ITT: Ask me about Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep -A fragmentary passage-

ITT: Ask me about KH Frag Passage in order to save 80 bucks on a DS remake, a movie and a THREE HOUR game. Yes, the stories were true. My clear time was just under three hours and two minutes, and that was with maximum fucking around.

If I didn't have a plan that lets me get full refunds for up to two days, I'd be livid. Obviously not everyone has this luxury, though. So ask me anything you want to know about the game and I'll answer it to the best of my ability.

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What's the deal with worlds in KH?
I mean are they planets? Do they know there's other places like where they live? Do they trade with each other?

Does the Tarzan world have some kind of world government? Is Tarzan's planet just earth?

What's up with that


ain't gotta explain shit.

Why would you buy garbage?

waiting for dat PS4 piracy

How do you do fellow leaf? I too wasted money on the KH 3 testing grounds game.

As far as I understand it, they're fragments of one original world that were separated or some shit. they're intentionally kep unaware of each other in order to prevent the fuckery that are the Keyblade wars.

As a general rule of thumb, the logic of any KH world with real-world settings is fucked. My only guess is that the KH universe has literally no concept of our own, meaning Africa is exclusive to Tarzan, London is exclusive to Peter Pan, etc. It'd make sense for there to be offscreen governments to some degree, those federation fuckers from Stitch cameoed in BBS.

Because it's fun, user.

Again, getting a full refund today. Prolly going to get Digimon World or FF15.

Except this is wrong. Jane is from England in KH. Imagine each world is a self contained story, rather than a geographical place.

how do you get a refund?

Don't, it's KH with a dumber combat system. I suggest Yakuza 0. I guess there is some good news in this shit though. As is the way SE is patching it they'll be aiming for KH 3 to have a combat system similar to 2FM.

no seriously, fucking sony of all the shitty companies HAS refunds? please explain further because if i can buy KH2.8, play it, and then refund it, all in the same day, that would be kickass

No bully pls, but I got it from EBGames

I'm assuming if you went and bought this game that you're a fan of the series. So I have to ask, does this version help explain the minddfuck that is Kingdom Hearts' story, or is it every bit as confusing as usual?

It explains why Mickey is shirtless at the end of KH 1.

oh, well, as long as you get a refund, thats pretty nice. you played the game for free and can buy another one.

we have no such game stores where i live. so its digital or go fuck yourself for me.

It mainly focuses on explaining what the fuck Aqua's been doing for the entire franchise, and what Mickey was doing during KH1 (As well as setting up for KH3). I didn't become MORE confused, so there's that.

Yes, the reason Mickey is only seen shirtless in KH1 is literally because of Heartless magic. They apparently have a secret spell or some shit for dissaparating clothing, and had it in reserve for those nice mouse tits. It's every bit as stupid as it sounds.


mickey is always shirtless outside of kingdom hearts though. i'd fuck that mouse

did i get this right?

While garbage can be fun, my question was, why did you spend money on it.

Was it fun?
Was the story in any way interesting or good?

2.8 doesn't directly connect with 3, save for the end cutscene. It's just a story being told after DDD. The actual events of said story end shortly after 1.

Because I was fairly confident that I could get that money back.

tbh, the gameplay was really smooth (What precious little there is of it). It reminds me of KH2, but you spend a lot more time high in the air as opposed to zooming around on the ground. I'm disappointed that the promotional material was so misleading when it came to the openness of the levels, tho. There's one area that can truly be considered "open", and that's the one area they showed. The rest is a linear path with a few branching dead-ends and the occasional twist (There's a part where a "lobby" splits off into a punch of mindfuckery puzzles, for example) The story was also nice. I really like the risks they took. A good chunk of the game is Aqua wandering a non-euclidian hellscape literally made of the corpse of one of her favourite worlds, talking to herself, gradually slipping into despair, "falling to the darkness" (aka going insane), and the mind-fuckery themes and settings really mesh well with that. That all drops off the face of the earth the moment Morkey Mus enters the scene, tho. Overall, I would have gladly paid full price for it alone if it wasn't THREE HOURS LONG.

what i meant to represent there is that the whole aqua thing in 2.8 happens at the same time everything else between the end of BBS (when aqua goes into the darkland) and the beginning of KH3

since all that time aqua is traversing the darkness

Then yeah, it seems to be ok.

There's going to be a bunch of annoying art of Aqua x sora come KH III isn't there? Considering she hasn't aged much while in the darkworld

They seem to really be angling her as the female protagonist, so it'd make sense.

Great, more porn!

all this Sora/Aqua and Aqua/Ven porn everywhere.
being a Terra/Aqua fag i suffering

0.2 literally only exists because Square needed SOMETHING to bundle with the DDD HD remake so it would have 3 things like 1.5 and 2.5, which I guess is less jewish then just releasing DDD HD on its own, and because they're still not even halfway done KH3 most likely. I heard they havent even begun modelling a lot of areas for KH3.
It's still retarded, but not as jewy as it could have been. Shoulda been $40.

