What would Holla Forums say is the worst Metal Slug game?

What would Holla Forums say is the worst Metal Slug game?

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This thread is shit, because there's only one obvious candidate.

That's cheating. Shit wasn't even released outside of Japan.

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Which was worse. 4 or 6?

Metal Slug 2

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2 is great. You just have to get it to run properly.



I really enjoyed that game, hopefully SNK will revive the spin-off

the shit ports like the wii, introduces so much input lag you would throw up and eat what you threw up that would be a better experience

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The PS4 port of anthology even has about twice the lag as the Wii version has.

Also the wii version has no support for the classic controller.

Yeah, it was pretty enjoyable if a bit clunky with the controls. I honestly hope that SNK moves forward with Metal Slug and does something new with it instead of an arcade-length sidescrolling shooter.

4 or 3D

Well Oda was talking about doing a new Art of Fighting game that would be a beat em up instead of a fighting game, so it shows they're looking into expanding their IPs beyond their standard genre. I can still see them doing Metal Slug 8 before experimenting tho

Any of the ports

4, not like any of the mainline games are bad though, it's just the weakest.

artificial difficulty

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I didn't really like 7.
Can I include ports?

Step up sempai.

Honestly I prefer

Metal Slug X a best.

How about instead of worst game, we just pick best game? Also your favorite boss fight just to keep the thread going

o-oh yeah

Metal Slug X, all of them boss fights.

3, and the final boss you're fucking free falling fighting a giant mars person or whatever they're called.

You mean a martian? You mean a martian, right?

I'd have to say my favorite boss was probably the mummy that chases you up the tower in whatever numbered game it is at this point. I remember playing it on arcade a couple of years back, but it was a fun fight

Game lore refers to them as mars people. You can argue semantics, but that's what they're called.

Best track.

Metal Slug 3, hands down. Favorite boss is tied between these two.

When you say lag…do you mean slowdown instead? As in the game doesn't have a constant framerate? I've never experienced input lag on the PS2 anthology game.

I've never played a Metal Slug game but my fetish is cute anime grills with big tits and glasses

Holding guns just makes it better


Fucking stringfags killing the arcade industry. Get a job.

what the fuck? i thought it's a series pretty much everyone knew and play, even my fucking normalfag friends played it and loved it even until now. Shame that Metal Slug arcade cabinets are rare nowadays though.
But seriously, go MAME some metal slug games and fucking play it or if you have the PSP, get the anthology.
if you have a DS go play MS7

all of them

I keep forgetting that piece of shit exists. Even without all the bullshit microtransactions and unskippable ads it's still a shit game. Just keep spamming units and hope the enemy dies of boredom.

Really? I only played anthology and it was pretty shitty on PS2. All the games lagged except for the latest one at the time. Got blinded by my love for metal slug and bought that piece of shit port.

I have a PSP, Anthology, and XX. Am I set?

t. arcade owner

If one becomes good enough, can he achieve one credit runs consistently? Not talking about specific game here, just trying to understand if the games are designed to be beatable with one credit at all.

consistently? I dunno about that, but its doable

Of the main games i'd say 4, you can see lots of reused assets and graphics, also XX wasn't that good either

I think Anthology is also available on Steam

I don't autistically practice or anything, but over time I've learned how to clear 3 with just 3-5 credits. A dedicated player could probably learn to do 1cc, yes.

Yes, good luck

4 is the most fucking godawful, lazy mess of a game that looks and feels like a fangame made in flash.

Gotta be 3. It takes everything 1 and 2 did right and amps it up to the maximum. Hell, it even has the final boss of 2/X as a miniboss in the final stage.

Either Jupiter King, Rootmars, Evil Spirit Incarnate, or any Allen O'Neil fight.

Gotta give a honourable mention to MS5. While it traded in the excellent OST for an alright metal soundtrack, it's probably the most fun of the non-SNK entries.

The sequel is much better. Shame it's always online, it's got shitloads of OCs that should be in an actual game and get some fanart.

Isn't that game pretty much rushed out that they left out alot of fucking assets

Real Metal Slug fan here. Beaten all the main games besides Advance on one life with maximum prisoners rescued and a respectable score.

Aside from picks like and Metal Slug 4 is definitely the most infuriating of the mainline games to play. Frustrating and tedious design from start to finish, the only nice thing to say about it is its final boss is actually quite interesting and a big step up from the bullshit at the end of 2 and 3. It takes a lot of patient to play any Metal Slug game for score but 4 is the only game in the series I can't tolerate playing for score at all. All the bosses have some form of point milking–all but one infinite milking–and there is way too much enemy spawn milking in the stages when you also have to contend with some excessively tricky ROMhack-designed parts to stay alive. The first mission alone takes like 5x as long to beat if you attempt to play it for score. It took me a long time to finish 4 to move on to the other games in the series because it's such a damn unpleasant game to beat. I hate this fucking boss.

