Who do you prefer to play as in Zelda games? Child Link or Adult Link...

Who do you prefer to play as in Zelda games? Child Link or Adult Link? I've been warming up to Adult Link since I can't really imagine Link being able to sprint or climb walls if he were a kid.

I can also tell where this thread will go, before you ask. :^)

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Adult link, anyone who likes child link is a pedo

I'd love a manly non-twink Link who actually looks like he can wield a sword and slay monsters.

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Was also gonna say. How open are you to the idea of an elderly aged Link, to spice things up?

Was about to post this. It's fanfic shit though so I'de prefer just playing a game as an older man who moves really slow but packs a hard fucking hit that can only be gained from a long life of combat.

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Child Link because Adult Link is usually a few years younger than me and ALWAYS more alpha so I get jealous.

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I like child Link because it makes the whole game feel more like an epic journey. This young boy against the great big world, overcoming insurmountable odds and beating back the evils the lurk around every corner. Also Link to the Past was my first game and it gives me nostalgia.

Child Link is younger and still pulls in more girls. You need to rethink your strategy.

I agree with this.

It doesn't matter IMO, I don't project onto the character so as long as the gameplay is good and the artstyle isn't fucking awful then it's fine

Child link.
I find the story much more charming if a little kid saves the world.

I much prefer adult Link since it feels more like an actual adventure when I control a young teen or older character.

I still like shota Link though, for the pedo.

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honestly it looks way cooler when a little kid goes up against satan himself.
Also the idea of a young shota traveling around and getting some sweet /SS/ is pretty hot as well.

I want to play as Zelda/Sheik.
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I think Child Link is best for when the games want to create a feeling of mysticism and the unknown. Him being a child helps a lot when putting him in a situation that he couldn't understand.
It might be because I think the Adult Link games are the weakest, but I don't know what is best for Adult Link. Maybe a more action focused game, but then that risks not being a Zelda game.
I would like to see a 30s Link.

I think Wind Waker does the best for that. Link really looks like he's out of his depth for most of the game, especially when he gets tossed out of Forsaken Fortress, which makes he stabbing Ganon in the face at the end much better.

It depends. I find it harder to get into the game when I see a kid that's maybe 4 feet tall blocking attacks from 7 foot behemoths with greatswords, but it works a lot better for the 2D games. I guess it depends on the tone of the game. I wouldn't want adult link in WW and I wouldn't want child link in TP.

I've always been open to the idea of a Zelda game that pulled an MGS2, where you play as Link in the beginning and he's pretty overpowered, but then you play as Zelda for the rest of the game who has a completely different skillset, with Link being a minor character that appears now and again.



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Toon Link.
And what this user said:

I prefer Adult Link, he reminds me of the fuccboi twinks twins who by double thick klobasse sausages from me erry monday and are kinda flirty with everyone. I don't mind Young Link, though I've come to prefer Toon Link for my Young Link. I like all of them regardless.

I just want to sail the cell shaded seas with friends

child I guess because the only zelda game I liked was majora's mask

This topic is funny. Because the same people posting about how they want to rek links boipussy are the very same people who have ultimately doomed the legend of Zelda.

Aside from making link more and more femboy you also encourage more and more pro feminists. Because you know who likes fucking little boys? Numales, and if they are all on board and talking that's going to attract their masters, people like Anita and her kind.

So enjoy the last half decent Zelda game, because it's all EA from here.

You mean Wind Waker?

Child Link is for the mentally deranged.

I only ever played The Wind Waker so I'm partial to that version. lays it out pretty well.

Numales don't fuck anything, your argument is flawed.


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I just want to play with Young Link's third leg.

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This right here, though my favorite Link overall is from LttP, OoA/S, and LA and Link isn't a fully a young kid in those. So maybe the epic journey is all I need, though it is easier IMO to create that feeling with a child I guess.

Actually to be fair: AoL, SS, and TP I like as well even for their flaws (SS and TP having far more flaws than AoL though). Mostly cause they all have parts I love in them even just a bit.

Granted OoT/MM Link is my 2nd favorite Link overall, with MM actually being my favorite Zelda since it came out on the N64. I remember defending it against haters back then even before it became popular.

Is he Ganon, Holla Forums?

IIRC he's just supposed to be a meta joke about the old man in the first Zelda game who gives you the sword. Plus Ganon is locked in Hyrule castle

I feel a lot more badass playing as an adult rather than some shithead kid.

He's the banished king who was cucked by Zelda.

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Japs need to get over their sissy fetish and make some real men in vidya for once.

Young Link makes my ochinchin go doki doki

Manga Link is best Link.



That's just Twilight Princess Link. He doesn't look very manly

That's the trick, he doesn't need to.

I had no idea there was a TP manga. I'm gonna read this shit right now.

