4 AM

Losing control?

Whats your favorite game about nothing?

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lmgtfy.com/?q=fate stay eroge uncensored
nyaa.se/?page=search&cats=6_0&filter=0&term=fate stay

sim tower?

Fuck off pedo.

mega gay fam



that's a cute god

Morning everyone!

Played some terranigma today. Seems alright but fucking hell I hate top down games that won't move diagonally. Constantly get frozen cause of this shit.

Woke up hangover as all fuck yesterday evening. Gabriel Dropout might just make it into my top 5 if it gets better as it goes along. Cutest show in years.

forza horizon 3 undertale expansion pack

Whelp, went to check something on Bulbapedia earlier only to find that they cucked like Insomniac did over Trump's immigration ban. Though I suppose unlike Insomniac they don't have any actual say over games.

Is there an actual game without any sort of stated goal at all? Just curious.

Was reminded that I found this screencap in a folder earlier.

you doin slide spear kicks yet?

I mentioned it in another thread, but after picking up my copy of the Asian English LE of Gravity Rush 2 I came home to a second copy of the game I very much DIDN'T order.

I'd say it was a mixup with the copy of Gravity Rush Remastered I ordered, but the package had a different tracking number. I can't even really be sure who sent the game. What the hell am I gonna do with this?

Why haven't you killed yourself yet?

LSD dream emulator would be my pick for OP so.

The thing where you run and stab? If so yeah.

Warframe is my favourite game about nothing.


Seinfeld the game

Nothing I guess

I have orientation for my new job in 5 hours, kill me pls

Huh, they only call the series Gravity Daze in Japan? Would have thought they'd call it Gravity Daze in Asia too.

Maybe do a "trips gets free game" thing next time there's a legitimately decent PS4 thread?

Pretty sure the goal there is to take a virtual drug trip.


Fucking nice. Do a 4am raffle or something? Or throw it on ebay and make 40$

The first few days are easy at least. Its once you are supposed to know what you are doing that it really starts to suck.


gay niggas


Thats not really a stated goal though. Thats just what you want while playing it.

Do anything fun today user?

fuck off videogames

run jump stab

ski to 45

I'll probably sell it, just a weird situation and all. Need to at least wait until the site I ordered Gravity Rush Remastered from is back from their Chinese New Year break though.

True, but my job is just going to picking up bags of mulch into people's trucks and cars

Not really sure what I actually want to do tonight, so I'm just sitting here playing Oracle of Seasons and not actually enjoying it. I don't remember any games I've played about nothing.

name one thread on the board right now that is talking only about video games you can't

Ahhh thanks that helps a bit.

Hey hows magic work in this shit? I made a couple of level one rings but they won't do anything. Can I get back the magic crystal shit I wasted on these?

As long as you aren't completely out of shape that sounds like a nice job. Easy and simple.

You the guy who recommended all those youtube channels to me?


Yeah. You like any? I've been around but I keep forgetting to ask.

Good luck, I guess.

Yeah, but I think that's still clearly the intention from the devs.

Admittedly it's a pretty small thread as of now (and I don't exactly expect it to get much bigger; sadly a dead series and all) and there's a single post of OP telling an obligatory "you start with undertale" shitposter to fuck off, but it's still extremely vidya focused for what it is.

Just saying.

Hey 4am, just got banned from Holla Forums again. For as much as what they say is interesting and a bit eye opening, it really makes you question just how much you wanna believe what they say when the entire board can get almost as bad as tumblr. What are your guy's experience with Holla Forums?

So i said that indians are not people on a gmod server and the furfag admin banned me. Lol.

fuck off

Yeah a few of those were great. My buddy had been looking for henry's kitchen for a long while so big thanks from both of us on that one!

I guess so. Still its not got traditional goals like a "real" game anyway.

I think they are single use items but I cant really remember, maybe try equipping them in your box or using them from it, definitely should be some action in the box
or just watch this vid I dug up for a minute or 2

Hopefully the Year of the Fire Cock proves even better than the Year of the Fire Monkey. Trump's already fucking over the non profits from whining about him.

Stop ban evading pedo.

You brought this upon yourselfThe same applies to Holla Forums.

Here's another series he's in, then. It's not as good, but it's still funny. youtube.com/playlist?list=PLG3tMXXGwuZwM9hEjtydLOUp2qjNvZRu5
All about a guy who manages to ruin everything by asking for or getting a cup of coffee.

Oh yeah, I guess I should say that the bluray that came with the Gravity Rush 2 LE was very, very nice. The only way to get a physical copy of the Gravity Rush anime with eng subs is the LE, and it sold out fast.

I pretty much just lurk there and only post on rare occasions; don't want to shit their board up since I only started getting into politics due to Shekelshoah and Trump's election. What did you do to get banned?

I don't post too often on Holla Forums, don't want the you know whos to know everything I believe in.

Thats pretty fucking gay. I just wanted to be able to throw a fireball or some shit now and again.

We're on to you.

posting dic

how new r u

Holla Forums couldn't handle the bantz so they left to make their own board

I'd say it's more a circlejerk than shitfest. It's more their tendency to act like autistic drama queens that pisses me off. Which sucks because I've been lurking more there than on Holla Forums for the past few days

Needs to be called out more often. Fucking nosebergs.

I mean I am, but not fat thank god, still pretty weak. I'm sure it won't be bad though

I miss that game I remember I went on a brony server with my pal and I got voted in as the queen and had my pal as captain of the guard and had the guard effectively become the gestapo and ordered any dissonance to be stamped out and eradicated. In less than 30 minutes a MLP server became a civil war server with literally everyone killing each other and me sitting in the sewers shit posting to keep up the good fight. It was absolutely hilarious and the mouth breathing admins banned me "for inciting anarchy and destruction to their equestrian server". I can honestly say that was one of the most fun I've had in a game, too bad the stupid mods ruined it

kingdom hearts prolly monica

i beat dat shit n i dun even remember usin crystals or magic or nunna dat shit tbh it wuz awhile ago. will remember dat slide kick 4 eva used dat on sum niggas in do hood dey was like dam X u kno kung fu i b like


nice shit nigga lemme hol dat cash tho

you can, now and again
where are you even at?
can you talk to animals?

