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first for stop posting all these shitty waifus


previous bread

We terrorists now?

I guess nobody is from spain and is watching the political tv debates that are shitting on Trump because nacism and other bullshit reasons, right?


Well iirc GG has been called death eaters by people who dresses the same way as their kids while lining up to buy multiple copies of a Harry Potter book. And GG might also have been told to "grow up" by the same. And GG was responsible for many stairmuffins incidents. Wait, GG might have also been called meme warriors in a derogatory way at one point.

First for



Reminder that the ESA is a lobbying group whose first priority are to publishers, and the ESA's own continuing existence. Anytime they say they are for devs and gaming customers, always compare what the ESA says vs what they do.

Pic and archived link related

There's always a annoying trend in the thread yes I'm talking about Val that some people will pop up and say, "Oh, those talks make them look nice".
Always remember, when the big guy at the screen is saying that they've helped gamers get off censorship, remember that when the guy talking about how good they are for you, when you think that maybe we're wrong, remember that you're gullible and you've been proven wrong multiple times and that their sweet words won't change anything.


don't forget puss physics.

I'll put my "worst nightmare" inside your gamer"gate" you slut

Previous thread recap
>once again the general themes of the ESA is dishonesty, inconsistency, and hypocrisy

No! That's sexist! Bad! BAD!

What is this?


Just so we're clear, I was referring to mudslimes being autocorrected being an insult to dirt.

There was already ESA apologists in the past few bread. Funny that, when the ESA dig started to ramp up, so did their cucked shilling and distraction shitposting of "but the ESA is really not that bad tho guise come on" and "there's nothing habbening guise".

This re-post should be nailed to the cathedral door already.


Found the ESA's interior building from this site, make that of what you will.

Good evening faggots.

Wake up faggots! It's morning time on your end!

I'm already seething with malice at the mere sight.

Size too big

It's afternoon here.

That lighting on the front dude looks really weird to me. Like hes just shopped in. He also has that weird shading like hes a piece of concept art.

So, I'm seeing many fucking cowards suckerpunching people they call nazis. Is there any payback or response to all of this?

Where's the shadow of the guy in the back? He looks like he was just copy-pasted in too.

It's probably one of those cardboard cut-out stand deals…but then they'd probably cast a shadow.

Keep your eyes peeled, Dirty Dan Hewitt wants the ESA digs to get off rails and distract at how bloody the room ESA is at. Keep him together with shills in check.

The room's shit, just like the ESA. A bunch of pretentious hipsters running around acting like they know a fucking thing when all they've done is inspired me to conflagrate the lot.

CGI artist rendering of the proposed interior. AFAIK from reading the link that's not the akshual interior.
IMO they can spend money on their new hq however they want, or perhaps the money that's from publisher members due but in any case. It does say something about how large and monied the ESA is. And that means they will not give up their position and continuing existence easily. Sheeeeit, if I worked at an office like that, I know I wouldn't. You mysogynerds racist sexist gamer terorrists. :^)

Hoo boy, I found more photos of the ESA's 20th anniversary. It's still unsettling and a Podesta being there just begs the question what the fuck is going on.






End of set.

Reminder fellas that these are the people who says that they want to "protect" video games from those who wants to censor it! We need people who works in the actual industry to replace these lobbying ideologues out of our hobby!

It's been mentioned before, but is Heather Podesta cosplaying as Cruella De Vil?

Why everyone in there looks like a faggot, a cuck or a bitch?

Because they are.


Weirdest shipping ever.

I agree, but here's the problem, and one not limited to vidya. The people that creates content in vidya, sometimes have no interest or time to be active in that side of the industry. Those who fill that void are increasingly from law firms, PR, HR, or fucking yuge surprise here, TV and Movies. That saying of "why the fuck are these shitty games look and play like a shitty film school reject", has more than a grain of truth it seems.

The people and field that are not or have ever been directly responsible for content creation, often work their way in to positions of power over those who do. It's a sad cycle that I've seen in other fields. They live off the back of the golden goose, yet thinks they're the one shitting out the gold.

I'm working, but I can imagine. Our media is so shitty and biased it hurts.
Have you seen A3 "news"?
The work they have done with all the American elections has been ridiculously awful, incomplete, lazy, biased, oh and of course, Twitter memes as newseorthy.
Fucking lamentable, tío.

The memes blurring into reality in this particular timeline is still disorienting to me sometimes.

Veo la sexta que es mucho más cancerígeno.




No hombre, no. No te hagas eso, es propaganda izquierdosa infumable elevado a la sexta potencia
How does it feel like.


Nice trips, links?

"gamejourno" Marcus Beer had a heart attack and now has a goyfundme

literally who

I'm like two minutes away from going to bed so I'm not archiving this, but here's the start of it.


In retrospect I don't know why I didn't embed that.

and then sucked all his journos friends dicks. he is part of the problem

Wouldn't know. I don't keep up with all the journos because I never followed any of those faggots to start with. I just remember people on half/v/ having a laugh at Fish's expense when he got btfo.

Someone gets it.

his twitter summery say all you need to know

In that case, it's a bit of a shame it didn't fucking kill him. I'm going to bed for real now since my phon finally finished its shit

You can't make that shit up.

How much will this help getting more support for GG anyways?

I'm gonna get some rest. If there any anons have image ideas for me to make, shoot.
Also I want a nude loli vampire with her cape

Why are we all protesting against the ESA? Are we being raided by NASA shills?

I've read that interview, and I re-read it, again. And I'm still getting the impression it's mostly PR spin from the ESA and Dan Hewitt, and if they were sorry at all, they were sorry that they tipped their hand and got called for it. Cue the
I say fuck that noise. That tweet "mistake" was the tip of the iceberg. Reading the ESA LOFT should tell anyone with a clue that what the ESA says vs what it does are often two very different things.

Fuck off Dirty Dan.

Don't be such a fucking gun toting monkey BRs shouldn't have guns.

Oh I forgot to mention, watch the ESRB (ESA) respond to CensoredGaming and tell me from the evidence we collected you see it in a different perspective.

never EVER finger hex at a Sidney nightclub
its super gay


Dirty Dan again with his sophistry.



I tried to find out if this was real, but my soul just could not take going through Cucktonys tweets. Holy shit, if you took the beta cuck out of this dude all you would have left is a faint mist of dead skin cells apologetically floating in the air.

He misses his Wii U, it seems.

…wat? that video had esbr explaining shit about advertisement but as i understand they have absolutely fucking nothing at all to do with advertisement

user, you have been misled, they have been doing misdeeds. Being toyed by such a kike, you ought to throw them on the pike.

Watch out for GamerGate
The public enemy of the world #1
It is the main hashtag responsible for…
☑ Being on the wrong side of history
☑ Fondling 55 eggs by surprise
☑ Molesting people in VR
☑ Plays DOOM better than Polygon
☑ Safeguards vagina bones
☑ Are the LOVELY, horrible people at 8E8ightC-han
☑ Told God check my quads
☑ Seducing AVGN to the dark side of history
☑ Turned waifus into Gamergate's worst nightmare
☑ Turned Notch into a woman hating MRA rapemonster
☑ Cuntfuses a lot of ovary-acting womyn
☑ Captured all goon territory in EVE
☑ Delivered the final leg drop on Gawker
☑ Corrupted Milo into an internet super villain
☑ Called a jew a nazi
☑ Bullied Reddit's abandoned daughter
☑ Memed life into Liru
☑ Refusing to ban Liru
☑ Uses celebrities lives as fuel for the meme magic
☑ Leg dropped gawker into bankruptcy
☑ Filled up Codemonkey's disk with shitposting
☑ Made Mighty Number 9 fail
☑ Attempted to kidnap someone at E3
☑ Hired 5 fictional toads and a fictional conman to gangrape someone
☑ Using a time machine to harass innocent localizers
☑ Gave a toddler meningitis
☑ Made it rain in London
☑ Causing the UK to leave the EU
☑ Casted the original ghostbusters as all men
☑ Keeping the MN9 booth from being set up
☑ Refused to play with Stephen Tortilla
☑ Playing Pokemon without fear of repercussion
☑ Not watching Grillbusters
☑ Talking to girls who play Pokémon Go
☑ Waging war against Ghostbusters and Leslie Jones
☑ Got Milo bampersanded from Twitter. Again.
☑ Leveled up on the DNC
☑ Barbecued worst Korea
☑ Chasing topkek from kotaku
☑ Appropriated and augmented a group of racists
☑ De-funded paranormal investigators by linking them to a suicide group
☑ Channeled the powers of love and death into misogynistic flowers
☑ Komm Süßer Troll'd
☑ Surviving for 2 years
☑ Ejected a fascist nicktator and toppled his dishonest empire
☑ More effective than New York Media, Silicon Valley and Hollywood
☑ Being Gawker's biggest enemy
☑ Celebrating their daughter's birthday
☑ Continuing to be the #1 hate group online
☑ Forced aGGros to spend christmas and new years whinging alone
☑ Owned some bitch
☑ Caught the Arby's killer
☑ Became a verb
☑ Made Pepe great again
☑ Inspired Trump's campaign
☑ Seduced the Occulus Rift founder
☑ Hacked the DNC
☑ Forced Pepe into the American school curriculum
☑ Bought 4chan
☑ Defended Devin Faraci
☑ Forced the UN to gather 800 gigabytes of white supremacy frogs
☑ Marketing of Nintendo Switch
☑ Infiltrating the emoji selection committee
☑ Hiding millions of anti-Semitic tweets
☑ Virtually raping a woman under the name BigBro442
☑ Unintentionally prepared all of us for the 2016 election
☑ Made halfchan go bankrupt
☑ Bullying a comic writer off twitter
☑ Turning S.Korea into a chinese girl cartoon
☑ Using free speech to undermine the freedom of the press
☑ Triggering Blizzcon
☑ is actually the FBI
☑ Making alternate earth great forever
☑ Creating fake news
☑ Ordering pizza without pineapple
☑ Genesis of the alt-right
☑ Outliving Castro
☑ Corrupting communist mascots with glorious capitalism
☑ Laid the groundwork for online harassment and conspiracy
☑ Glorious Winged Faggot Extraordinaires
☑ Funded the most diverse game in history, eliminating racism, sexism, and the game/animation/whatever itself from existence
☑ Being associated with white supremacist groups
☑ Spent Christmas with Liru
☑ Actually had fun for Christmas
☑ Destroyed the alt-right
☑ Became meme warriors
☑ Toxic gamer culture
☑ Weaponized nostalgia
☑ Shutting down every woman who tried to even have a forum
☑ Causing Battleborn to flop
☑ Carrying meme associations with the presidential inaugural speech
☑ Made Antifa shoot itself in self defense
☑ Set a limo on fire
☑ Taught the right wing to collectively target sponsors
☑ Sent the head mod of Holla Forums to attack Chia The Beef
☑ Revealed their leader to be grand nazi Jonathan ARYAN Jafari

Can't wait for the butthurt the next election is going to cause when Trump wins a second time

Then after that, Mike Pence as POTUS. Imagine the terror that will bring to every feminists, SJWs and liberals in the West.

these people are trying really, REALLY hard to look good rather then just doing business, that's not a good sign.


Why are you so sure he may be re-elected?

By the way, do we have some artfags or drawfags around? Gonna need your help. See this Latin phrase? Now, translate this into an art that will show people on how inclusive gaming is. How you'll depict it will be on your end. Make sure you use the phrase too somewhere on the artwork. I hope this is a good idea.

Not sure but considering the fact that he managed to do so much shit in such a short period of time on top of everything during the election itself, he could probably think of something. If Bush and Obabo managed to get re-elected then anything is possible.

New flavor of the month rust clone but this time conan themed


Neither of them had this level of shilling against them despite them doing the same and worse. Plus there is the possibility that the alphabet agencies, at least the CIA, are going into open revolt and trying to incite enough Americans with them.

This is why the Japanese games industry is superior.

