Waifu Wednesday

It's that time again! Post your Holla Forumsidya waifus!
What're you

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You're waifu a shit

……Al? Is that you?

I'd rather have Gore back


I wish you glory in your victories al-gore sempai.

Marie a shit.

Which thread is the worst not Vidya social blog posting cancer? 4am, rabbit rabbit, or waifu?

Your favorite

All of the above. Sorry mate.

Couldn't you at least add some news about improvement in AIs, enhancements to robot locomotion, or artificial wombs? Do you guys even really care about waifus?

4am. Rabbit rabbit is only once a month, this one is just once a week.

all of them are fucking cancer. at least 4am is auto bumplocked and tewi is a attention whore that shitsu could only dream of matching.

Tewi did nothing wrong. And neither have waifu wednesday.

Worst not vidya would have to be LOL threads with webm threads a close second; these social threads either popup once a week/month or during dead hours.

at least the LOL threads and webm thread would deliver OC for a while
the other three are just selfish cancer

At least those get some fun stuff, the social shit ruined 4am and these threads don't even talk about waifus outside of introduction.

Do you faggots never sleep or something?

Overwatch and Rainbow Six generals

I want to pet that fuckin' chicken.
Really though, webm and LOL threads aren't nearly as bad as 4am threads, said. Nothing good has ever come from a 4am thread. It's just faggots jacking each other off. They could just get on Discord or something, because they're mostly name and avatar fags anyways, but they don't. They even have their own board, for fuck's sake.

not video games

In order, I'd say 4am, then webm, then LOL , then Overwatch, then this one, then Neptunia, then rabbit rabbit. And above all, you because you're a faggot who needs to shitpost on anything you don't like because "muh shitposting".

I want to go running with Emi!



Feel like I missed something with the rabbit. Not sure what.

Hola Xion. Hope you're doing okay.

All this new art of Lyn is great and the results from the poll should be out soon as well. Looking forward to the 7th of Feb as well, as that's when Atlerier Sophie & Nights of Azure get out on steam.

Total War: Warhammer In my defense I have heavily modded it
Two Steps From Hell
History textbooks

Something happen recently to trigger them all?

I want to wrestle with Tifa!

Wao, it's already wednesday?
Digimon Cybersluts. It's fun.
2hu music
I'm going to the grocery store today and buying myself a ton of food. I recently got paid and I hunger.

The YangFag is here!

What am I…
Yakuza 0
Tekken 7 gameplay
Blind Guardian

Hey LyndisBro.

Morning TifaFag

All of them and mark fucking enables it.

Good morning YangFag! Nice dubs by the way

Waifu threads are Holla Forumsidya. Mark's goons acknowledge 4am is cancer and regularly bumplock it and ban avatarfags.
Rabbit rabbit threads are the ones that Mark enables because he's pals with that faggot.

The Jurifag, alive and here again to remind everyone

Spent the past couple nights picking apart voice tracks from SFV, xTekken, and SF4 for voice clips. It makes me smile just hearing her talk

trips confirm

Trips confirm, not o mention we get bumplocked at the end of Wednesdays too, only reason the thread lives as long as it does is because Holla Forums is a slow board

Is this jew fucking kidding me.

Morning everyone! Former Jack-o user here Hope everyone's doing well and if not, I hope things get better for you soon.

Ys origin this week. Also a bit of GG here and there.
Random vids
Falcom and Virtua Fighter music
Some news before heading into work

I can imagine the boom in fan art for Lyn after the last results we saw. Congratulations!

RTS games continue to be my weakest genre in gaming (but whenever I do get a chance to play them they're still a lot of fun).

Good choice

Can't argue with those trips.


Final Fantasy XIV, Yakuza 0, Ys Origin and tried to play Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, but the loading times are cancerous so I deleted it.





Dr Pepper

You forgot Granblue
Its literally P2W mobage mobileshit and i'll wager 100 bucks that theres a cuckchan general about it that plays out the exact same.

Thanks, didn't knew I got a some meme magic in me today.

With these trips, I can't argue.

Hey JackOBro
Nothing much I presume. Expanding music tastes because of Budokai's soundtrack.

Morning LucinaFag.

Morning. Hope all is well!

Agriasfag reporting in!

Skullgirls story mode.
Nothing atm.
GTA soundtracks.
8ch, what else?
Egg sandwich for breakfast.
Orange juice.

I am monitoring the thread with moderate amounts of inspiration.