Yeah we already started that one tbh

He has a full length movie out you know?

Oh yeah? I'll have to look into it sometime.

He probably said something that Imkamfy didn't like.

I'd be more appreciative to them if they didn't feel the need to sprint to Reddit to get a larger userbase so they could then raid the rest of the site.

You bought this on yourself.

hellz yeah mother fucker

Shiiiiiiet monica did I peep you up in Holla Forums the other day?

Your back is so fucking dead. Stock up on some goodys and those ice packs for your back before you go in.

wut i do tho?


Got to say, much as I like the idea of being able to make your own boards, I do feel that Holla Forums is better when both sides are forced to debate each other on the same board, rather than leftists getting asspained at the Nazis and fucking off to a board of their own.

nice try schlomo
Holla Forums disseminates its culture out to normalfags and spreads like a virus
normal fags are here because of TRS fags and reddit fags that came over 2 years ago during the first exodus
fucking newfag

Yeah its called "Punching the Clown" supposed to be a sorta funny autobiography about him or something.

Uhh I only did the first tower before going back to sleep to kill my hangover.

Can't remember now honestly. Maybe you should've shown up last night!


I'll be fine, I have high testosterone and put on muscle easier than I put on fat.

It's more of stalinists hating the nazis

Either way you're right, 8ch Holla Forums is a god damn mess because any dissonance is met with a ban for "CTRing" I got a month long ban in october saying I'd rather have Rand Paul as the candidate than Trump.


i got in late af tbh monica wuz out doin sum boo radley type shit monica

who's dick

that goes the same here, it's a tiny place

u mean whose dick?

Holla Forums (specifically imkampfy) permanently bans well-sourced dissenting opinions. Holla Forums will throw a shit fit and react emotionally (and post stirner) but they won't permanently ban you for saying the wrong thing and backing it up with facts.

Nigger, Holla Forums has been running to Reddit recently to pick up people from r/socialism or whatever it's called specifically to shit up Holla Forums. >normal fags are here because of TRS fags and reddit fags that came over 2 years ago during the first exodus
Wrong. It was 3 years ago.

nobody likes imkamphy

old me would have agreed with you
but old me wouldn't have gotten trump into the whitehouse

I honestly don't even know why exactly I got banned. I started a thread asking what they'd thought USA relations would be with different Asian countries, based on Duterte and Trumps conflict with China. The thread got deleted and I got banned without explanation.


If you say so. Have a feeling you are going to be dying after your first week.

The fuck that mean? Don't play that black and white shit shit shiiiiiiiiet

That's where you fucked up.

u ain't hafta read to kill a mockingbird in school at any point monica fo'really tho?

Cool. Bookmarked its wiki page so I don't forget.


He shouldn't have bought it, shitposting should be free

I knew a chick called monica

keep at it

4chon a shit please dont make me remember how long I've been at this


nah not really

I'm a monster….She's such a nice old lady too.

Mount & Blade

I'm onto you dmx. I saw you in a Holla Forums thread not speaking in nigger.

Think so? My shitty southern schools only ever made us read like 3 books honestly. Only remember the great crapsby.

What you do today besides OoS user?

wew I posted that just a minute ago user.

hey everyone


hey fag

hello every you

Good to know im not the only one who noticed. DMX is expanding apparently.


Yeah plan to. The world is pretty neat.

Hows your day so far user?

My heart belongs only to caxton apparently.


To my knowledge Holla Forums doesn't directly send normalfags to the site to be redpilled; other forces mention them in the media and shit which increases awareness, though at times halfchan can prove a decent firewall to them coming further (if the message only mentions Holla Forums and not specifically 8ch's Holla Forums). If Holla Forums is actively recruiting from other less desirable sites though, it's a bit telling that they can't manage to find a more actively interested poster base among the users here in the first place. Plus if memory serves Holla Forums boosts Holla Forums's user count when they go their to fuck with the commies.

Pretty sure Holla Forums actively considers their moderation staff to be against the board's own interest anyhow.

True. Have to say I'd much rather lurk Holla Forums than Holla Forums. I was rather apolitical prior, but Trump was the only one saying anything of merit this past cycle, so he's the one I opted to support. And I have to hand it to Holla Forums, they're pretty damn funny.

I'm trying to download Fate Stay eroge and I have no idea what I'm doing.

I did dishes and made dinner. That's pretty much it.

you're not even a tenth through the game by the way

The second major exodus is what killed the site tbh. It coincidentally is what made Holla Forums lose all of the libertarians it had because they all got replaced by the really shitty posters who were from Stromfront.

lol dat ain't me fam lol das pretty nice tho n dem iz mah lyrics

gatsby was gud shit monica tides n all


Why are you talking to yourself



What would it feel like on your dick?

The fuck is that?

Whats for dinner?

I'd hope not considering I only played 20 minutes.

I wouldn't blame them too much. You gotta realize they probably get hit with every form of devious shilling, spam and diversion tactics imaginable. After years and thousands of reports it starts to wear on you and you start to pull the trigger a little faster on bans because you feel like the shitposters/shills are winning by making you waste all your goddamn time analyzing their posts. I can sorta relate from hotpocking Holla Forums, we're constantly getting all sorts of creative threads subtly trying to shit up the board.

I had a can of soup. Wasn't especially good soup but it was passable once I added some spices to it.


I miss early exodus distilled Holla Forums
shit was so educational and every post seemed relevant maybe I just picked up enough to filter shit I had already seen

I've been permanently banned multiple times :^) by imkampfy for a variety of topics. One was for defending Stefan Molyneux by simply demanding that anons provide actual evidence that he's a "jew shill" (when he redpills normalfags and agrees with Holla Forums on nearly everything except going full 14/88) instead of just shitting their pants and screaming "DEFOO, DEFOO, JEW SHILL JEW SHILL".

