Feeling depresses, give me something short/replayable and casual/comfy to take my mind off suicidal thoughts

feeling depresses, give me something short/replayable and casual/comfy to take my mind off suicidal thoughts

maybe if you say "please"

put the vidya in the bag already


i don't like point and click, that hardly counts as a game


Mighty No. 9.

Chrono Trigger is kind of short for an rpg 15 hours and replayable as all hell, its one of those games that I can play for hours without even noticing it


community is trash but it fits that bill and it's good video game

Max Payne 3
Shut up just play it, trust me. Play all the way through it.

i would, but my toaster can't handle it
i didn't finish the first one since i'm shit at most stuff that revolves around shooting, but it was alright

1.Throw on a podcast
2.Run around slaying random enemies in Dark Souls

If not that, then a sim type game like Euro Truck Simulator. Alternatively, Skyrim is pretty comfy if you just hike all around the world and take in the "atmosphere"

If you need off suicidal thoughts, then against your request, I would suggest VNs. You can get some for free, most are comfy, and you can go at your own pace, etc.

If VN is not your taste. Then I would suggest Harvest Moon and Rune Factory series. In general, games that let you build and/or cultivate your own place in the world, and uncovering mysteries and making discoveries in comfy settings are good for taking off depression.

dork souls runs at like 20 fps for my, skyrim is gonna take longer to install than it's worth playing
i tried euro truck sim a while ago, but it's kind of boring

anything like harvest moon/terraria but with better graphics out there? i can't stand the pixel art

get fucked, nerd

Buy a farm

what, i don't have the right to choose?

just kill yourself

but i have so much to live for

just kill yourself. there's nothing worth living for and the world will only get worse.

VNs only ever made me more depressed. I don't know if this is a good idea.


"Hey, which restaurant do you want to go to?"
"Whatever you want"
"What about that nice Italian restaurant down town?"
"Italian makes me gassy"
"Ok, what about Mexican?"
"I'm allergic"
"Alright, what about Chinese?"
"I don't like soy"
"Fine, what about Burger King?"
"I'm watching my calories, and grease is disgusting"
"Alright, well then why don't you tell me where you'd like to eat?"
"Whatever you want is fine"

If you do not prefer DS or pixel graphics. Then older games in the series will have to do. The PS2, PSP, Wii era games like Save the Homeland, Hero of the Leaf Valley, A Wonderful Life. For Rune Factory, Frontier on Wii is either a love it or hate it with all your soul kind of game. Tides of Destiny on PS3 is okay too.

I am still sad that the game does not allow me to wait for Candy to grow up, cause I got feeling that she would turn into a real good catch.

Sorry that VNs cannot help you in that regard. Seems it depends on the person too I guess.

i'm in a somewhat emotional state, i can't help acting like a faggot
for what it's worth, i guess i'm looking for some shitty survival game on a desert island with crafting, but singleplayer and not shit
kind of like subnaitica but not in the water

No Man's Sky :^)
Maybe Minecraft? I don't know much about those Steam greenight memetastic early access survival craft type games.

The Forest? It's got horror by way of spoopy cannibals but it fits.

Oh, I got it. Try Stardew Valley. It supposed to be like a Harvest Moon clone. Or just play Harvest Moon. Or Animal Crossing.


Pick one

video games have only gotten worse

Seems like the hands of fate have dealt, OP.


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It's best you take a break from vidya for a while if you're feeling like that and watch cute grils doing cute things for a while.


Take a jog to get rid of it. Then play video games.

Thanks, that was 7th Gen
I hope you liked the 8 fucking years of mediocrity.

I'm not even American
Keep trying though Holla Forums

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Cry of fear, Mad father, Corpse party followed by a cp:book of shadows, Darkest dungeon, No more room in hell, dota 2/csgo/dirty bomb ranked matchmaking with randoms, Witch's house.

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Don't fucking recommend VNs, if they show people falling in love or having happy lives it just makes people more depressed.

My recommendation would be a horror game.
Something to force you to fear for your life so you stop caring about how much it sucks, basically turning you into an unfeeling animal driven only by survival instinct, and if not the good ones usually have interesting lore to immerse you.


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Not fapping has no actual benefits.

But I would recommend only fapping to POV porn, romance porn(even non rape monster girl stuff is included in this), and sexually dominating girls and traps porn, but again, if there's no romance, POV only.

Max Payne 2 was alright

Why are you trying to trick him into hating his life even more?

So he'd either quit playing the game or stop being a massive fucking casual.

factorio, lets you build.

Even if you're not a casual those games are fucking trash


checked, good choise


ASSFAGGOTS and online FPS games are 100% trash.

Also, how the fuck was that a metaphor? A metaphor for what?

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I though imageboards are repulsing to moralfags. Something like reddit or forums would probably suit you better.
And thanks, I hope you have a good day too, m8.

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Not really raplayable, but Firewatch fits pretty well.

Also, I tried going on reddit and forums, but everyone was such a fucking SJW faggot or normalfaggot that I had nothing in common with and I hated everything they liked, and I hated everything they held dear.

Morality isn't weakness, don't tell people that are the closest to friends and brothers that you have to kill themselves.

Would being cuddled in bed cheer you up instead?
If not, I'd say try the Kirby games.
Or you could be cuddled from behind while playing Kirby.

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fallout 2, playing trough it yearly. Comfy as fuck.

Also if you're anyway so near on killing yourself, try to eat 3 gramm of dried golden teacher mushrooms or 200 microgramm LSD. Could actually lead you to salvation/enlighnement, at least it wont make your situation worse.

Yeah. but good luck getting your hands on those kind of drugs if you don't already know people.

A person that has an audacity to create shitty threads, explicitly shows his garbage taste and is being a picky bitch about help he gets is neither my brother nor a friend. If he was however he'd understand that I'm giving a brotherly advice to man up or stop seeking the solution in something he doesn't truly enjoy.

I never took any drugs in my life when i turned 25 i tried LSD because i researched that shit and heard what that drug really does. It took me 2 hours of googling to find out how Tor worked and how to wash your bitcoins.

Traps are shit-tier, I'm semi-/fit/. Lean, but not built.

Install the ZoA mod as well and sit around reloading magazines while listening to guitar.

The real answer is to fight your depression with something better. Video games won't help.

And vn's do you fucking hypocrite?