc System Works owns the entire IP, you dumb shit.

I agree

I think they should've just made an original black character rather than making one a nigger

Yeah, if OP wasn't such a raging faggot, I might be tempted to discuss gameplay and the way different character's play and how that might work.

However, due to his unrepentant faggotry (and the fact that he's been sperging about this game for the past 7 ot 8 hours) makes me want to pirate it and spread it around like crazy.

But that's exactly what they did. Every single character aside from Alex and Ryan, who have become different enough from Kunio and Riki anyhow to simply act as expies, are originals.

Mark is OP
Then fucking do it, not like this game won't get pirated to hell and back regardless

Yes I know, you can change the gameplay and it's still a remake with it has the same story/characters as the original.
Remake means to make (something) again or differently; They remade Renegade but differently.

You realize the OP of that thread said to pirate the game and that the game is going to be open source anyhow, right?

This. Starfox 64 was a remake of Starfox SNES but changed up gameplay.

I was thinking more along the lines of stuff like Ys: The Oath in Felghana being a remake of Ys III: Wanderers from Ys despite them playing extremely differently

Yes that would be a good example too. Or like Fire Emblem New Mystery of the Emblem being a remake of Fire Emblem Mystery of the Emblem but including a customizable avatar character.

I'm fine with this method of cleaning threads. Just don't capcode and explain it. Nobody who wants to talk about games cares about you or your attention whoring. The less Holla Forums sees you outside of your infrequent meta appearances the better.

Pirate it all you want. I bought a 4-pack and I'm going to upload the DRM-free version as soon as I can. The devs can't possibly lose money since it was crowdfunded, so I don't see any problem.

Top kek

I don't think anyone should give a cent for this game, the first english employee mentioned on the kickstarter worked on Fez.

But it is. That's the whole point of it. RCR as localized introduced new characters and a different continuity, which this game aims to continue with little but a spiritual link to the Kunio-kun series.

But Fez wasn't SJW trash, it just wasn't shit-your-pants amazing. I enjoyed it about as much as I enjoyed Braid. It's okay.

So? Phil Fish is the only person that is cancer that is associated with Fez and he quit video games.

You may safely disregard his asspain. The person he's referring to is Rich Vreeland, an independent composer that has worked on numerous games, one of which has triggered poor user.

There's literally nothing wrong with stealing form someone you don't know or don't like, Holla Forums does it all the time.




This, my god this.

idk why I find these low quality edits of mark are so fucking funny.

Because they're appropriate for an inbred, incompetent, attention whoring glutton who drove this place in the ground?


because he's pretty bad

I wish he actually followed through with that promise.