While I absolutely agree it was overpriced, I think it still holds a lot of value.

Speaking for myself, this bundle enabled me to finally play 3D properly.
I borrowed my friend's 3DS to play it and I stopped after 3 hours. The controls, the camera, the resolution (jesus christ, the resolution), the load times and the framerate all made it unbearable for me to play.

To play 3D in glorious 60fps and proper controls was great.
0.2 and Back Cover were neat bonuses.

But yeah, it should've been $40 at most.

While I despise KH, the Master of Masters was worth it.

Again, I would definitely be keeping it if it was at a more decent price.

You convinced me to buy 2.8, not only for Aqua best girl's chapter, but also for Dream Drop Distance in 60 fps.

This is a really good installment for Aqua fans, I'll definitely admit that.

What the fuck do the arrows mean? I'd assume they mean "comes after," but you have them pointing all over the damned place.

thats the point dummy

more clear now?

How do Command Styles work without Command Decks?

While it's unquestionably the single best way to play DDD…the question is, why would you want to?

It's not especially good.
1.5 + 2.5 will hold much, much more value due to KH2FM running at 60FPS with propely redrawn menus, fonts, and core FPS locked functions being tweaked for 60FPS.

That's the shit that actually matters, right there.
DDD running well and being able to play it with a controller is nice and all, but also sorta pointless when you could be playing KH2FM Critical instead.

so, in short, everyone should just wait for 1.5 + 2.5.

I honestly have no idea. I think you build up a meter with attacks and spells, and depending on which ones you used, you press the triangle button for different ones (Which can also be used to unleash a much more powerful version of a spell you just used).


That's basically it, as you build up combos with strikes and magic you also build up a finisher/command style meter. Typically using a magic attack within a combo as you're building up your finisher will enable a 4th tier magic attack depending on which magic you used, along with being able to go into command style Spellweaver with more keyblade strikes.

I was able to build up a Firaja and Blizzaja finisher along with going into Spellweaver immediately after unleashing both magic finishers. For as short as 0.2 is, it's really fucking good gameplay wise and the last game I played with the best gameplay in the series was KH2. This is obviously a glorified demo for KH3 but if this game is at all similar to how KH3 is going to play out, It's going to be fucking great.

But fuck that 60 dollar price tag for a fucking mess of a plot movie , a 2 hour demo, and a port of a mediocre 3DS game.

so what, is this a placeholder date or did amazon actually let the dogs out?

It's definitely a place holder, remember AAA titles want those Christmas gift moneys, especially since KH is targeted to kids so before Black Friday is the best way to get that Parent Cash.

Well, it is theoretically anyway.

maybe its amazon being silly.

knowing SE, it will be in development another TEN THOUSAND YEARS


I think I'll make Aqua my new waifu actually.

The hard times have only just begun.
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oh look another retard who believes kh2 is "press triangle to win"

do you guys have a club or something?

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my problem with Kingdom hearts is that its story is a miasma of stupidity with disney characters thrown in. Oh, and the fanbase is a bunch of whiny autists jerking it to how 'deep' the story is, when in reality its so fucked the creator himself doesn't know whats going on.

Nobody cares about the story of KH past the first game, and the first game is just a simple disney fanservice.


I only like the story because I dig convoluted plots, tbh. It makes me feel proud to untie logical gordian knots for some reason. Guilty pleasure, I guess. It's mostly gameplay anyways.

then please explain it to me, i'm sure with your superior mind and understanding of this JRPG you'll have no trouble doing it. :^)

You can't fix shit taste, just like you can't teach the poor to stop being complete failures.

Xehanort tries to take over the worlds using Kingdom Hearts, then is killed, then comes back in a slightly different form and tries to take over the worlds using Kingdom Hearts, then is killed, then comes back in a slightly different form and puts together a squad of goons who try to take over the worlds using Kingdom Hearts, then they're all killed, and now he's put together another squad comprised purely of slightly different forms of himself, and is now trying to take over the worlds using Kingdom Hearts.

I defy anyone to tell me I'm wrong.

See these two?
Literally everyone at some point is either the first guy, or the second.
Also the first guy will become Kingdom Hearts in the end.
That's it.

oh look the club of retards is here in full.

nigga forgettin 'bout my friend A-FUCKIN-BU!

No one but Ansem was ever Ansem. They just stole his name.

No you've pretty much got it down.

I still don't understand why people don't like the Coliseum in KH games.
It makes absolutely no sense.

The main reason to play any KH game after 1 is the combat system.
So, what the fuck is wrong with giving the player a gauntlet of fun fights they have to beat?
They often throw in fights with FF cameos in there that you don't fight against anywhere else in the game, how is that bad in any way?
I always look foward to it in any KH game playtrough, there's no bullshit, no dumb story, minimal dialogue, it's just a nice big string of combat arenas, just the core mechanics and that's it, it's the best.

Please don't answer something dumb like "muh story esss boringgg there" because seriously who gives a flying goddamn fuck.

