Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker, DS

What's on your "to play" list, Holla Forums, and is it as comfy as mine?

It's comfier, because I didn't pay for any of it. Hack your 3ds already.


it's gonna be a busy time for me. I'm very excited.

It's a good time if you own a PS4. Hell even Resident Evil 7 was a pleasant surprise.

I'm of two minds, partly because I have limited space and shelves can be expensive and also I've got no reason to make a neat display of my collection – I'm not going to be some youtube fag standing in front of shelves full of games I've never played.. But, I do understand that 'tism and that deeply satisfying feeling of having and owning a thing and having it all neat and clean and not covered in sticker junk.

As for games on my To Play list

Yes, I forgot that one. I'm sure there's more I forgot too. This is the best system to own at the moment.

Forgot to say: Someone needs to make some kind of game manager for ROMs and shit that has full boxart and stuff that lets you flip the box around and open up the case (cause some games do inside boxart) and flip through the instruction booklet and shit.

If they did that, I'd give up my physical copies.

being a materialistic fag

thea the awakening and you bet your ass its comfier than yours. hell im suprised that i havent seen threads about thea, its such a good game

Hope you're "comfy" with jew cock up your ass. People like you are the reason squeenix is raping the Dragon Quest franchise like a nigger in sweden. Go back to reddit where you belong.

I have one of those things.
It's way lighter than you'd expect, I put it in my the habitat of my T. Blondi to see how she'd react, but she just started just started striking threatening poses at it.

Being a huge fan of the DQ series, I want them to have my money and I want to have their boxes and booklets full of art.
Sure, I'll pirate the shit out of most things or buy them in a sale but I like having a select few hard copies of games I love on my shelf.

I know the Wii game loader has that

Try spending some time away from Holla Forums (and Holla Forums) and vidya in general for a while, fella.
I understand that feeling of gaming weariness and bitterness all too well and some time away from it all is very healthy.

They're not bad, they just have a rich heaping of leftist shit smeared on top.

I tried the Last Chance demo, I couldn't give two shits about it. Why does everyone like it? It feels like it's trying too hard to copy the Souls formula with less exploration because it was stage based. Admittedly, I didn't play for very long but I was not impressed.

Oh fuck off, Holla Forums.
What are you even referring to? Was there a tan man somewhere in one of the games? Did he kiss a pure Aryan maiden?
Did some NPC hint at being gay?
Japan doesn't give two shits about any of that kind of stuff and are immune to the sperging from either SJWs or edgy Holla Forums fags.

Go away jew.

Okay, I see what the problem is. You missed the short bus to school.

Thankfully we have a board for people like you >>>Holla Forums.

I'm not interested in your faggy political agendas.
You're getting up in arms over a bunch of cartoons running around hitting other cartoons with swords.

I need a new JRPG to play. Something obscure but not waifu bait. Vita/3ds/PC prefered.


You should probably kill yourself op if you support digra-tier localizations you retarded fucking kike.

That sounds like a really good way to burn out on Dragon Quest. Joker 1 was a fun ride though, I hope you enjoy it. No idea how Joker 3 turned out but I hope we see a fan translation for it eventually if not an official release.

Also this, they really don't deserve your money for fucking with the localizations and outright censorship. Very convenient how just about every developer these days gives me a solid reason to pirate their shit and not feel an ounce of remorse.

There's something about the worlds of the Joker series that's the opposite of comfy. They're depressing as hell, and feel totally lifeless and hollow for some reason.

Joker 3 is disappointing compared to the other 3DS DQM games but still better than Joker 1 & 2. DQM2 3DS is the best of the post-8-bit games.

Japan said they hated Joker 3 for that exact reason, the whole game is morbid garbage.

God, how long will that fan-translation take? I'm playing DQM1 3DS and having a blast. I'm pretty sure the original was the first game I ever bought as a kid.

