Ghost recon Wildlands is set in bolivia

Is it just me or it sounds like wildlands was originally planned to have a Mexican setting but Ubisoft changed the setting in the last minute cause they were afraid of being called racists? Also Bolivian Death worshippers as villains seems random compared to having the Mexicans cartel as villains. Especially when real world Mexican cartel do practices satanism and human sacrifices.
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Yeah, sounds like they bitched out. The only interesting part of the game was the setting to begin with.

Isn't that racist?

Also the death cult in wildlands don't exist Bolivia. Only in Mexico and U.S really . mostly because of illegals.

I may not be correct but I think the "santa muerte" death cult thing stems from Santeria, which is a Caribbean thing brought to South and Central American countries by immigrants, not just Mexico.
As opposed to thick Bolivian accent? Can you Tell them apart while they're speaking English? I sure as fuck can't.
This whole discussion is pointless though, it's a Ubisoft game so it'll be shit.

That probably True. But Santa mureta cults involved in human sarafices and being popular among gang memebers is something unique among Mexico.

Don't know what you mean OP, La Santera's Santa Muerta Chapel is a well known Bolivian heritage site and tourist landmark.

Why are mexicans so subhuman?

Thats fucking bullshit GRAW 2 was in mexico

That was 10 years ago user.

oh shit

Will trumptards ever be satisfied?

lol what a loser that guy right

The thing I actually question the most is if Ubisoft is restarting the clancy-verse

GRAW 2 had you call in mission for H.A.W.X

Splinter Cell Sam ran into a squad of Ghosts

End War had characters from Rainbow 6

This seems kinda pointless but I got into the beta surprisingly

If it came down to the wire I think For Honor and Siege is better than this game

I know 8/v/ likes to shit on people like me but hey I actually fucking play games.

fucking hardcore mate, straight outta thr gamer zone ūüėé

It is as big as in the 80s. Hell its bigger.
Mexico gov has pretty much capitulated and barred US from officially even operating in the country.
Hell… just the border situation is way worse than before. There were statistics where 80% of women crossing it are RAPED.

4 out of 5 women are raped in their lifetime, this is serious gamergate

He's talking about Bolivia.

Can't be true. Mexico don't have a lot of cis White male Christians.


Why is that?

Lol good one fellow goon

No Ubisoft just doesn't bother researching and learning new things.

We had a dude who got into the beta posting screenshots on here a while back
tl;dr was retarded AI tagging along with you, barely any buildings you can enter that aren't for scripted events and a dozen of markers and casual handholding to disable before you can 'enjoy' the game.

Did that include the massive "fall back" when the regenative health is low by chance?

No clue. Don't remember seeing anything like that back then.

Day one buy from me


Probably the result of the obligatory retarded 8 year old play testers.

Wouldn't surprise me in the least. On top of that it feels like they're trying to do what MGSV fucked up. I can't really see this being anything but a disappointment.

Imperialism and Miscegenation.

I see you're an edge lord
I too am quiet edgy

It doesn't look good TBH. The multiplayer is only 4v4

Unless this game is playable offline - i'm not gonna even bother. It does look sort of interesting but I get a really fucking strong smell of Division on it.

The 4v4 mode is fucking garbo

The duel 1v1 and 2v2 have no gear stats

Mack has notoriously bad opinions, watch his videos with a grain of salt. For Honor is pretty great but its a fighting game, not Chivalry.

Obviusly it was.
The whole map and people looks nothing like bolivia, look up some pictures in google, its fucking mexico.

So rainbow six with swords?

Maybe if you filthy niggers, would stop funding Uplay, they would stop making shitty games.

What? In which game?

Its set in bolivia not argentina, user


You're right.

except that it looks like a MOBA and has no operatorfus.

Canadians I knew all hatred Mexicans.

