Denuvo on damage control

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I might finally get to play nuDoom and if it's good enough to buy I even save money because I had to wait to try it.

Doom doesn't even use Denuvo anymore

Like it matters. All games with denuvo are shit, all games that came out in the last two years are shit, and there aren't any good games coming out in the future. Plus you can just pirate all of the good games so DRM doesn't even exist.

I remember some Cryengine developers having a fight with some devs that praised Denuvo, I think it was Dambuster Studios I believe. Argument went along the lines of this:

Daily reminder than Denuvo's biggest crime is the fact that it stops people modding games which stagnates vidya game development. Crytek itself was made of up of mostly devs who modded Crysis just a shame their management was so fucking retarded

Cool, guess I'll finally play it then. As for Denuvo I don't really care, I always pirate before I buy so the longer it takes to crack the longer it takes me to buy.

No one ever asked for shitty DRM. We just want to be able to buy and play our games. Sure old PC games had ancient DRM methods with their manuals but at least you would always have access to your game (and that DRM doesn't effect anyone now). Even an old SNES cartridge will still work on any working SNES or some emulation machine like a Retron.

No, its biggest crime is the fundamental purpose of DRM, which is to shit all over paying customers because fuck them. I'm glad I pirate everything.

maybe they'll finally learn their lesson

No they fucking won't.
There are still going to be a bunch of normalfags cucking out for Denuvo and still more companies are going to use it.



Hey there little guy, what's your name?

Thanks for the tip, i am pirating the game right now, i'd pay for it tbh but fuck capcom they owe me for tricking me into purchasing Super Fail V

I don't get the Denuvo autism.
It doesn't protect any worthwhile games.
It's like breaking into an outhouse just to prove you can.

What about bannerlord?


>also saw this on kikebook >kikebook today with 4k shares

are they learning?

Oh hi user!

Say, what do you wanna be when you grow up?

One can dream, but think of those 4 thousand shares compared to the 100 thousand shares garbage games probably get. (I don't have a kikebook so you'll have to check yourself.)

tumblr is worse than kikebook


So how goes your day user? Don't be shy, we've heard it all.

Good evening, user-san.
I do think you're disgusting

When is tumblr going under? I figured it'd be soon with yahoo going nearly bankrupt and rebranding to that new name that sounds like boner pills after their retard woman ceo ruined everything.

You shouldn't talk to children like that. You could leave lasting emotional scars. Be nicer.



That's the point. The moment some retard brags about making something impossible to crack, someone is going to do it just to fuck with them.

Do you not have unlimited internet?

You don't know shit, kill yourself for talking out of your ass and spreading misinfo you fucking nigger
Never have I seem such an awful post, and yet I bet you complain about CNN.

I get that, but at the end of the day you're still breaking into a shithouse.

The only worthwhile game with Denuvo is Total War Warhammer and that ain't cracked yet.

this is the life you chose.

You seem very emotional about this user. Is there something you want to tell us?


God dammit, I just wanna go scuba diving

Everything is unlimited when all you need is 640K.

Filesize as an antipiracy measure is the dumbest thing i ve heard, not even that cuck Matpat could have come out with such BS theory

Time to stop posting

Emulate Endless Ocean user, its pretty good.

t. retards at Crytek
I am mad now. Thanks.

And how does it do that?

Oh no, I understand the reason well enough, i'm just curious why you'd have such an overreaction when pointing out his error would be enough. It makes it seem like this is personal to you.

makes them unable to make legal copies, some are always-online. are you seriously trying to defend drm?


I bought MGSV. Because I did it legally, MGSV refuses to boot up if im offline too long. I now REQUIRE an online connection to play my singleplayer game I purchased, whereas a pirate could play it offline all he wants. I'm treated as the pirate when I supported them and purchased their product.

Denuvo is so cancerous they are infecting survival games, which needs modding to for these games to survive.

how can you fucking mod a survival game with a shitty anti-tamper software that makes it impossible for you to make shit like script extenders for GOOD mods instead of just shitty reskins.


Why would there be anything else?
It was just a piss poor post

Modding is going to be Ark tier apparently.

