Is there any point in doing pixel art or 2D games today

Is there any point in doing pixel art or 2D games today.

I mean, I love pixel art and 2D, but seeing the work of people like seismic and leslyzerosix, and their quality of work (they're just one person) it seems as 3D is the logical way to develop games today.

3D tools improve every year and become easier and faster to work, meanwhile 2D is kept in the same ancient production mode that is extremelly work intensive without any real improvement.

I'm just one indie guy, but it seems to me, learning to imitate 2D with 3D tools seems like the better alternative.

Time to ditch pixel art and learn zbrush I guess.

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post the full picture you cunt

model 3d->render to 2d->paint on the rendering to make it artsy


amazing, i hope there's more

Ur dumb and a faggot and why a 2d game needs a goddamn i3 processor and can't handle more than a 100 sprites.

2D is easier i guess

look up leslyzerosix


3d can be very useful even in 2d, like duplicating objects and having them appear "2d". This is useful for when drawing multiple detailed objects over and over for a 2d background art can attempt to be tiring and exhausting.

pixel art should be used as placeholders, easter eggs or for short minigames


I've seen plenty of good pixel art derived from really bad 3D models at low resolution.
It is feasible to get good results, but it will never beat actual quality pixel art of the level of Owlboy or Street Fighter 3 or [insert your favorite pixel art game here].

Hopefully with the betterment of 3D tools we'll actually be able to get better looking 3D pixel art too.

How do you replicate pixel with 3D anyways?

you don't get it.

Even Kof 13 that is the peak of pixel art wasn't well recibed today.

It was the peak of pixel art, and yet people complained it looked blocky.

Let's be real, if you want quality, then 3D is the only route.

and yes, I love 2D.

Easier for single or smaller group of devs.

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except if you wanna make something of quality, then 2D is harder.

Zone tan is a meme and people who fap to his work overglorify him.

Only normalfags fap to ZONE

The point is that it looks better than 3D.

Kill yourself, you obviously can't into aesthetics.

Can't believe I used to wait on bated breath for this guy's shit.

3D is literally shit.
Models were a mistake.

3D basically ruined porn in the west.
More like SFM and Blender was a mistake.

Because some people want it and there is therefor a market for it. Also sexy dithering.
Some kinds of games lend themselves better to 2D than 3D.

That's rather subjective isn't it?

You do know that's just art that's been run through a program then just touched up, right? That shit isn't done pixel for pixel, go back to masturbating about how artsy you are because you learned how to add a couple of beats to a Lipps Inc. track, put in a poorly-synced gif of Lum and make shekels off of Jewtube ad revenue.


I don't know what i'm reading but it reads like projection

I think you mean hand drawn, scanned, redrawn over, then coloured with palette that includes dithered mixed tones. Faggit.


That's millenials for you, they think that they know it all.

t. millennial

The 80s weren't like Urusei Yatsura, faggot.

Certainly, 3D is easier and faster but that makes well-done 2D work all the sweeter, wouldn't you say? Animation in particular is often more pronounced and more deliberate in its delivery. No quick and easy physics or mo-cap to do it all for you.

Its akin to asking why anyone might paint a landscape now that photography is much cheaper? Why race a horse now that cars exist?

Theres more to it than ease of use or production.

Nothing beats sprite porn, though. Nothing.
You can quote me on that.

Not an argument

Where's the argument?

Where is your argument?

Right here

Yes. Some of it is. And?

Retrowave is superior to Vaporwave.

Sure felt like it did to me. Although I distinctly remember there being a lot more wood grained electronics left over from the 70s than you usually see in those videos.

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There's a reason most indieshits make 2d games.
It is simply still easier to make a game look good in 2d than it is in 3d.

That looks like a bootleg Mokou.

Prease teach me sempai.

install something meme like krita because you're not forking off cash to casually draw some pixels
now learn how to draw 2d

The one thing I really like about sprite porn, is you can fit a long scene into a small gif.

having sex with a little girl probably does. not that you will ever know.




I like watching movie analyses on Youtube. I'd prefer to watch similar things for video games, but they're much less common, due to the age and quality of the medium. For lack of a better word, great filmmakers are incredibly efficient and use every aspect of film to tell a story in ways that only film can. On paper, a movie should have a story and some actors telling the story with a camera filming it so it can be watched later. Simple, but start adding costumes and music and setting and props, and the story is more convincingly told. But those are all such apparent things, and unapparent things like the angle or movement of a camera can be just as much of a character as any in the actual story. Every medium has its strengths, and while I'm not saying every film needs to be composed of dutch angles and have everything be a shade of green, there needs to be a reason behind those choices.

Take Impressionism, for instance. Big, sloppy, rushed brush strokes with the intention of capturing all the colors and light of a single moment; attempting to do the job of color photography a few hundred years before its time. I'd even argue that Impressionist paintings do a better job than photography of the same era at depicting the world. Not to fault the technology of the time, but the long exposure times would require that the photographed subject be still, thus capturing something more artificial. Mind you, an Impressionist artist is free to paint up whatever they please, whether or not it was something they saw, but I feel the best of them were able to add enough light and color to a painting that seems like it might start moving at any moment.

But to answer the original question: Yes, there are good reasons to use pixel art.
Do any game developers have a reason for using it beyond nostalgia, because they think it looks cool, indie cred, etc.? I'd defer to Sturgeon's Law.

