Switch Superbowl commercial

They are desperately trying to ge the Wii audience back

It's working! I preordered 10 switches after I saw this.

the cake lord ought to ban faggots who post cancerous embeds like that instead of a webm/mp4

Yes, most of us have already figured this out. At least they're actually marketing the thing this time.


Cry me a river sally

Looks like the definitive system for true gamers

The actual Super Bowl ad only focuses on the home/portable aspect and Zelda.

Is this the actual music?

Most likely "No" if it's not the kind of music you listen to, if anything it's the marketing team behind it realizing a lot of ads, even videogames like call of duty are combining somewhat "catchy" songs with everything they advertise

Implying NoA's cancerous ads won't just do more harm than good.

Not sure what you mean by that, but it does manage to be catchy and I'd say it even fits.
"I'm fired up and tired of the way that things have been"

Personally I prefer the one that is specifically for Breasts of the Wild.

He means the music is fucking terrible and if you like it you should eat a bag of shit and kill yourself my man.

these ads are too real to me

Why did they show ARMS and Mario Kart even though they know it's not coming out on release date? Also why did they have people playing a switch at an apartment party again?

At least they had a kid in the commercial this time

is ARMS not a release date title? I figured it would come out in March.

because those are games that are coming after release
it's also the online only extended ad. the one that'll be shown on the super bowl only has zelda

Why did they show SF2 is what blows my mind the most, nobody is surprised by that kind of nostalgia pandering anymore.

The only people who will look that up are nintendrones and everybody else who has already seen the direct and keeps up with vidya news, not normalfags. This is also baffling that they had a missed opportunity to have a chance to advertise those games at all. Nintendo just keeps fucking up

Capcom wants that superbowl money too

Nintendo is riding the nostalgia train really hard these past years, it's basically the only they do now.
Probably because of Shiggy "DK country is a shit game because i wasn't part of it" Miyamoto


But i thought kids only play Minecraft and meme games like Five Nights at Freddies these days.

They also play Mario Kart 7, a lot.

You're right, they should have just had adults that can't let go of their nostalgia.

have you noticed how in the last few years super bowl ads show up online before their actually shown at the super bowl? it's to get people talking early about them. the majority of people will end up seeing either one on their YT videos due to no ads, or someone's gonna share it to them through their social media.

and super bowl ads are expensive as fuck, specially in the last quarter where this one is slotted to. focusing only on zelda and the switch's main gimmick had to take priority.

On a serious note, Nintendo should have tried to make this commercial like other superbowl commercials. If they succeeded in making a funny commercial it would generate a shitton more buzz than this McDonaldsesque shit.

Yeah, like the Budweiser commercial. That shit was comedy gold.

i disagree. something straight forward and to the point works better in this situation.


How do these fucks still not know their audience? Bro gamers are 1/10 of the audience likely to play most games.

Who's their audience then?

you mean their gimmick to
the thing that every normalfag at that football stadium and around the world watching would buy that for. They can't even be bothered to show video games (not even EA sports games for that matter(I guess they don't have NFL18 or someshit))and release them at a proper time when they are a videogame company. Nintdendo is being fucking stupid

Autistic people


Certainly not people from my family, that's the audience for casual games, like those dancing games. Not for Zelda and most of the other games. And what's with the music? It suggests that again the audience is completely normal people with full time jobs, a career, a family, and a social life. Is this really the person who is a hardcore gamer?

they showed zelda, which is it's premier launch title, mainstream "nerdcore" and nintendo's biggest game. it's also a damn 30 second ad that has to explain what the console is about.

The wii practically sold more than every other console combined. People with families and full time jobs did own the consoles; They'll be chasing the normalfag market until they die

man children, autists and weebs.

I would have fucking loved it if Nintendo had done commercials where there are kids having a bad day, or being left or sad, and then Iwata comes in and cheers the kid up and the comercial ends with "~if you believe in Magic~"

it's too late for that now, though

When the Super Bowl commercial has 2 shovelware games and a retro game on it, you know the console's gonna have a load of games…

But such a person would not have a lot of time to be a gamer, it would be a small past time. I wonder, how is this commercial in the japanese version? I bet that's more aimed at the actual gamers.