Alright, I take it back OP. You're a flaming fucking faggot who belongs on cuckchan at best. You don't deserve comfy.

user, you're posting on Holla Forumschan RIGHT NOW.

That's disappointing to hear, though not surprising. I like the monster raising/fusing aspects of those games, so I've been holding out a small hope that they'll get it right some day.
I could do with a change from the standard DraQue skill trees, though. Lots of the skills are just renamed copies of one another, and many are completely useless.

There is actually an imageboard called polchan, though. It's shit.

You are like the Anita Sarkeesians of the right wing.
Go on then, I'll bite. I'm most familiar with DQ8. Tell me about the cultural marxist globalist miscegenation Zionist conspiracy running throughout that game.



I didn't complain about any specific game, but the idea that you should ignore the underlying assumptions in anything you expose yourself to is batshit stupid. Having played most of it on the PS2, I don't see exactly what could be wrong with DQ8-3DS except the censorship, which as already been modded out.

Kill yourself.


Almost done DQ8 myself and just starting GR2. Very nice shift from Witcher 3 and bringing DQ8 in the tub with me is a whole other level of comfy, especially when metal slime grinding. Oh and I wouldn't start seriously grinding until you get both the extra characters because they start out at lv.35. That is if you're doing 100% completion.

Also ignore the weak bait and stay comfy my friend.

jesus christ there are faster ways to kill yourself OP,

Really? No answers? What next? Should I go and educate myself?

Okay, well you're at least saying something.
I just asked about DQ8 because I'm most familiar with the story but talk about any DQ you want in which you saw leftist propaganda.

The stories in the DQ games are all pretty quaint and just like I'm not going to get triggered by problematic tits and gender roles, I'm not going to smash up my living room because there was a brown man in my game or whatever the fucking problem is, still waiting for some examples.

Don't know if I'll go for 100%. I'll see what mood I'm in when I get around to playing it. Are the two new characters a good addition? Good side stories / quests?

It's unlikely I'll play them all in a row, just found them all cheap and decided I'd like to get a nice little DQ collection going.
Might even get that PS2 Slime controller for chuckles if it's not crazy expensive.

The only thing I can think of is a screenshot (that I don't have, but I might be able to find it) of someone getting pissy about a boyfriend calling his girlfriend "his". Something like "a woman can bed whomever she desires" or some shit. I don't even know if it's DQ8.


It was DQ7, and that's ignoring all the illegible accents they keep shoving into the games for whatever reason, or how they completely cut out the party dialogue from DQIV despite the whole thing having been translated already (you can find it in the Japanese ROM using codes).

Fuck these kikes.

They censored Jessica's outfits, shoehorned in an ending with her for some reason and the US version's music is inferior. As far as I know VII was localized like shit and the fucked with Maribel.

Those I don't have a problem with. We don't have a direct correlation for different Japanese accents but they still want to get a point that these characters don't speak normal acrossed.

For what fucking purpose? Kikes, the lot of them.

Yeah if there's "gender confusion" tumblr tier bullshit going on I concede, that' some SJW faggotry going on and it would spoil my enjoyment.

How badly did they censor them? Jessica's outfits on PS2 were the cause of several vicious faps.
Did they at least keep the jiggling titties?
Could this have more to do with keeping it kid friendly for Nintendo rather than muh objectification?

Pretty badly, but someone already made a patch swapping them for the the original PS2 models.

Bunny outfit got hit the hardest, dresses cover up more, more skin is covered up. Couldn't tell you about the jiggle since I'm trying to keep my distance from it but they did it to keep a lower rating. And they censored Red as well it looks like.

