Can someone name me a female game developer (that has led a released project) that isn't japanese, a >she, a SJW...

Can someone name me a female game developer (that has led a released project) that isn't japanese, a >she, a SJW, or lesbian? Bonus points if it isn't a romance/walking-sim/"interactive experience".

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Also bonus points if it wasn't funded by Kikestarter or GoyGoyFundme

Didn't Jade Raymond lead Assassin's Creed?

I think she was just the producer, I don't think she actually developed any aspect of the game.

They effectively don't exist. Autism is a male disease.

She led the first game, according to wikipedia. However she is an executive.
But good choice.

And by led I mean actually mean lead programmer/developer.

Roberta Williams from Sierra is the only thing I can think of.

Too bad the AssCreed games were never especially good.

Don't you know, user? Programmers never get credit for anything they do.

Close, but no cigar

Phrased differently, game development is 100% anathema to women because it requires both

System thinking, which they generally fail at aside from a few freaks.
Teamwork, which they also generally fail at.

If you want the real horrifying redpills, ask yourself why, after 30 years of personal computers, there are effectively 0 female app developers and, especially, why female-only enterprises of ANY kind are effectively non-existent.

Women can't think systematically and they can't cooperate.

Males tend to order and processes in their work and will readily sort themselves into meritocratic hierarchies after a test of skill and then move mountains.

I wish I was gay. In fact, I am trying to turn myself gay. I despise women that much.

Cool story with great facts and sources, bro

Tasha Harris directed Double Fine's Costume Quest, although she left that particular dumpster fire of a company and went back to working at Pixar.


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I didn't know you liked me that way, even if you don't like using actual data or using facts to back yourself up.

No need to be aggressive, cutie.

Why would you ask for such a thing? It doesn't matter what games you find if they're American and therefore shit.

Design is part of the development process. As is writing, especially in adventure games.

I'm just a humble misogynist.

Christy Marx

This person.

OP moved the goalposts a few times but the closest I can think of is Corrinne Yu, because I don't think she's an artist.

Led a project is a stretch but leading something could mean anything.

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Amy Hennig wrote for the Soul Reaver series, and worked in Naughty Dog on the first (and second?) Uncharted, until she was fired for not being SJW enough.
I think she counts.

appeared as I was trying to post, and then got "this image already exists on this thread"

>wrote for the Soul Reaver series
The search continues.

In addition to this, SJW is quite a vague term, and it could technically be used to waive any given candidate that satisfies all the other criteria in the event that said candidate said or does something that OP just doesn't like for whatever reason.

Everyone wants to lasso men into some scheme to clean up the poopsies of women and be their meal ticket. Everyone except the misogynist, who treats men as ends rather than means.

No, it's not. Back to your containment board.

Yes, but it doesn't need to be it's own job. People like programmers (i.e. the people who know how the game systems work) should be designers, it shouldn't be a separate thing. Writers are okay, but they should also have at least some experience with games before they do their job.


Nice numbers

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Made me google. I thought she was lead writer, so I went to check.
Turns out she directed Soul Reaver, Soul Reaver 2 and Defiance The search is over


She was the lead designer in both Portal and Left 4 Dead 2 and worked on other Valve games. She then left Valve (since they stopped making games) to lead the mediocre Quantum Conundrum and then fell for the Ouya meme and made a shit game exclusive for that platform.

People who are actually good at programming often lack the skill to properly pull off the writing, art, and other aspect of developing a game. Sure, every so often, there's that one man game dev team who does everything, but only after years and years of work and seeking help from others.

Plus, putting a bigger workload by making the programmers do writing and other aspects of the development process would slow down and severely hinder their ability to finish shit on time.


People who publicly "lead" game development teams generally have nothing to do with the actual development - they're marketers, figureheads or, at best, glorified idea guys.
The people who actually develop the games are the programmers, and for some reason companies actively avoid giving them any public credit whatsoever.

I don't hate women at all, but I do fucking hate children.

I used to believe women couldn't compose complicated and aesthetically resonant music, but Japanese video game composers proved to me otherwise.

If they want to build their reputation and remove all doubt of their abilities, they just have to DO something.

If they can't and keep whining and screaming, that's pretty damning evidence that they can't actually do it.

Just change OP to programers already

If you need a source to know that women cant cooperate then you have never met one.

My point was "designers" should have as much programming knowledge as a dev/software engineer and writers should at least have some programming knowledge. Just like how a person who writes scripts has some basic knowledge about cinematography.

Then you worded your OP wrong, and you should own your mistake.

