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I know I'm a bit behind, but I just beat Su/Mo, Thought it was pretty good, what did the rest of you think of it? Also, Pokemon General I suppose

>Tfw no good H-doujins of Lillie

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I felt the game holds your hand too much, but halfway through the second island the hand holding becomes more tame. I completed the Alola Pokedex last week, and now I'm trying to make some pokemon for the battle tree. Right now I wanna see if I can make Bewear and Minior work on a singles team. The biggest reason I tolerated the hand holding and excessive dialogue was because I went in with the lowest expectations I could have, since gen 6 is the only generation I disliked. It's a good game overall though.

What's a good nature for the Moon legendary? Worth bothering with or should I just wait for the post-game one?

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Yes, please make this the Pokewaifu thread and leave my other one alone. Thank you.

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Honestly I thought the handholding got less annoying as you went on, maybe because the areas were a lot less interesting than past games, meaning the story actually was a man focus for once which was nice. For a game made for kids I thought the story was fine, a bit predictable at times, we all called Lusamine being Lillie/Gladion's Mom and the main villian back when the tralier came out. Lillie was a surprisingly well written and likeable character if not a bit underdeveloped, her arc was kinda nice, everyone else was pretty much standard fare for these games.

I agree that overall it was pretty good, difficulty wise it was a step up from XY in some ways, and a step back in other ways, there were some points where it seemed like they just sorta gave up, like with the Fairy Captain that just gives you the stone and then fucks off, maybe they ran out of time? In any case there were some incredibly lazy aspects that were pretty obvious, but it didn't hamper the experience as a whole too badly

Design wise I liked pretty much all of the new mons, a lot of great ideas, visually and gameplay wise, shook up the meta a bit which is always nice. On the other hand, fuck Z-Crystals, Mega Evos at least added an excuse for design/stat updates to old mons, Z-crystals are just a stupid gimmick that don't really add anything to the games other than a relatively pointless nuke button for kids to marvel at and by merchandise based off of, the only thing they really did that changed up the meta was the stat-changing moves getting new effects when Z-charged, and even then the effects vary from vastly overpowered (Z-Belly Drum) or utterly pointless (Z-Splash)

Sun and Moon were complete fucking trash. Now thanks to pokemon go making S&M the best selling pokemon 3DS games we're stuck with the complete mediocrity established in gen 6 with no hope for the series to ever get any better or at least return to it's former glory.

Oh come on let's be honest with ourselves, pokemon was never a great franchise

What exactly didn't you like about it user, and or what made the others better or worse

I know in general the games' difficulty has decreased over the years, and the new EXP share is sorta fucked, but in general the games haven't really changed that much, have they?

It's good. Replaying it is going to be a bitch from all the cutscenes, but aside from that I haven't had this much fun since Crystal.
I feel like they made a lot of the gen 7 pokemon a few generations ago, but saved them for later. Most of the designs this gen are really good.
I'm a bit disappointed they didn't do any "Missingno is an Ultra Beast" stuff, it would have been the perfect time to make that canon.
Ultra Beasts are cool, but we need more cute art of them

Gen 5 is the best gen.

post the full image faget

Gotta agree with you here, Gen V was the pinnacle for me, NG+, a hard mode, the only problem most people have with it are the designs, but other than the Trash bag and Ice Cream cone they were all pretty good Fuck splitting the sequel into 2 games though, incredibly jewey on Nintendo's Part, shame too because B2+W2 are probably the best in the series, second only to HGSS, but the fact that you still don't get everything in just one game holds it back.

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Dullest pokemon game yet with the worst player to player interactions in the series. Sincerely regret buying it.

This isn't an X/Y thread.

What are some good GBA romhacks?
Preferably ones that try to stay up to date with at least gen 6.

Fair enough on your opinion the game, but it's your own damn fault for wasting money on something that's been free and easily available for awhile now

Prism/Volt Black/Blaze White/Star Sapphire/Rutile Ruby.

Also Reborn

XY's player interaction was pretty good. PSS worked well, especially compared to the Trainer Plaza. Want to know if your friend is online? Just look down. Want a guy in your friends list? Just add him on 3DS and now he's right there on the bottom screen. No VIP nonsense and no locking multiplayer to a separate part of the game.

I was talking about the main game, you're damn right about PSS though. I thought they disabled online and had to check through a walthrough, fuck me man.

Don't these ones change pokemon typings and stat spreads and stuff?

