58 additional gb needed for the texture pack


Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit OS required)
Intel Core i7-5820K or better
GTX 1080 8GB/AMD Radeon RX 490 8GB
8GB+ Ram

How the fuck do developers suck this badly at optimization, or even lower filesizes

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And I guarantee you the turd will only look marginally better, and that there is already a mod that does the same exact shit and is substantially less in size.

I hear it takes up 500mb. The fact that an "official" high res pack comes out almost 2 years later but takes up 58gb on top of FO4's 30gb is retarded.


I fucking hate normalfags

So did they just go "fuck it" and stick together all the lossless textures or what? How the fuck is it even possible that they're 58 gigabytes?

A 1080 for a game that looks worse than what came out ten years ago.

Great! Now the game can run even worse than it already does!

Bethesda has to be in bed with some faulty hard drive manufacturer.

Fucking normalfag shiteaters.

Gotta love those low wage fresh out of college workers they keep hiring.


The archive to cover for OP's retardation.


The entire world is a big fat joke

They employ dropouts at best.

Going up a single MIP level adds 4x the data of the previous highest MIP level, so it's not really surprising highres texture packs can get pretty huge. Not sure about the size increase of the whole MIP chain, think it about triples in size per added higher res MIP level, so the textures in default FO4 without the texture pack should take up somewhere around 19 gigs of space.

Unless I'm completely misinformed, mipmaps and anisotropic filtering are generated in game, not baked onto the texture. So it doesn't affect the filesize at all.


Why buy a good computer when you can get scammed for an inferior product :^) at least he can play bloodborne and yakuza now I suppose.

Casuals don't even play console exclusives

More like incompetent model and texture designers of today they get teached to start 3d modeling und texturing at very high resolution then downgrade them for the gaming platform instead from scrach like in the games of before the 6th era.

See Uncharted 3 asset for example, this is bollocks.

For what purpose?

I hate that shit. Instead of making good textures within their limited texture size they just JPEG the fuck out of the texture and then it just looks like a gross fucking mess.

Despite your impressive trips, that's generally not how it's done as generating MIPs on the fly can lengthen already long loadtimes into unbearable levels, especially when you use a decent downfilter instead of cheap trash like a boxfilter. Storage is cheap enough to basically be a nonissue, so either distribute the complete MIP chain that's not much larger than the highest MIP levels alone or have a lengthy installation process and generate the MIPs then.
Well, or you could generate them on the fly, save just a little bit of plentiful HD space and have customers bitch about low performance and high load times…

The textures in Fallout 4 aren't even that bad. By that I mean they're not as atrocious as Skyrim's vanilla textures were.

There's no reason to get this texture pack unless you like bloat and your game running even worse than before.

Do you think it will look the same as it did, or worse?

Probably slightly better. Isn't it more about the engine than the size of the textures?

Why not?

This is the future you chose.

Shit in 4k is still shit.

I don't understand this fascination with graphics. Use the money to hire some good writers. It is an RPG: world building, lore and characters matter Todd you piece of shit.

it's a FPS with dressup and romance options. I'd hardly be willing to call it, as well as most modern RPGs, anything other than a glorified dating sim.

Even with the focus on graphics the games still look like shit, quite amazing actually. I always think of instances like vid related when they show off their supposed awesome graphics

Everyone is playing the same games at this point. With the same controllers. On a couch.

PS4 is a cheap gaming PC
PC is a premium console

Welcome to 2017. If you had told me in 2001 that one day Diablo 3 would end up on Playstation and FF10 would end up on PC I'd have called you crazy.

7 and 8 were on PC so it's really not that out there.

I'd be more impressed if all of this was from a bunch of SSD's.

This is so wrong in many levels, since you don't even have to play games on it.
Workstations my dude.

I was talking about how people use PC for gaming. Steam looks like XBL and PSN, controllers have become mainstay and triple A exclusives? Dead.

