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X-COM (1994) is free for the next 48 hours: humblebundle.com/store/xcom-ufo-defense-free-game

Make sure to install OpenXcom which gives you tooltips, better pathfinding, and resolution options: openxcom.org/

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What was the mod with the really awesome art?

Its also free on Emuparadise.
Seriously there is literally no reason to buy this or attach it to your library.

oh duh I can still save the activation key


Can you be a little more specific?


It was posted in one of the X-COM threads a while back. It's made by some art student dude IIRC and it has these really neat images for the entries about aliens and technology, it expands on the weapon, vehicles and armors, all with new assets.

I remember it hadn't been updated in a while and it was still listed as being in Beta, but was basically feature complete.

I've tried looking for the most viewed mods in the forum but no luck there, but unless I was hallucinating I know I had seen it on the forums.

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Do you mean Xenonauts? It's not a mod, it's a standalone. I think that was made by the one guy.

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No, not Xenonauts, but a mod specifically for X-COM on the openxcom forum. I remember opening the thread but like the dumb faggot I am I forgot to bookmark it.

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I started playing XCOM again last weekend and somehow I managed to forget about OpenXCOM and just think of XcomUtil.

you mean xeno operations?

This game is older than 99% of users here



What would x-com be like if it wasn't random and shots depended on accuracy sort of like fallout. Or just even an easier mode where shots only depend on line of sight not percentages are there mods?

My partner HATES this game with a passion, I love the game though. It makes me unhappy to know this as she loves Fire Emblem. She got fucked in mission 2 of the newest X-com game and dropped it.

If it's Steam I don't even want it for free.

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You know what encourages me? I like to think 40 years ahead. When Call of Duty is all but forgotten, and its infinite clones are completely erased from public memory, when people bring up "classic" video games.

And there will be nobody out there apart from us who played STALKER, or hated Skyrim, or called out "memes" as the unfunny shite that they were. We'll be the ones that remember the things from this generation which will be considered classics, and we'll have experienced them the first time they came about.

We're like the guys who bought impressionist paintings when the rest of the art world revelled in corporate same-ness.

Good art tends to be recognised in the long run. It also tends to be ignored in the short-term.

Here's some examples:
All of these are schools of fine art that were wildly UNpopular at the time they were created. Since then they have grown massively in popularity, eclipsing their contemporaries to a ridiculous extent.

Have faith guys.

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Is this the one that adds Men in Black bases and attack dogs and junk?
Honestly, I've found that original X-Com is best without any mods whatsoever.

I know of this one and of XPiratez
man that mode is hard core

It could be the future's equivalent of a Buñuel film, if absolutely nothing else.

There are some cool non-gameplay changing mods. These are the ones I'm currently using:

You can just as easily get the UFO files from any Abandonware site and then smack Open XCOM on top.

Fun fact: Most kids these days just see outdated but good graphics as a graphical style rather than old graphics. Its pretty easy to get a kid who is really into games into older games. Also because no one working in the game industry seriously loves games these days, the watered down variety makes older games a serious opponent to new games by virtue of the fact that older games provide more variety and possess no pretense.


What is Xenonauts missing from the very original X-COM, apart from the colourful pretty graphics and forced easy difficulty?


first mission of a beginner game, first move, move my first guy out of the skyranger, he takes two steps does't even get off of the ramp, dead.

first terror mission, unload everyone kill to grays, everyone still kinda bunched up around the ramp because out of breath getting from the back of the skyranger to the ramp. ayyy grenade wipes over half of the 11 troops sent.


Valuable lessons learned, then.

i'm supposed to do that every mission?

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You're supposed to do that when you get out of bed in the morning. Those sneaky sectoids are lurking everywhere

Smoke the ramp
Ignore terror missions
Research alien guns
Manufacture laser rifles
Sell excess laser rifles
Manufacture more laser rifles
Manufacture even more laser rifles
Manufacture more laser rifles still
Become warlord of Earth
Earth falls to chimps with laser guns
Ayy Lmaos fuck off somewhere else
The Earth is saved (kinda)
You're rich
The council can go fuck itself

i don't know how much of this is serious.

terror missions are meatgrinders, but not doing them means you will lose funding from the affected country

but since you can sell laser rifles all day every day that stops being an issue

In the long run, of course, you can prevent terror missions from happening, although dropping enough UFOs to do so will result in pretty stiff waves of attacks on your base if they find it.
I ran the crazy manufacturing strategy for a long time, but now I tend to acquire resources by just tailing UFOs and never shooting them down, but recovering them intact instead, at least until I'm set for the game.