Those are separate versions of the hacks

If there's one thing we can agree on here, it's that Su/Mo's MP approach is garbage compared to XY's decent attempt, completely annoying that you have to go to the festival plaza to do anything, its also annoying that half of the people in your plaza have actually been offline for hours, so there's no way to add any of them as friends, even if you wanted to, and maybe it's just because there's an added loadscreen on top of it to begin with, but I feel like wonder trade is a lot less convenient and fun to use when I first saw it in X/Y

God no. It just gives it a good difficulty curve and lets you catch new pokemon from other regions. Makes it good.

Pokemon games from gen 1 to 5 were solid and at least were worthwhile games to play.
Gen 6 and 7 barely have any redeeming qualities.

Constant hand-holding all the way to the E4
The region is more linear than ever.
Fuck all trainers have more than 2 pokemon, Trainers with 6 pokemon are basically rarer than a god damn shiny at this point.
Post game content being just a battle tower clone and another 20 minute long quest yet again because gamefreak continues to pander to the mobile audience who beats the E4 then drops the game
Not all the mega stones are included because they need to force players to participate in shitty online events; meaning if you miss the events you can't get every mega evolution in the game. Once they stop supporting the online the game is permanently fucked
Festival Plaza is poorly implemented and is fucked when the online is killed; it will become even more tedious to gain new stalls meaning easy EV training and access to certain items will be left to pure luck to get.
Trading and Battling is more tedious because the festival plaza, the way it worked in gen 6 was one of the few highlights
Some trade evolution items are obtained in the most bullshit way with no alternatives like previous gens; Razor claw has a 5% chance at being held by a pokemon that has only 5% chance of appearing.
Framerate problems are still a problem even on the new 3ds, old 3DS systems get the gift of longer screen transitions because Gamefreak still hasn't learned to code for 3D games
Cutting triple battles because gamefreak can't code
fishing is more limited and makes you run around to give you a slightly better chance at getting good reels.
Having running/walking animations for every pokemon on the cart but not bringing back the feature because can't code and/or saving it to give a reason why to buy the next game
have to rely on poke pelago to get certain items instead of a fixed resource like the older games
No rebattling the entire region again but with stronger pokemon like gen 5
No Guard/Fissure Machoke isn't possible because no fun allowed.

TL:DR they made the series even more casual as fuck but some how made it extremely tedious at the same time. The games have been doing more regressing than improving.
The only positives in the games are the new pokemon, new moves and new battling mechanics, but you can skip all the bullshit and just play Pokemon Showdown leaving Sun & Moon with nothing that makes the game worth playing

I stopped playing because the new Pokemon are just as fucking slow as the game itself, it felt like a fucking slough through the entire thing

I see, I see.
Prism is still WIP, right? It won the ROMhack awards of 2016 or something, so I'll definitely check it out.
My shitty rig can't emulate 3DS so those games are out. DS emulation is a bit of a bitch, too.
Pokemon Reborn looks neat. Hopefully my computer can run it well enough. (It chugged a bit in Fusion Generation and outright flopped on Fusion Generation 2).

Happen to have a link for that? I can't find any

Those are entirely fair critiques user, not new ones I might add, but entirely fair, overall it's not a game without issues but it's at least decent for its story if nothing else

I agree that Showdown is becoming a much better alternative to the actual games for MP stuff though, most of my friends don't have, and don't want a 3DS, much less do they want to buy one soley to play Pokemon with me, Showdown is a much better option for a plethora of reasons, and I understand the sudden rise in interest for it, It's infinitely more convenient for fast competitive play without all the EV and IV training the actual games give you. And quite frankly I'm suprised that Nintendo hasn't attempted to DMCA it yet, but lets not tempt fate. I can see and understand your issues with it user, as well as why you think the series as a whole is going down hill, but it's not a total flop, it has it's moments that I and a bunch of other anons genuinely enjoyed, but I know that doesn't make it a good game and won't convince you anyway. I don't know maybe I'm just feeling nostalgic for a game like Pokemon, going out on an adventure with your friends, it hit all the emotional notes I feel like the last few games sorta lacked, but this is turning into a blog post, so I'll leave you with this:

The older games with better balance/challange in the SP portion still exist, and Showdown still exists if you want to play competitively in MP, at the end of the day if you aren't satisfied with the current games, you've got a lot of options.

S&M are the greatest pokemon games ever made.
Even broke sales records.
It's only getting better from here on out.