Most people suck at games, and a large number of people who play KH probably can't even get good at the combat.

The combat in KH1 is way too sluggish, imo. I can get pretty good at it, but it isn't nearly as satisfying.

I was mainly talking about normalfags when I meant "most people"

Whenever I replay it I just end up strike raiding everything to death.

I want to marry aqua and impregnate her as she yells her fighting battle cries in pleasure

It is understood that there are other worlds. No, they do not interact with one another. That's a sort of rule between worlds. No outside contact. Tarzan's world is a huge jungle.

KH1FM helps a bit with a couple of extra in between moves that tien in target to target movement as you're attacking.
Also has a couple of cool new finishers and i think one of them is in turn given to KH2FM limit form, as a throwback to it (such a cool little detail, i wonder if people even notice these small touches).

But yeah, even if you factor in the FM improvements, it's still pretty clunky.
Mechanically during KH1 square was still experimenting, trying out what worked and what didn't.

Aqua english voice actor is SO FUCKING SHIT i bet she would just sound like an emotionless robot if she ever had to dub over a sex scene.

I'm fine with the jap voice actress

Aqua's English VA has a sexy voice, for some reason. Really pure sounding, yet mature.

God if only KH3 had an option for japanese voice acting.
Fucking hell i hate the english voice acting in these games.
The only one i can stand is Haley Joel Osment.
Because even if he can be pretty bad sometimes, he genuinely loves voicing Sora and KH as a whole, he has a lot of respect and love for his character and the series.

That being said he's starting to sound REALLY weird now that he's basically transitioning into being an old man.
Just listen to him in 0.2, it's just fucking weird, kinda unsettling, it really is an old creepy fuck trying to sound like a little kid at this point.
But i'm happy he's still on board.

The Japs believe that, but in reverse. Half the point of the Remixes was originally to have English VAs in Japanese versions.

No, you're misunderstanding why the japs wanted the english voice acting in FM.
They wanted it because of the DISNEY characters.
The kind of japanese person that originally played KH (and, i guess, the core fanbase there to this day) is the type of westaboo that is really into Disney animations and such.

So that's actually the main reason why, they're indifferent to the square characters being voiced one way or the other, they can't really tell the difference just like most westerners can't really tell the difference between good or bad japanese voice acting.
It's purely out of Disney purists needs.

Disney's dead, it's not "pure" anyways.

Japan has Disney purists
This is news to me.

The entire modern (i'm using "modern" relatively here, we're talking decades) anime and manga artstyle is the result of japan as a whole digging some classic Disney artstyles and putting their own spin on it.
Japanese animation and manga has been immensely influenced in it's current form by classic western animation and designs.
Westaboos are most definitely still a thing.

It really isn't new, it's just that many people today aren't aware of it anymore, too much time has passed.

It's kind of a neat concept. Are they as autistic as weeaboos?

Don't worry user, you'll get your Frozen world.
It'll have multiple QTE singing segments where you have to listen to audio cue so you can't play it muted.

Sora himself will have his costume changed to crossdress as Elsa, for the ultimate "HEY SON WHAT ARE YOU PLAYIN' ARE YOU WINNIN'?" experience.

More or less, yeah.


Cool, cool.

Have things changed between the remake and the original 3D game, outside of upscaled graphics and 60fps ?

Also, and more importantly, why using that stupid clothing erase magic on Mickey instead of Aqua, when Aqua vainely trying to hide her chest with one arm while fighting the Heartless horde with the other would definitely have brought back masses of people ?

I haven't played 3D, nor the remake. I watched the original on YT, and returned 2.8 for that full refund before the time ran out on it.

The clothing erase shit was purely to explain why Mickey was shirtless in KH1, but fully clothed everywhere else.

That's stupid. Hell, they could have brought another "Mickey removes his shirt before battle while looking badass" they tried in KH2, and it could have worked the same.

And I still want some topless Aqua action.

Not in any meaningful way, no, if you didn't like it the first time you won't like it here.
I personally know a guy that got it just because he wanted to play as Riku (he's a huge fan of CoM for the same reason) (don't ask…just don't ask).

The simple reason is that they had to make his outfit match the cinematic at the end of KH1.
That's it, really.
It's kinda funny, they ran into a possible timeline incongruence so they decided to solve it in the most hamfisted way possible.
It's so stupid it's porn fanfic tier.

So let me get this straight. Not only are are there multiple dimensions but there are also computer simulations, dream worlds, and fucking time travel? And there's amnesia, memory alteration, possession, and the concept of sentient darkness/light? I just had this shit explained to me a few days ago and I still have no idea what the fuck's going on.

Except England exists in the world. The worlds are stories, not places.

Look just grab this oversized key and bash everything you see in the fucking face until it dies.
You'll feel better.
Works for Sora.


I have only played KH1/2. I am in for some fucking shit when KH3 drops.

Yes you fucking are, my friend.

Hoh boy. Yeah, KH3 is apparently going to be about Sora fixing everything that got fucked in the prequels, and hopefully bringing back best boygirl.

