Waifu Wednesday


do people actually like south park?

is this some new meta?
are you openly banning people you don't like for reasons out of your ass, Mark?


no lime, no issues

Friendly reminder

You are a glutton for punishment!

lime is a nigger

You dont exist, user

this isn't the real waifu thread. fuck off

Stop making shitty threads.

tell that to mark to stop protecting these

it's fucking real as can be
it's wednesday and I have a fucking waifu

Wait, are Waifus threads banned now?

FUCK YESSS!!!!!!!!!


not yet, only get deleted when they're made by someone who isn't Mark's posse

its you complaining about mark as usual. like a fucking broken record with your autistic ass.

nigger, the first thread said waifu thread and got wiped for no reason
of course I'm complaining when I also get banned for reasons out of mark's fat jew ass

you do this shit constantly. it isn't about waifu thread or anything else. its just you dont like mark so you pull shit like this so you can scream about him.

Shit, posting from two devices at the moment, claiming new ID

Anyways, I enjoy sucking fat cock

what part of waifu thread was hard for you to read?
it's not my issues that your ass is too slow to make these
unless of course mark has set rules that anyone who isn't an established waifu fag has to stay out and gets slapped with a fucking rule 8 ban in a fucking waifu thread

I'm a fat autistic pedophile namefag!
Oh please fuck me harder Mark-san!

if you want an actual blast, go to /4am/ and try to beat my 89 years ban

No shit sherlock. No person with fake Internet power has in the history of the whole concept. It's not going to change because you sperg about it.

Hey guys I have a name in the name field see how important I am? I'm an obnoxious fuck who can't take hints!

You are the Stardust spammer aren't you?

so you'd rather bend over and take it up the ass because it's too much trouble to do something?
maybe if king jew brought back meta mondays we could start there


I honestly have no clue what you're talking about

Oy vey goyim why must you shota me like this? I am a massive Jew please do not offend my people!

You can't do anything about it except leave the board. He has all the power. This aint a democracy it's a one man dictatorship by design. Nut up or fuck off. Those are your only options.

there better be an artfag here.

and yet he caved multiple fucking times as soon as people called him out on his shit
just look at what had become of the 4am threads
fucked into the dirt because he played boths sides after they yelled at him loud enough
the sole reason we have rule 8 at all

I'll be here for a long time, nigger, you might as well leave if you don't like it :^)

Yes goy! I totally did not typo that on accident! feed me more degenerate little boy penis oh yum yum boypussy I am a massive kike!

remove waifu threads

Who could have predicted a vaguely worded rule that allows mods to ban people for using too many similar pictures or have what the mods constitutes as an "identity" would be a rule to silence any dissent. It's pretty much Holla Forums's version of /a/'s proper capitalization and grammar bullshit. Even Rabbit Rabbit user got smacked with a rule 8 ban for making the thread.


I don't care if you stay or go but you have no power to do anything no matter how you bluster. Mark has the power and he ain't putting up with you fucking with his waifu threads or anything he cares about. He didn't give a shit about 4am so he waffled to shut up whoever was annoying him atm. You aren't some revolutionary who will make him not be a lazy biased fuck like every other BO. It's funny to watch you larping as one though.


then you shouldn't care about me keeping at it
you'll have even more fun if you keep watching

Fuck the rabbit threads and that annoying 2hu fag.

Fucking finally.

I got banned for the first time last week despite having shitposted for around two whole year. Something is coming up.

How is it that bringing back meta monday isn't coming back with people having more than enough issue to report?
is it because fags like that one user keep quiet?


It's not like the people even discuss the waifus. It's basically friday night threads but saying which character is your waifu at the beginning.

you 4am refugees need to find some other board to lurk

try >>>/a/