The worst part of a game

The worst part of a game.
Post them.

Say what you will about the fade but this is hands down the worst part in the game. I stopped multiples times replaying the game at this part. I don't give a shit about dorf politics or crawling underground.


They're pretty rare but when they show up they're universally garbage

The worst parts of the worst part

Fuck, meant to post this. Oh well, Lost Izalith is shit anyway.



No videos? This part of the game made me quit replaying it.

Have fun on hard mode with a kick me sign faggot

One of the worst final bosses in any fighting game I've played.

I've seen it post before. Even if you don't think the enemies are annoying bullshit it's still a long tedious level.

Istersiva in Oath in Felghana. The hardest boss in the game and it's out of sheer bullshit than actually being a difficult fight.

It was easy for me because the enemies were bugged and wouldn't attack me. But it would take at least 3 minutes to kill each monster girl, and there was around 7 of them. Maybe the devs intended you just to run through the level, i'll probably do that next time I play.

Is this Dark Messiah?


Oh God, this is one of the worst, last-minute, padding scrambles I can think of. One has to wonder how great this game could've been if the developers had more time and didn't have to resort to shit like this to make up for the cut dungeons.

"A rushed game is forever bad" indeed.

then tell me the name of the game you retard

vampiro el enmascarado sangriento


Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines. It's got an enjoyable setting and story.
But the combat is dogshit and the game can only be played with an unofficial patch.
It's truthfully pretty overrated.

im used to playing shit games, already completed morrowind twice

the combat alone makes it worth dropping halfway through


Fuck Sandopolis and both its acts. Slow ass music, pathetic easy gimmick bosses, and gimmick puzzles make it the worst zone. I'd play Carnival Night in perpetuity than play this boring gimmick zone again.


Hey hey, i have worse level for you.

The deep roads sucked fucking ass. Especially when you start to reach the old dwarven Thaigs. Darkspawn and asshole spiders that constantly crawl from above. It was a fucking mess. I think there was even a part where you're fighting two Ogres at the same time, I forget.

Read the OP you autistic Sanic nigger. I didn't say the entire game was shit.

I actually enjoy Flying Battery, though if you were a kid who for some reason played Sonic and Knuckles by itself, the difficulty curve in that level will throw you for a loop, as it's obvious you should be playing Sonic 3 and Knuckles together. And those spinning net things were kind of bullshit.


Sandopolis is shit but Marble Garden is worse.

I still don't know why they thought it would be a good idea to put a mandatory stealth segment in their fast-paced top down murder-em-up. Ruins the flow of the game if you ask me.

I love Dead Rising 1 and 2 but they have some really annoying moments near the end. In DR1 the Overtime mode sucked because the only enemies left are military dudes, and in the cave theres so much zombies but hardly useful items to fight back when your items do start breaking. And in DR2 the gas zombies are the worst because they hit hard, and attack faster than you have time to react to because of the slower movement in the game.


The worst parts of oblivion were… oblivion itself.

Turbo tunnel is my favorite Battletoads level. The river level is the same thing but with worse control, and slower so there's no thrill.

All of it. The entire fucking game from beginning to end. Pure, unadulterated garbage through and through. This piece of shit and Bioshock Infinite are the only two games in recent memory that were so bad that I left them angry that I'd wasted my time so utterly.

Resident Evil 7 was actually pretty fun and felt like a love letter to RE1 until the ship section, which sucks turbodick and the designer of it should be shot.

Git gud. Sonic 2 has objectively the worst bonus levels thanks to Tails' shit AI

Theres the plot of Metro Last Light for everyone, now no one needs to play it.

All of the big demon bosses count, I don't know why they made enemies that were immune to most of the fun things you could do in the game. BEST BOSS FIGHT EVER my ass.

I want to play 2033. So far in the first half hour it's been non interactive first person cut scene bullshit. Does it improve, or is Metro just a benchmarking meme series of games?

2033 gets better, has decent combat and has atmosphere in spades. last light is shit-garbage. you're not playing the Redux, are you?