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Is there any point to using one art medium over another? Is there a point to painting a landscape or should you just take a photo on your iphone? What a shit question.

in the race towards photorealistic graphics, games like minecraft and hotline miami blew out the competition.

also, voxels.

Normalfag get out

Voxels are a meme

Your selection of smug is attrocious. You may stop now.

Zone will NEVER EVER be good again.

seriously only pretentious or retarded hipsters think these where hand drawn in MS-paint and some sort of esoteric homage to pointillism. It was hand painted and drawn or animated then scanned into a program like Deluxe Paint or Corel Draw and touched up.
nothing personal friends, tantrum unrelated to your posts :^)

You're empirically wrong. Go lay down.

Did PC88 and PC98 even have Corel or Paint?
I heard that some of the old artist painted backgrounds on celluloid, tape it to their computer screens, and then trace the image.

There's literally nothing wrong with dithered PC-X8 games

Most of the Amiga animations and artwirk was drawn with the computer tools, but then again the Amiga was the Mac of its time.


back to OPs question, whats the purpose of it OP? are you planning to make a game?


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If you're making a game OP just make the kind of game and in the visual style you want. Don't let us pixelfags influence your decision, but don't let the hi-rez 3D fags influence it either.

There's also the DK County/ Killer Instinct method of making 3Dfied 2D. Just a thought.

No faggets, I'm planing on learning to make games, I want the better quality.

Pixel art is simply too much work for less quality.

we're talking about graphics in this thread retards, not art.

GRAPHICS, ease of work, workflow.

also the fact 3D shit looks better than pixelshit.

Why not both?

Because that looks like absolute garbage




you'll give up in less than a week. moreso if you attempt to make a fully 3D game. there's like a dozen guys like you coming in here and making that kind of threads every month since Holla Forums has existed, and no one has made shit. remember anton and coolpecker?

but hey, enjoy that happy-go-lucky optimism while it lasts, once you realize the scale of what you're getting into you give up.

Lacks the soul of the 2D original.


needs better shaders, but the model is solid.

Well it is missing the animations, which are the hardest part of 3D modeling

also, in another topic, what about that guy who was making the neon-titty-robot girls game? is he still working on it?

Exactly. I think most people would agree that the best case for 2D is 2D fighters that went 3D. SF4/V, the new GG games, MK3 and on, they all look and play worse in 3D. The animations are less expressive and make it harder to recognize what a character's doing mid-match. That, and the fact that they use digital inputs in a game that's rendered in 3D makes it look and feel stiff.

No, the modeling itself is the difficult part. Once you set up the armature animating is a cakewalk. It's pretty well known that 2D is easier for asset creation but the animation of those assets is more difficult because you have to redraw each frame, whereas in 3D creating an asset takes more time but once completed is much easier to animate since you use the same model.

Relevant video

You've still not defined quality.

It sounds like you already know what you want.

You're never going to convince pixel lovers to give it up entirely for HD 3D, if that's what you are trying to do.

sorry, but games aren't about art, but they're entertainment to make money.

Also, I'm talking about graphical quality and ease of workflow.

3D tools improve every year, while 2D is always the same.

also, time is money.

I don't think you know anything about this shit.
any faggot without talent can put together objects in a 3D environment if given enough time. animation requires knowing how something reacts in real life to be able to reproduce it by hand in a program.

And with stuff that isn't realistic that means you have to invent that movement and make it seem realistic. The line for a good animation and a bad animation is a very fine one, there's a lot to take into consideration.

And all this is just for games, if you count movies not only you have to take into consideration all the above, but also the physics of what the thing you're animating interacts with which is really fucking hard.


does eric still use the amiga?

Good old Eric Schwartz, inducer of many boners.

Just make some minimum effort mobileshit with pay2win and microtransactions out the ass then.

I used to watch those when I was younger. I was tainted before I even touched them though.

Everything you just said about making something move realistically can also be said for 2D animation, but with 2D you don't have the luxury of a skeleton to guide how and where things move. You have to draw that movement and make it seem like it exists in a physical 3D space without an actual 3D space to work in.

That's like saying if you give 1000000 monkeys a pencil and 1000000 years one of them will eventually write a Shakespeare play. The likelihood that what that talentless faggot produces is actually good is extremely low. Creating a detailed, convincing 3D model can take hours, and that's without texture work.

we don't live in a fair world user.
unless you wanna live with your parents and live off autismbucks, people need money.

I'm talking from a bussiness perspective, not from some fan perspective.

A skullgirls character would take 2000 hours.
multiply 20 dollars per hour and it will cost simply the sprites: 40.000k dollars.

Compare that to 40 hours that it takes to model a AAA character, and it will cost 1k dolar.

Unless you wanna keep using the I love 2D argument.

Shame they only use it for the most generic anime style shit I've ever seen. Post a better example if you think it's hot shit.

If you have at least one half a working brain cell you should be able to estimate the possibilities this opens up, it isn't that hard. It's a piece of technology, a tool, art comes afterward.

This is how the pros do pixel art :^)

What are you trying to argue user?

And will look like every other AAA character in every other AAA game.
Distinctiveness also sells.

Not just "I" love 2D, many people do. Those many constitute a market.

And you might be about to say "Those people are just ancientfag gamers so I don't need to concern myself with them because they're slowly dying out", well you'd be wrong. And that reason is Minecraft. So many little kids have been weaned on Minecraft with it's lo rez graphics, even making pixel art in game using blocks, that probably an entire new generation of pixel lovers have been born.
Terraria too.

we're talking about quality.
minecraft and terraria looks like garbage.

