I've learned that Crysis 1 is a 10 year old game now and it made me play through the series

I've learned that Crysis 1 is a 10 year old game now and it made me play through the series.

First one has large open levels and great control over the suit component of gameplay with a pretty uninteresting plot. The ancient aliens aspect of the story is quite interesting and they way they behave and affect the island is cool. Warhead is more of the same but with a more concise campaign and two of them are the best in the series I'd say.
Crysis 2 I found really funny how streamlined/consolized it got (speed mode rip). Despite Alcatraz being a mute without a character I found him absolutely great. At first I hated him but after learning the extent of his injuries, and the amount of shit he goes through, the amount of times he has to get revived by suit's defibrillators while still going on was really engaging. But yeah the game is linear as fuck.
Crysis 3 has some really cool concepts, or at least ones I find cool. I really liked Prophet's character and his visions in the beginning, and him being a pseudo spiritual character in a highly technologically advanced suit. The plot is completely shit and tries to make you care about characters the previous games haven't built up at all. The ending I thought was really strong though, or at least it would be if I have a shit about anything that happened in the series so far. It had a feel of a repurposed better ME3 ending.

Each game has really strong individual parts but are each a let down in a way. I was both having fun and disappointed in varying degrees with each one.
And what happened to alien's frost technology post Crysis 1?

So what did you guys think?

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Consoles can't handle frost.

I think you write too much op but:
1 was ok open world game
2 was shitty short boring corridor shooter
3 was a generic shooter that wasn't so bad

Crysis still looks better than 70% of the games out there

I don't make threads often so I don't want to shit up the board too much.
2 is alright at points if you play on hard but I agree for the most part.

Crysis 2 gets some flak for not explaining what happened to Nomad and Helena. The answer is in the comic book mini-series. Spoiler: they ded.


Lol, I was a bit annoyed at the start of Crysis 2 for the lack of explanation. Sure he was barely a character but that character was me goddammit.

Is the comic any good? Are the novels good? I'm guessing not.

Crysis 2 happened.
Remember, in Crysis 1 the aliens are floating octopuses that took heat from their surroundings.

Then Crysis 2 happens and they're amorphous gel-squids that use bipedal robot suits that fire plasma/plasma-propelled shards in order to not have to script different AI patterns for floating AND possibly swimming robotoctopuses and bipedal enemies(Humans), same for the animations, plot and to an extent, the game itself.
2 is a cop-out.

3 did well with the shit 2 left us all with. The story is shit, but then again, not even Crysis 1 had a strong story. Never packed punch anywhere.

I'm more infuriated about the "Official" comics after 1 to justify why Prophet is in New York.
It's complete bullshit

Crysis 1 had some neat shit you can do

Considering it's the same engine and I'm assuming mostly the same dev team, couldn't they have just ported 1's alien ai routines? Flying robo-squid enemies were pretty interesting.

Human enemies in both 2 and 3 are completely useless. Well 3, less so I guess.

Except it's another version of the engine.
One that was a downgrade from the original to accomodate for console tech.

Everything after the first Crysis is nothing but fanfic and awful streamlined generic consolized garbage that happened due to Crytek having a contract with EA to make 3 games on a single franchise with EAs Partnership Program like Respawn is currently doingand being forced to develop for consoles on the later two games by EA and the head Turkroaches themselves.
The shitty games sold like shit like they deserved, around the same as the first while being on 3 different platforms.

I was expecting Crytek and the Turkshits to brighten up and actually try do something unique thats PC only on their own fucking engine and using it to market said engine.
But instead we got that shitty Roman game with reused assets from what was supposed to be a Kinect game.

I thought they would finally brighten up but instead we got a F2P FPS, an ASSFAGGOTS and L4D clone both F2P that are likely cancelled due to being like 3/4 years and fucking Homefront.

And then more Cryengine shilling with barely any games using it.

And now VRshit

And now they're making their employees work without pay and even more layoffs than before Ryse.

Fucking hell, can't believe they went from such a masterpiece of cheese and 80s action movies to this.


they wanted the frost tech to freeze your cover and smash it but that was too much even for the PCs at the time.

if you haven't played crysis warhead play that shit it's fun as fuck

But Warhead is better than 1

Warhead is alright but its a more linear first game with less content.
Only really good thing about it was coming with Crysis Wars on the disk if you still had net caps like I did.