Episode 30 never ever

Trips confirm, remove 4am

Rogue Galaxy and maybe Phantasy Star Online
New Episode of Konosuba soon?
Extella ost
Tales Of The Bounty Hunters/ Meditations by Marcus Aurelius

Also here's the new update for anyone who wants it

None of your waifus are better than Tomoko, why do you fags even bother?

Hey XionBro, what's good?

Well this week's episode was fluff, yet Yang is preparing a trip to Mistral to either find her mom, or her sister.

Plenty, although something recently came in the mail that's making me ask some questions, file name related

Pretty sure that's fake, can't find it on his twitter
God's work XionFag

apparently not all vidya gets to apply
only a select few get to make the thread so Mark's anus doesn't explode

ID change

Alright gonna head to work.

I respect your opinion, even though it's incorrect.

Your thread was a glorified shitpost Al, stay mad.

nobody cares

I'd take a bullet before I namefag
I'd rather these threads gone for good because there's nothing to salvage

Trips of truth.

I'm really on the edge of getting Yakuza 0. Never played one before but because its a prequel, I'm into it. Should I?

The most we have is Gatebox, at the moment. Now, if we could mod…

death to all plebs

Is this show actually any good? The CG and the fact that it's a web show put me off a bit.

What songs remind you of your waifu?
Hard mode: no character themes

you must be a vol to get away with spreading your unfunny cancer everywhere genesis shitter.

mark :^)

Hard mode? You mean easy mode.

This guy knows what's up.

Dragon's Dogma

Good to see the thread is the same as always.

rwby is trash but it's not like I'm one to talk. If you're the kind of faggot who posts in waifu threads you'll probably like it.

The usual. Been grinding for the scythe lately in Let It Die, but it's getting pretty old. Thinking of marathoning Neps soon, though not sure how that'll go with how samey the mainline games are. Also experimenting a little with my team post-pokebank. It's looking a bit like my Gen 5 team minus Xurkitree and Bulu.


it's waifub8?

Dark Souls 3
Gonna do some PVP with the Darkmoon Blade covenant.
Or I would if blue covenants actually worked :^)
Deviants Episode 4
Metal covers for Pokemon soundtracks.
Rereading the Conviction arc of Berserk

That's the only decent thing about it. Just ask Yangfag, or Dark-Yangfag.

Never did max out that rank, though I think I had about 10 proofs left when I stopped playing. Might consider going back if the final DLC turns out good.

on break, will head back to work soon.

RWBY is mostly waifus. Mediocre, but leaning towards bad. It takes guilty pleasure and trainwreck syndrome to like it.

Lore is still fucked, yet I'm a sucker for those fight scenes.

Guten Tag EugenBro


damn it, gg.

Can I go running with Emi too?

Holy shit, what triggered the shitposters? Did I miss something from last week? First it's "not vidya related", now it's "not waifu related so it's cancer". Is halfchan down or something?

I tried the Ni-Oh Last Chance demo. I don't think I could care less even if I tried. It really didn't feel engaging or fun for me. It felt like a Souls-clone but with Amrita instead of Souls and feudal Japan instead of a fantasy world. Not sure what everyone else saw in it.

I've heard people like it a lot. I personally have no interest in it despite it being chock fucking full of content.

I've almost plat'd this. Just a few trophies away.


Monster Musume

Lost Odyssey OST

The first Witcher book



Dang, I wasn't hungry until you mentioned brownies right now. Those are my weakness.

just mix cocoa powder, water, flour, sugar, eggs, and cream cheese in a cup. mix well. then microwave it for like 10 minutes on low.

That is a fantastic idea but I am so comically inexperienced in the kitchen. I have an oven but no microwave so I'm already freezing at that part. I'm afraid I'd make people panic if I did this.


then just put tinfoil on the cup, poke a hole in it, then put the cup in the frying pan. fill the pan with oil if you want to also burn your house down.

But then I'd be that other katawa shoujo character.

Morning. Hope you're having a pleasant day.

Nice numbers. What's up with that rabbit rabbit thread as well? I missed the memo on that.

Hey Agaris, hope you're doing okay as well.

If you decide to farm Silver Knights for proofs, be prepared for long farming session. I had 385 item discovery and only found 4 proofs despite hours of grinding.
I still need 18 more just to get the last miracle in the game.

Hello Yangbro. How are you doing?

Peko and I reporting
I think I'm nearing the end of The Wind Waker but I'm probably wrong. I think after this I'm going to replay DR2, at least through the second chapter for a refresher.

Can't even remember how I managed to get that much, might have less (at least have the ring though). Farming was worse since I couldn't get the symbol of avarice to drop, was stuck relying on gold coins+sage's rapier

Triforce hunt I assume?