Solid? Yes, but with a genre with such an enormous quantity of games such as JRPGs, i wouldn't call a solid game worthwhile unless it was an introduction to the genre, and even then Final Fantasy does a better job at it.The monster catching and raising isn't complex enough to make it worthwhile either, in my opinion

Send them a message asking them for a copy and leave your email address (Not the full address, just say "anon420 at gmail" or something or tumblr blocks it apparently).

I'd give you a Mega link but it's Google Drive and I deleted my copy of it because it's a buggy piece of shit.

They stay within the legal boundaries iirc, can't get DMCA'd at all.

I guess they know how important it is for the meta-testing and tournament scene.

Game Freak and Nintendo know they'd kill official tournaments if they did it, and those events sell merch like mad.

But yeah, the franchise has always been a casual RPG with broken online metagame.
It went forward in some areas, but huge steps back in others.

Pokemon Uranium and AMR2 both took donations for the website, hence the shutdown (possible to argue the profited off it). Not sure about Prism tho.

Showdown runs ads to keep servers up- so they could be accused of scraping off the top just as easily IMO.

So no different from any previous game?
So no different from any previous game?
So no different from any previous game?
So no different from any previous game?
Is finding specific Pokemon and knocking them out a few times too tough for you?
So no different from any previous game?
So no different from previous games?
Gen 5 didn't have that at all.

Why is it that there are more Lusamine doujins than Lillie doujins, I thought the Japs didn't like Christmas cakes

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Showdown threads aren't the same thing as discussing the games, though by the looks of it no one seems to want to do that any way, so I guess this thread was a bust, shame too there were tons of threads back when Su/Mo came out, really regret missing out now.

Do you even know what the fullderp threads are

Did someone sage your female game devs thread again?

She's a Christmas cake who has the body of a younger woman. She's "settled down", so she's more approachable.

Or, they find her hotter than Lillie because of the cocoon hair. And evil.

But Lillie is pretty much just a loli Lusamine, and theres no shortage of loli artists that love pokegirls, it just seems weird to me that after all this time there's barely anything of Lillie, even on Pixiv



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whoever designed her knew exactly what they were doing putting a hole in her dress for her tiddies to poke through.

That is some shit fucking artwork.

I think you have to be fucking stupid to like Sun and Moon. The game is so easy you don't find any trainers with more than one pokemon until you get halfway through the third island. The new Pokemon look like fucking shit.
Mega moves are fucking retarded. The totem Pokemons are a fucking stupid way to change up the game, especially since instead of making a better AI they just pit you against more pokemon in the hope that it will be harder (protip: it still isn't). The story is anime tier. People CONSTANTLY stop you to tell you what to do. There is NO exploration. There is NO adventuring whatsoever.

Is it better than X and Y? Yeah of course it is, even pokemon rumble is better than X and Y, but is it a good game? Jesus fuck no

It's soulless. It's another step backwards in every way. These people have no fucking clue how to make sequels. How can you have hundreds of pokemon that are completely unusable and not think for a moment of giving them evolutions to make them slightly better in a sequel? It's so incompetent I cannot fucking talk about it without sperging like a fucking autismo.

This shit is against every single rule of game design 101. No wonder kids are fucking stupid today.

Also the characters look fucking retarded.

Except it was

To be fair, Fullderp could use a few new players.
Hell, if any of you guys are online around 12:00pm EST on weekdays, it'd be nice if you could drop by and give the chimp a pokemon or two to play with.
It's frustrating to be stuck with a team of five.

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Speaking of Wicke, why did such a nice person put up with such assholes, Faba and Lusamine are pretty obviously evil (and unjustifiably so) but the rest of the Aether Foundation, Wicke included, don't seem to be, why didn't any of these glorified animal rights activists point out or object to the pretty obvious harm Faba and Lusamine were doing to the environment with the Ultra Beasts?

At least Team Plasma was just a bunch of assholes using the animal righs schtick as a facade for eco-terrorism. The Aether Foundation seems to be a genuine conservation organization headed by a loon that no one seems to question

Since when is 40 years old "Christmas Cake?"

it was a shadow clone

Since 25, like every other Christmas Cake.
Why do you think it's called a Christmas Cake?

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And the rumorfaggotry is that any of those animations having anything to do with walking Pokemon

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I always thought about pitching in a few ideas, but I can't champ for shit and my tactics are weird. My local Pokemon group is full of people who don't know how to play comp, so I go full retard.

