Final Fantasy twitter puts out a survey asking about "what fans want from the franchise" suggesting they learnt nothing...

Is it happening, are they actually trying to prove there is enough desire for a FOURTH Lightning game?

N-no, no it couldn't be.

No. Everythings going to be fine.
Just fine.

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Lightning is perfect

Implying this isn't the death throws of a dying company. It's over user, and frankly it went on too long.

I hate her more than griffith.

I hate her so much.

I always knew gutsfags had shit taste


She has a body BUILT for sex.

They should just focus on making good KH game, not this fucking dead franchise.

Griffith wouldn't even rape Lightning.

whenever Lightning isnt in the scene all the characters should be asking "wheres Lightning?"


In-hourse Square Enix is analogous to the Democratic party. They still can't figure out what's wrong with them and are appealing to the wrong people to get results instead of wanting to mend ties to people they alienated for more do$h.

Remember with FF and DQ: The best example of a JRPG is the genre is its worst entry.

More Cup Noodles, obviously.



Toriyama's waifu gets what Toriyama wants. It's either that or more boybands.

Kingdom Hearts was a fucking mistake
I'll take a million more gay-ass Lightning games before more of that autistic shit.

That's basically XIII-2.


So I guess that means Final Fantasy XV really was a failure. Thank God.

You're a real cheeky cunt, m8


I remember how bad XIII looked when I first saw it when it was announced, I don't think anyone was hyped for it.

wasn't there word of a FFX3?

That makes it sound like Square doesn't want to do anything original at this point, as if they feel safer making Final Fantasy X-III: Tidus Returns.

I'm not sure what's worse: That Toriyama felt a need to make a game about his waifu/daughtefu/whateverfu, or that he somehow felt the world was interested in her enough that he needed to share her with everyone three fucking times.

That fucking announcement for Lightning Returns was really fucking cringeworthy, with him spending roughly half of it just going on about Lightning's virtues.

Not only will 1 queer MC get sales, 4 will! You can't forget that people whole play FF haven't played other RPGs so you can add elements from the genre brought up 5 to 10 years ago and it'll be brand new to them. Some big names attatched to the concept are and soundtrack too. Instant mega sales.

The people that buy these games are people that don't play other videogames and people we don't even know.

He didn't 2 and 3 were chrono chross remake and a new valkyrie profile canned and remade because he made far too many art assetts and they needed to use them to make a profit on fabula nova crystalis.

Remember how faggots tried to justify with "IT'S JUST A NEW SPELL!"?

Nigga fags were drooling all over it back then, you have to remember this was 2006 right when the PS3 was coming out, there was hype, misplaced hype (Like it always is) but it was there, the standards were fucking LOW.

And the whole thing was a prerendered bullshot IIRC, even if it looks like shit now

They should make another game like 13-3, I'd play the shit out of it. That game was fantastic except for the dog shit writing.

There's no remaining reason to have any expectations of the Final Fantasy series. They've made it clear that the format of their flagship brand is obsolete, and they will make everything but what longtime fans want.

That's happening. They brought Sin back in the novels. Also Tidus isn't just a summon, he's a ghost of a summon who will explode if he finds out he's a ghost instead of just a summon. Yes, really.

It looks like a mobile game and the battle system was better in a dozen other JRPGs. This is what I'm getting at, people that play FF don't play other games.

I'm playing Lightning returns and enjoying it. Story's cringy crap, but the combat is serviceable, the customization alright, and the sidequest-based progression engaging.
I haven't played the first two and don't plan to, but if they want to make LR but better I'm game.

I want an FFX-2-2.

That's because it was originally Valkyrie Profile: Hrist and not an FF game at all.

In all honesty if FFXIII was the plot of XIII-2 and the gameplay of XIII-3 then I would like the game but that isn't the case.

Compared to every Naruto fanboy drooling at Versus XIII I don't think so…or at least where I was hanging around when I was 12 and dumb

You mean Valkyrie Profile? yeah it already exists.

You're just spouting bullshit because the massive hateboner you have for FF is sucking all the blood from your brain and making you delirious.

Only reason i remember people having hype is because It was my first E3 with Holla Forums. with people talking about it AND Versus with fairly positive expectations, Agito being left in the dust because >Cellphone game.

I don't remember if it was when the trailer dropped or later but i know KHfags got vehemently pissed at Versus once they found out that KH3 wasn't going to happen until Versus was done, that calmed down after BBS though.