Doubling the x and y resolution of textures quadruples the amount of pixels and thus the file size, the games textures add up to about 17.5GB in their archives, and an increase in the games file size by 58 is just over what you would expect if the developers doubled the resolution of each texture, my guess is that a few especially low res textures are getting a much larger bump in texture size which would make it up to 58GB.

Actually scratch that last bit, the games original textures would end up at around 54GB when just doubled, Beth are probably doing what they did with Skyrim and giving you the HD packs as activatable .esp/.ba2 files instead of replacing the original texture archives.

Still totally in line with expectations, it's not the uncompressed audio that makes games big, it's the massive size of textures these days, Fallout 4's voice archive is only 2.5GB, one of the 9 texture archives is 2.6GB.

Oh yes, I agree.
Thankfully piracy is easier on pc

holy fucking shit, HOW

Well it's easy to keep that down when you only have four voice actors.

Diablo I got a PS1 port as well. And then FFXI was on PC. It's nothing new.


Seeing the huge filesizes and expensive hardware needed for this garbage always makes me feel good about all the games I have on my X200.

FO4 is even worthless as a Bethesda game. No interesting mods for it, and especially no porn mods. It might not even have been made.

Not like even the slobbering Bethesda retards give a fuck about it.

Bethesda not only makes bad games they don't know how computers work and try to upsell you because of jews.

Uncompressed source video files tend to take up a lot of space, especially for an 8 hour movie.

Jews dont know about downloadmoreram.com

No, Todd, it doesn't work. It doesn't work at all.

The short answer is casuals.

They can't comprehend gameplay beyond clicking to shoot. It's good for devs because they can copy paste the same shit and people will lap it up.

Graphics on the other hand appeal to everyone and if you say otherwise then you're fucking lying. That's not to say it's more important than gameplay, but it does make the game look a lot more appealing. Retards won't even realize that they played the same game again as long as the graphics and story is changed, and by retards I'm also talking about a large portion of Holla Forums (see: MMOs, Souls games).

Art is also older than time, it's much easier to just throw money at artists to create something absolutely stunning, but it's worlds more difficult to pay game designers to design a good game. You can't "see" a good game, you can't even hear about it, you can only experience it. And good fucking luck getting some publisher executive in a suit and a tie to experience your gameplay for you when everything still looks like cubes. And good luck convincing said executive to keep any interesting gameplay after some drooling playtesters fail to flip a lever without a quest marker pointing to it.

flipping levers isn't interesting gameplay to begin with.

Nigger, the reason people play the souls games is because they want the "same"game. Basically every game series, more of the same with slighty different stuff or added mechanics.

Textures are obviously uncompressed m8. You seem to underestimate the size of 4k textures. Its not a matter of optimization, its a matter of the fat 4k resolution textures are exponentially larger than standard HD textures. Maybe they could've implemented some sort of lossless compression scheme but that requires actual programmers. Bethesda has no programmers, they are all just design guys

If even that, they probably just upscaled the base shit textures and called it a day - sort of like how they did with the HD Texture pack for Skyrim. If you have the game, you're going to get far more detailed textures at half the file size. Either way, you're still going to suffer from texture pop-in… or rather the, "oops, we forgot to unload the LODs again" - "feature"

"Interesting gameplay" as a concept also doesn't fit into a single sentence.

Quest marker pointing to a lever is another way of saying that the gameplay is dumbed down, you can't have interesting quests or puzzles (see: gameplay) because casuals won't understand it unless you have a quest marker pointing at the next objective and a quest journal telling you what to do and where to go next and a button prompt telling you which button to press.

They're still just .dds textures, right? You could probably just run that 60GB "update" through Ordinator and whittle that down to 20GB or less with virtually no quality loss.

Oops, I mean, you're going to get more detailed textures at half the file size - if you download user-made retexture packs from Nexus or wherever.

But what's the point when you know the modders already published superior texture packs that don't require a NASA computer to run.

