School Gaming Club Stories

I'm sure some of you joined one. How was it? Did you do some "networking"? pic unrelated

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i hope nobody here is enough of a faggot to have done any of that shit

I didn't, i used to be part of an Arcade gang for lack of words to call it, we mostly hanged at one arcade but sometimes went to challenge people from arcades in other parts of the town, good times.

It didn't go nearly as bad as those horror stories I've read

What the hell is networking?

Make some "friends" then ask them for a job opening/recommendation/opportunity.

A teacher at my college recommended that. I found it asinine. I mean I do have a linkedIn page (needed it for a project) but I don't need it to get a job. Getting a job thanks to anything but your own merits is ridiculous and leads to incompetence.

Honestly it went pretty well. No turboautists or anything. It probably helped that the only gaymer gurl xd went two times and never managed to get a drama circle around her.

>find out a year later that he knows people that runs FGC events like CEO
If you don't think that having connections don't help, you probably never had them to begin with.

I never had anyone to share my hobbies with. Well I had a brother and a couple of cousins, but they were nowhere near as into it as I was, and they were only into vidya and MTG. With everything else, I had no one. I used to buy RPG magazines and imagine what it would be like to play. I have a million of the damn things. Also comic books. And nerd culture in general, long before it became the Chad-infested hellhole it is now. I was isolated even from this already lonely world.

Now I see the clique and how they have some gaming festival or game debut or awards show or whatever else literally every weekend, to say nothing of arcades and gaming bars, and I feel like choking a clownhaired bitch.

Pretty great overall, most of the people there were cool even if they did play LoL. They would play anything you brought. Bought nearly everyone there a copy of EYE when it was a dollar, got a person into 40k and one guy taught me how to play Tekken.

There were three people who where contenders for that kid though. One who was mostly okay, play Ace Combat, Armored Core and DMC but he was making up obviously fake shit about games and thought DmC was the second coming of christ. He also wore a fedora but he was the most tolerable of the three.
Another guy was just a lying dudebro with a shitty personality who worked at Gamestop but he was godly at KoF (most likely because he was Mexican). Worse than the first person since he lied himself into debt and ditched town.
Last guy though was insufferable,obnoxious, didn't shower, watched MLP and wouldn't shut up about it, said he has autism which I don' doubt, tried too hard to get this girl to like him (which I ended up dating for a bit by accident and pissing him off). Fucker almost got the gaming club shut down for being an obnoxious bastard but ended up dropping out of college. Sucks too since he had a pretty nice sister who wasn't anything like him. Now he's living with his parents again and is salty as fuck about Trump being president. Just checked his Facebook and found out he a hardcore furry too.

Welcome to the world of jobs. Your actual skills don't matter much

That was the former, completely artificial status quo, which is dissolving as we speak.
As jewry dies out, positions will be filled by the people best suited to them, rather than by the jews' pet niggers.

Aside from your faggotry, the only thing my shitty school had was an anime club and as you can expect is was autistic as hell and full of problem glasses and died hair dykes.

Ain't got nothing to do with donald trump or immigrants.
It's just human nature.
HR guys are just as human as you and me, and if someone asks you to help them out by hiring a friend/family member then you are hardly gonna say "Sorry, I only hire those who are suited best for the position"

At least you all never went to an anime/gaming club hybrid. There's nothing more autistic than anime club but when vidya and anime fuse, horrors are made. I seriously hope you all never went to any of these.

If the fucking headline alone is fake news then I'm not exactly going to take the content seriously.

Even in middle school I saw the future cringe coming miles away.

I went to a 4chan meet up once a few years ago and I think that is sort of related.

In the end it was still a really fun time and I made a few friends.

Hahaha what the fuck? This is real life dude, not some anime. I went to a christian private school lmao, there were no clubs.

I was in pain just reading this shit

I used to feel the same way. Then I realized that everyone else plays the game that way. You have a choice: diminish your chances of getting a job, or increase your chances. At the end of the day, most hiring people don't give a fuck about you if you're applying for a job. If you network, you can make them care about you. It's as simple as that.

Also, networking is not just about getting a job. It helps you in the industry when you know lots of people in related organizations. Your boss wants to seal the P&G contract? You can be the hero of the hour when you call up your friend at P&G and pitch it to him over beers.

thats not a trap thats a fucking ambush

The autism made it fun. I mean it's sort of like watching Cringe videos.
It's also the only place I could call a group of blacks niggers and have them laugh and call me whitey as a response or talk about the stupid bullshit moot does or shitposting with others.

That's rare, degenerate but rare.

Anime actually makes me wonder - how much better would schools be if it was mandatory that all students join a social club and an athletic club?

Think about it. Everyone is essentially forced to interact with other humans to some extent, and has to do some degree of physical fitness. No more autists that can't talk to people, no more out-of-shape children. A better world for everyone.