It's still strange to think about how we got no ass Lightning right after 12, which had Viera butt, miniskirt princess and Penelo with her skintight thigh window thing.

Post merger Square was a reshuffling mess throwing anything at the wall while trying to "exploit positive fan feelings" about FF7 for a good 6 years.

Rikku's head is big as hell in that picture.

Viera butt is the best thing ever.

Yes it's surprising how after fat nigger ass and co. they managed to make an actual decent looking female character.

Let's ask them for some Deus Ex and see what happens.

We have rule 34 for that. We don't need another rehash of Charlie's Angels with a merely decent job system.

Deus Ex is cancelled due to poor sales and Square getting the Marvel license. Eidos Montreal's next game is going to be a guardians of the galaxy game. Between that and Crystal Dynamics making Avengers I think all of Eidos is on Marvel duty going forward. Can't wait till they cancel Hitman Season 2 to make a nigger spider-man game.

Does anyone buy these generic superhero games? They have to have less interest in them due to the movies starting to bore people.

Well they've been pretty absent for the last few years so maybe people are hungry for them now? I doubt it though if they were making money I don't think Activision would have let the license go.

oh.. OH!


I haven't bought a toblerone since the change.

But yeah, lightnings spin doujin or something.




ask them for free censorship games

Burger here. What's up with the design? Looks like a big wrapper for suck little amount of chocolate.



It's designed to be eaten piece by piece, and the pieces are easy to snap off with simple leverage principles. There was an issue last year where they tried reducing the size of the bar in the UK last year.

I personally never liked toblerones and that fucking shape of the chocolate always annoyed me but i guess they did it for brand recognition which worked quite well.
I don't get why the fuck the thread is suddenly being spammed by this shit.


No, i don't know why its being spammed. Mind telling me whats this about?

That looks like the kind of candy I'd feed my waifu. And by "feed" I mean whack her across the face with it and leave behind nasty gashes.

I really don't know why I expected a game as long in development as 15 to be any good.
There's like no RPG to it. It has a literally Skyrim style skill system that changes fuck all really because the best you can do in combat is holding down one button while occasionally chucking a grenade that kills you and your whole party.
I figured maybe the driving would save it with how advertised the car was but it literally doesn't even handle since it's on auto pilot. Like what they fuck were they thinking with any of this? Apparently half the character development that would of been interesting happened in the separately released movie.

It's time for you to learn about TOLBERONE, my dear newfriend.



my mom told me about this place when she read the article about most trolling sites

Your mother introduced you to these epic trolling sites. You should be thankful.


I've mostly given up even lurking at this point. Full NEET alchemist mode.

God, I miss you fags.

Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it is black.

Any customer can have a Final Fantasy game with any protagonist so long as its lightning

I never knew it was lightning in that comic the art is terrible and lightning is hopelessly generic.

That's how you know it's Lightning

All square games since 9 at the earliest have just been them fucking around and dragging out development as possible to justify their massive 3d asset and animation development teams. It's a fucking daycare for too good for anime but not good enough for Pixar.

I don't fucking believe you, but somehow I know it to be true.

I thought he exploded because he kicked a blitzball that was actually a bomb. Then Yuna caught his head.

Same. The fact that the comic is in black and white doesn't help. That said, raised a valid point.

Naw Lightning is horribly generic but she's rendered with the utmost care and budget. It's what makes her so tragic all the wasted resources. So when she is depicted with shit art she loses what makes her Lightning.

That's damn stupid.


It's okay though, no matter what.
their A team is going to stay on 14 anyway

I could tell from the posts but at least that confirms my suspicions all along

Is that meant to be a shock tactic to keep away those mean anons who don't 100% agree with you? Or are you admitting you don't even have the original doujin and are trying to coax it out of others? Either way you're useless.

Here's what I'd do: throw away all the modern cup noodles realistic graphics. Modern systems can do graphics that actually look like Yoshitaka Amano's beautiful art.

What a waste of dubs, I forgot to attach the pic.

Why would you lie like that user?

Get over yourself.

Yes user, you never rolled a saving throw before?

I kinda just wanna go back to something akin to the earliest Final Fantasies, when Dungeons & Dragons and related media were a major influence on the franchise.