Isn't it Mickey and Riku who's doing that? Sora's visiting Hercules and trying to get strong again.

If you've got a ps4, grab 2.8 (when it drops in price massively, perhaps get it used), and 1.5 + 2.5.
It'll get you up to speed.
Even if you've already played 1 and 2, if you've never played them in their FM form it's absolutely worth a revisit (especially 2FM, the amount of new content is notable).

You'll still be confused as shit about the plot but at least by then you'll have bashed enough shit in the head to stop caring about it.

Goddamnit, not again.

No, this time it'll be expanded trough overpriced DLCs

I just pre-ordered KH3 for 62 dollars. I think this is very impressive since I live in Canada, which is terrible for shipping, taxes and duties. How did I do?

want to preorder half life 3 too?

If KH3 doesn't come out after four releases designed purely to hype it, I'll be 10,000% fucking mad.

i've been waiting since 2005.

I'm going to miss Drive Forms if they aren't coming back in 3.
They were by far one of the most fun and interesting features of the entire series.

Visually different in both looks and animations, completely different attack patterns, each with it's own "main gimmick".
They're just plain fun.
They should be expanded upon, not scrapped for some other far less unique and more streamlined system.

that was a nice fucking challenge, specially the asshole outside Yensid's tower, it took me like 47 attempts with master form. pure luck based

I thought I might have been the only one who thought that way, so I didn't mention it. They were fucking great. I know it's supposed to be a punishment, but I really liked shadow form. Except when it happened during boss fights, of course. Then it was the death of me a lot of the time.

Hell back in the PS2 era i liked shadow form so much i used an Action Replay (EU Gameshark) to add shadow form to the list of drives you could select (it seems like it was a planned feature that was then later scrapped, it's kinda crazy that you can re-enable it trough a code, it means it was basically fully integrated into the game and disabled at the last minute) and then gave myself infinite drive, and played all of KH2 using it.
It was a "shadow run" of sorts.
Really fun, also pretty balanced as you can't pick HP orbs while in shadow form so you're trading high speed and mobility at the cost of being able to heal.

But obviously during boss fights for anything that requires you to use triangle context commands it was absolutely terrible, and i had to revert in those situations every time.

I think they already confirmed that Drives are back, albeit new ones, one being Guard Form which turns the Keyblade to a shield.

So they will probably be how they incorporate the whole WEAPON MORPHING thing rather then being DUAL WIELD, which is probably a good thing, i mean i loved Wisdom but not getting a second Keyblade slot kinda made it underpowered in KH2 due not being able to use Oathkeeper for longer duration AND your Latest Bestest Keyblade, really fun to play as though, i loved the slidanshootan.

so he becomes goofy?

You be the judge brah.

How? Honest question. It's been 10000 years since I last played KH2, so I can't even remember how you activated it. All I remember is that it kicked all sorts of ass.

dark form was random. usually, the lower your HP, the more chances of getting it. and also, activating any drive form at the same time you're getting hit gave you a high chance of it.

It happens after you use Drive forms a certain number of times. When you try to activate Drive after that, you go Shadow form instead of whatever you actually wanted. I know it really fucked me over while fighting Xigbar, since I wanted to use Valor only to go Shadow every time.

I don't get it. What's the point? Why would they think that is both a good idea to implement in the game and also a punishment? Some sort of 2deep4u lore thing?

I just remember it really, really kicked ass. Way better than all drive forms before you maxed them out.

when you use Dark Form you can't heal you dummy.

and no, dark form doesn't kick ass, it just has some whacky erratic combos. but since you can't do anything but attack and revert its a pretty shitty useless form

Yeah, well, that's just you're opinion man.

It was cool and very useful. My memories of a game I last played nearly a decade ago wouldn't lie to me.

Been ages since i played but IIRC:

1) No Healing, or spells.
2) No combo finisherm which means it can't actually kill bosses and the like.

The punishing factor is that it i operates on a point system where you get Anti Points (how many depends on what you turn into) every time you use Drive, 0-4 point being 0% chance, 5-9 being 10% and 10+ points being 25%, turning into Anti removes 4 point and turning into Final removes 10.

Oh and any mandated Plot Battle has 2x point modifier and Orgy got 5x (so Driving is basically a guaranteed 10% chance or worse.).

I think using Two Became One forces it, so you can use it as your preferred one in Final Mix+ without cheating.

But basically, Can't heal can't finish bosses and has a increased chance against them.

It has positives and negatives, but the negatives are heavy.


-High speed in movement and number of hits
-Fast ground movement


-The attack patterns make switching from target to target a bit akward
-Floaty, difficult to control mid air when trying to move around
-Can't aborb HP
-Absorbing drive makes it run out faster
-Can't use reaction commands, essentially disabling you completely in certian boss fights

There's a hidden value in the game the community calls "anti points" or something like that.
Every time you use a form you build it up, increasing the % you'll get anti sora.
Every time you get a new form the value will reset.
When you get final form, every time you use it it'll lower your anti points, you'll also never trigger anti sora when using final form.