The best certainly is not 3, it's too long and half the bosses are lame garbage. And if you think crap like the hermit crab or Rootmars are the best that the series has to offer for bosses you simply don't play the games seriously.

And 4 is the only "non-SNK" entry. It was made by a Korean studio called Mega Enterprise. Playmore was created by the founder of SNK to buy back its assets during the bankruptcy and it eventually re-hired most of the old employees. Playmore is SNK for most intents and purposes. The only lost talent that never got rehired was the Nazca Corporation team behind the original Metal Slug trilogy, but SNK Playmore has proven that they've got the talent to still make good Metal Slugs with 6 and 7.

Poor taste. 7 is one of the best all-around designed games in the series. I have very little gameplay criticism for 7 compared to the rest of the series; it does so much right and very little wrong. I'm finally ready to say it's a better game than 2/X in fact.

Yeah it's really a shame 5 got rushed. If you inspect the ROM you can find a lot of sprites that were never put into the game. 5 has a lot of nice ideas that don't feel like they were fleshed out properly. Maybe if they had more time they could have realized how terrible the sliding mechanic was too.

dead board, lol

I really disliked the one where you crawl around the Russian swamps eating animals and chasing after the giant robot

I think there were bees or something too idk

I never noticed Fio has fuck all for the sides of her shorts.

There's no way in hell the next Metal Slug won't be 3D even if it's still a sidescroller.

So now that SnK have dedicated themselves to vidya once more. What do you think will happen with a future Metal Slug game? You think they'll keep to the fantastic pixel art or do you think they're gonna try to make third-person shooter with high fidelity gwaphix to try and rival the quality of their sprite work?

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You do realize that the coin-op industry fixed this years ago and did a few things to ensure the coin actually went in.


Do people actually do this? but regardless, the POWs in the first stage is scarce with POWs

amateurs smhtbh

I have never seen a human being clear MS3 with one coin in front of me, I myself can MAYBE make it to the final level, but it all goes to shit there.
Also MS4 is the worst, MSX is the best, never played gba spinoffs and mobile shit.

Good thing I play the games for fun. 3 has the best soundtrack and boss aesthetics easily.

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they have been since the 80's , death by 1000 quarters :^)

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Your favourite one.

I can clear 1 and 2/x pretty consistently, 3 is just as fair except for a single attack on one of the bosses that has a small chance of being unavoidable and is otherwise pretty tricky.
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this one's my fav

I don't even know what system that is.

pretty underrated.
Advance is one of my favorites too.

you made me feel bad now. How about this then ,i'll give you a guide on how i used to do it back in my day and provided that by some miracle you do find an arcade in your area and are willing to face the full extent of the law in the case you are caught and don't have a smoke bomb or a wingman you can give it a go

>step 1. get some fishing line , it needs to be the thick kind how thick depends on the tokens but it's usualy the kind that is used when going for pelagic long-line fishing . Just make sure it's as thick as the tokens and about 15-17 inches long
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>step4. find an arcade cabinet and try it out

Note: some of the newer coinslots come with some mechanism that may prevent this from taking effect the older ones though don't have that and you can tell them apart from their metallic front , it may not always be the case however because i had it work on the ones that were deemed hack proof ; in the end it's what' inside that counts

The only arcade in my area put tape over all the coin slots & made every machine freeplay. I will never know such pleasures.

on the bright side , there still is an arcade in your area and it's free to play

aand there you go. the original three are the best. Period. There's so much effort in every single detail.

anything after 3 doesn't even compare, user. 4 was meh, 5 was meh. 7 was cute for a portable. I agree SNK has proven it can do metal slugs with 6, but it is still not the 1000 times folded japanese katana that is the original trilogy.

Spotted the graphic whore.

I really like the new portraits, wish they would make a real metal slug game

SNK already confirmed it was in their reboot plans. Samurai Shodown is probably gonna be their next reboot though

Have you guys played the prototype?

Rather it die than suffer that fate.

I hate how much slowdown it has. I actually prefer the original Gunforce. It's basically Contra with vehicles.

Not like it's Capcom or Hollywood making it.

No, just the company that decided to shit up King of Fighters with 3D cancer again recently. 2D games need to stay 2D.

There's nobody left that knows how. Either that, or 3D is much easier to make. I don't know if it's lack of talent or what, but we're lucky if the next metal slug isn't a cell phone tower defense game.