It's kind of hard to see any possibilities when you use one of the most uniform and manipulative art styles out there. Show me this system under different circumstances and I might have a different opinion but otherwise this just seems like a novelty.

they had graphic tablets but when you are talking 80's 640x200 its not hard to draw with very rudimentary tools. If you are talking about Late 90's Neo Geo era then yes they had Tablets and Scanner technology even though I am not familiar with what tools japan specifically used.



show me the first person who think minecraft has good graphics.
or terraria.

we're talking graphical quality + cost of development retard, not aesthetics.

I kept thinking, over and over, who could this possibly be then remember Robotech the Movie wasn't from one of the Super Dimensional shows but it was Megazone 23. God damn Harmony Gold. Fucking russian jews.

I have ones dating to the 70s, user.
They weren't cheap, but I had them.

kof13 did look like shit though, it was pixel drawings that were based on a 3d model.
it was on model for every animation with no variation you'd get in drawn art, so it looked bad.

And yet they've made tons of money. Minecraft especially. These >>11835997 two post suggested that you care primarily about making money. Good graphics don't necessarily equal making bank. Actually as Square Enix found out overdoing it on graphics and assets can destroy your budget.

Minecraft has absolutely hideous graphics for the most part. It's still the defining game for an entire generation of kids and is a multi billion dollar franchise.
Terraria's graphics are OK. Mostly because they were lifted right out of 16 bit FF. Actually the current version of Terraria is getting progressivly more and more improved graphics because Tiy left and Red hired some actually competent spriters. They're still cleaning up Tiy's old mess.

Yes I know scanners have been around for years. I just saying that I am not familiar with what particular products Japan used in regards to crafting artwork for MSX and MSX2 and the NeoGeo. is not wrong about the "sexy dithering". As this they pointed out was a product of the digitizing process that did 90% of the work. In examples Travel Junction 156.png and Angel Halo 00.gif these where largly created by scanning in art. Where as alternatively Diver's 00.png, Travel Junction 200.png and Time Stripper Mako-chan 12….png are more likely hand drawn likely with a mouse (there where even gradient fill tools that automatically did the dithering). I am by no means trying to say the artist of these old games where not talented, but I am merely pointing out that there was no such thing as "pixel" art back then, and they used whatever tools where available to streamline the process of creation. Moreover the artist often had very little to do with the programming and just worked with whatever developer tools where given to them. It wasn't like what modern hipster indie shits do where they intentionally gimp what they have at their disposal or intentionally work in low resolution to hid the fact that they were incompetent artist. People where trying to used what ever top of the line equipment they could get their hands on to create something beautiful.

bro, I just entered software engineering in college, I don't want to make le indie showel garbage that is flooding steam.

I want to make something I would feel proud about.

Nobody thinks pixel art looks good.

We're talking about the customers though.
I want to be a motherfucker developer, making an AAA game by myself.

That's why I'm talking so much about quality.

and I'm not talking about photorealistic shit, I'm talking something that looks like seimic.

He's just one dude, and yet look at the quality.

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^is this some sort of bait?


That's impossible.

game reviews, normalfags and kids.

vid related was made by a single dude.

using a shitton of free assets that came with the engine. so no, he did not make it alone, most of his assets were made by the people who made the engine.

still, to make such an impressive game he must have a particularly strong talent, like 1 in a million kind of talent.

AAA just means a huge budget game. It has nothing to do with graphics or game quality.

sweet, but does it actually run anything like this trailer

No it was not. He bought all the assets, that includes animations, mechanics, sound effects, music you name it. This was done by a single dude.

you get my point, I want to be like Pixel, but making something that looks like an AAA game.

There's a thread full of people who disagree with you on that. And if those aren't enough then just lurk the next active pixel art/dither/AESTHETIC thread.
See there's where you're tripping yourself up. Nobody thinks indie pixelshit looks good, but there is a difference between pixel art and pixelshit.
user, people die trying to do things like that.

well, you probably can't. im not trying to throw you down, im just being realist here.

if you were the one in a million who has the talent to make it, you'd still need to work alone on this for 3+ years. otherwise, you're going to need a team. and having a team who won't quit on you needs money. least you end up being another anton & cuntpecker

Have you considered low-poly?

I don't need money, I need the skills and training.

zbrush is easier than low poly.

Then you are probably going to have to do grunt work with an actual developer for about a decade or so. Given the state of the industry, I don't envy anyone in that position.

I saw a video on that channel the other day about how 8bit stuff is done.

well, once you realize the skills and training will take you years to obtain, you'll probably give up, thats just how it goes. good luck tho.

not really, going to take classes in my college about drawing, sculpting, music and technical writing.

I'm years on the process now, was going to slow with self teach, so I realize college will be better for me.

you're doomed

I'm not american.

Depends on the style the game is going for

If it's an animu game, I think they should always stay 2D

Anime and 3D just don't mix, you'll often end up with potato syndrome

But if it's a game made in any other art style, I'm okay with it being 3D.

So can you rig the models that you're making with a skeleton?
Do you plan on writing the engine from scratch?