I think she stuck around to try and smooth things out. Without her the whole foundation probably would have been corrupted. Plus she was around when Lillie was a kid and acted like a surrogate mum for her, so she probably stuck around partly for her sake.

Dude, you should watch a fullderp match once if you can, to see how it is.

Is there a way in game to request a trade then have my pokemon traded back? My autism doesn't let me continue my game unless I evolve my hunter but the fucking chat options are useless in that regard.

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They gave me a Quick Claw Wobbuffet last time I played.
Please, please come by and give me something when I'm forced to champ for those assholes. Anything.

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I need more Hapu.

I don't mind seeing her being railed by her Mudsdale, but some pictures without that would be a welcome change.


Hapu was cute, but as a character she sorta sucked, she just popped in and out of the plot when it was convenient, she was so close to being likable, but she doesn't really do enough to make her stand out like Lillie does

Acerola > Hapu though


check m8
thanks for playing


better luck next time, kid

Agreed, but I'd give her bonus points for seemingly having a life outside of the MC's.

I mostly want more thick/thicc eyebrows.

I suppose, it's guess it's a bit too critical of me to expect amazing characters from a game aimed at kids, but Lilly was a surprisingly well written character and her leaving end was a big slap in the feels

the Poke Waifu game for Gen 7 is Top-tier

did someone say hapu

You guys have great taste.
But i still prefer Mallow

What was her purpose, other than 2 post game battles she had no purpose in the story other than to give the player the Fairy Z-crystal that could just as easily be found on the ground or somewhere else, why waste such a nice design on a character you don't even use

Anyone here played Sacred Gold or Storm Silver? Started it a few days ago, and I'm really enjoying it.

I was felt genuine anger and abandonment when she left. gg Gamefreak. I suppose they're just gonna have her pop-up in every game from now on, which is a better fit for her to be doing than the other presently reoccurring characters.

I want to fuck her so bad
Why isn't there any porn of her holy shit

I agree, we need more.

Yah, I'm glad I'm not the only one that felt that way, really a testament to how they really wrote a convincing and likeable character for once, I'm sure it's not the last we'll see of her though, be it remakes, sequels, spinoffs, etc, we'll get more of her I hope ;~; I just hope she doesn't get a Looker-tier role in the story where she shows up post-game for some bullshit B-plot that's over and done with in 20 mins. Also:

Pure kino


The thing I hate most about Pheromosa is that I don't hate her design.

I don't really get the Ultra Beasts, and I assume Game Freak didn't either since they didn't really put a whole lot of thought as to why they're in the game to begin with. Their existence isn't really explained as it is just accepted. Like shit If I was a kid I'd want to know more, presumably the Aether Foundation did research on these things before they sent there president into some pocket dimension with eldritch beasts, but nope, pretty much no documentation on them on any of the computers in the Aether labs or anywhere else in the game other than "Wormholes open up some times and these creatures pop out occasionally, this only happens in Aloha btw" the Tapus are fine, they make sense in the context of Hawaiian spiritual shit, but the Ultra Beasts are out of left field, and are poorly explained at that. IDK I guess it's sorta autistic to rant about this sort of thing but they're the most stand out bad thing about SuMo to me, their existence isn't really justified or properly explained.


It's a bunch of ugly pokemon with completely random typings because Gamefreak couldn't be bothered to think of anything good or worthwhile.

pretty much that one.

I feel like there was supposed to be some big twist with Lillie actually being Nihilego and her mom being Pheramosa or something. But a upper head said no to the idea.

She was a splatoon reference.

Times changed.
Tons of manga about Christmas Cakes are being made.
Milfs are rising in popularity.

I got into pokemon pretty late but Ive got to say that I couldn't finish pokemon sun and moon. I did finish X if that tells you anything but it was also kind of so-so in terms of fun.

Do I just not like pokemon or were those 2 games just like that?


My only answer


If anything that just makes the lack of porn even more confusing

>Lillie appears as a secret fight in a future pokemon game, maybe either gen 8 or a Firered/Leafgreen remake.
What team would she have?

Musuko ga Kawaikute Shikataganai Mazoku no Hahaoya

I need to check that one I guess.

>sun/moon was really a prequel and kanto is just technologically backwards perhaps after a war

Cute mom doing cute mom things.

Do you think Lusamine will ever love her children again?