*models based on the original PS2 models

The first one you'll get is story based and mandatory, which you'll be around lv.30-35 for. Her quest is story related and was in the PS2 version so not much new there. The second character you get is optional and requires you to beat all ranks in the monster arena. He's a fucking stellar addition to the roster if you upgrade his passion skill tree because he can raise any one character's tension by two levels with a skill. Add in a Timbrel of Tension and you'll be cutting bosses like a knife through butter. Can't say anything on the new voiceovers because I play with the speech off but overall I like this version of the game despite the graphical downgrade and I guess the censorship due to the newer restrictions on CERO, but it is definitely not a deal breaker for me as I have mountains of porn I'd rather fap to anyways. But if you're partial to that then lemme tell you that the bunny suit sucks ass now and titty jiggle may be toned down? Not certain because I played the PS2 one over 10 years ago. Also no Super Saiyan hair but who gives a shit honestly.

I'm trying to play metroid prime 2 after having ultimate comfy time with 2d metroids, but sadly the console-field of view and controls are giving me fucking headaches, and there are annoying micro-stutters too which are apparently unfixable for specific games. I hope it gets better

Kill yourself.

There is no turning back for you, brainwashed faggot.

Fuck, been a whole 10 years since I played that game. Enjoyed the hell out of it then Action Replay'd it to death just for fun.
Too cathartic for words.
I don't know how much has changed since I only played through the original on the PS2, but damn was it ball-bustingly hard. You're in for a ride.
Say what you want about its flaws, but like VIII, it was also ball-bustingly hard.

There's an uncensor patch floating around.

I've been playing through 7 since I got it last month, it's a pretty good game once you get over the slow fucking start. I just fucking love games that let you play as the monsters so I've been hardlining those classes as soon as I got to the job system (Around 15 fucking hours in)

More importantly, there's a CIA with it already installed and orchestral music restored.

Are you talking about the various English accents the characters have?

DQ8 was ball-bustingly hard?
I remember it being one of the easier RPGs I've played. Had some tricky moments for sure. Maybe you were very young when you played it?

How about DQ Heroes: Rocket Slime?
Worth my time?

What else?
The guy speaks regular formal Japanese in the original. The accents are added in by the (((localization))) team. Translations were bad 20 years ago because the translators didn't know English. Today, localizations are bad because retards actively try to ruin the script and censor anything that triggers them. And in the case of the 3DS Dragon Quest games, also take out the orchestral music and replace them with shitty midis for some reason.

Maybe I'm just not red pilled enough but I fail to see the problem with having a few different accents. They're from various parts of England, it's not like they're African and Indian accents…
Could the reason for the midi music be capacity limits of DS and 3DS cartridges?

What purpose to accents serve in games without fucking voice acting? Are you mentally challenged not to see the fucking problem of butchering the English language to make it "sound" like they're talking with an accent?

Holy shit we seem to have an asylum escapee here.

You're not very smart, are you?

I swear it is only hipster millennials that think this.

I can say a lot of the accents in DQ7 are shit, sometimes practically illegible. The WORST offender is the town of french people where you need to go through to get the second mode of transportation in the game and it's fucking atrocious, I just sped right through everything they said. There is also shitty attempts at German, Russian, Spanish, and god knows what else. The most infuriating part is that at times they say something in the supposed language then immediately hyphenate it and say it in English, because GOD FORBID a kid around the age of 9 uses their brain to suss out what the word means in that context. Really is the most infuriating part of the series all things considered, and because 'THEY'VE BEEN DOING IT LIKE THIS FOREVER' it will never fucking change.

Thought you were talking about PS1 and PS2 re-releases on DS and 3DS. Yeah no reason for it when it's just localisation.

Why do you have a problem with phonetically spelling words to make accents? No fun allowed?
I mean, sure, if it's something that just kind of bothers you personally I get that but you reckon it's a jew conspiracy? Or were you just meme-ing at me?

Asylum seeker actually.

Because it's fucking retarded, and as turns the text in the game into illegible gibberish that is a chore to slog through. The Nips saw no need to reinvent the wheel so I fail to see why the Marxist mental cripples that are tasked with localization push that trash into all the games.

Just wait for Titus to get the catapult.