And that's what Holla Forums didn't show up.

So then, why do they like it?

did you fuck her

I was forced to make class presentation every 2 weeks for my entire 4 years in high school. I remember confidently doing them in my second year. But present day in my last semester of college I couldn't stand up while presenting, my legs gave out while everyone said "It's ok, calm down". Forcing someone to do something isn't going to magically make them good at it. It's all genetic. My mother told me I do so many stupid gestures that my father used to do despite me never seeing it happen.

Genetics are only half the battle. It's what you do with your life that determines the rest of it. You have to forge your own path.

One things for certain. I never want to have kids. Those poor fuckers will have my genes. The fact that I'm here means that since the beginning of humans there have been generations of beta faggots like me bumbling through life. It ends with me.

What if my own path is to avoid speaking to humans as much as possible?


no i'd tell that person to fuck off

I help run the anime/gaming club at my uni.


How about no.


That's nepotism, not networking. Usually, it's not "hey, hire this guy", but rather "I know this guy who might fit the job. You should interview him".

"networking" is thinly veiled nepotism

if only it were actually realistic to meet good looking traps in real life, one of the many reasons i doubt this greentext


Maybe, but consider this: you're a hiring manager. You have a choice between two people who are basically identical on paper. They both have the same degree, have the same amount of time in the industry, and have experience in their field. However, one of the people is someone you met last year at a trade conference. You talked with him for an hour about his and your work, and he was a friendly person the whole time. The other guy, you never met before. Who would you call in to interview first?

I would call the person I've never met so that I can compare how each of them are in person. If I've talked with a person at length before, you can almost consider that an informal interview.

As the way she described it

No silly, she is the cuck. It would want me to fuck her BF.

Go to /cgl/ and look up their ALA thread then. You see the same shit I was talking about.
There were about as many traps as actual women. Amazingly the women weren't that bad looking.


Asslicking and being "friendly" with a hidden motive of getting something out of it.

I hate it.

I remember going to the /lgbt/ board pre-exodus to see if there were any qt traps. They were all gross with man-face and not at all like my japanese cartoons. are you telling me the passable ones hang with the real women or something like that?

Passable ones hang on /cuteboys/
I checked

So then, low self-steem coupled with genuine desire to please.

what kind of year am i living in

The current one.


Not really a gaming club thing but:
I got dirty looks from a select few aspies for the rest of the year after that. I can't even remember what I spent that giftcard on.

What is the ratio of autists to neurotypicals in the anime/gaming club you run?

Reminds me of the racer that was so far in the lead in the intro of RRT4 that he had time to pick up best girl. Holy shit I can't imagine the rage everyone in the room produced when you taunted them liked that. Must've felt great.

I go to my uni's vidya club. It's good, honest fun.
>Fuckton of miis just to fuck around with I made Trump

Then again it's right next to the uni bar, so that's probably why everything is so cheerful. There are a few weirdos but they usually keep to themselves.

Too bad you're on a Mongolian BBQ forum and not actually a hiring manager. The hiring manager already has a bunch of shit on his plate; he'll go with the easier option.

Maybe the hiring manager is incompetent at his fucking job then as his job is to hire the ideal candidate. I wonder why ever that would be.

Anyone else work in a school? I got a few stories.

I've never really been part of any gaming clubs, but I have one story.
they have everything unlocked in melee, but nothing unlocked in double dash
>I say yes. I had two friends who always wanted to be competitve smash players, but I don't think either of them got anywhere with that.
>I pick Marth

At least they have realistic expectations. Being a streamer/youtuber is easy as fuck.

yeah no thanks.

That's not a story it's just depressing and unwarranted.

Sadly, one of my greatest accomplishments in life.

Never joined a gaming club or any club for that matter. Even now I'm not sure if I should be happy about it or not. On one hand, I didn't have to deal with any autists. At the same time, though, I feel like that would have been my only chance at making friends.

i'll take shit that never happened for 200, jim

Just because you're the master of not having a job doesn't mean you actually know shit. The asshole who went out to his college's career fair to meet me, or the asshole that sent me a piece of paper to look over. Guess who I'll pick every time? The asshole that actually bothered to take the time and meet up with my ass.

Now if the second asshole has a stellar resume and a better record, that my shift my mind, and I might bring him in to talk with him. Because while the asshole I talked to was alright, if he was talking to me while the other asshole was actually working another job to acquire experience, then the asshole who spent his time on the job is going to get precedence over the one that kisses ass.

That said there are people out there who will always favor the asshole they met, and that is a bit of a shame. But since most people aren't autistic, it's what you have to deal with.

Piss off.