Fucking this.
I guess they couldn't fit her into the map, I guess? Like, they didn't have enough time or space to give her her own dedicated area.
What would have been better is having her show up on each island before finally battling her. You could even replace the girl on the stoutland with her insisting you don't disturb the scenery so she can paint.
Hell, why not have her hidden away in some super secret area, like a crystal cave or a forest oaisis, where you can find rare fairy type pokemon or something.

No, she never loved them in the first place. They were never a good family to begin with.

They're Jewish

What, she was married and had 2 kids. She's just an "ara ara".
Christmas cake just means 25 years old and no boyfriends/fiance, and never had one either.


It's probably because they have fuck-all for a population, the religious people there are the majority reproducers anyway. When they die you would see (((them))) taking over.

People can talk shit about Garbodor all day, but I think Trubbish is cute.

They have churches sneaking in refugees, so they might get culturally enriched in the near future.

ayy lads let's not turn this into Holla Forumsshit, we get enough of that in other threads

Trubbish is indeed cute.

Times changed due to Japan's low birth rate.
Its about time the industry try to make the men lust for mature women than underage lolis.

It's this among other things that makes me think there's going to be a legit sequel like BW2.

Actually, it's more because SuMo was rushed and unfinished and it'll just get forgotten as we skip on over to 8th gen. It's fun to think about these things, though.

Good lord, that tumblr art.

I see it being very likely that Nintendo continues with or milks Sun/Moon further, theres alot of potential there in a third game/sequel concerning all of what you just said, I just don't see it happening soon, 2 years seems to be the standard wait time.

Can never have enough pokemums.

There's nothing tumblr about that picture. What? Just because it isn't anime it's Tumblr?


S/M are the best games in the franchise by miles, too bad the nostalgiafags will never recover from their delusions

I'd certainly make her a mother all right.


Go lose another pokemon league, you useless faggot.

Boring and unbalanced just like the original. Impossible to train new members because of the exp formula and enemy trainer balance. Soloing with the starter+box legend is the game here and kids love it.
To this day I still haven't got to finish that stale borefest that is HG/SS, the epitome of what makes pokemon a franchise to laugh at for rehashing.

Then came B/W/2 and S/M and no nostalgia cuck cared.

for fucks sake this can't be the same 8ch/v/ I joined two years ago


Noice. I just want her in underwear.

She's already a mother of two.


Gotta make her a mother of five then.


Humans can only conceive so many children in one go plus she's in her forties already. As much as I'd like to pollute that fine woman with my white genes believe me neither of us could handle that many.

speaking of making people mothers I would make Jessie a mother of 10

It's pretty fucking tumblr m8.

I had a raging hard-on for her since I was a kid. Why anyone would want the other girls is beyond me, best girl is right there!


How so?
Do you like the curled hair over plain straight hair?

The animoo's artstyle changed and she now looks hideous.

I hate how she always drawn like an old lady. She's not even a cake yet.

no, the picture is just fucking ugly

on another topic, on a scale of 1 to 100 where 100 is perfect and 1 is generic-filler-cancer-tier, how good is the SM anime? Every single season before had me dissapointed but things like picrelated make me curious

I stopped watching the anime back when it was still in Kanto man. I don't know?
The picture is all right to me and I love the wet plain hairstyle she gets. She's really cute like that.

As far as design goes pokemon are usually made to be practical. They're animals, and are designed in a way that makes sense. The usual exception would be psychic type, but having telekinesis means they don't need to adapt to their environments much.
Ultra Beasts are the opposite of that. They don't make sense as animals, and are designed to be weird. I think GF came up with a few ideas they liked but couldn't adapt into regular pokemon, so they just made a new class of pokemon around being weird.

I was hoping GF would tie them into the Missingno glitch. Both involve ripping holes in the universe to summon pokemon which shouldn't exist. They could have even tied it with the gen 1 ports, and have glitch pokemon become new UBs when transferred. Instead we have this weird place called Ultra Space, and it's just a cave full of flying jellyfish.. The only part we see is full of nihilegos, and we never see the other UBs existing there. We never see any interactions between the UBs, or anything on how they live. It's a waste of potential, and I hope the eventual 3rd gen 7 game adds more lore to Ultra Space. Right now the best part of it was Guzma saying "Y'all are stupid"


Virtue signallers are kidding themselves. If muslims want to browse a Pokemon wiki they can do it in their own shitty countries

Is this loss?


The main anime has turned into a fucking joke, no one cares any more because it's always the same.
Ash "wins" badges most of the time by not actually earning them, abandons his team mates all the time and then loses the championship.