The only way to get it on command without cheating is to use a KH2FM exclusive keyblade called Two Become One.
When you use Two Become One before getting final form, you'll only trigger anti sora, or final form.
When you finally unlock final form, if you use it from that point onwards it'll always trigger anti sora.
So essentially, from that point onwards, it becomes the keyblade you equip when you want to go into anti sora on command.

Wasn't it based on a point system? There was a secret tally every time you used a drive, and the higher the tally the more likely shadow form is to activate. That's what I was told, anyways.

You also have no finishers or spells, so you can't finish most boss fights.

They're pretty strong, mang.
That explosion finisher, especially?
That packs your full physical AND magical damage into one punch.
It's AOE and it's radius is deceptively big.

maybe its better than Valor, and thats it.

any form that can use magic is automatically better than Dark form. for logical reasons.

I remember it being pretty broken against some bosses because the air combo would lock them in place until you were done pummeling their asshole.
I absolutely raped Saix with it.

You can stunlock some bosses, but the problem is that you're vulnerable afterwards, anti form has really long recovery times after a combo is done.

Additionally, bosses in KH games have a specific particularity the community refers to as "revenge value".
It means that you can only hit a boss so many times before he'll break your assault, and ruin your shit.
What increases the revenge value changes from boss to boss, depending on what phase they are and what attack they're trying to perform, but basically generally it requires more finesse than anti form allows you to perform.

More likely it was put in to test it more easily without having to trigger the weird conditions to use it.

This is worse then trying to get into american comic books in 2017.

All you need is 1.5, 2.5 and 2.8.

dont listen to

play every game. emulate 358/2, its pretty easy to play with a controller plugged on your PC

I don't have the nogaems station 3.

358/2 is only worth it for the waifus. Fuck that flying boss in Neverland.

This is why it should just be on final mix where it's a really shitty movie. The only good part of 358 was getting to play as Organization members but you couldn't do that in the main part. Other than that you have Xion but she's only an okay waifu, like most KH girls.

You just need 1.5, 2.5, 2.8 and feel free to entirely skip coded because coded is fucking trash plot and gameplaywise.

I never played the 3DS version of DDD but is there any difference between the that one and the one in 2.8? It's not like the FM redoes of KH I and II right?

yeah just watch it all on youtube like a retarded normalfag. fuck playing videogames amirite?

anyone suggesting not to play all games needs to kill themselves right now.

There is only on entry, in the entirety of KH that contributes literally zero plot wise, and manages to be a complete shit fest of a game. Coded does nothing right, it did nothing right at all as a fucking MOBILE PORT to DS. Tell me user, do you Play Kingdom Hearts X on your smart phone or did you skip that one faggot.

To reiterate, the only games, in the entirety of Kingdom Hearts that deserve skipping are the ones that were released for MOBILE PHONES. Coded was eventually ported to the DS and was a shtifest and awful because they turned a fucking old phone game into a DS game, and Kingdom Hearts X is shit because it's mobile MMO shit that is complete kikery. Those games are completely awful and should not be played.

KHX is a spinoff that has nothing to do with the main series.

also calm down, you're too mad for some reason.

So you did just justify skipping a game in the series as irrelevant, even thought it's the events that happened before the keyblade war that is 100% canonical. Just like how the events in Coded are canonical but don't affect anything else.

coded is the reason mickey sends the bottle letter to riku and sora to take on the mark of mastery exam.

1.5, 2.5, 2.8, that's it, you're done, if you've got a PS4 you're completely set (wait the end of next month for 1.5+2.5 to come out tho, we're still one month off on that).

No, it doesn't have additional content like a FM re-release.
But 60fps + better controls essentially makes it the de facto best version.

do you need a Ps4™Pro™ for that?

Mickey new about Aqua, that's canon, if he had gone to find Aqua, Aqua new about Ven and Terra. Axel got asspulled back into existence. And everyone already new about Roxas. The only person they could have never known about is Xion, except Xion was a hallucination in DDD, meaning we would have been aware of her too. There is no reason that Coded needed to exist, it gave no information about their whereabouts, all it did was say. "Sora is the key" which is already mentioned in DDD at this point. It contributed nothing.

Also Kingdom Hearts X is canon for what happened to Maleficent and Pete after KH II went down.

No, you don't need a PS4 pro to play any of the old games at 60fps, they're 60fps on any PS4 model.
DDD runs at 60fps on anything and KH1FM, KH2FM, CoM, BBSFM will run at 60fps on anything once they're out.

ONLY 0.2, and by consequence, KH3, require a PS4 Pro to run at 60fps.

Btw, for anyone interested, here's a direct comparison.