Yup. Just look at Roberts, Spector, Molyneux, Schafer, etc. The moment they quit the development team that made them famous all they can make is trash.

They don't avoid it, it's management that forces them to stay out of the spotlight. Just look up all Easter eggs containing a programmer's name in old games, defying the suits trying to steal credit from them.

The thing is that patriarchal societies tend to bring to the front the really competent women. The ones that can not only rise to notoriety in such communities, but also thrive, are really special.

I mean, just compare egalitarian Norway facing the so called "gender paradox", where, the more freedom women are given, the more they default to their traditional roles as caretakers, and places like Pakistan and Iran, where almost 50% of all STEM students are girls.

What does that have to do with this thread?

Quantum Conundrum was okay, but it was definitely an attempt to recreate Portal, right down to trying to recreate a catch end credits song that they hoped would become a meme.

Case in point: Rami Ismail, the Vlambeer faggot who eagerly jumps on any stage they'll give him so he can preach that "gamers are dead" bullshit and how vidya needs to be progressive because muh soggy knees.

He's not even a programmer, let alone a designer. He's pretty much just an overhyped PR guy who won't stop talking for the Vlambeer team. The faggot is actually a dropout from some no-name game design school.

This is the only example of one female army.

The programmer virtuoso designers have trended downward over the years as hardware and middleware/bloatware has improved and optimization has become unnecessary, and that's unfortunate.

They tend to make the technical cracktro demo showcase games that have a distinct feel because they emphasize technical wizardry.

I thought female autists just became feminists, which is why it seems like there's less women with autism.

King's Quest. Wrote the engine for the first Spec Ops.

M.U.L.E. and The Seven Cities of Gold.

River Raid

From the list of female devs these are the three that are strictly programmers that I could unearth (but there are definitely others, especially at the old arcade/computer era).

Does that count OP or you are gonna to reject them for bullshit reasons and continue to suck cock like a faggot?

You're not even fucking trying anymore, and I'm disappointed in you fags for falling for this bait.

No, they become male sympathizers and are usually lesbians.

Ayn Rand, Camille Paglia, Karen Straughan

The odd few women with masculine minds have masculine brains.

This is a typical case of exceptions proving the rule.


This is reason I stay here. When it actually comes to video games Holla Forums actually have knowledge about it.
So please kill yourself.

Well okay then. I said I worded it wrong here.

The thing is, there is a thing I personally call "operational/servicable skill level". Basically, this means the amount of skill you have before you can practically complete a task in whatever field. In writing, the operational skill level is relatively low, you can write a paragraph when you're 6. It might not be good, but it's readable. In programming, the operational skill level is higher because of the syntax and the logic of the code - when yoi are first learning, you'll probably try and write your own program, but it'll be buggy as hell. Even moreso, writing and reading are taught from brith. To become an atleast mediocre writer, you don't need to expend as much energy as someone who wants ot learn to program, because you have already been taught how to write.

Carol Shaw
Dona Biley
Amy Hennig
Jane Jensen
Anna Kipnis

I don't think he really has to, since you basically made his point.

Being a good programmer also usually requires a working knowledge of maths up to and including calculus, depending on the complexity of the project.


That's like saying cameramen should be movie directors because they know how to compose a shot. Sure some directors like to use cameras themselves and some cameramen become directors, but the role of a director or a designer is still very important to distinguish.
You need to have someone who has that one singular vision for the whole project and guides everyone else working on it to strive toward that vision.
I know from experienve that having a lead developer who can't/doesn't know how to direct others can be very detrimental to game development, and at worst slows down everything to a grinding halt.


Are there studies on what proportion of women want to lead an effort versus how many prefer to contribute under someone else's leadership?

No, it's like the opposite of your analogy. Directors should know how to compose a shot.
Designers should know how to program a game.

Nigger you still don't make any sense.
First, at least you admited it's based entirelly in your opinion. Which is enough to discard your post.
Then, you made the comparison of how the gap between an amateur writer and an expert writer isn't the same as an amateur coder and an expert coder. To which I ask:
Have you been drinking paint?
You may not like games with heavy stories, but your opinion doesn't detract from the credit of a great story. If anything, we have more above-average programmers than we have above average writers. that should tell you something.

You see "game developer" as synonym with "programmer". I get it. You're simply wrong tho. Stories are part of most games nowadays. Just go play any metal gear and tell me you can slap any story there and have it work just as well.

And for god's sake, dissing Soul Reaver's writer is showing your power level.

