Freedom Planet 2 demo

Freedom Planet 2 just got a demo if you'te interested.

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The art got worse somehow, it looks like the faggot that makes the art for Krita or some shit.

I go to their official site but i can't find the download for the damn game, in the download section there are only downloads for the artwork and press kit, not the actual demo.

Actually, i see it now…odd, it didn't appear when i first entered the site.

It is Tyson Tan. I'm not too fond of the bizarre new Lilac and her eyes and 'roid Carol, but Kiki is cute

Perhaps it was an older cached version being served. In these cases, shift+f5 or ctrl+f5 should force a full refresh.

i hope milla is as good as i think she is now.

I just hope this shit makes it into the final game.

These sprites and backgrounds just don't look right.

Is this porn for people with OCD?

They're copypasted sprites

Just tried the characters and skills. In FP1 I only cleared the whole game with Carol because she's way superior thanks to dem wild kicks and infinite walljumping.

Same old. It's okay
BEST. Shuriken/bike hybrid disc thingy is awesome, the bike doesn't explode now and you can THROW it at enemies and recall it later
Already has glitches out, you can rocket jump with her. Guarding summons a cube that provides ammo for shooting in 8 directions, that's pretty neat
Seems unfinished. Slow and hard to hit things with her.

Agreed about neera, she seems very unpolished.
Couldn't take out Carol's bike after it got back to be a shuriken, how do you do it?
Milla is the fucking best and a blast to play.
And Lilac is indeed the same old lilac, though the ciclone doesn't burn the meter anymore and you can cancel the dragon boost in the middle.

By far, Milla is the one that evolved the most, she actually got so many tools now that the others don't feels as good as her, not that i'm complaining.

SJW devs are not welcome, nigger.

freedom planet sucked ass. make a real game you pixelshitters.

Hit that Guard button when disc's out.

Guard when it's deployed to call back.

Milla is indeed overflowing with options and I'm suspecting she's the pet favorite of the devs and many fans too. Her shooting skill gives a bit of a Gunstar Heroes feeling.
Carol doesn't have many moves at her disposal but the shuriken/bike makes up for it and more. I'll probably main her again and later on try Milla in the final game.

Funny that you believe he's a SJW. Back in the old Sonic fangame boards he was pretty cool, but I suspect that FP's commercial release and post-hype made several SJW type infectors get close to him. Let's be honest - if he didn't latch to them the SJWs would've eaten him alive. Can't fault him for that, but I still think the 'no fun allowed' bullshit in their forums is retarded.

It is what it is. The guy's gonna get burned hard if he keeps playing with those types.

Spark the Jester will probably be better tbh fam

To be fair, it's a lose-lose situation. If the SJW crowd targets him, he'll be done for sure.

Definitely looking forward to Spark - Lake doesn't give a fuck and simply makes games and that is always good to hear. Dude is a game-making machine, productivity's high with him.

The original game was fun, but the story was shit and the fan base was more cancerous then sonic.

looks lazy as fuck.

nigger SJW is just a term for a whinny opinionated liberal. Most millennials are whiny opinionated liberals. Hell there is a 90% odds that you are most likely are a SJW and just lacking self awareness.

True enough, I just hope Lake doesn't get corrupted

cheeky devs…



Did they ever finish their DLC 4D 1st game?

Turns out that the engine fucks itself when they add anymore content, their plan is to finish FP2, then port FP1 to it's engine and finally add the DLC to it.
The chances of they actually doing that are very slim because they would not get any money out of it.

What's FP2's engine?

it seems to be made in unity, at least from the demo.

Guarding seems pretty useless given that most enemies can easily be killed or avoided, and the boss attacks too quickly for you to perform another guard in time. It'll probably be useful for when you're trying to move through large enemies.without taking damage, since guarding doesn't stop or slow you down, though you can't move during a standing guard.