Obviously not dog mode, but episode 4 is a tedious slog.

Security Hall is not so bad because it's short. has it right. Also nominating Lost Impact in Shadow the Hedgehog, and the casino in Sonic Heroes.

I-I am playing Redux. I guess I dun goofed right?

Drawn out and never fun.

2033 is alright if you like gas masks and shooting shit with an AK and jury rigged niggerguns. You can get away with not sneaking in 2033, too. It is very linear, though I'd say a lot less than its sequel. The plot doesn't make me want to jump out of a window like Last Lights', too. I do think the whole series is kinda overrated by people who got the game with their new Nvidia graphics card and jacked off to the graphics, but there is something to admire in the first game at least. LL is just crap.

part of why last light sucks so much is the combat feels so shitty. i can't really put it into words but it relies so much more on stealth that it basically becomes quicksave and quickload: the game. 2033 redux uses the last light engine and while it does look good it keeps that shitty combat feel

Entire pripyat and monolith. Area around monolith is the worst.

Resident Evil 7 feels like some tryhard Hollywood dropout trying to reboot the series Rob Zombie style. It's garbage.

Pripyat needed to be another area like the prior ones but incredibly fucking hostile to traverse, and not just a rushed attempt to finish the game. The plant could have just stayed as it was. It wasn't good but it was pretty "'""epic"""

it's the closest thing we've gotten to a real resident evil game since zero, i give it a lot of credit for that

I know what you mean.

And don't get me started on the Super STALKER 64 bit you have to do to get the true ending.

I fucking hate that part.
Honestly though, Latheon Gorge was worse.


the thread is "worst part of a game" not "worst part of a series". The bonus levels in Sanic 3 are shit. for example Big Berthas

man its ridiculous how easy dark souls 2 get when you use a mace instead of a sword. Shame the pyro weapon buff is only avaliable in NG+ onward, grab a +10 mace and buff it fire to give no shit whatsoever wherever you go.

Let me correct that, all gathering quests in all Monster Hunter are drawn out and not fun.


I was doing a Sorcerer playthrough of DS2 recently and I gave up at Iron Keep. I absolutely loathe that fucking shithole level. It made me so fucking angry.

It's hilarious how easy most of ds2 is when you use ranged attacks since the game is about punishing melee players

Yeah it's awful. I couldn't imagine doing that level without bloodheal

Been playing some Deception IV: NP, and holy fuck going through Mission 061 - Cronus Squad 2, the first time is horrible, i mean now that i have traps from down the Mission Tree (and know the "solution") it is easier, but the earlier you want that Slow Skill, Reina and other assorted stuff that is gated behind it the earlier you gonna have to tackle that mission and 60 seconds for 3 bulky enemies with the bulkiest one also being boulder immune when a boulder is the most damaging one shot you have kinda makes it annoying to deal with since one mistake possibly means you have to start over when most missions in the game have generous timelimits making it stand out all the more.

Well in Dagon's realms, sure, but Sheogoraths realms, which would also qualify as Oblivion, were the best part of the game by a gigantic margin, even if they were part of the expansion.

I've ran a full playthrough with a sorcery build, using a staff in the main hand and a sword in the left. Contrary to DS3, DS2 allows for full movesets on offhand weapons so I was not bothered whatsoever doing so. Wear light armor to allow for better rolls without the need to pump in carry weight and simply stat Int and Memory like crazy. Consumables means you can use spells a bit longer when you're in need but more often than not you'll be weakening foes at range before finishing them melee with a magic buffed fire longsword in order to not waste damage with your limited spell uses.

When dealing with sorcery you have acces to a much wider range of tools rather than plain damage. Stuff like decoys that can be used in combat for easy backstabs or even heavy soul arrow to facestab shield weilding enemies such as the group protecting King Venrick at the Crypt. Some staffs allow you to cast spells from different angles.

