Fire Emblem Heroes

Who's ready to rape the dead corpse of a formerly beloved series once more?…But this time on your phone!
It was advertised as "Nintendos first proper Mobile game" in the appstore, but wasn't there some shitty Mario game too?
Anyways, this is what we can expect in the future by Nintendo and for Fireemblem.
If you still had any hope then now is the time to bury it.
Been playing it for 5 minutes now, and I'm already disgusted because they acknowledge the existence of Awakening, and it's selling itself entirely on fanservice.

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It's out?

Not showing up for me on the Australian Google Play store.

I thought it was gonna be a musou for a moment. what a shame its mobile shit instead.

Well there is Fire Emblem Warriors coming out at some point on the Switch.

It's simplified FE. Not badly made for those who like nu-FE.

The VA however.. it's worse than Fates.

Thats pretty nice, atleast 1 game for the switch im interested in.

Well technically it's also coming out for the New 3DS as well (no gimped standard 3DS version this time around).

But yeah I'd rather the Switch version.

what are you?


T-thanks Nintendo


What's not to get? The game isn't compatible with my HTC M8 according to the Google Play page (granted I can't even get it to show up on my actual phone yet) and it's not exactly a fossil or anything, it should be more than enough.

Okay, so here's how you get new units:
Basicly you have to spend spheres, which are the real money currency.
You start off with 15 spheres and get some of them from missions and such.
In this screenshot I spent all of my 20 spheres in order to unlock new heroes. It's like a gacha where you have a very low chance to get the 5 star heroes

Apparently even the very beginning of the game is randomized so people are constantly restarting for better rolls.



Remember all those characters from previous FE games you started to like?
Be prepared to have them all used up as generic enemies/allies with some stupid "we summon heroes from other worlds in our world here" plot

Yeah but this is even more generic mobage shit than Mario Runner.
That's what disgusts you? Not the dumbed down gameplay that even the NES titles had more of? Not the bad artwork and tweened animations? Not the fact you're playing a mobile game?

I already expected those

It's all a Kamen Rider Decade rip-off really.

How the fuck is musou any better

So a typical gacha

Or more like a super robot wars but without a real plot

Game seems kinda bad to be honest. It's dumbed down FE which should be a surprise to absolutely no one. Voice acting is absolutely horrible and I don't see there being any room for depth in the maps or any decent variety to the encounters because of the map size limit and character limit. Just get a DS emulator or a GBA emulator and play the proper FE games. There are better mobile only games out there if you don't want to use emulators. There's even Phantom of the Kill which is a FE-like game that's been available for a long ass time even in english.

It's not like a gacha, it is gacha through and through.

It's called rerolling. You start the game, play through the tutorial, roll the tutorial rolls and hope you get a high rarity unit or one you like. If you don't you delete the game data and start again. The rates are 3% for the highest rarity unit which isn't even that low to be honest. This is all standard practise for mobage.

So Super Robot Wars? Also that's an insult to Super Robot Wars.

Super Robot Wars have great plots. Big bouncy plots.


Please kill yourself

Pretty shit as expected but I kinda of like the your unit's portraits showing battle damage. Those are neat at least.

Also why give me a shit ton of characters when I can only use four of them? Kinda of kills the point of a big dumb crossover when I can only use a hand full of dudes at a time.

So its already GOTY? Damn how does nintendo does it each year?

The fact they put this in a mobage garbage game instead of in Awakening or Fates where it should be easier to throw on damaged textures onto the model when their HP dips below a point says a lot about the creativity left at IntSys.

Didn't Fates do the same thing? Awakening did, with the "phantoms" of previous casts being free DLC.

That's one thing, but making people pay money to have a shot at getting their favourite waifu is another thing.
I'm scared that fans of the new games will actually eat this shit up

You think they are going to make certain waifus harder to get or would it be certain games have harder to get waifus?

I got a 5 star Lyn on my first roll. I quit the app immediately after that cos i gtg. Is it really that bad?

Tried giving it a try. And hoo boy, was it gloriously bad.

SRW went mobile before tough

Yeah and they're shit

The summoner is you and is the tactician from 7 apparently.
Also goddamn those servers, truly worth the paid Switch online.

I want to fuck Sharena.

Is that sarcasrm?
Genuinnely, can't tell.

Not gonna lie
Not bad for a mobile game
Its not out for us burgers saddly just a few more minutes

What if the summoner, Mark and Robin are all the same characters

Doubtful, Robin is actually a unit that can do stuff other than hide behind thighs.

