Comes out in 23 days

What happened to it Holla Forums?

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Good to see that you love yourself :)

Why are people saying this game is trash? I don't get it.

respect the only things that keep garbage off the streets, please.

Every thread has a designated thread shitter nowadays.


Junk bot? Man, you're bringing back good memories. It's a shame that Lego got rid of it's old games like that and Backlot.

Have you played it? There isn't really anything to do other than build lego models, which you can do with other programs. Really, there's less interaction with the world than Minecraft You can't make vehicles. Multiplayer is a buggy mess.

Time for some skeletons.

Oh, and besides that it has terrible controls and UI, and it doesn't look like that will be fixed at all.

Did they ever add multiplayer?

So you're telling me you could make vehicles in a lego game from 1998, but you can't in the current fucking year +2?

Now I know how John Oliver feels

If you mean Lego Racers you weren't really making vehicles. There was the standard moving chassis then you could build on top of it.

99% of people would rather play with actual LEGO or just stick with Minecraft.

Nah m8. Lego Creator

It isn't ready. Why would they do this? I had fun with it, but fuck man.

Massive companies can't afford to be in alpha-hell forever.

That's fair, but I at least expect it to be general game release ready.
Now, it's just a boring buggy mess with a shitty building system that doesn't even function as good as the old Lego Creator of 2008

im expecting a vehicle creator upon release

There better be. Otherwise, I'll be fucking nuclear. Especially with the shit block selection they've currently got.

Shit man, I remember nuking the school computer this was installed on because I decided to see how much TNT I could put on a map.

Did they ever make it fun?

To be fair, it was always pretty damn fun.
But, it's still not ready, and not good enough for my standards. It has a lot of potential, and if they're seriously about to squander it with this dumpster heap of admittedly fun emptiness, I'll be peeved.

All you got right now is running around exploring. And that runs out quick. Until they make the building actually good there's no point.

1998 m8.

I figured that was way too late for it, but searching around on my computer only showed up "LEGO Creator 2008", and a google brought up that.


It does seem like LEGO doesn't ever quite know what to do with its video game properties. It's not that they've bad per se, they're all just a little off somehow.

They did a lot of stuff like give it out for free in cereal boxes and stuff later. Or have bargin packs with 5 really budget quality lego-games inside with creator thrown in to. I know there's no way it's 2008 though just from that nastolgia trip I get remembering staring at a gigantic CRT monitor for hours not sure if the game is loading or the computer crashed.

Wikipedia says:

They lack polish and content, however they're usually really unique compared to most shit coming out around the time.

i guess you mean 1998, unless there was a cool remake that im unaware of.
anyways, the builder sucks? thats a shame, i thought i saw people make some pretty nice stuff. are there any videos that demonstrate the problems with the builder? or, in your own words whats wrong with it?
from what ive seen, its leagues better than the one block at a time that im used to in minceraft

They made a ton of variations. Knights Kingdom, Harry potter, etc. I remember the harry potter one was cool as fuck because you could get the NPCs to cast spells and you could actually do a lot more with the game. The huge downside was sometimes there was level-specific stuff, although I can't remember off the top of my head.

That looks pretty comfy.

Can it be pirated, or is it online-only?


Yeah, you can pirate it.

Neat, might try it out then. Maybe there will be pirate serbs on release/right after.

No thanks
Not after what they did to Lego Universe

Here are some webms I made ages ago

This isn't an mmo they can shutdown, it's a standalone game with singleplayer.
Not sure if the multiplayer will actually get servers or if it's going to stay as steam friend matchmaking.

why would you want to play with serbians

Is this bait?


Oh well in that case yar har, fiddle-dee-dee.


Does it use that shitty Steam Server client like Killing Floor and EYE?

The fact there's not proper servers makes me think we could use something like, and God forgive me for mentioning this, Hamachi to run servers.

skeleton cant drive because he has no death perception, also why is there a shotgun mounted on the trunk?

That was back when the multiplayer was in early beta and barely functioned, I have no idea what state it is in for release.

Don't forget the horse that got skeleraped on top of the building at the start of the webm.

thats what that was? i thought it was someone launching a chicken out of a catapult

nah it was a skele, they'll attack anything that moves.