I wasn't saying that director's shouldn't know how to compose a shot. There's so much more than just composing the shot that goes into making a movie that you need that one person to make the important decisions.
In game dev, the lead designer has to not only guide the programmers who build the systems, but also the artists who craft the models, lighting, textures, music etc. and that's where the advantage of a singular vision comes. If the art doesn't properly support the gameplay the result will be a lesser game than if every element of the game is guided towards one purpose.

Any monkey can do art, user. Programming is an actual trade skill that requires training.

Any monkey can program (see: outsourcing to India). Art is an actual skill that requires learning - you don't see buffoons like Notch or Toady having good visuals in their games because while they may be able to program, they can't do art.

Yeah, anyone can take a shit on their palm and then smear it on a canvas. You can't teach someone art, it's something you're born with.

Then how the fuck do you explain yanderdev and his spaghetti code

You don't see programmers bothering with art, because literally any asshole can do it, and artists are cheap-labor slaves. You just throw a weekend's worth of hamburger money at some weeb, and your game's got art.

Low skill
It's also the reason he takes so long to do anything

A game needs programmers to run. A game does not need a person to exclusively be a designer or writer to run. Programmers can be designers, but people who do not know how to program (people hired exclusively as designers) can not be programmers. Therefore, a programmer is more important than a designer.
That being said, a lot of things in games are easier said than done, which emphasizes exactly why being a designer does not compare to being a programmer.

So, shouldn't the person in charge AT LEAST know something about what goes into making their project work. Trust me, i've actually taken several game design courses and they BARELY touched on programming, and even then it was pajeet/braindead normalfag languages like java and python.

There are technical aspects to art that can be compared to practical crafts like masonry or carpentry that require constant practice in order to become efficient. Anyone can do programming, but a fundamental understanding of logical principles, along with a firm grasp of mathematics will separate the morons from the engineers.

Skill is a gradient.

And you end up with a BioWare game.

How many good artists have come out of art school? How many good writers have a Creative Writing degree?

You don't need some talentless academia hack to teach you how to fucking draw or write, it's something you can do because you have the innate talent.


The animator handles the harder parts, and animators are actual people rather than artists.

Your reasoning that it takes skill and it requires training. He has neither of those.

You're changing goal posts again
You can make a game with programming skills only. And get something like a flash game. Add a mediocre artist and you get candy crush. Up the artist's budget a little and you get Granblue. Add a good writer and you get soul reaver.
Point is, as you asked in the OP: These people are developers as well. Wether you think some are more important than others (based entirelly on your opinion) is irrelevant.

You still need people to draw and design the art assets, sculpt the characters, compose the music, make the maps, etc. None of these are things you can do at the highest level if you aren't born with talent for them.

Sure, you can teach someone the 101 of map design, but that means he'll know how to copy ideas and designs and established design tropes from people that actually have talent. You're just gonna end with bland maps that lack an identity.

Well I don't deny that there are some that are predisposed to be good at specific skills. However, to suggest that being given a formal education and from a reputable instructor is worthless is asinine. Maybe art schools are shit these days, but you don't need to go to art school to find someone who is willing to teach you the technicalities of your craft. Additionally, so long as you have the time, the patience, and the dedication, you can teach yourself a wide variety of skills, both "artistic" and "technical" skills alike.

But the thing is, art will not earn you a job neither is it something that anything requires. Even things you find "artsy" don't require art:

Animation only requires the study of organic movement patterns, and the ability to recreate that. Modeling only requires the ability to make a digital object that clearly conveys what it is supposed to represent. Nothing requires art, therefore it's less valuable in the workplace.

I think we're confusing a project lead with an artist or a code monkey. A project lead does not necessarily need to be a talented programmer or artist, though such skills do help, he needs to be good at managing people and keeping them on track and schedule, which is set of skills all their own.

And he ends up doing a shit job and it takes a long time to do simple things. And even when he does manage to build something, it's clearly covered in duct tape everywhere and is barely holding itself together.

The reason he keeps making "Easter eggs" is not really to entertain himself like he claims but because they're easy to make compared to actual gameplay.

That's pretty much what I was trying to say, although from my experience there can also be good lead designers who can't code a line to save their lives, and shitty lead designers who come from a programming background.

The game dev projects I have been a part of and/or observed from the sidelines have had a mix of designers from many backgrounds and from that experience I can't generalise that the only good lead designers would be programmers. Some of the best games from those projects came from teams with a lead designer with a background in 3D modeling.

The person who keeps everyone on schedule and manages tasks is usually the producer, designer is more akin to a movie director. At least from my experience.

So if Roberta Williams doesn't count, neither do Kojima or Shigeru Miyamoto.

Both designers who don't program.