I just got the master sword and I'm fighting the bird. No way am I heading towards the final boss but I can't imagine there'll be that much left for the main plotline after this

Real TharjaBro here, I just want to say that

Beaten Uncharted 1 last night. Generally good game all around but the last level and the final boss is shit. Other than that been playing Risk of Rain on the vita for the last couple of days and started Unchated Golden Abyss today.

I'm hoping that Tharja gets a boost in fanart as well since it's been a bit slow for new fanart of Tharja.

Trips confirmed. Waifu threads are here to stay.

Go away imposter

The masterpiece Double Dragon II after I get home from work. I'm going to be playing a lot of vidya from now until Valentine's Day.
Sabaton now, Dragon Sound later
My usual mix of Holla Forums, Holla Forums, /k/, and /mai/. I do have a big backlog of books and movies, but they have to wait.
Pineapple soda, but coffee is always on the horizon.


If you have at least one mimic alive in your file, you can farm for the symbol of avarice.
This is done by throwing an undead hunter's charm, waiting for it to open its mouth and checking to see if the item is in its mouth. If not, hit the mimic once with your fist and repeat the process.

What's the best way to make it work?

Might as well answer the OP.
Subnautica, combing my way through the wreckage of the Aurora trying to piece together blueprints. Oh and of course some SFV
The Grand Tour, the Top Gear guys doing what they do best.
Tekken Tag Tournament ost
Nothing yet

A Dex build character

Powerstanced Smelter Swords.
I kind of liked the dagger/rapier combo, something like royal dirk+espada ropera, maybe chaos rapier or something.

Yeah, I'm figuring dex is the trick, but how is still up for grabs. I hate the scimitar for it since it's so slow; I'm figuring the best weapons for dual wielding are rapiers, spears and shortswords or longswords. Fast, good range, AoE options, etc. What else works?

On lunch now, so I'll make it as quick as possible to post.

Thanks, digits can encourage good fortune.

Doing work is all. As for Yang, she is preparing to make a trip to Mistral to find either her sister or her mother. Which the main cast coincidentally all decided to head to this one location.

She even personalized her robotic arm.

Hey TharjaFag

OK, so there are a few options and they really depend on what you're going for.

1. I'm doing it for style
Then just use a single weapon until you have the resources to have both weapons fully upgraded. Sorry, but fashion souls is truly the harshest route

2. I'm doing it for options
Put a weapon with a parry you like in one hand, and put a weapon with another utility like shield piercing in the other. Play a lightweight build and use Ring of Blades and Flynn's ring

Go naked. Invest in a shit load of END. Just gett enough stats to powerstance and don't worry about maximizing your damage with each weapon in particular. You will be oneshotting almost everything
Some things I find to be very good for dual wielding:
Rapier + Claymore combo is incredible as it provides a parry and heavy thrust and swinging attacks
Using weapons that have very low stamina usage like the Drakekeepers Ultra greatsword really make Powerstance feel much more comfortable
You're going to be heavier in weight usually, so invest in going to at least 100 ADP. You aren't going to escape much by rolling out, so you need to abuse the I Frames

All of this is coming from THE DS2 autist on Holla Forums Holla Forums


Hey they're more on topic than you are you twat.
You can choke on your own saliva laughing at your own stupid fucking posts. I hope your hair falls out and your immune system rots and your skill suffers from fungal infections making every second an itching burning hell.

Edgy enough for you edge lord? Is this the abrasive drivel you fucking come to imageboards expecting?

Forgot to quote you. Can't let you not see that (you) can I?

What do you think will happen when Yang and the rest of the main cast reach Mistral?

Fascinating, thanks. I've no fashion sense in these games, so 2 and 3 were my thoughts. With my other options I was thinking of 2.

I'm investing in ADP and END at the moment. Rapier and claymore seem like a winning combination - the speed to set up the heavy hit. I might not go full ADP though, since I know it gives diminishing returns at some point. Where does it drop off?

lucatiel a cute, nice taste

Cuckchan confirmed

Personally I went with a Longsword/Rapier and Magic missile build, it went pretty well.

I keep putting off watching the new episodes, I'll get around to it eventually though; if only to see how it all ends.

Let me check those dubs for you

maybe I should've tried this dank memery tomorrow after running, since I'm more comfy after some exercise

Quite the surprise.

Simple: add protein

LoH:Trails of Cold Steel
Fist of the North Star
Marble Cake

heading home.

It depends, They might reunite this week, or next week's. Other than that I hope there's action in the next episode.

Who knows…
*Maybe the finale would be another asspull. :^) **

Thanks for this delivery XPSFag.

