What happened to our Arma 3 thread and why did all discussions suddenly stop...

What happened to our Arma 3 thread and why did all discussions suddenly stop? We just got a new server up in the last one

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Is the current server, but noone is online really the past 2 days. (I keep checking the Ts but noone is ever there)

About the thread, no idea.. we had it running.. i bumped it on page 16 and 10 min later it was gone. BUt well, heres a new one

-> direkt connect ->arma3.faith
-> ts also ->arma3.faith

all default ports

Does a3 still run like utter dogshit?

I'm running it on 4770k and 780, which runs very nicely. If you have newer shit, it's likely it runs better. The problem is that it never seems to go to full load on GPU.

thats because arma uses your CPU more m8

Last thread hit the bump limit, plus people got burnt out of playing Antistasi especially on a server with terrible FPS.

I've popped in and out over the weekend playing it, neat concept but there's some issues with spawning and sector clearing right now among the invincibility glitch.
How did you force the server into advanced flight model though? I tried forcing it on in the server.cfg and it wouldn't turn on.

This game is too fucking expensive, 40 american dollarydoos for a clunky shooter whose only redeeming qualities are its modding community and users? Nope.

It's more more fluid than the last versions, it's still an unoptimized mess but it's been getting better gradually.

Also, this thread dead, Flavor of the Month over.

Any good maps for SHTF citizens vs. US government? Only American maps I can find are based on Commiefornia and the People's Republic of New York

i had a blast on both previous servers but really, only playing with maybe two other people ever was a real bonerkiller. we need to wait for a big sale or something, but barring that, a Remove Kebab co-op server or maybe one where we play as the russian army would be a lot of fun

Just join Al-Kibab

This is part of it. At most we had 6 people on misadventures and 4 on liberation meanwhile other groups have a minimum of 10 or more at given times.

Maybe instead of 24/7 hosting, schedule a game night like a3g and broma.

however we do it we just plain need more numbers. half the fun of arma if you ask me is being an autistic fag and calling for fire support, which other humans are providing whether they're strafing from an aircraft or firing mortars or whatever

its the server pirate friendly?

I'd really like to see more of a mil-sim server. Shit can get really cool if you have people who know what they're doing.

This. Back in an old milsim austic sever I played on, I had more fun acting as DFSW up on a hill proving HMG and mortar support than I doing anything else in ARMA.

Even though I have the game, I find myself playing Squad more often than this one.
I just don't wanna sit through hours of stuff to learn how to play Arma 3.

frankly unless you want to lead a squad or drive a vehicle you already know how to play arma 3. if you want to lead you need to learn actual real world shit like how to properly read a contour map, find and read coordinates, how to take/read headings and compass directions (although this is taught to you very early in the "campaign"), depending on your mods proper radio technique etc. it's actually pretty handy honestly. vehicles are a completely different ballgame and frankly unless it's driving a humvee or a BTR or whatever i just let other people do it

Well if all I need to be is a gun fodder, I'm down for it.
But isn't there like a shit ton of controls for infantry alone?

for infantry? no. really the least intuitive control is V for vaulting over low barriers like fences. seriously nigger just play like half an hour of the campaign, it's actually a decent enough tutorial, at least as far as movement, map use and combat is concerned

Let's play 19:00GMT 2/2/2017
Can't play today, I've got german operations. I will get on then with a few people. I will post here when we do, so we can mix the crowd a bit.

Try. I don't think there should be an issue. As long as you have the required mods. I'll get a mega mirror up, since you obviously don't have access to steam workshop.

On AMD, yeah.
It's still CPU limited. Image related. Get YAAB on steam workshop to figure out the best settings for your setup.

Also compare YAAB results. My 4770k wrecks it. 67.jpg is my current setup on lowest settings.

I've done many updates since you've played. The enemies won't spawn when a player, but what I reckon happend to you : 1. Enemy spotted you. 2. Enemy engaged you. 3. They called backup. 4. You killed them. 5. When the backup arrives where you where when you got spotted by previous group they capture the old square back.

v17 updates:

I still want to improve the ai script, make it faster and cooler. Got a great idea for convoys and some other extra tasks. Also I think instead of getting new tasks all the time, I want to create a system for it. So for example when you are out of ammo or medical supplies, you can go to a computer in the base to request a task? Got ideas or complaints, like something? Let me know!