I lost my shit, but now I can't tell if you just misspelt "deapth".

Part 1:

Part 2:

Extract as one file, password to archive is ""

This was updated in August, which is about the time Update 6 was released, so I presume that's what this version is.
Not sure if there's a version released since, but the Steam dev news doesn't show it, and they're pretty active on it.

If I hadn't just spent a Steam giftcard yesterday, I would of bought this without trying it and upped for you, but oh well.

Well, guess the Docs missed my autism as a kid.

fuck you i made the best skeleton

uh ohhhh

I know this is a Traveler's Tales game, but is there a fucking ton of collectables to get? I hope there is.

It's a shittily done Steam crack.
Sometimes they don't crack it right or there's an underlying process that still needs Steam.

Most of the time you just have to run Steam once in the background, without even logging into an account, and it fixes it.

I remember Hotline Miami 2 had this strange fix where you needed to place the cracked files into /steamapps/common/ and run it, then it worked fine.

They re-released it.

The laughter will never stop, I love you bastards

I really want this game to be good. The building is decent, but I think the range of bricks you can place is a bit limited. Also the terrain generation is a bit fucked up in some spots, particularly when oceans meet caves.

I'll see how it is when they release the 'full' version. They've said they'll keep working on it after release but I think what they consider a shippable product should be a decent indicator as to the direction it's going.

Can't you still play backlot online though?

Fucking Christ.
Anyone got a better download/torrent?

What we wanted

What we got

Makes me angry. I want a real Junkbot, minifig or real-real

This is how it should be, wacky and toy-y as fuck. they just need to work on the rough edges

Do browsers even support Shockwave anymore?

What's this, the 70s?

didthey fix the "get down" drill bug by now?

LEGO could afford to keep the game in development indefinitely, making new content for years. And honestly they probably should.

This game is nowhere near its potential. LEGO is like the one concept with potential to make a Minecraft clone that surpasses Minecraft. The main problem is that it's technically unintuitive to make models in a video game. LEGO has editing software that you can use to make models and then import them into LEGO Worlds, but last I checked it doesn't have full compatibility (LEGO Worlds fails to render some blocks) and it sucks to close the game, build a thing, and come back to add it. Ideally you could make a "blueprint" in-game with Worlds and then place the build once you're done. Even then, you're stuck with the editing being kind of boring and artificial. A lot of the fun of LEGO IRL is the feeling you get by manipulating the pieces by hand to put them together. Maybe if/when VR becomes standard LEGO editing could really take off.

That seems like an intelligent business tactic that will be sure to increase the game's longevity and success

Say that to my cracked bricks. Not even half a year old and have only been displayed as this (NEXO/Elves book storage) and the original bus build.

Why, other than it's expensive?

It's like they think it's the 90s still and games can be goofy and fun

When I say that they can't afford to keep it running forever, I was partly joking and I was trying to get at that eventually a higher-up is going to pull the plug even if it isn't finished.

Does Lego Creator work well on Windows 7? I'm tempted to look for a copy, I had so much fun with it as a kid.

Ah, that explains it, then. Still rather odd. I just know I found my old disk, and tossed it in recently.
It's still pretty damn good. Didn't age well, but the building is still smoother than most others I've used. Granted, that's mostly limited to Lego Worlds and Lego Universe.

My copy did, yeah. It's a bit glitchy at times, but nothing too severe.

Do you mean LEGO Island back in the day or the LEGO Batman, Harry Potter etc games?
Because the first games were unoriginal in that they didn't utilise LEGO blocks properly, but were still fun, but teh newer IP games are actually really well polished. There are autists that sit there and recreate set pieces from films/comics into LEGO. And remember, when you break objects, they break apart into their component pieces, so they actually render a fair amount of detail.

As for the model importing, all they need to do is get LEGO Digital Designer and embed it to the main menu.

For the amount of bricks, they should be aiming to add every single brick ever mdae that ISN'T under the IP of another company, and then sell those other IP pieces off as DLC packs that only a server owner needs to have (This is only because they'd probably not be allowed to use things like DC superhero costumes without giving DC some amount of money).