Whats the issue here?
Are you too fucking retarded to use Dolphin?

im playing warhammer and hitman right now, thanks cpy!

read some rumors they bribed off some groups

I don't believe you. I got my eye on you user.

then its just regular reskin, forget about those fancy ENBs, they won't exist anymore.

It's going to be 40 gigabytes? Was Warband even 1 gigabyte? How much did they fucking add?

imagine all the mods we could have if EDF 4.1 didn't come with fucking denuvo

dub in every language.

What the fuck are you talkimg about?

The issue with that one was encrypted files apparently.

Does Denuvo even have an online component? I thought it just encrypted and shuffled around the executable. Are you complaining about the right thing?

which is the same issue denuvo games have. its just a case of people equating denuvo to stupid shit. denuvo stopping script extenders seems more likely but that wouldn't prevent you from doing model edits, that's still an encryption issue

im inclined to believe no

Replace "Crafting" with "Indie" and you got a deal.

It's a feature you can have with Denuvo, on top of the usual shit they offer. MGSV and Doom both had it. Im sure it's just a (((Coincidence))) that both MGSV and Doom had it while having Denuvo as well. Which further reinforces the person I was responding to who asked about how denuvo is another example of drm hurting customers. I got the raw end of a deal for being a paying customer while the pirate got it better.

Yes it forces a 5 activation limit per 24hr.
There's also a site for authentication when the game can't reach the server by itself.

that got me so mad. we were so close. fuck marketability



I've actually been watching you for a long while now, user. I've always wanted to tell you that I… I've always wanted to… Oh gosh this is so embarrassing. I've always wanted to hold your hand. You see, I've always been attracted to hands, ever since I was a small child and looked at the Mona Lisa. This may sound crude but I… I… I got a boner There, I said it.

I do but I refuse to waste my time and hard drive space on something that doesn't need to be that large. There is no reason you can defend going from warband to that size.

Prepare Uranus

EDF 4.1 doesn't have a denuvo you fuckwit, we even had pirate multiplayer servers back then when EDF threads were alive
I doubt they could even afford to get it implemented

Its going to be shit
Witcher 2/3 were already dissapointments.
I want to believe but I'm not expecting anything good.
I just want Bonerlord, I know that that one is a safe guarentee since thats all Taleworlds has been working on for nearly 5 years now and it looks like an expanded first game with more depth and polish.

He was being sarcastic
Read the thread

Did they explain why the size is so large?

You missed a couple of "MUH" in there.



I am hoping they never get a refund, if you were dumb enough to use denuvo on your product expecting anything you deserve to go bankrupt.

Sad reality is that people keep buying those games despite the presence of Denuvo.

Sad reality is most consumers don't even know what Denuvo is. There's even some people in my college that think Denuvo is a game engine thing like Havok. Fucking ridiculous.

"I was pretending to be retarded" doesn't work in court when you're dealing with a shitty Japanese company thirsty for shekels. Tough shit emu kikes.

Having been a gamer since 1985 or so, let me tell you devs something: piracy will always be a thing. Quit wasting valuable resources on DRM that pisses off legit customers and only serves as a challenge to the cracking groups.

Spend that money on more QA. Make a game so awesome we all want to buy it, just to ensure a sequel.

b-but f1 still isn't cracked, guys

I believe it requires at least an initial connection to the Denuvo servers to generate or validate an encryption key. Or something like that.

That's the distinguishing feature of DRM, dipshit.

I read that in space ghost voice


so… what they did with Nioh?



He's not wrong. Making a game nobody cares about is the best anti-piracy measure

it hurts

But user, if its going to be anything like The Witcher with guns, isnt that closer to your COD-tier tastes?


I don't understand what you're trying to say. The witcher was shit, we all agree, and the witcher with guns would be shit as well, which is shit just like COD. None of those things sound like good games to me.

Wasn't it being uncrackable their entire sales pitch?

I used to see this comment posted under youtube videos all the time. What a throwback argument.

Well it does slow down the cracking process significantly user, they could try and sell on that

It doesn't make much sense considering the witcher's gameplay is about as dumbed down and casual friendly as cod.

user, you're comparing a first person shooter to a third person rpg. That makes no sense.