I can make a few webm or video tutorials for you guys to get started with medical, setting up the radios and even using,controlling and setting up ArmA 3.

Im playing atm

What I found is that I could use a helicopter and fly around hostile sectors and none were there, causing the sector to turn friendly. Since the heli maneuvered so quickly, I could annex an entire town without firing a single round within 3 minutes.

Well, it turned dark and there's no NVG soooo gg …


There's no big city maps. Or atleast none that have quality and are not buggy as shit.
Other than that, be more specific. There's desert maps, theres forest maps and theres maps with villages.

Can you restart? .. so nighttime is over? its unplayable atm.

I hate speaking but I hate listening to others even more. At least you fags use team speak, but then I'm missing out on what's going on and you all bother me to get on TS anyway.

you can just join and mute urself…. if you dont wanna hear anyone just press 8 or so on numpad and you will be on another radio channel….

pls read my post

me waiting for this

I like ARMA III, while its vehicles and targeting systems are simplified, it's the best infantry game I've played. If the devs actually optimized the game properly (usually only get 30 fps in the AO on KOTH), it'd be so much better.

Doesn't need to be a proper city, a suburb is fine too. Just has to have American architecture and not be communist.

My current desktop is utter shit and I'm finally gonna upgrade it, so if this shit still going in a few weeks I'll join in

armaholic.com/page.php?id=27139 RHS ALL
armaholic.com/page.php?id=30044 CUP core
armaholic.com/page.php?id=30046 CUP MAPS
armaholic.com/page.php?id=18767 CBA
armaholic.com/page.php?id=23615 TFAR
Cant find broma online … but those are the main ones and the big ones (broma is ~150 mb total)

Theres santa catalina which has only a very small village… but with custom buildigns which are very "american"
then theres "New york wip" which supposedly will be jew york in 1x1 scale but it looks like shit atm.. then theres Taunus.. its a map of the area around Frankfurt Germany.. not really american but atleast somewhat western … and its pretty close to the actual thing just scaled down ofc.

You're probably too autistic to coordinate and have fun with playing arma anyways, so don't bother.

I think I'm in the minority, but I actually like Arma 2 better because the Infantry movement isn't as "streamlined" and ragdolls look silly for a milsim. the only time they should be ragdolled is when they're killed by explosion or headshot Though it could just be my nostalgia talking because playing Arma 2 with ACRE and ACE and a good group was the most fun I've ever had with an online shooter.

On another note,
Are we playing tonight or this weekend?

If the server was on I'd be on atm.. other than that i think 19 gmt … so in ~4 hours


^ the mods

The server is going offline right now. I want to update the mission. I played it yesterday with ~10 people, it was fun. But there were some obvious issues. I am currently working on a dialog for accepting objectives. calling supplies etc. And I feel like the mission has some issues right now and I am also working on some other missions for regular ops.

I rather wait a bit until the mission is more polished, because currently I have a new version everyday and this would mean resetting the progress every-day.We can continue to remove kebab once I have immensely improved the mission. I can host another mission meanwhile. Any other mission you guys want me to host while waiting?

About polishing the mission, anyone triggered by the neo-serbian digital camo uniforms we have?

Anyway. ArmA is not the same without TFR or ACRE2, you just can't have the comfy arma feeling without directional voice.

well if you'r reworking it, just host the regular mission this evening.. it doesnt bother me too much to restart.. we werent really far anyways and we can just head west instead of south.

The camo is fine but i noticed that after some playing the ammo in the arsenal box deminishes rather quickly… and yesterday we did some "cache" mission and it gave us 40mm grenades and stanag mags… that was kind of a bummer. Also the "teleport to friendly" doesnt work really well.. you can't close it and if the last guy dies you just gotta go back to lobby and rejoin.

maybe something you could do is give certain towns or places a base to cap to which you can teleport once its under control … like NWAF or something. and just generally toss in some enemys with fortifications.. like roadblocks or something.. dont have to spawn randomly.. just set them somewhere to give the mission more of a "you are conquering hostile area's" feeling.

The teleport to friendly is fixed for now, this is why I hate using other peoples scripts and rushing things, I am reworking it completely to avoid further frustration. Ammo issues should be solved.