It's okay, I did the same thing with Falcon

As far as my experience goes, my college has a Smash club. One of the Project M players there is PR'd, and at one event he lost to a guy who's not that much worse than him. Like, he's come close to winning before in the past. The guy whipped his controller (one of those expensive keyboard ones) at the ground and the keys went everywhere, looked really pissed for a second, then said "WHAT DID I JUST DO" and put his head on the table shaking. Everyone really quietly just left while he wasn't looking.
He's a tranny now.

The social gaming club was filled with weeaboos. The most western thing they played was Smash, otherwise it was Project Mirai, Contraception and Vita games. I wanted just wanted to hang with Cheeki Breekis.

Oh yeah, I also went to the 8/v/ anniversary party in Manhattan (later Staten Island) a year or two back. Everyone was either drinking or playing actual video games, there was no crossover.

A college a few miles away from me had a Melee tournament to explain white privilege by limiting the stocks of certain players. Funny thing is the guy selected as the least privileged was a competent Falco and ended up rampaging through the bracket.
I don't play much Melee anymore, but I did bring my dual arcade stick to one club meeting and got some fun sets of Third Strike before everyone moved back to Smash 4.


What a beta you must be.

Well I guess that sounds comfy. I remember seeing the thread that announced it

i liked it but that one chick there was an annoying cunt

It was an interesting conversation.
What did you expect me to do? Cuck her?

I made friends with a few guys that where already in one. It turned out to just be huge lane matches and /comfy/ pizza eating. Went till 8pm sometimes after school.

It wasn't a spectacular evening. One guy was supposedly having a friend or someone bring a Wii U with Smash to the Staten Island location once we left D&B's, but that guy couldn't come through.

this place has been infiltrated for 2 years now

Darn, ya got me

No offense, but if my school had a gaming club I would have bullied the everloving shit out of the type of socially stunted loser that would actually join it. Think shit like shoving them into lockers, swirlies, jumping them after school, etc., anything that gets it through their brain what a giant waste of space they are, and if I were to ever meet any of you in real life I would be fighting the urge to give you the corrective behavior some of you obviously never got (which is why you complain about "normalfags").

You're right, a true Holla Forumsirgin should only leave his room once a month, or to collect the daily offering of tendies put before him by his mother subjects. He should defend his domain diligently and make liberal use of piss cocktails and poosock morningstars against any possible invaders.

Under a different post ID now, but whatever.

50% Hard Autismo, 35% Neurotypical, 15% Blacks

What the fuck. That's the stupidest thing I've heard all day.



I don't see why you try so desperately to make not being a superficial retard who keeps to himself seem bad. Re-evaluate your reasons for posting here.

that was poor wording, let me re-word: a person who's not a superficial normalfag and also keeps to himself

the moment hotwheels left this place was already cuckchan 2.0

if only another brave hero made an alternative

you are trash.

This is exactly like the time some nerd was crying and pleading because I was raining punches on his face for being dumb enough to bring his MTG collection to school. Look, I enjoy playing video games myself (I am on this board after all), but you need to keep that shit to yourself. Bring that shit out in the open and I'm stomping you out, capiche? The fact that you are defending this kind of antisocial behavior tells me that you two have more than likely never parted the Puss Sea. Go out, make some friends, get your dick wet, and then see if you don't feel how I feel. Peace out.

It feels so long ago. Why did he leave again? He couldn't handle it right?

jim owned the servers, and slowly took over when he saw the site had a massive growth spurt that hotwheels couldn't afford to fund. he was just a tiny man with brittle bones, he didn't have the kind of cash you need to hold a site with tens of thousands of visits each day. and so the kike took over.

All this time I thought it was hotwheels just up and leaving. When it was Jim who made a hostile takeover. WHY ARE WE STILL HERE

no vidya club in school
no vidya club in uni
only card/board game shop that i go to a few times a week
i fucking hate pokemon now

That was the last time I ever did anything club-related at school

because there is no better alternative. remember when we suffered cuckchan even though we know it was garbage? we're in a similar situation now.

That's what we said back in cuckchan. Didn't stop us from looking.

yep, until a decent better alternative comes around we're stuck in this unfree kike shithole.

Protip: Don't try this. I tried using a poopsock as a poi toa. The mess was unbelievable. The sock stretched under the swinging shit's momentum and allowed the shit (although firm) to squeeze through the holes in the fabric spraying out in an arc. When the poo toa hit its mark it splattered everywhere and left one hell of a stain.

you took the brown pill didn't you? you fucking idiot…

I wouldn't even go to a party, I just love to shitpost, particularly about poosock morningstars.

Do you have a single fact to back that up? If I recall Hotwheels just kind of gave up after being shitposted to death, even after the fucking retarded Infinity Next deal failed and posting went back to being not shit. This reminds me of people thinking Jim was responsible for fucking up 2ch, when the known story even before then was Hiroyuki being the asshole who ruined everything. Just reeks of divide and conquer tactics, or shilling, or just someone fucking around.