Again, how many famous artists and writers received and actually benefited from a formal education on the topic of their medium of choice? Academia and criticism are the refuge of the talentless.

You can learn how to draw something more than stick figures and maybe write prose that doesn't read like a fanfic, but that will never be anything but pale imitation, on the level of rote memorization, something that could never be considered art.

read the second part of my post

But the problem is people who have programming skills do not ONLY have programming skills, while most designers/artists have art/social skills but NOT programming skills, the most essential part of the project. I'd rather have a well-programmed game with good gameplay, but bad writing, art, and design, instead of just a good idea and no game.

They don't count either.

Christine Phelan, who works or worked at Valve.

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Didn't Kojima learn to program for Policenauts so he could better communicate with programmers and explain to them what he wanted?

Hah, did you consider them good? Who the fuck is Iwata, you pleb.

Glorified idea guys.

But has she led a project?

no, fuck it. Name some female Japanese developers that actually made good vidya. That sounds kinda hot

No, everyone else hates you too, homo.

Idea guys aren't game developers.

I'll just drop Amy Hennig and leave.

And the man reveals his true colors.

It's interesting how Indian guys always seem to fit this pattern. If I didn't know better, I'd think they were more interested trying to get some white pussy than in "social justice". I wonder if other male SJWs might just be in it because they can't get laid…

The study of organic movement patterns is not technically art, but the ability to recreate them is. It is possible for any given person to follow instructions and procedure that allow them to hone their ability to recreate these things, therefore "art" is something that can be deconstructed and absorbed like any given skill. As for art's perceived value, I think it's subjective. I think practical skills that help maintain infrastructure like roads and bridges, as well as other technical jobs that provide a necessary service, like mail carrier and doctor, are always going to be more valuable than anyone's ability to make pretty pictures. Still, these things don't undermine the inherent value of art. If nobody cared about art, humans wouldn't practice it anymore.
That's irrelevant. Instruction exists to provide students with fundamental understanding of the concept, as well as good study and practice habits that will allow them to practice their craft on their own terms. How many people who took Spanish class in high school are now fluent Spanish speakers? That number's probably very small, but this fact doesn't bolster the argument that said class is absolutely useless
That's pretty pessimistic. I just disagree. The implication that only the truly talented are born with some innate tendency to be geniuses is utterly ridiculous. Sure, there's always going to be that one Asian kid who was born ready to instantly perceive the subtle nuances between diminished and standard chords. However, this doesn't mean shit unless the kid is given the tools to hone his natural given talent.

She's usually pretty based, but she's having an anti-Trump meltdown on shitter right now^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author

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OP specifically said female, not >female

Also, the female programmer myth is borne from the necessity of scholarship and university mandates to put women in tech roles to seriously marginalize men in tech. That one lady who these myth propagaters keep saying wrote the first program was basically a data entry clerk reading a program written by a man.

This is like Holla Forums-tier bait but in the unironic sense. You need to stop letting MGTOW affect your mind. MGTOW is like the passive-aggressive beta uprising but against women. Women are 95% useless in most jobs that men shouls be doing. All we have to do is to send them back to the kitchen and return them to their breeding and nurturing roles.

>>>Holla Forums

Roberta Williams of Sierra? She even was behind Phantasmagoria.


Nice boogeyman. Unfortunately for uuuu, there are some people who don't agree with your dogmatic system of promoting mental illness.

Jane Jensen >>> Roberta Williams

Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers is pretty good.

The fuck are you assuming? Good thing I don't have some qt crazy stalker who's impossibly taken an interest in me.

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Yeah, and most of them either align with or post on Holla Forums. Nothing wrong with that, it's the top board on this site.


What are you implying

River Raid I think on atardi

Kim Swift, creator of Portal. Portal was pretty good

Judging by the horrendous optimization both games and software is being sold with, I would have to call that a complete lie.

You don't become a woman just by getting some fancy surgery and expect everyone to just say what you want to hearr. That's not how it works, retard.

Nobody's disagreeing with you. What the fuck, user.


Amy Hennig - Legacy of Kain


Fuck, I somehow confused IDs.

Oh fug

Designing software is different from designing a game.

But nobody needs 'ideas guys'

Like them or not, without "idea guys" all we get are cawadootys, asscreeds and mass erects kind of games.

Underrated posts

Btw, for a long time I used to believe the programmer for the 3DO port of Doom was another example of a one female army. Only recently I found out Rebecca Heineman is a >female

Man, I sure would like to be paid money for coming up with vidya ideas.

The writer for Legacy of Kain Soul Reaver is pretty good
She wasn't the lead of the project if that's your specific criteria though

A wise man once said

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It's true. Since the shitty era of TRS-80s at Radio Shack, ANYONE has been able to buy a computer, figure them out, and program shit and sell it.

