How does a fan project remaster games better than companies with billions of dollars?

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Why?Why the hell wouldn't they start with the village?

Never mind I'm a dumbass, see they already did the village. Looks good, gives me reason to replay RE4.

Because companies with billions of dollars prefer spending as little as possible on actually improving anything because then they pay the employees less and rake in more with hype money thrown at them by idiots.

Looks nice

Because marketing shitty unfinished games usually wields better results.

Are they going to upgrade Ashley's ballistics?

Almost 3 damn years, the autism is amazing.

That's actually pretty impressive.
As to why:
"They'll buy it anyway."

Passion. Video games are a craft and, in a manner of speaking, art. When games are not treated as an artisan product but something to be assembled every year with only incremental differences from last years' offering (Madden, Call of Duty): then the time and treasure invested in its development is squandered.

I've taken business classes in College. They weren't very useful but they did provide certain insights into the mindset of the current environment. It's generally assumed that the art of sales and advertising evolved through incremental enlightenments:

First, it was said that "a good product sells itself".
Then, it was discovered that advertising the product through flyers and billboards will net you more profits.
Eventually, advertising gurus came to the conclusion that making the optimal product that will sell well comes from maintaining a relationship (like a girlfriend) with the customer.

As fallacious as it may be to assume that this new paradigm is a one-size-fits-all solution to every sector and niche of the economy: the people whose job it is to throw around buzzword in board meetings, including those in the games industry, jumped all over it. Rather than presenting a new and original idea that will get you interested: the big names in the industry want to extract as much data out of you as possible to, hypothetically, tailor a product to suit your tastes so you can buy it even though their customers simply aren't comfortable relating that data to the companies and will never give accurate answers to them without even having to craft something from their own imaginations or vision.

This is why Ubisoft can't think to improve their games without surveys, why DICE has no idea why people loved Bad Company 2, and why companies sitting on vast fortunes and profitable IPs will never make something as good as an impassioned fan project so long as they don't understand how their niche of the market really works.

I don't understand it. They could make a whole new video game, but they chose to remake a licensed game. Are they autistic?

Looks freaking fantastic, truly the fans do what the devs don't. Now imagine something like this for Silent Hill 2!

Reminder 4 is the best, forever and ever

Incentives for creative labour:
Love, passion for work>>>>>>>>>Money, greed for highest financial gains
Which one usually provides the best content?

Thank you.

That… really looks fantastic. I've been meaning to replay RE4. The only Resident Evil I ever played.

I think SH 2 looks just fine. What the old SH games really need are third person shooter camera and controls and better puzzles that actually feel like sleuth activities instead of key fetching and gamey puzzles.

Don't do this goyim. Those shekels are rightfully ours and we will sue anybody who gets in out way.

I… hate it when fags do "…"


… no way.

That's because using multiple punctuation marks in sequence is a sign of mental illness.


Its a cinematic way of posting

We must make the goyim pay for this sort of thing of course. Every fan project is lost potential sales, regardless of whether something came out yesterday or we haven't been selling the IP for decades.

Capkike is done with RE4. The "HD" version has been out for years. They actually love it when fans fix their game for them, since it sparks more interest in the game and drives sales.

I was speaking in a more general sense but even the 'remastering' of creative assets requires at least *some* creative input

This is capcom we're talking about

I was implying artistic creativity, not technical creativity.

Ok, user.

Back to topic, do you guys think the timing of this is anything to do with the latest iteration in the franchise being in first person, and arguably different in pace and nature, prompting some fans to wish for a HD experience whilst still getting their fill of classic resident evil?

What? No, the dude has been working on this shit for like 3 years, and he's only JUST NOW finishing the Castle section. The entirety of the Island segment needs to be done now.

What's wrong with RE7 being first person anyway? There's nothing inherently bad about being an FPS, Condemned pulled that off well. Isn't the problem the cinematic shit?

Only another two years to go!

Nothing inherently wrong with first person, but if Fallout 3 is Oblivion with guns, RE7 is Outlast with guns, and all of the shitty streambait trappings that come with it.

It's actually a 2 man group but 1 is away temporarily dealing with job related stuff
Alot of the textures have been pounded out already in the previous areas (boxes, beams, metal) so I feel the final part is going to go alot faster

Apparently the steam page for RE4 pinned a discussion on this project, so it's essentially been given the go ahead

Hopefully the Island section goes faster simply because I don't think there's nearly as many ultra-detailed textures like the murals and shit we see in the castle.