I mean hiding behind Lyn's thighs isn't that bad

By what fucking standard? Why is it good? I find it hard to believe that you have any experience with mobile games if you think this is good.

My expectation is next to dinosaur bones

I am a man who likes musou and girls with big breasts and big fat asses and hips, girls you can have 5 children with. I haven't even played any of the new fire emblem games, the only FE game I have played is the sacred stones.

well I dont have a NEW 3ds so I would just get teh switch version as well if I am really going to bother.

So is anyone able to play the game yet?

Expecting that shit tastes like shit doesn't make it taste good.

The thing about this whole shit is that what Nintendo is doing is bringing over old mobage templates and because they put their name and brand on the box people eat that shit up. All this shit has been done better but everyone just thinks "lol it's on a phone it can't be good" until Nintendo comes in and puts their name on it and then suddenly people think "oh my god based nintendo finally making mobile games good".

So not only are you a casual who likes musoushit and actually likes that garbage character design, you're a fucking secondary.

Kill yourself. Niggers like you are what killed Fire Emblem.

What have you fucking faggots done to me?

Look on the bright side, it's just a spinoff of the main series and we got a new game in the works, although a remake. Sacred stones isn't a bad solo fire emblem to play.

Browse a chan site long enough and you'll almost become cynical to an edge lord

Well yeah that's an understanding and not my point but wathever

You couldn't play yourself harder even if you wanted to

How is that a good thing

Remember when you fell down that flight of stairs when you were little?
That was me Barry.

Schadenfreude is a beautiful thing.

Remember when Obama was repealed?
That was me, Barry.

Shit, ruined my jeko.

I can only imagine how bad it goes to shit when the americans finally get a chance to play
This is pokemon go all over again

It could turn out fun

when is this shit supposed to be out?

Apparently 17 minutes ago

Keyword: Could

That gets me every time.

God bless the japanese art design

I'm being optimistic, Knowing full well of the horror that could come but realize we could also get a decent game, Fates was better then Awakening so maybe nuemblem could improve.

Holy shit its still not out for america


Why not play a fire emblem game in the meantime

If this starts getting general threads it's going to be stupid. I sure people only really tolerate granblue because of the huge tiddies, but having multiple mobile games threads will not be a good thing.

Eh this is supposed to hold people over till Echos comes out right?

FE7 here I cum

Once people start it and realise it's as deep as a puddle in Sahara they'll get bored with it. At least with Granblue there's raids and team building and whatever the fuck.

Look on the bright side, we got some nice art. Keyword there being some.

The horror of more threads to ignore.

I'm just enjoying the shit show user
Welp while I wait to see how murica reacts to it lets see what else is happening in the country

It's not threads to ignore, but having more makes idiots think "because x is in there, y is ok to talk about." Lowering the quality is something to worry about.

I mean as long as we can keep it to just one thread ever once in a while
But then I just remembered where I am

That shit can't be helped because people are retarded. I've given up hope on the quality of this place ages ago.

You've been able to play it from about 8 hours ago, it uses the same apk regardless of the region, it just has a country selection on initial startup.

I had that problem until I cleared the app data, then it downloaded fine.

Never played anything past Sacred stones, is it just me or are the characters from the more recent games all just either edgy emo kids or bubbleaura lolis/tittymonsters?

They turned from characters with multiple character traits to one waifu trait character

That's Awakening/Fates for the most part sadly.

So what's the best way to emulate or run android on a virtual machine in order to play this?

The bright side is we might get more porn of things that aren't 13 and 14.

Wait, wait, hold on, I thought this was a mobile title!

Maybe, maybe this mobile shit is a good thing, satisfy the casuals with their shitty mobile games which are more like nuemblem and the meatier stuff can go on the main console. I would be ok with this assuming the FE15 actually follows this idea.

I hope petting comes back for Fe15 that way when some snowflake complains about it I can just point to the mobile app

why would they make the "meatier" stuff on consoles if the main playerbase of casuals is not there and instead is playing the mobile game?

But how are we going to get a good fire emblem game if they don't remove waifufaggotry?

better solution

Eh I'm fine with no waifu shit I just love to see sjws rage if it does get added

This thread is cancer

FE15 is supposed to be a remake of FE2, so it shouldn't be complete shit

Do you hate Nino that much?


Increase rate is 0.5% per roll to get a 5 star hero, starting at 3%. Once you summon 120 heroes, you'll get a 5 star one on the next roll then it resets back to 3%.

