Horror Thread

How's Corpse Party anons? Is it actually 'scary' or just standard shit? What's the best to start with?

General horror thread. What's some good shit to play.

Play the PSP version as it's the best one, it really scared me back then.

The PSP version of the first game is great.
Book of Shadows is more VN than game, but it's still pretty good.
Blood Drive has slightly better gameplay but everything else is significantly worse. Only play it if you really liked the first two games.

How so? I thought the vita version was quite good.

I don't know what your standards are but it is quite unsettling and certain scenes are still in my memory. It's a game that has been continously developed on for 10+ years so it has a ton of content too. In my eyes it is a must play.

He probably means that the story wasn't good. And he is right, Blood drive is no Blood covered and has some questionable plot elements in it.

At least Mr. Bottle won't let me down.

Some stuff like the flashlight with limited batteries and the final boss fight were nice, but the previous games were a lot better and scarier.

Guess ill dig up my PSP and give it another play, thanks for the suggestions

Guess I will also contribute to the thread and say Fatal Frame 4. Was quite spooky and the fan translation is good, but there are still some errors. Other than that i enjoyed it.

Why is Magari so sexy?

Being a mentally well adjusted member of society has its benefits.

Is that seriously from the Vita Corpse Party? Is that at least played for laughs in a joke chapter and not meant to be scary?

Having played at least 2 chapters of Corpse Party on 3DS it certainly isnt for everyone, especially because its easy to screw yourself over into a bad ending in case you miss something and restart the chapter if you dont use the multiple save slots. I dunno if I'd call it scary but it genuinely has a creepy atmosphere if you can look past the anime artstyle.

You're a big meanie.

I'll dump some Ito anyway.

I'm still salty as fuck that Kojima never got to collaborate with Ito because of Konami.





Furukawa is dead. But who was phone?


Anyone would want a game that features Hachishakusama?

God bless you.

Depends. How much ara do we get?

It's alright. The atmosphere really makes you feel vulnerable at all times


Fatal frame 5, nigga.

any lewds?

>STILL no R34 for DreadOut

All life is suffering.

Post more

If it gets sexy, absolutely.

The Japanese think of everything!

So is it even a RPG like Sweet Home? Or is it just a Visual Novel where you talk around an "RPG" environment like in To the Moon? When you say "gameplay" what does that even mean? Because it looked sorta interesting but all VN go in the trash tbh

post more

It hurts

Anyone know how Detention is?

Is it worth a play?

Perfect woman tbh. Would get abducted by.

I would definitely PO

is buff Hachishakusama real?

The fear in Corpse Party set in for me once you learn that the souls of those who die there are trapped, cut off from Heaven
Fact that not even God can help you there does wonders for the setting for me personally

It also shows fear that you can't trust anyone.
There were characters that were traitorous, selfish, wanted someone else dead, or just batshit insane.
Pics related, prime examples

I thought it was pretty cool. The soundtrack is good too but the puzzles are really easy. Play it for the story.

cool, then I'll go ahead and download it now.

So long as the atmosphere, story, and spooks stay consistent, I can forgive the puzzles.

is it better to just emulate the PSP version or should I get it on Vita?

Stop watching stupid jumpscares and ghost shit.
Anyone read Saya no uta?

Pretty lame, does he have anything better?
I also read the enigma of amigara fault.

Don't know much about Corpse Party, but how scary can a cutesy anime game actually be? All I know about it is that its fairly gory.

I can say that the sound/VA is top notch, at least in the first, haven't gotten to the other two yet

Don't entirely diss VNs. Saya no Uta is breddy good. As for Corpse Party; it's pretty much a visual novel in RPG form. Think something along the lines of Mad Father or The witch's house and extend it to something like 6 to 8 hours and you got Corpse Party. Skip book of shadows, it's shit.

So what are your fears, and any games which play on them?
Mine would be having a mentally disabled child as son or daughter. The thought of being forced to raise a child who can never truly live up to its own potential as human being or be able to express its own thoughts, being forever stuck in a blissful childlike state is something truly horrifying to me. It's not the same as having animal pets, every time you'd look at your disabled child you'd be reminded of all the hopes you had for it. Never can your retarded child feel like it has truly accomplished something but the most rudimentary things, and neither can you.

It's not that I expect my children to be ultra-successful graduates or something, but I want them to at the very least learn to feel what it's like to be human, that they can live their own lives the way they want to and be happy. Physical and mild mental disabilities can be lived with or worked around, but actual mental retardation means your child will never be complete. How is being forced to raise a child which will never understand the efforts you put into raising him, who will always be a burden on you, and will just merely 'exist' not one of the most horrifying things. Each night your child would just sit there, completely minding its own business paying no attention to the world around him, and you'd lie to yourself that you really love him despite all his faults, but in reality you'd wish for a normal stable child who actually understands the effort you put into raising it. And there's nothing you can do about it. You couldn't have prevented it, and you can't run away from it.