Here's a more concise video tat discusses the same thing.


you are a fucking dumb faggot holy shit

maybe for just making something that looks good in the software. But Zbrush is not easier for rigging and animating and consolidating system memory. I am an artist, with a background in fine art and mainly sculpture, I even worked in a bronze foundry. I don't know much about game design aside form learning some BASIC back in the day and grew up working with Deluxe Paint and It's not as simple as making a sculpture in Zbrush and exporting it as an *.obj and importing it into Maya. The work involved in making a model in Zbrush functional as a Game asset is hard work because a stray anchor point or a unwelded seam (I don't know the proper 3D terminology) can cause all sorts of issues in the physics engine pic related, and that is not even considering the task of animation and actually being a decent programmer and game developer. Usually each of these tasked are given to different individuals who specialize in each thing. A designer, artist, animator, a programmer, a composer ect. If you can master all this own your own and still have the free time and fiances to feed yourself and make a fun video game then that would be fucking impressive.

you're still fucked.

college is nothing but a façade, its an institution of indoctrination, brainwashing, and an absolute waste of your time and money. its irrelevant which country you're in.

yes, even if its "free", you still need to drive to it, you still need to buy your tools, you still need to buy whatever books the courses order you to. its nothing but a drain and a leech on your creativity and passion, and it will leave you dry like a corpse. do not go to fucking college. if you have the natural ability to learn on your own, then keep doing that.

i believe its up to each individual person, some people can, mostly cannot.

That does look like an AAA game
and by that I mean absolute shit

sorry, but you seem to suffer from the safe stupid delusions I used to suffer ten years ago about college.

maybe some day later you'll realize how naive you are.

you're cute.

if you're such a master game maker, why the fuck did you make this thread in the first place? fuck off, go make a game for me to play.

also post your already finished games, otherwise im gonna dial up bullshit on you.

I need to polish my skills, that's why I'm going to college.

Ok bye then

Kinda lazy tbh

you ignored the other half of my post.

you started """making games""" in 2010 right? where are your finished games?

Sprites were fun. Makes me miss the geocities days.

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why are people taking this bait?

I've been trying to self teach myself drawing, writing, coding, 3D, animation, zbrush.

can easily show you the individual results of each one if you desire.

finished games?
Not good enough to make one.

I just want to talk about pixel art.

because he seemed to have a legit thread at the beginning.

so 7 years in the craft and you haven't made shit, not even a .swf?

show us some of your work at least

cant we just talk about pixel art and filter OP instead of feeding into his dilutions that he is actually "trolling" people.

Tell that to the people that made the Green Lantern animated series. Do you have any idea how much of a nightmare it is to work with 3d?

so you made a bunch of pixel sprites and a few low poly models. i mean, its something, but its definitely no game. saying you've been "making games since 2010" is a massive stretch. almost as much as saying 6 million jews died in the holocaust when it was like 30,000 tops.

keep going, but i reiterate that i firmly believe college will not help you, and will instead drain any will or creativity that you have left.

spotted the dropout

Someone post cityscapes, I don't have enough.

I was trying to learn more than five skills at the same time.

Learning a skill takes 5 years.

There's not much you can do in 10 years.

college is for socializing, not for learning, everybody knows that.

well, everybody who's been there, that is.

I'm not american.
sorry if your education is nothing more than glorified high school diplomas.

This one is one of my favorites.

neither am i buddy. and unlike you, i've been to college. seriously, stick to self-learning.

I've been in self learning since 2005.
and is shit.

This. I'd actually like to see a more western artstyle in use. Not this bullshit generic/moe shit style.

That's because everything is handled by the cpu, if like, half of minecraft's calculations could by handled by the gpu then performance wouldn't be so fucking terrible. If I knew of a way that java could support CUDA, I'd fucking figure it out myself.



colleges are highly inefficient at teaching. you will waste hundreds of hours in topics you don't care about, and when you reach the topic that interests you (coding and 3D modeling) they will attempt at every turn to re-teach you things you already know in other ways to waste your time. Plus, if you're this slow at self-learning, college won't help you.

either put your back into it 100% or don't bother, to be good at self-learning you need passion for what you're doing. passion and the ability to learn on your own will drive you farther than any college. College won't magically make you gud at making games. thats what naive highschoolers believe. you'll be put through garbage like "social sciences" and a bunch of shit that has nothing to do with making games and end up wasting time you could have spent following render tutorials or something more specific.

i get the feeling you dont put more than a couple hours a week on this, but you definitely got something going. just dedicate more time to it. decide what you want to make and aim for it at full throttle.

well, you pretty much answered your own thread. 12 years and all you made is a low poly princess peach, a bowl of ramen, and a croissant? you lack the passion, and without passion, you'll get nowhere. Colleges don't teach you passion for your hobby.

3D is more technical.
Forget about computers for a minute- think about 2D vs. 3D art where computers are not involved
How many kids did you meet in school who sketch? Probably quite a few.
How many sculpters did you meet?
Probably not many, if any at all.

3D requires developing both engineering and art skill. Most people specialize in one field, so it's a smaller market that isn't oversaturated like the pixelshit market is right now.
(Everyone thinks Unity and Unreal will magicially allow them to skip the programming. They're right to some extent, but pre-built engines won't save them from the need to understand many of the technicalities of 3D. Those who fail to recognize this ultimately produce 3D shitware with awful camera controls and bugs out the wazoo, even if they somehow manage to make some decent 3D models.)

2D is much more intuitive, so especially now that the indie boom has started, 2D will always be an oversaturated market.
However, high-skill (high-resolution) 2D art and animation (as opposed to pixelshit which isn't nearly as hard to get right), such as what is seen in well-made 2D fighting games, is a VERY rare thing nowadays, and highly appreciated by gamers.
So there's ways of standing out in the 2D games market, but your average stuff just isn't going to get any attention.