Another was for pointing out that the Comet Ping Pong shit was obvious disinfo being paraded out to discredit the alt right.

One was for pointing out that Hitler is directly responsible for ruining White Nationalism, and is single-handedly responsible for throwing the west into a cultural death spiral.

Holla Forums is a NEETsoc hugbox, there is zero rational discourse to be found, and the hotpockets are just as compromised as 4cuck and actively running it into the ground.

are you begging for help?

Nah that shit just smelled bad. Musty clothes and fucking moldy cake and shit.

I've really grown to hate canned food. My family hoards that shit and I end up getting stuck eating cans of crap for weeks sometimes.

Kind of, like what do I download for the uncensored version?

Download RE7 instead. Apparently CPY cracked it already.

Yes we know huey, you're still buttmad Holla Forums kicked you out for being jewish. Get over it.

Phil has no chance against al gore.
Every shekel lost is a shekel wasted.


Jee, wonder why you got shitcanned.


Hey Skeleton

I don't think that's the case
I think it's because those that lacked conviction to come over on the first exodus were nothing but a diluting agent to Holla Forums
moot had to cuck half Holla Forums with "trigger warning" on every post before they thought about leaving

I feel like I got this

It was beautiful user, anytime you go to an MLP server for trolling always go for guard or queen, good things come to corrupt officials

That's disgusting

Didn't you grow up in east TN too, I remember our reading curriculum was basically read spark notes and I went to one of the top schools in the state

I actually wonder more what it's like to chew on it. Would it be spongey and resistant, rubbery and easily compressible, or just plain rock hard? And would it drain into your mouth?
(contextual heil!)
I can see where you're coming from. Still doesn't excuse the users though.

sharp as a butter knife

keep at it

Just like those kids huh pedo?

It's like you don't even know me.

moot did nothing wrong.

If your ideas can't stand up to criticism without permanently silencing any opposition, they aren't ideas worth having, chaim :^)


I can't be bothered to cook until it's late most days, so I go through a lot of canned veggies and soups. Usually with some spices added in. When I have the time and energy I'll make up a couple batches of chili, which is nice. Yesterday I tried to make homemade tacos and then realized I had nothing to put them on, so I ate a bowl of ground beef, heavily spiced, covered in chili pickles, shredded cheese, and salsa.

You are a faggot tbh

Who dat?

Yeee. Sounds about right. Didn't take much to succeed here really.

What games you playing lately user?

I'm surprised that fag did a good job and banned you

I bet posters shut you down to begin with, but you don't get banned just for that kind of shitposting, you'd have to have done it multiple times, almost to appear as a straight-forward effort, i.e. a shill.

Where is the proofs?

lmgtfy.com/?q=fate stay eroge uncensored

It's the truth.

I really wish Holla Forums wasn't stupid enough to see the alt-right as something they could use to push an easier swallowing redpill for the normalfags before making it easier to swallow the larger ones.

What's got you up at this ung*dly hour?

Get up on that potato soup game. Easier to make than chili, cheap as fuck, tasty as all hell. Love that shit so much.

Woke up at like 3am after going to bed at 11pm.

What about you user?

Fear not, for it will all come to you in due time.

I think you mean Allah.

Considering TRS was run by a guy married to a faghag kikess, I'm pretty sure hatred of the alt-right was justified from the beginning. If they want to make their way here, by all means; but they should do their thing while we do ours.

I just make chili because I like it. Got a bunch of recipes written down somewhere, from when I've had exceptionally good batches.

the move into the hotel combined with the need to do a bunch of computer shit has put a dent in my game time but I got an hour in of "War for the Overworld"
WFTOW is the spiritual successor to Dungeon Keeper 2 since EA cucked DK3 as a phone game

It's 8:40pm here

I never said that Holla Forums was the alt-right. cripple/pol/ is just an obscure NEETsoc hugbox that has accomplished nothing. cuck/pol/ at least gets some shit done, and has achieved a lot of mainstream recognition for it. Funny how things have reversed again.

No, there would always be 2-3 spergs shitting their pants,and a few anons agreeing.
Not shitposting, and you absolutely do. You would know this if you followed the ban logs or took a trip over to >>>/polmeta/
Nope, fresh IPs with no post history.
That would be imkampfy who will allow cuckspamming in the same thread and single out anyone posting actual arguments for p.bans.

You're naive as fuck, but you'll get it eventually.

i lost track of /4am/ when i switched pcs and by the time i came back to it, it was already completely shoah'd lol

that why you're here?
you don't understand Holla Forums at all


Do you make your chili with or without beans?

That some shitty top down WRPG shit?

Fixin schedule. And hopped up on energy drinks and carbonated beverages.

Thats what you said last time.

Excuses. You need to do a shitposting training montage, like from rocky, where you become strong enough to actually challenge Al. You just dont have it in you yet. He's your apollo atm and you are LACKING.

also praise kek

One of Trump's kids converted to Judaism, but if you bring that up on Holla Forums you get screamed at before being banned.

I understand it enough to know that they refuse to have anything to do with the alt-right despite being nothing more than a more extreme form.

Nothing comes quickly.

you must have missed the last waifu wednesday thread, we already joined forces and i would have gone for the (400) if it wasnt for the cuck mods

I'll be going to bed soon

Can't sleep even with a healthy dose of melatonin.

I think you mean HERESY

Move to the proper timezone, EST
just realized there are people ITT that aren't posting from EST, FUCKING HERETICS

Chill on those energy drinks, I don't want to have to come and jumpstart your heart.
I tried to make that sound the least gay, you faggots

dungeon managment sim
think reverse diablo only not shit like all the other attempts

Unless you provide proof you've got nothing. Unless you provide an example, doubly nothing. I'm not about to start cucking for mods but I'm definitely not supporting your bullshit.

With, usually. I put a lot of stuff in mine.


What are you talking about?

Why? Sleep is for the weak. You spend most of your life sleeping, might as well go out with a bang.
I wish I could sleep.

Holla Forums is the source
the alt-right is an imitation co-opted by kikes and kike lovers

I'm making shit up as I go along, kill me.

