Breath of The Wild is the last Wii U game

Breath of The Wild is the last Wii U game.

They dropped the Wii U like a sack of shit.

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Yes and this is surprising how? They already announced their next hardware offering. How many threads about the Wii U dying are we gonna need?

The gimmicks didn't save Nintendo this time around.

I'm only sad the Miiverse is gonna get sacked tbh

Why? Nothing of value will be lost.

It's original, interesting, full of weird kids and good drawings.

Enough for Nintendrones to rationalize their purchase.


So is deviantart

Half the normalfag population thought it was an add-on for the Wii. It needed to die from day one. Long live the Switch.

Yeah but those drawings weren't done on a 320x120 canvas with only two colors available.

They shat on the Wii U after Splatoon was released.

So it's quantitatively worse than oekaki?

How does it feel to be completely dead inside

It doesn't really feel like anything

Feels good man

that's what I expected


So shit?

Did the Wii U have anything worth playing aside from Mario, W101, Splatoon and Bayonetta?

Nope, they even ruined Smash Bros with physical DLC and a shit roster.

Pikmin 3 was pretty good, I also liked Xenoblade X. Dong Tropical Dick was alright. Other than the ones you posted, thats all i own and i cant think of owning anything else. I got smash on 3DS.

There were the Zelda remakes if you were into those, and almost Pikmin 3 if it hadn't flopped.

bite me

personal list

Tropical Freeze was some good shit. The rest is just plain ol shit though

Why are you posting thumbnails? You furfags fail at life.

firefox wouldnt load the full image so I took the thumbnail

This is too damn funny.

Personally this was the best system except for not getting any games except mario maker and wtf when they shut the server down? guess i can still watch IR porn on it though.

So at least five to ten, what fun.

what you expect nintendo is a shit company the wii was a fluke and won't ever be recreated.
switch won't sell well either the only postive shit to come from it is switch dog

Won't the Switch be easier to emulate than the WiiU as well?

if switch was actually a cute fuckable pet-toy i would even go as far as preorder one right now.

you really don't know nintendo do you?

doesn't have a pokemon attach to it in the first year alone
only two games even remotely worth getting Breath of treehouse, and pay for online splatoon 2. the only good thing is its not region lock but don't know if japanese version has subs or not knowing nintendo it probably doesn't and breath of Treehouse will be shit.

The Switch satisfies the Japanese market better than any other system available this generation, it's going to be outselling the PS4 with ease in Japan, especially when it's backed by big series like Mario Kart, Animal Crossing, Monster Hunter, Dragon Quest, Tomodachi, Super Mario Bros and Pokemon. All of these are strong selling series in Japan and it's getting 3 of them in it's first year that we know of. For the rest of the world, who knows, I think it will do much better than WiiU, there's no beating the PS4 worldwide though, it's just too far ahead.

Based on what?

but its NINTENDOâ„¢

so it will sell several tens of million units anyway.

The Wii U exists somewhere between the Sega Saturn and the Sega Dreamcast in terms of shitting itself to death.

That's not really a Nintendo thing, but there is one thing standing in the way of the Switch being as good as it could be, and that's Nintendo still supporting the 3ds while not at the bare minimum producing HD Switch ports of 3ds titles, if Nintendo doesn't seriously curtail 3ds support before the end of the Year the Switch will probably suffer significant software droughts starting with it's 2nd year killing any and all momentum the system may or may not have had, and Nintendo will walk away with another failure learning absolutely nothing in the process. Also a portable home console hybrid is something I've wanted for a very long time.

Dreamcast and Saturn failed due to significant strong competition especially with the PS2 being able to play DVDs, the WiiU fialed due to significant incompetence on Nintendo's part and nothing else, it sold poorly even before Sony or Microsoft had announced successors to the Xbox 360 and PS3.

The Japs were so fucking set on the Saturns price tag that Sony instantly blew them out of the water, combined with fucking Saturnday, not really having a sonic game and killing the Saturn off even sooner than the wii u shows that there was massive amounts of incompetence behind it's failure, so much so that it pretty much damned the dreamcast almost instantly

the PS2 was a fucking beast of a console, so many games, nothing could beat that.

still the best console ever made.

Goddammit you fucking dumb nigger lover.

Saturnday was the original launch day in September 1995. Saturn instead was surprised launched in America on may 11 1995, a THURSDAY

Sorry, but you're the like fifth person who keeps getting Saturn's US launch wrong here

Actually just about anything could beat the PS2's launch lineup since the it was actually kind of a boring shit show with maybe 1 game worth owning. People only bought it because it was a cheap DVD player. The PS2 didn't hit its stride until 2001, by which point Dreamcast was dead in the water and Microsoft and Nintendo were about tolaunch the Xbox and Gamecube.

They'll be right back to it once the Switch bombs hard.

Yeah, ok.

Wasn't the Dreamcast damned thanks also in part to internal power struggles and I think but I'm not sure, the Mega Drive also doing poorly financially near the end of it's life and the financial disaster that was the Saturn?

Kind of. Dreamcast was fucked from it's Japanese launch thanks to chip shortages from NEC and an anemic launch lineup. As a result, Sega lost Japan which had to have been really bad as the Saturn did quite well there, and once the PS2 was announced Jap gamers decided to wait for that than by Dreamcast.