I do like good pixel art, but I use the term 'pixelshit' repeatedly because people here use the term repeatedly- even consumers have begun perceiving pixelshit as far too commonplace in the current market.

This is actually a good thing for pixel art since it will raise the bar for quality.
Most indie pixelshit doesn't even come close to the NES in resolution or quality.

except for the fact that the lead dev outsourced all of the
to other Chinese "freelancers"
but hey as long as the glorified "news sites" like PCMag or RockPaperShitgun can slap it on the headlines as "AMAZING ONE-MAN TEAM CREATES AAA ANIME MAY CRY IN 2 YEARS (GONE INDIE)"

okay user, cya in 9 years

though I seriously wish terms like 'mixels/rixels' were more widespread, because that shit's the absolute worst

no you are just untalented. College wont help you.
don't worry I'm not very talented myself

got you fam

steam is saturated with pixelshit. there's just way too much of it. mostly made in RPGmaker.

a good modern example of a fully functional 3D game made by a one-man team? Haydee. yeah its become a minor meme to hate it, but its a perfect example of the kind of game single developers should aim for.

it was simple, it didn't have fancy graphics, no fancy effects, it didn't have complex mechanics, just you, a couple of weapons, 2 types of enemies, and the puzzles devised by the dev. he even coded his own engine with a toaster in his garage in the middle of icy shithole russia.–Kruger_effect

how cute you are, same BS I told myself before accepting I need a teacher.

Have you seen seismic works?

I have the rest of my life.
was planning on getting 3 degrees in the next 10 years.

Das it ni…
Why must you hurt me user?

sorry I am not at my main computer, all I have is google and MS-Paint at the moment

you have the illusion that college will make wonder and suddenly you will learn all. this dont happen, the only thing that happen in college is that you see yourself oblige to attend everyday the classes.

if you learn alone you dont have the same willpower to do

you have a willpower problem not a talent problem

everyday a little brick–Kruger_effect

read this

He is an animator, a professional animator. Probably the aspect he worked the most on.

Why wouldn't him? If he is not a 3D modeler, a texture artist or a sound designer, why content with putting out some shitty product when you can get a professional to do it for you? Outsourcing (as long as you're paying for custom made assets/"stuff" like it seems to be the case given that no one found any of the assets on open online stores) is WAY more efficient than hiring and paying monthly to get some random faggot to do the stuff for you and way better than shitting out something you're not good at and just shoving it into the game like most one-man projects and small indie devs.

Every single project to develop a consumer product requires a monetary investment, some rare cases can get away with not spending a fucking cent, but those are anomalies (cave story, maybe) and the lack of budget is always noticeable.

ZERO proof of that, it seems like everything is made with blueprint. Performance will likely be shit.
You're probably under the impression that you can get some random animation, models, download some "script" and shove it all together to get it working on the fly. Pro tip: You can't.

it's not about the teacher you fucking dumbass, you can find teacher everywhere this day and age, youtube provides all kind of tutorial
it's fucking obvious you need a teacher, what he meant by self learning is to find the right teacher by yourselves, and to apply the knowledge by yourselves too.

Not sure if I should take this over to /agdg/ instead, but here's some stuff I've made on and off over the last year. Does anyone have any recommendations regarding things like methodology and scale for creating sprites?

Like the tanks for instance, I made them in 3D and then animated them, then used cel shading + outlines to give it a cartoony look. Thing is, are they currently too high-res to be good as actual "sprite artwork"? Also, should sprites always ditch anti-aliasing? That's an easy fix to get rid of, but I'm not sure if it looks better or worse aliased.

Also as for things like character animation, is it better to just hand-draw it and then just shrink it down, like what I did with these soldier animations? Or does drawing it pixel-by-pixel yield better results?

Even the best western pixel artists miss the point. Owlboy was being praised even here despite its mediocre, bland qualities. There's still great pixel art being produced, just not in Western countries who have largely abandoned technical merit, aesthetic appeal and skill in art.

3d has much more cost. Even with the modern tools. Gameplay matters. You can make great games with less money by doing 2d. Of course the hard part is finishing what you started.

It's OK it happens to the best of us.
Maybe we need to have a pixel art "repair" thread. I have few pieces saved that need to be converted to gif or .png but I'm not quite sure how to do it properly.
You know there are two things that get under my skin about the VAPORWAVE people, 1. they save everything as .jpg, and 2. they never source their images. I still don't know where these come from despite how commonly they're used in [aesthetic]. At least a nice user fixed them for me.

like this?

so you're saying you're a low-ability individual who has this Dunning-Kruger thing that makes you suck, so you're going to college expecting that a game-making master will take you under his wing?

that's the stupidest plan i've ever heard, and its not gonna happen, sorry to burst your bubble. but college is not there to teach you creativity, originality, willpower and passion for your craft. those are things you find on your own, not at an indoctrination facility.

also love that "you're cute" passive-aggressive knee-jerk reaction. why didn't you just start the thread by saying you suck ass at coding? that would have simplified everything and saved us a lot of posting.