Because you fucking englishmen didn't gave us enouth time to genocide their race in a christian and non violent way. With rape and genetical assimilation.

nigger you have faggots here who worship a fuckin frog, your country has no culture either, and europeans are a bunch of fuckin cuckolds. you fags arent that far behind.

if the "bolivian" girl was a peruvian then its "possible" for her to have a mexican accent
but fucking bolivian

Its atleast following the Siege model for its DLC

Also look at the fucking ending of the video they are adding a fucking Roman Soldier.

Pandora Tomorrow and I forgot which game but someone else mentioned Ghost Recon 1 in a Splinter Cell game.

Remember all the airstrikes in GRAW2 were performed by H.A.W.X

I thought that male anchor was doing a Phil Hartman impression. Spooky.

Wow, what a profound difference. Thank you for correcting the record.

This term is highly racist, drumpftard.

everything south of texas is mexico user

open beta comes out next week

game is clearly a consolized m&b (maybe a better chivalry deadliest warrior) and i'm very much planning to not get it, but i will still give the beta a try

if it ain't white, it's subhuman

french canadians*

i don't play siege, so i'm not sure exactly what the paid dlc even gives since it seems like half of it is free. is it like killing floor, where the maps are free but characters cost a few shekels?

also, this image reveals the six dlc characters, though it's dimly lit

from what i can see, there's a roman soldier, a ninja assassin, some sort of crusade-looking knight, what appears to be a turk, and two others i'm not quite sure of

i'm a dumb nigger, the page i got that pic from explains it

Ubisoft will add the new Heroes ‚Äúprogressively‚ÄĚ in batches of two at the beginning of a new season of the Faction War. After the early-access period for pass holders, the Heroes can be unlocked via the in-game currency Steel.

The additional free content in the plan will be spread out during the three Seasons. Again, it comes with new maps, modes and gear which is free to all players. Season Pass holders just receive early access to some elements is all.

As previously reported, the For Honor open beta will run February 9-12. It includes the 4v4 best of five rounds Elimination mode. The other three modes included in the beta are Dominion, Brawl and Duel along with nine playable Heroes.

For Honor will feature twelve playable Heroes and five different multiplayer modes when it releases on PC, PS4 and Xbox One February 14.

Looks like the same bullshit they pulled in Far Cry 4

"Ghost Recon" doesn't mean anything anymore. Remember the first game in the series? Probably one of the best games in the genre, ever. One hit and you're dead. It was legit difficult and fun as fuck.

Now look at this shitfest we have here.

I don't trust them with this IP since Clancy's death at all. I know several times they tried to casualize the shit out of it but Tom stopped them because while he knew nothing of vidya he knew good gunplay.

Now instead of a tactical shooter with great gunplay and decent story this looks like another GTA clone.

They've been shitting in his cereal for a while now, remember splinter cell conviction?

Never played it, the first splinter cell was great but I have always been more into the Recon games.

I thought it was confirmed a long time ago, back when this game was first announced, that it was supposed to be Mexican cartels. It then got changed when "Build the Wall" became a thing and Ubisoft had a number of groups ready to publicly crucify them if they continued that narrative.

As mentioned by>>11845581 and there were plenty of previous games that took place in Mexico. Mexico, however, wasn't a sociopolitical point of interest like it has been in recent years. There's a damned good chance that had they steadied the course on portraying Mexico as a Satanic, cartel drug-state as it actually is NO ONE would let them advertise and sell the game outside of their own uPlay service. (And Steam, I don't think Gabe gives a flying fuck so long as he makes money)

It fucking sucks they more-or-less got cucked by the political left's recent bullshit, but then again if they had kept it up it would have been a fair amount of financial suicide as far as advertising and PR is concerned. Sales-wise, it would only have been pushed to actual gamers who don't pay attention to commercial advertisements and more closely watch devblogs, something casuals (a far larger audience) don't do.

Remember when Rainbow Six was originally supposed to be about counter-terrorism against terrorist left-wing death squads that target families and civilians?

not that guy but conviction is one of the worst offenses to humanity, and i mean that after remembering the geneva conventions.