Hey ChieFag
You WA Shock!


hey, so,


You fucked up a spoiler but it seems Kek is in a forgiving mood

Waifu playing a video game?

How are you liking Trails of Cold Steel? Apart from one annoying character I've loved it so far.

Fine. That is acceptable. Don't you dare post any lewds, though. You pervert.

So far I'm loving it, Machias is kind of annoying, and I dislike how they try to push Alisa as the "canon" love interest when shes worst girl. Other than that I don't really have any complaints.

The game can't seem to make up its mind on which girl it wants you to go with. Alisa is pushed really hard but it seems like they want Laura to fill that role too.
How far are you? It's possible you haven't met the real worst girl yet.

I chuckled a bit. Meme mission accomplished, bud.

I have that. thanks kind drawfag, wherever you are. Even though i wasnt the requester.

Back home.

Right now, I'm planning on playing Final Fantasy XV.

Found some new stuff as well, so I can say my day has been good.


Shadow Tactics and Valis III.
Anarchy Reigns OST.

I remember this. Because fit women don't exist.


>mfw (Both pic and webm related)
Why is this allowed? Wouldn't the femincommies know that if those vidya womens have "real women bodies" the vidya women couldn't do most of the shit they do in vidya?

Hey HopeFag.

Hey PekoBro.

Jesus Christ, how horrifying.

JUST ;_;

Lyn already has good thighs. Why make them more big?

she likes to play with that joystick I tell you

We had threads on this 2 years ago

and people wonder why these threads are so fucking gay


Feminists need to fuck off.
pic related is a prime example of feminist hypocrisy

Back home and ready to be comfy (and possibly beat Origin and start 1 tonight). How's everyone doing this fine evening?

Heard that game was fun, but I feared that I'd fall into the same situation as Dungeon Fighter Online while playing it, where I'd spend a lot of time leveling up a character or getting an item, but then lose interest shortly after getting to a certain point. Probably the reason I don't play MMO's anymore.

Hey Eugenbro!
My brother in arms! Decided to go with them after not having as much fun with the forest covenant as I did with 1's. Had a lot of fun helping others out while working with fellow Darkmoon/WoB members taking on invaders. I can't recall if I did end up getting to rank 2, but if I didn't, I was pretty close (also had the lightning weapon miracle, so other than for lightning resistant enemies, I didn't really need it). It's been a while since I played.

Guessing an update fucked over the covenants?

I tried going for dual wielding, but I ended up not liking it as much and went back to my usual build of 2 handed weapons and spells/miracles DEX build. Ended up helping me get used to Bloodborne when it came out.

Got a few keks out of those pics.

Good choices.

Fucking hell I remember that…

Fat women don't look like this! Their bodies are deformed and disproportional, dangling slabs of fat are hanging from every surface and fold everywhere, and most of their body is covered with disgusting orange skin.


I want to choke Hibari to death with my dick after raping her so she can die knowing her body has been ravaged and violated, and her corpse will be left broken and drenched in blood and semen. Only to be further abused in death. I actually bought one of those onahole things from japan that's a fake ass with both holes. It's actually been really fun to use and I can be super rough and violent with it.

Looking into playing some old PC-98 VNs.
I've been watching that Dragon Maid anime as the episodes drop. I'm enjoying it a lot. It's been too long since I actually watched an anime as it aired, easily over 10 years at least.
Just listening to a podcast.
Still slowly making my way through The Count of Monte Cristo.
I have some wraps and aoli sauce I've been eating as a meal, that and some bananas.
Just have a bottle of water I keep in the fridge.

Gas the newfags. Electronic old men should be running the world.

Iq seems cute id let her fuck my ass

Yup, they can really fuck off with this cancer. Even if it was two years ago, it's still disgusting.

Guessed that one Majima cap I got from a Yakuza thread summed up perfectly.

Welcome back JackOBro
Was about to play Final Fantasy XV


Is XV fun? I keep hearing mixed things about the game.

never change Majima

This meme does indeed need to die.

>Until you get erased from existence

Good choice my mane

Hello JackObro. How are you?
Sadly I didn't play much with the blue covenants. This is because From fucked up and blue covenants don't work. Even if they fixed it nobody uses Way of Blue anymore. I just need to get to rank 2 and I can get all the achievements but farming for proofs takes an eternity.