i reiterate:
-you haven't made shit for games, "making games since 2005" my ass, and also you keep pulling the year back, first it was since 2010, then 2005? make up your mind you lying faggot
-you suck at making sprites AND 3d models (you said this yourself and its evident from the 12 years of work on your 1-page tumblr), which makes me believe you're also pretty mediocre at coding
-you won't learn how to properly make games at college, you will only waste your time in subjects like social science, economics, and other things that have nothing to do with making games
-you don't want any advice, you want someone to pat you in the back, and when someone who has been to college drops the T-bomb on you, you react passive-aggressively with those retarded "you're cute"s. if you want to be coddled go to fucking tumblr. this is Holla Forums. we're going to lay the fucking cards on the table on the first move.

do whatever you want, im telling you shit i learned from banging my head against a figurative wall. college will NOT teach you how to make games. it will waste your time, and whatever little passion you have for game making will be sucked dry within the first year

without a proper formal teacher there's no way you're learning optimally.

basically you're tricking yourself your small improvements are huge.

in other words.–Kruger_effect

Vidya dropped 2D too soon.

jesus dude, you're hopeless

I'm not going to college to learn to make games.

I'm going to college to learn technical writing, music composition, software enginering (my major), realistic drawing, use of zbrush to make characters.

I have well defined goals on things my college can teach me about.

Also, self teaching retards suffer from:–Kruger_effect

You take that fucking back ill fite you 1v1 you fucking nigger

self teaching retards suffer from–Kruger_effect

I speak from personal experience.

self teaching is a meme.

People like you need to stay away from wikipedia. The lack of critical thinking makes you connect unrelated dots.

Judging from your inability to read social cues, i'm guessing you have autism. Everyone is telling you how much of a delusional dumb fuck you are, yet you done nothing but referencing the same page over and over again.

I'm studying in college right now, you seriously have no idea at all about college and what will you get from it. Your high expectation will make you depressed after a year or two in college, believe me.

Your stuff actually looks pro, /agdg/ would fellate you.

The trend nowadays, when your 2D assets approach high definition, is to use in-game puppet plugins. Vanillaware style, because you are not going to please your computer making hugeass spritesheets for every frame.

Different user here, I'm actually using "some random faggot" here on Holla Forums as a one-man studio and I do intend to shit out my game on Steam Greenlight when the time comes and have Jim Sterling play it. I have actually tried to hire freelancers, but guess what, the ones with "Le AAA experience" bullshit would give you their least effort and expect to be paid shitloads, then as soon as Electronic Arts / Ubisoft / some fuckhole publisher starts hiring they drop your project like a hot potato. So no, never again.

without a proper way to gauge your progress and without a proper teacher and enviroment, you're basically improving at some snail pace, thinking some small improvement is huge and learning bad practices.

It will take you a decade to self teach by yourself what a person under a good profesor can learn in two years.

you're talking from someone who studies in college.

I'm talking from the perspective of someone who has been self teaching himself from philosophy, to politics, to literature to art and engineering shit.

Self teaching is a meme that will leave you with mediocre and sub par skills.

Don't try to teach me about a meme way to learn that only young people and naive people fall into.

The tanks in motion remind of Brigador with a coat of Advance Wars paint.
That first animation definitely has a style of its own though, I think you're onto something here.

Self-teaching only fails for those who lack sufficient self-discipline to do so.
I don't have the self-discipline to self-teach, and I can't find a good teacher, so I'm just going to get into financial bookkeeping

What about 3D with "pixel art" shaders?

not really, I've seen the work of self taugh people and they always commit begginer mistakes.

Example: japanese artists doing doujins, even pros commit anatomy mistakes and they never reach the skills of someone from a good art school, be it the russian realistic school or gnomon workshop.

you got it wrong, YOU are the one who suffers from that shit. people who self-teach themselves how to make games and succeed are high-ability individuals, while you are a low-ability individual with no natural talents whatsoever. here are some people who self-taught and are known in the board for their work.

Anne Frank (who made UAB)
toby fox (who made undertale)
Antales (who made Haydee)
Pixel (who made Cave story)

i could name some more, but you get my point (i hope). You're looking at college to fix your dunning kruger whatever and im telling you, it won't. you're a low skill individual and it might just be genetic. either accept it and find a real job that you can do or if you're really decided about making games, put every hour of every day into honing your skills.

having no natural talent for something doesn't mean you can be good at it, you'll be worst than the best, but you can still be good. College won't fix stupidity, bad genes, or lack of natural talent, and it also won't teach you originality, willpower, passion, or creativity.

its a meme for you because you're retarded and you refuse to accept it. self-learning is a thing for people who are naturally intelligent or have a natural ability for their craft. some people are just naturally good at drawing, so they learn and improve super fast with practice, others are not so good and take more practice. you're a no good average person with no talent, so you need 12 real years of practice, not one hour a day, not 3 hours a week. practice every fucking day nonstop.

if you've truly been at it for 12 years 20+ hours a week and that shit on your tumblr is all you've made? sorry buddy, you just don't have it.

meme, it looks like low resolution crap.


Nice try.

those are amateur people with mediocre skills.

we're talking professional quality that you see in a AAA studio, not some indie meme pixel game made with mediocre art, mediocre coding, mediocre everything.


Learn Korean/get a Korean partner. Hire Korean freelancer.
Alternatively, Learn Chinese/get Chinese partnet. Get prepared to waste a decade learning and get your game stolen by your chink partner

No, but really, your average eurofag freelancer is a freelancer because no one would hire his lazy ass. Always face east when looking for freelancers.


like I said again, I understand the appeal of self teaching.

but self teaching people suffer from dunning krugger, as in they don't know what they don't know.

