Waifu Wednesday

Al Gore IS video games edition.
waiting for that apology from last time, you big, fat jew

Link is my waifu, I'll put him in a little dress and pump him full of cum.

that's plenty gay but in the spirit of the thread!



in advance of the flipflopping kike deleting your thread.

I would not be so sure this time!
Even he has to see the errors of his ways in this case!

death to all plebs

Welcome back, g-d collins
I hope I can count on you to gas all non believers on the day oh Phil!

I guess I'm just stuck waiting for waifu bots so I don't have to deal with all the ugly hispanics and crazy liberials.

Wow. I like this thread better than the regular waifu threads

If you don't want to pretend get a tulpa
I mean sure, it comes with breaking your fucking mind and risking schizophrenia and worse, but I heard it is worth it

The fuck is this thread. Inventive ways of shitposting?

Sounds like a normal waifu thread to me.

I always feel that the tupla posters are just pretending so they can write out shitty fanfics of the character.

And it will only get better from here on out!

I take it you have found yourself in these for the first time, newcomer
that's basically it, yeah, but with waifus

Would you let your waifu play vidya with you, Holla Forums?

I wouldn't be surprised, most stories are just too retarded and too detailed to be real at all
it's basically /x/ telling waifu stories

My waifu is a tank

frig off tonyjew


i don't have a waifu



i have a tulpa and it fucked ur mom lol