The first game still looks great and is very enjoyable if you look the other way for some of the ching chong missions. It stands out for me overall because it fuses tech show off with good gameplay and I would like seeing more of that style opposed to some modern games that also look good but make you feel like you are here to merely suggest where the walking simulation is gonna get you next instead of playing.

The second one is an upgrade in tech no doubt but the fact that it is so linear and in such a badly realized setting take away much from what the first and to an extend the third has.

The third one is probably my favorite for the setting and the try to widen the levels quite substantially although sometimes the game doesn't make use of them as well as they could. They could have shaken it up more like the first one did with the humans, aliens and vehicle parts but I'll take it. Also no denying that this game is gorgeous, can't name a better looking one.

Kinda feel for the writer who had to stitch 1 and 2 together to make the third one work

1 was a fun tech demo but had a garbage story
2 was a fun tech demo but had a garbage story
i haven't played 3 but i have a hunch about it

Reminder that Crytek is falling apart and a Crysis 4 is very unlikely. Crytek closed most of their studios and is now focusing on Cryengine and trying to sell it with NO FUCKING DOCUMENTATION. Their last 3 games were some VR experiments that sold as much as Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.

Crysis 1 still has great graphics but the ai usually reacts unrealistically, making gameplay seem rather limited despite its large levels. I can power punch the back of an enemy just to have him immediately turn around and call in a helicopter before I can even get in a second swing. Alarms can go off for unnoticed kills and sometimes loading a save will alert an entire base! Yet guards think nothing when they come across a dead teammate laying right in front of them.

You're full of shit
Heli only triggers if the soldier on its feet and bodies will trigger them to be more alert.

2 was fucking garbage and so was 3

1 and Warhead - PC MASTER RACE

2 and 3 - console garbage for mongoloids

Holy shit look at these fucking graphics. This looks better than most PS4 games.

Crysis' gunplay is shit. It feels floaty and weak. Enemies' blood looks like shit. Firearm animations and sound effects are even worse than CoD.


Must be a glitch then. Crysis fully patched is full of glitches and that doesn't give the ai a free pass.

I should mention that I like Crysis which is why I'm posting about it. It has some Predator/Rambo moments with nice gunfights. You can blow apart trees. The soundtrack is pretty good too. No game is perfect but I bet that a lot of the issues could have been avoided.

The best level in Crysis is the one where you start at night and then over the course of the level you turn the state of battle around and the level ends at daybreak.
Its such a great level that it made me realize how shit the game becomes after it as I typed this.


Crysis 1 was fun as shit, and some moments like the alien station made me lose my shit. Shooting giant squids with a Gauss rifle from the flight deck last stand style was satisfying as hell.

Crysis Warhead has a shorter campaign, a better limey protagonist and I consider it to be the best in the series.

Crysis 2 had awful shooting, worse gun modifications, boring bullet sponge enemies and bullshit upgrade system. Alcatraz I somewhat cared about, but Prophet is forever labeled a cunt for me. For the majority of the game I just ran past enemies using stealth mode and the mode that let me run fast. The game didn't demand I kill everyone, so I just ran past the shit shooting to the end of shit story.

Crysis 3 is much better than Crysis 2. The bow felt nice, but I was annoyed with it since bows are a retarded recent trend. However, I never finished it unlike the other ones, so I wouldn't know.

Crysis 1 is so good up to the point where the ayyliens show up. It's a better Predator simulator than any of the Alien Vs Predator games could ever hope to be.

Crysis 2 themesong was
But 2 and 3 are shit games.

The fucking vehicle battles in Crysis turned the game from great to mediocre in a few seconds. Borderline invincible tanks that you had to find specific explosive weapons hidden away to kill was an awful design decision. You cannot use strengthmode to rip open the hatch, you cannot use explosive barrels to blow them the fuck up and regular bullets and grenades do nothing. Not to mention the mission where an invincible helicopter that you cannot hide from and that gibs you in seconds follow you around even when you're invicible.

Fuck Crysis.