Planning for a deployable MHQ, for additional spawn point (similar to original Insurgency).

I am really debating myself about the red squares bullshit as well… I might just have some missions instead. Might prove more interesting… I like the conquering hostile area's idea. Would require more work. I do like the certain placed to cap thing! I could make like a bunch of preset objectives and then have the game select one and spawn the things needed for it in. Would be cool to have a task to capture a roadblock and then hold it. And maybe rounding up civilians to exchange for equipment or vehicles. It's great if you got more ideas. And yeah a few roadblocks, here and there would make the place more of a war-zone.

Sure I'll put the serber back up.

That sounds good.
Yea the squares.. humm.. I don't mind them in villages etc, its just a bit stupid to have them on just lone Hunting towers like 2km away from anything. It's ok to have that sometimes (like an insurgent "camp") but its just too many atm I feel. (which kinda sucks i guess bcs i'd guess its script bound)

I mean yea, you could just give every tiny place it's own preset of things to spawn when you close in … but that'd be quite some work (i could help if you'd wanna do that though all i could really do is place objects and send you the mission file … im shit at anything with scripts (zeus ftw)) and it'd just clog up the mission file i think.

You could maybe spawn in some civ's (2-5) in each village to urge people to watch their fire.. killign them should just count as teamkill.. teammates would blame you enuth, no need for punishment i think. but saving them (they join your group when you get within 3m vicinity?) and just take them to base and for each X civ's you saved you get something added to your arsenal.. like pistols, different mags (tracer /AP) up to new guns (AK 103, SA 21 nothing really "new" but so people get satisfied with beeing different than everyone else but still staying within reason)

For the teleporting, theres stuff like the BRDM 2 UM or the GAZ66 R 142 N, you could just make it so you can drive these somewhere and have a "deploy outpost" thing where it just spawns 1 big tent and 2-3 small ones and some ambient shit around, gets "unplayable" untill "move outpost" is selectet and then just have that as a "temporary" teleport option.
For a mobile spawn you could use the PRP-3 and just give it no ammo or disable the artillery comp. Just tleport the players into the back. Shouldnt be op as it has no offensive guns, is slow but still somewhat armored.. perfect to have 1-2 guys in it to drive with the attack crew, then leave it behind as a mobile spawn in case of a wipe or as mortar support.

also you could just place some minefields around, permanently ofc. could spice things up and once they are found could just be marked on the map. (like NWAF, balota, around checkpoints heading to elekrto cherno) (really, dont make minefields that are not permanent, that sucks sooo fucking bad)

I wouldnt have every village and whatnot be a mission. Ofc for autism reasons it'd be realistic to have the task "cap xy village today" but the square system gives somewhat of a "freedom" to choose your target. also the map markers would annoy me after some time. the squares are rather subtle. maybe a mission is okay in addition to the squares … like more civ's beeing around so it should be prioritised and after x hours they get executet and you fail but dont base capping villages solely on missions.
(for example: if you are just 3-4 ppl online and you HAVE TO take that 1 village and you fail a few times you just get mad and leave..)

Also, there was some lack of enemy vehicles i felt yesterday, we were 3 guys and took 2 villages but there were 0 enemy vehicles.

6 bases = 11 KB. So yeah… Can't have too much. I've already added some shitty non-enterable buildings to exclusions.

I really like your idea for the civies. Very good! We got zip-ties to take them in :D. How about also. War crimes will eventually cause less logistical support and enemy attacks on the player bases.

Outposts and camps are great. I really like that idea.

Mines are definitely something to look into as well. great post :D

Hmm, yes hostages. Sounds interesting, also maybe a chance to take enemies as hostages and interrogate for extra intel.

Yes, the vehicles was my fault. Made a mistake on the cleanup script :D. fixed now. I'll let you know when the server is up!

Serber is back up.
modlist; arma3.faith (NOW WITH MEGA.NZ LINK)
A3; arma3.faith 2302
TS3; arma3.faith 9987

Unless there are critical bugs or updates, the server will stay up until the next big mission update. Enjoy.