Are you from the US? I think Europeans are fine with those accents because they have an ear for them. But if you don't and it all sounds like unintelligible gibberish to you I can see how that would be a problem for you.

Are you pretending to be retarded or were you really dropped on the head as a baby?

Psychosis or sociopath, take your pick satan.

I'm talking about audio while you're talking about text. Yes, the phonetic spellings of Scottish and northern English accents would mount frustration especially if you're unfamiliar with it.

It's actually been a while since I've seen someone this mad. Especially over such inconsequential shit.
Nice trips though.

Being a literal living retard isn't something to be proud about.

Sure is good to be back on Holla Forums. I'd forgotten how salty anons get.
It's become a lot more racial of late.

Overlord 1 and 2
Zeno Clash 1 and 2

In Overlord should I be corrupted or not? Which path is more fun? Help me choose, I'm terrible at choices.

It was in normal English and not filled with accents, and the localizers were too lazy to translate it to accent-speak, so they just removed it instead.

Yes I can confirm breast physics are intact in the 3ds version.
The latter, but surprisingly this didn't have anything to do with Nintendo and it didn't come from the games "localization". The Japanese release was censored because CERO rates games much harsher now than they used to when the ps2 game came out, the game would have been bumped up a rating in Japan thus the censorship.
Much as i hate the censorship (and it sucks they couldn't bother getting the licensing to go through for the orchestral score) the 3ds version is vastly superior to the ps2 and I still recommend it to anyone who enjoys the series.

Be corrupt, as corrupt as you can, though to be 100% it takes a little grinding and you pick the slut over the waifu.

It's like you people want to suffer

No, they gave some characters Spanish, French, Italian, and even Russian accents too. Even the dogs have heavily accented ways of saying "bark bark". IIRC, the Russian dogs say "gav gav". I have no idea why that is. Not to mention they made The Dragon God in DQ5 talk like Ned Flanders from The Simpsons. That's not even a real accent.

Does the photography feature serve any purpose (quests?) or is it just an autistic social media sharing thing for kiddies?

The girl choice is automatic then? That's a shame. Is the waifu better?

I'm guessing you can't pick and choose decisions?

No, its not automatic, but to be 100% corrupt thats the choice you make.

You can go in-between if you want but the most rewards are from going totally one end or the other.

Well there's no accounting for taste and if they accents bother you they bother you but I find it quite charming.

No it does indeed serve a purpose, it's basically a big ass side quest that can net you some items (extra skill seeds in particular are worth doing them for). When I first heard about it I thought it was dumb as fuck, but playing the game it's kind of addicting tbh.

That had nothing to do with localization, Square was just being stingy as fuck and apparently would've needed to drop additional money to get the license for the orchestral score in North America.

KotOR1 with the restored content mod (not as extensive as 2's RCM but whatever) if I can ever get the fucking cinematics to stop spazzing out
KotOR2 RCM afterward
Dragon Ball Fusions (which is one of those rare RPGs that's fun as well as engaging)

Okay well that's cool then! The photography in Beyond Good And Evil was pretty addictive. So long as there's something to be gained from it I'm all for it.

Nah, was already a teen when it illuminated my TV screen. I suppose it was a combination of impatience and lack of desire to grind, but I did have a memorably difficult time getting through the battles.

A very vivid memory is of killing the Tortured Soul in the Ruined Abbey, with only Yangus alive at 1 HP and poisoned. That is of course a vidya memory that'll stick with me forever, but were it not for DQ8's difficulty it probably wouldn't have happened.

Pretty fucking comfy, OP.

Well that explains a lot, that dungeon is sort of the big "difficulty spike" of the game everything after that is piss easy until the post game though.

Fuck Amazon.

DQ Builders is awesome. Except for when you try to innovate with traps and they don't fucking work.
Have you played Gravity Rush 2 yet? I played the first, it was a nice game but it felt empty or lacking or something.