Pretty much got what you got. The Selena I got was 4 stars with an Armorslayer. She has so much speed and defence she's facing similarly levelled units and not taking damage and doubling them. She's great. Another abnormality is 3 star Laslow, he's currently LV.5 but with 19 attack and 20 health, everything else is single digits.

It's FE on my phone, even if it's a dumbed down version of it. It's not too bad.

So is the game out yet for the states?
Because I hear america is having trouble with the app page

someone pls photoshop (((echoes))) into those echoes

Emulators have been a thing for a while if you wanted FE on your phone.
You can even play romhacks.

A gba emulator and roms won't even take up much space

FE2 was complete shit, though.

Been through the ROMs a few times. Might give the older entries a go again sometime.

There's an error on the google play page saying that "your device isn't compatible", but it's a play store error. Just download the apk elsewhere, I used qooapp.

One good thing I'll say about the game
I really like this rendition of together we ride

Also, I do wish I could help Matthew find Lelia again.

It sounds bad and all over the place, the Smash rendition is better.

God damn it Nintendo


Sad part is that according to a dev interview the only supports are going to be player x unit so even if she does show up nothing will come of it.

All around me are familiar faces

One of those retards?

It really is.

Seems like there are different rarities of the same characters.
I got a 1 star sophia from the event mission and then got a much superior 4 star sophia from summoning

Is that supposed to be Yang Wenli?

It's shit because they inflated her tits and made her look like she has Down's syndrome

Yeah. I got Sophia from the event, you can merge the lesser variants to get more SP for skills and such.

When you hit Lv 20, you can unlock the growth of a character and using badges and feathers get them to an increased star level, meaning promotion and access to better skills.

You can also send a hero home for 150 feathers but since I'm not that far in I have no need for them yet.

Oh and the rates yeah. There's a 30% chance to get a 4 star character and 55% to get 3 stars. 3% - 5% to get 5 or 5 focus. Not sure what the difference is. It's all explained ingame.

Pretty fun desu, but I have shitty characters, only Odin is good the others are Binding blade walkons.

What characters do you have user?
Post screen caps

no tharja no buy

I liked how Awakening had a eugenics program that let me selectively breed my soldiers to create master-race warriors

I'd like another game like that

Its all in the roll user
Ib4 you end up getting rajhat

I just got to awakening chapter easily with the defaults and 4 star odin

That's in FE4 and Fates
I'd rather not see more of it since it was fun in 4, a callback in Awakening, and just forced in Fates

Why aren't you using these adorable cuties

Is it even worth it to keep on going if I got a 4* unit on my first summon?

Oh shit I actually voted for Sheema
Glad she's there
She needs more love

Sera AND Lon'qu
this is lit

3rd Roll and I get Titty sister

Did I do well?

Looks like it was worth it.

Gee user, how come Mom let you have 2 Seras.

4stars aren't that rare, they have a 30% chance.
You can check all the chances on the previous screen

Also, I just figured out that this game has waifupetting.
If you click on the little + on the characterpotrait you get more infos on them and can check out their different poses and portraits.
There you can tab on them,little hearts will fly out and the character will give you semi-suggestive voicelines

Feels good

I don't suppose there's any way to change the voices to Japanese, is there?

Oh that's grand.

I had that problem but I deleted deviceaccount.xml in /data/data/com.nintendo.zaba/shared_prefs. You need to be rooted to do that, otherwise wipe the game data. Hope you linked the game account with your nintendo ID, otherwise it'll be lost.

So how many orbs for full 5 rolls? 20?

Yep, how'd you guess?

20 exactly, also click on the nintendo account icon to redeem 10 orbs for free if you link it

This whole series seems like a comedy of errors.

I know this is the usual bait, but how is releasing an actually good and playable to the end for free f2p game running it to the ground?
There are 2 titles in the making, one for the 3ds and one for the switch too.
Pokemon go helped make Pokemon Sun/moon the fastest selling title in the whole series.

oy vey purchase your orbs
- Le Happy Merchant -

The game is perfectly playableto the end with no orbs at all. That's how f2p works anyway and the game is pretty fine still.
I know hating on FE is cool among contrarians here but whatever

fucking shit, are we populated by actual American fujoshis or something? Only they like modern Fire Emblem garbage. It would explain why Holla Forums is so bitchy and temperamental, if I'm surrounded by actual weeaboo girls.

Awakening was shit, fates was shit and this is an entirely new level of shittines paired with massive greed.
Chances are good that whatever is coming out in the future wont fix things

There's that word again.

