PS2 Graphics Appreciation

R.I.P PS2 Graphics. 1998-2017(or whenever 3DS dies)

What a terrible sight

So what are some of your favorite titles from this era that just passed?

those AA on consoles would still have a high resolution. At least, they would look like mobile games.


Panzer Dragoon Orta and JSRF on the Huge Box still look amazing today. Fuck Microshit and Segay for not re releasing them, they'd look spectacular upscaled






It's a shame new hardware makes it literally impossible to design a game using classic styles.


Now post their tans

Games don't need to look better than PS2 graphics. When graphics get more realistic than that, they reach uncanny valley levels where people complain they don't look photo realistic. Realistic graphic are a mistake. They can never look 100% real, so staying with PS2 levels of graphics is the best.

trips of truth
Metal Gear Solid 3 looks more breathtaking than any realistic-styled game of the last decade if I'm honest.

Indies will swing around to that point in the near future. I bet you can't fucking wait either

fag, I'd rather have PS2 tier graphics and loads of technology in my games though.

that city level in the new mario game looks like it has ps2 graphics

nintendo will never leave the PS2 Era. Good thing too.

thats got to be the most autistic thing I've heard since that one goodra is female guy
boring brown and bloom is bad
having improved textures and models isn't
I'm not saying every game should strive for photo-realism, but I'm not going to sit and complain that color television is more distracting on the eye than black and white if you catch my drift


I recently played Haunting Ground (Demento) and Rule of Rose for the first time and thought both looked fantastic for the era they were produced. The face rendering in the pre-rendered cutscenes for Rule of Rose were especially impressive to me. I've also been seeking out more PS2-era gems to play, any reccomendations? I'm a big fan of the horror genre and have played most well known titles. I'm looking for more obscure games.

I'm not gonna trust you on the latter one, so here you go.

judging from what he posted, he wanted good games, not nu-gamer PC garbage.

Didn't really play white day, but I guess it's worth the recommendation, probably.

tip top kek m8

No satan, fuck you, bloom and fog overused in MGS2 and 3 spread this cancer onto pretty much entire PS3 generation, and we're still having echoes of it.
Fuck it, games should be crisp and clear.

Monstrum has some really cool monster designs, and Nowhere looks interesting (for a phone game). The rest I've tried before, weren't really my kinda thing.

Had no idea the Sega Saturn had titles such as this, one of the few consoles I haven't looked at the library for. Forgot to mention above I love body horror. This looks really cool!

White Day and Cry of Fear were both really fun games! As edgy as it was, CoF had a good atmosphere and great soundtrack. Plus multiple endings!
Looks like it's riding off of the FNAF wave of animatronic horror, but it does look neat!

yes, there's an English 60hz release too - so you won't have to stick with PAL50 or Japanese if you do not like/know either. Look into D and Enemy Zero as well.


Tattletail is garbage. To get true ending you need to collect all collectable eggs in each day, like an idiot.


I've really liked the bgm choices they've made(for as little as there is of it in the game).
Even scz? You din't meet many people who've played it even in the past days. Did you get to the further parts of the game?

It may seem like you've probably already tried Cryostasis and Lone survivor, but I would never know.
Don't ever try(if you didnt) Claire and I wouldn't recommend forbidden siren, but people seem to regard it as something great, whilst I regard it as shit.

1st, it's a good ending, not true.
2nd, both endings are shit anyways and one wouldn't call them strong points of the game eitherway, so I don't know why you are focusing on that part.

Forbidden Siren is next on my list! So is The Suffering.

Watchu talking about, the 3ds isn't dying Nd it has GCN grafix

I beg you, don't, put it furthest away on your priority list. It's a mistake that only a few of us should make.

Didn't realize they made Muv-Luv alt into a horror game.


If they do it how it was done for shovel knight then it won't be an issue

you know they're gonna do that lazy pixel-style though

just watch a let's play of the Siren series because it's far better watching someone who's already suffered through its clunky controls and bizarre story requirements. The game is really cool but my god is it frustrating to play through.

The best thing about this level of graphics is the games can be made within a reasonable budget. That's why the 3ds and vita catalog outweigh all the other consoles combined this gen. I hope nintendo emphasizes the portable part of the switch more and portable game devs don't feel the need to waste resources on making their games look pretty. Some of the best games in this gen have low level graphics and I don't want to see this niche of the industry die out or be made by only cancerous indies.

Shovel Knight is a rare exception to the rule.


I will never Understand how Kirby Planet Robobot mixed low models and high detail to combine so well.

The problem is that the closer you get to photo-realistic graphics, the more expectation there is for realistic behaviors and logic in game - which is antithetical to gameplay which relies on an abstraction layer to set up rules and conditions for play. You end up with boring pseudo-walking sims like TLOU, slow and over-produced cinematic shit, and cluster-fucky real-time combat like pretty much every modern JRPG.

Can't recommend this one any higher. It's like a spiritual predecessor to S.T.A.L.K.E.R. with a supernatural horror theme.

Play an immersive sim, you dummy.

SCZ's only problem was the lack of content.

Did the guy ever update the stupid game?

I remember playing this back in what…2005/6?

So sad that game and wiki got take over by SJWs. Did any fags ever go through with the idea of creating an opposing wiki/game that focused on the organization that opposed SCP? I think it was Chaos something.

The PC port looks, runs, and plays miles better.

Cuck of Fear is shit. The atmosphere is decent, but it isn't much more than emo jumpscare fest with crappy melee combat.

I think I posted in a thread a couple months back about this wasted potential of that game, actually. Cry of Fear put forth this really spooky universe of powerful arcane rituals and of dark magic that's ultimately, in the worst way, all in the hands of man - where pouring enough negative energy into even just a book could turn that book into a soul-sucking otherworld of a microverse. Then you just spend the entire game inside that book.

Cry of Fear could probably have been an Unknown Armies game, actually. Or a Slenderverse game.