Now imagine if game engines used some kind of modern image compression format like BPG, you could probably cut another 40% out of that.




I have a 1.5 tb green drive for games.

someone fixed these lod's

lmao xddd

python or lua it's better than papyrus

Don’t the greens run at 5400 RPM? Doesn’t that affect load times?

Yes, he's retarded.

I've never had a problem, I'm not autistic so i don't care about load times. it usually takes maybe 30 seconds or less to load into my game.

Load times depend more on your hard-drive and ram than just having a fast drive.

It's done on purpose to make people buy ps4 and xbones

Dumb cunt, wanting load times to be short isn't being autistic. Take your memes elsewhere faggot.

that's autistic

Ok dude, keep justifying being a retard.


no shit
kill yourself
tell Satan to return you to the Earth and kill yourself again

try playing a game with 1gb of ram you cuck, you dont know what the hell you are talking about.

And if it's anything like the shittery they did with Skyrim Special Edition, these "new" taxtures are actually just upscaled, poorly stretched and badly compressed vanilla textures with specular maps slapped on top.




Ram determines a lot how fast the game will load you triple fucking nigger!

I remember people shiting on the Switch for not having the disc space to run nuDoom. I hate Bethesda.

Kek @ the GTX 1080 or better. Give me a fucking break.

Only the crème de la crop of gamers can appreciate the brilliance of Fallout 4. Plebeians need not apply.

My PC can render 8k animations from a composite, but apparently won't be able to run this Fallout texture bullshit.

Plebeians need not apply.

OK, I'm coming around to the theory that they think bigger filesizes = more sales.


Well to be honest if you can't pay for good internet and large storage, chances are you'll not buy any games too.

i wish someone would give me a ps4 or let me borrow one. i played dark souls 1 and 3 on pc and had a lot of fun. bloodborne is the only game i want to play on ps4 but i don't want to buy one just for that.

i suppose i could buy the cheapest model used, and then probably resell for how much i paid and break even.

You can literally get a higher quality texture pack from the nexus than Bethesda's shit, along with 10% of the size.

You're wasting hours of your life over time. If you use GOG or Steam or if you're just pirating games, you can just download whatever games you have again so I don't understand why you'd want or need to horde all of your games on a massive HDD with terrible performance. Please seriously consider getting an SSD for your games. It'll be more than you'll ever truly need at any given time in terms of space and your quality of life will be greatly improved.

I'm talking in general.
F4 is garbage video game and no textures can change that. I don't give a fuck about it



This is fucking awful. I wonder if this sense of disgust seeing the offspring of shitposting comes back to ruin and destroy the parent is valid or acceptable.

Its not even relevant, fat /= thick

because he was already running an ssd. with a 5400 rpm drive, any ram will do, as long as it is enough for the game.

It is when there's an active effort to undermine this site's culture through organized shitposting and eternal September.

he was testing it with a hard-drive too didnt you watch it?
I have an ssd.

its ignorant culture since fat =/= thick

Why would you post Counter Strike 1.5 pic?

He didnt test the ram speed/amount on the hdd. The original post was about using a slow hdd.
5400 rpm hdd's are so much slower, that ram won't make much difference at that point




Why is the gun twisted?

I have an ssd, but im not rich enough to afford a 1tb ssd, i have a 250gb ssd for steam and OS i managed to get for $40. i have 1.5tb hdd for my games and another for movies and programs.

i don't worry about waiting 10 seconds longer to play a game. and on hdd if you run the game once the 2nd time it'll run faster.





Why is file size a problem anymore?
High quality 4TB hard drives are around $250 at most now.


Why should people buy high quality anything when bethesda can't make high quality anything?


he we go again with the fucking extras

Back in my day you had 10 MB hard drives, you could load easily 30 or more games on there plus all the drivers and OS shit that you needed.