Superbowl commercials are designed to try get people talking about them the next day which is why the companies go all out to make an impression. Nintendo could have done something funny like someone playing a Switch game in an awkward situation which gets the hook of the product across like hiring a player not in the owl to do an endorsement ad where they play it on the sidelines while the game is going on. They get inspired by Links moves in game to pull off a non-realistic trick play to score a touchdown (Comedy ending when he does the chest opening theme as a celebration and the ref flags him).

At the same time. Nintendo really wants to get the hook of the Switch across (You can take your gaming anywhere) so they did it serious and showed that you really can play anywhere.

They played it maybe too safe. People really want to see Zelda so they really should have done two versions of the ad (Since it gets air time a few times during the night). One with the guy playing Zelda and one "Trailer" with Zelda footage and the same Imagine Dragons song playing over both.

The only version being broadcast is the Zelda spot.

The Wii's main gimmick was netflix… when it first came out and it hadn't added the Auto-play the next episode so you miss out on the last and first scene of the series you're watching feature that can't ever be disabled.

Doesn't change the fact that they have shovelware and old games on their ads. Golden rule of launching a new console should be that the new games you show are actually good and make you wanna buy the console.

If they're only showing half of their videogames during one of the biggest most viewed television showing then they are taking a huge missed opportunity. Sure everyone is going to know zelda but why miss the chance to show the other games, there's no such thing as bad publicity these days.

They show people playing those games so they have a good Idea of what those games are about. Sure there are more clinically retarded people out there but if they can't put how you control mario kart with the controller, use the joycons for arms and 1,2,switch, then they never really wanted it or are being willfully ignorant.

All we know is that it comes out in Spring.

I wonder why they couldn't just port Wii sports,resort, and the other minigame thing to the switch. Those were games that utilized motion controls better than 1,2, switch and are games that people played a lot longer than shovelware

1, 2 Switch is literally shovelware

Nah, it was good when it was new but it would just look like Deja Vu, people would ask themselves why buy something that you have already. But they could have had a small innovative minigame-based game. They should've done Warioware Switch instead of that retarded 1 2 Switch. A load of 2D extremely simple but fun minigames and with multiplayer minigames too. Could've been done in a few months.

Time to switch back to PC…

NoE recently released an ad in Germany of a guy playing the Switch while taking a shit at work - would've gotten people talking while also showing off the consoles main gimmick.

1,2, Switch! is a rip off of Johann Sebastian Joust/Sportsfriends and the devs of that said they weren't too happy with Nintendo because it's pretty blatant.

In fact Nintendo were being retarded not trying to score all the major "Party" indies like Sportsfriends, Jackbox and Niddhogg and getting their own teams on more quirky "Core" games like a new Warioware or Rhythm Heaven

wow i didn't know that commercial would take such dark turn

So nintendo is trying to get the wide audience of the wii but don't want to remind the people of what made them buy the wii in the first place? Why make a gimmicky motion control game like 1,2,switch if they didn't wan't their audience thinking about gimmicky motion controls? Nintendo wants the wii audience and doesn't at the same time. This thought process Nintendo has is fucking stupid

Yeah but that would have probably taken a little more effort than 1,2, Switch

Yeah, that's the actual music they used in the commercial.


I just mean that making Switch Sports would be blatantly recycling ideas, dunno if it'd work twice.

Yes but it would still be feasible and it would actually look good and make people attracted to the console. 1, 2, Switch is garbage and looks like garbage. Same goes for ARMS. No one will remember either games in a year.

1 2 switch really just remainds me of a "normalfag" multiplayer warioware smooth moves.

Except Warioware is actually funny and has much more minigames than that and is challenging (game speeds up as you progress). It can potentially be a good party game. This looks like a poor man's Warioware with like 5 minigames.

Nobody would want to buy a game with ugly people on the box art.

what has that fucking ball in the nigger's hand supposed to do?

In the age where all were getting is ports from past generations this would be too much? People paid for Wind Waker HD, I don't see why a port of wii sports would be criminal. People would be familiar with it (It has to be the wii's most popular game)and know what the switch can do.