I'm saying both are shitty casual games, which applies to them.

Sure, if all the others take your bribe money.

God bless you, CPY

As a person that hates emulation, I must admit that Dolphin is incredible, the UI is pretty good, and it's so well optimized, it's baffling, not to mention that you can play both GC and Wii games. Fuck PS1 and PS2 emulation, though.

But how do you emulate wagglan?

Gee, wonder why


Hi, Denuvo shill.

it is, I hate pcsx with passion


Nah, the chinks gave up. It's the wops that are doing it now.

And still not a single decent game that uses denuvo.


Why is PS1 emulation still so fucking fucked?

Kill yourself

When will developers learn?

Yeah I hope they don't
I want to keep pirating games.

No you

the best anti-piracy measure is releasing a game that doesny work.

The first Witcher was pretty good though it did lack some polish in areas. 2 and 3 were not as good but I wouldn't describe either of them as bad, just average.

I actually don't mind denuvo that much. For like 90% of games using it, it serves me as a seal of shit quality and must avoid games.

Well if it pleases you, let's hold hands and buy you that pair of pants you were always eyeing in the store. Maybe even buy some vidya on our way back. Don't worry about the boner, I'm sure people may look but you look lovely with it user.

Fucking global reported

Draw yfw Denuvo is kill.

Kira please go and stay go


I trieed mi best

now i can play all these shitty games and drop them 3 hours in

Steam still exists, despite my best efforts to avoid using it.

But the entire game was polish.

thank you for announcing your shit taste.
what other games do you like? maybe i can cross some games off of my backlog.

Shut up kira, youre dead, youre an RPG MC for a buddhist monk.

How long was splinter cell chaos theory uncracked? Does is still hold the record or denuvo managed to beat it?

feels good not buying a single game with Denuvo.

Holy shit this guy is retarded. the vast majority of cracked denuvo games never had a demo.


user, they already know its because of piracy
And had the TPP come to pass, when all anti-pirate methods fail, they'll resort to suing the government for not stopping the pirates,

Year of the Fire Cock

Do you have unlimited disk space?

Can always buy another storage drive

Yo, relax there Ruvik. People using Denuvo deserve a good slap in the face but not to go outright bankrupt.

Oh no a racing game that's identical to a million others hasn't been cracked, it's over lads Denuvo's won.


It can't be an accident, it's just too good.

End DRM and bring back demos. Though most games today don't release demos as people realize what a mediocre, at best, game they're playing so won't buy.

it disgusts me to see people talk about piracy as some big bad black while they see themselves as white. it's so fucking retarded, piracy hasn't yet hurt anything that didn't deserve it. since its inception it has only helped raise the deserving to glory and weed out the marketing scams. i've seen good, obscure games shoot up in popularity and start selling good and shit garbage, held up solely by marketing fall into the forgotten abyss after getting pirated. same goes for music and everything else out there. these people are some of the most clueless, sheltered idiots to ever walk the earth.

say hi to reimi

Or better yet bring back the age of shareware, let a game sell itself though it's gameplay not how big the marketing budget is.


developers really need to get it through their heads that it isn't piracy they need to worry about, but making good games.

I'm actually buying RE7 when it drops to a reasonable price because I pirated and played it through, decided I liked it, and want to get the updates and shit easier. Before that I had made up my mind that the game looked like shit and it looked to play like shit. If I wouldn't have been able to play it through for myself, Capcom would have lost out on a sale.

That being said, there are a painfully small amount of games I've done that for simply because most games past 2010 are complete garbage and I end up uninstalling them withing an hour or two of playing them.

They perfectly know well that piracy isn't the reason why games are selling like shit, the management blame piracy to save their own asses from losing their job since it is them who is in charge of making decisions and piracy is just one of their scapegoats.
Why else do you think modern companies have absolutely incompetent management even after their games bomb? They seems to never learn the lesson no matter what. Just take a look at Capcom, after shitton of failures they still have their old incompetent management in charge who will continue killing the company and hopefully make it bankrupt since Capcom is too stupid to get their shit together and hire people who know how to do business. I think they fired no one after what happened to Umbrella Corps or SF5.
And of course you should remember about investors too who also believe in piracy boogeyman.