Look, Link has never been a pushover.
He may not have chopped off arms in-game because the games are for kids and they tone down the violence, and he certainly never talked because talking Link is weird, but he's always been brave and strong. That's not the problem here. The problem is we've had hundreds of Zelda games throughout the years, and none of them feat a manly Link because japs are too obsessed with the twink fetish. The bravery, swordmanship, etc has always been there, what we're missing is the manly look.

We don't have more than 20

As you said, the games cannot be 18+ because of the target audience, a manly Link in a "tame" game would be kinda "off", no?

Not really.
Are you saying there have been no games with a rating under +18 that featured a mature looking protagonist?


Do you think they could've pulled it off in BotW? Maybe in the next Zelda game?

Didn't say under 18, i said tame like most Zelda games. You sure don't hear of rape and pillaging in Zelda games, and it's not uncommon in those kind of settings.
If all you want is a manly "skin" for Link, then it can be easily arranged in a future Zelda game.

Pretty sure you were the one to mention the +18 rating.

Yeah sure, there's only been like a million Zelda games since 1986, surely they'll do it this time.

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I remember seeing years ago on four-cucks an edit of this image but with Snake instead of Link, does any oldfag here have it?


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Huh, it's kind of neat to see places in the game drawn like this, does having played the game make it a better or worse experience?

I'd say better, it fleshes out what little story you get from the game

Hey, that was pretty good. I'm not a fan of the "DON'T GO INTO THE DARKNESS" edgy teenager shit they had Link doing at the beginning there, felt like something you'd find on fanfiction.net. I'm also not huge on the backstory they gave him. Hopefully the guy fixes the problems the game's story had, like the kids being pretty much dropped as a plot point 1/4 of the way in and Ilia's memory loss being put on the backburner until after the Temple of Time.

Adult Link is the definitive version.

it really doesnt matter to me. i slightly lean towards kid link because a lot of the top down games seem to star him and 'child hero' is an old video game staple that seems to be dying off, so theres the nostalgia factor.


seeing that lana with a worried expression is weird

Quite better, since it does exactly what Nintendon't, making Link interesting instead of being a mere avatar for the player.

Adult, at least he sounds cool rather than annoying. Young is only good for fanart.

At this point I wish Nintendo would just make Link a canon girl. I'd rather play as a girl than an effeminate fag. It would be even better if they un-fagged Link, but I have a feeling that won't happen until the japs give up the series to the filthy westeners.

I'd prefer this to
Cute badass, badass veteran, or bust.

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I prefer this Link.

Is this Saint Seiya?


Nintendo has been playing with time and different elements for a while. I'm waiting for a Link that doesn't go from 0-dark world in 60 seconds. I want something long, drawn out, where you can slowly see the effects of the triforces corruption over time. Link starts out at 13 or so, and by the end of it, is a late 20s man whom is both in the prime of his life but surrounded with pain. I can't play Windwaker anymore without projecting this fantasy onto SS link. He grows up enduring the harsh sea into a middle-aged Castaway both put of touch with society and hardened with experience

Yeah I agree with you guys. I think a big reason why Ocarina is so beloved is because it felt like a coming of age story. You start the game off as a kid, not knowing anything about the outside world and now all of a sudden you're told you have to leave home to achieve greater things. Then by the end of the game you're a man with enough strength and ingenuity to take on any and all adversaries.

Doesn't matter as long as his model is well done and the animations are cool and fluid.

OoT did really well with both young and adult and making the easier dungeons as a kid, and as the power level of enemies and difficulty rises you're playing as adult link.

Following this spirit I believe it depends on the game's difficulty, aesthetic, feeling and atmosphere

Then again Majora's Mask did a great job using young link and yet using a darker atmosphere. Again, the important thing is that its well done.

More important than the model of the MC is the tone, pacing and atmosphere. Either young or adult link can fit the role just fine as long as its well done. What I want is a fast paced challenging Zelda with a good setting and atmosphere. a struggling child rising above the challenge shows great courage. An adult in a world with no hope and creating its own his own strength also shows great courage. It depends what themes you play with.


Using YL in MM was a great idea, because it makes the game that much more fucked up and adds a lot to the atmosphere. The fact that it's a child that has to do these things doesn't really hit home until you're an adult in real life and realize that you probably couldn't handle half the things that happen to this kid.

OOT and MM are substantially better than the other 3D zeldas for many reasons such as these when it comes to atmosphere, setting, and art design. I enjoyed the other zeldas, but you can feel WW is unfinished, same with TP, and SS is SS.
the best thing WW brought is its soundtrack and its cool mechanics such as stripping enemies from armors, using their weapons, and parry. While the best thing from TP was its dungeon design. Although their items are really not used much if at all outside of their designated dungeons

OOT and MM are just on another level. I really wished they brought them back. They both tell courage (the whole theme of Link) in different ways. The theme of having faith in others from MM, the theme of coming of age from OOT.

as a little extra: little games have the "the villain won" yet the hero keeps pressing on and changing the world. Another reason why people like FF6.