I don't think there is anyway to have a cover for this game without a "JUST shovelware my shit up " look for it.

trigger Holla Forums

Nigga stole my ball


what kind of dumb bullshit is that? when and how would a nigger with an afro play a videogame with a jewish woman? look at the curve on that nose.

videogames are for white people, except for fighting games, those are for niggers, and i doubt the shitch has any.

The music is absolutely terrible, holy shit

Nigger, are you comparing Wind Waker to Wii Sports? Do you realize the difference in demographics for both of these games? Wind Waker HD is appealing to vidya nerds while Wii Sports is appealing to the casual gamer. No one would pay for Wii Sports HD.

Well, it was included with the console so you have a point.

I think you are right that a Switch Sports would be better than this shovelware piece of shit but I think the ideal would've been a Warioware or Rhythm Paradise.

you don't go out much do you? human stupidity would surprise you if you experienced it in person.

Well, it has a port of SF2 with upscaled and filtered sprites for 60 dollarydoos

table tennis you dink

no. I'm saying that people won't Immediately dismiss the console if it does have a port.

It's not about stupidity. Casual gamers don't care about HD editions and this game's demographic is essentially casual gamers. Ask the normalfags you know around you who have a Wii if they would like a Switch if it had Wii Sports on it. I can bet they'll answer "why? I have it already".

wil I be able to run switch games on my emulator? my computer is two years old but it has better specs

but then why do you need a switch if you have the ball and the paddles?

why would you need a switch if you have a cowboy outfit to pretend with
the top and bottom of that box art are fantasies

you won't have the enjoyment of knowing you're fellating Nintendo's fat amiibo chode.

because normalfags are retarded.

Unbelievable. They can't keep getting away with it.


nintendo is like EA on roids.

What awful music. Are kids born post 9/11 old enough to buy one of these?

Because they want socially retarded people to think that buying one of these will make them popular.

kek please bless us in killing nintendo

Stop it

i think nintendo has the power of a superior god, more powerful than kek or moloch.



Absolutely nothing I asked for? Can't wait.

Pretty much this

Can't knock Nintendo for it man, its working

why is marty so sexually attractive

not sure if bait

The maker of Nintendium.

Imagine Dragons played live on stage with Koji Kondo once, they are apparently big Zerrrda fans

Because he looks like a tomboy.


Am i that out of touch? Why is it that i've never heard about these faggots before if they are so popular?

Fuck off newfag

Why don't Americans watch real sports without all the literal jewry?

Why does all this american music sound like niggers banging on objects and creating shitty sounds for millennials, it's counting crows all the time and every time? This is awful AND I play videogames 10 hours a day and don't want to do any of this or buy their console.

>>>/cuckchan/ is thatta way, faggot.

Because americans are fucking stupid. This is why the US is as fucked as it is. A lot of them are weak minded.

You don't have to like Nintendo m8, I'm just saying, its working. I don't think its fair to knock them for going after the normalfags because its printing them dosh.

You are either from a third world country or are horribly out of touch. Imagine Dragons is a moderately popular alt-rock band m8. You can't say you've never heard shit like "Radioactive" played to fucking death on the radio

kill urself

You expect anyone to know who an eceleb is?

euphoria intensifies

Like it worked with the WiiU? That's a pretty dumb statement user

You just contradicted yourself user

Show's how much you know.
Fucking retard

They didn't market jack shit with the WiiU, thats why it bombed. Because they assumed they could ride off the success of the Wii without having to do anything.

You have to go back.

I guess

Im from spain, cant say that i do.

Aah, that makes more sense, they're really big in America, so thats probably why you've never heard of them


Burger here, but I never listen to radio, so I only know them from shitty video game commercials like this one, CoD, ect.

Yeah fam it's totally only American sports that are jewed.


that fucking body hnnngggggggggg

This is the single most plebian commercial I have ever seen. And I saw Wendy's try to sell chicken sandwiches to "The Memer"

All televised sports are jewry. Sports and Celebrity Gossip are the bread and circus to keep the stupid masses entertained while the elites screw everyone over.

Oh god yeah I remember that song, jews like to play that stupid millennial crap over and over. It's the worst shit I ever heard. All the music icons of today are talentless retards that even Usher could put to shame.