Whereas now you can barely even fit 10 games on a 1TB Drive. If you actually use your computer for work too then you're even more fucked.

DOS era was fucking amazing. I have to respect how they were able to do so much with so little.


don't worry user, I'm sure they tested it.

They're inflating the file size in order to get retards to think they put more work into the game when in reality they just didn't put the proper amount of work in and compress their fucking shit.

I'm on a mechanical with Blue Switches. Still adjusting to how hard I have to press them.

In that case I posted an appropriate pic.

yes you did. Long live the inner sphere.


I bet your ass you invested in ScamCitizen.

That's exactly what they should be doing, at least if the game has a PC port. I'm not sure what ND is doing though.

You'd think post 2007 internet ""gamers"" understands shit like this ? Save your breath mah man, as far as i hate-love beth games, i do understand why and what the fuck are they doing and how they caused backlash.

Whiny faggots who doesn't seem to understand technology throw their uninformed opinion into the mix just fucking wreck havoc.

16bit to 32bit to uncompressed texture causes a hit on most machines back then and now. Fuckers doesn't even understand how compression and decompression works, yet they complain PS3 games takes 40+gb of blurururay.

Mipmap generation done on-the-fly by the videocard should be faster than loading the images into memory from the storage device.

Blu-ray raw rips of a single TV series season are around 90-120 GB, so it doesn't seem to be a problem to me.

People shouldn't be downloading/playing modern Bethesda games at all anyway.

That's basically nothing unless you are underage, a NEET in a non-first world country, or you were fooled into submitting to the vaginal Jew.

Drives are cheaper now even when factoring in the time period difference.

Do you listen to 128kbps MP3's as well?


So I've pirated Toddout 4 and I wanna know the must have mods for this shitty game.

Fuck off Todd

Those are uncompresed rips originally taken from multiple 25-50 gig discs fucktard. No one downloads those anyway since it would be quicker to buy discs off Amazon if you don't want re-compresed rips downscaled to 720p at shit bitrates

Nigger it's been shown the average person can't tell the difference in audio quality at around 320 kbps. Go tell us how you can point out every nuance between a Dolby Digital .ac3 file at 640 kbps and uncompressed Dolby TrueHD audio. Protip: you can't

You are the cancer allowing for unoptimized bullshit. Kill yourself nigger.


Some of us pay bills nigger, and that's from working 40 hours and living alone.

Well it's likely not due to incompetency. Filesize optimization or compression isn't needed due to modern technology storage capability. Before modern PC's they had to cut size down dramatically just to make the games loadable onto a PC or playable on a console. Now they don't have that concern due to 1 terabyte hard drives and shit.

Except not everyone dedicates a single terabyte drive to games. Shit, I have one packed with PC games and emulaors that I have to keep uninstalling shit to make room bigger games.

You absolutely must have the mod that uninstalls Fallout 4 every time you enter a building.

You couldn't have missed the point more you retard. The point was that there's plenty of excess space for video games nowadays so to developers there's no need to compress data anymore like the days of early PCs or consoles. Why would a developer bother spending money compressing 50 gigabytes in 15 gigabytes when PCs and consoles can handle dozens and dozens of games on a modern hard drive nowadays?

To distribute games to more people, specifically those with data caps.

Kill yourself nigger.

this is the equivalent of junk data present on japanese PC visual novels except it's worse

not to mention those >20GB games have very often LESS content than their smaller-sized predecessors you faggot

I sure do love having 30Gb of uncompressed audio taking up unnecessary space on my hard drive.

Nice projection.
Every single TV show and movie I download is in raw form and if you go to certain private trackers you find thousands of people just like me.
The average person can't tell the difference between a 60hz and a 120hz monitor, does that mean there is no point to having a 120hz monitor?
Not as cancerous as advocates for 9gag-tier compression of files, like yourself.

The average youthful westerner earns about $50,000 a year.
There is no way your bills take up a majority fraction of that.

Are you Australian or African?