That's really weird. It's almost as if personally boycotting something isn't as effective as encouraging others to boycott it, and at least affecting one other person. It's almost as if coordinated effort is superior to individual effort.


Good luck convincing anyone on Holla Forums to not use valve, this is a valve loving board.


Steam sale threads need to burn. Same with Key givaway threads. Good intentions but cancer either way. Thanks to piracy the only reason you would use steam is for multiplayer and
Nothing but shitty streamers, kids and power-tripping admins. Sometimes all 3 in 1. There was an iscreencap floating around of the 8/v/ steam group with almost all of them playing Fallout 4 day one. Remember that we're always surrounded by casuals.

Cortez? Who else?

Y-you're baiting, right?

Gravity Rush 2 is pretty rad.

How embarrassing.

Better end modding for a game that got stupidly popular thanks to modding. Well done Taleworlds.

Until confirmed by the devs that denuvo is not on Bannerlord, expect it to be fully integrated into the game.

I have to put gas in my car, I also have to use comcast because I don't have another ISP. Does that mean I love oil companies or Comcast? Stop being an economically illiterate faggot

You're pretty retarded

this is what autism looks like

Stop posting as if this is 4chan when it was good you're only going to make me cry to the memory

The analogy doesn't work either way. You don't need steam for video games.

The Just Cause devs did the same thing, JC3 was dead on arrival because of that.

He's got a point to an extent. Every good game isn't on steam.

Steam is a matter of convenience, but not the singular way to get video games. The only reasons as to why I have Steam installed are for a few multiplayer games that I use to play and because some pirated games need Steam installed.

STALKER is on steam, senpai.
The series also kills the "no good dx11 gaems" argument since the last 2 have a dx11 renderer. Although both of these statements are mostly correct, they aren't correct.

and many games I do have are only on steam, the current state of gaming sucks sure, but I'm not going to be like some people and play 10+ year old games for the rest of my life and nothing but because of vendor lock-in.

That's what piracy is for you stupid cunt.

right, I'll just load up Planet Coaster, also every multiplayer game

Given the Resident Evil 7 breach there is speculation Capcom could now remove Denuvo Anti-Tamper from the game altogether, and perhaps even seek a refund.

Suing for what?

I forgot
on the above sentence but still.

Multiplayer is shit, faggot. Retards like you who pay for it deserve steam.

cool opinions

Piracy exists. Feel bad for not paying the devs? Pay directly. Problem solved. Chances are that a game that's exclusive to Steam only is pretty shit.

Name 1 good multiplayer game on steam with a good community. Even then you're basically saying that the only reason you play steam is for multiplayer. Nice backpedaling. And several good multiplayer games exist that don't use steam.

It's almost like he's too retarded to understand how p2p programs work.

Kira buzz off but leave Killer Queen so I can fuck it


Clever, I'll give you that

Do not touch the killer queen, it is pure and innocent.

Cortez, Harry Tipper, Jo-Beth Casey, and Monkey With a Shotgun
in a dynamic combo action pose

fucking duh

That's also >implying that pirates even buy the game if they can't pirate it. I usually just play something else that's already cracked. They can't force your hand into buying the game.
>people who put denuvo in their game end up just having it cracked and then having it pirated even more heavily because the cracked version is DRM free

You could always use steam emulator for multiplayer on the better games.

Look at those smooth, thick, firm thighs and then tell me it's innocent
You ever rubbed a cats pussy until it squirted all over your hand? I have, and am willing to figure out a way to do the same to KQ

I'll never understand why this fujoshit series is so popular here.

Making steam useless in every way? Sounds fun.

The crack doesn't actually remove the DRM, it just tricks it into thinking the game is legit. You still have Denuvo in there, pirate or no.

and there is also the people who don't buy because of denuvo

However I should mention that if Denuvo is cracked early and the publishers go for their refund then they are required to remove it from the game themselves. So once they crack the non-Denuvo version it should be pretty clear.