Oh excuse me? I have to know who every degenerate furry fap icon is? Do you really expect everyone to know about your homosexual furry bullshit? Yiff in hell, queer.

Zelda and Spla2n are still the only games that look even remotely worth playing on the system.

When confronted the newfaggot always doubles down.

What about the brand new mario with new hat mechanics

ninturdo is shit, what else is new

The WiiU died because there was no fucking reason to buy it until 3 years in and because it was a bad console with an obnoxious gimmick.

Too bed, it wont sell for shit.

But that's a realistic depiction of the average modern-day frenchman.

Oh, this marty? I thought you were talking about a real person
Amethyst marty is best marty.

I want the switch dog to give my cock rabies.

mite b cool, but it won't be out until the end of the year.

There are things you just know if you've been here for more than a little while. Like the daily dose.

Those are some nice dickwrapping lips

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I need to look for his number, this was back in december on 2015


*we continued


Are all the "white" actors they use Jewish?

Why is thread suddenly furry?

Yes, sooner or later Disney Corp. will buy Nintendo.

Because furry a best

I have never, ever in my life heard of Imagine Dragons and I do not regret my decision. 99.% of today's music is insufferable trash.

This is one of their songs, the only one I've heard honestly. I love the Within Temptation cover.
Speaking of music, I still haven't uploaded that Mindless Self Indulgence cover for that user from the other day, should really get on that.

To be fair it might just suite the nose stereotype the nips have.

Explain, do you mean how the nips talk about big noses or how they HAVE big noses?

i want to fuck switchdog until she's bloated like a water balloon from my cum

Is that an ass or giant balls?


I mean Jews have the noses nips claim we have.

did you have to shoop marcuck in there? either way, i have the picture without the retard.

No no nononono no, something went wrong! Somewhere along the thread someone interrupted our nintendo hating and tried to get our boners to betray us by posting androgenic dog references!!!

Most of the hwite people they see are from imported Jewywood cinema.

That's the best version though. You're missing out, him being in there only makes it hotter.

Oh yes. I'm unsure about any non-semites having big pointy noses, I know nogs and certain types of mestizos/indians have squished big noses.

Because furfags need minimal motivation to derail threads with furfaggotry, and they know the mods won't do shit about it because apparently it's "board culture" now.

kill yourself mark.

I've always wanted to meet mark, if I was the BO though, I would have already banned myself

Oh man, this is going to turn into a LOL thread isn't it?

Every nintendo thread is a LOL thread.

Do you have the holocaust mark?

I'll look for it

i knew the faggots camwhoring would eventually lead to this.

its a downhill path now.



Nips believe all white people have gigantic noses for some reason.
Vid related, there are tons of nip commercials like this with white gaijin always portrayed as having massive clown noses.

I bet my cock will feel amazing and hugged in there.

on switchdog or sable?

Both, but mostly sable. I've wanted to a butthole donut for a long time, and they exist!

Sunnybee could you please shut up

Why do normalfags enjoy eating shit?
I was looking at a discussion about the new mass effect game, and somebody mentioned the awful facial animations, and was replied with "its expensive to make good facial animations for such a large game so pay up and eat shit goy"
what kind of a fag do you have to be to defend something that hasn't even come out yet, fuck?

I wonder what they think of mexicans, or spaniards for that matter

sunnybee is a shit, but just LOOK!!!


im more interested in those massive balls, they look like they're packing some fun inside them

It's fun to suck on balls

They are called normalfags for a reason

Yeah what's so special

I bet it feels amazing, like having a warm moist donut repeatedly kiss your dick.

If you say so

What do YOU think it feels like?

Oh user that's nothing compared to the modern Square Enix fanboy.
There are legions of faggots who will call themselves "versus 13 fans" and constantly talk about how it would have been the greatest game ever made and Nomura's gift to humanity.
That's right there are people who unironically call themselves "fans" of a "game" which they've never played because it's non-existent.
Think about the insanity of call yourself the fan of a non-existent product It actually blew my mind to really think about the fact people were essentially calling themselves fans of a game trailer.
At least Mass Effect Andromeda is going to be a product that you can buy and play.