Supposedly they were seriously thinking about not developing any futures titles for fire emblem, which is why awakening is such a departure from older fire emblems, which is why it did so well.

Ever considered that people shit on FE so much because it used to be a good series of games?
It was one of my personal favourites, and just when I thought I could move on after seeing it ruined with awakening this shit comes along to drive the knife even deeper into my heart

Please tell me why you think this game is good compared to the actual Fire Emblem games or to the mobile games that are like Fire Emblem? I keep people using words like "streamlined" and "surprsingly good" and I just don't understand it. Only actual concrete thing I've seen that people think is good about this game is that you can tap on the characters to make them say lines.

stay delusional nostalgiakeks
1 good game that is more than 20 years old now

Yup, 20 year old games have better gameplay than the shit thats coming out today.
Really makes you wonder huh?
At this point I just want them to let fire emblem rest in peace

"Supposedly" and yet the only source comes from an Iwata Asks where they could have embellished it in order to sell more copies of Awakening. New Mystery of the Emblem did great in Japan and outsold the Shadow Dragon remake and could have sold well here in the west too had it been released here since the DS had a huge install base. The series was in no real danger of being axed. Awakening was a phone-in game, they didn't even try with it. There is no way Awakening was some sort of "this may be our final game we need to give it all we got" title. The presentation was mediocre (they messed up the fucking models enough that they cut off their feet for fucks sake), the difficulty ranged from too easy to being artificially difficult (and I mean actual artificial difficulty considering enemy reinforcements could pop up at places on a map and then move in the same turn and this would wipe out your party on higher difficulties), and the story was probably the weakest I've ever seen in Fire Emblem, mostly because it relied WAY too much on the Avatar.

Everything finally makes sense now

Trying to figure how I should go about with my units. Is it okay to just level up who I have if I have all I need? How important is it for characters to have more stars? How does the star system work past summoning?

I didn't even play the game but I'm going to take a shot in the dark:
3-star/4-star monsters don't really matter and you should be aiming to get the 3% chance 5-star ones.

>New mainline release probably next year
Are you pretending to be retarded or do you not understand what 'running something into the ground' means?

Actually, that doesn't seem to be the case.

It's okay, I didn't want them anyways.

This was a 99% hit chance, what

You can promote the characters stars with shit you can get in-game.
So in the end it will be more important the skills they have. but 5 star heroes so far looks like they have great skills as most of them are lords.

Also, how the fuck I can change the character that other players can see?
I don't see anything like that, or at least it isn't intuitive. Jesus how you make a feature so normal in these games be so fucking hidden.

It's the first character in the first party.

this game is pretty shit so far

Yeah fuck you too game. At least his attack is insane to make up for being the most unlikable cunt in the entire series.

Think it all depends how hard it is to promote them. The power gap between 4-star and 5-star seems pretty huge though.

I think it shows whatever you have on team 1.

Does this shit have PvP so I can steamroll these fuckers into quitting?

It's a mobile game. What did you honestly fucking expect?

It's okay. About what I expected minus dev bias to iOS for running good, compared to Naruto Shippuden Blazing running better for android

nothing wrong with confirming biases

Every mission literally takes 10 seconds to complete. Why the fuck am I wasting my time on this?

Great, just waht I wanted; a whiny brat.

holy shit kill yourself there is a reason nintendo keeps making games……..


So any game that is popular and sells well is objectively a good game?
Wow, CoD must be the best game series in the world then?

The animations are terrible.

Someone pointed out to me they look like Granblue, and I can't unsee it. It carries none of that charm, either.

wtf dude


What makes him an unlikable cunt? I didn't play butchered translation the game


He's probably one of the fags from the fucking Granblue threads. They should be shot on sight for having such shit taste.

my nigga


Look at that disgusting, piece of shit hag. I bet underaged faggots like you actually get your porn off of Paheal and watch hentai on Pornhub.

Reminder that porn embeds are a thing

Is there a script for being able to close an embed?


So at most the face is kind of bad. Still being a snobbish faggot.

Fuck off and literally kill yourself, you filthy retarded DFCfaggot.

Are you only with them because they're a monopoly

I got a telstra phone as well but I'm running it fine.

you damn right I do!.

projecting are we DFC fag?

It doesn't look that bad, but I'm pretty annoyed how obviously low-budget it is. When they announced a mobile game I expected them to at the very least feature graphics on-par with the 3DS entries. They're purposely making any mobile game they shit out extremely shallow and ugly because they're so fucking out of touch they think people will stop buying the mainline games if a spinoff is anywhere near the same quality. Imagine if GO had even half the systems of an actual Pokemon game, people might actually still be playing it.