Carol's probably the best character, followed by Milla, Lilac, then Neera, with a large gap between Lilac and Neera. Carol still needs to find her bike before using it, but the only weak-feeling part of her moveset is her pounce, though it's still good for a horizontal boost. She can walljump, has the fastest attack speed, and her special is both a form of mobility as well as a high-damage attack that's also quick to recharge. The only thing is that you don't retain any inertia when jumping to the disc horizontally. She can also do do rolls on the ground in order to move while dealing damage or destroying obstacles. It has the same control as if you were just running normally.

Aside from Carol's walljumping, Milla probably has the most vertical mobility in the game. Her hover uses up the special meter, but it's the only move she has that does this. The meter doesn't regenerate until she touches the ground, so it's spammable if you're going upwards and landing on higher platforms. Because you can move freely while guarding, you can "reload" your shots and boost attack quickly and without slowing down. Milla can fire up to ten shots before losing her green block thing, but her boost's the same no matter how many shots are remaining.

Besides her cyclone not consuming meter and being able to cancel her boost for only partial meter consumption, Lilac's pretty much the same, though that's okay since she's already simple and relatively mobile. Lilac also gets a second kick attack after the divekick, no telling how significant that is aside from a little extra damage on enemies.

Neera is both the least mobile and the slowest character, also probably the weakest. She has a double jump, and can freeze enemies into makeshift platforms, but her special projectile can only be fired sideways. Her special meter takes about as long as Lilac's to fully regenerate, so she won't be throwing down specials often unless you're gathering fucktons of crystals at a time. She can fire projectiles but the startup and the rate of fire are much slower than Milla's, and Neera can only fire in two directions. Neera has an upwards and downwards attack, but it feels like you're better off attacking from the sides. Her upwards special's probably the only strong thing about her, and it's mostly because of its reach.

no thanks

God damn that art just looks so fucking off that i don't even want to try it.

Thats a nice in depth explanation of the characters.

So basically FP1, because your description sounds exactly like the first game.

To me Lilac is still the most powerful character for her invicibility frames and aerial mobility, unlike Carol which dives down like a retard when you attempt to pounce with her.
Milla felt more on the defensive side.
I wonder if they'll add Spade in.

To me Lilac feels like the most natural character to play Freedom Planet with.
I'll see right now how the demo is like.

Btw does anyone know what engine does the second game use?

i take you haven't seen the "Rocket Milla" yet did you?
if you press any direction while jumping + attack and dodge together, you create a super shield in that direction, you can stack super shields, and they are used all at once on the next super blast adding the momentum of a superblast for each of the super shields you have.
you can go from the botton of the stage to the top of it in less than a second that way, and you can keep creating super shields and stocking them until you need to propel yourself.

i'm a idiot.

several console generations were practically dedicated to sidescrollers. I could not possibly care any less about a game even if it were an open world multiplayer survival crafting game
pixel graphics are lazy and uninspired in, literally, 99 percent of cases, and you've probably already played every sidescroller there is, because there are only a few types of them

garbage to be discarded like all the other indie trash

Seriously they added a fucking mini boss to the roster who lack diagonal attacks?
Her strongest attack is actually the smash because you do it while in mid air, it's actually more powerful than her special attack. While with the crystal shooting you're staying still like a moronic soldier, you can even crouch, but the range is so pitiful.

Her sideway attacks and propel attacks are pretty good. Her freeze boomerang is nice and her ice hockey gliding is a nice touch when she picks up speed. Otherwise she's a pretty crap character, but I think expert speedrunners will find a use for her.

Well I played it and my opinion is that it's the same as FP1.
Same characters, same power ratios, same enemies.

Lilac > Carol > Milla

Lilac still has the most important attacks in the game which help you navigate the levels much better than the other ones, as well as finishing the bosses the easiest without dying. To me this is much more important.
Milla has a new set of kung fu skills and her shield+lazer is faster, but I see her square block is missing.
Carol received some nice updates, her spinballing is much more powerful and easy to perform, and her disc attack is a nice addition I'd normally see a boss using such an ability.
Unfortunately her pouncing is still horrible and I constantly set it off when I'm trying to jump.
Neera is… worse than everyone else at speed and mobility, while Lilac is top notch. Same problem was with Spade and that green alien guy in FP1 when I played the hacked version.