I think there's a video floating around that shows how bad it was but basically
The thing is a mess. Only positive I cant think of is the co-op mode had a story and neat little twist at the end where you have to kill your co-op partner. Haven't seen a game do that before.

yeah, i can confirm all of that except the co-op bit, i had no idea about it because i played it solo.

i played that shitfest on the highest difficulty and barely died, only took me about 6 hours to complete, and that was almost entirely in one sitting.

WHat the odds the cartel comes across as more reasonable than the good guys by accident again?

there is a "hardcore" difficulty in which iirc you can only take 3 shots max.

They probably will make the badguys the Alt-right and have a anti-Milo stand in as the villain.

To be fair, they did actually travel to Bolivia to take pictures.
Also Patriots looked like hot dogshit with all the scripted events.
For once, I'm glad they made a multiplayer spin-off instead of a single-player game.

user the Patriots sounds like a libertarian group

what the fuck is with faggots blaming EVERYTHING on one person

But user, see how they use suicide bombs? Their friends, the Muslims, have culturally enriched them on how to spread love to all those freedom-loving, Sharia-law hating racists of the right, what with their poisonous capitalism and *actual* equal rights! They must be liberated of their rights and controlled, mind and body, for the future glory of American socialism that can be free of dissenting opinions and critical perspective! Then we can finally kill all the whites!

Okay, I can't keep this up. I legitimately made myself want to run to the nearest college town Austin and beat the living shit out of the first person with problem glasses and/or dyed hair.

If it makes you feel any better ubisoft was gonna add Israel to Rainbow 6 Siege but replaced them with Poland

Are they adding Poland in Operation Blue Orion?

literally who cares

I kinda wanted isreal so I could get my raifu the galil

There's a closed beta now for Ghost Recon.
Lots of options for weapons and character customization, tacticool girls aren't ugly like those in the Division, several levels of difficulty (I guess "Ghosts" is the best one). From what I've played so far, it feels like if you're larping as a Ghost on a Far Cry map.

I can't seem to find it now, but when they first announced this game, didn't they explicitly list Mexico as the setting?



I like a G3 as much as the next guy but her younger sister is a lot cuter


good thing i got a code for the beta on ps4

All beta testers i've talked to have said it's retardly easy, with every session devolving into mindless Rambo styled shoot-em-ups. No tactical or operator tiered gameplay to be had here. Ubsoft insists upon making enemies retarded cannon fodder as to not overwhelm casuals which removes all tension and any point of planning.

Is there any point customizing your gear when there isn't any real point?


So Texas is Mexico?

BR here, i approve of this.
Venezuela would be great and they are amazing shitposters.

I hope they tone down the bird and the radio sfx, they're way too loud.
Also the leveling system is a bit dumb, you have 3 AI sidekicks (if you play alone) but at the begining you can only do 2 synchronized kills while the other 2 AI are watching the trees grow.
(my apologies for the screenshots, I should've set the game in english)

Sorry but I won't stop the male gaze, I'm not a ghilliefag :^)

Well you can thank twitch shooters like CoD for that. It's the same thing in The Division: randoms are running around instead of taking their time.
I haven't tried a mission on Ghost difficulty yet. they said that you can get down very fast if you run everywhere like an idiot.
So far it's way better than The Division, the ennemies aren't bullet sponge. TBH if Ubisoft don't fuck it up, it could be like MGSV but in co-op.

I don't know. Killing with style?

I am one with the triggered.

Who the fuck are you, chuck norris?

Fucking this I was right For Honor was a better game than this

Also the story is about a Mexican Drug cartel taking over Boliva



>go to hell, gringo!
>ok, ok I talk!

See, no swearing, it's dramatic, makes the character seems smart and badass at the same time.

HK33 always seemed like a rifle that be more popular. Probably made a better G3 replacement than the G36.