Anyway, I'll give it a try soon but forcing you to use a gacha to get your characters from is a pretty great way to make sure I never spend money. Hopefully they give you some free rolls at the start so rerolling for someone decent is at least feasible.

Camilla's great and Hyrule Warriors was plenty good for local co-op. Stop trying so hard to fit in.

Mostly cause he hates Corrin/Kamui for no fucking reason. Every bit of dialogue he has even before you pick your route he likes to remind you how much he hates your guts. Even in the conquest route where his hate would be justified it just comes off as petty.

Honestly he is actually a neat character idea just horribly executed. If they waited till his mom's assassination before he got on the courrin hate train he would be a much better character. Never played birthright so maybe he gets better there.

I'm trying to fit in? You sound like the one trying to fit in.

No, it wasn't, it was just as fucking garbage.

Literally only one image is shit art. Stop being such an obnoxious faggot.

Neither of these things are true

I'm sorry you don't have friends, user.

You've gotta have pretty big balls to defend the shameless waifunisation of a whole series while calling other people autistic.
I see that the yellow jew has done good work on you

How could you possibly have fun with that terrible fucking co op?

What the fuck is with the "art" in this game? Who did they grab off the street for these? This is by far the worst I've seen yet while rerolling, it's not even close to consistent with other characters, it looks like a fucking deviantArt rendition of the character. What was the budget for this game, it's even worse than I thought.


And more shit threads means better things will be sooner bumped off the catalog.

It's not like hiding threads adds more space.

I noticed that too, I guess this is their way to show us that these characters are from the older games

Encountered him in story mode. I think he's based off American comics, hence all that shading.

Nevermind that, just looked him up and he is a Fates character.
What the fuck

Fates released in 2015

I said only one image was shit and it's the second.

It's a f2p gacha random herocrate summoner from Asia, is there anything you need specified except nintendogaf shilling their little butts off for a week or so?

It seems someone is a little buttmad because I insulted their precious normalfag-tier waifu.

Hating boobs and talking shit about older women even in 2D just makes you look like a pathetic hipster retard.

He sorta looks like he's from that game Codename STEAM. Which is also developed by Intelligent Systems. Who knows why they felt the need to do it to that one character.

How am I a hipster for being right?

Who does it say is the artist?

At least my fetish is legal in Australia and Canada.
Get fucked, Loli Man

Are you Gay, user?
Liking mannish washboard chests is usually a sign of latent homosexuality.

Not even trying.

The user listed reasons why each image is shit. Get over it you salty bitch.



[citation needed]
Cowtits are for normalfags with a twisted sense of AESTHETICS.
Liking tumors on a chest is a sign of latent mental retardation.

More like a latent sign of good taste
flat/modest chested girls >= guys > cow tit chicks

You probably call every pair of big tits "cowtits", you flaming retard.

Yeah, it's clearly a comicbook style and it looks amazingly out of place in the worst possible kind of way. Why would they do this to one of the best Fates characters?

How about instead of greentexting like a faggot you tell everybody how was cherry picking and reaching?

this, tbh fam

this is fine



I don't know. Why are you?

Doesn't mean shit.

Pure overopinionated faggotry. The face looks shit at worst.

Snobbish faggotry. Simply flawed.


God-tier taste user.

I've had a raging tit sucking fetish forever.

I wish I could photoshop this to do the black woman head thing

You're not giving this guy enough credit for being designed as the hardest final boss of Fates.

Never finished conquest but I will be honest your post actually makes me want to try it again. He still an archer as a last boss?

Speaking of which dude is fucking over powered as balls even among 5-stars. Fucker basically soloing the entire game for me cause his attack stat is insane. He is even fucking annihilating 5-star hectors in the pvp arena with ease.

Yeah, he's still an archer. But the map is fucking crazy. And he himself has a particular thing that makes him twice as strong as he would be normally.

jojo posters are always retarded

Like this is worse than watching a black bull fuck my wife. I've been waiting 9 years for a new advance wars while they kept just pumping out FE, FE, FE… and here they are with a shit F2P game… that's just shit and FE.

Would you rather it be an AW mobage?

Doesn't that mean once he's surrounded he's fucked, though?

It's just a reaction image m8, your salt is showing

FE even has a full-blown romhacking community. I feel pretty bad even though I haven't gotten around to playing any of the Wars games.