Yes, but now you can get a portable/extra copy of the game that won't piss at you for not connecting to the servers or logging in on whatever platform.


I understand hating specic emulators for being shit but, why hate emulation in general that makes no sense.

By either using a real wiimote or just binding a key to a motion.

Shareware and demo's are the same thing you stupid cunt.

It's Really good


Factionism. It's like console wars except it's clear now that everybody is shit.

Now thats a word i havent heard in a long time

Gee who would've guessed.

If you want libre games go to Holla Forums or /lv/.

Piracy and paying the developer directly.

You're not making a bit of sense.

Sure showed them.

You're going have to elaborate on this, do you mean emulator vs emulator like zsnes vs higan. Or elitism for playing on the orginal version vs rom/iso?

Original Hardware faggots. You can preach to them the simplicity and cost efficiency to them all you want but they will never listen. It's kinda like a sub-cult of consolefags so naturally there's only a few of them. They're very determined though.

I just use what works. Which means a bit of both pending on the game and context.

Your hatred is understandable, for me I can't stand the motherfuckers who are obsessed emulator filters and scan lines. I distinctly remember hating the blurriness of CRT tvs as a kid and I still do.

They're not wrong when they bring up the scan lines and how games back then were made under the intention that they would be seen through them. There certainly are differences. But like I said. It's an aesthetic choice to improve the image or play the game in its original hardware, certainly not a necessity and more of a hobby these days as it's becoming expensive. Which is where Hardware faggots lose me because they somehow disagree.

I'm not I'm just stating it moronic to bitch about people using steam on a board that's ment for video games in general.

That's why I recommended you visit /lv/ and Holla Forums.

What? /lv/ isn't piracy you stupid fuck /scurv/ is for piracy.

It's never moronic to bitch about Steam, you dumbfuck, and denying that IS defending it.

Wasnt inquisition a commercial failure?

Thats why everyone tells you to buy a PVM you retard. No shit department store CRTs are going to have shitty quality with a lot of noise. PVMs are supposed to be clear and crisp


I never said it was you stupid nigger, I said it was moronic to bitch about people on Holla Forumsusing it

It's not moronic to support consumers who support publishers who fist their consumers? People who use steam are fucking retarded for using a shitty service and if you think it's a waste of time when people call them retarded you can stop posting any time because it's not going to change any time soon.

Who said it was? Who needs /lv/ when you have piracy. In fact I never said anything about libre. I hate the Steam service. I never said I hate every game on it. I just don't need Steam to play its games.

Mods are realistically the only thing that make modern games bearable. Dejewvo spilling their spaghetti code with excuse syntaxes isn't going to help them plead their case either.

Pretty damn sure that 4chan and Holla Forums didn't exist in the fucking 90s to tell me that, honestly emulation is good enough for me for 2d games.


That's right, because I was fucking kid.

Millennial detected


You do realize unless you were born in the 70s you are a millennial.

That's retarded.
You're retarded.

i dont think theres consensus on exactly when the millennial generation starts but between '80 and 95 i think is what pretty much always encompass the millennial generation, sometimes it goes down to 77 but i think that's an uncommon classification. i think i can accurately state that at least 90% of 8chans user base is millennial.

That's pretty much the majority of internet communities, even ones as old as Something Awful. The ones that aren't I would guess are gun forums.

there are some old leftovers form the old BBS days. rare Jurassic parks of the internet.

The fuck happened to them? Did they give up and fall in line with the rest of the world?

Two words. Eternal September.

yeah i think so, the eternal September finally killed off most of them. others simply slipped away. the greatest tragedy is that for the most part, the vast majority of us will never really understand what has been lost.

SA has plenty oldfags with the mental capacity of children.

I'm not sure SA being filled with knuckle dragging troglodytes is particularly new information.

Millenials are people who were children when 2000 came around.

It may be to people who have never been there or seen SA in its halcyon days.

I fucking lost my shit.

Fucking Titanfall was a mistake. Ever since they released that, every game has to have everything uncompressed to save literally seconds off load times.

They merged it with generation y. Nowdays it just means a 20-30s something jackass.

Well then this board is more of a GenZ place already. :^)

I always assumed a millennial was someone who grew up as a teenager through 2000-10.
Which makes me one by a single year.