The only difference is that the PS4 pro runs the ports at a higher resolution but for the purpose of gameplay it's perfect no matter what you play it on.
(when there's a cutscene it reverts back to 30, obviously, and then goes back to 60 when there's gameplay again)

Why is Ursala such a terrible overused boss? Why was it never fun to fight her and why did they keep throwing her at you? What was the thinking of having her in so many different games, especially DDD.

i got bloodborne earlier this week and it works like shit, delayed controls, 20-25 FPS, slow camera movement, its sickening. oh, and paid online of course. but i bet it works at 60 on the pro. well fuck them, im not buying another 500 dollar box.

i just hope KH3 doesn't suffer from this bullshit

Who knows.
My theory is that since she was based on an old drag queen, the japs associate her to drag queen comedic celebrities such as Matsuko Deluxe and find her funny so they keep putting her in.
(it's a pretty retarded theory but i've got nothing else).

no games on the ps4 pro run at a major bump in framerate compared to base hardware, you retard. Do some research.

if the ps4 pro runs a game at 60 that the base one runs at 20, then yes, it is a massive difference.

No, BB doesn't run better on a pro, something about the online element putting some players at an advantage or something.
Also it sorta sounds like it's your first souls games when talking about "delayed controls", it's input buffering, a constant in the entire souls series.

KH3, just like 0.2, will only run at 60fps on a pro.
So yes, it will suffer from low framerate on a normal PS4, there's no way to sugar coat it, playing 0.2 at 60fps it's flat out better as it's a reaction based ARPG.

90% of the library doesn't.
Square games such as FFXV and KH 0.2/3, do.
Square is basically the first dev that is pushing the Pro hard, they're probably collaborating with sony on this.

Here's a comparison so everyone can see exactly what i'm talking about.

So when's Gen 8.5.5?

I'm honestly not sure what's worse, a game that has a steady low framerate or one that hits 60 every once and a while and floats between 40 and 55 constantly shifting. Just the fact that it can't consistently output would drive me insane.

That's what you get for shipping wrong shipfag.

Nothing about KH is confusing until 3D. Even that I'm sure can be figured out if you bother.

It should be a fixed 60, but to be completely honest when you play it it's not that noticeable.
It's smooth enough to not strain your eyes, allows you to react to everything coming at you, and so on.
See vid.
It's infuriating on principle because for the price range it SHOULD hit 60 and stay at 60, but in gameplay terms it works pretty well as it is.

Additionally keep in mind 0.2 is more or less a tech demo.
0.2 was originally planned to be content part of BBS, and square is treating it as a "beta" of KH3.
It had one patch that already severily rebalanced the game in certain aspects (such as how damage in Critical works now).
It's mor or less a way for square to test what is, and isn't working with KH3, the finished game will be more optimized (and have further balance tweaks).

so BB runs like shit in any PS4? damn.
last, actually. i've played all the rightful "souls" games. bloodborne was more of a little tanthrum of mine and now i regret buying it. i dont know if its my PS4 or what but the game works like shit. its almost as bad as dragons dogma on PS3 but with even less response from the controller.

i also regret buying a 3DS now. i paid more than 60$ for mine and its a piece of shit with no games. the only thing i played on it was KH3D. but right now i could have used that money to buy this remake and have KH3D with better grafixx, and the "beta" 0.2 on top

At least coded has the good battle system. Should have kept deck commands for 3.

Sort of,!0.2 was originally how KH3 was going to open up, but Tetsuya thought the game was getting too big and decided to break it off and use it as a test run for some KH3 systems, set up where everyone is(Sora at the Coliseum(which will likely be KH3's new beginning level), Riku and Mickey looking for Aqua, and Kairi and Lea training under Merlin) and whet people's appetites for it.

Hack the 3DS and pirate.

my mistake, then.

pick up yakuza 0 and gravity rush 2, nioh will be out soon too, and reportedly has superb framerates according to digital foundry. 3DS is a legitimately poor platform. Honestly the worst I ever got in bloodborne was 25fps in rare situations with a lot of effects on screen. Game was a pretty solid 30 throughout.

I don't, i fucking love Monster Hunter.
Never gave a shit about most other nintendo games so buying hardware just for MH is nothing new to me.
But i understand MH isn't for everyone.

I'm pretty glad KH3 won't open with Aqua.
I'd like KH3 to distance itself from BBS and tie in with KH2 thematically, more.

Even with these collections coming out, the simple truth still remain that most people only played KH1, KH2, and then waited for 3.
So it's in Square best interest to go back to 2.
They must go back to square one, and the best first step is to start with Sora.
People that played KH1 and 2 want Sora, he's the "anchor" that can re-introduce them to the series.

Opening with a character they aren't familiar with, and don't care about, would've been a really bad move.

What is the opening of KH II to you then?

To be fair, that was Roxas' first appearance, so there wasn't any backstory we were supposed to know about him at that point.

i hacked my 3DS with a gateway flashcart before it was cool.
t. hax hipster.

but seriously, it has nothing that interests me in the slightest, except for KH3D. monhun is awful and AC is not really my thing. it also has a massive amount of shovelware.

>they should go back to 2
u wot m8

i will when they lower the price. i love the yakuza series and i've been waiting for the GR sequel but fuck paying 60$ for a game i'll beat in under 4 days

The difference with that is NO ONE knew who Roxas was and his situation wasn't pre-established. Pathos with him were developed along the time spent with him, and don't depend on material beforehand. Aqua in the Realm of Darkness does.