Yeah, I'd say that would just about be his weakness, considering that his attack range is 1~4

Why the fuck would you want a modern AW game after what they did to FE? Why the fuck would you want an Advance Wars: Awakening to be a possibility?
Let the dead rest in peace.

Calm down Kamiya

Calming down is for a gay, I'm 200% PLATINUM MAD

My only two decent rolls so far in this game

Myrmidons are unusable for fucks sake
They removed evasion and crits but didn't give a damn to balance units that relied on exactly these two things.
Poor Lon'qu

Still no Lyn or hector though. I'm up to 5 red swordsmen and women. Haven't got a Cavalier yet either. But my highest ranked unit is a 3 star Clarine at LV 23 simply because she's the healbot. Had her go with a bunch of LV 1s and now she's great.

Sounds more fun then this shit. Going to download the latest fan patch and giving it another go.

Yeah noticed that too. My peg knight basically only good as a mage tank with these mechanics.

they spent it on other artists

Conquest on Lunatic is ridiculously hard if you don't cheat by grinding on DLC
The final maps are more puzzles than strategy and the endgame is impossible unless you use a specific strategy to beat it in two turns

Actually scratch grinding DLC, it is very hard even if you max level to 20-20

please don't shill videos like this.
webm or fuck off don't give these people views

3% for a nat 5 unit are STELLAR rates, most gatcha games have them at below 1% and often require the player to spend 300-600$ just to get one.
Sometimes it's even random and can be an "awakened" 4 star unit.
For whoever isn't already used to this, this is the mobile market, and the whales are feeding these corps shitton of money.
So much money it's going to spill to the console and pc market as well real soon.

That doesn't make it okay.
Just because others are more jewish doesn't mean I have to tolerate the lesser jew

While I agree on that point, the main worry is that being "slightly less jewish" might attract a bit more attention that other gatcha games and popularize it more than needed.

I don't want this to become the norm, but it's going to be.

This webm is terrifying in some way. Especially for me, who always pirates shit.

That's just a lie at least for the games that people actually play i.e. the popular games such as FGO, Im@s SS, GBF etc. FGO is generally known as the worst with it's 1% chance for the highest rarity. I know of one game that has a 0.2% chance for the absolute highest rarity and that's just insane though that game has a fucked up amount of rarities. Some games like Puzzle and Dragons have much higher rates.
This is also bullshit. I don't know of a mobage that doesn't have a tutorial roll that can be rerolled so that you can get one rare unit for free for sure. Other than that they give premium currency as daily login rewards and completion and event rewards meaning that if you just play you'll eventually get enough to roll usually about once a week but that depends a lot on the gacha type. On top of that pretty much all mobages have Rate up events meaning that the gacha rates increase so you can get stuff easier. It is entirely possible to get highest rarity units without spending a dime. Some games even do guarantees such as roll 10 times on one pull and get a guaranteed rare unit. However if you want a specific unit then you either need to reroll for it on a new account to get it for free, hope you're lucky with your free premium currency or pay up and that's when the $300 amount is closer to the truth. Obviously that's not something you should do unless you're an idiot because it's literal gambling with no way to make the money back.
I guess you've not been paying attention since the TF2 crate update 7 fucking years ago or paid attention to CSGO, Mass Effect 2, CoD AW and Gears 3 I think were the first ones to do it in their franchises and so on. The whole loot crate thing is nothing but a gacha. Fuck it's even worse than the mobage gachas because the pool of shit you can get is so much more varied and you can get anything from an avatar to a gun to a character. At least mobage gachas usually divide character and equipment into different gachas.

Fire Emblem Heroes is still trash though and no one should play it just because it's a terrible game. There are better games like Fire Emblem availabe but people latch on to this one because it says Nintendo on the box. It's the same as looking at Steam top sellers and thinking the shit at the top is automatically good and representative of all other games are.

And by the way this game apparently randomizes stats for units so the 5* you get might not be as good as the same 5* someone else got and might just be straight up worse. The stats are determined on roll so you're just shit out of luck if that happens.

Nintendo really bringing the quality hard with this one.

He isn't even one of the "big" whales, those are over 100k in

You can be f2p in mobages and most (all?) of them offer some way to let you summon a bit or gain premium currency, sure, but being f2p, you'll always remain dirt for paying players to step on.
A friend of mine recently got into Final Fantasy BE. He's rerolled until he got a 5* and that unit is probably going to be the only one he'll ever have, while whales open up their wallets and just buy all the new "banner" units from the rate up, 300-600 bucks a pop.