I've found this playthrough to be extremely fresh and satisfying given how far apart from normal gameplay this style is, making old levels seem fresh with possibilities. My only grievance is that the game lacks variety in term of robes, only the Black Witch set looks good and even then with the manshoulders female avatars have its hardly satisfying.

Shivering isles should had been their own game.

Red Forest is worse, honestly. Pripyat and CNPP might be kind of boring but Red Forest sucks a million dicks


git gud

He said best part, not the worst
Though it would've been acceptable if you'd said Volkmire's Inferno or Rat race

I hated that fucking faggot Beyd, his training was boring as fuck and a drag. I hated that stupid ass love story between him and that whore Shadis. And I hated that fucking boiler inside the lighthouse.

Looks like you haven't played any SNK fightin game

Fuck this nigger
Also, is the rumor true that this was gonna be the final boss of the game but they changed it due to aesthetic reasons (since most final bosses in Megaman games are screen stretched enemies with moving platforms which allow access to their weak points

This thing. A ride chaser stage from Mega Man X on steroids.

Any game with a long unskippable tutorial, like in Oblivion and Skyrim. It's fine when you play for the first time but when you play again it's damn annoying.

What's so horrible about the Brotherhood?

Every mission with a plane in this game is godawful

Brotherhood is second best, Sons of Samedi are just boring.


Chapter 6 in Dark Messiah. You're either going to fight the undead and get fed up or just run past everything.

On the PS2 this mission required absolute precision. They made it way easier on other versions because it was so difficult.

Samedi go out like bitches as well instead of how much the Boss just fucks up the Ronin and Brotherhood. Especially the Brotherhood after what they do to Carlos cause you are pumped as fuck to take those sons of bitches down.

Goddamn there never will be a game an Open world game as good as SR2

Finding these shards was so fucking boring

So Last Light is worse? That makes me worried for the next metro game.

This wouldn't be bad if the player was taught flight controls beforehand.

Scrambled Egg Zone. Sonic 2 MS.
The level is full of pipes. You go in the pipe and come out another side, you can choose where you go when the pipe forks and all that. The problem is that the level is a maze, and a lot of the pipe exits will either take you back, hurt you or kill you. It's all trial and error.

A friend game me the controller because he was stuck. I never played ZOE2 either but I beat him after a half hour of getting gud, was pretty fun.

I never got peoples hate for this part


honorable mentions to any even remotely fun game that then has the nerve to do forced-walking sections

Snowfly forest in Vagrant Story always makes me want to quit.

The labyrinth level from ninja gaiden thanks to the ghostfish. Even the water level is sort of fun and bearable but the labyrinth is the part that I dread the most. Cant find any good screenshots or vids though

That shit kept me from replaying the game

Feels bad man

Hey, we took all your weapons away, so why don't you enjoy some first-person platforming in a dreary, maze-like environment?

I never thought the labyrinth was bad at all. Plus it was a great way to grind some monies from the fish. Just jump around with spinning slash and you'll have no problems.

I just hate endlessly spawning enemies in pretty much every context.

Yo, The Brotherhood had the best scenes in the game.

I cried a little when Carlos ;_;

Most of the Tests of Valor in Ninja Gaiden 2

If that's the worst, then that just proves how fucking great the rest of the game was.


I'm pretty sure on the original xbox it was just as bad. If you weren't 100% optimize on your route it was just game over.

I actually like the gates. The are each a fun little exercise in sequence breaking and fairly rewarding to boot.

Hard to think of the worst bit but off the top of my head I'd say the sewer escort quest for the last "commentaries" book. That or maybe the mage's guild quest dealing with the skingrad count just because you have to stand and wait for him or his servant in real time.

Playing Witcher 3 again I'd say the worst part is all those ? locations in skellige in the water. Sure it's completely unnecessary but my OCD won't let me go on without doing it.

More specific:

Why do people think 2nd pic is hard? I breezed through it, but it totally ass raped my friend and he quit the game for a while. Is it because it just completely counter high-poise builds?