That's the entire point though. This faggot says
and in the same breath says

Which is the only game in the entire series that did that.

you think $60 is bad? Dude, look at the price of the gravity rush remaster physical released on amazon only last year.

My friend lost my fucking copy, making that faggot buy me a new one with his tax return.

Actually, I have no idea what I was trying to refute there. You're totally right.

Put then you say that none of the people played any of the games other than I and II, which does not include 2.8 because none of these hypothetical people in this scenario would have played BBS or 2.8. Leading them to have no clue as to who Aqua is.

It's the same damn thing that happened in KH II which I can bet you 80% of the people who played II had no idea about Chain of memories Myself included, I played the GBA version 2 years later yet you can completely enjoy KH II without having play CoM. Likewise, any faggot that's going to be playing only III and doesn't know who Aqua is will have to learn about her at some point or the other, and tying her into the end of KH I as this big reveal for those no in the know about who she is would be just like the hour long tutorial in KH II.

They could start the game with you playing as Riku.

Well, technically speaking Roxas IS Sora.
So they ARE opening with Sora, it's just that the player doesn't know it yet at that point.

Let me put it this way: the first time i played KH2 (the only game i had played prior to that was KH1) and saw Roxas my first thought was "Why did Sora bleach his hair and get a different haircut?".
Right away i knew he was related to Sora in some way.
It was a different character but i could tell Sora was going to factor in with him at some point.

If someone hasn't played BB and they open with Aqua, i doubt someone new is going to think "oh she must be related to Sora", they're just going to think "who the fuck is this, where's Sora".

One question I have is about the MoM's No Name. That eye is his, and is supposed to be part of that keyblade, yet I'm pretty sure it becomes part of the Way to Dawn. I'm waiting for the explanation on that, unless the WtD is in Luxu's trunk and has his other eye.

This is another thing that's been bothering the fuck out of me. So for CoM, BBS and DDD(and to a much lesser limited extent 358/2 and KH II for the second it's basically just a tutorial). The games had the ability for you to play as other characters. In KH III you will have played as 7 out of the characters. (if you count very limited segments, you could include King Mickey for KH II segments, and Xion and Axel from 358). The main titles have previously not allowed you to play as anyone else normally, but will that change? The fact that Riku and King Mickey are fucking off somewhere leads me to believe there will be segments to play as him or else there will a shit ton of cutscenes. Terra, Aqua and Ventus will be revived at some point but will they be party members or will there be limited roles? Will it be like the boss fight at the end of KHII where there's a mechanic of you switching to everyone else one at a time to save Sora's ass like Riku did?

As far as I can tell, I am damn well sure the best way to both cover at least part of Kairi's and Lea's training is to have them as the tutorial stage, it just makes sense right? They're learning how to use keyblades at all, I understand Sora got reset to level 1 but still. So will they be playable like Roxas in KH II? Never again used but perhaps a support unit like in the main entries? This bugs the hell out of me.

As long as we're using anecdotal evidence I just ran with this Roxas kid until the plot flat out told me he was Sora by some bullshits. I didn't mind playing as a completely random character and I doubt anyone else will second time around.

The eye is also in Soul Eater from KH one which is this random ass sword, I think it's just a design and not canonical important.

Well, if it does the only problem is that it results in exponentially more work for the team.
Each new character must have it's own unique set of animations, and movement speed/dodging etc.

For example right now in 0.2 we have Aqua functioning gameplay wise like Roxas did at the start of KH2, she has a functional, but limited moveset, that isn't expanded upon as she's not a "full character".
If we imagine KH3 having multiple characters that are fully playable, with abilities that expand their moveset and so on, that becomes a huge load of work on the team.
And the worst case scenario is that we get multiple characters, but as a trade off, everyone, including Sora himself, ends up having a reduced moveset.
I'd rather have just sora if that meant we get the same level of depth, complexity, and endgame animation variation KH2 Sora ends up obtaining.

A bunch of different characters "normalized" into being limited because the team has to stretch time and resources is too high of a cost as a trade off.

Well, technically speaking Nomura can't write.

But he doesn't write KH games.
He handles the designs and has an input on the gameplay, he's not really involved with writing the plot.
Nojima is the main writer.

Why the hell does everyone think Nomura writes these games?

I understand that and it would be a good argument if they hadn't done this three times before.

The "it's hard" argument would make sense if it only happened once but this isn't the first time they've made it incredibly difficult for themselves. Hell, have you ever played 358/2 where you get to play as all organization XIII members, plus Riku, Mickey, Donald, Goofy, Xion and Sora. That's 19 characters. All with wildly different movesets. On top of that all of the standard XIII members could have their combos changed by what item you had equipped.

He's the front man. The head guy. People think he puts everything in the game himself. Like with Kojima and MGS, Kamiya and every Platinum and Clover game, Howard and ES and Fallout, people assume the head dev comes up with every single thing you see and then dictates it to codemonkeys who actually create it.