Which is fucking retarded. I remember when I was called a Generation Y, yet kids born after 1995 definitely have different upbringings than those born in the mid 80s-early 90s, thanks to 9/11 and the widespread of the internet.

You mean, generation Special Snowflake

Fuck off, special snowflakes are a part of rich families. Gen. Y the same age as special snowflakes mostly came from poor backgrounds and Millenials fit perfectly the dumbasses born between 1995 and 2004.

Takeworlds have confirmed multiple times that they will deliver DRMfree versions so that it will hit GOG and so that you are leaned into buying directly from them as well.
You're an igmorant fucking idiot that can't even directly link and tries to direct link to Leddit.
Get >>>/out/

More like DenuBTFO
Conan Exiles just got cracked

Forgot the link



There are some big publishers that have started getting into it.

But you guys told me that piracy was over? What happened Holla Forums ?

So what are some issues Denuvo causes? I only know of the SSD busting one.

It no longer affects SSDs but it affects perfromance, so much so that the Conan Exile devs had to say their version did not.
Makes it harder for user generated mods, and makes you stuck with Steam.

3DM said it was uncrackable, right after they got paid off by the Alphabets and/or hired as consultants. They bribed other cracking groups to stop.
Halfchan, who pay for their video games and think piracy is terrible (only started like that after we left and tumblr/reddit took over) started shitposting here reminding us that it was ded.

Then CPY decided to be fucking madmen and crack it just to prove a point to 3DM and those wogs that make Denuvo.

Can't be modded, even for offline shit.
Everything is protected, so it's hard to even look at all the files, let alone modify them.

They say the SSD thing is a joke to discredit them, but they've never made public the tests they did on HDD vs SSD vs Hybrids.

Denuvo is Austrian, CPY is italian.
It's like WW1 all over again

Dying SSDs were a problem for the earliest iterations of Denuvo, and only for first generation SSDs. That said the biggest problem with newer Denuvo games is that it creates a substantial perfomance overhead since data is decrypted and encrypted constantly in real time. So if a game is CPU limited(aka places more load on the CPU than it has to due to shit optimisation, think OG Dark Souls on PC) and it has Denuvo, all but the most powerful CPUs will choke hard on it. That's right, CPY's cracked versions actually run better than the legit copies.
Also modding is even more of a bitch under Denuvo.

lurk some more

Well, the retarded part of WW1.

Well a bit.Alpine warfare, ice cities,etc. are fucking great though.

>Update June 17, 2016: Taleworlds have been in touch to add a clarification, saying they will make the code accessible to modders after the engine is complete.

Modding is in Bannerlord. At least read your own source, faggot.

And I said you're wrong, Valve apologist.
It is NEVER the wrong place or the wrong time to call out Steam users as the faggot pieces of shit that they are.

>that feel when Alex "EvaXephon / yandereCuckdev" Mahan was going to put Denuvo is his hackjob cuckold simulator that is never going to come out


You have been visited by the daily reminder of "Atleast your not Alex Mahan" an incompetent autistic cuckold sjw loser who is very slowly and very poorly making a very overrated shitty meme-simulator game that will never reach full release.

If you see this post while scrolling, type "shoo shoo cuckdev, you never fooled me".

You will be granted the satisfaction of contributing to the removal of cancer such as Alex Mahan and Denuvo from the video game industry. You will also be rewarded with a most precious gift a pathetic specimen by the name of Alex Mahan starving to death in his moms basement having accomplished nothing of value in his life meaningless life, having no friends, while also remaining a virgin.


I know all this. It was a rhetorical shit post.

Denuvo underestimated the pure determination of vidya crackers.
This shit is their fucking passion, they actually enjoy cracking Denuvo because it's the first real challenge they've had in years.

But he did fool a shit ton of people, unless all the generals and the posters in the AMA thread was bots. The guy's Achilles' heel was catering to an audience in the first place.