Try booze.

So like you put goons in the way of strong enemies or something? It fun?

Whats the funkiest one you make?

Hows work?

There's nothing wrong with liking Hebrews, our brothers in arms.

Don't worry, I am too, even when it's more of the same shit I keep pumping out. It gets replies, so why change it up much?

Again, not the same as running a white nationalist podcast whilst being married to a jew who actually chimes in during your show.

all I can do is sleep, sleep lets me be me

please use archive.is/peta-wants-warhammer-characters-to-stop-wearing-furs-now/?utm_content=buffer340fd&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook&utm_campaign=buffer_pcgamerfb

Tell me how this makes you feel, if you don't want to read it all, PETA wants 40k to not wear furs lol

You should see the way I cut things. Sometimes I buy a big sausage and cut chunks off until it's gone. My hands always end up covered with cuts by the time it's gone.

The funkiest one I had used a bunch of weird spices, chicken instead of beef, and a bottle of beer. I like my chili spicy, though, so I don't make that one often. Alcohol dissolves capcaicin.

shit I don't even know how to describe it any more
honestly I don't like most games any more ritsu, I needed some strategy game fix and I own it

I would much rather recommend intrusion 2

Like what? Not like we have permanent archives here. Take a look at the ban logs and stop white knighting mods that fucking despise you.
You already have. Again, you clearly have never paid attention to the public ban logs, nor /polmeta/.

Why do you think Ron's response to users complaining about the mass perm bans and mod abuse on Holla Forums was to create /new/ as a "Holla Forums without mod censorship" even going so far as to create a global message "Banned? Try something /new/!" which was explicitly an appeal to anons to get out from under imkampfy's thumb.

Oy Vey I think you mean YHWH

What'd the mods do?

Nite spider. There was a gay guy in the conan dick thread everyone though was you
He posted his butthole

Dont forry fam, no homo. And its the last im gonna have for the forseeable future. Its just the downturn from going cold turkey thats gonna suck the next few days. Sadness always sets in when in withdrawal.

You convert any nonbelievers yet?

I'll make sure to remember that, and treat him as able before he does me

doubleposting like a retard here: Chimes in during your show whilst your OTHER WHITE NATIONALIST BUDDIES WHO KNOW YOUR WIFE IS A JEW say nothing about it and are perfectly fine with it.

I don't know why is posted that link….

shoah'd most of my proxies

Do you see why I'm not taking you seriously yet?

going full soccer mam

I'll not sleep yet, conan dick thread?

no I wouldn't post my butt

I've heard people use beer in chili before and I don't know if it'd be good or disgusting.

Can you taste it or is it more an undertone kinda thing?

Looks pretty generic if I'm being honest.

Prolly that "new" mod. He even banned rabbit rabbit user. Twice.

I don't know, I have to wait for orientation on the 4th.

user, if I plant a seed and the rain waters it while the sun feeds it, who grew the tree?

shit nigger what are you doing

also give this and hongfire a try
nyaa.se/?page=search&cats=6_0&filter=0&term=fate stay

It's not bad. Adds almost kind of a sweetness to it.

It's a big fucking sausage. I just cut off whatever I want at that time.

You have to understand, Hebrews aren't a race. They're white just like you and me!

Peta has the right intentions, but they're fucking retarded in terms of what they actually target. I love how they ignore the fact that Chinese torture dogs before eating them because it "makes them taste better"

YHWH is the best god, why is anyone following that freak who got crucified for being a false prophet?

For some it may never come, but others might get it eventually.

I'm glad you're willing to help those who are persecuted for nothing.

i think it was lime or cyan, they're both plebs

the controls are good and the boss fights are great, lots of changing terrain

it had grown its self

you know it

The rabbit rabbit thread was pretty funny. Exact same shit thats happening to 4am.

Oh but wait what you were flirting with the waitresses before?

I'll look into that then, thanks!

Meh. Not a fan of shooting platformers.

It's funny, have you ever tried to explain to someone that they're being lied to, and that their current understanding of a situation or concept is wrong, but they're fighting you the entire way and refusing to see what's right in front of them?

That's you right now. You'll get it eventually, though. If you aren't a subhuman with a double digit IQ, you'll eventually grow up a little and see what's going on, and either you'll say the wrong thing and get popped, or you'll voluntarily leave once you see the company you're keeping.

I really do wish you the best of luck. I know that doesn't mean anything to you now, but it will eventually.

If only more people could be like you!

Ayy yo, what's gucci?
I'm just going to cop out and say the seinfeld vn

Also marathonned this shit. It's a meme series full of nothing but in jokes and obviously a slapped together filler (the current episode's storyboard is under production without a final script), but fuck was it ever fun

It'll give it a heartier taste, cooking with beer is great because after the booze is cooked out it typically has a rich malty flavor that synergizes great with all fatty meats like beef and pork

I don't know what their intention is besides being a headaches always honestly. They put down thousands of animals each year, why isn't the central part of their thing raising money to care for animals instead of stupid campaigns like bitching about 40k using animal pelts. As if that's a good example when fucking chaos wears human flesh as pelts also

I'd be more willing to believe you if you'd give me A SINGLE FUCKING PICTURE to verify your claims. You haven't given me shit, and the burden of proof is on you.

I think I know what you're talking about. Regardless, it should be pretty easy. Do you not use a cutting board or something?

No, flirting is for degenerates or something. Also, I'm pretty set on the same girl, and I think beyond my delusions I am making progress.

This man knows what he is talking about.

Whoa man, #notallchaos

The clouds?

You should probably check it out.

What, death?

You didnt check?

There's usually some bullying in the rabbit rabbit threads but this month was pretty bad.

honestly I'm not either, I just like that one because its cool

anyway, you played illusion of gaia yet?
its related to terranigma

Not when I'm just cutting a little chunk off.

Isn't that one of those 3 minute episode shows? Feels like thats why I skipped it.

What do you usually add to your ramen user?

Tried it once at a party, managed to get a kiss on the cheek.
most contact I've ever gotten

In the meantime, find a new drink, anything's better than energy drinks.

