Best boss theme in all of MGR

Don't you hate it when one part of a boss is so good yet the other is so forgettable? Why couldn't the fight been as good as A Stranger I Remain?

come on man, I know you can do better than that.

I can think of 4 boss themes in the game better than that one (The Only Thing I Know For Real, Collective Consciousness, Stains of Time, and Rules of Nature) better than that but I see your point.

Here's a better example:


This, topic should've been made with the same words but for Sundowner and Red Sun over Paradise. A Stranger I Remain is the worst boss theme in the game.

No kidding. He was so easy and underwhelming they had to throw in a helicopter into the fight just to lessen the blow that he was wet tissue paper.

Dem be fightin words lad.

He may have not been truly hard, but compared to mistral he was much more difficult.

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I like to think that making the biggest shit talker of the game easy as fuck was intentional

This soundtrack has no business being as good as it is.

No shit Sundowner's more difficult. Mistral is the third boss after Bladewolf and REX, Sundowner's third to last. The fact that he has 60% of Monsoon's health is a joke. They should have designed him to have the pincers and shield on at the same time and made his first phase have the same aggression as his second.

It's a shame because he's only second to Armstrong for quality dialogue.


oh boy, didn't listen to those codec calls didn't you?

Probably my favorite track in the vanilla game. At least from the games I'm familiar with, I'd say this takes the cake for the topic at hand.
On my end, kinda cheating, but any boss theme from Onimusha Dawn of Dreams. Great OST but very underwhelming boss fights.

It's kinda dumb that we gotta play on hard for him to use the zig-zag wave dash. It doesn't make him all that more difficult but it does make the fight a lot more exciting.
Sundowner DLC chapter never ever

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I don't know. Maybe I'm a noob, but on hard I found him difficult. Though yes, monsoon was tougher.

His big problem is that everything he does is really predictable, and any boss in this genre who focuses on defense over offense will inherently be an easier fight. Maybe if he could mix quick one-handed slashes into those big pincer moves or parry with his shields, he'd be more exciting than screaming "FUCKING INVINCIBLE" and getting everything cut off.

I want Mistral to sit on my face

Monsoon fight is the hardest in the game because it has the problem of carrying on far too long which leads to eventual fuck ups

Which is why all that trash you destroy drops endless health pick ups, even they know it's a war of attrition

are they related?

Yeah because they've definitely never done this before

You have no proof.

Though admittedly once you figure out you just need to EMP monsoon when he's being an utter dick with his "HAHA CAN'T FUCKING TOUCH ME" phase it's one of the quicker fights in the game

Oh and one more

I don't since I didn't listen to the codex calls but you can ask the other user. I have proof about these 4 though.


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The only hard fight in the whole game is Sam vs Armstrong.

To be fair that one can be nullified with time travel shenanigans and picking the worst ending

That's so well known that people fall for the trap on purpose, it's like Narancia at this point