I think of them more like Anita Sarkeesian. They saw money to be made by shilling malware to publishers and correctly assumed that suits didn't remember Starforce or SecuROM. Suddenly, a no-name bunch of 'enterprising individuals' managed to get their names and their code onto most every major launch in the 2014-5-6 period. Hell, I call that a success on the scale of Anita's Kickstarter campaigns i.e pockets flooded with dosh.

I'm pretty sure the Denuvo team were the guys behind SecuROM, actually.

Shit, you weren't kidding.
So basically, even more of a coup.

Because its greato daze.

Jesus, retardation is without limits…

I knew i had something similar on one of my oldfag archives.

Would you BUY a good game from a good developer who only cares about fun and not about offending anyone?

When you say it's a "good game" I implicitly take it to mean I can buy it DRM-free and with no bullshit like paid DLC, so yes. I do it all the time.

So you want a FULL game, not early access, no DLC?

And no DRM, including the likes of Steam. Everything that doesn't live up to that gets pirated if there's a problem like that with the product, or ignored entirely if it's shit (like all of the games that feel so unsure of their quality that they use Denuvo)

so… so you want minecraft?

Are you fucking retarded?

What happens if i put the red pill in my butthole?

its really bizarre seeing your friends art being used as a reaction image on a imageboard he doesnt even frequent afaik

the fuck are you on about

Can't give you a free game, faggot, what example of the game you want exist?

It sends a message to any decent games that are considering shitting their games up with it.

Why would he draw Christ-tan if he doesn't come here?

He said full

You become Holla Forums

Go and stay go

He also wants something that's impossible to give without the creator suffering a giant loss. He wants someone to spend their entire time passionately slaving over a computer to produce something great and then giving it away for free. That's not very practical in today's world.

Pills everywhere!

Are you retarded?

Who said that?
who said that?

Also, outline the perfect way to sell a game while you're calling retard, retard. Give a real world example. School me with your infinite wisdom, please, this is what I need.

i'm pretty sure i'll hate it, but i want to at least play it so i'll have merit in my words for when i say it's shit

Kira did nothing wrong

But user-kun-senpai that feel has no depth it's just multiple 2d drawings

it is. It's called a hobby.


He killed cute girls.

It's not as good as DOOM 1995 with mods so why bother? I picked up original doom and have been having way more fun with Project Brutality than nuDoom could ever hope to compare to.

>you sperg out and say , and I quote: "He wants someone to spend their entire time passionately slaving over a computer to produce something great and then giving it away for free"
You said that, retard.
What the fuck are you on about now? That has no relation to my post, no relation to the other posts in the quote chain, and frankly you're retarded for thinking there's such a thing as a "perfect" method.

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But that literally is what they said from the start. Before the first game that used it was even released, their entire marketing was "It's impossible to protect a game forever, but we make sure that important first 30-day sales window is secured" or some shit like that.

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He's right though. Whenever I hear of a game that came with Denuvo it was typically made by those desperate bad developers who have resorted to blaming piracy rather than their lack of talent for low sales. They think that being AAA developers means their games are automatically good even when they produce consolized, casualized, soulless, boring dreck, so the only reason why they could possibly have weak sales is because pirates.

If you want to make your point, how about you name some games you think are good that have Denuvo, shill? If you can't name any, that proves my point.


Jackie Chan
Jackie Chan
Jackie Chan

See it like this: Denuvo was a really good alternative for online DRM, but they fucked it up, like always. It was good for early sales on many games, but there was a "thing" that marketeers saw, that didn't quite fit the preconception. Pirates actually buy games. They pirate and then buy later on sale. they don't buy games that they can't pirate first. Weird right?

I haven't played it so don't know that I don't like it, I just suspect I won't because the pre-release footage showed mobs dropping heath based on your health making it noob friendly.

Who knows might be done by next week.

Doom 2016 is one of the best games I ever played

Yu must not hve played a lot of good games then.

No I did, but Doom is really good, its fun its challenging and its awesome

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Literally no one on Holla Forums talks like that. Get out Bethesda marketers. I'm at least glad you faggots were not paid to market skyrim past 2013.

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He didn't say anything to lead you to the conclusion that he alluded that Holla Forums is one person. Quite opposite, actually. If you're going to debate, learn how comprehension works, buttercup.