They should just drop it and focus on Origins/Generations instead with a competent protag.

Fucking retards I tell you

Is that loss?

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Being ignorant does not justify you spouting shit retard

amoonguss is still shit

all pokemons are sluts


So because it isn't noseless moeblob garbage it's tumblr?


wew, you sound like all those clickbait articles that popped up when the original trailer for the SM anime aired

You sure you aren't talking about the original Indigo League anime? Because you're describing the original Indigo League anime and not the Sun/Moon anime. Also
Origins was absolute shit from an animation and directing point.
Pokemon don't have genitals



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Unlike Pokemon you can't catch 'em all.

because autists on Holla Forums will tell you to kill yourself

but theyre fictional characters

Yeah, we all are here. There's nothing to prove we all aren't fictional entities.


t. tumblr


I never really got the "Ultra beasts are weird" thing, the only one that looked weird to me was Guzzlord i can't write that name with a straight face and only because it is dragon type

no, it's a tumblr nose

Being a retard from tumblr definitely isn't.

Except it isn't, a tumblrnose is just a regular nose but with excessive blush all over it because those artists have no idea how to shade the face so they just throw blush all over the face. The noses in are just noses. Just say you don't like the artwork because of the noses, don't make up garbage because you can't put your thoughts into words properly.

i cant tell if something is going to actually happen or the guy planning something is just a gen I reference

It's probably a Gen I reference

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Good thing I always use Ad-block on Bulbapedo.
But I guess I should get used to Serebii's layout.

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I was questioning your choice of words for not using peach three times user, what the fuck am I reading.

Serebii's layout is convoluted to get to the page you want but worth using.
Bookmark these.

Asses and peaches have comparisons drawn to them for very obvious reasons, user.

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Thanks for the help.

I know this ain't much, but have some of their data.

The last one is for easy island scans (20 points instead of 10) so you can do it twice a day.


And here's what's was most commonly being used as of the first competition (3 months ago?)

Bare in mind it's not a guarantee.
During the UK tourney, I saw people running Z-Curse Mimikyus for example.

Experiment, but have something to deal with the top 12 for example.

How can she be a mild when Jesiie is 16 years old?

All I see are noses with one having blush because the character is blushing. I think you might be autistic or artistically challenged, user.


Gardevoir cares for their trainers and only their trainers.
So they are sluts for trainers only.

Oh fuck, meant to say their trainers only.

keep this up and you might just be ON one

I wonder if her design was done on purpose. Before gardevoir, Pokemon were either cool, goofy looking or cute (in that way a cat or dog or any pets in general are cute). But gardevoir? Way to make players question why they even like that Pokemon.

perfect age for making her a mother.

Her purpose is r34 or at least cute pics.
So far I haven't seen enough of them so I'm pretty disappointed.

To be fair gen 1 had Jynx, so there was some precedent for a feminine pokemon.
One thing I find weird is that Gardevoir's Jap name is Sirknight, which makes me think they wanted it to be androgynous. Also Gardy is for friending, not fugging

And just looking at Gallade shows they kinda knew what was up.

Except psychics, (((Hypno))) and Mr. Mime being the biggest offenders

Yeah but jynx was one of those goofy looking Pokemon.

I'm still bothered that Jynx is purple

I was never much of a Jessie fan but I was watching some pokemon with my niece when this episode came on and holy shit she went from mid tier to best girl in seconds flat

Almost done with Pokemon Sun. just started Poni Island. The game has been fun. Plenty to do between Festival Plaza, Poke Pelago, and Poke Refresh. Got caught off guard when the lady in the Hau'oli Cemetery tells you the tragic tale of her husbands death.
Lady at a gravestone with a Machamp talking to her dead husband. She tells you the tragic story of how here husband died in a cash and in his last moments returned the Machamp to its pokeball saving its life.

I can’t wait until we start executing liberals for treason.

Is Guzma officially the best Team Leader? He really didn't do anything wrong, he got a bunch of rejects together and gave em a place to call home, the worst he did was steal Pokemon for money but Team Skull was obviously not all that successful, most of the islands saw them as a minor annoyance more than anything, even the hard ass Cop didn't give enough of a shit to go after them.