-Enemy vehicles now work. So bring AT
-Optional tasks are now acquired from a computer in the Air Control Tower in the base ( on the ground floor ). Just scroll your mouse.
-Marksman Ammo now in create.
-Some backpacks in the spawn.
-The teleport to teammates script can now be closed via "ESC" key.
-Added the teleport flag as a teleport as a workaround to allow for spawn when teammates die.
-Cache missions now have correct gear
-Night Equipment Optional mission (via computer in ATC). Make sure you get it before it gets dark :D

Well, get on negroes.

Is a revive system going to be added at any point or is there some autistic reason not to have it?

It's there. If your patient has no heart-rate, you have to get somone with defibrillators (found in medical create or on medics). Stop bleeding > CPR > Defibrillate = Revived.

I noticed though ANY time anyone goes down, they automatically have no heartrate. I only need a PAK to get them up and that's it.

to jenkins: are you running broma ace or normal ace? use broma ace

That was fun while it lasted.


well first sum1 took the attack heli and blew shit up … then people kept spawning ah's and shit .. and yea,,,, that sucked very bad.. i actually wantet to play 1-2 more hours…

As a side note I think the stasi server class options were better instead of a max 2 everything.

Doesn't help it's easy to lose equipment from logging out. Since we have so little of things like PAKs, if someone grabs all of them and logs out we're stuck with none of those. In theory one bored person could swipe all the ammo, log out and we'd be stuck with only two mags of ammo each.

You could also get the same equipment by dumping your shit into a crate and respawning.
You get your shit back.

so are we on a schedule now or?

will the server get back on?… its weekend … kebab removal prime time.

nope. Rising Storm 'nam time. Next weekend, we shall return with better quality kebabal removal.

The AI feels great at the moment. They are quite unexpected and fun. Don't seem OP, won't snipe, but are still quite aggressive.

As I said before, I want to squash more bugs before we continue. The medical will get an update and I'll have to look into why somone couldn't join the server. It will be a 24/7 kind of server. I don't want to be on a schedule.

Do you think a magicbox is a good idea? Or rather some sort of system that will detect the ID of the person joining and remember what they disconnected with so we don't have to fug around with gear too much? There's plenty of plugnplay gear scripts kicking around for arma, could be worth adding.

I miss my AK-74 Junglemag :c

What annoys me most is people blatantly cheating / using mods that should not be allowed.

Spawning vehicles, spawning gear, beeing invincible.

That sucks. I think most people just use mods like SSPCM or whats it called … or stuff like loadout managers.

To play a little devil's advocate here, the only one that's acceptable is the arsenal script if it's within reasonable use. It's easier for me to have all of the medical supplies I need and to make sure I have enough ammo for the day instead of running around between each box for around 5 minutes playing a balancing act between distributing supplies and my inventory. It would be nice to at least have an arsenal box for medical supplies and basic magazines.

Make it so each civ gives 1 credit. With those you can then unlock gear for the whole team. (add infinite of that item to the arsenal)

Like 1 credit = some random headgear (helmet, scarf whatnot)
2 credits a random uniform
3 credits a Vest
5 or more credits unlock a new gun.

With something liek that you should get new gear to play with every time u sucessfully ("keeping civs alive") liberate a village.
(Prisoners give 1-2 credits?)

Is OFP still active? Arma 3's future shit bores me and I don't feel like going through a bunch of mods to get what I want.

Ofp is dead since like 2007… the last few servers i ever saw was 2014 some russians.

Thats why we mod arma3 … no future fash.. just good ol nazi fash


needs a demo available

Arma 2 might have had a demo for it, I know Arma definitely had one. If you don't like the first or second game, you won't like the third.

There's a plugin for that in the framework. I will enable it for the next version.

I've just started signing the mods and just tried it on the server. Only mods that are signed can now be used. Not having the correct mods will result in instant kick.

I will add more medical to the default loadouts. So you start with at least 5 bandages and 1 personal aid kit.

You get 'points' for doing objectives and securing hostages/civvies and then ability to order supply drops, which can be captured for goodies. I plan to have somone hold spacebar (the circle action that takes some time) while enemies will attack you and try to steal the supplies.

can we have a list of signed mods? getting kicked 30 times trying to figure out what it doesnt like wont be fun.

Fuck is the server back up?