This. Lightning did nothing wrong

The closest thing to that is granblue fantasy at the moment

I use to love FF. Back when they were Sqauresoft I thought they could do no wrong. But even that rampant fanboyism didn't stop me from not giving a shit about them anymore. Since they merged with Enix they've gone out of their way to destroy any and all goodwill they built in the past.

Go try Bravely Default / Second

someone gonna link the survey? I wanna tell square to put time mage in FFXIV.


What he means is the ideal woman is literally pink haired Cloud



Then he got better.

When a company asks customers what "they" want, using a questionnaire full of leading questions, it's actually an open public "fuck you" to the fans, because it's clearly not about what anybody wants, but a list of bare minimums the company is willing to bother doing.

How about go fuck yourself, Squeenix. If you're not willing to gamble your entire company against one hail mary game out of the dark, then I don't want anything you have.

You mean FF15?

when a game with a budget as massive as FF15 flops, you can't just go against the market m8
squeenix is going to cut their losses and make more safer entries most likely

FF15 isn't a hail mary, though, it's highly derivative and exactly what you'd expect.
A Final Fantasy game that borrows no characters, themes or gameplay elements from any other game in the franchise would be a hail mary.

Final Fantasy XV is out?
I never even heard about it.

It's been out for months. It was shit. Possibly worse than 13.


lolyes. I've played both, and at least 13 had a coherent narrative and didn't glitch out every two minutes.

Now I definitely know you didn't play the game.

It's not my fault you didn't read the in-game encyclopedia.

Is this b8 m8?

I did. God help me I did. It's still pants on head shit.

I think it's a good hook. "The gods are farming humans for their loosh." They just did absolutely nothing with it and had one of the worst casts in recent memory.


Oppai loli is worse than gore and furry combined. It's up there with yuri in terms of shittiness.

i like little girls with tits, but how little is that girl?

I can't think of any other outcome, and that's terrifying.

At least you're being honest. Fucking pedos.

how's that roastie pussy & alimony for you user?


Just keep asking for more Lightning, maybe we can finally kill the franchise.

faggot, kill yourself

Retard detected.

That's nothing new.

And the game is awful because of that. The retarded cast follow a retarded story. They act like they're rebelling against their focus and becoming free, as they do exactly what they've been ordered to do, just with a bunch of aimless wandering and shit stirring thrown in. If they really wanted to rebel against God, they would've killed themselves. That's not even getting into how fucking retarded the fal'Cie are in giving foci to people. The story is a dominant in ignorable part of the game, so you can't just say only gameplay matters. And the gameplay is just shifting between different paradigms and pressing the auto-attack command. Trying to do things manually is just an exercise in tedium. The only good things about XIII are the soundtrack and art design.



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From behind she looks like a short fat grandma with saggy tits

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Just say what you really want, midgets with plastic surgery.

i want children with tits.

6 years old, her age is even a tag in pixiv※6歳です

Sure thing buddy. Whatever you need to tell yourself.

thats like the perfect age, almost makes me want to put up with your freemium mobile garbage.

Today I shall remind them

No, the cast was good, but their interaction was shit. The only cast member that got on my nerves was the fucking shota.

i mean if you wanted to give me regular, flat children, i'd be fine too :^)

That's arguably not even that bad, I could've tolerated all of that shit, the real problem was giving Tetsuya Nomura free reign over the series, finally free to enact his autistic fantasies of transforming every Square property into shitty character action games where every male character is literally GACKT.

If only I had a time machine, I could stop Sakaguchi from making that fucking movie.

meant to reply to

Pretty sure FF is going to implode thanks to its fanbase. They made games tailored to faggots and we got XII, weebs to XIII, and since there was nothing but complaints they started catering to the richer fanbase: the fujioshis. Good job guys.

how about you eat a dick ondore?

12 is a good game. Pretty much every problem is fixed in the Zodiac version.

Someone request a Final Fantasy XII sequel starring Barry From Pennsylvania

Reminder Vanille was originally the main character of XIII until Nomura got overthrown by Toriyama

Never said the gameplay is bad. I'm talking about the characters and how fucking gay they are. Only redeeming thing is the background characters thanks to ivalice.

Serah > Lightning tbh

That's because Akihiko Yoshida designed them, and he loves him some pretty men. Pretty girls, too.

I'm still finding it funny.

They're also in the USA you retard

It has good music and disney characters though. The rest is trash though, not as trash as lightning though.