Stalker: CoP

Is this game supposed to be empty and dull? Like, holy shit, there's literally nothing to do outside the quests, that were far too few and short. The zone is fucking empty as well. You only get to shoot a dozen or less stalkers while jogging in the zone all day despite having a thousand bullets in your chest. There's also no point in joining any faction other than to get a bunch of new items and discount. The promised faction wars don't exist.

What's the appeal of this game? Sure it's got lifelike AI and really fine gunplay that was immensely improved from the first game, but other than those aspects it's literally worse than Beth Fallout in every single way. I think Fallout delivered a lot of mediocrity, but STALKER is a whole new level of mediocre.

Why does Holla Forums keep lying to me?


nice meme homo

You realize you're playing CoP, right?

Not really faction wars, I just expect small scale fights with a group from an opposite faction. The wiki told me that if I join a faction through achievements, people from the other factions would occasionally attack me. Well, I joined Freedom and I don't even see a Duty or any Stalker for that matter while exploring the zone.

Play Shadow of Chernobyl, you dummy. You wouldn't play the third game in any other series first and you especially wouldn't choose the uninspired sequel made by interns with design concepts taken from theme park MMOs as the first game you'd play of any other series, would you?

The gunplay feels quite crappy compared to CoP, joining Freedom makes progressing the game difficult due to everyone around and INSIDE the bar shooting at you endlessly, making peace with the Duty fucks up the prefetching around the Bar area (too many stalkers hanging at the bar), and the last act (Chernobyl) was absolutely fucking pure shit.

Two things.

1) All three games are 4/10 at best vanilla.

2) What the fuck are you doing playing CoP first?

1) mods didn't fix it

2) I played SoC first. It wasn't a boring game, but flawed.

You didn't pick good mods. Also CoP is the weakest link in the series, even CS with AO+SRP is better, albeit really short.
Every game is flawed, that's such a limp dick non-argument. Go play it with AMK AE 1.4.1 with the tweak pack found in the repo you turd.


We get one of these threads a week. There's even a fucking stalker thread up right now. Just sage and don't take the bait.

SoC - arsenal advance modpack (loads of guns with better mecanics, much better AI)

CoP - either misery or wait for the gunslinger mod to come out.

or like the rest of us, wait for Ray of Hope which probably wont come out till 2019 if it does at all

Well I'll try, but my laptop isn't very good and mods usually make STALKER run like shit. Stalker's mod support isn't very good either, unlike TES, making some mods finicky to install.

If you guys needed anymore evidence than this was a bait thread

The problem with SoC isn't the guns themselves or the AI, but the way enemies react to gunfire. Most of the time you don't even know if your bullets landed or not. Does the mod fix that?

Graphics mods can increase requirements if you're running on a toaster, and some MASSIVE mods (like Joint Pak 2 slavmod massiveness) can reduce performance on low-end CPUs due to massive script bloat, but if you're playing on a rig that was "decent" 5-6 years ago, it can handle anything mods can throw at it except maybe OGSE which is a system killer.
It sure as fuck is. It's far easier to tweak the game to your exact liking than any Beth game.
I have probably played through every mod there is worth playing, even slav mods. None are "finicky" to install.

AMK AE 1.4.1, use the tweak pack in the mega repo, and use the realistic damage profile, along with time_to_aim set to 0. It will give you milsim-tier gunplay and you'll fucking love it.

Well I play pirated STALKER, how about that. RG Mechanic's SoC doesn't even come with user.ltx somehow.

Why wouldn't you just pirate one of the gog installers?

Nope, didn't find the torrent.

yeah, there's this thing called the "scream distance" in stalker which isn't what it sounds like. in vanilla its really finicky causing the ai to not react to somebody dying right next to them while reacting to someone dying a mile away. This mod ramps up view distance when the "scream distance" comes into play. Making it much easier for you to be spotted when they're alerted but not outright attacking you instantly. So they won't trade instant headshot for headshot anymore unless they actually headshot you after seeing you. The negative trade off because of this though is suppressors don't really do much

This is some Steamdrone tier shit, goddamn.

Fucking kill yourself already Complete retard.

It's more of a problem with the animations rather than that kind of problem.

It's on TPB.

You're complaining that the game is "finicky" to mod because you downloaded a sketchy cracked version instead of just pirating the gog installer.

What are you shitting your pants over? You're incoherent as fuck.

That's not how the mechanic works at all.

there is a stalker thread already up, please use it