I try to not bother myself with those kinds of questions since having sex is not really important to me
wait wasn't this a thread about the switch or something related to videogames

Why don't we find out, user?~

Guess it goes to show things could always be worse, jesus christ.

Those aren't as bad as people constantly defending Lightning

What the thread was about? I'd rather not

I really like the song in part because it resonates with me personally
no bully



What's the sauce on that image anyway?

No idea. I'd like to know.


Maybe if it actually had a pussy I would understand you better.

Wew, how is anyone surprised that it is wii 2.0? The remotes are basically smaller wii remotes, and they advertise their very shitty party games that play like wii games. The only difference here is that now the console is portable and the remotes can turn into a regular controller.

That's not a real person.

Her nose was the first and only thing I saw

You wouldn't happen to know where the first image's artist posts their art would you, could only find their stuff on e621

Have you tried paheal

This looks fucking fake, and all gameplay I have seen is just bad to look at, like a shitty flash game. How someone could have let this become a game, much lessed advertised to hell, is beyond me.

It shows the name of the artist but no sites seem to link back to anything they post art in.

It's at the superbowl yet they didn't get the idea to sneak in Madden or CoD at the commercial. What a waste of money.

Then you have one faggy personality

no idea tbh, found it on esix

A shill, or a useful idiot under the influence of shills.

They did some shit with Hard Rock about 2 years ago, and I still see mountains of their shit merchandise at those places, I doubt they'll ever get rid of it all.

The only good thing about the Superb Owl is shitposting with /sp/ and making fun of the shitty commercials.

thats good.

/sp/ was the only board with balls to leave. kudos to them


they never show women losing in these commercials when in reality they're usually the first to lose.

women never lose, they're better gamers than men :^)

No one cares about your homoerotic normalfag sweaty ballgrabbing game, /sp/.

I'd watch that haha just for fun haha

I wonder how Jack's balls smell, hhahaha, do you think he gets embarassed hahaha

I don't either, do you even /sp/?

/sp/ a shit.

*raughs from the grave*
Nintendo Switch off your brain and buy my trash gaijin

I'll at least give them props for realising that the average consumer didn't even know what the Wii U was until over a year after it already launched.
Many people thought it was just some kind of accessory for the Wii, these adverts are much more clear on what the product actually is.
It may still flop, I have no idea if normalfags still care about Nintendo.

How do you fags bear the shitty red text on your site? I'd get a headache from that.

Because we use redtext the way it's intended instead of as a form of caps lock.

A quick look around and I can say you're wrong about that. Either way it looks terrible with the way it's done


The Swiitch

Why the fuck would they even do that?
Nobody called the Nintendo 64 the Nintendo Entertainment System 64 or the Wii the WiiCube.

You don't know my grandma, she calls everything a Nintendo

maybe because the 64 was not entertaining, and the wii was not a cube

that was fucking horrible carlos

yeah i think the carlos pic was offplace. it would have been a better jab without a picture.

what a cool and hip guy you are, making a conscious decision to be willfully ignorant of things that are popular, even just 2% popular.

That's different because they actually prefix just about everything with Nintendo

Does anyone else notice every time a guy is playing against a woman, the woman wins?
Same thing in the UK trailer

its pathetic, low tier, minority pandering.

This is true, the other day user's grandma was sucking my dick and she said "I love eating nintendo" or something like that.


I already heard someone call it that thats why

Sounds like Imagine Dragons are already past their prime. Talk about short-lived.


Post YFW you will emulate this on your laptop in 5 years


Definitely better than Audi's commercial; though a pile of shit could be better than that.

more like 2 fam

Well, you have to factor in how much time till you can get a cheap laptop that will perform well, and how long it takes to optimize.
I mean, we have Wii U emulation, but it's been 5 years and It's still pretty buggy.

Ahahah are they fucking serious, she'll be valued higher than everyone cause she has a vagina. She can fuck a guy and climb to the top of her career, she can get someone to take care of her only for the cost of fucking sometimes.

wow dude thats fucking terrible.
more like my wife's daughter

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you work your ass off to feed, clothe, and house the little shit, least she can do is suck you off.

Arms doesn't look like shovelware to me

You can tell which anons are aging and nearly decrepit based off their reactions to this ad. I wonder if any have retired yet.