Calm down you spastics I'm not arguing in support of this stupid shit that devs are doing I'm just explaining the mindset behind it.

Devs don't have to care about large file sizes because technology has allowed storage expand far greater than even the most uncompressed games can take up.

Nice lie schlomo
I dont earn that much despite having an above-average salary

Maybe you should try getting a less shit job

Isn't the average Burgerstani around 30k-40k?

Congrats, you're dwarfed by the millions who don't download uncompressed shit on their 32 tb drives in a RAID. Your autism doesn't have to dictate lazy programing.

Nigger video quality perception and audio quality perception are completely different. How about you refute the example I mentioned instead of running you faggot mouth.

Thanks for confirming you are in fact, cancer and should be thrown in an oven to prevent your mental defects from spreading

Hence why so many of them move back home in record numbers and work menial jobs, right?

Nigger I make 30 grand a year, I have insurance and rent to pay. Come back when you're 26 and off mommy's health care plan.

American. Kill yourself nigger.


Whether it's the average or not, when you have to cover your necessities at those wages you spend less on video games and shit.

Crysis 3 - 18 GB
STALKER Call of Pripyat - 14 GB
Metro 2033 - 9 GB



It's not that they're fucking it up it's that they're not bothering to try anymore.

As far as compression goes you don't actually know what you are talking about, so don't talk about it, you are a retard who speculates with no proof whatsoever.

The largest texture archive in Fallout 4 is 2.6 GB compressed as an archive and decompressing it gives me 3.98 GB worth of textures, many of those textures are saved in formats that are optimized to make those images as small as possible, the same size texture may be smaller in some images even when it has the same amount of channels, yeah, they're compressed so consider euthanasia so you can do something you are good at instead of sucking dicks with feminist tier arguments.

Games are so big from many different things, the increase in texture size is exponential, it's 4x the space to go up from 1024 to 2048, and 4x that size to go up to 4096. Many games use a physically based lighting and texturing set up, that's about 4 different maps per texture, normal, albedo/diffuse, microsurface, metalness/refractiveness, additionally some assets may hold extra maps for things like subsurface, light emission, maybe some other things, they can get pretty big especially in games with thousands of unique assets, like geeze I don't know Fallout 4.

So another thing that devs do is pre render in game cutscenes that are given as in game cutscenes, Mafia 3 does this, Wolfenstein the new order does this, Uncharted 1 through 3 do this, a lot of other games do this, probably performance issues.

Some games do use uncompressed audio, this is not the standard, this is not why games are so big, games like GTAV have many areas with unique textures in high resolutions and that isn

You have no fucking idea what you are talking about. It's industry standard to create textures at higher resolutions and downscale them for the final use textures, this removes artifacts from poorly aliased lines and creates an overall higher quality image than the same image created at the same resolution. Any artifacts you are seeing are not an issue of downscaling but are the result of poor compression.

When I come back from my walk I will debunk your bullshit, most likely it's an issue of low res textures, a linear storyline, and significant reuse of in game assets.

Have you ever saw a downsized high resolution textures? You sound like you are getting payed for saying these excuses.

Model designers should design around these standard resolutions and polygoncount from scratch for games not Zbrush from high resolution and downsize.

Japanese devs still does the modelling and texturing from scratch and let the shading do the rest and they run better. That is similar way how the graphic mods are developed for besheda's games.

Who gives a shit about Bethesdas no doubt horribly optimized textures?

Oh right, plebs who can't mod the game. Serves them right for getting it on a console.

Large file sizes prevent piracy from turd world people with shit internet (Russians).

More like the US, your internet is pretty emberassing overall except in a few areas.

I forgot to say, It's take longer to design and optimize with high-resolutions models.

Are you back from your walk yet, texture-senpai?



