Konami future prediction theead

What does Holla Forums think will happen to Konami? That and Konami start selling shit load of movie rights to their games to Hollywood Jews.

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Friendly reminder that the Silent Hill franchise dodged a bullet and we should all be glad.

Biggest Irony is that white people accept him more than native brown Mexicans.

More of this

It couldn't have been worse than anything by Tomm "I like SH more than its own creators" Hulett.

You sound like a triggered SJW

More pachinko. I have to wonder if Suikoden and Boktai are low-key enough to not get the pachinko treatment, let alone an inevitable mobile reboot.

You're wrong, OP.

How utterly terrifying, I'll be sure to clear all of his works from my hugbox so his leftcuck leanings don't challenge my worldview.

I don't mind someone's personal politics so much, but Del Toro seems to be one of those crazies who think politics belong everywhere.


That seems to be the case with life now, even trying to get kids involved in shit they probably cant even understand yet.

Sounding triggered, SJW.

Nice proxy

Can't have a difference of opinions in the hugbox, it might trigger someone.

You are a tiresome mirror image of your foes. You spout similar buzzwords and try to run out any disagree with you. You sicken me.

I don't think you know what that word means.

He got so fucking butthurt that Trump won he's just insufferable.

Guillermo Del Toro? More like Guillermo El Pendejo


I'm posting two times in a row but
You just spewed a buzzword yourself calling that guy an SJW which wasn't even correctly used. You're a retarded faggot.

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The joke is that despite not literally being an SJW, he may as well be an SJW because he's just as fragile and prone to shitting himself with anger at the sight of a differing opinion.

Unlike your infecting of other boards with your bullshit which is totally different and ok I take it? You are just like them. And you know it.

If the shoe fits then they should wear it. There is no difference between them and the SJW. Not a bit. If they had the numbers and complicity of media then they would try to shut down everything they don't like too just like the SJWs do.


I could have never guessed that Holla Forums doesn't like Pan's Labyrinth.

Most boards held antileft views here and on other boards. You are the outsider and should fuck off.

And you are them. And you know it. And you aren't allowed here. You have hundreds of other places online to wallow in your antifa hug box

Fucking hilarious.

Overall, it's never a good idea to trust (((Hollywood))) with a Japanese IP.

Get gassed, kike.


He actually did it, he's so triggered he's resorted to feminist-style "get out of my safe space! You have the whole internet for your pro-patriarchy bullshit!" crying.

Despite your proclamations to the contrary there are no rules stating that not falling in lockstep with everything Holla Forums says means you can't post on 8ch. You are just as arrogant and convinced of your own moral infallibility as they are too. I'm sure you wail and moan when other sites don't let you present your views though. Hypocrite.


No one wants your kind here. Piss and moan all you want

>>>Holla Forums

Game, set, match.

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Thanks Fredrick.

What's SRS?

Super Bomberman R sells like shit because no effort went into it and Konami uses it as justification for never making a Bomberman game again.

Is it seriously just 50 stages and the battle mode for $50? It also looks like shit compared to Saturn Bomberman, which had amazing music and presentation. This just looks like a cheap cash-in made in a couple of months.

I think they'll become Square Enix 2.0 and start making unspeakable abominations out of long dead IP's just for the sake of money before making bigger and bigger AAA releases that cause them to slowly crash and burn.

this. Holla Forums is just right wing tumblr


You communist kikes can't help ousting yourselves can you?

Is this thread about Konami or politics?