Here's my waifu, his name is Eerie. My one year anniversary with him is coming up and I have a lot of preparation to do for that! Technically, he is Holla Forums now since they made a Pokemon Go knock-off that he made a minor appearance in.
Soul Hackers and Trauma Center
Serial Experiments Lain (since its aesthetic is nearly identical to Soul Hackers) and The Mighty Ducks. It's my first time watching both.
Primus. My favorite Primus song is Tommy the Cat. Say, baby! Say, BABY!
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.
I'm out of food, I had to order a shitty pizza. I guess I do have some dried cranberries.
Aloe juice.

Spook Sounds
i had roast beef early
I only have fucking RC cola
this is terrible

Also, they cut the logo and it got rid of the arm on the kingdom hearts remaster remaster

I did a ton of Majima's side things with sunglasses
makes it better

For a second there I thought Lyn was stucking up her middle finger.

fukkin saved
Last week's thread

Don't joke about that. With how popular FE is recently, it's only a matter of time before something like that happens.

Was busy doing some substories on Yakuza 0. Was passing the time to get those updates finished.

If there's any fangame I want to forget, it might be this.

Well it's nice to have reaction images.

Unfortunately it's real, yet I lost the link to the article to archive.

>mfw (Last pic)
What are the chances that a live-action Fire Emblem movie will be (((((((Localized))))))) by Memehouse?

Doing well all things considered.
That's what stopped me from joining the Sentinels in 2; no one wanted to be WoB to help sentinels get rank ups. At least with the Darkmoon in 3, the player invaded didn't need to be apart of the WoB, but I recall seeing some sentinels joining me to help out with the invader. Not sure if that's still in place, nor am I sure if I just got lucky and rescued a WoB member by chance.

Why though?


It's bad enough hearing that Nintendo wants to have a live action Zelda one day. I hope to god FE doesn't get a L.A. It shouldn't suffer that fate

I was going to say I'm glad that'll probably never happen to Peko but I think it did. I know the first game got adapted into a stage play but I don't know about the second.

That would be the best case scenario really. Them being involved would mean it was a nip project they slapped subtitles on, meaning other groups could do their own versions.
What you should worry about is a western made one like that fucking abomination Ghost in the Shell that's right around the corner.


Brace yourself to be spooked even further.
Whatever shit studio it's outsourced to hires Paul W.S. Anderson to direct
Him and his team of shitty writers decide to adapt Awakening
He casts someone like Fraka Potente to play Tharja

T-Thank you for putting that thought in my mind.

Soros really fucked up now

What did ANTIFA do this time?
I know they are a bunch of commie faggots, but what happened recently that's gonna put them behind bars?

Look up the Berkley riots
they're going full ape

I think Naotobro might be referring to this

I haven't played Siege in months. Is her gadget still useless?

dual wield shields

A live action Fire Emblem movie by westerns? No thanks, it's really scary just by thinking about it.

Oh boy another riot? Guess Soros kept fucking up, what's the riot about?

Today is a good day. It's Pretty funny that a faggot kike like Milo can cause this much asshurt to these pinko pussies.


Finally found one. Lyn looks nice with a boyish haircut, of course free flowing is still a favourite though.

jesus fuck that image is cancer

just beat dark souls 3 I see others were playing it as well, playing digimon

we would get a zelda movie before we get a fire emblem one. After Super Mario Bros movie I don't know what to think

I haven't heard about it in a while. I thought it was quietly cancelled.

iq will forever be tachanka tier except not a meme

Don't forget about the Half-Life/Portal movie that is still supposedly being worked on.



imbed related

bacteriology textbook/entomological research papers



Risefag here, been awhile since I've joined one of these threads, just decided to check in while taking a break from work

So, how did you like DS3 and what would wish to be changed about it?

Nice to see you again. Hope you're doing well.

Welcome to the NHK fucking kill me
new retro
Gotta find a new book first.
I cut wedges out of a potato and covered it in garlic butter then baked it. Turned out alright. The peaks were crispy and the base was soft.

what would you*

I guess expecting Ubijew to balance their shit was too much.

just finished chapter 5, the one in heimdallr.
Laura seems like she relates to Rean better as well, which is why Alisa being the love interest is confusing.
Not sure if you're referring to millium but shes pretty annoying.
Current tier list:
Fie>Towa>Elise>Sara>Laura>Emma>Alisa>Millium? Laura was placed above Sara until the part where she and Fie make up which was almost painful to watch

eh to be fair the aug is pretty good

fuck off

(Dem double dubs)
Never change ANTIFA, never change

They say when a door closes, another opens.

At this point I'm anticipating if when a all-out war or similar will break out. Something's got to give.

It has been a while, how's it going? You've been missing all of the desperate shitposting the last few weeks.

reminds me I heard somewhere that video game movies are usually big laundering schemes and springtime for Hitler attempts.