Dear user,
When you use the verb 'to have' as an auxiliary verb, it's to help another verb make the perfect tense. That second verb has to be in its past participle form. In your post for example, it should be: Have you ever SEEN […]
Also, the verb to pay is irregular. And as such, it's simple past form is PAID not paid.
That is all.

*PAID not payed

Well now I can't even be fucked installing Crysis 3 but you're basically trying to tell people that video game install sizes are one size fits all which they most definitely aren't.

The easiest comparison here is Fallout 4 vs Stalker CoP.

Fallout 4 has higher resolution textures
Fallout 4 has far far more armors and enemy variety
Fallout 4 uses a PBR lighting system
Fallout 4 characters are far far more detailed than Stalker CoP characters with all humans being derived from a single face model with loads of morphs for customization and loads of decals for further customization
Fallout 4 has far far more detailed environments full of clutter and unique items players can pick up and examine
Fallout 4 has voice recordings for most characters including a large cast of unique characters with a few different lines for different dialogue options, I decompressed this archive the voice files are compressed already in a proprietary format.
Fallout 4 has over 100 weapons with their own models and textures and almost all of them can be customized.

The increase of 21GB is absolutely in line with what you would expect between Fallout 4 and Stalker CoP, the files are definitely compressed with the archives providing around 33% compression not counting the actual compression of the textures themselves.

In terms of Nudoom vs Crysis 3.

Nudoom has higher resolution textures but it also uses Megatextures which allows the artists to make very detailed and unique environments for less than it would to have these environments have unique textures for each surface this ends up saving a whole lot of space when considering the amount of detail you can have in a scene. There is one aspect of Nudoom which I am not sure of I know that Wolfensteen pre rendered it's cutscenes to maintain stability and resolution within them and I suspect Nudoom does the same but aiming to keep these cutscenes as seamless as the game itself you are looking at a few GB of high resolution maybe 60fps video and that's a big waste of space.

Yet again Nudoom is absolutely inline with expectations

These aren't issues with file compression, these aren't issues due to poor optimization, Megatexture atlases save an assload of space, and the assets for games are compressed, I showed you two forms of compression, both compressed texture formats and compressed archives which are standard amongst almost all games, I already proved this, increased file size limitations give artist more freedom, more freedom to create unique environments, more freedom to create more seamless less obvious game worlds. You seem to be complaining mostly about the march of progress, in which case there is nothing stopping you from playing older games, and game sales have shown that these large downloads aren't really an issue, Fallout 4 is already over 4 million owners on Steam alone, people with shitty internet are an unfortunate but vocal minority, and game developers should care as much about people with low quality internet as they do about people running toasters.

Are you retarded?

Downsizing or oversampling textures produces no errors, it's the same as supersampling in games like the Witcher, it produces an overall cleaner final image, when painting at the same resolution you are going to use for your final texture you are far more prone to producing artifacts from your strokes in whatever software you are using

No they shouldn't, are you legit retarded? give me a single reason why they should, you can still retopologize to meet polycounts and texture resolution limitations in your bakes, there is nothing stopping you from doing this, the only time when you shouldn't do this is if you are aiming for low poly characters or if youre art style wouldn't be improved with far more natural looking characters. There is every reason to create higher detail models.

Consider suicide, you have no fucking idea what you are talking about. and it's laughable that you are trying to make any point. Normal maps are generated from high detail models, whether sculpted or mesh modeled, I know mesh modeling is still unexpectedly standard for high detail models in japan, I don't know why, sculpting can achieve far better far more natural results in far less time. The only time you are even slightly correct is when games use textured characters like Hyperdimension or World of Warcraft, in which case the textures are still oversampled you fucking mong.

not sure if its even prerendered, its a bizzare framerate limit cap that happens regardless of your refresh rate during some cutscenes

I said I wasn't sure, I haven't played it but I've read that it does and they were definitely in Wolfensteen, but nonetheless the increase is still around what I'd expect it to be.

You're the goyim from 3rd pic, aren't you?

