Are there any new games that have a good story?

Are there any new games that have a good story?

Okay okay I get it, I just want to play something with a good story and possibly multiple choices and alternative endings.

Indieshit is fine too

I would say the witcher series

Played them all.
Looking for something not triple A, I played pretty much worth playing there.

enter the gungeon then

No Man's Sky

I played some of it but it didn't seem like it had much of a story apart from various lore?


Dark Souls

I really dislike the actual gameplay of Infinity Engine stuff. Played Fallout.
Should I play Planescape Torment?

Done also has nothing to do with what I'm looking for

Even the best writers in video games are dwarves compared to book and movie writers. Go do that instead of video games. The walking dead Season 1 game is gud story

Well you're not wrong. It's just not allowed to talk about because modern Holla Forums hates games based on who likes the game/made the game.

That's not true tbh. Plenty of game plots rival movies.
Also I already played Walking Dead.

It wasn't a good game though

OP can't inb4, you fucking newfag

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Like what?

Various Fallouts, Original Deus Ex, GTA SA, GTA 4, Warcraft.
They do exist.

Or at least in my opinion.


too late

I'm starting to think nobody here actually plays any games apart from the big releases that everybody says they hate

You are asking for a good story in indie games man.

It's like searching for diamonds in a turd you realize that?

At last you finally know. Now find a better place like reddit or tumblr.

I'm asking for a good story in games that aren't the 10 that everybody already has played.
I didn't say they need to be indie, but it's okay if they are.

Alpha Protocol, if you're not too picky about "new".

Kirby tilt and tumble. Simple story, but seeing how fucked dream land is after the stars are taken, makes you view into a dystopian world.


Place Ace Combat 3

Sleeping Dogs. That's the most recent AAA game I've played. Good story, okay gameplay.
Good stories in indies don't exist, but Fortune Summoners is alright story-wise. Only reason I'm suggesting that though is because it's only of the only recent indies I've played.


Also NieR is the best video game story I've ever experienced by fucking far and everybody needs to play it, but I get the feeling you've already played it with all of the buzz surrounding Automata here for months.

It's just for the android butt.

I honestly do play games. But good story games with multiple choices and alternative endings are pretty impossible to find.
I want to say the Persona series, but then I realize it's not for everyone but it does give you shit like multiple choices and alternative endings.
The story isn't going to blow you away though, but I found it to be refreshing after growing tired of modern AAA shit. Seriously, just emulating PS2 games for a bit did wonders for me. Try that, maybe?

if you manage to get to killing a character's past, you do reveal a big part of their story, and their reasons for coming to the gungeon.
plus the game is fairly fun overall.

OP is a gigantic, whiny faggot.

It is a good game I just don't think I have the time to put time in a new roguelike
Thanks tho

What's your cutoff for "new"? Because if you're lenient, Bastion/Transistor could each be pretty fun. If it's gotta be within a year or so, try Icey.

Nekopara vol. 3 comes out soon.

Shadow of Destiny.

Isn't nekopara a fucking terrible VN

I did play bastion but not transistor, I'll try

can't tell if joke or not

What makes you think i'm joking?

It doesn't look great, but if you're not joking I'll add it to my ps2 buy list

Darks souls is too good. Ruined many other games for me.

Xenosaga I Der Wille zur Macht
Xenosaga III Thus Sprach Zarathustra
Xenoblade Chronicles

They're good to play for story though not the best story. You just want to play a little bit more to figure out more of the plot.

It's a legit good puzzle game, it has a complex story with time travel fuckery and like 6 different endings.

Meant for:

Alright that sounds nice

I really liked Xenogears but could not get past Xenoblade for some reason

has different endings and an alternate evil storyline

Primordia is a great piece of art, I've really enjoyed it.

The Xenosaga games have a completely new story and an old school battle system. You should try them out.

It depends on how you define recent but I'll go with "anything that came out after 2010"

Note that none of the following compare to stories in many movies/books and maybe some other games but they can be entertaining nonetheless.

The story fine but the parts that are told exclusively through the environment are pretty great, especially in the DLC areas.
This really has no business being a game and really should be a movie, but outside of some spotty dialogue the story itself is 10/10
Sometimes it's dogshit and sometimes it's fantastic and this is prevalent through every aspect of the "games." The dialogue ranges from garbage anime shit to excellent comedy, the murders range from plothole-ridden contrived bullshit to "this is my favorite murder mystery of all time" (DR2 Chapter 5), and the characters range from walking stereotypes to genuinely excellent villains. The first chapter of DR1 is boring but if you like the second chapter then you'll certainly enjoy the rest of it, and if you really care about plotholes you will enjoy none of it.
It doesn't have an amazing "story" as much as it has an amazing setting with lots of little stories contained within it. I probably don't need to say anything about this though since it's been talked to death but it's certainly worth playing if you can stomach the shit gameplay.
I don't believe that the deepest loar is as quite as deep as some make it out to be but it also has a lot more going on than many of its critics on Holla Forums might believe. What it does best is being consistent with its core theme and having some interesting characters like Siegmeyer or Solaire. If you like duct-taping tidbits of deepest loar together to piece together the history of the world then it's worth playing.
Garbage game with a great story. It might be better just to watch Joseph Anderson's hour-long analysis of it instead of playing the game since it really is a mess of a game.
It's not amazing but it's not bad either. It's pretty subversive for anyone who has gone into it blind but I think it won't be too surprising to anyone at this point.
It has a couple nicely done moments and the story is enjoyable overall but you should really just watch Children of Men instead which was clearly what Naughty Dog was going for. Don't read the original book though, it's decisively worse than the movie outside of having a bit more detail in the setting (the director didn't even read the book).

Confirmed for shit taste. The Witcher was never good in any respect and that includes the books. The books have writing that is a bit better than some of the games listed above but the videogame adaptions have awful writing.

A book, Any will do.

Books don't have multiple endings and stuff to do inbetween the story bits or smart ways to tell stories like environmental storytelling.
Go back to your non-modular story telling methods faggot.

I played all of these apart from Daganrompa. Unfortunately I broke my PSP, but I'll put it on the list for when I get another one.

Well it doesn't matter because not only did they both get PC ports last year but the madmen actually ported them to linux. I don't know why but I bought them immediately when I learned of this despite not liking the idea of VNs at all, fortunately I ended up liking them a lot anyways.

Most of the Metal Gear Solid franchise is pretty damn interesting

What are you willing to put up with for a good story?

undertale :^)