Teach me how to sleep

I hear you, although am tired of browsing 4am, just tired of everything in general.

It's 5am and I didn't think I'd possibly go to be angry until I saw this
Fuckers will soon hang.

that would be really great, I would definitely make a Rollerskate Westcoast Disco Squad if I knew more people like me

Knowledge. Did she ever get rid of that thing near her eye that's horrifically shitty looking?

You need to be more inclusive.

But if I dont drink energy drinks, where will I get my bull semen from?


I dunno. She stopped being relevant a long time ago.

that's what all comedy boils down to, that or "lol both sides are retarded" political nonsense

on this board? gib link

you think of nothing to become nothing and in nothing you become everything

That one girl from before? Any progress?

The whole "no fun allowed" shitposters are really running all over everything it seems. And the mods agree with them.

Isn't that one a straight JRPG?

Sounds like it works for you. Get to drinking drunky.

i did but i dont remember which one of them was it
i think it was cyan

no it plays pretty much like Terranigma, both are part of a 3 game series

Red pepper flakes, green onions, and chicken broth, not complex but it's cheap and easy

Honestly cooking with any alcohol barring shit like gin and vodka typically yields good results

Shut it heretic

I've on and off been skimming /cow/, and the last I heard of her, she was fighting John Flint over who was more oppressed by GG. Flint is running for congress, isn't that great?

7-8 minutes, but yeah. Each season is about 3 episodes, and the middle season is nothing but references to other trigger shows.

Space Patroller Luluco

Probably should've clarified, but I meant Trigger referencing their other shows

yo wife ass homie LOL

fam dat's urusei yatsura

nah is mo or less da same as terraniggma but da combat ain't quite as fluid i'd say.

Man, what do you honestly expect? You're sitting here, giving me nothing while you're essentially saying "educate yourself lmao" while I'm asking for even a screencap of what you're talking about, while you opened up with entirely fallacious claims of hitler ruining white nationalism for everyone, which wouldn't be the jews that came up with the idea of a holocaust or churchill selling his soul for fame and fortune. 1-800-come-on-now my dude.

You being negative about Chaos might mean you're a member of Chaos.

It better or worse than terranigger?

I need to pick up some chicken broth and try that. Never seem to have any when I'm eating ramen.

Sounds gay.

Worse. I used to have some respect for (((The One True Faith))) for atleast acting as a moral authority until he tried running his game in these parts. Now I truly see this Jewish sect for what it is. It's entirely destructive to organic cultures and societies. It elevates ideology over reality so that real issues are ignored and much needed conversations can not be discussed. It denies this life in hope for a better next one, which leads to apathy and passivity. It is mental slavery for those stupid enough to fall victim to its feel-good but ultimately meaningless doctrines. This desert cult must be banished back to the desert from which it came before it transforms our lands into the same kind of desert.

nigga please I actually have a bunch of seasons of that just waiting to be watched

thanks fam, adding to my list

Sounds horrible. Already think the controls in terranigma are pretty shitty as is.

No :^)

From the source.

Cut me real deep… Although it doesn't work for me, my mind is just way too overactive I just lay there hoping I'll fall asleep.

Shit was great won't lie, but to drink myself to sleep that's not the way to do it. Also I remember going home drunk that night still coulnd't fucking sleep I'm that broken.

Are you saying G-d's chosen isn't a great group of people? You sicken me. Reported to the ADL.

It's poor practice. With a little more effort, just whip out a cutting board, cut a few pieces, then wipe it off with a napkin. No pain and no mess.

The correct answer was nature. I don't convert people. But to give you a non-pretentious answer, I believe there was one person recently that made an effort to go to church, but I haven't talked to him in a bit.

It's true. I particularly like adding a bit of white wine to my mushroom risotto.

She's totally cute and also a bit impressed I found work 4 days after my graduation. Honestly, if I had to guess, she recently just started to take me seriously in that manner if at all. Hell if I know what she really thinks though, for all I really know I probably missed a few signs already.

Oh hey, how are you guys holding up?

it's been a minute since i played eitha but i'd say gaia has a bit mo meat to it while terranigma is da funner play all around tbh. n goddamn fam u r rly hard to please w/ games monica r u sure u even like games monica?

Guy who bought an Ouya, do you regret it yet?


I think it's gameplay is a little looser but I like the story more

I just don't care enough.

nice tzeentching you conniving little fucker, let the record show that serving the emperor and your brother in arms is the greatest honor and joy you can attain in life

It's cheap and it reduces sodium of the typical shitty ramen packets. Broth honestly was a game changer for me, most dishes I make taste so much better with broth, like red beans and rice. Cheap and easy if you make your dirty rice in chicken broth then you're going to be in a flavor heaven when you add it sauce on top

No you wouldn't. You've already revealed your thought processes here:
You would claim that while a picture does show an unwarranted ban, I could have had a post history of serial shitposting, and thus it was warranted. I never bothered to cap them because the first time I got banned I headed over to /polmeta/ and saw dozens upon dozens of threads with identical stories to mine, then took a trip over to leftypol and heard the same thing.
I've told you exactly where to look if you want to verify what I'm saying is going on, is actually going on. You don't want to, though. It's a really uncomfortable thought, trust me, I get it.
There are no amount of caps that would convince you. Time, on the other hand, is on my side. I've already implanted that seed in your mind, and whether you like it or not, one day you're going to start paying attention and you'll see exactly what I'm talking about, and then you'll remember me telling you this.

Anway, Shadowman finished downloading, so I'm off to play some vidya. Have fun, user.

Sleep is for the weak anyway. Trump only sleeps like 3 hours a night and look at him.

You ever fucking ask her on a date like I told you to 2 months ago?

I'm incredibly picky with everything. Means I don't have to suffer through shit at least. Though things more in the middle I miss out on more like.


greatest honor is slidin in sum pussy monica balee dat

Are you just saying that to keep your Genestealer cult under the radar?