Found this nice mod. It adds the Carl Gustav launcher with airburst and Illum capabilities (AT stuff too). Very easy to use and maybe a bit more beautiful than NVG's.. (dunno if serbs used those, czechs did)
It's TF47 Launchers in Workshop (80mb)

That sounds incredibly frustrating for clientside mods such as the advanced movement mechanics and improved aiming systems. The vanilla ACE aiming system sucks balls.

List the mods that are signed then. Like said, no one wants to play around with their mods til they find that one mod that doesn't work.
Also, advanced movement better be one of those signed mods.

So what exactly did you do with the AI to change it around, was there internal files or was it more finding a mod that messed with them or allowed you to tweak them? Because from the webm you posted that looked pretty great.

I wrote a script that handles ai. From spawning to caching to communicating between other ai and patrolling, attacking and flanking. All the other mods that tweak them, destroy fps with more than 50 ai.

Did not tweak the fsm. What I've got now seems to add enough, without an impact on performance. I like when the ai pin you down and provide a bit of a challenge. But I also hate meta, so this is slightly unexpected and AI won't cheat like they do in some other scripts that add to the ai behavior. I feel like this is a good middle-ground.

dem dam sneky commies

the fuck is with this mod? i can't set the movement key to space, because thats what i interact with. binding it to v makes the vault animation play first, then whatever other advanced movement shit comes after.

Oh wow that's pretty crazy. From the little I've seen (in the webms because I've never gotten a chance to play with gents) it looks like it works out really well. So it's usually like a 300 meter engagement range or a lot closer? In your forest webm it looked like they snuck up real close prior to that.

Is it that bad to just use the mods the server has set up?

Am I missing yet another gem mod from this game?

Brits are the only ones who have the L85A2 as their standard rifle.


I bound it to v, then moved vault to h. Makes it so much easier that way.

When the game is unplayable without a mod fixing the shitty ACE mechanics, yes.


Not required, but it's nice for other things that require it. I like the Type 115 it comes with.


Those are Brits.


Why is this game still a pile of hot garbage? I got a new PC, booted it up again recently to see if it was still shit and it actually ran worse than it did a year ago on a worse PC.

set graphics higher.. the higher u set it the less it runs on CPU and more on GPU…

What said. Bohemia had a weird aspiration to get ArmA onto consoles since ArmA 1 after the hell they had to go throw with OFP: Elite. As such, some weird shit was done to the engine that now makes higher settings (although that depends on settings in question, like texture quality and shadows) less taxing on your rig.

Oh, and having 120 FPS in SP doesn't mean you will get that in MP - it all depends on: 1) how shit the server rig is; 2) how badly coded the mission is, since it's not hard to make too much shit happen in the background (too many AIs running around, too many scripts calling the server and clients, etc). All of that will affect your actual FPS i.e. give you hardware lag and server FPS.


Any way to make Dynamic Universal War System (Rebirth) work with custom factions?

Yes, through tediously editing the scripts to ensure not one 'object' is from the faction you don't want. You can also "merge" the mission with any map you want and just move the scripts over to the new directory, bingo you have Chernarus DUWS with Russians against NATO.

Also to the normal server host, are we playing this weekend?


Pls host the mission .. no matter how buggy… i wanna play, dont have much time this weekend. :/

bump crew coming through

hoster pls

Anyone interested in doing some Zeus ops? Bored of playing in singleplayer and I want to run something in multiplayer.

Im back home in 1-2 hrs … id like rhs zeus …

I'm syncing my files over to the server box, I'll have it up in a while. The only thing I'll have to figure out is how to start a mod on the server so it can load RHS.

when is the server going to be online?
also what mods do i need to play?

Server is sync'd and mods installed. All you'll need is RHS, ACE and Task Force Radio. It might be better to try and give people some time to organize and build up a playercount.

what is the server address?

…sure, I'll set a date. 14th. I'll have a server running no matter what state it's in.

classicxp.ddns.net password 8ch

I noticed someone snagged my last ddns server under my nose, so here's the new one. I'm running a gamemode that should give a large amount of freedom for making ops.

is there a way to play without any of the dlc?

Server crashed, though I'm not sure of that gamemode. I don't know of many persistent gamemodes that support RHS and work on dedicated servers other than Antistasi and Liberation.

If anyone has any suggestions for a specific gamemode to play, please let me know.