I'll go to bed, keep talking I guess.

you mean like this?

I've seen far worse but the dithering algorithm needs work on those monochrome pieces. If you're going to use more than one kind of dithering in an image they need to be complementary with each other. Especially something very distinctive and bold like Bayer is going to clash if you don't pair it with some other kind of ordered dithering.
Do you have any video of those monochrome ones? I'd like to see how it looks moving.

All I said was sure, you fucking sperg. Fuck off.

this thread

requires a compromise for good results. Can't just be pure 3D. Will never look as good as pure 2D can.

You do realize getting a degree form Digipen will not make you talented? You realize most famous programmers where self taught. Hell I doubt you will even get into a Collage with your shitty portfolio. But if you want to wast your money be my guest. You cant be real. You are trying way to hard. Ironic shit posting is still shit posting.

not bad for cell shading. Red-tank-test 2 is the most aesthetic.

sometimes its next to impossible to fix (aside from redrawing them) if they are not a proper resolution. If they are x2 or x4 scale and not distorted you can clean it up rather easily with photoshop. Just make sure to use "preserve hard edges" when recalling them and try to scale them down to 1:1 pixel scale. Also reducing the color pallet to as few colors (or the original pallet if possible) can help.

the original indiepixelshitz. A game more pretentous then tumblrtale. I would be vomiting too. Shaking my head to be honest familiamilialala

You are fucking grade A cancer, delete yourself.

Your English tells me you need to go back.

Nigger did you just shit talk Fuchur and Pixel?

Can gimp do that too?

I don't know I always just pirated Photoshop and never liked Gimp. Got a free legal copy when Adobe accidentally released CS2 for free a few years ago around the time of the first exodus before they went 100% cloud based application.

3D ruined guilty gear.

To be fair, they managed a far better job of faking 2D with 3D assets rendered in real time than anyone else out there ever has in the history of video games.

Katawa Shoujo was shit too

apology for poor english

when were you when reddit jew died?

was u sat at home eating smegma butter when pjotr ring?

‘wonka is kill’


yeah but they're putting out doujins because they love drawing. what are you putting out with your supposed "determination" to make games? a few shitty sprites that took you 12 years to make. DID YOU KNOW THIS CROISSANT TOOK 12 YEARS TO MAKE?

while you're going to jew college because you think it will make you a super talented artist. you're deluded as fuck and refuse to listen. go ahead link me your wikipedia shit again, i'll laugh at it.

you really are beyond saving.

have fun in college, it doesn't matter. you don't have the passion, the drive, or the talent needed to craft a game. your tumblr and youtube are proof that you're a lazy, talentless individual.

No, it looks worse than no more heroes.

Sure, the original looks better, but that is a huge step in the right direction.

Are you baiting?

What I like about this one is that the artist said "Fuck I'm not drawing a city sideways!" and then he just took a picture out the window of his office and down scaled it and used that as the background.

Popping in, you're a faggot who just got fucking told.

Kill yourself you autistic fuck

The thing is that back during the time when pixel art was the best available option, developers tried to make the best use of it they could. They tried to make it look as smooth as possible. Now "pixel art" is more often than not a cop-out term used by untalented faggots who can't fucking draw, and make it look janky as all hell.

I don't care if the art is 2D or 3D I just want it to look nice. I'm fucking sick of games that have shitty art but claim it's "just the artstyle that's like that". No faggot, you're just an untalented fuck-knuckle.

If half of minecraft's calculations weren't handled by fucking java or created by notch in the first place, the performance wouldn't be so fucking terrible.

Henskelion, where the hell have you been? You haven't posted in the RTS threads in ages. Haven't made an update since October and you nuked the tumblr that had the lion's share of your sketchwork. Any progress on the Orwell-Huxley-Golding RTS concepting? Or have you been too preoccupied fiddling with Advance Wars filters and life? It was always a pleasure when you came around.

Performance got worse after Notch left. Let that sink in for a moment.
You used to be able to run a server on a pentium4 with a gig of ram, including mods and/or plugins when every mod had to be added to the jar file and META-INF had to be deleted for it to work.
Now with forge, and new versions of minecraft, 4gb is about the bare minimum you can go with and you need some damn good cpus to run a server, and it's so bad that even when most shit is being handled server-side the clients will get 9fps at best in a chunk with a few dozen tile entities that are sitting idle.

If this gif does not satisfy you, better play the demo yourself.

i wanna fuck that loligoth


Is this what King of Fighters used to use?


Is this true? Are there programs you can use to turn your hand drawn painting into pixel art? I thought all of it in video games is created either by hand in Photoshop/some pixel art program or "at the worst" hand drawn, scanned and then drawn over again digitally

Please no bully! I just wanted to talk about the unholy union of 2D and 3D
Anyone of you faggots have used live2D? Can you insert that shit in unreal engine?

It looks like those shitty jap ero games. Also that looks like a lot of work for something that would probably look a lot better and a lot easier if you just animated it frame by frame.

Digging it.
Would love too see you experiment with tones of light and shadow some more.
What programme did you do those in? Ant sprite art programme recommendation?

Much better than OP at least.