That is some shit artwork

Actually, I've been thinking, they never really explain why she doesn't show any signs of aging, do they? I assumed it would be implied she was taking shots of UB life-force or something, but not even so much as that, as far as we know, the one time we go to the Ultra Beast Realm in the game is the only time that she's had any sort of long term physical contact with them

I liked the story overall quite a bit in Su/Mu but blaring plot holes like that make me think GF had more planed or just straight up forgot

It's true to the original
Blame the anime artist(s?) for thinking Toriyama is an artistic genius in terms of style


What's this all about?

No, it isn't. It absolutely fucking isn't.



Pokemon has always had odd messages laced in it's games. The point of the game is to overcome the naysayers and prove them wrong by the power and trust of your team.

More games should make children actually fucking think, if just for a little while.

Honestly this seems to be the most looked over part of the games, every normalfag nerdculture hipster gushes about "Going on an adventure" or "having a journey with your friends" but no one ever seems to talk about being a better person for yourself and others (Of course in this context is training your mons to be better, but still), It's a pretty consistent theme throughout the games too, there's NPCs all over all the gens that talk about stuff in this way



Thank you for sharing a Joy Paul with me. Doom Pauls are too common for me to save most of the time.



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Thanks for keeping the thread bumped user, but it looks like no one wants to talk about the games

What are you talking about, all you do is have better 'mons than the enemy 'mons

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Beastiality or Darwinian evolution?

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This is deep.

There's not a whole lot of it, but what is there is pretty good

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Im sorry that my judgement in fan porn-sites isn't up to your standard user, whether you get it from Paheal, sadpanda, or pixiv, what difference does it make?

Also, cmon man, trying to have a thread here and you want to get into petty squabbling over porn sites

Actually getting it from the source rather than regurgitated on some aggregate site with a shit tagging system
Don't shit where you eat

Well I'm sorry that not all of us like going through 20 pages of pixiv for a worthwhile image you fucking autist

Oh, well in that case, maybe I should just trawl artist blogs for weeks on end in hopes of finding content relevant to the particular character(s) I seek.

Thank you, O wise and powerful user, for teaching us of your autismal windbag ways. I am proud to not be as pitiable as you.

General pokemon, I still think gen 5 is my favorite. Am I the only one somewhat disappointed with Sun & Moon's story? it had so much potential but I think they squandered it

>I hated how the relatively decent plottwist of aether foundation is ruined by the game's opening cutscene
>didn't like guzma at the end of the day was more of a lackey then anything
>Lusamine in her Nihilego form doesn't even attack, what the hell?
>half of the elite four was reused characters

Sun & Moon's story was "good" for a pokemon game but I was still disappointed by the squandered potential.

She has 2 fucking children, she's a confirmed milf/mother, not christmas cake. Christmas cakes are usually unmarried women and have no children and maybe even virgins

Wicke is more of a Christmas Cake then Lusamine since we don't know if she even has children or a significant other but still gives off the mature age vibe. Also seems to play the surrogate mother

goddamn am I thirsty for a more mature woman to snuggle me, fuck

In their defense, Gelbooru and Rule 34 paheal are good resources for when the source can't be found or are deleted, something people from pixiv and tumblr are very keen on doing often.

Also, japanese artists are using tumblr & Twitter more and more as their go to sites to upload these days. Sad but true.


Outside of the weird golden horseshoes I think she has a really pleasant design. Glad she didn't turn out to be evil and somewhat mothered the kids in lusamine's evil absence

Also a shame how like curvy, thicc got highjacked by Fat acceptance fuckers from tumblr. Always have to double take when someone claims it's "thicc" since half the time I'll get a fatty pic.

A single question for all of you who are complaining about SuMo's handholding and its ramifications since XY (and maybe further) :

Is it possible to make "exploration" versions, where as much as the story between events as possible is removed, and where the players are left as much on their own as possible ? And under which versions/rules/restrictions ?

Yah I thought Su/Mo's story was an overall improvement from Gen 6 in a lot of ways, and actually had a few likable, fleshed out characters instead of a mixed bag of flashy character designs with matching static personalities that didn't change at all over the story. Seeing Lillie come out of her shell gradually was cute as fuck

but I agree with your assessment, a lot of corners were pretty obviously cut as we can see here and here Type: Null and the Ultra beasts really were a missed opportunity that I can only hope will get expanded on in the anime or a prospective 3rd game/past gen remake that ties the stories together. Also, Is it just me, or is GF getting a little weird? Gen 7 only came out 2 years after ORAS, and before that X and Y only came out a year after B2W2, Zygarde never really got a solid conclusion, even with the Zygarde cell plot in Su/Mo, I just hope we don't get the same treatment for the other unfinished business in Su/Mo, They seem to be cranking these things out in shorter frequency each time and I'm starting to think it's only going to get worse from here I just don't want Lillie to end up a useless side character like Looker or the like in future games

They brought in a new director for Sun/Moon. That could explain the massive shift from the previous games. They brought in a new musician too, which is why Sun/Moon's soundtrack is different.