So what's a good cpu/gpu for ARMA 3? Been out of the loop on hardware for a few years now

I finally got a decent mode, it's basically a Zeus Sandbox mode with a lot more creative freedom for doing ops and shit.

Question is what should I use and what map as well? USA vs RUS in RHS on Cherno was pretty fun but with this mission I'm not just limited to specific mods only.

Not sure. You do what you feel is right and I'm sure anons will be happy to oper8 with you.

JSDF vs. PLA on Kerama?

Right now I'm limited to Blufor vs Opfor for the moment, unless I can figure out how to edit missions with assloads of scripts in them. Right now the mission I have only supports those two sides but no indfor.

Considering the historically shit coding, get one of the new Ryzen with unlocked multiplier and 95TDP (X models) and overclock the fuck out of it.

What's up with the new 64 bit update? Heard it gives you 3 extra FPS and 'feels smoother'.

you heard wrong. It doesn't give an FPS boost, but it does make the game stutter slightly less.

Never change, Holla Forums.

bump for cupid ops

Shit nobody cares about, but I've made a sort of big team sandbox form of Zeus so we can actually do Zeus things. It even works with 3 factions so PvP Zeus can be done.

Perhaps we could play it Saturday or something as a thing to do for fun.

tfw ruse cruised

remove kebab never ever again

I'm working on a draft for this weekend, it's going to be a scheduled event so the earlier in you get to the target time, the longer you'll have to play.

Right now my draft involves doing some Winter Ops and freezing kebab.

heh, was actually wondering about how that's gonna fair for games. Might just wait till it comes out and see what the deal is with it cause it's dropping soon

Are we going to do something this weekend? Seems like the flavor of the month is kill.

i still maintain that a kebab removal or russian army in "afghanistan" server would be dope as fuck. i'm just sick of playing as blufor

Pretty much why I got sick of ARMA. If there is a Kebab Removal night I'm all up for it.

Anyone played Antistasi - Warlords of the Pacific? It's a MP coop mission that's a ton of fun. You play as indies fucking shit up while Blufor and Opfor cold war each other in your islands.
Remove imperialists. Remove commies. Remove everything.
It's still in beta, but there's an Altis version that is 100% functional and finished.

This can be arranged, I've been working on a sandbox mission that would allow it. The mission I have been working on allows a lot of this shit, but I just need feedback on what to do with it which I've not got all week.

Just a head's up, we will be running a mission Saturday, likely sometime in the afternoon EDT. If you're interested in joining, please let me know that I'm not talking to myself in the thread people are interested in still playing the game.

I might join, if I don't play something else.
Don't count on me, I am playing it on an off every couple of months.


Is this being played right now? what are the Server details?

i'd be in

Not him, but I'm going to setting up my gamemode to be running in about a half hour. It's going to be a scripted operation, so there's going to be objectives to do. Planning for it to be about 45 minutes to an hour depending on how much shit goes wrong in the process.

Server is up.


The Russians in Takistan are mounting an assault in the local region, and have to wipe out several key insurgent locations. There is one AA outpost and one artillery base that you should wipe out first in the attack. After that, hit the airport to prevent them from gaining any aerial units reinforcing the towns. One that is done, seize any military bases and other towns of interest. If possible, find and rescue the downed helicopter crew hidden in one of the towns.

required mods? password?

RHS and CUP are required. Password is 8ch.

i appreciate that you're putting a server together for us but you really should have told us this stuff earlier. this is gigs of mods, man

Mostly everyone who previously played had these mods already. I typically do vanilla, but I want to give this a shot with desert kebab.


yea.. blown out the sky by 2001 graphics… wow
I dont wanna be a graph whore.. but you can edit maps just the same way in arma… u just gotta know what ur doin…

>Being this buttsore that your failure of a game will become irrelevant soon™


You do realize that TianIM is not supposed to be a game?

It's a sandbox for military training. If you think you can pull off some "TvT" "KoTH" stuff there you will be wrong. The basic AI is "walk to waypoint, do animation, fire at X".

Why am I even trying, virtual-battlespace-3 that's bohemias take on the subject, they are AFAIK market leader with that system. TitanIM is trying to offer the same for a bit cheaper.