Both the FBI and CIA had internal struggles due to the election though, with the CIA to a lesser extent. Also having the CIA go against you generally tends to be a sort of status symbol, which could prove useful.

The Ace of NJPW checks those repeated digits.

The media being against Tump seems to help his popularity, since like 90% of the people distrust the media. All the constant outrage might actually help him, as it keeps his name in constant circulation.


Airport's law continues to this day.


Since it's slow anyway, I'll just ask here. What happened with the attack in cananda? When I went to bed yesterday, they were saying it was two guys, a Quebecer and a muslim guy. Now after I woke up, they are saying it was just the Quebecer guy.

The Muslim turned out to be a witness to the shooting.

I see. These things tend to be chaotic when they are first reported.

The killer is a québécois. Was a social sciences student. Liked far-right and feminist pages on facebook. Seems to have discussed right-wing ideas. Claims that he is an anti-feminist although so far all I've seen, even from journalists, are claims of this.
In short, nobody fucking knows and it feels like canada's journalists want to give the least amount of information until they like the one they receive. So everything still needs time and clarity.

He had far left pages on his facebook too. Lügenpresse in full effect

Leaf-Frog, Mozzie was a witness, liked a variety of pages from the Left to Right, but a lot of the fucks in Mapleland is calling it White Nationalism, also gotta mention Trump, because reasons.

You have been visited by


Good luck on love, Good Luck on Surgeries, Concentration, Smugness, a better PC, the ability to spot shills, Orchestra instead of Dubstep, an easy guide to mememagic, faster Japanese learning and Salt of your enemies will come but only if you post a pic of your Waifu followed by the words “FOR HER, THE WORST NIGHTMARE OF GAMERGATE”

Remember to always be a big guy


Exactly why I'm a bit grumpy about all reports so far. I've seen a few french outlets that DID do their job right, and that, if they do give the slightest shit about someone's facebook page (let's be honest, who fucking cares), at least they review all the ones that DO seem relevant; and so they included the ones that were left-winged too.

Did they include the pro israel groups too or was that too taboo even for them?

France 24 is my only internet news source that I feel I can trust, and they did mention the pro-israel, next to trump, marine le pen and a left-wing canadian party.

no benis, thread saged

Edit this as much as you like anons. Enjoy!

Hey thats pretty cool.


not the first, saged again

also not vivian

bye bye


5 more minutes

I don't think Alex Jones is retarded at all thus far, but as my general policy about trusting judgments goes, "buy the water filters" leaves my belief shaky.

Can mombot put in more help with Japan?


guys what is your opinion on net neutrality? Last time I checked Holla Forums was mainly against removing it, Holla Forums wants it gone and this thread called me a shill for wanting net neutrality.

Net neutrality is good but Obummer wanted to make the internet a federally regulated work, which is not great.
The guy Trump has as the head of the FCC was against Obummer's idea of net neutrality.


Wait what? Are you sure you weren't called a shill for avatar fagging?
Anyways, I'm for net neutrality. ISPs will fuck you in the ass if they are given the chance.

I'm for it as long as they don't step on snek and from what I understand about America is that ISPs have monopolies over certain areas so they can fuck people without being out competed.

You must be confusing me with someone else. I do a lot of shit that attracts hate from you guys, but avatar fagging is not something I do. I don't care about those made up characters people share on the internet.

Get in line, Shibata. Anyway, have any of you forwarded the dossier of the feminist-ran media on how to "destroy" us to known YT'ers that can spread it to normalfags?

It probably would be better if muriclaps went with another system. archive.is/BMqCV

Oh, come on, his theme is from fucking DDR.



did you not see the name in the bottom of those comics? Also I would not waste time following her, she complains about bikinis and sexy clothes a lot, she is probably a fat sjw.

You Tell Me

Is this some kind of hint, you glorious faggot?

I'll still jack off to it eventually

You're a true fighter

I already did.

Not done yet.


Gotta bail, never give up guys, you are all the best.



That should tell you all you need to know.

I wrote a post about it that I should have capped, but the gist is: NN is already federally regulated by FCC's Open Internet Order, and getting rid of it will only allow ISPs to jew customers even more. As it is, all ISPs have to provide access to everything. By definition, removing NN will only allow them to provide inferior services, nickel-and-dime etc.

Those backless sweaters, man.


I don't understand the fuss.
They look shit and what's worse make whoever wears them look like shit.


You're just not a back/butt/sideboobs man.

I was suprised to learn it's based on an IRL thing.

It's a combination of sweaters and aprons.
It is a gift from the gods.

I swear there was another one of her in the sweater, that did have the freckles.

People who wear them look like sluts, and I can't get into slutty women, or take them seriously for that matter.


Have you anons edited this war poster already? I know we have edited war posters before in the early months of #GamerGate and I haven't seen an edit of this one. What do you think?

Yeah I don't get the point either. The aesthetic value is zero, and if you're going to remove so much of the clothing, just draw her naked already.

You sound pretty autistic

So hiding all the good bits and showing all the boring bits really gets you going?
You must fucking love those censoring lines nips use.

I didn't say that. It's this particular type of clothing that is shit.


I prefer shit like only an apron but I can see the appeal


time to kill myself

I don't understand this mentality at all. A sexy outfit (not even necessarily a revealing one) is almost always better than 100% naked.

gay detected

Well taste is subjective but yours is objectively shit and you're garbage.

Weird how that hasnt happened to other countries that dont have net neutrality, weird how internet companies screw over large areas of the US with net neutrality in effect.

Maybe, but I contend that the backless sweater isn't sexy to begin with.

Net Neutrality gives the government control over the internet thus stifling growth and innovation.
Romania, my country, doesn't have Net Neutrality yet somehow for the past 11-12 years we've been constantly in the top 5 world-wide for internet speed (download and connection).

And if the ideological argument doesn't tickle your fancy, how about a financial one. I'm on a 1Gbps connection and I pay $9,50 per month.
Speedtest pics to prove I'm not talking out my ass, third pic is what passes for average download speeds.

So instead of ESRBusted (which may accidentally pave way for IARC) should we do similar against the ESA instead? (Dig, Inform, Denounce?)

ESAttack? ESAnnihilate? ESAssblast?

The last 3 are the most relevant right now, and the infograph/OC would produce the most effect when shared IMO.
Part of ESRBusted. Remember Western AAA wants to kill the competition, and (((they))) want everything puritan- which means stopping Japanese games from being imported or existing. Japanese games aren't always better, but at least their devs make what they want to make.

Ideal for redpilling, though some still bear a grudge against Scalia. There are still neutrals. Or rather, people who hate "backwards" views, but would still support Gaming until the MSM said one thing (agreeing wholeheartedly), or Trump said something else (standing for the polar opposite).

I knew Reddit was retarded but holy shit is this on a whole new level. Also where are they getting the idea that they are "losing" net neutrality? The whole debate is based on passing it, not protecting some ancient law written eons ago.

Eastern Europe has some of the most lax laws when it comes to being an ISP and they have some of the fastest speeds in the world. In fact, they even get it for cheap as fuck because people set up huge LAN networks and then settle for lower prices from providers.

Multi-prong attacks. No targets will be left unscathed. ESA, ESRB or whatever the fuck it is, if they got some ideological agenda, they're gonna get their shits kicked in.



That happened in the late 90s - early 00s, now ISPs provide cheap, fast and quality services that block or neighborhood LANs have disappeared.
It's not unusual for ISPs to send a team and hook you up the same day you sign the service contract or the next day.
It only takes longer if you live far away from a city.
A poignant example is the village my where grandparents used to live. It still has dirt roads, people still shit in outhouses and it's in the middle of fucking nowhere, but it has high speed broadband.
You don't get 1Gbps connections out there, but 500Mbps for $9 per month isn't that bad either.

reddit wants trump gone so bad they suggest turning the country to total shit.

Speaking for myself, I do not see ESRBusted accidentally or deliberately paving the way for IARC. ESRB is one of the components needed for IARC to work, it won't be replaced by the IARC. If anything if the IARC gains a lot of industry traction and acceptance it will cement the ESRB further, imo.

IMO again, yes. Start the planning and ops phase and rev up the war room, infographics, tagjacks, redpill dispensaries. I think there is enough found on the dig to get going.
I like that out of the 3.

You're not a fucboi as long as you don't wear the dress, gook.

Internet speed has little to nothing to do with NN. Japan and Netherlands have better speeds, and they have NN laws.

FCC's Open internet Order.

Again, speed isn't really related to content. To put it another way: do these fast ISPs block content? If not, you would lose nothing with NN.

Gook is cute

plz pretend that post was never happened
i've made a huge mistake

Here gook

Yeah okay, keep telling yourself that.

Not so fast gook.


Can someone translate this shit for me? Google Translate isn't coherent and I don't speak Otaku.

I can pretend, but the Internet won't.

Neatly dodging the point I see, he is saying he has good internet providers (unlike the US) while his country has no net neutrality. The "omg we will get fucked over by removing it" is complete bullshit AND MANY PEOPLE IN THE US ARE ALREADY GETTING FUCKED OVER.

why everyone treats me like i turned the trip on
why even new ip with (1) can't provide me anonymity
what is going on
i just wanted to shitpost that's all

Do the sedition laws still apply in the US because these faggots are breaking them.

Fair enough, my fear was out of them taking the backlash, and spinning it to make it look good.
> "We here at IARC will work with all nations to improve it."

Then again, it's not for the same reason we never list "goals" (claiming to solve the problem when they don't).
By falsely fulfilling the goal, the debate becomes "did they solve the issue" not "why is the issue bad?"
And no-body tried to solve the problems GG presented. So maybe my concerns are too much. They may want more control, but would they be able to resist virtue-signalling and swallow their pride long enough to "use" us?

So after voting for a president a second time despite knowing fully well that he is going to continue the wars in the Middle East like he did in his first term, pushing for heavy gun regulation, applauding the pussification of the military through severe punishments for "bigotry" and constant mockery of the military for being brain-dead brutes they expect the US military, which is extremely conservative, to switch sides when they are getting what they want?

You really have no clue what the hell you are advocating for, do you?
To put it in another way: do you own guns? If not, you would lose nothing with gun confiscation

Your English is a dead-giveaway on who you are, you fucking idiot! Git gud!

What do you think about Trump getting rid of Net Neutrality?

my lust for you identifies you immediately

no it's not

why does the sage switch off?


Yeah, "kids".

I'm a libertarian but I'm pretty sure this "Net Neutrality" shit is important. Its not a good default law but its important because ComCast is spending millions on lobbying to stop Google Fiber and other services form spreading.
This could be a important development but if the other dominoes aren't knocked down too people will think libertarians are retarded.

The ESRB is not the ESA, they originally founded it but they're separate organizations. You've been told this already. Stop lying and distorting. At this point I'm starting to wonder if there's some sort of ggrevolt style shilling/autism going on. But it's probably just the thing where a "digger" falls down a hole of confirmation bias and over-dramatizing and rejecting criticism.

How is it "unsettling"? What the fuck does that even mean for a party to be unsettling? Hosting parties with government people is pretty typical for organizations interested in lobbying.

It's funny because I'm usually the first to criticize the ESA, because they're the ones behind that video-game gender statistic everyone cites, even though they never publish their methodology and it's probably spinning as hard as possible so they can make games seem "normal" and popular for lobbying purposes. But half the stuff you're posting doesn't make sense and most of the other half is exaggerated. Can't you criticize an organization for the things you don't like without acting like they're the devil or spinning the good/neutral things they do as also bad?

I assume you're talking about me. I've been here since thezoepost and I can prove I've been closely involved since less than 5 months in. If I do that will you listen to criticism instead of dismissing it as shilling?

Hi Dirty Dan!

Leaf here. I swear to fucking god, theres so much hating white men shit on my facebook now because of the whole Quebec shooter thing. But god help you if you blame all muslims for terrorism. I hate my country.

It's a harmless bit of fun.

You also believed their bullshit about data caps being good for the customer, didn't you?

Okay, I'll spell it over. He implied that there's a correlation between high internet speed and lack of NN. I provided an argument against it. How is that dodging the point? If you can establish that correlation, I'm all ears.