In response Bernie Stollar, the man who basically helped kill Saturn in the US, made sure the Dreamcast launch was successful, mainly by heavy advertising (NINE NINE NINETY NINE campaign), waiting for more good games to come out (thus securing Soul Caliber and a slightly less buggy Sonic Adventure to meet the American launch date), and slashed the price to 200 bucks. While this made Dreamcast successful in its first year in the states, Sega Japan didn't take kindly to these practices (similar to how they hated Tom Kalinske's and his methods of making the Genesis successful in America) and fired Stollar. By that point I believe, coupled with the Dreamcast's inevitable raping in Japan by the PS2, Sega made plans to exit the hardware business.

In Japan it was a bomb, this in turn fueled Sega Japan's aforementioned resentment of Tom Kalinske and Sega America, hence they decided to take control of the company and in turn fucked up the Saturn's launch with the surprise release of it in May 1995. Later they brought on Bernie Stollar to fix the Saturn in America, and his plan was to basically kill it.

wonder how many japanese execs committed sudoku for that shit.

Nevermind, Nintendo are dedicated to killing the Switch as much as they were with killing the WiiU. Software droughts ho!

I wonder if this shit is partially responsible for Sega of Japan being so fucking tight on releasing their games in the US and on PC.

The Wii U was a bad gimmick. The Wii was a gimmick, too, but a fun one that normalfags loved and that alone carried it to the top. It also had some decent games. The Switch seems slightly less gimmicky than their usual stuff, at least. But no one cared for the Wii U gimmick, literally no one. The touchscreen isn't anything new, we had smartphones and tablets for years. Amiibo? You're just blocked from content already on the disc by a paywall and now you have to keep these stupid figures with you. The controller was an awful, bulky mess. No one wants to hold that thing for any length of time or constantly be looking down at it. Even with gimmicks aside, Nintendo gave no love to some of their best franchises. Metroid, Star Fox, F-Zero; shit, it didn't even have a single exclusive Zelda. I'm sorry, it WAS a sack of shit.

Nintendo Land :^)

I'll literally kill you, sir.

Although Metroid Blast is actually good compared to Other M, that's for sure

More like innovation for the sake of innovation didn't help Nintendo this time around. Especially when it feels like GBA-GCN connectivity 2.0 and even you own dev teams struggled to come up with interesting "2 screen usage" ideas for all their games.

You can come up with a original idea, but it doesn't mean it's automatically "good" or can be executed well.

Its the first main Nintendo console not to get an exclusive Zelda game

so whats' the point of the switch, is it taking from the wii u market or 3ds market or both?

The wii-u, they've already stopped production.
3DS still sells well.

It won't save them this time.

I liked fe mirage sessions. Was pretty fun

Am I the only one that thinks that the Switch's stand is absolute trash? It wouldn't take much for it to topple over.

Shit taste confirmed.

No dual screen gimmick, built in low quality mode.


You really don't have a clue as to what your talking about do you?
The nips fired Tom Kalinske an incredibly successful president largely responsible for putting Sega on the map outside of the arcades for no reason other than jealousy and spite. The mega drive/genesis had bombed in Japan despite being successful in the west and they were afraid Sega of America was getting to big for their britches. They replaced him with the wildly incompetent Bernie "The Saturn is not our future" Stollar, whose first order of business was to institute a policy of "no 2d games, no JRPGs" for the Saturn when that constituted 90% of the Saturn's library. Adding further insult to injury just a year after implementing said retarded policy FF7 and Pokemon both came out starting a massive JRPG craze in the west.
That's just the most egregious example of Sega's incompetence in the mid 90s on top of that at one point during the Saturn's life they were simultaneously manufacturing eight different pieces of hardware.

The problem isn't not knowing Nintendo, the problem is Nintendo not knowing consumers.
Who is this console marketed to? Normalfags? Because last time I checked they completely lost interest in a waggle system after the Wii. Is it marketed to Nintendo fanboys then? Unlikely considering the WiiU was pretty much a middle finger to them. Plus 3/4th of the games coming out for this system have already or will be released on the WiiU. They're about to release a system that caters to a market that simply isn't there. I expect 5 million sales first half year after it's release at best.

Not to mention not only did the surprise release confuse the fuck out of consumers (many didn't even know the thing was out) but it was exclusive to Toys R Us and EB Games, which pissed off other retailers so much (KB Toys) some of them refused to even stock Sega products for the rest of the generation.

I'll educate you
No gimmicks to sell to casuals

Once you know the huge console boom from ps2 compared to previous consoles, including ps1, was caused by hot ticket gimmicks you know why modern consoles sell like shit.

Netflix/Wii connection comes from the fact the wii was the cheapest console to get netflix on. Worked the same way the dvd player did for the ps2. Now that there is currently nothing out there for the consoles to piggyback off than you'll see consoles now sell, quantity wise, for what they are worth.

It always was we told you faggots this, "dont buy a wii u there are no games and that once they dont see astronomical phenomenon Wii tier sales; that they would drop that shit like an ugly baby", and they did. it has less games on it worth playing then a person has toes on their hand.
If you got burned by the Wii U or nintendo since the disaster that was the Wii you deserve it and you certainly are the cancer that killed the video game industry.

The Wii U was always a sack of shit, the Wii was always a sack of shit, the Gamecube was always a sack of shit and Nintendo was always a sack of shit that ran a shit sack manufacturing business.

Kill your self.

I find it funny that the Switch reveal stream thing they spent so much time explaining the controllers, and felt the need to say:

As a way of forestalling the fact that they look uncomfortable as fuck.

And yet I've never actually seen someone hold them in the palms of their hands. They are held in the crook of the fingers. Even the guy who said that line held them like this. Because they're way too small.

But nintendo fans are all children and spergaloids with arrested development anyway so I guess he was just speaking to his audience?

Meme spouters like you are why we're in this situation. Literally die.