It also has male characters, though one of them is just an upgraded version of inferno cop while another one literally IS inferno cop, one of them is the big bad guy who shows straight the fuck out of nowhere, and the other is a prettyboy love interest. Still, I know how much you hate those :^)

Literally look for the dick physics thread. Cant miss it.

Personally I think its a plan to either remove Holla Forums from Holla Forums over time or destroy Holla Forums. Holla Forums is too right wing for many people liberals and i can see it being subverted in real time lately.

Impying that tranny could ever manage a position. He couldnt even make it as a game dev.

Women dont have semen DMX. Did they not have sex ed at your school?

Catholicism/christianity has always been horribly anti-jewish on account of them having a pivotal role in killing christ as well as Christ outright telling them they were the children of satan. This pro-jew shit is from the Scoffield bible and avengelicals, which are subverted. If christianity or Catholicism were as they used to be, there would already have been a crusade against judaism for what theyve done.

Sounds dangerous. And not very energy inducing.

Churches nowadays are largely too pozzed to be helpful, especially with the refugee situation. Better to have a personal relationship with God.

He's probably enjoying her company, gratitude and love right now, while you stay lonely.

Everything you think is wrong.

Right. Enjoy being on your high horse, you fucking faggot. You've done nothing but posture and abuse circular logic this entire time without producing a shred of evidence. If one day you decide to stop being a deceitful idiot, I'll have already implanted that seed in your mind, and whether you like it or not, one day you're going to start paying attention and cease being a deceitful fucking faggot.

u gotta get it after yo bull (aka me) deposit it

Ahh yeah couldn't pay me to watch that then.

Is there some like order I'm supposed to play these in for the story to make sense or what?

What brand you buy? Going to go out shopping with the folks sometime soon and will pick a lot up.

I serve my emperor with duty and have a cute poster of a beautiful sisters of battle waifu that I can only dream of one day holding hands with after massacring a cult of slaaneshi libertines


Totally. I've already reported you to the Inquisition.


I've heard ctr got 40 million dollars to play with recently. Might be them just shitting up every corner of the net.

I see

just gotta learn how to not think then

found it and it fucking sounds like that chubby faggot who stalked me here, although that doesn't make much sense since this person says I'm an attention whore and if they knew me properly they'd think something else

I fear no inquisition for my faith in the emperor trumps such niggertry

Was that originally a Catholic/Christian thing or were people just being naturally and understandably cautious about people different from them?

gl w/ dat shit monica 1

did hill have 40 mil u coudln't get out to da middle east or sumn monica?

t.jewish man

Bulls as in male cows. Besides, everyone knows you like the company of men DMX. You dont gotta front it here fam.

She'll love you forever!

Dunno about them, but heard about that other group in the GG thread thats going to be monitoring "alt-right" sites and using new algorithms to crush "fake news" before it starts. Apparently the propaganda machine is going full throttle as the leftist beast convulses its last breaths.

I dunno man, just know that thread got real gay, real fast.

no, no order the plots are different and unrelated as far as I know
here is the company, specifically the games they made

The bible LITERALLY says the jews are the children of satan.

Knew you were a follower of Chaos.

Why am I persecuted so?

Fair enough. Disregard knife skills completely, take that sucker out and chomp on that bitch whenever you're feeling it then.

No, because that lacks tact. I however did almost incidentally do so last friday. That was a fun night.


No, that's an incorrect manner of thinking. Yes, your personal relationship comes first, but a church is a vital part of it
That means there is still some that aren't. Find those.

I've not done that in a long while

Which bible?

I'm sure it will work out great as an HDMI video player

Probably soros and gang. Have to drown out the rising right wing sentiments to make normalfags believe everyone and everything is lefty bullshit.

Wew jesus christ. The world is getting more and more fucking crazy. Going to be an interesting 8 years.

Yeah, it's 95e926. Please save us from this monster!

pic related fam

once da money gone they stuck, soros ain't backin no losin horses monica dis shit seem vain af tbh monica

Theres a second actraiser?

What'd yall do? Get some?

Those before the changes.

. . . .you're not going to hollow out her insides are you?

Year of fire cock evidently.

At least you can admit here fam-pai. Never be ashamed of who you are.

It'll be fiiiiine. They can't kill us all.

Ain't that some hot sauce shit?

3rd Secret of mana too

I never finished actraiser robotrek and SOM3 because I was on the back end of some drive to play emulated games and just had other stuff to do
I liked robotrek tho

no just set her up with cynogen

is da odin sphere nigga up inz ?

I am EST



if you had been following Holla Forums you would know that from the moment trump got into office shit has been mad

makes me feel tired wit hall the non stop happenings

Many thanks!

Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka did nothing wrong

Looks about too JRPGy for me.

Well what'd you do?

we hung out and stuff
i'm going to sleep pce

He didn't say that because they were Jews or anything, but because they rejected him as their messiah. This "accept my word or else" mentality is universalist, and is the root cause for Christianity's inherent destructive nature. "CONVERT OR DIE!!!"

Night fam.

I've kept up with what Trump's been doing but I don't spend much time online or on 8ch really anymore.

ye niggas normally make a big deal out of a president first hundred days eva since fdr did his thang w/ it but trump is rly diggin his heels in on sum shit monica n dis holocaust microgression shit goin on is amazin mah dude

robotrek? yeah I'm pretty sure it was turn based combat but I don't remember
plot felt good like battle network and swordcraft story tho, light and fun

that's fine fam, got other shit to do right

that shit was great, no mention of the jews in the holocaust rememberance thing, was fuckign great

posting this chill tune just because

I'm glad I managed to finish sorting the ~400 Genesis roms I grabbed, but I'm not going to play any of them for shit because games can't hold my interest for more than 10 minutes.

chinese calender. buckle up

the windows spyware?

and they eternally reject him. the talmud claims him a false prophet boiling in shit. if you got him killed and eternally reject him for making all goyim chosen children of god, would that not fit you in his condemnation he initially gave them for denying him. This aint rocket science user.

Sorta? Not really. Just think sitting around mindlessly browsing websites is a waste of time.