This is so fucking stupid it doesn't even deserve to be called a false equivallency fallacy.

Because h8chan recognized the truth in your previous post and deemed it necessary to show it on the first page.

Romanized its
"Heiki heiki, hecchara yo"
It means
It's fine, it's fine- it doesnt matter!
Could also mean im fine, It doesn't matter (to me) depending on context

no first for benis

This is definitely the new age of bullying
I'm getting memed to death

Thank you user.

Its like they don't know about the Trump memes showing up in military bases, or just how badly the police seemed to be itching to sodomize their asses with nightsticks to prep them for the fifty Jamals they were going to prison bitches to.

Well, the crazy people protesting aren't doing the trick. Fuck these people. Even if the kids were saying shit, it was because their parents were feeding them lines about how the world was. My sister is pulling similar shit, with her trying to raise her son to be a feminist. Bitch, everyone you serve with that bullshit wants to see you and your son raped, and murdered because you are white.

You have good reason to.


he-i-ki he-i-ki, he-c-cha-ra yo, I think.

Someone going to make an FPS map out of it?

See. That post was properly saged because h8chan saw it was shit and sage worthy.


Your country is the size of West Virginia, please don't compare our infrastructure needs to yours you dirty gypsy.

That is because what you are doing is essentially Pascal's Wager by saying "oh well if you have nothing to gain or lose then you should still do it because how super amazing it is", which is what I was pointing out. The point to net neutrality is to be a feel-good law that changes absolutely nothing for the end-user, since none of the things proclaimed that it protects against are actually happening, and allow the government to later grab more power by giving them the power to be able to later define what is "suitable bandwidth".

Thank you for the heads up about Media Matters.
Also your GamerGate Wiki Boycott List: v.gd/HTjBk3 link is broken, site is giving 404 error.


but i put the sage there BECAUSE no first for benis

Again with the constant references to Harry Potter

And now we can hit where it hurts.

Cause it's the only book they've read. And maybe Twilight.

Oh, god, it's real!

This is great!


Yeah, they have more in common with Umbridge than with Harry.

Like when you killed off Roland in memelands 2? Fucking hypocrite cuck Roland was my nigga in 1.

Fuck sake lad.

Okay, fine then.


I'm the longtime regular in this thread who created /ggg/ during the migration from /gg/, before /gamergate/ was created and we decided on going there instead. I've done various other things as well - for example I did most of the Boyer digging and a few other cases, like compiling more tweets for the Love/Kopas COI 5 days back, when /gamergate/ died I made the poll we used to decide on HQ, I kept local archives that were used to fill in some of the gaps in the thread repository before the project fell apart, I even happen to be the person who back on halfchan first pushed for archive.today to replace Donotlink because Donotlink is useless. I've brought this up a few previous times when I was accused of shilling, which probably provides a distorted perspective to other thread regulars where I'm always arguing or something, but I'm in the thread most days so most of the time I'm just a regular poster.

The point isn't to brag or anything, it's that I'm not a shill, and if you think I'm a shill it's a sign you're dismissing genuine criticism with that label. Do you still think I'm "Dan" long-term undercover? Are you actually going to consider what I'm saying, or find some other reason to dismiss it?

Looking at the IARC page
my read on it and why I came to that conclusion is the IARC needs the ESRB, and other ratings board like PEGI, USK etc for the International part to work. I almost see it like a large franchise they are trying to setup. The IARC needs to have an already setup regional ratings board, in order to function so it can not be accused of ruling\rating a game in country X from country Y. The kicker is, IMO the ESRB and other ratings board when you read the digging on what kind of people staff the countries ratings board. Their personnel seems to have very similar patterns of backgrounds. PR, entertainment law, community manager, movie & tv or other older media. If they do have any background in vidya, it's rarely content creation. Maybe QA, or marketing and PR. Notice a pattern?

In short, to me they look nearly identical in resumes and backgrounds. If you switch the names and countries and just go by resume, I'd find it hard to pick any individuals out because many of them read like they all came from the same drone factory. PR, marketing, and entertainment sector law.

Despite the recent dickjerking about how based [insert jonny come lately e-celeb here] is by being sympathetic to GG in current year +2. IMO GG is still deemed so toxic by MSM and most regressives and the easily fooled, that it has almost become a superpower in itself. GG has become kryptonite to some people, and the kicker is it's the very same people that keeps memeing GG into becoming kryptonite for them.

It's like Pottery. :^)

Did anyone ever send that ditty to Burch?

Well yeah, that's rather the point.
Come on, a lot of America has no choice of ISPs as it is. What could possibly improve by letting these monopolistic agents having even more control over what you can access? Are they lobbying against NN because they're just dying to offer "innovative solutions" to their captive customer base?

What America needs isn't to remove NN, but to increase competition, and as far as I can see, current NN regulation isn't standing in the way of that.

Yes, precisely because it's already law here, or whatever is the proper term for FCC's rulings. Other countries have plenty of problems with ISPs, or even worse, the government itself blocking content. Having NN enshrined in law is very much an important achievement.

>tfw they ended up killing scooter

Wait, when did it happen?

So I guess there's no problem killing off white, blonde Tiny Tina. :^)

Man, Tales From the Borderlands was weirdly good. Like it was weird that it worked. It's also the only thing decent Telltale has made since Season 1 of TWD.

Why does the ESA exist in the first place? Because COULBINE niggers and who was the first politician to take advantage of that? hilleary r. clinton ESA was always controlled opposition gamers need to be controlled or else they shoot schools that is the motive the ESA has always operated under and why that narrative has existed for so long.

But she's a womyn so that would actually be hindering muh diversity. Remember, diversity = no white males whatsoever.

In Tales from The Borderlands. It wasn't even in the actual base games. There were so many references to different shit, (including that picture). If you've ever watched Dr. Strangelove, he goes out pretty much like this.

That explains everything, I only played B1 and 2.
You know, I've been thinking about Burch's tweet about killing off characters. I realize he ACTUALLY killed Roland AND replaced it with Axton, who is basically a white Roland with a bigger sentry and no medic skills.

Should be this one: thisisvideogames.com/gamergatewiki/index.php?title=Boycott_List

Motherfucker, your two posts read like shameless leaderfagging with several doses of
along with
Also, thank you for proving once and for all that /ggg/ was a honeypot.

The good/neutral things the ESA has done is likely 2007 and before. Everything after that has looked at least inconsistent, if I'm comparing what they say vs their behavior.
Except when piracy charge is thrown when it comes to preserving old games, it does not help that the MPAA and RIAA was tagging along. If you don't see that there isn't any implications with current vidya trends on how shit that move really means, I don't care if you were there cleaning hotwheels benis when his patreon got kiboshed by socjus harpies and beta orbiters.
What is the concern that is tickling your bumhole. If a digger is being too dramatic for your taste, then filter it. If you thinkg you got better evidence or can present it in a better way, just do it. Digging and recon is always going to be the first phase anyhow, the data and info still has to be sifted through and processed. If you keep insisting that the ESA is not as bad as they are or just neutral at best, that's your perogative. But don't expect anyone else to just agree, especially if you're trying to pull a "I was there from early on" as your strongest reason on why your concern is valid.

He's become a masochistic cuck.

"Oh PLEASE don't kill off my diverse cast in front of me. I'd hate that SOOOOO much!"

People lack options for ISPs because of laws passed by these ISPs under the guise of helping the customer. Here's just a small list of the laws that people could fight against to ensure they don't get fucked in the ass
But yeah, those ones really aren't that important, let's just give the government even more control.

There are ISPs lobbying FOR it, just like Google and Facebook also did at one point but that is probably because they both just care so much about helping people :^)
You know very well what I meant. It wasn't happening before it passed and it certainly didn't stop anything after it had passed.

this sick mofo

Fuck it, they can kill them all, Burch ruined almost everyone now, Marcus is a Jew, Moxxi is the whoriest of the whores, Lilith is a stone junkie, etc…

What exactly were you expecting?

some gay is deleting my sages

in the Grim Dark Future, who gives a shit about peta? I bet Abbaddon is the only one who listens to this. But then again he has no arms.

That's the biggest hurdle for having fiber, isn't it? Fiber optic lines are a hell of a lot cheaper to manufacture than copper wire, but no one wants to pay to dig down to lay it and instead they rather piggyback on the old-ass wire that was laid down decades ago.

Is there any reason internet lines can't be strung on telephone and power lines overground?

This plot is straight from Japanese hentai

I think those are Burch's posts.

Hi Gook. How are you going reciting the self esteem boosting phrases?

Yes, the reason is that the law said so. Because apparently having wires that could kill you if you touch them are safe enough to keep above ground level but optic fibre isn't.
>inb4 double post

nigger, that guy puts lipstick on his dick.

I'm doing fine, you can stop ask
can you copypasta the phrase again? I'm getting lose it day by day

Can't be. The person in the story still has his console.

That and I'll be honest, I don't see Anthony playing Varsity anything in terms of sports.


Sister wasn't saving herself for him.

Is the joke that this lizard actually makes the sound?

What a crazy month am I right
Least Jontron is redpilled

Also what video game company came out against trump recently?


Huh, it is giving a 404 error. Thanks for the heads up.


I'm just making sure you get enough motivation to repeat the words. Persistence is the key.
Writing the phrase was kind of a spur of the moment thing so I don't remember what I wrote exactly. Check the previous threads and look for the phrase "Just for today". I at least remember THAT part.

Never. Erin's cuter anyway.

I keep reading all these arguments about net neutrality, and how it's a bad thing, but i feel like i'm having a fucking stroke because i cannot grasp the actual argument against it.

the concept of net neutrality to me is a good thing, that isp's cannot fuck with traffic they provide over their lines. they cannot artificially slow or block some services and must give equal consideration to all traffic. this prevents isp's from blocking some services/sites and charging extra fees from them.

the argument against seems to just be Holla Forumsacks going "muh big government".

so break it down for me, like i'm a fucking child, because i do not understand. actually explain why the concept - not the implementation of it, but the base concept is a bad thing for us.

I haven't read a harry potter book before, I'm guessing Umbridge is a LW like character?

Never mind looked it up and it was insomniac
Well shit


They killed him? For what purpose, I liked that guy in the first game. Never played 2 or beyond because the memes.



That is kinda hard to do considering the fact that Gilda willingly cucks herself

That would only work in theory, in practice you will get the same situation as with tobacco companies when someone tries to take them to court over second hand smoke. Sure, NN could theoretically help people win in a hypothetical lawsuit in the event that they explicitly mention that they will give you better service for more money, but in practice they will simply give "service packages" that have better service for the more expensive ones without explicitly stating it, which people are bound to notice fairly quickly but will have no way to prove. Even if you have a study for internet speeds among 10,000 users of package A and 10,000 users of package B, the data can still be thrown out on the basis of it not being sufficient proof.
The basic concept is not wrong in the slightest, even if extremely naive, but the thing is that you can't really rely on mere concepts to make decisions.


Worst part of every newspaper.

I get a government not taking action against companies for being anti-competitive, but to actually have laws that explicitly allow monopolies? I had no idea this was a thing.


What? Gilda is not a cuck.


Thank god the video game in japan isn't listening to these idiots

which is more than I can say about the comic industry

Those of you who are anti net neutrality, you really think we will get faster internet once its gone? DO YOU REALLY THINK THE INTERNET PROVIDERS THAT FUCK US OVER RIGHT NOW WILL HELP US IN THE FUTURE? Yeah I am pretty sure those poor isp are innocent as hell. They want to provide us good service but they can't because of the evil net neutrality law.

Cheap tearjerking and setting for a DLC. So basically no real purpose, burch did it just for this.