And I wouldn't even know how the mother would feel. Would she feel the same way I do, or would she actually love the child out of maternal instincts, being determined to love her child regardless of what happens? When I think of the latter, I can't help but think of that one picture where a mother who just gave birth to her child is happily holding it with a genuine smile. The child she was holding looked like the remnants of an abortion, it was completely red and merely the size of an adult hand. It didn't seem to have any limbs, but a face could be made out of the flesh. I don't think it was alive. Was the woman truly happy, that the birth was finally over, or did she merely delude herself into thinking that the fleshy misgrowth she was holding was a young health baby? It's questions like these which make me fear birth more than anything, for hopes and dreams can easily be shattered by simple chance.

There's not a lot of games which actually delve into that from a horror aspect. There are some cases like the one in Wolfenstein: The New Order, but I only ended up feeling pity.

I didnt know people wanted to fuck creepy ghosts.

Reminder that Ayumi did nothing wrong

Sounds to me like Eraserhead is a movie for you my friend.

Ayumi did everything wrong.

Besides being worst girl she basically doomed most of her friends.

She didn't just doom them. She damned them to repeat the pain of their deaths over and over and over for all time.

Whats the difference?


just finished it, what a bittersweet ending.

>tfw all the characters contributed into doing something wrong that led everyone to a melancholy conclusion

decent little game though.

>ends up crippled, blind, and braindead at the end of it all

The worst girl in that series.

Existential dread is not horror. The latter is fun, the former is the very opposite of it.

it's a nice read


Watch the OVA. It's horrible as fuck, I feel the PTSD coming back.

Isnt that the one where everyone dies in extremely graphic ways?

>Oh here's the part where Yuka gets sav-


This is pretty much my reaction.

Is Kizami a killer or something? The fuck did he need to kill his classmate over? The characters in CP seem fucking weird, like that one dude who was taking pictures of dead girls.

He has no sympathy for anyone. Being in Heavenly Host just amplifies it until he's accused of murdering one of his classmates and he just rolls with it

She's literally worse than Griffith.



Slenderman X Hachishakusama crossover NEVER EVER
Also no Kuchisake-onna game
It hurts.

Fuck off with that shit. Popular culture ruined Slenderman. I wouldn't mind a Kuchisake-onna game though, as long as it's not first person and I can somehow defend myself.

Not all of it. At least I got a new interest in tonguejobs.

I really enjoyed the setting, it was a nice change. Neat game.

Kizami is a sociopath and Shiggy is just your average gurofag. I liked the extra chapter in Blood Drive where Kizami runs into Morishige and tells him to kill himself.

Gas yourself, redditumblr

Funny, I just got finished watching it.
You need to watch it if you haven't, it's supposedly what inspired SH.

Eraserhead is the real Silent Hill movie before Silent Hill was even a thing. The imagery would make Masahiro Ito proud.



I tried telling Mayu of her fate but she was on a hurry.

Is it me or are the corpse party girls all 10/10 deflowering and impregnation material?

Getting sick of your shit Corpse Party.

Not all of them, Yuka is the most annoying shit ever. And I get it because shes still babbied by her family but fuck shes one of the most annoying kid characters in a horror game.

She would be fun to bully and make piss herself.

I really liked the first game, I have no idea how the sequels are like though.

There's no outright scary stuff other than some gore (which I actually didn't get to see because the pc version censored it for some reason), the appeal for me was the way the characters reacted to the situations.

I still haven't watched it, and I've seen Twin Peaks and Mullholand Drive.
Both of these still have pants shitting scenes, Lynch was a master at making seemingly trivial things look scary as fuck.

BOB walking through the living room and noticing the camera and walking towards it still haunts my childhood

Not even that, too annoying.

Did the PC version censor it? All I remember hearing was that it was the original version, where as the PSP and 3DS versions are remakes with a budget.

It's not censor so much as it completely removed all event images and replaced them with a black screen. By the time I realized what was happening I was already midway through the game so I didn't want to replay it all over again on the PSP.

fine, but 99% of VN are not video games (with the exception of a few like the example of Persona 3&4 that attaches a dungeon crawler). That said, I also am not a fan of comic books. If I want to read a novel, I read a novel.

I don't disagree, but some times it's nice to just read a VN like Umineko.

I guess its just a preference when you're feeling burned out and want to relax a bit.

Thats so weird, I wonder why thats the case.

She trusted a manlet.

Honestly… Corpse Party is a guro eroge. It's going to be either scary or very, ==VERY== arousing depending on your sexual preferences.

Case in point;


Its honestly a weird game, like one part in Chapter 3 where the main motivation for exploring was trying to find a washroom for Satoshi's sister.

Contain yourself woman.

I wish i could have hung up more with Seiko

Corpse Party made me hard. I just wanted to be spooked ;_;

Seiko best girl. I want to symmetrically dock with her!!!

Embrace flesh and torment. It's the best fetish.

I mean I don't mind my dick liking it but they shouldn't sell it as a spoopy game.

Many people did find it scary!


With all this manga and anime about the game, is it easier to just watch or read one of those? I'm not too into 2D top-view RPGs.