The soundtrack was pretty meh other than a few battle themes and Vast Poni Canyon's theme, story on the other hand was pretty good other than the few aforementioned plot-holes and likely cut content, hope they keep him considering how well the game sold

There were two things which made the hand-holding unbearable for me. Firstly the flags on the map pointing you wherever you need to go. If they had just had the trial system where you can explore an area as much as you want but you can't move to the next one until you complete the trial that would have been a lot better. The second, and probably more annoying thing, was the sections where you're following someone and they just run down one road and then wave at you, but you have to watch their animation, then run up to them, then follow them again. Just have them say "meet me at Route 5" or "I'll see you in the town" and then meet them on your own time.
If those two things were changed I it'd be a lot more bearable.

I'd say the map flags can stay, but by being more obvious. The targets being the trials, they just point where they happen and that's all.

The forced interactions with PNJ guiding you from A to B can be removed with absolutely no problems, though.

It's amazing how you guys are practically admitting to being underaged faggots.


Single player Pokemon is a joke anyways.
Handicapping you by forcing you to roll with a gang of shitmons is probably a good thing.


Of all things to be an elitist over user, you choose the most autistic and irrelevant thing, Porn is porn, regardless of which website you find it on.

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Why is the philosophy of weakness in my vidya?

Helping anything grow stronger expands it's ability to exert it's will.

Was this game's dialog written by fucking peta?

The point they're making is the difference between asian tiger mothers who make their children little robots and caring mothers who foster strength in their children through both love and discipline.

They aren't on top in both suicide rates and intelligence for no reason. If Asians wanted to be white people they would be already. Now go study. You're a disgrace.

I rest my case. Japan needs less suicides more babies, and I wouldn't be surprised to see that message reach all the way down to pokemon.

Only reestablishment of tradition roles in society will do that.

"Being kind" has never helped anyone. Only being a mentor helps.

who hurt you user?

Even his father recognizes he's an autist


not enough love in here

is WHICH some sort of meme i missed out on?

whch pkemn wud u fugg?

At least I'm pretty sure that's how these fags are using it.

What happened with the mc from white and black? I turned champion in white and black 2


Well, it's tough to pick just one.

Didn't you already asked this question?
Also this was my answer

I did, but didn't get many replies

pro-tip user, that means no one cares, and doesn't want the thread to slide into furfag shitposting. though personally I'd never say no to porn or cute drawings

lillie's face looks like that of a boy in the middle of puberty

Is your favorite 'mon a shitmon? And if so, would you still want to use it competitively?

Nope, still the best fossil there ever was.

Why not all of them?

Not a shitmon but he faces some serious competition from his cooler older brother Entei.

He has a 4x weakness to fire and is only really useful for gimmick teams so yeah.

To be honest as much as I thought mega evolutions were a bit on the BS side I still wanted Escavalier to have one

I would assume so.

Has anyone here played Rutile Ruby/Star Sapphire? I'm thinking about RR a try.


Play doubles where he's legit top tier.

Which S&M Pokegirl would you pound?




Happy to see 8ch/v/ can talk about pokemon without sperging out.
If anyone has more I hope you will make similar pics like these I made.
It may surprise you how much you missed when you played these games years ago and didn't get some things.
Since SM I have been replaying the older games on my phone with Drastic and talking screenshots like these.

mega milk

I've been trying to use Lurantis competitively. Scarf + Solar Blade while in sunlight is neat, and so is Contrary Leaf Storm, but it's stats are bad. You'd think they would balance it against Tsareena, but nearly every stat is worse. It makes up for it in cuteness, so I don't mind that much.
Technically any pokemon can be used competitively, you just need to get creative. Either that or play with casuals who don't know any competitive strats. A shitmon is only a shitmon when you give up.

Try Z-Sunny day with Solar blade

Anabel reminds me of a different character.

Vulpix a cute

I'd Kiri both their giris

lurantis has surprising bulk in lower tiers, and leaf storm sets work out decently. it's a shame that it's outclassed by serp in every way though

Just one?