Games that deserve a sequel but will never get one

Blood Dragon far cry part 2 never

Ristar and Comix Zone are obvious ones.
Gekitou Pro Yakyuu was the only baseball game that could compete with Spirits Pro Yakyuu series.
I also wish for Dungeon Hack 2 with modern graphics and bitches.

Even a Ratchet and Clank overly cute reboot would be fine
Tether jacking deserves justice

Any attempt to recreate Comix Zone would result in Sunset Overdrive level forced cheese
Let it rest


Thanks Soulsfags!

Another batch.

The sequel is right here, OP. :^)


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Blood Dragon was only good because it was short. The humor would get old vrey fast.

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Fucking hell. I hope this is a joke.

Blood Dragon was before the Synthwave fad started though. Slightly before, but still.

This. The only thing it had was the aesthetic, the gameplay is shit.

It's real, welcome to Ubisoft


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You know, I just noticed, Blood Dragon was literally just Far Cry 3 with a 80s throwback skin, but it was very enjoyable because Far Cry 3 was solid and the game had a good enough art style to feel different.

Ristar is my game of 2016. Perfect on every level.

Why would you want a sequel to Blood Dragon? It's Far Cry 3/4 with a cool skin and that's it. It started to wear thin by the end of the game and a sequel with the same gimmick would've been boring as fuck.

Blood Dragon was good in what it was meant to do, but a feature-length game would quickly end up overusing the humor and visual design.

Pic related, now that is something which will never get a sequel.

Earth 2160 never existed, and anyone saying otherwise should get shanked

Otogi 2 gave the franchise a pretty neat finish, I thought. A game using the same combat mechanics, though? I would love it.

never forget

Quads confirm we will never forget this trash game.

You could just as easily blame Armored Core fans, but at least From made other games alongside AC.

Great argument 10/10
It was Far Cry 3 reskinned, user.


Being deliberately short-and-sweet is a good design choice imo (so long as the asking price reflects that).

I liked the aesthetic, but I agree. it was paired with some really boring Far Cry 3 gameplay and some pretty bad writing. Not in a 'it's good because it's bad!" kind of way. Just bad.

Who could that man be?

Before Bioware got bought up by EA? Sure.
Now? No.

Doing small changes like completely removing fall damage, giving you infinite sprint, massive jumps, generally just buffing the character up like crazy really makes it more fun to play. You aren't just generic gun-haver dude who sneaks sometimes, you're super fast and mobile compared to the base game.

It's not a huge change to make, but it makes it actually fun to play. Dialing up everything about it makes it stand out much more. 4 barrel flaming shotguns, anti-material rifles and laser guns just complete the package.

Not only that, but the map isn't fuckhuge with nothing to it, it's about 1/4 the size of the base game, and it has much larger and complex outposts. The travel time between important areas is shorter, but the payoff is larger. Also, it isn't bogged down by some "dude weed lmao" main character and a 2deep4u story.

rudolph julianni?

You just broke your own fucking argument there, all those titles were released alongside AC games.

I don't have any pity for AC fans crying for a 30th game though tbh.



I just finished it recently with the Redemption ending, and honestly I loved it, its one of the few new games I can think of where I'm tempted to give it another playthrough. At the same time though, I'd love to see another game like this, maybe with a better shotgun preferably.

i downloaded it like a month ago because i remembered liking it a few years back, but fuck man the FOV is too damn small to play and none of the fixes work

It is a shame that the PC port is lackluster. At least its one of the few Ubisoft games that doesn't need Uplay.

A proper sequel anyway

It's just a 3D dirtbike flash game, like TRIALS. It has a few different levels that aren't just sloppy happy wheels physics, though. Just listen to the soundtrack. Power Glove's mixes are fucking tasty.

Spiritual Sequel when?

Remaster and translation when?

You could play the first 2 games.
The gameplay isn't as good but the stories are way better.

This high melanin user is correct and should be listened to.

Earth 21*0 never ever…

dragon age origins




Kenka Bancho Badass Rumble has sequels. It got to 6 and the game bombed despite being the best one is the series. Now the whole series is doomed because the otome spin off game sold shit loads more than the actual games.

The fact Bound in Blood doesn't have coop still hurts me but it was a very solid game.

Lets just leave them in the dark and hope EA doesn't get jew eyes for Republic Commando

it's fucking garbage is what it is. trials blood dragon edition is honestly my vote for worst game of 2016. it had zero of the charm of blood dragon, shit all over a fun franchise, and didn't even have the fun of any other trials game - you spend better than 50% of the fucking game driving an RC car or running around and shooting people on foot. 0/10 game

power glove makes some really fun music, get over yourself nigger

The sequel to Blood Dragon was Primal. It's a direct follow up. Let me DEEPEST LORE for a while:
>Dr Darling tells Rex that if the Blood Dragon blood filled rockets/bombs Sloan builds go off it'll knock the world into a new Stone Age, literally "He's a monster, Rex. The new payload will infect everyone. They'll become prehistoric savages. Society will collpase… it… it'll be a new stone age, and what emerges will no longer be… human."
>now so far as the what emerges will no longer be… human. line goes, look at Takkar
Primal is the aftermath of Blood Dragon, thus a sequel.

Blood Dragon is the prequel to the entire Far Cry universe, Primal is the sequel to Blood Dragon. There's a few ways I could futher connect it all to Far Cry 1-3 as well but I've spent far too long DEEPEST LORE'ing, and Primal is still a FUCKING SHIT GAME so whatever.

I do wish for a faithful sequel to Deadly Shadows someday. Imagine what one could do with today's technology. Also, the Thief reboot doesn't count.

I like your autism user.

I don't.

It could also simply be because Ubishit copy/paste games so this is why they all have the same mechanics.

Yeah but that only explains away Takkar's bloodline in Far Cry 4, and doesn't do anything about anything else.


I hope monolith never makes another game. Someone can do a whole book on how they went to shit. Shogo was great great fun but please they still have the rights please don't allow them to make it.

Far Cry 2 and 3 have direct recurring characters in 4, but connecting the first game would be a stretch. I am interested in seeing these interviews with Pagan Min though.

That connection relies on the Jack Carver is The Jackal theory.


Mirror's Edge

Is this supposed to trigger people like the whole "being attracted to a tranny isn't gay" shtick? Mirror's Edge as an EA game you retard.