EA and Mass Effect a new way to jew

After reading through another Andromeda thread I thought to myself: Is Bioware intentionally making a single great game in a franchise then being lazy and superficial in the rest so much as to reel in fans and then have them buy one $60~$120 title every other year despite EA/Bioware spending less and less revenue on the subsequent titles? So like they spend a few mill on Dragon Age and it's a good game and people are hooked, then they spend 500k on Origins and people still pay the same amount for it. They spend less on the next title and even less on the next, all the while charging the same $60~$120.

I think I'm on to something here. They are making more and more money on Mass Effect and Dragon age not because the franchise is getting bigger, but because they are spending less to make it. I didn't mention needless virtue signaling because that is corporate bullshit every big company does. The bigger the more virtue signaling they have to do.


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No user, The reason ME1 and DA1 were so much better than the later games in the series isn't some mastermind plan. It's because all the talent left the studio due to EA meddling and shitty management focusing on all the wrong things.

They spend less money on the later games because they are less well recieved and probobly sell less overall. I can't imagine DA2 sold anywhere near as many copies as DA1. I know plenty of people who got into DA and ME and never finished either series. I don't think I know a single person who played ME3 or DA:I, despite knowing many who were really enthused about the first games in the series. These are casual as fuck people too, not the kinds of people who are on the ball with the Bioware shitshow.

I honestly believe EA is losing faith in Bioware to deliver. If ME:Andromeda engenders as big a backlash as ME:3 fully expect Bioware to be either shut down, or have the name and franchises handed off to a different studio. Remember how, after ME1/DA1 EA started renaming every other studio they owned "bioware (location)?" Notice how quickly they backed off that idea following the mess Bioware made for them? Bioware did a good job of protecting themselves with the LGBTLMAOFA rainbow and diversity pandering thing, ensuring they always have a PR shield to protect them from EA shennanigans, but that wont last forever.

Initial sales are determined by the previous installments quality, long tem sales and sales of later installments are determined by the quality of the latest installment. That's how franchises work.

ME1 and DA1 were made before EA acquired both studios. I think EA actually acquired Bioware while at least one of them was under development, but already close to finish, so they couldn't meddle with it. But from then onwards? It was just EA being EA.

I meant studio. 2 games, 1 dev.

Yeah I played ME1 and thought it was incredible but 2 was so bad and I was lurking so I know not to touch 3 when it came out. Same deal with Dragon Age. It just seems so intentional they spend less to make more money. But if it isn't I guess it's corporate asshats being corporate asshats. I don't know why having more money has to equal making worse games.

ME:Andromeda will fail because of the amount of resentment that has effectively poisoned the Bioware community to the point that even their own Bioware forums have been shutdown, either due to winding it down due to costs, lack of user engagement, as it probably bled users after the ME3 controversy and the TORtanic or it has become a pre-emptive move to stop another revolt from their abused fanbase (or what's left of them) and/or they know that the writing is on the wall; hence the lack of gameplay footage or meaningful content in order to ensure that they will make back some but not all of the investment that is required for a triple A game to be made. Take for example Dragonage: Inquisition and how "critically acclaimed" it was but without the sale numbers to back it up, failing to chart in the US and other European countries. It's gotten to the point that EA will not be satisfied with having sales of even 3 million units at this point because it needs massive sales numbers to justify their own existence and as soon as Andromeda fails, Bioware will close down and they will get a bunch of Pajeets to make derivative games bearing the old Bioware licenses until they can no longer make any money from it.

It's been five years since the last Mass Efffect and it's rather amusing to see absolutely no marketing push from EA which shows that they have no confidence in the product and is merely being treated as an afterthought or something to write off from their quarterly earnings. It's a massive shame because I was a huge Bioware fan until I finished ME3. It's the only game that I've ever had where after I completed it, I immediately went to the game store to trade it in. I can't believe it's only been five years and I'm still furious at how awful it was. I don't consider myself to be an amazing writer but even a child could understand how utterly awful that ending was because it fails on it's basic premises. Even with the extended DLC, it was a fool's errand to attempt to fix it because there are too many problems that the endings bring up like the whole concept of the machine for instance. Making a machine that you have no idea what it's function is by previous dead civilisations doesn't make sense whatsoever and feels like it was tacked on at the last minute. Much like a lot of the game, it was clear that a lot of it was rushed, textures looked shit, ammo clipped through the floor and the awful pandering to love interests really screwed with everything. There is so much wrong with ME that it blows my mind that anyone would even consider going out and purchasing a copy of it.