Yeah, it probably would have. It's strange to me that the MP5, a G3-derivative in 9mm, gained such immense popularity, but a G3 chambered in 5.56 did not.

It's been a while ever since the last time i saw a reasonable opinion on the itnernet.
Carry on then, Chucky.

Why do the Ganados in RE4 speak with mexican accent when the game takes place in Spain

Isn't there harder difficulties to make yourself less armored so that you die faster? I've heard the hardest difficulty has your character dying in one hit, meaning you have to actually play intelligently if you up the difficulty level.

But that came out on console recently

Still not as big of a mistake as MP7. IT was suppose to be MP5 replacement.

actually, GR2 and Chaos Theory tell the story of the same conflict and begin with the destruction of a hi tech US battleship. I don't think they actually ran into each other

Funny, because I remember a mission on HAWX that had you cover a Ghost squad.

I dont speak goddamn mexican so why should i care

Bolivian accent is awfully noticeable, they have a weird pace (very slow and paused) and stress the s at the end of words a lot. You probably never heard.

Also, the whole North area of the country is fucking beautiful and very varied. Great setting for a game… Probably not this game though.

I knew it! Not even worth a fucking pirate! The only good thing about this is watching the shitshow from the sidelines. I hope it bombs.

I've been playing it, on the hardest difficulty it can actually be pretty difficult, but there are some stupid AI quirks which make the best strat just to find a helicopter and destroy the base before you even go in. If you can find 2 or 3 anons to play with, it's like a cross between metal gear solid V and just cause, weirdly.

There's the stronk womyn shit! I knew they couldn't keep it to the dramatic narration in the trailer. They had to put it in the game too. I guess they've restrained themselves a little in not making her a landwhale with pink hair, but I guess that's coming in the DLC.

Maybe, but Mexicans have been known to fuck around in South America, especially leftists. A bunch of FARC were all Mexican as well.

From what I've played so far it's a nice setting, but holy shit the map is way too big.

You can play as a tacticool rambo girl but yeah the leader is a stronk woman (the blonde girl from one of the trailers), she doesn't even wear a uniform.

… it, otherwise you would know.
That was the full sentence.
Anyway, I was sent to bolivia on a business trip. It's a rather unique place, one city has a lot of
people, the rest of the country is filled with pure breed indigenous people like the one on video related.

I had more fun with Future Soldier than this.
And that isn't exactly hard to achieve.

Just you watch, this game's gonna be dead within 2 weeks of release.


Uniforms are too patriarchal and not individualistic enough. It signals a lot more to stand out from the crowd as the odd one out. Why not let everyone wear whatever the fuck they like so that battles become one big confusing clusterfuck of friendly fire.

I didn't play shit-ops 3 but this screenshot indicates you could play as some edgy dyke in that one as well. And the normalfags keep buying the games…

How hard is it to just make an operatan game with 'muh dick' levels of weapon customization without fucking it up and turning it into shit?
I know this is Ubisoft, but god damn it. Why do they have all these potentially great IPs and proceed to either do nothing with them or just flat out fuck them up.


GR Future soldier had great customization, some stuff was a bit silly/gamey to be right, but it could have worked nicely on a proper game.

Feels like third-person Far Cry 3 but with co-op. Even with another friend and two I still have zero fun playing it, which is a shame since the character customization and what the weapon customization seems to be is really top-notch. Shame the gameplay's vapid and the game devoid of any real mission besides "go here and do one of three things."
Could've been a good game if they skipped the open world and just had large mission areas like the first game.

Also, the AI's fucking braindead. Even on the hardest difficulty, I can fire an unsuppressed rifle directly in an enemy base and kill a guard and the AI don't respond at all unless they see the person gets killed.


That's because she's CIA

Play the beta for 10 hours and you have seen everything I did and got bored right after that

Activision turned the CoD multiplayer into another Destiny/Overwatch game. You have to pick a hero (I think there are around 10 characters) with a unique super. It's really bad and Infinite Warfare has it too.