It counters being unable to adapt to your enviroment, first time I was playing a knight and breezed through. Had to look it up to see what people were whining about

It's not that hard, you just have to be careful. That being said I usually die a minimum of once on the Capra demon by getting trapped, and the Bed of Chaos is just some retarded shit.

I didn't realise the Bed of Chaos was supposed to be hard since I did it on my first attempt but I was pissed off that all you had to do was hit the left and right roots/orbs and drop down to kill that bug thing in one hit

I don't think that it's the fact it's hard. It's the fact that it literally is basically bullshit-deaths the boss.

I'd say after recent NG+ play that these parts feel more based on luck than skill for critical moments

It's more the left archer that tends to get me. Not by fighting him, but by random arrow hitting me in the back or side when I'm dealing with right knight. It also has that one issue of having a long trek back to try again that BoC has.

Maybe I just suck. I tend to go high-end medium armor Halberd+Arrows with BKS when shield is needed. Last two Ornstein&Smough fights have ended with me backstep circling the arena knicking Smough2.0 with arrows as a game of keep-away

Well I found that out on NG+

But you can put one of the towers between the left knight and the right one.

water levels

can't fuck the animals

ending was gay and made no god damn sense.



The funny thing is that the forest is pretty much a recreation of the one from tales of phantasia which makes sense, since symphonia is the prequel and it is absolutely no hassle in that game.

That's not Mad Space or those kart missions where you can't hit other cars.

What I love about Mad Space is that they had working Mario Galaxy tier gravity yet the fucking camera pans in all of the wrong places and there's way too few anti-gravity items.

I don't know if it was just me but Security Hall wasn't so bad, you just don't have to be a moron and learn the switches. All hunting stages suffer from the need to explore the whole map before being any good at them, but you don't really get that fucked in this one.

Was about to post this.



what game?


Sometimes that fucker will nail an arrow in your back before you get to the second night. A few times he would move positions. Probably because I dawdled to long.

To be clear here, I was referring to fighting the left knight first. Are you talking about getting the one on the right?

I was kinda fond of MoH AA's sniper city.
I mean,it was the pretty basic 'guess the building or pay really close attention' thing.
Also had one of the best tracks on the game.

I can agree with that. You already have to go around and collect items, why make it a fucking quest when you could be killing monsters?

I usually B-Line it to the right one and push him off. So yea.

Nice trips, going for the right knight is what I tend to do too but some other user said it was the left one that usually gets him.

fuck you I liked it


Fuck you the ai and collision detection on Faggy was fucking broken

I agree, that shit was annoying, especially the lich boss. I'd also say I didn't like the final boss (damage sponge with 3 abilities that turns into a pao kai fight you've already done). I guess the game just doesn't really lend itself to bossfights (except the orc one, that was cool).

That was because the PS2 release of the game was bugged as you lost fuel without even accelerating.

You can instakill him with a backstab directly getting to the pao kai fight.

I actually like the Sewers. The level has a nice build up from the story, the atmosphere is just as awesome as the rest of the game and you can finally unleash all the powers that you have accumulated during the game until now. Also it shouldn't come as a shock to players, because before that every zone in the game had a big combat area at the end of the main questline. Santa Monica has the Warehouse, Downtown has Grouts Mansion and Chinatown has the Fu Syndicate and that other damn Warehouse.


He told you what game, Tales of Phantasia.

what are you, fucking bad?

Man fuck that shit

I never really notied that magnon looked like elfpiss, funny that
What's the problem with magnon anyway? It wasn't a great boss but it was alright

Same. The comfiest part about Wind Waker is the sailing, exploring the great ocean and all the things in there. I couldn't hate the shard hunt because it was time spent on the ocean blue.


Also, this boss is such a fucking chore. Basically have to restart the whole fight over again if you can't kill it within two minutes or so, it really shows the faults of FFIV's battle system.

Metal Gear Solid 1, Warhead Storage Facility.
You can't use any weapons (safe for the Chaff Grenade, thank fuck) and if you are discovered? You got gassed to death or killed because they can use guns but you don't.