I don't even know what site that's taken from but you should probably kill yourself, I never said any of these games were worth playing or that the work in the assets were specifically good quality, I was just explaining why games are so big with logic and facts instead of just circle jerking over things that are patently false, which is the unfortunate standard here.

Reading that you deny low-poly first workflow, deny optimization and let the 3D Software to do the lazy work. Congratulation, you are perfect for Bethesda.

Aside from VATS, which I don't use, I can think of at least three open-world shooting games with minor building elements.
I could literally do that in fucking Minecraft with a mod. Actually, there are at least three of those. Even then, Fallout's weapon modding isn't 100% sandbox, a 2x scope from a revolver can't be put on a rifle.
Everything else is just a bundle of "what" to me.

I guess that confirms your retardation.


Fucking casuals

That's pretty much what audience Bethesda's going for, I suppose. It's the only reason I can think of that they didn't have things like survival mode at launch and continue to streamline the perk systems.

I kind of feel sorry for the majority of teenagers who don't know any better than AAA shit. It's like when they keep chickens in battery cages so they just get fat and never learn how to run or find worms or flap their wings. Feelsbadman

There's already a fucking HD mod for Fallout 4 and it's barely a fraction the size of this colossal turd. I bet it runs better too.

No wonder the site's been such shit lately.

I'm not a newfag, I just don't care about Fallout

>not having been with Holla Forums at least since Shazbowl

I mean the match itself was magical but the effects it had are still being felt today. If you think being around since Shazbowl is something to brag ab-
Fuck me.

And it'll look worse than the texture packs made by modders.

Quick google brought this up. Yep.


I can't think of a single TV show that justifies a 120GB size per season.

Eh all I really noticed in terms of immediate effects was that Holla Forums suddenly couldn't shut the hell up about Reddit (this one's definitely still being felt today) and that the board was awkward for a couple weeks as new posters acclimated and shitters were banned.

Embrace it user, I was around before Shazbowl but by technicality Redditors that joined around that time would be oldfags

I'm also pre-shazbowl but I'd hardly call myself an oldfag, largely because of my age but also because I wasn't around for a significant amount of happenings.

Yeah, pretty much. Followed the Boston Salt Party at the start, pirated it, go bored once I got to Diamond City.

I'm starting to think the people who came here from 4chan or other imageboards are a very small minority.

I guess most people either grew out of imageboards, got families or just killed themselves. I miss 2008-09 Holla Forums.

Depends on your definition of oldfag since there's no real metric for it besides "how long you've been around", I wouldn't consider either of us one by any stretch of the imagination but standards vary

I wish I had done more than lurk during 2008-9 Holla Forums by the time I started posting we were already on an extreme downwards trajectory

I was on Holla Forums back in '06 before migrating to Holla Forums and /tg/ sometime later. All these fucking whippersnappers.

I couldn't have asked for that board to turn out better than it has on Holla Forums, my only regret is that it's not faster but I'm pleased even by its current speed.

this, stop bieng poor you fucking faggots.
we should just ip ban people from poor areas and shitskin countries. it will make this site less cancerous

fuk u hank wouldnt have a 100+mbps connection, i live in rural texas and the best I can get is satellite. downloading shit at 1-10mbps is awful. not a poorfag either.

that's what you get for trusting AT&T you spic mongoloid.

removes quests, unkillable NPCs, food/water healing, unlevels everything, requires you to wear a gas mask outside and fills the world with dangerous shit. This is the same idea as DUST from New Vegas if you played that, but note that it's very unfinished and doesn't even support Automatron and Nuka World (but you can get community patches to make them kindof work).
Makes you have to get filters for your gas mask like in Metro 2033
Makes it so instead of limbs getting crippled they are blown off (not on the player)
Many people that play FROST will tell you to ignore armor/health since you die so fast anyways but I don't like getting blown up immediately without being able to respond so I try to become as tanky as possible.

Excuse me, what the fuck?