I agree. I'll never understand why they decided to heel-turn for the "dark" tone for TP when they already had a perfectly good feeling of a kingdom in decline going for them. All the buildings outside of castle town are in extreme disrepair and seem very old, and colors, while muted, had a certain afternoon or twilight kind of vibe for them. Even the title screen has link riding Epona across a dilapidated bridge at sunset while a somewhat sad version of the Zelda theme's prelude plays, and ends with a wolf howling at castle. So the whole game has this melancholy atmosphere and then they decide to pull that stupid exposition cutscene where Link has no eyes and the sky rains Ilias for some reason. If they'd just stuck with what they had before and had a general focus around that it would have been much more memorable.
Everyone knows about how WW is unfinished 5 dungeons, but I get the feeling that TP had a ton of features that didn't make it into the game. The mail system seems to hint at a greater focus on character interaction than what we got. The way that Link brandishes his sword when he first draws it on horseback makes me feel like maybe they were going to do something with the player leading NPCs into a fight with the Bublins I can't believe that's their name and their hogs. Obviously the game drops many of the major characters introduced in the first half of the game and never really goes back to it, the Gorons suddenly become a non-factor outside of a single shitty sidequest. Speaking of sidequests, That mail system may have actually been implemented to accommodate MM-tier sidequests (or something similar) and it never really panned out, but that's some pretty heavy speculation.
Basically TP feels like a whole bunch of missed potential to me.

It's pretty comfy.

who do you think will try to get zelda franchise after nintendo goes under

The producer's wife won't like him because she only likes ladyboys.

How would that spice things up? It's either going to be older Link the entire game which means nothing, or just a rehash of the old through-the-ages story like OoT. Being older won't change the gameplay because it's fucking Nintendo that don't change jackshit, even if they did being old wouldn't change anything unless you want them to incorporate some sort of engina mechanic into the game.

Activision, Electronic Arts or Ubisoft.

if any of those three I'd vote for activision they would at least respect it somewhat and the other two would diversify the shit out of zelda into a double gay lesbian trans alien, whose love interest would be a little gender fluid child who was a refugee from another dimension.

i'm not that guy, but what i would do is have two links and have them be related. gannon woke up again and the young links father died in a war, so now its up to grandpa and grandson link to save the day, grandpa link could be a veteran or he fought and beat gannon when he was younger, but he didn't kill him.

this tbh

But how can two incarnations of Link exist at the same time?


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Animation Magic

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The joke is that he shares a voice actor with OoT Adult Link. There's also some parallels to Zelda in the show, with the protag's main power being courage, the associated color being green, and one of his weapons being a big hammer.

Honestly child link as in the sprite games it always felt like you were a kid.

My first game was Majoras Mask followed by Minnish Cap and I will never forget the joy of adventure as a kid

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I like the Link where you can't tell if he is a kid or an adult because the game is in 2d overhead perspective with 8 or 16 bit graphics. LTTP was the last good non-handheld zelda game.

I prefer any link that does not look like celshaded garbage.

four swords had link and his three clones. multiple links are possible, the only thing you have to do is make sure only one of them has the triforce of courage. hell, you could even get away with multiple heroes of light, just say that the triforce of courage is split between the two

That's an instance of one soul being split into four via a magic sword, though. A single soul can't incarnate as one person, then incarnate as that person's grandson while the original person is still alive. You can't incarnate while you're already incarnated.

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Either child link or adult link that shows his true colors.

Are Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks good?

They're shit games that have some neat features
PH has a customizable boat and lets you draw on the maps for some fun times with babby's first cartography
And ST features trains, and trains are cool
That's it

They've got puzzles if you like puzzles. The combat isn't anything to write home about, nor the story. But puzzles they have got. To get the third seal you have to physically close your DS to press the two maps together

The toon link games are dogshit, m8. They only keep dragging him out because the style takes no effort to draw and animate.

who i play as doesnt matter, but shota link is superior becuase of /ss/

what's with people believing that ingenuity is some sort of a virtue, holy fuck. Ingenuity is what makes little children eat dirt. Ingenuity, my friend, is "ignorance, but in a good way".

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Open a dictionary sometime. You may be surprised by what you find.

I'm emulating it but the controls are so annoying, everything is done with the touch screen and it's almost impossible to roll. Does it feel this bad on an actual DS too?

i dont remember having much issue with it

Is there more to that webm?

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Not really my cup of tea, when it comes to the Zelda series, I personally enjoy cuckold the most (proper stuff, with Zelda getting Ganondorfed).

Thanks for the source.
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