I liked it. I thought that it was too linear and rather boring areas early in but I had a lot of fun once it opened up a little latter in the game. Combat was a little too fast paced to me. I wish it did more of its own thing than rely on the first one but since it is supposed to be the last one I can understand why they wanted all the callbacks. I thought the final boss was really fun switching stances all the time.

To be fair, while that dress is very good for summer, Lyn should probably change for winter.

Yeah its good to see some of you friendly faggots are still around and kicking, keeping these threads super comfy.

I'm doing great actually. Tons of work, but I enjoy what I do and it is my own fault for contracting out myself to several labs.

>fie is best choice

Fite me irl faggits :^)

Nice to see Antifa getting run over though, bunch of wannabe thugs.

Did someone out sperg that one guy that was like 76 posts of autism here, or that D.Va fag?

There was the sperg, then there was Diva. I think he's changed to Al Gore now for some reason. They usually piss off after they've posted once.

Yeah, her guns and speed are nice. She's better than Tachanka, at least.



time to bring out the big guns, folks

Welcome back RiseFag

If anything, I would recommend giving her some animal hides, or pelts to keep herself warm. Yet I wonder if you can fight in the snow?



Oh right, that shit
They made a fucking AI, and like martial arts people, fat asses
it's really stupid

We're at the same point, though you're probably a little further since I tend to drop it for a bit after finishing a chapter.
I am referring to Millium. I fucking hate her and her annoying voice. I can put up with everyone but her.
If you ask me Emma a best. Her, Gauis, and Elliot are the only people so far who haven't at one point been actively detrimental to the group
It is possible I have a thing for busty girls with glasses

Why is she so perfect?

I have heard all these things Yosuke is gay for MC though


Good to be back, at least for a little bit.


Also Emma is such a background character though. If you don't seek out her bonding events, she comes across as bland nice smart girl.

All the other girls at least have a conflict or a personality or some background that make them interesting. Even fucking Millium has some character.

S&M, Hyrule Warriors



School related books

Assorted candy


Thanks. Hope you're doing okay as well.

Sadly I don't have such artwork. Maybe in the future though.

I know you're jesting, but shit man. Some things just go a little too far.

That's a new one. I've heard the obvious gay jokes, but trans is borderline retarded. I can't wait for what SJWs flip the fuck out over with P5 instead of leaving the waifu wars alone.

If they ever start a "war" it will be over within a day.
Don't worry about it, these faggots can't even make a blockade.

I liked it a lot when I first played it and I still do to a bit of a lesser extent. I really wished it had the world design of DS1 where everything was connected but I thought most of the areas themselves were pretty good (mainly the Cathedral and Archdragon Peak).
The final boss was pretty great and a nice conclusion to the game. I just hope the last DLC is good and ends the series on a high note.

Well I'm gonna head to bed now. Have a goodnight everyone.

I'm surprised vid related hasn't happened on a city wide scale. Wonder what's keeping the cops. Antifa's looting ATMs and smashing everything.

Doing well all things considered. Might be turning in soon. Hope you're doing good as well!

The problem with Gaius, Elliot, and Emma is that they don't stand out very much. Gaius is too laid back while Elliot and Emma are too submissive. So since they aren't causing any issues they don't get nearly as much screentime as the rest of the cast.

They're just going to "fix" P5 when they translate it.

Destroying a starbucks now. Trashing banks earlier.

I hope those trips do not confirm this

P5 is fucked.

Yeah, fucking sjweebs try to insert their cancerous head canon into everything. I was actually able to talk to one IRL and he admitted that he didn't care how well the character was written/developed, just as long as they were LGBTQIAA2SPP+

Fun fact, we are actually now part of that acronym.

Tell me about it…

Love seeing that webm. Did this happen before or after the Trump riots?

Have a good night!

This happened on the 26th I believe (at least that's when I saved the vid from the original thread it was on).

Probably should turn in myself. Have a good night everyone!

Honestly I'd take uninteresting over fucking over the entire team because you can't get over yourself any day

Captchas happen.

Well it was a crazy night, anyways…
Gonna snuggle with Yang. Night guys.

have a good night guys.

Fucking glorious. They're done playing nice with them it looks like, about time too.


kill all the niggers
jews are niggers too

FE Heroes is out, I'll download it and give it a go, see if I can get Lyn and see how it is.

Know I'm gonna get sick of that.

Need to get Lyn ASAP.

I mean it's not the petting game from Fates but it really is FE-lite.

So yeah, better than I expected.

Win some lose some. I will get Lyn.

Do it, I'd go with you again just to make sure it succeeds.