I don't know who startet the hype that it's going to be a Playable GAME… whoever did it just didnt read their shit.

here's some more of this stuff.. none of those are GAMES …

htpostrava. cz/en

forgefx. com/industries/

link .com/military/simulation/Pages/rotary-wing-simulation.aspx

presagis. com/solutions/military_ground_vehicle_simulation/


seriously.. those things are nothing new… it's all just because some retart didnt think and managed to start a hype train.

Thank Bluedrake for that shit…

Everytime I see that name there's nothing but faggotry associated with it.

What a fucking retard.
Like fucking really. He think's they will make a GAME with 4 people in 1 tank? Yea, have fun beeing the loader in a fucking Abrahams. IRL you can atleast talk and move around a tiny bit. but in game? Yea, I doubt many people will play a 5 hr session sitting infront of their PC and waiting to push 2 to 3 buttons after 3 hours and then never again. Why the fuck would you even think this is supposed to be a game?!Holy shit that guy is retarded.

I once used a military Training Sim for Helicopters. Its stupid fun to use. BUT!!! You need a 270° 3x Beamer setup onto a special curved wall, a complete mock cockpit with real pedals, MFD's and controls. Guess what… 99.9% of people can't afford that.

Pic1 is the very minimum of controls those sim's require (note: tanks and trucks need their own cockpits ofc so yea…)
Pic2 is the proper setup…


I'm fully aware of that, you dingus. The difference between this and all the other war simulators you listed is that TitanIM aims to do what vbs does, but with a bigger scope. It is going to be an integral simulator and it already took away some contracts Bohemia used to have (mainly the one on the Australian forces).
Bohemia made vbs blue to counter this, but it looks and runs like utter shit. On the other hand -and thanks to its engine- TitanIM will have:
>Excellent rendering pipeline
>Far better rendering distance
>Better and more efficient lighting and PBR
>Excellent directional sound system
>Fully deformable terrain
>Proper weather system
And more
An entertainment version was confirmed even before the Official Site was published and you have the same guy that gave us the first vbs working on it as proyect leader.
Stay in denial, salty fanboy.

If you try to use these pieces of software without that equipment you will have the worst time of your life. There's a reason a cockpit has a gazillion buttons… Arma's controls are already waaayyy more complicatet than regular shooters …. a real sim would ^10 that shit

I'll let myself be amazed by either: a product I will sink thousands of hours into or the combined outcry of blushits entire fanbase when they realize this is too much for them.

Btw: if you want the real deal, join the army. I did it, wasn't bad but wouldn't do again.

I don't want the simulator, I want the game they will make out of it. Mind you, that thing is about two years away from even becoming a beta: they haven't ported the engine to 64x yet, ai is very early in development and the procedural trees (along with some other basic shit) is far from being completed. As it is, it already beats everything bohemia has shitted out in many aspects, but it is still far from being completed.
By the time It is out, It will compete with Arma 4 (which will be using an updated dayz engine).





Serber is back up.
modlist; arma3.faith (mega link included)
A3; arma3.faith 2302
TS3; arma3.faith 9987

Got the dialog working and teleportin to teammates. I'll continue work on the mission now.
The server will stay up. Now all the mods are signed. so make sure you don't have any extra mods running. If you would like a mod to be allowed on the server (soundmod etc.) let me know.

Can we play this week sometime? I don't want to have to wait till next weekend.


Want to play?

Im on, but i'll just liberate krasnostav and then its bedtime for me… im not on ts either… but still .. a 2nd guy is allways welcome

Dont use the mods that the A3 launcher suggests when trying to connect, only use the mods listed in arma3.faith and then direct connect… the launcher somehow fucks it up (atleast for me), have fun …

we had a kang but lost him…

ded bump for a ded game

The game is total garbage. Mainly because of the engine and the damn cardboard feel there is to everything. Vehicles sliding on the surface as if driving on ice, no feel of grip or anything.

Bought that shit because of a thread hyping it up but luckily got it refunded before having played 2 hours.

It takes a special kind of autism to find enjoyment in it apparently.

Update on the redeploy script. I'll add a vehicle respawn system and more equipment to the base.

I think of doing a ticket system, when a car respawns it costs 5 tickets etc.

Once this is done, the new version will go live on the server!


Cool blog post