Hey faggot ever realized that liking vidya today is considered acceptable? The only reason to keep that interest to yourself is to not make you look like an obnoxious cunt or an unbearable faggot

this must be bait right?

At the uni i'm attending there's a couple fags who gather in the community room and play smash every night, and after my classes I usually grab a seat and shitpost alongside/join in if there's an open controller until the bus I ride to/from the campus because I'm a cheap fucker and parking passes are fucking rape on the wallet.

I still don't like Jim because he shills the pisswater.

Was that the party Mark organized to celebrate his hotpocketry?

Hey guys, watch out! This guy's acting all tough on the internet!

HW gave up on the site and more or less vanished when Josh was working on Next "because he will handle community interaction" and went to go do drugs, work on an emoji language, and make Windows fonts.

Every single time.

Not everybody is an estrogen powered retard overflowing with empathy.

Who is this Ian

He can't shill it, he can only advertise it.
>>A shill, also called a plant or a stooge, is a person who publicly helps or gives credibility to a person or organization without disclosing that they have a close relationship with the person or organization

That said, of course he's going to try and tell everybody about his fucking blog.

>Infinity Next
Man I loved that shitfest where retards preordered an imageboard it was pretty hilarious because I didn't spend anything on it.

this, and furthermore, while the self-sufficient, doing it themselves superman is a grand ideal, the reality is that nobody really 'does it alone' except for very select people in very select examples, and those are things like inspirational survival stories. Actually accomplishing something is almost always a network of people, even if it's not immediately obvious.

I joined it and then i killed it. Everyone was a casual so when we played against each other I never lost anything and when we played togheter i just did everything. I remember one distinct instance where we played need for speed underground 2 and ran a 10 lap race with 6 players on the PS2 when the online was still alive. When I finished the thing, I was 4 laps ahead of second place and there was a guy 7 laps behind, I was the only one who didn't spin out or crash on every corner and they all said they had played the game a lot.
Also, Paul Walker used to play nfs underground and I saw him and his brother numerous times when online.

But user-kun-senpai-san most computers have wi-fi now and you don't even need wires for a good LAN experience. That is assuming of course there aren't people behind walls or really far away from each other which means the wi-fi signal is shit.

It wasn't really the school's gaming club but tons of people from my school went there. Really fun place and if you won any of the tournamnts you'd get in for free, otherwise it was like $10 for a night of vidya. Not too bad to hang out with your friends and play stuff you don't own a console for. They had a couple areas dedicated to certain games and then a couple of free TVs for people who wanted to play less popular multiplayer games or singleplayer stuff. And they had hundreds of games to choose from.

Later they moved into a 2 story building with more space but it was more out of the way and they weren't making enough money to keep going.

I want to cum inside that girl.

Not really.
There's some guys who play Melee everyday in my community college, and everyone in the big lounge area they're in is usually playing something too.
I've chatted with them, and played vidya with the people there, but I was never compelled to really hang around too long. Despite that they're pretty cool dudes, all of them would be willing to let a scrub like me play against them to slowly git gud, and in general are just cool dudes to hang around.

Dunno, I'm just antisocial. Even after I forced myself to acquire social skills by throwing myself into as many social situations as I could for a few years, I just don't really care for it.
It's probably fucking me over, but I'm way happier alone than in a group.

I went to a /cgl/ meet once. It was okay. Most people either autist or bragging about their sexual encounters, though.

I go to the University's gaming society. They're pretty chill. Always playing fighting games where I can assert my dominance. They also don't care for social justice wank. Not a single twat with dyed hair in there. It's beautiful. Not many filthy left wingers about either. There was an anti-Trump march In Britain, lel and only 200 people showed up. 200. In a fucking city. Adorable.

Which city is it? I'd like to move there.

it was his birthday

Neither the high school or college I went to had these clubs, so even if I wanted to join one there wasn't the opportunity to.
I did have a clique of cringeworthy weeb friends I played vidya with, but that comes with studying a STEM field. I guess it's more of a UK/US thing.

Also kinda reminds me of /k/'s meetup, wonder if all them actually owned a nugget. can some /k/rossposter give me a tl;dr of it

Is it Cardiff?

Close. It is a Welsh city

I go to a shitty community college, and I see the vidya autists playing smash bros in this lounge next to the Subway all the time. I like to watch from a distance while I eat lunch, sort of like how one watches animals in a zoo. I also hear this one fag consistently say "vidya" when referring to games.
Honestly I would join if I weren't awkward and self aware, and if they weren't so goddamn loud and autistic
I don't have any IRL friends

Mine is in florida as well

wew lad