Can't speak for ME, CoD or Gears 3, but I don't think this gatcha method compares to crates. You'd need to have a CS GO with a very limited f2p weapon pool and 3-4$ crates with varying % chance of getting weapons from it, and the AWP being a 1% drop.

Jesus fucking christ, way to shit on your customers

holy shit. who is this guy and how could he have that kind of money to spend on some shitty game? any more videos like this?

It's a good thing that most mobage doesn't have PvP. In the ones that have it it's absolutely worthless that I can agree on. In games that are primarily singleplayer the one rare unit you get from your reroll is enough to usually clear most of the content. I played PAD for about 6 to 8 months and cleared all content at the time without spending anything with just my reroll as the leader and whatever I got from the gacha or dungeon drops that fit around that character. It's a great puzzle game as long as you are smart and roll for a high tier unit at the start and as long as you're not shit at the game you can clear everything. I don't touch mobage from popular franchises because they are always the most jewish ones. It's just like how licenced games are almost always garbage.

There are so fucking many people like this in especially in Asia where the market is larger. Just pick a popular mobage and add "whale" to the search query and you'll find plenty even on english sites. There are a ton of videos because just like FIFA pack openings, CSGO crate openings or Hearthstone pack opening it's a big video market for some reason I've never been able to understand.

Same reason why some people smoke, some people drink alcohol all the time or some people go into the casino.

You shouldn't undererstimate the addictive power of gambling

will we finally see a game done with the free lancers
the legendary free lancers

I've already seen less jewy ways that are "common" in gachas like randomized tickets for different star tiers


I did want to clarify- he is an "archer", but I realize you must have been asking if he promoted at all. He did.

Why they made it or why are idiots here playing and discussing it?

Not bad on those rolls

Tell you the truth, those were 4 different rolls. I've been rolling as soon as I have 5 orbs simply so I can get another Troubadour

My first FE was awakening, I thought it was ok. Why is it regarded as trash? Is it the obvious waifu bait?

This isn't even an ironic post, I'm genuinely asking.

There are other reasons, there have always been cute girls in FE.

Awakening was my first game too but I can see why people don't like it. It's a strategy game that's light on the strategy. My Nah can beat every mission the game by herself, as well as a few others The game is broken as fuck but I still had a laugh with it.

Poor kid. Best run while you can before the oldfag FE fans lynch you.
Yes, Awakening is probably the easiest in the series simply because of how broken the pair-up system is and the bonuses two characters imprint upon each other.
It's regarded as trash because not only was it easier, it was also marketed by nintendo to normalfags. So suddenly you had the influx of normalfags and tumbltards who "ship" characters together in a series where the difficulty should have kept them away. It did sell like hotcakes though and the series creator regarded Awakening as the final FE he was going to make, naturally the series continued in Fates which is three times as long as the average FE game of around 30 chapters or so. That also sold like hotcakes and now we have all these spin-offs.

To be honest, there are fans of FE for every console gen. Oldfags like the SNES for the good story and gameplay. I like the GBA for sprites and characters, some like the Wii for Ike and company for some reason. People love FE but they love to complain about it more.

Since other people failed to mention it, I'll throw in the fact that it had fucking paid DLC shit, on day one, with technically-not-but-actually-clearly-is preorder DLC.

If you only played Awakening until now, go play the GBA ones, they're fairly easy to emulate.
Then, play the SNES (you'll have to search the fan-translated patchs) and the GC/Wii if you liked the series.

Then, maybe you'll realize why Awakening (and Fates too) are uther trash.

A part of me hopes that there is a separate, tiny team within IS that does the AW games, and that they love their silly wargame series enough to stay true to their beliefs. That part of me knows it isn't true.

Awakening's gameplay isn't really enjoyable or varied. Past games have more mission objectives than just murder everything or murder the boss. One of PoR's missions has you shoving old priests aside so you can take out their kidnappers before they drop the axe on their heads. Save all the priests and you get a unit promotion item and other stuff. If you cut down one of the hostages in order to make the mission easier, the boss taunts you for your actions. Hell, that game also has a stealth mission where you can bust recruitable units out of jail without having to fight a single enemy, and the game somewhat compensates you for the feat by giving you a truckload of bonus exp in exchange of the items and combat exp you'd get for making a ruckus.

