Warframe thread?

Any of you fucks still playing this? What happened?

I played and quit right before it got really popular by the looks of things. I couldn't handle the grind.

Nothing. It was always shit.

No, there's nothing redeeming about the game. Warbros #1

You're not entirely wrong. I'm kinda finding I like this shit and grind, though.

Who were the Warbros?

/vg/'s Warframe General clan.


I quit for a while but then one of my friends discovered it and asked me to play with him and now I'm hooked again, trying to get Valkyr prime and nidus

Nidus feels fucking amazing so far. Fucks the scale silly.

Want Pvalkyr's blueprint?

Fucking goddamnit why didn't I get in on this

Christ that was supposed to spoiler

Ok, I'm already in the 8/v/ clan, name is 3k_halogen I hate this game so much but the designs are just too good/sexy, and there's no other game where I can just mow things down then bullet jump around like a spazz

There's an 8/v/ clan?


Because it was more than 2 years ago. Most of the clan got sick of the game and the shitty devs.

Seeing my old-ass art makes me a little nostalgic though.

You fucker, you're offline. I hopped in my dojo and everything.

Your "art" is shit

I didn't claim I was good.

Still here, still trapped.

Oh fuck off, it's pretty good and he seems to have decent taste.

This, though…

Oh, yeah sorry, I won't be on for a while, I'm shitposting before work.

I was gonna say sorry for calling you a fucker and everything!

Name here is Tea_Kettle.


That's an edit. The original was fart porn.

I know, and I'm so, so sorry.

I actually just logged in for the first time in a while and holy shit they fixed a lot of bullshit with starting drop rates and mods now actually make some semblance of sense to human beings.


Call me back when DE finally gets their head out of their ass and admit they want to make a space muso game.
Seriously, if they sat there for 5 seconds and admitted to themselves they wanted Dynasty Warriors mixed with space ninjas and Monster Hunter things would get so much better.

Get the fuck out of here with your absolute shit taste

It was Octoboy that started the Saryn fart meme. I drew that picture and edited it later because I thought it was funny. It wasn't.

I know exactly who you are, Phreeoni. Your art is fucking shit and you're a major futafag.

Pics related

Monster hunter? …Warframe with more Monster Hunter would be pretty fucking badass. In any case, you're not wrong, and you can cancel your phone plan.

Shit taste is the only time Holla Forums has fun, though.

Kill yourself, man.

Jesus Christ user this is Deviant Art tier

Saying it right to his face, brutal


I don't know why you're stating what I already said, lad.

Are you from fucking cuckchan or some shit? Before I left I remember how many people said shit like this.
Futa is pure garbage.

The thread is off to a great start.

Top kek m8

well i mean his mob spawns ARE a bunch of giant dicks so

Is taste this shit even possible?
Also rule 3 you ultranigger


Well Warframe does a "build equipment to fight bigger things so you can get bigger equipment to fight even bigger things" mentality, so maybe they can take a few notes on how Monster Hunter handles their End-game/G-Rank.

hey op can i get an invite to the Holla Forums clan ING lordkyzer
haven't played much since they put in the junction update now im back trying to unlock all the planets i was locked out of that stopped me playing in the first place

Any anons playing on peeass quadruple?

I could see some value in bosses with breakable parts that give bonus/garenteed rewards or altering the fight in some way.

Well god knows DE can't make a boss for shit right now. Fighting them is such a chore, especially ones like vay hek that is invincible for majority of the fight.

Tiny moving hit boxes and massive health pools are my nightmare.

If DE would make the bosses as fun to fight as they are in the "raids" then that would solve it, but as of right now almost all of them have yuge health pools, with tiny weak spots, that can only be hit a tenth of the time.

I pretty much stopped once I unlocked sorties and completed the star chart. There's nothing else to do really, nothing that interest me at least.

where's the gay warframe porn at
And no I don't feel like playing this shit these days

I thought DE was working against warbros and it was them that caused the death of them.