No..but when Rafa charges Elmdor like a headless chicken while Celia and Lede instakill your party, it is worse.

See 30:20. I don't know why but more than any other level I played this was the worst. I beat it and I haven't picked the game up since because of how fucking draining it was.

Not so fun when I do it, hmm?

the excuse for the forest is way worse. at least the gorge is some sort of treacherous landscape that no one can pass or whatever. the forest is just some dumb kid won't let you pass.


Also those other sandy maps and the first 5-10 minutes of any singleplayer VALVe game.

It was fun the first time, but subsequent playthroughs really kill your enjoyment of having to do it over and over again. Finding the charts, taking them to Tingle, then finding the pieces was like you were actually on an adventure, but when you come back in a later playthrough and you realize it's basically just one big long boring game extender, especially if you already know what to do. I'm really glad they cut half of it out in the remake.

Isn't the only big thing about Totorak that your Healer needs to actually use Status dispels, oh and pick up those stones, but have basically never been in a group that misses those.

I mean i can see it being kinda shit if you get a Scholar because only one Fairy has a dispell at that level and it got a LOOONG cooldown,but even then i never really had a problem with it, Healing Tanking or DPSing. it is nowhere near as bad as Dzemael Darkhold.

FUCK the Darkhold, tedius and the whole "Good Exp" only applies to like the first room, and unless you do a Roulette with a Pre-made you are bound to have SOMEONE fall down THOSE CLIFFS.

God, those were inexcusable. What the fuck was the idea to make the transition level 2-3 chapters long? The driving section was even more boring and out of place than the radiation-lake chapter. Nothing interesting at all happened, you just fought overgrown ants with that gimmicky egg sack. The few houses that were filled with combine and zombies were a breath of fresh air. Why didn't they ditch the hl1 rejects and went with standard headcrabs?

lost coast was supposed to fit in there somewhere and would have been pretty great given 2 or 3 more game play scenarios of similar style/length.

Oh you think THAT is boring…

Honorable mention for every labyrinth part in this game.

It was better than the water-bike-thing section. You know, the more I think back to HL2 the less I have good things to say about it.

I made a huge wall of text on these 2 levels earlier, but I don't feel like typing that shit up again. Basically they both can be summed up like this (give or take)

You literally have to do forced RPG segments for these levels fighting is not an option because:
>The enemy AI never runs out of units and the waves get larger as time goes on
I haven't been this frustrated at a game in a long time.

Nobody mentions Diablo II Act III yet? That part of the game is a slog through awful jungle and those annoying fetish fuckers.

Song of the Hero is the Triforce shards of Skyward Sword.

Eldar strongholds

I see your Eldar stronghold…and raise you the Imperial Guardsmen stronghold. Which one? How about both Soulstorm and Dark Crusade? And Soulstorm in general can be fucking difficult too. Tell me, how the fuck does a small Sisters of Battle base guarding the warp gate thing be more difficult than their fucking stronghold?

You must be pretty shit at DoW to have had any issue with the Eldar strongholds.

Any escort quest in Dragon's Dogma before Dark Arisen was released and and added the eternal ferrystone+more portcrystals.

The most egregious section in the entire franchise, when people tell me 2 is the best, I just refer to this part.

Kill yourself, that fight was E P I C. The song made it even more so.

Piss off, mate. At least there's breathing space in there and there's a way around Emma's short oxygen I said before, the Warhead Storage Building First floor where they disabled all of your weapons.Now that's tough and you have to go there again for both the PSG-1 and after you got caught. At least the water section you go through it like once or twice.

I hope you know what the smaller images in that pic are, user.

People seem to really hate the Casino levels for some reason. My beef was always with the fucking Castle stages, especially the second.

Other than that, the only thing that stands out is Chapter 4 of Paper Mario-TTYD with all the goddamn running back and forth between Doopliss' castle and the town.

This entire expansion is a fucking slog to play through.

Speaking of boring slogs…