I always figured it was because 3D is cheaper.

top left-nsmb wii
top right-nsmbu
middle left-mario 3d land
middle right-mario 3d world
bottom left-nsmb2
bottom right-nsmb

KOF 14 is great.
Stay mad hater.

Fuck off, its crap
and this is coming from someone who exclusively played SNK fighters in the previous decade

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Why? The full XX team still work for them and Metal Slug sprites are nowhere near as expensive/time consuming which is why they keep pumping out new sprites for the mobile games.

KoF XIII's sprites ruined the game. They were so expensive and took months to make, which led to the roster being small as shit, full of headswaps and move set cuts to save on animations.

I'm glad KoF XIV is 3D because it meant big rosters and good gameplay again.

KoF14 obliterates SFV. You fucking niggers are so dumb you don't know you get 3 times as many characters and movesets with better customization and nettcode with KoF14 AND PC will get it too.

There is another option that you people overlook constantly and it's infuriating: you don't need to draw your 2D games at the insane fucking fidelity of modern resolutions in the first place. Draw it as a reasonable resolution and upscale.

Take note, this 320x224 resolution game blown up for a modern monitor with nearest neighbor still looks better than most games.

Rayforce was drawn in 1993 for a 224x320 display and it still looks absolutely gorgeous when scaled 4x compared to the modern pre-rendered or fully 3D crap found in games like Deathsmiles or Darius Burst.

There is no need to make games with 2D mechanics 3D. Constrain yourself to reasonable resolutions in the drawing process and the time and cost of drawing them won't explode.

Why doesn't indie pixelshit look this good?

Only NGPC game I own. And I don't even have a fucking NGPC. Got it from a pile of games that were a mystery to the seller at the rummage sale.

The design is better
the music is better
the spritework and amount of detail in little things is better
4 is shit
5 is meh as fuck >slide
6 is ok
7 is ok

But Saint Anita won't say mean stuff about SFV!

No Mai, no buy, should have been a valuable lesson to fg developers what happens when you take away the good stuff.

Talentless hacks.

You can buy a Neo Geo Pocket Color for like $50. Just do it man, it's worth it. Don't be a fag that didn't buy one when they were still cheap. It's like the only handheld that fagots haven't manipulated into being a $100 system.

It would be worth it if there was a flash cart.



I pulverized my dick today after finding out that bitch got added to DoA5 back in september.

Pretty cool.

and it's also filled with spics, no surprise since spics love SNK in general

-t. gaijin who played it for 2 months

The new sprites are pretty neato to be honest

I think it's because the OG Trilogy are a goddamn classic that whatever the team attempts to innovate the newer ones, it will never ape the original three as it should be, as Metal Slug should've ended at 3 and it was a last hurrah of the old SNK

Metal Slug Advance on the GBA
Demon Front
Metal Slug X

Fun fact. Metal Slug was originally meant to be tank only:

is that history channel?

wait so is that history channel?

am I seeing history channel on pic related?

nice history channel cosplay OP.

You're that original, huh?


There may be a way to actually rank fairly the games in an objective way. Let's make a list of all the Metal Slug games and rank them based on their strong and weak points, and we set a Strawpoll.me poll.
Then we'll get a hat. We'll each put our names in the hat, and we'll put that hat inside a bigger hat. Then we'll choose a number, and the letter that corresponds to the thing wins.

Or maybe we do just the thing where we list all the games and point out their strong and weak points.

1 2(or X) 3 1st and 2nd mission are the only *Real* Metal Slug games anyway. When it became a zainichi company all products were negated and not of ADK or SNK control.
I guess I rank them as:
2>1>X>3>2nd>1st…I guess.

That's a joke, right?

Nah, eat a dick. 6 and 7 are every bit as good as the original trilogy. If you disagree you don't actually play the games beyond ogling the graphics.

I don't think you can justify calling some real Metal Slug games and discarding others, because any criteria you're surely is valid to you but unless it's universally considered valid, yours is arbitrary.
Therefore we have to include every official title of the series, whether you like it or not.

This, too. Eat a dick.

Also, not entirely related but boy oh boy do I want to give it to Fio. The dick, I mean.

Have you guys played Demon Front and Dolphin Blue? They're both games like Metal Slug

especially you

Are the soldiers cuties with nice animation?
If not I ain't playin', son.

you can play as a girl in either game

They cuties?

Played dolphin blue before. It was fun, but one side had issues so I had to rely on the other guy if I was playing with someone.

If I remember the dolphin blue girl was cute in a tomboy kind of way.

This is not okay.

What is not okay?
The embrace?

LOL zainichi apologists. You're as good as jews.


"Apologizing"? Please. 7 is straight up better than X and 3.


Teach me your ways, sempai.

What is the point of keeping them in the box? Wouldn't it be more enjoyable if you could actually use it and pose it?