> it's not benis

meant to reply to

No problem. Did you find it yet? Let us know when you do, please.

stay tuned for the next opinion piece:

You can look it up, there are areas in the US where that has happened. Not sure if it was removed but I doubt it has, to me Net Neutrality simply seems to be a distraction with a neat idea to appease people by making them think that everything is going to be alright from now on. The thing that led me to believe this was the sudden media support for it, even from slimey limey, in such short notice despite ISPs in the US having a massive lobby that pretty much on a daily basis makes shit up to give themselves more control. I get shit like grassroots movements but this is way too convenient to have started from ordinary people.

t. retard

Your english is worse today than usual. Are you really ok?

so far I didn't see a single good argument for net neutrality, so yes, you are a retarded cuck.

To be honest user, I'm still not getting it. Lay it out for me, in concrete terms, with examples, because right now all I see is paranoia over what they might do.

How does net neutrality law, in the US or worldwide, fuck over the consumer?

That steamy girl on girl action can't come fast enough.

In the fifth Harry Potter book, Order of the Phoenix, the Ministry of Magic (wizarding government) doesn't want to believe Voldemort, the main villain of the series, has returned after supposedly dying more than 10 years ago. Everyone is so desperate not to believe it because of how much terror he struck into all magic civilization and culture that they start thinking the few that do have lost their minds and might become a threat if not properly controlled. To do this, the head issues an employment of Umbridge to fill in the Defense Against The Dark Arts position, which seems to somehow be cursed as every teacher never lasts more than a year, which unlike all the other teachers being somewhat part of the cast leaves the spot right open.

Unsurprisingly she first starts with decreeing they won't practice magic period even though they're literally supposed to learn to defend against any faggots out there and Harry is punished for daring to spoint out she's full of shit. He's unsuspectiingly forced to use a magical quill that writes "I must not tell lies" by using his own blood, literally carving into his arm. By the end of the book it's permanently marked into his skin for the rest of his life just for continuously defying the propaganda and working to help others prepare themselves for bad shit coming.

Umbridge herself is a complete mega bitch that acts sweet and intelligent while doing the most underhanded and manipulative shit to gain more control while basically being shielded from removal since she's working directly with basically the president to carry out his propaganda that everything is fine and everyone saying otherwise is crazy or outright dangerous.

At least they're both fucking sacked. The sad part is the minister was previously an alright guy who was on good terms with Dumbledore before they were separated by beliefs and outright became enemies, even fucking accusing him of plotting against him to seize power.

He wants to be noticed soon, user

Calling out misinfo and distortion is not leaderfagging.

I know who Podesta is. That doesn't mean a government official being invited to a party where lobbyists mingle with government officials is weird. It's like EA hosting a party and inviting game journalists, what do you expect?

Yes, their support for anything they think reduces piracy is a genuine criticism. I'm not saying they're all good, I'm saying they're mixed and a lot of the stuff people are saying about them is wrong or distorted.

There haven't been that many attempts for governments to censor videogames more recently, but they did call out that UN report for instance. They've been pretty consistently anti-censorship, yet people are distorting things so badly they're accusing them of being "global censorship rings" and stuff like that. Or claiming they run the ESRB.

I gave that because you called me a shill instead of actually listening to criticism or arguing the point.

Look, the ESA supported SOPA and PIPA, though looking it up they actually dropped support for SOPA in 2012. They issued a statement about TPP that seemed vaguely supportive, but I'm not sure if they actually lobbied for it. They also give money to some discriminatory "diversity" efforts to get "women and minorities" into game development (someone in the previous thread said they "want to enforce gender/race quotas", but I haven't seen anything like that). Those are legitimate criticisms, but it's pretty obvious why they did the first, and the second is pretty popular and mainstream. GG itself gave a bunch of money to TFYC, you might consider that different but many people will consider it the same sort of thing. Some of the publishers that they represent give money to the same sort of stuff. They once tweeted something supportive of Anita but then deleted it saying it wasn't authorized, so they probably have at least some low-level people supportive about that.

What I'm mainly objecting to is all the hyperbole how they really have a "bias against gamers" or support censorship or whatever. It's possible to criticize the stuff you don't like without spreading misinformation or pretending they're this big villainous organization GG has to destroy somehow.

Is there any other legitimate criticism of them I'm missing?

Anyone seen this yet?

She's a fat, middle aged woman who acts cutesy and surrounds herself with adorable things, but is actually a cruel and vile control freak with a huge streak of racism against nonhumans and half-humans. (Not a coincidence her name sounds like umbrage)

She was forced into Hogwarts by the Ministry of Magic to keep an eye on the school and enforce the Ministry's agenda there, and their narrative that Voldemort hasn't returned, it's just Harry making up shit for attention.

She's eventually given more and more power due to Ministry meddling until she's basically running the school as an authoritarian shithole with those who suck up to her being given lavish privileges while students and teachers alike who oppose her are punished into silence.

She's pretty much the archetype of a SJW that gains power via cronyism to those with authority and tyrannically enforces her beliefs upon a community.

And do you really think that the isp that are owned by the same people who own cnn, msn, and the rest would ever let you be here? In the dark net of the unlisted google sites?
Do you really think they would let you go to all those fake news sites that are known to have malware? That bring hate to us a divide us like he did?
Listen and Believe.

Well, I'm surprised by how dark that sounds from a Harry Potter book.

So the president and the minister are the same person? That's the only part I'm not sure I follow on.

Holy shit, you did that much better than I could have. I feel ashamed.

I don't think that's the claim. I support the premise of net neutrality, but with the degree of anticompetition that is already normal it won't improve much. On the other hand, if you actually had competition, you wouldn't need net neutrality. Ultimately, net neutrality seems like the sort of measure you'd implement in a service in which a competitive market isn't possible.

For some reason I'm picturing Merkle as this woman. This is making me want to check this series out, I thought this was cutesy kiddy shit on par with MLP.

Anyone here knows japanese? I need a sentence translated.

I'd help, but I only know hiragana ATM.

And where is this competition going to come from? You think they are just going to arise out of nowhere?

Reminds me of Methwhale.

I think you mean against

Net Neutrality does absolutely nothing except add a level of bureaucracy by reclassifying ISPs as carriers. In the long term this bureaucracy could be used by the ISPs themselves to try to eliminate their competition but so far it does nothing. The whole law is based on a premise of "should therefore will", which is that ISPs should give equal service to all customers regardless of price and because we said so, they all of a sudden will.
Because it does nothing, since none of the proposed doomsday scenarios from which it protects from have happened, I can only give other examples to explain why I say it is a distraction. In lobbying there is a very commonly used method to protect certain actions while pretending to ban them, for example like with the BPA craze. The thing with the anti-BPA laws was that there were companies using BPA plastics lobbying for it and they were doing so fairly heavily, and the reason they were doing that was so that they could be the ones to steer the discussion. In the places that BPA was banned by these lobbyists, they made sure to write the law in such a manner that companies are banned from selling BPA products. The issue with that, however, is that the original plastic packaging has no BPA in it and so it changed nothing about the plastic being sold, it only served to distract people and lead them into thinking that the problem is solved. On top of that it is impossible to sue the companies for using plastics that result in BPA because in court they state that the original product didn't have it as it left the factory, and as a result they do not hold blame.


improving competition and breaking monopolies would be a good thing, but i'd still want a net neutrality law on the books. i'd want that particular avenue of competition to be regulated/closed off.

Compete on quality, price, customer service, but I do not potentially want to have to subscribe to several different ISPs to get access to all the services/sites i want. Imagine if ISPs started signing exclusivity deals with Steam? fuck that.

I finally found it, don't make me do it again, it was painful to search through archives.

I don't know why anons take care of me as child but I'm okay
Wait I'm actually not okay, I want to turn off this invisible trip

I'm actually trying hard for not to be detected, such as fresh new cropped images, improving my grammars but I'm not very good at it and anons finds me anyway
And I'm not enjoying this sudden gook hunting culture, it's scary and I don't know how anons finding me

"So I think I didn't intend to draw so-called stereotype yuri."
I did best as I can


During the first few books that's not too far off, but people start dying around the 4th and it only gets darker from there.

Great work. If you want, you could paste it here for other anons to use.

Yeah. I thought that was obvious enough with mentioning it was called the Ministry.

If you do, don't read anything after the 7 books. Rowling seems to have changed from when she wrote a surprisingly socially accurate plot like Order of the Phoenix for a children to young adult series. There's never been any objections to or even a peep about Hermione being portrayed as white literally until recent years.

I still think Harry Potter while highly overrated admittedly is still a solid book series for children to grow up with that has a diverse charming cast of characters affected various ways by the world they live in. I'm bitterly not surprised so many liberal shitheads keep obnoxiously making comparisons to it and something not even seeing they're the fucking Ministry when it comes to GamerGate and Trump.

Remove Guilda

Don't forget that she also was prepared to literally torture Harry for information while rationalizing it away as being for the greater good.

They get progressively darker, but it really becomes noticeable partway through the fourth book.

But I attached the screencap

Every morning look yourself in the eye with a mirror and tell yourself
>I am a man.
>Just for today, I will be strong
>Just for today, I will be fair
**>Just for today, I command my own space.
Repeat that to yourself every day.**

I'm well aware of how Rowling acts. Still, I'm not an SJW, I'm perfectly able to enjoy things made by people who I disagree with politically.

Don't let an autistic fanbase keep you from enjoying things.

Yes, companies do appear out of nowhere. That's kind of how it works. For another, by breaking up existing companies whose market share is too large.

And nothing of value was lost. This could have happened already in countries without net neutrality. The reason it doesn't is that it would harm Steam more than it would help them.

Sorry. I didn't open the pic. My bad.

Wait, little fix on the text. It'd be closer to:

basically, artist wishes to go more for cute girl love than sexual

And there is the heart of the matter. Net neutrality band-aid until competition can be restored.
It's like the EO on the affordable care act, it's still law until we get something better.

So the main argument against net neutrality law is:

If I'll be honest, if I haven't missed anything, …that's a pretty weak argument.

I'll take the concrete good of net neutrality rather than the maybe of the law being subverted for evil ends.

Of course, if what you imagine does come to pass, at least you get to be right and post smug anime faces.

It just fucking hurts seeing her brainwashed into believing Brexit and Trump supporters are evil bigots and not people just trying to fix their lives as well drinking the kool-aid about forced diversity, especially after making something like Order of the Phoenix.

And it's not that everyone who doesn't support Trump is shit to me, but if they believe all this retarded nonsense about being sexist for sexualizing female characters or that mudslimes dindu nuffin, then I can't trust anything from them when there's not even enough sense to see why both are bullshit.

The media lied to you

Have you ever decided to do something to protect yourself from an event has never happened to anyone? Because that is essentially what is going on, NN proposes a solution to a wide variety of problems that countries that non-NN countries don't have, and this includes the US. I can understand passing gun control legislation after a school shooting, even if it is a retarded thing to do, but in this case there is no cause to react to, only a purely hypothetical scenario.

And that GG are a bunch of ebul hurrassers? When they're just a consumer revolt tired of all the shit they get for absolutely nothing along with the cultist bullshit now trying to force itself on them and just saying mean things about shitty retards?

Because you're cute and also in a situation of relative distress

Mostly because you're cute though

Thanks for reminding me of that song, been years since I heard it it feels like

Valve already attempted this in 2000.

I agree that there are no examples of tiered services/exclusivity deals for ISPs, but surely there is no harm in preventing it being implemented in the future.

My English is shit today
from an event that has never happened*
NN proposes a solution to a wide variety of problems that non-NN countries don't have

I liked Harry Potter, sad to see how Rowling turned out. It's hard to find good series anymore, most are pozzed as fuck.

I tried to read Wheel of Time but couldn't get over how much of a faggot Rand was. On the sci fi front, Ian m banks is dead so…

Don't forget the part where Umbridge also goes on a completely racist rant in front of a group of centaurs, then acts surprised that they turn on her.

i know people IRL who still believe that, and think that I'm a good person who's "misguided". It sucks, but the fact is, people are gullible. If the news says something is so, people believe it.

Maybe it's different in the states. I'm from cuckland.


It's your mind, gook. It's telling you that you love to be hunted and wishes to be tied and eaten.