So you saw how Trump said the Shoah isn't just about Jews

rather chill

They dindu muffin.

ye dat shit happen fam u kno it monica. but ayyy mayne peep dat phantasy star shit tho monica n sum dino corps or sum shit mad guns n 90s style dino anthro niggas 2 monica

Yeah that was hilarious. Love that they are using the whole "inclusive" shit against them too.

it is a curse which leads me back to playing simpler gmaes liek Rune Factory 4 and platformers

without the micro$oft apps

honestly I feel like sleeping most of the time and try to devote my energies to setting up computer hardware and software shit

illusion of gaia isn't turn based tho

As should we. Why would we adopt this Jewish sect of a Jewish religion for Jews? Or do you want us to all submit or die too and live in the same kind of globalist dystopia that the usual suspects want? I don't understand.

yeah, snagged it out of the webm thread yesterday night
lead me to this too

Trump also said that America's greatest ally is Australia

I dislike jontron and every god damn mother fucker who reviews shit on the internet

What's worse is that I'm stuck either using headphones or mono because I'm too lazy to find/make a 3.5mm to rca cable since it's a Model 1 with a flash cart.

It's an awful feeling. I get stuck going back and trying to reclear the first Dark Souls before dropping the game after a handful of bosses.

what? shit really? with the dropbears?

jontron is a fun guy some times, and I like seeing egoraptor getting burned, that remix came out just before the split too

I gotta feelin trump gonna say eybody they greatest ally if he in da room w/ em even if itz mexico

eybody gon want in on dis train tbh monica

oh u usin a flashcart w/ real genesis hardware mah dude?

You can avoid it all you want, you're not fooling anyone user. Catholicism and christianity outright calls the jews the children of satan, and by the jews inability to accept jesus as the savior they always will be. And as I said, if christianity or Catholicism was as it used to be, before being subverted as i've already spoken of, there would already have been a crusade to oust the jews for their actions.

Huh what? Missed that one.

I'm mostly sitting around watching crap most days. Still better than refreshing the same website over and over and over again.

It's comfy shit. Especially when you get a crt and have the hum in the background.

Ornstein did everything wrong.

Im unsure of whatever else they added into cyanogen after microsoft bought them out. It might be more than apps you have to worry about.

das legit fam i believe in u. sux u went to all dat trouble n cain't b playin nuffin. play sum quackshot monica iz good shit fam

I still haven't finished dragons dogma and got spoilered enough that when I tried to do a PC run I minmaxed assasin and have just been too bored to play it

sad times

whats stopping you really hitler-kun?

By rejecting him that makes me a child of satan too, though, don't you see? It has nothing to do with them being Jewish, or being a different people with different customs and values and ways to others. Do you not see what I'm saying? It doesn't view diversity as a problem, and diversity is the root of most of our modern problems. I don't need to carry this on any further. African christians are not my brothers and I don't want them living here.

Because we are the master of the bants
He also said Happy Australia day, and mentioned 1788 (When the first fleet landed) as the beginnings of Australia
And not sure if you know but there is an ever growing push from leftists to either change the date or rename it to "Invasion day"

Fair enough

Of all the things 3 did wrong, at least Smough finally became a knight.

Nigga I'm going to try all of them eventually.

Mostly laziness. I'm fine with it being mono, but muh stereo sound

I keep telling you ritsu you need to do something productive to feel some satisfaction
seriously some sort of crafting or programming hobbie would be good for you

sounds comfy as a mother fucker

thought they partnered
this time give me a fuckin link as proof so I know what exactly you're talking about

sounds like he stands with european colonies and nationalism
I hear australians were rad as fuck in WW2 as well

well, hardware and tools wise, what is stopping you?

I also have a PS2, VHS/DVD player and a CED player hooked up to it which lets me do a lot of shit when I don't have much going on.

Laziness. Even then, I could just wear a pair of headphones.

Well our WW2 shit isn't taught as much as our WW1 shit weirdly enough
I mainly remember Kakoda (Us stopping Gooks in Papua New Gineau) and some Aussies driving some US Niggers out

SWANK as fuck
don't know what a CED is tho
also is your PS2 fat and softmodded?

how about some really nice earbuds

pretty sure someone tried to fuck with you guys in WW2 and you pushed their shit in, but I forget

It was the jews he said it to first. And by the virtue of rejecting him fully forever, they are considered children of satan. Or does it not count now that it was them he said it to and they were the initial example of it?
Oh and the prophets of christ also call the jews out as well for their actions.
Matthew 23:15” Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You travel over land and sea to win a single convert, and when he becomes one, you make him twice as much a son of hell as you are.
You serpents, you generation of vipers, how can you escape the damnation of hell?” (Jesus – to the Jews; in Matthew 23:33)
It's blatantly obvious who is being referred to in John 8:44.
Wouldnt surprise me. You argue like a big nosed denizen.

Yes, some happiness out at the end.

Japan mainly, but there was Negros acting like Negros in our country which we didn't like, so some townsmen took up arms against the US Army

the dingoes I'm sure

no wonder they want to gloss over your WW2 history
too problematic

pretty sure the chinese were on the allies side

get bak mofugga u dunno me lyk dat

They gloss over WW2 as we weren't as they use WW1 as a basis on where our nation was formed rather than 1788 or 1901

you mean commie side?

It's a fat model, but I don't have the money to mod it. A CED player is a movie player that uses vinyls. It's only real purpose at this point is for hyper hipsters and AV geeks.

Sheeeit nigga I thought we were chill.

k. you're retarded and so is your book.

bitch we myt b

kek, ebin.

Don't make me send you back to those cotton fields nigga.

I got the second half but that first half


softmodding requires a means to get a file onto the memory card from usb
a gameshark or similar CD would do the trick
after the file is on the memory card the PS2 will BOOT from the memory card and load the mod software, usually an installer to turn a memory card into the mod software, usually the same one you put the exploit on
here is where I learned how
it goes down a lot these days so it may come up again and it may not but from what I have told oyu you should be able to figure out what to do if now I could probably dig up the software I have in storage and share it with you some time


I'll eventually get around to installing Freemcboot or whatever it's called, but for now I'll go through all of the games on the Genesis.