Well there's the problem.

I've had LEGO sets all my life, even the new ones from this/last year, and have never had a single brick break. I've lost hundreds, but never broken.

LEGO Digital Designer is better, at least to me.
Plus, if you're really autistic with LEGO, which I am, you can build something on there with some of the harder pieces to find and send it off to them, where they package it up and send it to you, fairly cheaply.

Shiki can kill skeletons

nigger all of my what

Well, speaking of LEGO vidya, who here remembers LEGO Alpha Team for both the game boy and on the PC?

I'd legit kill to be able to play that shit again, pure fun to play it ages ago. If it weren't for roms or whatever making it impossible to play when the robot guide endlessly goes "IF AT ANY TIRUS"on loop because old PC vidya a bitch to run properly on new rigs, I'd play shit like that and Legoland forever.

Who's gonna host the server?

Whatever happened to the bonkle reboot? Never paid any real attention to it, but I work retail at a toy store and noticed we never got even one shipment of the stuff this christmas.

It was shit I guess.

I mean, I assumed that, but I heard nothing about it getting cancelled or anything.Last I heard, it was supposed to go on for 3 years or something.

every single green piece here exploded upon assembly, I wasn't even mad, it was amazing. that was the only time tho

Yeah, later socket joints were terrible and always snapped

apparently the new pieces are better but they look like shit

Bionicle pieces were always a pain. The join bits especially were a fucking hassle. I took to keeping superglue nearby.




I played it like 2 years ago. It was pretty much agreed it was nothing special beyond the first 3 hours.

the real problem is the half-assed multiplayer and lack of actual creations beyond terrain and buildings

IIRC there was a problem with the lime green from the batches they used to make the 07 sets. They never set properly which made them really brittle or something. It was the last time they used the old joints and switched to a new style the next year that was probably stronger.

I never had an issue withe bionicles but I stopped getting reletivly early in the brands lifespan. shit like is foreign to me.

That said I used to take one Toa Mata/Nuva and give it claw hands and then position its arms so it was grabbing my ceiling fan then turn it on to high and watch it fly across the hall and it never fucking broke.
Hell in elementry school we used to bring out Bohrok to school and headbutt them untill ones head popped open and lost. One kid superglued his shut and still none of them broke.

I bought 5 of the new bionicles on a whim, opened 3 of them then returned the last 2 when it dawned on me how fucking awful they were.
My biggest complaint was that they didn't have meaninful use of the gears. Like one of the ones I got you could swivel its waist if you turned a gear but it didn't have the same meaning as say swinging an arm from the original or jutting a head forward like the Bohrok
IIRC you could skip the first 3 steps and just do the 4th because the first 3 steps had to attach shit that wasn't seen in the end and wasn't attached to anything else.
They also couldn't fit inside their own boxes like the originals which was a nice touch back in the day.
No story comic inside either just on the back of the box, and they used English characters in the comic too instead of using the bionicle language they had. Even worse the back of the box comic had a graveyard and just has RIP written on a grave. It would have been clever if they had it in the bionicle script because then there would be buildup to a punchline but god damn it was so out of place.

Fuck this system. Its cookie cutter mass market crap.

It was fun for a while, but they didn't really do much with it. When they finally added multiplayer, it didn't even support more than two players.

Murdered after 2 years when it was set up for at least 3. Didn't sell well enough, entirely because Lego didn't market it properly.

Put simply, it's an unfinished game with loads of potential to be crazy fun, that chose to go the route of early access scamming.

Damn shame, too. Had the potential to usurp Minecraft from its piss-covered throne.

Still hoping this gets proper servers on release.
Also after a copy of the latest build to see what was added.

I doubt it's a scam. Just something inherit with lego games. They always feel like they're missing something or got cut short.

I mean "scam" in the traditional Early Access Hell manner.
That is to say, when they finally 'release', it isn't half of what it should've been. Certainly not what was sold to you, when it was still in 'development'.

Yeah. I just get the feeling even if this game wasn't early access it'd still be shipped like this.

Pretty much. You're better off playing Garry's Mod with LEGO brick models from the workshop.