I hope I'm not misrepresenting you here, but your argument seems to be that they created a problem out of thin air, and offered net neutrality as a solution.

However they will use net neutrality law as a trojan horse to enact whatever they want to enforce their current monopolies.

I mean, I…disagree. It just seems like unfounded paranoia to me. I suspect we will never agree on this matter, but I want to thank you for at least explaining it to me instead of calling me a retard shill.

turned it into a webm yet, but imo not worth sharing. It's just some random womans opinion.

Heather Podesta in the party itself might be explained away as K street being a small world. One of the Podesta talking about gamification of parks or some shit is strange, but is not evidence of direct link or work to ESA.
What is weird, and you seem to be too eager in dismissing is it as business as usual. Is that the Podesta is heavily linked to Clinton, a politician who is not vidya friendly at all, unless you're soft headed enough to believe she's pro vidya and 1st amendment just because she wants you to PokaymonGO2daPolls.

It would be like an NRA fundraiser bash inviting lobbyists for the Brady Campaign or SoccerMoms Demands Action. There is only so much that can be excused with hey they're only covering all the bases.

Again with that UN report that you think excuses them. It makes it more puzzling that they slipped that Sark tweet until it got called out. Do you still not see why there are people here calling the ESA inconsistent?
I personally never claimed the ESA directly runs the ESRB. Because that sounds idiotic. They're not that stupid and surprise, most non shills here are not either. The ESA set up the ESRB. They seem to have very similar patterns in terms of staff or outlook. You don't need a top down direct control if both orgs have similar staff and practices and outlook.

So you're deebly goncerned. You still believe that the sark tweet was a mere blip and an honest mistake instead of a peek of what is really underneath. Your perogative. Speaking of hyperbole though,
If you don't see how big they are, get some reading glasses. As for destroying it, that's your own hyperbolic words. I don't mind seeing the ESA getting a figuratively speaking corrective ass kicking, but if they can be reformed (with or without that figurative asskicking) to follow their own non retarded ways and stick to defending vidya rights, and stop being inconsistent and equivocating, and drop their globalist cocksucking and trying to force that shit through vidya. If they stop all that bullshit, I'd have no beef with them. And if they cease to exist as an org because the marketplace suddenly decide the ESA is no longer serving their best interest, well I got no problems with that too.

I'm sure you missed a lot but your caring goncern is noted.

She might not be the only one thankfully.

Not gook, fam.

Do you really not see a problem with the government pushing a heavily exploitable law for a problem that doesnt exist? You can call those people paranoid but ill call you naieve.

Good thing my brother and childhood friend both understand everything I stress about. My brother is actually responsible for me eventually browsing 4chan in the first place as well as telling me about Jim and GG while my roommate learned about you faggots from ProtoMario and immediately wanted to put his lewd as a fuck imagination to work to help spite socjus to death.

He also wants the middle east and China outright nuked.

Still, we know he wants it.


Leddit wants to find out about the free pass that ladykiller tranny game got:


There's one user claiming to be the huniepop dev saying he got a reply from Valve and it said that their policy against lewd games hasn't changed.

My twin sister is the most antifeminist woman I have ever seen. I remember in University she was hated by the SJW groups because she kept going at their event and shitting them up.

My parents on the other hand, well they are in Florida for the winter and wish Canada was like the US except not for the good reasons.

So it's incredibly likely that there's some Hipster Clique person who wormed their way into Valve's curation team and went over their heads. Great.

She is of course not the only one, there are dozens like her. You are never the only one in this world, there are always people who share your opinion no matter how fucked up it is. And in this case it isn't even a rare opinion, there are a lot of feminist hating woman out there.

Probably, a lot dont seem to care about their jobs. maybe because they got handed everything in life

Can't value something you didn't earn.

I'd say the infection is probably worse than just one person since a game with an explicit gay conversion rape scene made it to the store without a single objection.

Why are you using a picture of Colombianon waifu user?

Because she kyoot

Might be old news, but tackling it would give GG another string to our bow for defending games.


Even Hollywood sticks together to project their own, and gaming did against Thompson.
Seems infiltration has helped this shit not be mocked/meme'd/analysed into the dirt by the whole industry as it should.

Now if only more of them fucking making manga and 2D porn would speak out.

If the package is more expensive, then it better be of higher quality.

Then implement it right. NN is a good thing. It takes the power from the cancer that are ISPs.
Any company wanting NN to be implemented rely on ISPs to get their service across. Google being the prime example. With NN gone they can "renegotiate" rates with those companies.

Like how Holla Forums disrupted HWNDU?

You do know that Google is an ISP, right?

The vast majority of their profits come from ad delivery. Which passes through 99% of other ISPs. Their ISP business is tiny compared to others.

That was glorious. And if you needed any more eye opening about the anti-Trump protestors, that sure provided it. They were there just to be miserable and wallow in self-pity, occasionally getting enough energy to stand up to the ebil nahzis.
The shitposters were there to have fun together and troll some triggered snowflakes.

So what happenings are happening right now in the gaming industry?

What's even better is that the two most vocal totally-not-paid-shills got arrested today.

time to head to Holla Forums then, I guess

Christ, did he go there with his JD Razor too?

There's an obvious reason for that sort of inconsistency - the people running the VGVN are different from the person who was running the @ESAGovAffairs twitter account and decided to link the Anita interview. The fact that the tweet was deleted when they got backlash but the VGVN statement wasn't is a good sign.

She didn't say anything about it during the recent campaign, so maybe the ESA lobbying was one of the things that helped push them to think it wasn't a vote-winning issue. Fundamentally lobbyists are trying to influence politicians not the other way around, so acting like they're tainted by the association doesn't really make sense. If oil lobbyists party with a politician who supports subsidizing electric cars that doesn't mean the lobbyists don't support oil anymore, if Tesla Motors parties with pro-fossil fuel politicians that doesn't mean Tesla Motors is the one being influenced.

What really got me was that the Twitter Mafia unironically tried to say various minorities were actually white supremacists.

Did they pull a Shia or something?

Which is why they later changed their mind to be against Net Neutrality after having pumped money into getting it?

Well, before she lost her status as s #strongwoman for speaking against them she would just disrupt their circlejerk. I stayed far from this bullshit but since we went at the same uni I could see the fallback from afar.

One of them did, the other had the cops wondering about his mental health.


According to Time, SanFran decided to sue Trump for planning to cut funding to sanctuary cities

God, and to think my sister wanted to live there. On the subject of the article.
Well, at least we know San Fran's trend of self-entitlement runs all the way to the top.

Female Woolie?

Can we just nuke San Francisco? It would solve about 90% of the world's problems.

Hell, let's gift it to India, the city already has designated shitting streets.

So it never occured to you that there is a possibility of "sorry, sorry for getting caught that is, woops teehee". Or you are just that adamant to believe and make sure everyone here knows it, that the ESA is a goodboi who dindu nuffin wrong.
Hehehehehehihihihihihuehuehuehue. You really believe the whole if X didn't say anything recently, that must mean their behavior also changed, so let's not even examine their behavior in comparison to their words. She didn't say anything about bringing super predators to heel either this time, and even had JayZ for one of her rally concert. And she always did carry a bottle of hot sauce.
Do you really not understand the NRA and Brady Campaign lobbyist analogy. It's nothing at all similar to Tesla and pro fossil fuel lobbyist. It's closer to an Alcoholic Beverage lobbyist with a teetotaler Prohibition lobbyist.


So apparently since no one with a brain bought that Trump was Putin's puppet, they are now claiming that he's Bannon's puppet.

The constitution doesn't apply to non-citizens, especially when they're not on American soil.
There's that word again…

In tales from the borderlands the best BL game and telltale game.

WTF? I mean.. for what purpose?
In every sense parking backwards is more convenient and safe. In Korea, parking backwards is the standard ethic in driving and there's mandatory course in driving license for parking backwards.

We all know it's Barron, not Bannon, who is the real puppet master.

tl;dr: one of the plebbit HMFICs is an anchor baby

Did I get that right?

They're so desperate in pinning Trump as some puppet just because their candidate was a puppet

That could come out from Yakuza or some shit.

It seems like they're just doing everything they can to delegitimize him.
Throwing shit at the wall to see what sticks.

fuck off mate

Well they already lost the fake news battle
And the womens march and "he will not divide us" is already being memed and ridiculed

The owner, yea

At this point, every time someone tries to list off reasons why they should be considered an "expert" on something, it's like Hillary bringing up her "middle class dad" and that fucking drapery company during the debates in a thinly-veiled attempt at saying "LOOK AT ME, I'M ONE OF YOU!"


holy shit

The left is now being constantly ridiculed because they welcomed nutjobs and the mentally ill into their fold. For an increase in social media autism they sacrificed their causr.

As jontron said
The type of people who would ruin a movement they put them up in the spot light and praise them

On that subject I'm not sure if flint wu is announcing for real that it will run for office, but I would not underestimate the level of desperation the leftards has in current year. Batwu might be told in no uncertain terms by the remaining democratic party machine to politely fuck off, or they may ackhually go with batwu thinking yeah, this is a good idea with no possible way of backfiring, ever.

I'm pretty sure they're for it.

I'm working around a lot of politicians even though I am not one *yet*. No way in hell the democratic establishment doesn't tell batwu to fuck off. He is unemployable on every sense of the term so imagine what this does to his chances being elected.

They're promoting a white girl who litterally said

She can start with herself

On one hand I kinda want the dems to go yeah, sure batwu, you're our only hope! If nothing else to see the further implosion of the loony left party.

On the other hand I know that in the long run, there needs to be credible opposition to act as a check and balance, and more than ever there sane and rational liberals and democrats, the non socjus, far leftard and commie infested ones need to step the fuck up. Chanting HWNDU, calling Trump or anyone who didn't support Killary or holy sheeeit, Berniecuck, a turbo hitler. That shit is just low energy and sad.

durr, mistyped that sentence pretty badly
*and more than ever there needs to be sane and rational liberals and democrats, the non socjus, not far leftard and non commie infested ones who steps the fuck up.

A Podesta showing up to an ESA shindig has me wondering what sort of pizza happenings might be in the industry. We already had Allison Rapp and Sarah Butts; is there some sort of weird cabal of pedo females in our vidya?

That kid just finished looking at Ali's gallery

At this point, IMO no. Heather Podesta showing up is strange, and to me stinks of the ESA bias, but it still could just be friend of a friend and small circle of washington lobbyist circles. Until there is a more solid link Heather Podesta IMO still has plausable deniability. "I was just attending a lobbyist party as a guest of a friend".

One of the Podesta talking about gamification about park or some sheeit, again very strange and points to the maybe overly cozy relationship between lobbyists who are associated with politicians who are anti vidya that IMO does raise some eyebrows as to the biases of the ESA. But until there is a solid link that shows him doing official work for the ESA, he's that strange fucker that gives off weird vibes loitering on a park. Be on alert but he's not doing anything actionable. Yet. But never let your guard down when there's a Podesta around.

Great, these are great places to start to improve net speed. None of which being part of NN.

NN is a negative right, user. Like I said, any change would, by definition, allow ISPs to restrict a privilege you already have. Sorry but "muh big gubmint" doesn't cut it.

You seem to be implying that the simple fact that there are corporations in favor of NN is enough to discredit it. Surely you see the flaw in this argument?

It's pretty clear who has more skin in the game.

And you'll notice the ones supporting NN are precisely the corporations, big or small, who want to join the game, but are facing barriers. Here's the reason why: networkworld.com/article/2891295/wireless/why-small-isps-support-net-neutrality.html

Comcast Corp. v. FCC

I'm sorry user, I know you have the best intentions, but really, repealing NN would help no one but the existing monopolies.

Sorry for new ID.

I don't think it's bias, actually. More than half of their federal donations last year went to Republicans

woolies eyes are closer together than that

Good afternoon-

Aww, theres the cutie!