Do I have to ban rap?

found some proximate shit



DMX doesnt rap in threads though, he just speaks in ebonics. Unless you're going to institute a rule like /a/ where you need proper capitalization and grammar and shit?


Oh also, Dolphin the wiiu emulator has come a long way, so could always play some nintendo games.

are you real the DMX

Where's that fucking whip?

It's 2017, you need to have proper text.

Haven't they more or less finished the Wii/Gamecube version?


You missed the point of what the book you quoted said. It's pointless to argue. Like most christcucks you are anti-white and are my enemy. That's all that needs to be said.

Doubtful. Even the ritsu now isnt the real ritsu from before.

Says who? Improper text is a must imo.
I unno. Havent been paying attention.

Reported. Enjoy your ban.

not bad

Ritsu gives signs that he is actually a he, DMX never sways from being DMX in a thread. In fact I don't think DMX has broken character once

yes, played Rune Factory Frontier and everything
I honestly heard the WiiU was done anyway but I havn't been keeping up

I guess I should probably get to bed. I'm getting to that time of the night where I think "boy I should break out those sappy love songs what could go wrong haha". See you guys next time.


have a good night

Oh yes of course I did moishe. Clearly I missed the part where its not really the jews, even though jesus said it to the jews themselves and the point is further reinforced through other passages and his disciples. Christianity is clearly a jewish religion despite the progenitor calling the jews the children of the devil. How could I be so blind!? Surely I should just become a pagan or some dead useless religion or even atheist as a result. Thank you moishe for saving my eternal soul. Clearly your kvetching has finally reached me If you're a pagan i feel bad for you. Theres a reason you guys died out

Were not on /a/ fam-pai. Sorry.

Course ritsu is a he. He's just not the original.

there there ducky

Too bad.

oh and

a PS3 emulator would be cool, 360 as well because crackdown
who cares about xbone and PS4 tho?

You have brain disease

Maybe someday Holla Forums will become new /a/. Hold out hope.

I like Dwarf Fortress a lot

I would prefer if Holla Forums became night Holla Forums 24/7

good taste

dem dowfs

Embrace your fellow christians. Embrace the decline. Embrace white genocide, goy.

There may not be many games worth the prices for the PS4/Xbone, it's still a good idea to figure out how to emulate them so future games can be saved. I want an original Xbox emulator.

But 8/a/ is the best board!



original original or small?


a nigga can't break character monica i am da mofuknn dark manz x monica eything i b b dmx directly even if i miss i cain't miss monica u know how it b fam so go talk dat lakers celtics mess elsewhere fam fo u catch deez handz

The one released in 2001.

take angry punished Holla Forums
sit him down in a bean bag chair for a late night sleepover with /vr/
watch the anger melt away as they play donkey kong country togher

"The Xbox Controller was the primary controller for Microsoft's Xbox console and was introduced at the Game Developers Conference in 2000. The standard Xbox controller (nicknamed the "Duke") was originally the controller bundled with Xbox systems for all territories except Japan. The "Controller S" was the standard controller in Japan, and was later released in other territories by popular demand and by 2002 replaced the standard controller in the Xbox's retail package, with the larger original controller remaining available as an accessory."

sounds like you want the Duke

Night Holla Forums is incredibly comfy. If only we could purge the normalfags

It's too late moishe, you've already lost. Appeals to emotion or the current acts of a subverted religion wont change that. Go be jewish elsewhere.

So, do you mean that ironically?

What does Duke Nukem have to do with any of this?


what if, we made a board that was locked all hours except for american 10PM to 6am east coast or GMT-5

small one came later fam


mario is a nigger


…[insert player character] is late and lost in the DARKS void of nothingness

…finished contemplating, [insert player character] chooses to


I never liked that comic

I ignored the joke as it did not suit my temperment

I take it you're a firm believer in overmoderation? why didnt you overmoderate /4am/ when you had it?

Doubt it'd last. People would forget unless they had 24/7 access.

You should have enjoyed it.

Because there was nothing to moderate, as it was back when it literally just two people posting on the board.

>tfw no streams

he kinda dropped the ball and went full retard at the end of it

something needs to be done

cant argue with hitler dubbs
but I didn't so there

how i learn all dat keyboard shit so a nigga can get gud at da dorf ?

You need to get some better taste in jokes.

that was someone else fam
it was an edit


u need betta taste in scary faces monica
(' 3 ')

Don't blame me when you get shit on for not being funny.

Thanks nigga.

read a wiki or get the rapist

no it wasn't the guy couldn't be asked to finish it properly so he just want fuck it

i already got a shrink monica
wiki is bad fam

you guys like scarry faces?

trying to be funny

Good point.

About what?


They are beautiful people, don't oppress them.

It's just as dead as it was back then, and I'd rather keep it that way tbh.


therapist is the thingy you get with your douks so that you can figure out what's what's

if it's just ~hot~ keys you're wanna'in then that's a googlage away

I dont know man, night crew type stuff
make Holla Forums comfy again

Dont like visitors, or just like the few people there that much?

Those days are prolly over, except for nights, maybe heavy exam times too.

I feel like I need to make threads or contribute to shit more

It having 1-2 new posts a day is nice.

Its hard though. Ofttimes it feels like there isnt much to make a thread about.

Like slow boards do you? That explains /a/

I know what you're talking about man
part of the problem is oldfags don't have questions and newfags ask shit questions nobody wants to answer because spoonfeeding etc

also the death of the old sites like KAT and the bay

/a/ is a shit board that suffers from overmoderation and a shit userbase. I'd rather use /jp/.

its alright

Anyone who doesn't like shitposting isn't someone to post with.

Low energy Gondola.

shitposting is pretty great
it's pretty fucking hard with you're tired from life tho

your mother




life is too nice to hate





welp, gonna take off, have a good night


Where? I don't see it.

Control has been lost, and it's a downward spiral.

Favourite game about nothing is… I dunno.