Then you're an idiot my dude. It is shovelware and it is a forgettable game.

Lol i agree fellow Nintendo(tm) fan Holla Forums is filled with to many haters:^)

No, not that
Just how they react to music

Nigger, I'm 20 and I can tell this music is garbage.


Nigger you are on a website that is filled with autistic shut-ins whose favorite music is probably either a BGM track of their favorite game or the OP or ED of #126574 cute girl anime.


1, 2 Switch is a technical demonstrator. Just like Wii Sports and Nintendo Land were.

Wait, the Super Bowl happened already?

>yfw some of it was shot in the whitest country

So, what's the problem with this ad?

They are showing applications for all modes the console can be used in, they show it can be used for both solo, coop and competitive things, can be enjoyed by people of any age, gender, race or location, and showcases a bunch of the titles that will be available on the console.

Compare this to Xbone and PS4 which just had ads for Dudebros playing CoD69: Future of Militaristic Applications.

Also, what's wrong with the console trying to normalise going to a party and playing party games on a console?
That's a normal thing over in Japan, and helps them sell handhelds, with people knowing that it's acceptable in public to show yourself playing a video game on a train/in a park/whatever.

Are you guys just upset because it shows a bunch of people having fun?

Song fits, too.

This coming Sunday

It's on the 5th.
Lots of companies release their Super Bowl ads early.
Since they cost a lot of money to produce and air them during this time, they release it early so people who would otherwise not watch the Super Bowl or it's ads still see it.

Also, getting someone to watch the ad first on YouTube, then shove it down their throat a second time a few days later when they're upped on excitement from the game means there's a higher rate of sales induced by the ad.


EA stands for Evil Assholes.

Fucking hate this modern commercial music.

The games are the problem with this ad.

Op, something tells me you are homosexual.

Congratulations, you're an honorary senior citizen

Guessing you haven't seen Budweiser's superbowl commercial yet it's far worse.
The Audi ad is superfluous virtue signaling anyone who isn't a self described feminist or an ardent leftist already will chuckle and roll their eyes at the absurdity.
The bud commercial is actually effective propaganda on normalfags.

What's this from?

Is she into switchdom?

someone should draw both switch-tans at the HWNDU installation

None of those people play video games. I bet they don't even believe in half an A press.

Should've been 100 seconds of Ulillillia showing us how to get to the highest point in Breath of the Wild.

There's actually a funny story about that. Supposedly before they became a successful band they were asked to write some of the songs for the Spiderman Broadway show, but they liked them too much and released them as an album. So whenever you hear that song, remember that it's about being bitten by a radioactive spider.

Why do games industry people pick the absolute worse nigger music? Are they trying to make people hate it? There's far better nigger music than this clanging shit. It was the same story at the Game Awards with that shirtless boon running around on stage ooking while the entire stream chat was hating it.


You don't have to be black to make nigger music, user.

They are jews, same shit

What does "nigger music" even mean? Pop music you don't like? I'd at least understand if it was rap.

Where is the evidence?

they look like the kind of men who tenderly hold their wife's hands while Tyrone her the D.

These dipshits are Mormon, they're pretty close to crypto kikes.

Remember if the gender wage gap was real, business would start firing their male employees and only hire woman to save money because they would be paying them less but still at their legel max wage (but still lower than a man)

There might be even a way to trick normalfags to even agree with it. What that's user you found a way to save my business money, while still paying my workers the same max wage, what do I have to do . . . ?

I can only see the Switch crashing and burning. The controllers will break, the most obvious point of failure. I know from experience with my 3DS's stylus that Nintendo don't know how to make products that can separate constantly without the latches that hold them together wearing out.

Wooowwwwww, Nintendo, you piece of shit. Why'd you spend half a million dollars on a commercial during the sportsball tournament if you don't even have any stock available? I was hoping some new shipments would be announced or something, but nope. Faggots.


Why do threads that don't shed an extremely positive light over Nintendo always attract so many butthurt spergs such as you?


It's noa and treehouse, they want families not people who like to buy multiple games.

they also say white people eat with forks because that's what they use to scoop up the shit from their farms.