It is for the Ultimate HD Edition though.

At least it actually has effort put into it, unlike Capcom's HD textures

ah close enough.
Are you suppose to be scared at resident evil 7? Specifically when you see the faces? I remember laughing, not caring, being annoyed, but never scared. They all had shit eating grins that made killing the mutant fucks satisfying to the point, but being it was a horror game, it seemed to completely fail at ever trying to be scary. Not to mention every jump scary was predictable as all hell.

This game is a fucking underwhelming trainwreck that fails at everything.

Does this mean Ashley will have high def panties?



It says a lot that the only feeling I had when playing through this game was being annoyed. I don't think I found any part ever tense, fun, scary, or even challanging.

It was actually the first page on an image search. I posted it though because every time I saw Jack's face I saw NC face. I could not unsee it. It was really annoying and unintentionally funny at times. Did they really think Jack's face was scary to anyone?

I think those characters were supposed to be more tragic and intimidating in their pursuits than scary. Mia could look a little creepy though.

I actually liked the Bakers a lot more than I thought I would and thought it was neat how they explained all the wonky gagets, traps, and puzzles in the house.

I also really liked the game and will be buying it once it gets a price drop.

inb4 C&D order

is that blini ?

I don't think thats possible. If they where intimidating they would have at least been doing their job. I did feel kind of bad for them since the infection made you go crazy and all, but that was pretty obvious from the start though. Just surprise you had a physic meeting dream thingy for it.

I liked that scene. It was cheesy, but I suppose RE has always been a little cheese.

And I was pretty intimidated when Jack was chasing me around with that big axe(at least until I figured out how much health I had) I will say that Normal mode took away quite a bit of tension, though there were still some occasions where it would build some tension due to resource management, skill, and multiple enemies. That's something almost every new horror game has lacked since they all began copying Amnesia.

I swear the game had boss fights to trigger "defeat" when you where low on ammo.

Fukken Saved

Homecoming did that, and somehow managed to be even worse than the tank controls; it'll never work because the main focus of a good Silent hill game is not about killing monsters
are you talking about SH here or the origina RE trilogy?

Did they really explain the silly house? I missed that, and i was very confused about it. I hope they explain why there is a morgue in the basement

They look surprisingly happy for having their house broken into

Time to replay RE4 when it comes out

Homecoming failed not because of the shooter controls, but because it was a mediocre game with boring art direction. STALKER managed to keep the atmosphere well despite the FPS gameplay.

Not much difference between the two, though RE2 and RE3 seem to be a bit dumber than the first one.

Basically you get a few notes and letters that Lucas was a jr engineering champ, and his father was actually supportive of it. So it was actually a hobby of the family. Makes you wonder how it all would have played out if the family was actually a bunch of illiterate bumpkins.

Also was Lucas already on the umbrellas' pay roll, or did he contact them after a giant fucking ship washed up on his family's property?

Fuck off m8.

Downloaded REVII a few days ago and have been enjoying it but jesus christ, I wish capcom had their shit together with the programming. I've got a half decent rig that can handle most things on high settings with 60 FPS but this one is just a mess of annoying graphical options and literally has things in the settings that do nothing but make it run worse.

The legit buyers forum on steam is full of people with inexplicable slowdowns and crashes on way beefier setups than mine. I hope that capcom actually patches this.

looks incredible so far, hope it doesn't make the environments look too busy though, which can be a problem when you take fairly complex assets and crank the resolution on them so the formerly blurry textures that blended in to the environment (for better or worse) end up standing out so much that the player's vision appears cluttered.

Are you that retarded as fuck Alone in the Dark faggot?
There's nothing wrong with SH1-3 puzzles, they were certainly more than "grab the key"

Shit like this is why I find it hilarious when people argue against piracy with "well then no one will make games anymore because they can't get paid!" Shit I've even seen that line of reasining used to defend Valves paid-mods fiasco.

People will work on all sorts of random shit just for the autismal joy of it. Whether paid or not. And a lot of the time those doing it out of passion will work harder and take more risks than those doing it for a paycheck.

Crapcum is bankrupt financially and second Zenimax has released a remaster of a game from 2011 with barely any improvement even though they probably have a good billion or so.