I thought they had a great level of weapon customization until I looked a bit closer and found that in order to unlock a certain weapon part you have to find the piece at a precise location on the map.
It's so fucking dumb. Why isn't it tied to I don't know, some kind of credit system that you earn while doing different missions and challenges? Do they really think that in an online session 3 guys will happily wait for the other guy to find his weapon part so they could continue the mission?

The 4-player co-op mode on FC3 was one of the best experiences I've ever had. Really fun. This? No.

So, will Wildland have its own Pagan Min? will the bad guys be the good guys all along?

The concept of a bunch of operators operating in a responsive open world with character and gear upgrading/customization is really cool.

I'm making an Arma coop mission based on the premise. I have the map population working, dynamically spawning patrols, vehicles, garrisons, mission targets, SAM sites, etc (all easily portable to any map/modpack). Most of the stuff like saving, upgrading, powers, etc I have in other scripts/missions. The thing will be playable in a few days.

So not hard at all.

There a reason why Brazilians call Mexicans savages and degenerates.

That's rich, coming from Brazil.

It really is, poor people in south america are generally shit, but Brazilians (closely followed by Paraguayans) are easily the worst. I have never been to mexico though, only Mercosur countries.

Are any of the previous Ghost Recon titles good for singleplayer?

The first one (and the expansions) were very nice, at least back then.
I can't remember 2.
Advance warfare was boring.

Ghost recon 1 is certainly good.
Advanced warfare is fine in my opinion, do note that the PC version is vastly different from the console version. The PC version is fine, the console versions are shit, as far as I am aware.

I was afraid you would have to make some dudebro operator. I was pleasantly surprised.

Stuff like that gives me a boner. How was H.A.W.X. anyway?
Out of those I only played Splinter Cell. I tried Vegas 1 and 2 but I found them rather lame.
Should I bother with the older Ghost Recon and Rainbow 6 games or have they aged like milk?

Maybe once it's cracked I'll give it a pirate and look for a completed save file and just make operators.

Probably because there's really no other reason to explore the world. They do this shit every time. Seems like a good bet.

Only good thing is the character customization. AI can kill you dead in two shots on the hardest difficulty, but they're so braindead that you need to be retarded to get them to shoot at you.

Brazil unlike Mexico is a regional power. Hell wasn't for mass corruption. Brazil probably would be a superpower by now. Unlike India. Brazilian don't shit in streets unless its hookers making scat porn.

After dicking around a bit more, I'm convinced that AI is bugged to not register the difference between unsuppressed and suppressed.


The first one. It was great. IMO one of the greatest in the genre. You had to think things through. If you rushed, you got shot, and one bullet is all it takes to kill you.

You actually feel something when playing because you have to think things through. Newer games makes the player apathetic to their actions because there are no consequences to lack of judgement/skill.

Brazil is a gross place for very mixed monkeys. The purer, the better.

t. blanco

Looks like a total disaster.

Did anyone expect anything but a total disaster from Ubisoft? When's the last time they released a game that wasn't a totally unfinished buggy mess even months after launch?

If there's some form of scuba suit or skin tight kind of clothing then I'm sold

Florida is Mexico?

Don't forget Infinite Warfare being about The UN going off to fight evil Mars Nazis

Do these niggers seriously never fucking learn? How many of these trash games do you think the average normalfag youtube commenter has bought/played at this point?

At some point you'd figure they would at least hold off on buying it straight away after being exposed to something like that video, but no, they'll just buy unfinished, incomplete trash over and over again without complaint. Hell, they'll even justify it.
I just don't understand why.

It's simple. They are just poor judges of quality. To them, these unfinished garbage messes of games are all they know, so they don't see anything out of the ordinary when a game looks nothing like the pre-release material or when a promised feature is taken out and held ransom as a preorder bonus.

This is all they know and they think its fine.