That Asari girl with the goofy eyes and Blade Runner stripe across her face will definitely be a completely awful character. I can just imagine what writing they will have for her/it and it'll probably go along the lines of "Fellow Asaris, we no longer should dance on poles for the pleasures of misogynistic, chauvinist aliens! We must overcome and free ourselves from our own bondage and from disgusting entrepreneurs who abuse our nature!"

I think this game will be a definite flop.Such a shame to see something that I previously cared for go out this way but alas, it's the way of the world for things to fall apart.

My favorite thing about Andromeda is listening to gaming podcasts (i work 12 hour shifts and have to fill the time someway. It's certainly not going to be work) and listening to gaming "journos" try and find some way to twist around the fact that they have to push this game based on nothing. Better yet they have to push past the awful stink of the previous games in the series.

Giantbomb seems to have arrived at the postition of:

Golly, that's never happened before

Sims 3 was good, Sims 4 is dogshit though

Oh come on that has to be intentional. You all remember the Eliza Cassan shit from Dougs Ass about the whole "backpedal" term. This is quite the same, from those colluding with the progressive terrorist cells.

You're a fucking idiot and you'll never be on to anything because you talk about shit you never even bothered research even superficially. Regardless of Bioware not producing a new franchise since EA acquired them, EA couldn't pull off what you're suggesting because they don't have the resources to make a great game. Within a couple years of purchase they've gutted any studio of its core staff and coast on brand recognition (prior reputation of/loyalty to the devs and their franchises) while shitting out low-budget rushjobs made by a gaggle of starving interns.

I get ya. I work long shifts as well and I listen to podcasts while I work. I try to steer clear of podcasts from gaming websites because of the way they treated fans of the series so shoddily. I've also listened to the Giantbomb guys and seeing them clutching at straws that the game will be good is really damn funny.

It's going to be funny to watch this game flop

GiantBomb is good for gaming news and first impressions of games, but you have to take a lot of what they say with a dumptruck load of salt. Jeff seems more willing to shit on crap than the rest of them. Vinny was the only likable one of the lot after Ryan died, and he got spun off into his own podcast and never appears on the show any more.

I tried listening to their GOTY deliberations and had to turn it off because I was getting too salty. One guy, I think Nevarro, is just an unabashed cunt. Nominated shit like Firewatch for every award and pitched a fit when he was the only one who wanted it on the list. In the end they let him bump some of his games up the ranking, even though no one else agreed with him, purely because he guilted them into it. "But no one has picked any of MY games!"

At one point he had to backpedal because he outright said "This isn't a very good game but I like what they tried to do" and someone called him out on it.

My favorite clutching at straws thing is NMS. Some of them guys will twist themselves into knots trying to find a way to defend that game.

Bioware was shit before EA merge

Remember the days when seeing an EA logo on a game's case was a good sign?

Uh, the medal of honor games? I mean seriously, I can't really think of EA games that I thought, 'this is going to be a good game'.

no, but nice digits.


Have you considered that there may be other aspects at play here?

I don't even like Bioware and I hated the first Mass Effect because it's combat, it's loot system and it's rpg progression were absoloot trash.

The price is perfectly acceptable to most customers, a decreased development cost of a game doesn't mean a game should be cheaper, the length of a playthrough of a game shouldn't determine it's price either.

I considered the following and the only thing I got from it is that you're a faggot that didn't think these things through very well.

I'm not saying these games are worth it because they most fucking certainly are not.

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I don't really give a shit because I pirate all of my games and I don't play EA and Bioware garbage regardless.



But Origins was the first Dragon Age and only good one

lets be honest here Dragon Age Origins was bad and the only reason you see people saying its good is because DA2 and DA3 were complete garbage


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Yes OP, you're really onto something here. Nobody has ever realized this before you.
Truly, you are the genius we need in this century.

You won't always be able to include everything user in lists like that. Though there's enough room for a few more additions that would make sense like Jade Empire for Bioware, Blade Runner for Westwood, etc.

Let's let the tears flow together user.

I've always thought that as well.