From what I can tell from dev blogs and updates, the devs are simply still in the mindset of developing a console title that little kids can have fun playing. They're trying to keep the game, at least the parts not dealing with building, stupidly simple. They simply don't understand that it's an entirely different audience that's interested in Worlds.

The thing I hate about the new bionicles is how they're not nearly as utilitarian and universal as the old ones were. As bionicle went on, the parts became more and more stylized and custom, making it harder and harder to repurpose them into anything other than what was originally intended.
It became less like a cool technic variant and more like a regular action-figure.

I can elaborate on this visually:
On the right, you have a set from the original series, the very first. While not technic in the sense that they're literally just blocks or tubes, they aren't quite "defined" either. A lot of the pieces are either generic and versatile, like with the shoulders, hands, feet, etc.
The torso and limbs are more specialized, but they still could have other uses.

On the left is the first line of the reboot, which unfortunately made all the mistakes people criticized lego for near the end of the original run. It's almost 50% armor pieces, with a lack of technic influence. Many of the pieces are specifically designed to not fit in any way other than the exact one for which they were intended. At most, you'll just be mixing and matching armor pieces on the same, generic, humanoid frame, with little room for variation with the given pieces. With the old sets, you could take a set and turn it into something completely different.

The originals strike a balance between technic or normal legos, where you have to construct things from the most basic forms and shapes, and an average action figure which you just have to put together yourself.

Hell, keep it simple, I say, just give me more shit to do.
Any kid worth his salt will get bored of it in an hour, once he's realized there's not much to do beyond walk around and build shit. Combat is so pointless, that it barely counts in. Most everything is neutral, or runs off when you attack it, and while there's lots of weapons, all of them do the same thing.

They basically made a somewhat neutered version of Minecraft.

tbh I think part of the problem stems from it using the same engine as their other games, which was undoubtedly cheaper than most to make in the first place, and then having to brutally assfuck it with all these mechanics and customizability that the team was clearly inexperienced with.

Didn't older lego games support 4 players?

I thought they were always tuned around 2 players

My favorite sets were always the Rahkshi and Bohrok
My young cousin got some modern bionicles for christmas and when I saw how few parts they had I was extremely dissapointed

Anyone here play the bionacle point and click adventure game?


This at 1:45.

Still hunting for a copy of the latest patch (6).

Also, apparently this is coming to the Switch, so maybe we'll get something like touchscreen controls to better manipulate things.
I know we won't.

What is there to do in this game?
I played this in early alpha and it was basically just a walking sim but its legos.
Somebody shill this shit to me?

The Toa Metru will always be my personal favorite, because they managed to hang onto that original balance while dialing up the complexity. The new colors were also neat (at the time, anyways) and Metru Nui just seemed press all the right buttons for me somehow.

Why the fuck has LEGO never just made an AR/VR type game where you built stuff in real life out of LEGO bricks and then you hop into the game and explore your build? How hard a concept is that for them to understand?

You do know just HOW MUCH money they make from forcing people to buy their shit?

Then this.

But that would facilitate people buying their shit and an AR camera on top of that.

Speaking of this, I recall people figured out how to port models from some of the other lego games into lego worlds, anyone know if there is a chance any of the bionicle games could be ported?
I've read that Bionicle Heroes was "built upon the engine used in Lego Star Wars: The Video Game"

Are there mods for this?

Oh god please stop. The nostalgia hurts.

When you give people the same experience with digital goods, then it's almost sure they will buy less physical goods.

I liked the figure designs for Metru Nui, but the sudden dramatic spike in technology bothered me.
Like, you have this unique tribal setting where everyone just happens to be robots, then it suddenly jumps to what is essentially New New York from Futurama, complete with transport tubes. It tied in later to what would turn out to be an incredibly unique while also completely batshit insane setting, but I still ultimately prefer the comfiness of the original Mata Nui setting.

Metru Nui also marked the end of the mask gimmick - Up until then, the figures' mechanical doodads were meant to knock the masks off of other figures. None of the later sets had mechanisms that actually served a purpose like that, they just lit up or fired projectiles.

I liked those two as well.

While fun, gets lost/broken fast.