You gotta pay if you wanna play, son.

I snagged it off an import site that was closing down a few years ago. Pretty much everything was anywhere from 50 to 90 percent off.

Got no room to display it, I've got like 40 figures all in the box until I move into a bigger apartment.

Metal Slug XX OL is the worst game or one of the worst. It is so blatant pay2win it is not even funny and it have fucking life bars youtube.com/watch?v=UhlTtogZJm0

That's actually pretty cool.
About innovative gameplay, I'd like to see a Metal Slug Patapon-like game without the rythm part where your lives are just parts of your army until you lose everything.

Decent track, fucking shitty level.
It was nice that they were going for variety but that level sucked.

I wish i could hot glue that particular Fio figurine.
I'd even use it as a buttplug for a day like i tend to do whenever i get a new one, i think of it as a test ride.

Don't know the worst one, but the best one is whichever one is from.

What? Wait, you sure?

I love the machines and vehicles. These games need more robots though.

Or you could just play it in an emulator like Mednafen.

I just got a 10 game lot on eBay & the only 2 games that were bootlegs were Metal Slug & MS 2. They won't even start up. The thing is these were all from some old guy who got them in the 90s & the PCBs inside don't even look like any of the bootleg scans I've seen online. I can't believe they were faking these back in 1996, but here I am with these fake cartridges. Oh well, guess I can trade them to someone or something.

I couldn't get Dolphin Blue running on MAME without slowdown and sound issues. I'm sure I could get it running but didn't really care to invest in figure out what was causing the issue.

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I'd rater play this on my Linux handheld than a busted old NeoGeo pocket. Besides, those things didn't even have backlights.

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There was a mobile game that was like a tower defense based on Metal Slug, wasn't there?
I heard it was actually pretty good.




only thing I still have unopened still in the plastic is my Catherine Limited Edition.

I should have left my green ranger morpher in the box though, especially considering how much a used one of those go for now.

though I'd never sell it anyways so oh well.

You still did not explain why you shouldn't use them. I could understand if you are a ""collector"" or if you're banking on reselling the damn things once their price inflates, but what is the point of buying some merchandise of a series you like only to keep it in a display and having nothing to do with it but stare at it?

Because I never get to use that reaction image.

Thanks for reassuring me. Of course fucking Metal Slug 4 is the worst one. It has lamest stages, the leasts new things to see and all the bosses are recycled.

fight me

Would you a tank/vehicle only MS today?

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You clearly don't play SNK fighters when you bitch about the game for its graphics. When 14 is genuinely the closest to 98. Then again you faggots don't play fighters and like to pretend you even play fighters.

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she's quite decent actually, I'm sure a more flattering pose would have made her passable.

The fuck are you looking at; she has a slight layer of padding at best. Ignore 3-D if you can't handle the inadequacy of reality.

I think she just suffers from Rob Liefeld's Captain America syndrome (the curve in the back is hidden by an object so we assume it's a straight line).


why are you saging?

Pic on the right looks like the girlfriend I'd like to have.
Pic on the left looks like the girlfriend I do have… ;_;

But I do love her so I overlook her figure.
Still… ;_;

nice blog.
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All characters are the same, but I play Fio exclusively.


I dunno user, at least you got a real game.

You love extra ammo in 6 and 7.

Who doesn't.

The sound design up to 3 was damn great for their time. Just seeing the rocket animate had me hearing the ejection sounds in my mind.

Damn good times.

Underaged, pls.

XIII's designs were also garbage, making every dude into Roddy Roid McMuscles and slowly but surely removing King's androgeny. Even fucking Kensou is ripped in that game, and he's not really supposed to be that built. I still miss Ralf's forward running tackle.

Are you some FGC faggot who only button mashes and thinks he's hot shit?

Dude, I'll fucking say. Charge your goddamn phone and quit being a mobileshitter.

If it's a GP2X, please do yourself a favor and drop it like a bad habit.

My Catherine Special edition is open but nothing's been used aside from the game. As far as I'm aware, anyhow.

What's the name of that THICC female soldier that instead of fighting carries a backpack with goodies?


Cool. Is she a playable in any game?

In the main games no, maybe in the mobileshit but i never played those.

She a cute.

Geostorm was here.

Metal Slug is for plebs.


Geostorm came before Metal Slug. The Nazca dev team made it before leaving Irem, remember SNK didn't make the first two games but Nazca did. It's a much less in depth and polished Metal Slug.

You're a contrarian, I played both Geostorm/Gunforce games and all Metal Slug games, Metal Slug greatly improves the formula.

Wait, I haven't played that one. Looks like Contra.

no , that's Demon Front


just for the heck of it