It contributed to clan falling apart. Keep in mind, Warbros and DE used to be on really good terms. The lead programmer hung out in the clan chat and accepted suggestions and bug reports (most of which were never followed up on). Some of the members also played with the devs in one of the community streams.
Eventually DE figured they don't have to actually improve the game at all since they have a horde of good goy founders who pay thousands of dollars for powercreep gear and skins. Warbros became a thorn in their eye for actually highlighting the issues the game had. Most members got sick of the game at this point since there was nothing left to do but beat the rest of the playerbase in events, which always ended up stacked against our favor because said playerbase kept crying about us hacking and exploiting. We won one last event before everyone said their goodbyes, at least.

why post this now? the game's been stagnant for well over a year, there isn't even anything left to make fun of.

you should have at least waited till tomorrow for the update.

bump because I'm lonely and don't have a game to replace this yet.

Idk man, I've just been feeling like playing it. Didn't know there's an update tomorrow. Wanna farm shit?

Nothing. The neverending downward spiral from tech demo with strong potential it started as continues.
After going down for 4 years from mediocrity what do you think it is now?

Guilty fun

Did they fix the fucking space babies yet?
That was the last fucking straw for me, an I'm never going to reinstall unless they do something about that ugly kid in the basement.

You only should feel guilt if you give them money.
Your time is worth nothing anyway, right?

It's one of the few things in that clusterfuck I actually liked.

why do you like the edgy spess teenagers? I would much rather the frames be sentient or some shit.

Because it was cool and interesting and logical and foreshadowed for years? Kids themselves turned to be ugly as shit yeah, but the whole story is pretty cool if you pay attention to it from the very beginning.
Frames being just ayyliens or sentient meat robots would be cheap and boring cop out.
You already have that as enemy faction anyway.

I would be fine with having an operator if they didn't look like shit, and weren't teenagers.

They should have kept them behind the curtain then.
Nobody cared who Bane was before he put on the mask, and nobody liked who the operators were after they took off the mask.

They're only biologically teenagers. They were like this for decades even before getting into stasis. Their bodies don't age.
As for them not looking like shit, well it's a western game, of course anything remotely human would look like shit lol.

No can do captn, gotta sell those suits and hairstyles. Can't reject goyim's demands you know :^)

I know they aren't really teenagers, but I can't take anything they do seriously when it looks like they'd have to ask the lotus for pizza money. For all the great visual design DE made with warframe the space babies don't look cool or sexy, unlike almost everything else in the game.

Oh you one of those guys…

look at the size of saryn's tits and ass and tell me she wasn't designed to be hot.

She looks like average girl in the space suit.

nah, trinity looks like an average girl, saryn is well endowed, as well as some other warframes. Hell look at the new skin for frost, it looks cool and I can guarantee that it's making barafags cream themselves.

If I wanted to play a farming simulator I'd go play Harvest Moon. Warframe is a steaming pile of wasted potential. Also is not only relevant, but apparently worse. Some new gun is basically ungrindable because of stupidly high build costs.
Also the only good porn artist, Wattchewant, has fucked off so there's not even porn to appeal with. Not like the newest frames aren't too much of a clusterfuck to even be properly lewded.

What gun?


updates every Wednesday-thursday
why not, I'll be on tomorrow around the same time.

Ah, I haven't played in a few months so I don't really know about the new guns. Also while it is true the game is an irredeemable grind fest, and DE have bioware tier forum mods, I would argue the frame designs are pretty much the same. While it is true the the further you go back the plainer the frames get, but the new ones like Josh's ant Titania look like pretty normal. Titania is just trinity with wings, and nidus looks like an infested, so the designs are still ok. I miss wattchewant though, can't believe he won't even release the models even though he said he'd never do warframe porn again.

Oh wait you're not even the same guy, disregard the rest of my post, meant for


Is it still F2P?