And are those republicans anti, pro, or ambivalent (until you donate to them or help them somehow) about vidya and 1st amendment rights? I'm not being sarcastic there I'm asking the question genuinely. Because if I was a lobbying group I would also cover my bets by donating to both or multiple parties. That's nothing new. The part I'm interested in is whether they donate or support the politicians or groups or persons who are against or for the cause they are lobbying.

The ones I looked at so far fall under ambivalent. The worse I could find was a congresswoman interested in getting women into politics. I'm pretty sure most of it is "hear us out" money going to politicians that wouldn't otherwise care about vidya

Xe doesn't stand a chance.

ad "killed John Flynt"


This triggers me.

Couldn't even buy the right color


The point is the direction of which one is trying to influence the other. It's like when Ubisoft hosts an Assassin's Creed themed party or whatever for game journalists. The want game journalists to associate Ubisoft with fun times and free alcohol. That doesn't mean they agree with the journalists they invite, it means they want a good review next time. Similarly when the ESA hosts a party for DC insiders with arcade games and videogame themed stuff they want DC insiders to have a positive association with videogames and be less likely to back laws or rhetoric that hurt video game publishers. There's corruption of a kind going on, but it's both normal for politics and the opposite of the direction you're worried about.

I wonder what skeleton comes out next.

Eehhh, slightly doubtful about that one since iirc, at best it did the sketch for the characters (forgot if it was an original sketch or traced off a mango, oh that wacky batwu) then it flailed around in 3DSMax before using the money from it's adopted parents to hire people to do the heavy lifting of installing the BIOS. All while surviving threats (that it sent to itself) from the dank.net.
I usually don't like to quote obongo, so excuse my paraphrasing. Did it really make that? If I was more generous I can say at least it did slightly more than the other LW game. Slightly.

Huh, I think I missed that particular one.
Yeah, I wouldn't be too surprised if that's the case when dealing with most politicians.

Why do everyone that is against us has a skeleton in their closet? Can't they have someone who is actually okay for once?

"Looks like a bunch of winners"
- Jontron

Im sure some followers are actually decent people but once you go higher up the people there know exactly what kind of shit they pushing.

Every time I see those fucking shelves caked with what looks to be eons of dust I feel a seething rage boiling just below the surface ready to explode


Seriously you can quote jon on most of these subjects now

And if you really think that someone like Clinton is not anti 1st amendment (which vidya falls under), but hey she didn't say shit about it recently and even dropped that pokemon go reference. You think that someone like her and a lobbyist close to the Clinton machine can change their spots. I got some bad news for you. The most charitable thing that can be said about the type of lobbyists that works for the Clinton machines is they are maybe mercenaries, maybe. The most charitable thing you can say about Clinton regarding her 1st amendment and freedom of expression stance, is she accepts danegeld in cash.

And you can assure my worry is baseless because, what, it's your word? Your opinion that it's normal, and because again you're trying to peddle that if X does not say shit recently, it must have changed it's spots? Yeah no thanks, your goncern is noted and I doubt you are Dan Hewitt. But you sure seem to love to whiteknight and concern troll. And fuck the "it's normal for politics". Drain that fucking swamp already.

Because decadent people attract decadent friends.


You also need to worry about local municipalities getting in the way.
While most people fear big federal government, your local government is the group most likely to fuck you in the ass.
There was a company that was trying to come in and lay fiber lines for internet, and local government said no because some old woman got together with her friends and bitched that the construction would be inconvenient and the residents of the area already have access to fast internet. (we didn't).
Luckily, comcast now offers 2Gb/s service (with absolutely shit peering) for a few hundred dollars a month, so we didn't need that new fiber provider at all…

I fucking hate this town and I can't wait to leave it behind when I finish up at Uni.



Weiner is the gift that keeps on giving.


So will he blow the lid on the pedo rings? I hope he does

The point isn't whether they'll actually be influenced or not, the point is that it's the ESA's job as a trade organization that wants to lobby the government to try to influence them. And that's the obvious purpose of parties like that. When EA has a party for game journalists they don't say "only people who gave the last EA game 9/10 allowed", and if some of the journalists still say the next EA game is shit then that's expected. They're just trying to give enough of the nudge to be worth the money they spent on the party, they don't expect a 100% success rate.

It's like criticizing a car advertisement because not everyone who sees it goes on to buy that car. Laws that either fuck with or subsidize videogames are worth billions of dollars to publishers. Even if the chance of a party influencing the law is less than 0.1% it's worth the money to them.


I'm currently transcribing the audio from the ESA VR article, but oh boy is it yet another doozy.
>I'm Mike Gallagher, CEO of the ESA which is the voice of the interactive entertainment industry. We are the place where the leaders of the industry gather to set the path for the future, and then ESA's job, me and my team, our role is to go out there and make sure that we're protecting the frontiers of the industry wherever they are. And y'know, 10 years ago that might have been something like connected gameplay, gameplay that use the internet, today that's called "Game play" (?) It is automatically assumed the new frontiers that we're looking at and making sure we're doing our job to extend and protect the frontiers, is Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, which is a topic of discussion for the last couple of days here.
"So what does that mean exactly to protect the frontiers?"
>What that means is we are the policy and political arm of the industry. So as governments look to make laws or rules about how entertainment should be consumed or how it should be taxed or who should have it and who shouldn't, we're the ones that come up with what we think the right policies are so that the industry can continue grow. We work with parents, we work with third-party groups, they make sure that those are socially responsible and we're growing the market, but at the same time, we stop those type of activities that we think would be harmful to the growth of the industry. So when you have a new technology like Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, it's natural for policy makers to either be afraid of it, try to control it, or stop it much like they did with Rock & Roll music or cable television or MTV…or to control it somehow, to bend it to their will, that's our job to go in there and make sure that doesn't happen.
I'm only on the first question and this is already off to a good start.

I swear, sometimes, some-fucking-times, I wish these faggots weren't so easy to read.

Pic related

What's wrong with that? Once again this really seems like trying to read something nefarious into a straightforward statement.

How would the ESA do that? They don't control what games are made, they lobby the government.

I don't understand what you're implying. Do you think the ESA is going to fill videogames with Republican propaganda somehow?


Find one story where the emigrated illegally, or commited crime after entering the US, or decided to not be American before now where they're throwing their President under the bus over feelings

This may shock you. But I see that shit as 100% cancer, especially if this past 2 years and counting has shown, wining and dining for game journos whether or not they gave a 9 or 3/10 review, smacks of conflict of interest to me. If anything I hope that cancer turns to ashes soon and I have no interest in seeing it as business as usual. I have no need of game journos and would rather much see publishers and devs skip the fuckers and go to straight to the customers. Even that is at best a half way step to me, since I'd rather publishers shrink and the power balance shift over to more content creators.
Your analogy is bizarre and have nothing to do with what is discussed.
Again, hold on to your tight boipussy or feminine benis. Fuck subsidizing vidya. I've done some minor digging into that shit and fuck the scam known as subsidizing vidya. The -public- money on that type of shit is far better off spent in general education infrastructure if the argument is "we need more women and minorities in tech and STEM tho". Even with the best of intention it has a high chance of turning cancerous, while doing nothing of help to actual content creators or customers who wants vidya, not low effort low craftsmanship, glorifed gamification bullshit. Or subsidizing AAA franchise cancer that does not even need it, while doing nothing to help grow new game titles.

If you're continuing on your defense of the ESA because you believe it's business as usual, or that's what it's supposed to do because it represents publishers. People who can read the ESA page and Kern's tweet have already figured out that the ESA is a lobbying group for the publishers. But, have you ever asked why you are trying to defend them so hard, outside of your goncerns. Because the ESA is for publishers and not for gamers at least post 2007, but the publishers are not for gamers either at least of late. Have you looked into why they are so enamored with the gamification nonsense. Because if you did, and you still believe the shit you're posting. I dunno guy, you may have bigger goncerns than the ESA dig.

ESA lobbies for publishers.
Publishers and Developers are becoming more SJW.
ESA is in bed with Podesta- who works/worked for Shillary and other regressive left politicians.

Odds are they'll push for regulations/laws that fuck over developers from making what they want, or do nothing when others do.

That about right?


IMO yes.
At this time I'm not going to say in bed. But one has been spotted loitering near a park and one is a friend of a friend perhaps, but definitely be on alert and hide yo kids.
Personally my bet is if something were to go down it would be the second, twiddling their thumbs doing sweet fuckall, if it goes against the regressive ideology that they of course do not have. :^)
There's some other things with the push for gamification on non gaming sector for that yuge bux and not having to deal with entitled gamers who demands something more than shitty apps, but yeah you got the gist of it.


Heh, wow where have I seen that before. It's almost like being 2faced and hostile towards your previously paying customers, in order to court the loons and goons who doesn't buy your product has a high chance of failure or such.

> Guy kills a bear with a spear
> This will appeal to our target demographic which includes people who would kill a bear with a thrown spear

Of course it does! That's my point, it's the ESA trying to influence politicians, not politicians trying to influence the ESA. So saying the ESA is anti-videogames because they had a party attended by an associate of an anti-videogame politician doesn't make sense. It's the ESA trying to corrupt them into being more pro-videogames not the other way around.

Sure, that's a fair criticism you could make. That's one area where the ESA's agenda might be bad. What I'm objecting to is people like having the whole thing reversed and thinking the ESA trying to influence politics means they're onboard with the agenda of the people who go to the parties they pay for.

Good morning, faggots.



What little hope for this game is gone.

There was no hope for that game to begin with.

Let's ignore all the female protagonists that came before.

That game looked boring as shit from the first trailer.

You know what really sucks at this point?
I can't say I hated her Millium performance, as much as I wanted to, knowing she was the actress.



Also, Kojima's using this game's engine for Death Stranding, and has a close working relationship with the developer.

I hope he doesn't get pozzed. That said it's not looking good:


I didn't hate Millium as a character, but knowing Burch was voicing her did impact me liking her.

I can't make this shit up

Maybe this like the time square gave that pr response about Cidney to get the sjws to back off. Please don't tell me all of their bitching about quiet got to him

Thus ends the games of video games. Not with a bang, but with an outcry over perceived sexism.

Is Sony shitting their pants over this or are they pleased?

It's not strictly a one way street, look into your so called normal and business as usual politics and you should realize soon or possibly later that it's wishful thinking at best that it can only go one way.
Except that post you quoted is not wrong when it asked if publishers and devs not all, but many of them are turning SJW. If you're going to ask something like, "well what's the latest thing they said then". Just fucking look at the shit with them chiming in with anything regarding Trump. Before you go with well that's their right as an individual. Yeah, everyone has the right to an opinion. But jesus fuck I don't care if some publisher or dev takes a selfie to virtue signal how HWNDU. If anything that makes me more inclined to think their product might be less since they put more effort into virtue signalling and being social media morons. Instead of just making the fucking vidya to the best of their ability.

At what point will you look at the possibility that the ESA and maybe the publishers are not the neutral gray you so adamantly white knight for.

Well, they didn't announce Ashley Burch as the VA for the main character until a month before release. I guess they wanted to avoid the drama regarding her, or it was something to do with the VA strike.

That said, they're probably pleased, and I wouldn't be surprised if they were telling journos to push the feminist angle.

There's even a small chance they'll go all out and push it Ghostbusters style.

I never even heard of it. Did they just pick 3 random words for the name?

Honestly, after the DmC debacle, it's hard to believe that people would ever take these outlets seriously.
And they never learned a damn thing.

To be fair, Kojima overplayed it with the whole "you will regret saying that" garbage

Sage for replying to my post reading the article Kojima said "If I make characters that at first glance might look like this then they’ll have a deep background story to give a specific reason why.” This is the same stance he took with Quiet so things might not be a bad as the click bait article title makes it out to be.

Honestly, I don't have any faith in Kojima's new game. All he's shown are movies and famous actors.

I feel like shoving famous faces into your game and then showing them off to build hype isn't such a good idea.

I'm still at a loss that companies still think they can pull wool over people's eyes over that shit. NoA tried the same shit with Wesley voicing Abraham Lincoln in Codename: STEAM, and people got fucking pissed.