Maybe some people will find the other characters better when they master them, but otherwise the general audience will still prefer to play with Lilac for how breezy her gameplay feels.

It uses Unity.

I'm hoping she's not even finished yet.

The engine feels slicker, most of the characters feel easier to control and less limited in movement. The jumps are wider, the characters weight less(faster acceleration and less feedback from stopping)

..except for the dumb panda girl. Hey lady this is a game about speed, get on with the program, also you might wanna lighten your voice a little, you sound like a creepy 30 year old woman, when your pixel art character in fact seems younger and more like a loli anime.

I was thinking that the creator would fix some glaring issues such as the horrid voice acting and the blatant downgrade from Lilac.
Lilac still remains at the top because she can summon speed on the go, she has aerial mobility, invicibility, a very good special attack, while Carol and Milla will continue to struggle against high-air bosses and challenges.
Maybe they'll all receive ability upgrades specific for the level?

One thing I'm glad he didn't "fix" was the need for acceleration when going up the slopes. You can still glue onto the walls, which I much prefer over needing speed.

I guess this is an oversight, but it's possible to move around while shooting crystals, though it's a very clunky way to do so.

The panda is basically pandering for chinese markets?

Maybe, but she was a boss in the first game.

Did you slow down the webm or something? Why is it going so slow? Am i just imagining things?

At this very moment if game is being played on a slow machine like mine, instead of stutters all over the place I get slow-mo instead. I encountered the same stuff in Rabi Ribi. In minimal resolution it plays fine, but when I play them in full screen mode or while recording, slow-mo happens. I also remember encountering a bunch of DOS-era games that sped up like crazy when played on way superior hardware.

What are your specs? I'm curious

Ah, ok then.

An old Gnusmas laptop bought in 2010. 2.1 GHz Dual-Core CPU, 3 GB RAM, 32-bit Win7,
I have an even older and slower PC next to me, but I don't quite remember it's specs.

After a few playthroughs of the demo… the gameplay is pretty good. But the new character design and the music are weak.

They've probably tied the physics engine to the processor clock like they did when they made the incredible machine all those years ago. Fucking terrible design choice but I don't know enough about computers to understand why anyone would make it that way. To be completely honesty I'm just parroting what my mum said when she tied to play the incredible machine on her new computer and it ran at light speed.
Pretty sure GTA SA and Dark Souls had a similar problem where everything was calculated by the frames so at a high frame rate cars would slide all over the road like everything was made of ice in GTA and weapons degraded one tick per frame they collided with an entity in Dark Souls.

That's not really so bad. I'm surprised it's slowing down for you. I mean, the internal resolution should be 426 x 240.

Don't you mean they didn't? Using the CPU clock is the good practice, user.
Timing things purely to the assumption of a specific framerate is the negative practice. That is, if the framerate isn't fixed and the game doesn't allow for bumping up the frame limiter if the PC can handle it.
Thinking about it, that actually makes it an assumption of hardware.

It's likely FP2 does use the clock to fix the framerate, but assumes a rate of 60(?) instead of checking and adjusting the change in time in case it dips.
If it did that would make it variable on the low end.

The trouble with variable rates is that you'll always be a frame behind (you can't viably predict a change in framerate before it happens), which makes things jumpier than they should be. Especially at a lower FPS.
Assuming a base framerate and optimizing the ever loving fuck out of your game so that it remains consistent on some baseline minimum hardware is better IMO. Consistency > Unpredictability
Of course your game should never hardcode a fixed framerate. Adjusting the number is trivial.

I've been googling and trying to find any sneak peak of this game before December till I stopped. I didn't even realize he released an entire gameplay video on Christmas. Now I wake up with a demo game released a few days ago.

By the way does Holla Forums still have some sort of archive?

a perfect example of why a slippery slope is not a formal fallacy but merely an informal fallacy.

Thanks doc.

The game is literally Chink Sonic.