Those look awful

Nigger you blind? doesn't it looks like a shitty bootleg Atari 5200 game (battles are decently animated at least)

>i've been making games since 2010 2005 and have over 300 confirmed kills, just look at this tumblr i have where i made no games because nothing i did was good enough

On the one hand, I haven't chuckled like this since we had that Castlevania furry freaking the fuck out because he thought Konami was going to sue him. On the other hand, I wanted to bring up Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight as a great, recent example of sprite art and good game design.

for indie games:

2D pixel art

3D models

God tier taste. The game has it's faults but it's the one recent game I wouldn't doubt seeing it in action and calling it incredible.

Have you ever seen a fucking Atari 5200 game before?

Not much better than tweening without bones underneath.

I actually never knew this. I genuinely figured these companies hired some pixel autists who excelled in this shit before the advent of 3d models.

Anyone has a compiled version of Asprite?

Because I'm retarded.

Take a look at >>>/agdg/. Some user is sharing his compilation. Can't guarantee it isn't yet another lostboy.exe, though.

If you are a Gahnoo/Linuxfag, many distros come with their Aseprite package. Debian has a working one, but some years ago the Ubuntu package didn't work.

For the moment I can only use pixel art for two reasons. I don't have the time or money to make or hire someone to do 3D models and do 3D programming. I do not want to buy generic assets either. The only thing that I can do is study pixel art and try my best with that because it's the easiest way for me to test and finish things. And the art can be improved easily if the game gets popular. The downside is that I'm afraid people won't try my game because… it's pixel art.

that was sorta interesting.


The term 'pixelshit' is going around as of late because EVERYONE is doing pixel art.
Yeah, you're going to have a hard time standing out with pixel art graphics.
So how to stand out?
One way might be a larger sprite resolution.
The larger resolutions seen in 2D fighting games are really quite rare (because it is much harder and time-consuming to do and get right than lower resolutions).
Another way might be 3D. But less people are doing 3D than 2D because it's more technical.

In the end, the only way you're going to stand out is by taking more difficult dev routes that other developers aren't taking as much.
The key to success in any market is by being different from your competition in a good way.
Otherwise, just do your pixel art and expect it to be very hard to get anyone invested in your game.

I did try a larger sprite resolution. It was something around 800x600, which is a ton more compared to the 320x240 most indies are doing.

The only way I can stand around is by putting effort into the art and design, even if I am a beginner artist. What I notice is that most people creating pixel art these days aren't even trying, and they still got huge amounts of sales, which is a bit silly. I hope that by at least putting effort into it it will look original even if it won't look amazing.

It does look neat, but I still think it needs to have a better dithering algorithm. Of course it's still being developed so maybe it will be.

He's talking about the dither art like what you see in those old PC98 games.
Some of it is hand drawn art that has been scanned in scaled down and touched up. Some of it was traced. Others were drawn freehand with either a mouse or tablet. Finally some were a composite of different techniques like this one.
Regardless I love it and it scratches an itch that few other kinds of digital art does.

Don't feed the no-life supervirgin troll.

I really want to start playing some PC-98 games, but I have no idea which ones are good, and which ones are shovelware.

Amazing pixel art needs smooth animations, but for that, you need a fucking gigantic development time due to having a shitload of frames for everything.

there really is nothing as ugly as voxels

voxels look great but the moment you have to make a human character it comes out as an ugly abomination

I bought live 2D and gifted it to a friend, i have a copy as well, it seems you can integrate it into games but it needs lots of work, you are basically just using their motion capture system and need to develop most of what is needed for that purpose
he refused to erp with me ;_;

Yes there is. And it is your face

/r9k/ here, I already do.

Well, if you knew how to program.
Just into bindings nigga.

I'd really like to see that model on sketchfab for… reasons.

How am I wrong? Are you assblasted because I insulted your shitty meme genre?

Pharaoh Rebirth+ is another great game with great sprite art. Came out the year before Momodora, I think, but I still had a blast with it, although I do somewhat regret playing on hard mode first since the bosses are so fast and so damaging it requires a lot of cheese. It's one of the few games these days where "normal" is actually a decent challenge and hard is for people who really want the game to be hard.

And how would you suggest improving the 2D workflow, faggot? There's fucking nothing to improve aside from better animation tools and the only real technical limitations are texture sizes and memory constraints. Fancy tools can't make a failure like you produce good work no matter what you use, and unless you rid yourself of that cockgobbling attitude failure will follow you like a >>>/bbw/ user stalking hamplanets at Walmart.
Thanks for giving me motivation to work on my own shit so I won't be a useless whiny faggot like you.

It doesn't really matter. Once I learn Japanese I'll expend the rest of my life playing PC-98 games, until I get bored, or until I die, at least.

I'll get to that eventually. In our free time, my roommate and I are trying to develop something akin to a more complicated Advance Wars, but I envision stuff like day/night cycles and weather, which would mean I'd have to create a wide variety of lighting situations.

I drew everything in photoshop and just scaled it down. The tanks were all made in Maya and then just rendered at a low resolution with a toonshader and outlines applied.

I've also used Aseprite a little bit to play with things like color palettes, but I haven't used it enough to know whether to recommend it or not.

Pretty much that. Though I've also been trying on and off to create some renders and videos for Twisted Insurrection, as well. pic related are the ones I've been working on lately

As said that is not the case
Some examples out of the top of my head that can be considered the "peak" of pixel art are Garou:MOTW and SF3

And also metal slug

more like Metal smug

You almost fooled me shill but you failed!

now that is some sexy dithering

oh no, i have been found out

fio a best


Quit embarrassing yourself.

The Ghostbuster one was pretty good

What kind of game are you making?