Well…not really.
BBS and DDD don't really have the same level of complexity and effort put in them as KH2FM Sora moveset wise.
From a casual point of view the games might seem similiar, but if you get into the technical aspects of how Sora plays in KH2FM, there's literally nothing in BBS and DDD that even remotely come close to the amount of technical finesse Sora has by the end of KH2FM.

I don't even know why you're presenting CoM as proof, as that game combat system is completely different, impossibly slow paced and umbalanced as fuck even compared to BBS (which is already an unbalaced shitshow).
I have no idea how anyone would think that they put the same level of effort in BBS and DDD combos and combat system as they did with KH2, it shows a fundamentally superficial understanding of the mechanics of these games.

It's one thing to have multiple characters in simple games like BBS and DDD.
It's another thing to have KH2FM Sora moveset and tightness across multiple characters.

While I understand that your demographic exists and it might even be common on chans are you telling me that current year Square gives a shit money wise about your demographic over the mountain of casuals.
And before you
BBS had that too, so while the technical aspects of KH II may be noticeable if you have an incredibly refined version of autism that gives you a superiority complex that doesn't meant there's any good reason they'll bring that level of care into the game as the last time they did that was more than 10 years ago. (Not including remakes which don't count)

You'll also notice that you said originally

Nothing about qualifiers in a game that hasn't even been released yet as far as they care about you and your autism, and while you're biased because
The mountain of money found not in people like you says otherwise.

Yeah, and they were fucking shit.
Critical in BBS especially was an absolute travesty.

By the way, i find it fascinating that the first thing you bring up is difficulty, because perhaps you're not aware, but Square patched 0.2.
And what 0.2 original had, was Proud and Critical working the way they did in BBS (aka, shit).
But guess what, after Square patched it, damage recieved and dealt now work extremely similiar to how they did in KH2FM.
And they made it so you can dodge out of more moves.
And they improved enemy and bosses attack animations so you can dodge or reflect them with better timing.
And they tweaked stunlock values.

It's kinda funny, every single change they've made to 0.2 is making the game closer and closer to KH2FM.
It's almost like the KH2FM audience that appreciates the mechanical depth and potential of these games isn't exactly the small minority you're suggesting it is, and square is actually listening to them and tweaking KH3 accorind to the feedback (well, at least the japanese players feedback, and they seem to like KH2FM as well).

I wouldn't have happened to hit a sore spot did I?

Look, if you're a complete casual that doesn't understand jack shit about these games mechanically and just wants muh waifus and muh boypussy that's fine.
Just don't pretend you know what the fuck you're talking about, or what Square is actually doing with them behind the scenes, or what can -actually- go wrong with KH3.

As far as you're concerned, you'll be fine with KH3 even if it's made by Koei and tuns into a button mash musou, so might as well not even have an opinion on the matter.

Yeah just read up on the patch notes so making .2 more like "KH IIFM" and not "BBS" is that instead of dealing half damage on critical to make it full damage. This is the amazing and totally stunning technological difference that completely renovates the KH 0.2 experience and proves that the developers are going to give a shit about you when they haven't in 10 god damn fucking years.

I'm not going to say I'm an expert on the combat but saying they don't have time or work is too hard for them to have more than one playable character seems a little bullshit. They're one of the biggest videogame companies and they have been teasing KH3 for a while, with enough time to make 3 sequels (on different consoles) in between with one more coming out. They have enough resources to do something like that.

Of course you also mentioned the lovely refining of timing of guard and cartwheel but the AMAZING THING they change and is the thing you wrote an entire fucking paragraph about "making it closer" when it's literally whether or not one or two values or halved or doubled respectively you fucking autist.

Actually if you misread the patch notes, you idiot. I'm assuming we're only concerned about critical because that's all an insufferable faggot like you would care about the only they changed specifically in regards to that is damage dealt, the other change mentioned, the lowering of damage received affected PROUD ONLY.

You didn't understand the patch notes just like you don't understand shit about KH games.
The changes to Critical are just a fraction of it.
There's a slew of mechanical minutiae that they're tweaking.
It's honestly unsurprising, you seem pretty mentally slow in general.
Go play Dynasty Warriors circlejerking on Reddit about it or whatever dumb shit that's up to your speed.

The main problem is that it requires effort and skill on their part.
Perhaps they do have the resources, and time, but do they still have the talent to pull it off?
Again, we can only get a vague idea from 0.2 of what direction KH3 is going in.

Is it better than the stupid bullshit that was BBS and DDD so far?
Is KH3 going to reach KH2FM?
That depends on how much effort they're gonna put in it in the long run.
0.2 is a step in the right direction compared to what they've been doing up to this point, but it's too early to understand if they're gonna deliver or not.

I'm not the one who wrote a paragraph about it you were remember that. It's probably because the only game you're good at is a fucking Kingdom Hearts game that you suffer from such a lack of intelligence you dipshit.