So, will these DLCs improve the game? Or fill in what's missing from vanilla? Will I get to roleplay as the power rangers minus the chick?

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What kind of mods are we talking about? nude mods?

Hours and hours of Prompto gangbang porn.

I bought this and I've been in the dark since release. Haven't played it yet either.

Game looks really gay (literally), but reviews said it played good.

I only care about the graphics and going about in a good looking world a bit.

Is the game good enough for a couple of hours at least?

If you must know, I bought a ps4pro for the vr, then realized i didn't have any actual games for the thing so I bought FFXV, GTAV, Bloodborne and MGSV on a whim. And a projector because no TV

Also bought eagle flight, driveclub VR and… that's it really. Want REZ but no physical release.

Haven't played anything yet because no time.

Am I in for a treat?

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It plays like ass. There's no challenge and the battle system sucks. You can't even drive the damn car.

It's a decent game if you're not expecting a final fantasy game. The real time combat and open world feel like they were just tacked on for western audiences and the novelty wears off pretty quickly, it's fun enough if you don't take it seriously and just enjoy the scenery and banter.

It does seem gay at first but they're essentially teenage(?) buddies that are on an adventure(?). Gameplay is pretty good and has different weapon classes with each of their own combos which luckily isn't just hold O to win since some require timing to prompt stuns/buffs. Ending looked like it was rushed and for some a relief that it's finally over for their playthrough. Also has the best waifu that Noctus keeps on shitting on her face for being a childhood friend.

Well I don't care about that. Got Bloodborne to fill the "gameplay" gap. Final Fantasy battle has always been shit imo.

well fuck. That kills it for me. Fucking nips act like its a GTA and its not.

That's what I bought it for. Sad you cant drive the car.

Just hoping the gay is not too repugnant.

I still want to play The Bouncer.

you can technically drive the car, but it's on rails until you unlock the flying car

What a fucking disgrace


You can 'drive' the car and move it out of your lane for a pointless accident. Though never out of the road or path until the air mode. Mostly used as auto travel compared to chocobo riding.


Thought they took the "hallway" criticism of XIII to heart.

Guess they kinda didn't. What the fuck.

That and picking up literal trash on the ground which is the game's version of treasure.

wow between this and horizon matriarchy: zero white men it seems buying a PS4 was a great choice.

I just want to see more Cindy

is XV coming to PC?

Holy fuck, almost thought they did a crossover bullshit with Edgy Power Rangers movie with that first pic.

Basically every other game is on the PC, so I'd say there's a pretty good chance.

It is an extremely pretty game with a great world, but that is about where the positives end for me. The battle system is flashy and looks cool and it does well for minor enemies but breaks down completely in boss fights. The best example is the boss fight in Altissia. How that shit got greenlit and allowed to go into the game is beyond me. Apparently it got stripped down even to make it not a slide show on the PS4, but the gameplay of it was still garbage.

The games quality takes a sharp dip after chapter 5 when it starts to go on rails. It is clear they had to shore it up since it had been in development hell for so long. You'd think the game suddenly dropping the chains of an open world would allow it to focus it more on narrative but holy fuck the plot holes. It starts to move at a million miles an hour and just straight forgets to care about you the player and your understanding of what is happening around you. It has been said before but it can't be emphasized enough, a ton of shit just happens off screen and is never really explained. I'm not talking about the DLC bait disappearance of your party members either. It bothers me too, because I like the setting and the premise. The plot is just executed so fucking badly.

Some things that bothered me:

I didn't really understand why the fuck I was going to see the gods until after the Hydrean. By that point I had already fought the Archean and gained the Fulgarian's powers. In fact I had no idea I had apparently been gaining their powers until the Hydrean section. With the Archean they just have Noct getting headaches then I go and see him to talk to him but I can't understand him. Then I fight and defeated him? It made little sense to me. Then later on when I got to the Hydrean for some reason I got subtitles for what it was saying this time when I didn't for the Archean. I am not sure if that was a bug or intentional or what the fuck that was. Then the fact that even now I have no idea how summons work and I have only been able to summon the Fulgarian twice and the Hydrean once.

Ravus. Jesus what the literal fuck Square? You have the brother of the Oracle whose motivation I believe was the support her to help you, but he works for the empire or something since they are occupying Altissia? Then later on when I am in Gralea I find him dead with my father's sword. Okay. I feel like there was an entire plotline for how he got there just cut. I can make the logical leap that he turned on them after the events in Altissia and they killed him for it but it was just so jarring to suddenly just find a character dead with pretty much no exposition. It went from A to B to C to Z real quick.

The empire's plotline was a mess too. It had neat elements that were all revealed in a rush. They had cool cutscenes with the emperor early on, then you don't really see much of it for a while then you get the Gralea and they pile it all on real quick real fast. They had mentioned earlier that Daemons were put inside the MTs but then in Gralea the Ardyn narration pretty much just spills out the entire empire plot like they didn't have time for it. Then you find the emperor's empty clothes and he is a demon and it is a shitty boss fight. Then that model they used for him they just started using for normal enemies after that. The entire thing felt rushed and lazy.

The cup of fucking noodles quest. I think that's all that needs to be said there.

FFXV just feels like a lot of really neat ideas executed poorly. A fucking shame really. Maybe I have downs syndrome and I just missed some shit that would have made more of it make sense but I doubt it.

hows that Arianna Grande instance?

Check the whole media, film and anime, the entire thing does not pan out well and it's pretty clear they just cobbled together what was FF13-versus and rush a game out fast out of their ass.

The story was cut out…again…for a third time. There was nomuras story that was trashed and then there was another story where you have amnesia, you killed Luna in the very beginning(thats why ravus hates you) and you are rebuilding your memories(and then square gutted all of that cause lol fuck you). Then there is this shitpile of a story that still has cut out content. the Icelands where you meet shiva were explore able and the world of ruin was exploreable too (where you do meet cindy and iris).

God that pissed me off too. Every place you go after chapter 8 you could tell was supposed to be a part of an open world but they just fucking shove a stick up your ass and hurry you through it. Opening the map in these areas, is just depressing.

I also forgot to mention that how Aranea was handled was fucked as well. Shows up and "trains" you and then the next time you see her I believe is during the train section (GREAT FORESHADOWING SQUARE) and she is just a plain old NPC standing in front of Tenebrae who talks and does nothing else. A Tenebrae you can see was fully modeled and they intended to do something with but then they shove you back on the train to Gralea. When you get to the World of Ruin and they mention her and Iris but then no where to be found in the tiny little camp at Hammerhead.

The game makes me more angry the more I think about it because you can see all the things they wanted to do with it. Then you look at what it ended up as and it is just enraging.

fuck it. I'm linking that video again. These guys go through all of the leaks, cuts, and changes that happened since 2006 It's sad they they all paid $240 dollars for it, want square to fuck off, and in the end say "its a 7/10, I'll buy the next one"

of course I forget the link

Thanks fam.

I want to hold Aranea's hand anyway

Aranea probably would have given it up if Noctis wasn't dedicated to blank slate bitch(she was dead anyway)

Yes, and so is Zodiac Age/XII and VII Remake, its obvious at this point.
Don't know about Kingdom Hearts 3 though.
I'm sure Disney wants the money and it using UE4 means it can easily ported, but that one I do not know due to the licensing.

Thought that was Lightning from the thumbnail.