Also that gun thing you get is called Breidablik, you summon other heroes with it.


So played it for a few hours and yeah have to say FE Heroes is FE-Lite. Stamina is drip fed 1 point every 5 minutes or so but just walk away for 2 hours and it's recharged by then. Orbs allow you to get more characters and you get more orbs by completing the story but also you get two each day or so, so you don't have to purchase them.

It's a drain on the battery though, got to 50% in about 2 hours from a full charge. So if you want FE on your phone, it's there.

what to do

The backlog
Think of the backlog
Mine's scary

Morning fams!

Morning everyone.

Sounds pretty standard for a F2P game. Doesn't sound as bad as the direct made it look either. Probably won't get it due to the game not having a version of it on my phone, and I'd rather not get into another F2P game again

Rather not look at my drawer of backlog games. That drawer's not getting any bigger.


Pretty sure today is Thursday fags.

the thread usually gets bump locked, so that's not our fault

Just woke up, Now I'm planning to play more Yakuza 0, and Final Fantasy XV.

This is nigger tier logic user.

If you really don't like the thread, just hide it
and don't complain to people who can do nothing about it

You could try not bumping it. Acknowledge that you had your thread on its designated day and that time has passed and move on like you don't need a fucking babysitter. Jesus dude, I was just fun posting at first but your logic truly is nigger tier and it disgusts me.

If you don't like something why did you go out of the way to get it?
and now i'm just going to bump the thread to spite you

I already not bump it on past-Wednesdays.


I'm not "getting" anything, I'm calling you a retard for your shit logic because it's a public service. Also congratulations you are now officially a worse poster than a fucking rping tumblrtale fag. Top fucking kek.

You should
I'm certain mine has already surpassed 150


A fujoshi witch has turned your waifu into a husbando. Do you still cuddle?

its time to turn the computer off, user.

Same, the backlog is too large for one man to dare take on alone. Im scared

fuck no

I guess it's a good time to stop posting.

I want to tousle the Clawed Girl's hair and tell her she's cute.

Dark Souls when I get to it.
Nothing special.
Russian folk songs.
Art fundamentals guides.
Not really fond of snacking, but if I wanted to, it'd be Chex Mix.

but it's Thursday

I browse Holla Forums 24/7 and never see this, am I missing something?

i assume it's at the start of every month, you say "Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit"
but i don't know why there would need to be a thread on it

Ash is a pretty jew.


This is a video games board, not a shitty mobage board, newfag.


How much would you sacrifice to protect your waifu's smile?

To me, I sacrifice my dominant arm.

This is new to me and I've been here since 2014. Also don't spoonfeed nigger.


Mornin' fam!

Stay triggered

Kek seems to favor me, it appears my history exam has been canceled; my professor's road to the campus has been closed and since it's going to be closed for presidents day I'm going to have another week to study for it.

My sister is back in town, going to hangout with her later and mostly just play mountain blade and RO2

I got out of work as well today, and tomorrow
so i've just got nothing to do

Morning TifaFag, currently getting ready to play Final Fantasy XV.

ID change due to phone

Nice. Hope you run into more Majima shenanigans!

I have quite a bit, but I don't think I have that much yet (unless we're counting roms).

Be brave for her! With her help you shall overcome! Actually, your post gave me an idea for a question for everyone;

Would your waifu help you go through your backlog of video games?

Sounds like a good plan. That's some good luck you have there as well regarding your exam.

If there is one downside to being an Emigro, it's she doesn't have a reaction face to sum up this bullshit.

cut it off right now and post pics, you fucking liar


woah i got myself some doubledubs

reminder :^)

I'm just in it till I get Lyn. That and I've been starved for an FE game lately.


Iktf, I only play SFV because of Juri. Well, that and I didn't care for SFIV if I'm honest. I still goof around in Omega tho.

Afternoon everybody.

She probably would do that.



fucking (((SOMEONE))) really doesn't want this all getting out
spread it where you can


guy's alive and well

still waiting for you to cut your arm off for your waifu as you promised

I'm seeing stuff about someone else who was either critically injured or murdered, immobile
but still, good to see someone made it out, but the cover-up is really fucked up

their excuse is "i-it was totally non students!" or some shit like that
look they even take pictures of themselves picking up garbage in front of starbucks!
pls don't cut our money, trump

It's hilarious that they are trying to cover this up and even trying to shut down videos and archives of last night's riot, when its already too late. A lot of vids of that night have been made and saved, along with Trump more than aware of what happend is going to make things worse for them for trying to cover it up.