The manga and anime follow a different story than the games. Very interesting stories, with the same characters, but ultimately different. There's also not really any RPG mechanics in it, it's just a control scheme.

It's more of a mystery/puzzle solving 'game'.

Apparently, due to the Fact Loop, it's all canon

Birthday arc best loop.

So what game shoudl I start with? Is it just "Corpse Party"? Wonder if there are any torrents out there for an old game, or was it playable in English for PSP emulator?

Corpse Party : Blood Covered, for PSP
then Book of Shadows
Blood Drive is for PS Vita but it has a terrible framerate also >unity. Honestly i'd just watch a playthrough on youtube.

Kuon deserved better

I don't know why this one spooks me so much

I heard the Blood Drive port to iOS/Android fixes the issues with the Vita version. However

I still don't get how she knew how to beat Sachi or why she had a death clock and was rapidly aging

Because she was a fucking Mary Sue perfect in everything.
And being good in everything was what got her

Junji is real good about capturing the horrors of the unnatural and mysterious. Shame Kojima is now working with the pozzed as fuck Del Toro instead of Ito.

I feel your pain.

I'm starting to hate this game so fucking much, but I'm almost close to the finish line.

Easily the best bad ending in the game.

Played the first on PSP. I wouldnt really classify it as 'scary' so much as creepy.

Its got a good story with some horrific aspects though.

They make you work for it, too.

Hold on, what chapter does that appear in and what happens in it? That sounds more interesting than the bad ending in Chapter 5 where Ayumi snaps, burns Naomi's piece of paper, Yuka dies, Satoshi gets blacked, and Ayumi kills Naomi.

I think it's Chapter 2. There's a bunch of papers laying around on the ground, you have to find and read them all. When you read the last one, game over.

Yo, what are some essential horror classics you guys recommend? I want to go on a horror binge in a month or two, and wanted to build up a reserve of games that weren't shit.

Anyone got more Ito stuff? Loved the WW2 ghost story.

Didn't they mention something like that in the game where if you find a bunch of papers you lose your sanity or something?

Forbidden Siren, REmake, Condemned Criminal Origins, Fatal Frame, D, Ju-on The Grudge, LSD dream emulator for the sheer minefuckery, I forget the rest but those come to mind.

Yup. It's a bad end, y'know? They warn you every single time that if you keep reading you will die.

Oh man, get ready for Chapter 5 if you don't wanna start over multiple times then REALLY GET READY FOR THAT CHAPTER

Sachiko a cute.

You called? I'll list a few I liked.

Siren (All 3 games)
Silent Hill 1-4
Resident Evil 1-3 and CVX
Michigan: Report From hell
Killer7(? You gotta admit, shit's spooky)
Mad Father
The Witch's house
Mermaid Swamp
Mongeko Castle
Yume Nikki
Glass Rose
F.E.A.R and expansions (Skip 2 and 3)
Haunting Ground
Clock Tower 1, 2 and 3 (Don't play Ghost Head)
Dead Space 1 and 2
Cold Fear (Survival horror done right with semi static angles when exploring and over the shoulder only when shooting)
Alone in the dark 1 and maybe 4
The Chzo Mythos (Will post a collection ready to play on modern systems when I get home)
The Blair Witch 1 and 2
Echo night (All of them)
Shadow Tower Abyss
Sweet Home
Splatterhouse (all of them)
Gabriel Knight
The last door
The Black Mirror trilogy
Chaos Break
Deep Fear
Dino Crisis
Martian Gothic: Unification
Nanashi no game and the sequel

Will post more as I remember more games. Are you ok with reading moon runes? I have some games that are only in moon.


I think you mean BEST ending

I was going through a pirate site to see if Gmod is possible to pirate and play with people with original copies. In the thread I saw something, Silent Hill: Alchemilla. Apparently it's a fan made game in Source Engine, did any of you try it how is it?

The best ending itself isnt even that better since Naomi killed Seiko while possessed making me wonder how much of the game even happened, and the school chose a new Sachiko whatever the fuck that means since you already appeased her

So since this is just a general horror thread does anyone have the image with the levels of fear?

joseph oda dlc or an amnesia-esque leslie dlc could of been cool

This is one of the dozens of retarded things that game did and it really threw me off while playing.

This webm finally got me to install the game, sadly it was the second game so I'm downloading the first now. Still, I tried the second one out for a couple minutes. I'm surprised with how decent it is. The atmosphere is good, the graphics look like a good ps2 game, and the gameplay is nice. I'm excited to play through them now.

I loved dreadout, has such a fantastic atmosphere. Shitty camera aside, it's really worth your time.

sad thing is, every review out there for it trashes the graphics and gameplay so much so that at the time I completely dismissed the game.

And really, the graphics aren't that bad.

i woudnt say scary but i had a lot of fun. the game really shines on the VA especially the deaths

like already was said the PSP version is the best version
book of the shadows is more of a filler game, only the intro and the epilogue chapter are cannon
still want to play blood drive


by the way
is there even one movie that features Hachishakusama?

Fuck off huey.