True, but now the outlets are just milking it.

Well, at least they fucking finally dropped the "Citizen Kane of videogames" bullshit.

Kojima is using fighting words against aras! You're not gonna take that shit, are you?

I'm trying to remember the last good VA performances in a vidya that made me go, yeah that was integral and really added to the game. Just off hand:
-Tony Jay in Fallout 1
-The voices in Diablo1
-Dragons Crown
You know what, call me a fogey but I got no problems with bringing back beeps and boops with text. Or made up simlish type of vocalization. If it cuts the ridiculous farce of a VA strike, I'm all for it.

The "start" was remember me and ironically enough nobody remembers that shitheap

Dragon's Dogma

Or some competition from elsewhere. After all, Square completely moved voicework from CA all the way to goddamn England.

Funnily enough, the VA strike happened because the suits at the gaming companies expressed the same opinion. Seriously, the whole thing only went down because Tara Strong got butthurt that they said that voice acting isn't what sells the product, and that gamers only care if that game's good.


May I also add:

Other than that, other games that have VO's really doesn't resonate to me that well.

If they expected people to remember it, I doubt that they would put a reminder in the title

Diablo 1 audio in general was amazing. Vice City was great for VA performances but they were established actors already. Other than that, VA is only noticeable when it is overly bad.

Is that strike even on anymore?

I thought Demons and Dark Souls 1 had really good voice acting.

Question 2 of the podcast
"And so whats an example of, like historically, where politicians have been trying to, y'know, exert their will on the gaming industry where you've had to, as a collective, come up with the counter-arguments, to come up with the policies that works for everybody?"
>Well I'll give you two different examples, one that ended well and one that did not- well actually, both ended well from the video games' perspective, but one pursued a path which is grown the industry and it's been terrific for parents and families, and the other one ended in supreme court victory by the industry at the expense of those who wasted a lot of tax payer money. The one that ended well was…we were pressured as an industry 20 years ago to develop a rating system because the games weren't rated, parents didn't know what they were buying, they were finding some of the content to be inappropriate for different age groups, there was pressure applied on the industry, the industry responded with the ESRB. The ESRB is now the gold standard in ratings, it's trusted by parents, and it's created an environment where parents feel very comfortable buying video games in their traditional format, the one that you see in the store shelves today, and on your mobile device because we're pro-active in responding to that challenge from government. One that did not go well was when the state of California in 2005 passed a law that sought to control the content of video games, through it's own rating system, and then to impose that rating system at retail and fine retailers if any games were sold to underage purchasers. That type of regime was a complete mistake, it violated the first amendment, we had to fight that through 13 different court cases for over 8 years, culminate it in a supreme court victory in 2011, Brown Vs. ESA, and in that case we won 7-2 and established video games as having the same first amendment rights and privileges as motion pictures, books, and music. Those types of outcomes, both of them ended favorably for the industry, both of them required the industry standing together and answering a question in the first case, delving a rating system, and in the other, defeating someone who had a completely flawed view of the industry and a flawed approach to solve some fictional problem, and today you see the industry flourishing because of that. VR could potentially face similar challenges and I think listening to the speakers in the room and the ability to create emotion, the ability to create immersion, the ability to enhance feelings by ten fold which is what some of the speakers have spoken about, that type of thing is preciously what triggers the impulses that can be very unhealthy in policy makers.



I haven't heard anything past "they picketed in front of random dev studio buildings during a lunch hour."

Yeah I haven't heard anything about it ending either. On the other hand, there's Ashly on Horizon Zero Dawn. Scab?

You guys seem to forget it wasn't even all VAs. Just one specific union and only against three companies. It was literally nothing. My guess is they folded like a paper fan.

When you think about it… doesn't the idea of a freelance job like acting and going on strike seem like a bit of an oxymoron?

I don't think it was scab work, in that case, but she clearly outbid anyone else.

Kind of. I can understand writer's strikes, but actor strikes are a strange concept.

Waifu2x is surprisingly workable, I'm happy with this thing

reporting for commie cat and gilda
enjoy your ban

make more stuff like this pls

do not talk to the commie


I'm sure I missed many other titles that has good or at least not crappy voice work. Those 3 just popped into my immediate recollection.
Yeah seems to be the case. A few of my favorite titles would have been close to perfect if it wasn't for the shit VA dub. If only I can get a jap audio with english text Lunar.

Man, that's great the ESA finally acknowledged and really owned up that mistaken Sark tweet. That was about the Sark tweet right? :^)


That's definitely going to make them asshurt.

Looks like the ESA also has some dumb shit on their Facebook too that may or may not also be on their site or Twitter. Not sure how one would archive Facebook posts

Potential reaction, but the pic is solid gold.

Good idea, but I think some better fonts could be used.

Do people actually like that shit?

yes, but it used to be just high school students
t. university student

It's not entirely fantasy either. It's the same psychology behind smartphone games.
Play for an hour, or pay $1 for the resources now.

They want to use it to encourage people to buy shit, but encourage productivity. Imagine a work-force who works harder not for money, but for pointless "Achievements" style praise?

Ohohoho, clever.

look at this shit


I don't know why anybody would expect it to.
A few of them leech off Daddy's money while simultaneously bitching about the patriarchy, and the rest don't make any fucking money with their Women's Studies education.
Those people aren't sustainable customers.


I'm conforted to know that my country will survive the EU breaking at least military.

Si Podemos era tan antieuropeísta ¿Por qué están en contra del Brexit?

but Senrans do have back story
and if Kojima doesnt wanna make tiddy games thats up to him

There's the Kingdom Hearts series. But that's mostly Disney or celebrity VA's, so I'm not sure how much it's affected by the strike.

What do you mean?

My take.

Keep in mind in Kojima's mind this describes Quiet perfectly. This isn't saying "I'm not going to make sexy girls any more." This is saying "I will make sexy girls with good backstories" which in his mind he already does. Nothing will change. This is a literal puff piece.

My country is one of the few european countries with an actual army, one that is praised internationally and also is full of Franco worshippers.

There is a reason we didn't kick out our king yet, and it is because the army could just blow us up to the next century and get ourselves into another dictatorship.

Why didn't I never hear any of this?

Yeah afaik there is still a push for gamification and that type of thing. It's definitely there in a lot of mobile games. Iirc there was one user here studying to be a game dev and said some of the instructors and curiculum is shilling for it. I know a friend whose company is being shilled to use gamification techniques from some nu-tech consultant group. So that shit is definitely real. From a strictly busines POV, it's very tempting to get into. The market and $$$ is potentially huge especially when it comes to govt and larger enterprise. But from a gaming POV, I hope it dies a fast death, with all the other modern current day vidya trends that I think are AIDS ebola cancer for vidya in general.

Because you aren't spanish.

O eres catalán.

get ready for mass lefty seppuku after this devastating loss in The Great Meme Wars

Don't forget to remind them of Umbridge for extra damage

Trump's announcing his Supreme Court pick soon.

Isn't Spain pretty much inner city niggers using the EU for wellfare?

Does anyone of you have the webm of Anita Sarkeesian's latest video about how sexist Japanese character game designs are and the reason behind it is USA's racism? Share it.

I don't get this, what's the meaning of that?

Será porque me gusta Gilda.

More like crooked politicians using the EU to get money for useless scheemes that make them and their friends rich. In exchange our industry is dead and we are poor even if we have a job.

At least we are the 8th weapon seller in the world

No hay nada malo en querer cuidar de retrasados mentales.






As far as I know, that is just the story that the EU tries to give about the Mediterrannean and Eastern Europe so they wouldn't have to reveal the fact that there is pretty heavy corruption when it comes to EU funds. For example in Italy, you could have a construction company apply for funds from the EU to finish a bridge that they had set the plans for and started building, but, as soon as the money gets transferred, they are suddenly nowhere to be found and the bridge just stays there half-finished. Or you could have farmland in the UK that gets paid for through funds from the CAP but since the EU rarely ever investigates, the fields can stay completely empty for years. In fact, the EU has a shitload of different pre-packaged responses every single time, for example a representative for the World Bank at one point claimed that the elderly in the Baltic are getting way too much money and then later found out that when he was told that they get 100 Euros, that they meant 100 per month and not 100 per day.

was the sims 4 designed by a mostly female team? That would explain why their new games eat donkey dick.

none of them crash my browser you fr*ck

¡Gilda no es retrasada, solo ingenua!

the woman was called donna or something like that, what is that guys name I never heard of him.

And embed related is where "I must not tell lies." comes in.


Neil Gorsuch is Trump's SC nominee.

don't ever fucking draw alunya getting friendly with vivian again

Si que lo es.

Y eso es lo que lo hace tan encantadora.

"Gorsuch is a proponent of originalism, the idea that the Constitution should be interpreted as the Founding Fathers would have interpreted it, and of textualism, the idea that statutes should be interpreted literally, without considering the legislative history and underlying purpose of the law"

It is really irritating to watch when the mouth transitions directly into the next word without pauses or intonation.


Sweet! Another upholder of the US Constitution and will interpret it in accordance of the Founding Fathers' will! Victory for us!


I'm still learning, please forgive quirks like that. Timing intimidates me especially as Aseprite has me have to outright state numerically the time each frame stays instead of something with a timeline which is what I was more used to. I considered that pauses between words would be needed, but then when mouthing the sentence itself it all seemed easily running into one another, so ended up going with this. I'll take it into account next time.

if I wasn't playing tos right now, I would make another recording.

Does that mean…Scalia reincarnated?!


t-thats just they're culture

Is that true? because it would be incredibly ironic and a reason why we should blow those places up.

Although syllables are the bare minimum for it to even count as speaking, you should still consider different timing for syllables.

Oh, fuck's sake, even Jerusalem grew out of that shit after the Crusades.

Now that I started playing the Idolmaster and listening the songs, I finally understand that image

It probably is, the entire middle east is total cancer. I used to work in Egypt and certain hotels don't allow muslims in them (yes they do seperate themselves from other arabs for some reason).

Found more potential info on the ESA, I'll get to the podcast in a bit, but oh boy I'm gonna like this.


Thanks ESA Digger. By the way, can you find out who are the major donators of the ESA when it comes to AAA game studios?

Huh? What do you mean? Isn't being part of their membership on their site exactly that?

ate pic

I mean, how much money these studios donated to the ESA over the course of the years. Sorry for not being clear about what I'm asking, I'm currently estatic to the salt due to Gorsuch's appointment!

he is apparently very much like Scalia. Right down to the well-written dissents Scalia was known for.

Though I've heard he's a bit more modern-minded, he's an originalist and textualist nonetheless


Good shit


Have I got some good news for you! And it's only the 2016 page, who knows what else is found.

Anons, bring your friends! ESA digger is about to uncover on who pays ESA and fund their agenda! Strap in fellas, we're in for a wild ride!


I give it 8 months to a year then its in the bargian bins with killzone for 10-15 used.

Its developed by ea post 2008 dead space 2 was an anomally thats why it sucks balls.

A reminder that thsi does mean she and probably her whole clique svabbed to fuck over the stupider VAs and I called it

Well that mass shooter was a terrorist… The one at last e3 that is by the by, either both his and the quebec things are terrorism or neither were. Honestly, I would not even bother to say they were hate crimes. Also, how the fuck could a guy qithout military connections get an rifle above hunting grade? Seems sketchy, and I want to gamble on a weapon stockpile in the mosque is where it came from, since they seem to be avoiding the question.




Stop being faggots with the pop fantasy analogies. People have been saying how retarded it was that goons kept making these retarded analogies. And don't you fucking go "B-but they were faggots first!" That's not an excuse.

This kind of explains on why all of a sudden, Treehouse starts ruining Nintendo exclusives for being "problematic" and "sexist" out in the open after Satoru Iwata died!


k, sorry for being so problematic

Wait, something is tripping me up. IIRC rea user did mention how some of the names on the recipient list like Debbie Wasserman Schultz was, well let's just say if I was the owner of a studio or a dev personally I would not want my money contributing but that aside.