FE7 has a survive mission where your army is defending a merchant so he can join your group. You're on an island that is fairly easy to defend, but there's also a powerful enemy mercenary as the boss and a village to save out there. You can send a small group, maybe two or three, without compromising your defenses too badly, but now you have to be aware of enemies fording the river, and you have two less people to deal with a man who can threaten your best units because mercs are badasses.

The remake of FE3, New Mystery, has a gaiden mission where 6 berserkers armed with Devil Axes and Hammers constantly respawn until you kill the correct enemy that's hiding in the back with two other imposters. It's such a fucking rush where you're watching a clone rear up for a critical, praying that he lops his own head off with the Devil Axe's effect, and it actually happens. The music that plays during those rounds where you're begging Marth to dodge or the devil axe to backfire is the icing on the cake.

Also Pair Up is broken as shit, having Hammerne staves on demand makes legendary weapons an everyday item instead of the premium shit you save for the toughest bosses in the final missions, and the only way to balance against all that is to flood maps with fully buffed enemies armed with forged shit. There wasn't enough variety going on to make the game too enjoyable. All of the missions kind of blur together. Ask me about the GBA or Tellius games and I can pick out a few choice missions that were lots of fun to think about and play.

Ike's the best. He got to shittalk the empress of the strongest country on the continent, its entire congress, and SURVIVED. People have been publicly executed for less. Also RD has the best gameplay of the post SNES era, hands down. The story is utter shit but I love the challenge it presents and the low key but very useful tactical options you get.

Well I was just checking if he was still using a bow and he did not turn into a demon or something. Just think a last boss being an archer/sniper stands out in a series where most last (humanoid) bosses are dark magic users or kings in tanky armour.

There dose not seem to be much love for the DS remakes though. I know shadow dragon was kinda of iffy but how was New Mystery?

The aspect of the older games that I can't stand the most is the random level-up system.

I never finished 6, because after Roy got to level 20 I'd been so shafted by shitty levels that I realised there was almost no chance of me actually being able to beat the game with his worthless ass.

I don't bother with mobile games so I don't know if this has the forecast to be a potential success or not.

How does a mobage not have daily quests?

Honestly considering the game probably cost peanuts to make they probably already made bank on day 1. How long this will last will probably depend on what they do but as we all know nintendrones can take a hell lot more abuse then the average consumer.

20,000 feathers is fucking overkill. 10,000 and a couple more ways to get a decent amount I would say that is fair game.

They'll probably snag many whales with this game

Without a doubt. If they double dipped for fates then they probably don't mind dumping $20 just for a chance at Takumi or Camilla.

I've seen other videos like this of scrawny asian faggots sitting and just running through this gacha shit for youtube or nico videos. I have to imagine their audience is very similar to the guys who just open Hearthstone packs or CSGO crates on youtube.

And that Singapore guy's final bill is even worse. Partway through he stops adding in the pennies, so he's probably a few hundred dollars higher than his final total shows.

its almost clockwork

Specially once they add the Friendship system.

Is that this game version of supports?

friendly reminder that Shouzou Kaga is still working on his independent FE successor

this shit's just as horrifying as when EA's stock started bouncing back up due to the sales figures from Battlefield 3

inb4 you can pat units' heads by swiping your phone screen.

You can already tap them for a quotes so it wouldn't surprise me.

You rub them and hearts come out. So it's in in a way.

Why pat heads when you can *rub the tiddies*
I did that at work just to piss off a coworker


so how long until somebody figures out a way to get infinite orbs, feathers, etc

It'll probably get patched out very shortly after being revealed, gotta maintain that F2P economy

You are aware every game has stats that increase by percentage right? That's not something exclusive to the older titles
Were you only using Roy? What the fuck user he's regarded as shit by everyone for a reason

Goddamnit I thought I was joking.

Hey now, he's got one mission to work with after his promotion to grind up some levels. Better tape his A support, elixers, healers, and Hammerne staff to his swag new cape as he kills every single enemy on the map.

Who is the A rank?


So Nintendo is getting rid of the 3DS, they're just replacing it with the Nu3DS.

N3ds is already better than Switch.

Change the idiom to Japanese but the game will be completely in nip. If you don't care for the story and know the menu already you should do that Tharja and Clarine sounds so damn qt in japanese.

Before thread is kill, if you want to add me as a friend my ID number is 0299064915.

Best Units so far. 5-stars: Lilina, Lucina, Fae, Cordelia, Takumi, Jakob
4-stars: Marth, Abel, Niles, Corrin (Male)
3-stars: Corrin (Female), Robin (Male)
…And Fae is cute as fuck.