With no barrier to entry, the cunts can't or won't. 30 years of opportunity with effectively 0 software from women.

Meanwhile you have dozens of titans like Linus and Carmack who just bought a computer, some pizza, and some Diet Coke, went to their basement and slammed out a miracle.

What the more can be done for the cunts? All the tools are there. They just don't(*cough*can't*cough*) do it.

H-hope you have a nice d-day, A-user…


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Do hippies count?

That's how nerd women actually looked like in late 70's and early 80's.

I thought that Centipede was also 100% made by a single woman, but a guy helped her.

I know this is bait but still I'd like a serious answer to this.

Well that doesn't matter, crap or not AC is an actual released game.

Then you enter the George Lucas effect whereby you'll begin to wonder how much of a game's quality was actually thanks to them.

Any of you taken a look at what Kim Swift has done after leaving Valve? Her most recent release is a Ouya title, I'm not joking.

She aged like milk

Roberta Williams (King's Quest)
Dona Bailey (Centipede)

There are tons of females that are autistic and borderline retarded, they're just never called out on it.
Women get a pass with these things because it's usually written off as just some variety of odd female behavior.

Like shit, actually. They're full on SJWs now.

Yeah, I came here to post River Raid. Sure, that was 35 years ago, but it's a good game. Hundreds of levels procedurally generated by using a random number generator with a set seed.

Try again.


Sorry, can't help ya

You're only setting yourself up for disappointment. They need to be shown the side that the media suppresses.

On that similar topic . . . Brianna Wu/Rev 60 dev team?

Sadly enough Bunten regretted getting the sex change and wanted to warn others about it.

After a third failed marriage, Bunten, who had until then been living as male, transitioned to living as a woman. Bunten underwent sex reassignment surgery in November 1992 and afterwards kept a lower profile in the games industry. Bunten later regretted having surgery, finding that for her, the drawbacks of surgical transition outweighed the benefits, and wishing she had considered alternative approaches. She joked that the surgery was to improve the video game industry's male/female ratio and aesthetics, but advised others considering a sex change not to proceed unless there was no alternative, and warned them of the cost, saying "Being my 'real self' could have included having a penis and including more femininity in whatever forms made sense. I didn't know that until too late and now I have to make the best of the life I've stumbled into. I just wish I would have tried more options before I jumped off the precipice."

If that's about disliking Trump, it doesn't equate to SJW.

Dona Bailey co-designed Centipede with Asteroids designer Ed Logg in 1980.

I can't name anyone else fitting OPs description off the top of my head

Georgina Bensley of Hanako Games

Bonus points: she generally hates identity politics although still gets suckered into some moronic ideas, hates anti-sex feminists. And she's a chan lurker.

Many of them are VN types, but some are RPGish with gameplay depth. Not AAA. But she certainly deserves more credit for putting her money where her mouth is and actually doing it than most other woman in gamedev, making the games she wants to play. Especially considering that the most "celebrated" "women" in gamedev were born with dicks.

ahem…CongressZir Briannu Wu.

Sadly, you're right. People with full-time jobs are the most susceptible to political brainwashing.
If only good podcasts could gain a mainstream audience without selling out, that would solve most of this problem.

Technically you're right, but it's worrying nonetheless.

OP's retarded since he doesn't know the difference between designers and programmers and thinks they're supposed to be the same. It's like when the creator of Ren and Stimpy said no one should write for a cartoon series unless they can draw.


I'd fuck the one on the far right and let the far left one suck my dick. The middle would have to sit in a corner and watch, sorry.

They are missing the most important tool.
A male, caucasian brain.

Except he's right. OP specifically requested no trannies. You're just being a dumbass now.


Programmers know how software works. They don't necessarily know how games work.

This. When you design a game you're looking at the elements and systems on a conceptual level. This is also not limited to video games, as game design is present in any medium where you can make a game (like in board/tabletop games). The programmers are the ones that translate those concepts into software, which has its own distinct design it follows for the sake of efficiency, responsiveness, accessibility, etc. Though there is some overlap in these areas, they aren't nearly identical to be considered the same.

Game systems =/= games. I also never said design is the same as programming, I don't even know how the person you quoted came to that conclusion from that post that he quoted. All I said or implied was that designers are superflous, and if you have a designated designer they should have programming experience.

good post

Is this the lolicon talk?

I don't hate other people's children.


Come now, you know the reason is: 'The cishet manocentric patriarchy keeping the wyse wyminz down.'