If ESA is the PAC listed, and the donor list means people and companies that gave money to the PAC (ESA in this case). Why is the ESA listed multiple times as contributing to ESA, why is the ESA contributing to itself? What piece of the puzzle am I missing on reading that donor list.

I am not surprised. I am however mad that he probably bullshits hard to justify the cost.


I don't care about the Switch anymore. I want Nintendo of America to crash, burn and buried under the rubble! Reggie Fils-Aime, you motherfucking cuck, you'll get what you deserve!

Almost everyone wants that, even many, many normalfags.

Tell the folks at home, who are retarded, what this all means.

His body will not be ready for this

Non gov donors to the group to keep it running. Wether willing or coersion, I have no clue.

too sleepy to finish this today

But guys, my bod is ready! I'll just tell the Treethouse to add that to every script they handle.


Better you get some rest instead


thanks, I've been playing games for awhile and have been out of the loop. hypocrisy and lobbying are ugly things.

I'm still not getting why the ESA is listed under the donators to the ESA. What is that about.

They seem to have forgotten what the word means.

You would think peta has enough problems giving money to domestic terrorists and having them on retainer.

Thanks to trump we got a ban on lobbyist for the next 5 years.

I never understood these organizations and individuals who do a shitload of shady shit, but continually do shit to scream "LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME!"

Peta kills more animals than some slaughter houses, and unlike slaughter houses, do not put the corpses to good use.




PETA puts the "undesirable" animals in a giant freezer to "spare" them from something? That and most of the money donated isn't used to help animals, the ones in the freezer can attest to that. They have a mall operating budget and most of the money goes into advertising, its why you see models and celebrities doing weird shit for Peta, because they were paid millions.
And the woman who runs it sterilized her self because reason's that have to do with animals.

Thats some weird shit man.

Suddenly this makes a lot of sense.
Kojima was let go by Konami because he wanted to make a MGS Idol game.

Anytime, and nice dubs.

Add a line about how "both were attacked with a force that would've killed them, but they bounced right back" (Harry with the literal killing curse and Trump with the career ending smear campaign) for the extra Jesus points.

You are fucking glorious.

Rowling will either be speechless or go into a spergout.

Gotcha. Now make it stick where the sun don't shine!


maneuvering and demonstrating some higher level skills

Members donating money to the association itself

Sometimes leddit makes something worthwhile.

I got that part, I don't get why they would do that.

You are looking at it the wrong why. It just shows how stupid it is making these comparisons based off of fiction, and it pretty much just exists to make
kids salty.

Yeah. Because it is.

Just not the way they want.

Links if anyone wants to read that.

Because operating costs and the main owners are cheap/need to keep it going.


Well my my

At this point, it doesn't matter what their reasons are at this point, between that, Reggie donating to ESA, not saying shit to Anita or her kin, and even giving money to Hillary Clinton, it's beyond "Oh shit nigger what are you doing"

Time to make this a regret.

And archives, just in case.

Biiiig mistake.


Her tits look nice.

We might need to work together and make our own unrated game distribution.

actual site of the page

Huh. I'm somewhat surprised if that is the reason. I'm not saying I doubt you, I'm saying its kinda surprising, the one area if I was a lobbying group would not cut corners in type of thing.

It matters to me. If the ESA needs a corrective asskicking, I want each kick to be thorough.


Temporary title: Zero Edition

Remember what Huey said.
And if digital distributors like Steam are going to bend down to the ESA's rules, then a new one shall arise that shall give everyone the "Fuck you" by allowing unrated games to be sold, even the most controversial ones that most people would not think of playing or making.


That tranny is still relevant? I though Anita dropped him too.

So what have you GirlGulaggers actually accomplished lately?


First time I heard that one, I like it.

I took pictures of my keyboard

I just made it up. It's totally fresh.

I could use some more nicknames of the ESA members.
Dirty Dan Hewitt

I think Gabe needs to have a look around and find out who exactly let that hipster trash on in the first place, then. If porn isn't allowed, but this porn is on there, then somebody's skirting the rules, probably for a friend, aren't they?

If possible can you fix this part in the OP text. Apparently the Gamergate Wiki Boycott List: v.gd/HTjBk3 link is giving a 404 error, as mentioned.

Can you replace the broken Gamergate Wiki Boycott List:
• GamerGate Wiki Boycott List: v.gd/HTjBk3

with this one:

• GamerGate Wiki Boycott List: thisisvideogames.com/gamergatewiki/index.php?title=Boycott_List

Thanks baker.

(lucky dubs chekt)


Got it

This has been duly noted and will be relayed to my Jewish overlords. Thank you for your cooperation goyim.


But what does it mean?

My god the anti-nn shilling ITT is amazing.
If it does nothing, then why are you so against it? Is it cluttering up the law books? Are we running out of space somewhere?
So true! Ppl Should not drink and drive. 'There's a law that says so, but so many ppl do it anyway, omg this law does nothing! What a waste of law space.'

I guess you people are relying on the idea that most people are too stupid/lazy to think thru your bullshit, so maybe your consensus crack attempt will work.
not bloody likely m8

Tell Konami as long as they leave anime tiddies alone they can have all my Yugioh shekels.

Thanks again baker kun.

-Michael 5 G's Gallagher
-Stanley Pierre Lawyer
-Ana "HR" Molina
-Rich Taylor Tinker Soldier Spy


How about some eurobeat for the next edition?

Yes, yes, we are finding information about them, but when are we gonna do something about them?

Went into some filthy marijuana dispensaries looking for something that wasn't weed but was only sold in weed dispensaries. Took 3 shops before the most professional looking one were they haven't been smoking weed all day had what I was looking for.

That's right! Not only does the ESA want to take away anime tits, not only do they want to remove the 1st amendment and have their own double standards on video games, but they think the 2nd amendment should go away and have the only means of defending yourself be taken away!


I read some of Republic, that book's fucking intense.

No. Stop.


You are playing with powerful forces here. I'm a pretty level headed faggot most of the time, but you get into fucking with my guns and I will show you autism the likes of which you will never survive and never see again.

Languages have died from the effort of trying to make a word that communicates this level of hate.



Thank you fellow goyim. This will prove invaluable in the fight against GrillGropers.

The one by plato?

There's one thing that pisses me off slightly more than the other bullshit. The d&c attempt between funz and vidya. Wayne Lapierre of the NRA is a cunt who scapegoats vidya for violence. And I suspect some of the ESA cunts are hoplophobic gun grabbers. Yet at the individual level, in current year I have seen some of the best and friendliest exchange and mutual support of funz and vidya, either in youtube funz channel and vidya people. They both know freedom and liberty lovers all hang together, or we hang separately.

At the 29:25 mark for /k/omfy grampa's wisdom.



Since your job depends on selling guns to cops isn't there a lobbing group or union of licensed gun sellers?

Encourage devs to bypass rating if going on PC.
Meme ratings as quaint ol' things that should be left to the past.

IMO, between very soon to just dew it. There seems to be enough info to sift through, the timing seems right to start the ops phase, and it can't wait forever.

Who is this semen demon?
I hate being so autistic about porn crops

There isn't. We have the NRA, the SAF, GAO, and JFPO who regularly stick up for us, but there is no formal association for dealers.


Here's the fucking bill these nigger faggot kike gum gargling pieces of fucking dog shit decided was a good idea.


Literally worse than California.

Here's a 10 sec. example

I'll still go through some digging because information is always vital in the heart of battle, but theres many ideas you can make out of what I and some anons found on them. Plus the ESA can do more than anger Holla Forums, Holla Forums can look into the Soros & Podestas, /k/ can unleash their autism for lobbying the weapons assault ban…
I think this just might be the crash anons have been waiting for.

Errrytime. That's how I know the fucks are retarded.
The rest of the shit proves the faggots get eveything they know about guns from movies, or outright fucking lies.

I think they gave up trying to be effectual at pushing copyright laws on the internet. Too bad they are only one of many shitty groups who push for that.

Fuck everything.

Did the SCP wiki/game ever get unpozzed? Or was it completely taken over by infiltrator SJWs?

I think SJWS took it over

At least the old articles and 001 proposals are still up.


Take a look at the article, the nae "Chris Plante" ring some bells? Apparently he said leftists are delusional and divorced from reality. I think some big things are going on behind the scenes in journalism.

Kluweless is still screaming at the wall that's his shrinking follower count?

How bad was the "holders" wiki fucked by sojus?

The girl with the baby one is still there and sjw free so that's ok

Pretty bad from what a mate told me.

Look everyone! I'm projecting!

I wish it never got as popular and stayed a semi-/x/ thing though. Reddit got a hold of the SCP wiki and it all went to shit.
I just want to autistically roleplay as a scienceman doing spooky science.

Speaking of which, mail and call your demanding they ask about overturning the super corrupt US v. Miller. That being overturned would cause endless salt.

That's a great idea. But there's a problem with that: I'm not a US citizen. Acid Man might do this since he knows more about this issue more than I do.


Apparently Media Matter's is taking control of half/pol/ now.

Like, it's been bad. We all know it. But there is some next-level kikery going on.

I just contacted the KiA mods and told them to expect ESA-related content coming out of Holla Forums soon. That should get the idea into their mod pool and cause us less problems, like that one thread they blocked already.

There are sometimes perks to being Holla Forumseterans when it comes to #GG shit.

Oh you mean the "No unrelated politics" post?


*call your Senators demanding they ask the supreme court nominee

Yeah. I've successfully negotiated with the mods there in the past. They're pretty amicable peeps as long as they know the stuff is coming from the Holla Forums hub and not some random redditor 'avin a giggle.

Its one reason why I like them. Reddit sucks but KiA is generally good despite having different priorities than us sometimes.

So 4/pol/ is a lost cause now, I see? Well that's already imminent. It lost its power since the 1st exodus. Media Matters can try at 8/pol/ and see if they can survive.

They won't


I just contacted the KiA mods and told them to expect ESA-related content coming out of Holla Forums soon.

Are they some marketing or shilling firm?

Why are we okay with a fat Jew controlling our board?

Go lurk for yourself. Multiple VERY obvious shill threads on page 1 alone.

Whats the difference between the two?

Because we can use their own Jew powers against them.

Not even Holla Forums could prove this isn't perfect strategizing.

Dubs of truth

fuck off

he may be a fat autistic jew but he is our fat autistic jew

If we had to spare every "My Jew" there would be no more Jew left to gas. Holla Forums said so.

Maybe we should each get one jew to spare, like a +1 at a wedding.

What the fuck is a +1?
t. orthodox

Speaking of strategizing, remember to see if there's other participants and info in the ESA (Whether it be Nintendo or someone that works for the ESA) because while we definitely have the evidence of their wrongdoings, you never know what little details that we can find because it WILL be something people will look back to & something that history should not repeat. Like that lobbying for assault weapons ban, little details can make big differences.

What's the punishment for rebelling against the state again?

When you get invited to a wedding, a +1 means you can bring someone with you as a guest. Like a friend or a girlfriend or something.

Oh, thanks.

"Jew+1" seems like a good descriptor for Mark. Like a high-quality crafted item.

g'night everybody!

That's the problem. Jews are a minority. If everyone got +1, There would be no Jews left to be gassed.


I don't think I would call Mark high-quality.

Not everyone everyone, but like everyone in the Right Wing Death Squad gets a +1. look I just don't want to have to gas my jewish cousin

I bet good money you're a jew pretending to be a white person.


God, no. We're related through the other side. Her mom's jewish and her dad is my mom's brother.

You're not killing Dr. John Dorian, nigger.

How many times do I have to say this?

I thought waifufags weren't supposed to post lewds of or fap to their waifu?

Acid is an attention whore. No true waifufag.


I personally think you're waifus would be hurt you don't find her sexy.

Last for anime tiddies are power.




This bread will never reach 752 toasts


Their reasoning is why would anyone go to Makkah if he/she wasn't a Muslim. It's like going to a church while being atheist. You only go to Makkah if you want to pray, if you want to get those hot super cheap imported stuff go to hasah