Still, I'm still pissed that they tried to cover it up in the first place, using the same old tactics they've been using for decades.


what you get for liking the wrong goat faggot
asriel would have been ok as a grill tbh



Post your waifu being comfy



what's going on?

This is about as comfy as I can find.

probably smh




still waiting for that cut off arm, you phony


my waifu is into choking and SM, makes her the comfiest



So far in FFXV was pretty good, liking the score so far. Especially the title screen music.

Now I'm gonna put more hours into it. Did shared my friend by posting Cidney.

And back home again. Hope everyone's doing well this fine evening.

Guess NY proved it isn't as cucked as CA. This "protesting" is nothing but low energy chanting.

Can't really oblige this request, but I'll just post a comfy pic.

I'll give SE one thing, their music is usually good for their games.

Well gonna put more hours, then we gonna snuggle. Now, I'll tell my experience on this too.

Now I'll be off the thread for the moment.

Checked for /comfy/

Oh well, gonna cuddle. Night guys.

Night YangBro. Heading to bed soon as well.

And beat Origin (at least with Yunica) Holy shit that was an amazing game! I think I'll go back to it with the other characters at another time. For now I think I'll start on 1.

Vid related had to have been my favorite track outside of the opening theme.

Have a good night guys!

Too bad she's so hard to get. I hit the wall in Granblue and still haven't gotten precious Danua.

The comfyest



Also Ben Swann confirmed for kill
I-is this the end?

One day.


#wow #whoa

Not my favorite Ace Attorney girl but Maya's cool. How long have you two been a thing?

Morning fam

Forgotten my ID kept changing.

Anyways, before this thread become kill. Afternoon, or tomorrow

Always remember to love your waifu, and hug her tight. Hope you enjoyed your day.


back to my phone ID

Morning everyone.

From what I recall seeing in the thread, he had planned on closing his various social media accounts, most likely because he knew what reporting on Pizzagate would entail, but I haven't looked in said thread in a while to see if that was true or not.

I think the thread might live until tonight, but depends on how active Holla Forums gets. Just in case though;

May you all be with your loved ones forever.

you fucking liar



Such a wonderful country.

fucking hell, I don't even understand why you would WANT to take refugees, just fucking send them to Saudi Arabia where they can stay cheaper
Apparently it's just "Students" but that is a pretty broad term, and we all know how rapey middle eastern 20-somethings are

Fucking amazing. A wonderful country indeed

I wonder if Japan is being pressured into doing this due to the olympics coming up…

Yet I can't force it myself, it's disappointing yes. All I asked was a question to others what they do to give up. I did remembered one Waifufag asking the same question earlier, and my answers the same.

Also FUKKEN saved.

you presented it in present tense, not as something you 'would' do in the future
guess waifufags are nothing but horny kids after all

Lemme correct that…

I WILL be sacrificing my dominant arm, and WILL do it soon.

Besides, I missed the GET. It means no "Bye Bye arm"

So… This shitpost was all for nothing.

no need to convince me that waifufags are all talk and no walk
what really gets me is that you fags can type this shit with a straight face

Geez, you guys can't keep doing this to yourselves

Don't you dare

is that this thread's bogeyman? that's almost a new low
And I find it even more humorous that you gotta m'lady yangfag here since you must clearly think he's more than incapable of handling this on his own
shame on you

I pity you

cut your arm off faggot or i will hk slap your waifu

he seemed all too eager to reply to me tbh

Alright, I'll be playing some more vidya. See you fags next week.

See ya.

See you guys next week!

let me guess, you'd cut off your feet for her


Apply yourself/10

well that's all your waifus has
don't blame me that she's so bland

Poor bait and shit taste. I really do pity you.

death to all plebs, kikes and nigglers

you must have a chicken's memory, this is the waifu thread
by definition the pity comes from outside of it

Not disputing that, but it really has to make you think when waifufags start to pity you.

The problem with that is that by getting arrested and tried they will be seen as martyrs and champions.

It's pretty hard to be a martyr when you pepper spray innocent people and beat people to near death over basically nothing

it's like someone who thinks he knows what pain is because he stubbed his toe once
you won't know what pity is unless you see it from outside the mind of these threads

See you all next week. If any of you are going to the 76/sp/ superb owl threads, have fun and remember;
>You will never be a butthurt 4amFags who continually shit on/up waifu threads
And most importantly;

Isn't Japan keeping a very close eye on the mudbeards? I think it won't be that much of a problem.

Have a good weekend everyone! See you all next week!

Always feels good knowing this.

couldn't ask for more in life, tbh

See ya next time kids.

See ya all next week everyone!

Made it just in time. See you all next week. Hold her tight